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The Importance of Right Thinking

For fifty years liberals, progressives, socialists, those of the left or whatever they call themselves have been chipping away at every vestige of morality, right thinking, correct actions they could target.  So it is pretty darn pathetic and humorous when one of the opponents of personal responsibility suddenly decry destructive behavior. Unless you have been […]

Obama Takes the Presidency to a New Low

Recently, President Obama approved what is possibly the worst international deal in United States history.  That agreement gives Iran an unchallenged pathway to produce nuclear weapons.  For years, the islamic regime has blocked United Nations inspectors from conducting impromptu inspections.  Of course, the whole planet is well aware of the tremendous level of state sponsored […]

Stop Sharia Law Before it is Too Late

The brutality of shari’ah law embraces quite a number of laws and punishments that are contrary to long-held western ideas of justice and dignity of the human person.  Nonetheless, the foundation for shari’ah in the west is already being laid and solidified.   The shari’ah concept is totally incompatible with the basic concept of the United […]

Islamic Shari’ah Law: The Threat to Western Civilization

The differences between shari’ah law and United States law is as separate as night is from day.  Contrary to the overbearing all-consuming nature of shari’ah and the Muslim’s efforts to force it upon everyone worldwide. U.S. law is fundamentally territorial and is mostly contained within it’s geographic boundaries.  Laws created in the United States (until […]

Shariah Law: A Major Threat to American Civilization

Since the founding of the United States of America, Liberty has been one of the great hallmarks of our beloved republic.  It is one of the unalienable rights recognized in and protected be the U.S. Constitution.  The blessed right to Liberty or (freedom with responsibility) entails the ability to believe, express, and practice one’s faith […]

The Government Cannot And Will Not Solve Poverty

Jesus Christ stated that the poor you will always have amongst you.  However, he did not say that the problem of being poor could not be solved.  In fact, again He said “the poor you will always have amongst you.”   I interpret that to mean that despite viable solutions to poverty, people, especially progressive government […]

The Rouge Federal Government

I have accurately stated on many pages from The Edwards Notebook Syndicated radio commentary that the federal government has gone rouge and is now an enemy of “We the People.”  Unfortunately, not father time, or the government itself has revealed any events or details to prove my theory to be based upon pure folly, by […]

The Idiocy of Modernity

President Obama proves over and over again how the idiocy of modernity is utterly jaw dropping.  The president recently stated that the United States is now the “most respected country in the world.”  I had to review that statement several times over and over again, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.  First of all, […]

The President’s Real Concerns

Once again, President Obama proves he is more concerned about appeasing terrorists and illegal immigrants than protecting our republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The United States has certainly endured past presidents who were not fully up to the task of defeating our enemies.  They have also often failed when it comes to protecting […]

It Is Time ­to Get Back To Basics

With everything in life, there are basic rules, instructions, directions, etc.  If one wants to participate in team sports such as rugby or football there are basic rules of engagement.  In other words, there are specific instructions on how different positions are played and how many team members can be on the field.  Also, referees […]

My Daughter Married a Woman

All of a sudden, it is pedal-to-the-metal, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred promotion of homosexuality everywhere you turn. It is as if someone said, okay, now is the time to launch our all out assault on traditional principles and values; while crushing all opposition. I can not even enjoy a non-political Saturday watching do-it-yourself home improvement TV channels […]

The Un-American Divider in Chief

The president of the United States of America was once known as the commander in chief.  The old saying about a house divided against itself may certainly be applied to our republic today.  Not since the civil war has our beloved nation been so separated ideologically.  The most noted era of division historically is the […]