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The Alinsky Affect Taking Hold in America

It can be pretty depressing to witness more and more Americans protesting in favor of oppression and against liberty.  Yes indeed, increasing numbers of Sovereign citizens want the government boot-heel on their necks or the lash on their backsides.  A primary root of this trend can be traced directly to the mega, one size fits […]

Only Focusing on the Presidential Race is Fool Hearty

The upcoming presidential election is very important.  But making it the preeminent focus may prove to be fool hearty for “We the People.”  Ever since I began to seriously pay attention to the American election process during my high school years, one thing has been abundantly clear.  The primary and in some cases the only […]

America Doesn’t Have to Go Down the Tubes

Despite all of the problems besetting our republic, I am of the belief that if good solutions are applied, the predicted demise of America can be averted.  For too long we have witnessed either a band aid approach to dealing with negative solutions or even worse, giving in or compromising when there should have been […]

Wasteful Spending and Sucking up to Muslims

A weakening United States dollar and drought conditions are not the only reasons for increasing food prices.  A big warning from an Australian food store franchise chain shines a bright light on the situation.  In this day and age of many chicken hearted business owners, chicken hearted governments and in certain cases, chicken hearted churches, […]

The Poison of Political Correctness

The politically correct control freaks are on the move and way beyond crazy.  For example, political correct lemmings are so goofy they want to let terrorists and other illegal immigrants into America while attacking cumulus clouds in their wacky environmental movement war on the United States.  Of all places, Philadelphia the city of brotherly love, […]

Act Now or Be Enslaved

Hello my fellow Americans, we are now at a very important crossroads concerning the direction our republic will either proceed or crumble upon.  Right now because of recent developments, a majority of sovereign citizens throughout the United States are completely void of happiness or joy.  In fact it states in the holy-scriptures that when the […]

Either Defeat Evil Or Be Defeated

The Bible plainly states that when the evil reign, the people mourn.  The current leadership is so wicked that even Lady Liberty in New York City Harbor is crying so much she is rusting again.  Our onetime gleaming cities are once again chocked full of crime in mostly black neighborhoods and wherever illegal immigrants are […]

Putting American Interests First

Why does it seem that many Americans are more loyal to those who use their religion to abuse women, blow up churches, torture animals, enslave black Africans, and call for jihad on America than to a patriot like Dr. Ben Carson?  I understand he didn’t exactly trip over himself to initially say that a Muslim […]

How Do You Define Destructive?

Recently, on one of the rare and I truly mean rare occasions of watching an episode of Extra, the television gab fest that regularly expounds upon the likes of liberal/progressive luminaries like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus.  However, this particular episode they were extolling about the virtues of Hillary Clinton, which is why […]

Will We The People Take Our Nation Back?

The Bible plainly states that when the evil reign, the people mourn.  The current regime is so wicked that even lady liberty in New York harbor has been crying so much, she is rusting.  Our once gleaming cities now chock full of crime and a rapidly declining standard of living. Primarily in majority black neighborhoods […]

‘We the People’ or the Political Elite

“We the People,” those symbolic words mean that for the first time in world history, a government was set up to not only recognize the God given rights of you and I, but also operate according to that most worthy premise “We the People.”  Unfortunately, the progressive political elitists have reversed the role and mission […]