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What is the Point?

Recently someone asked me a very insightful question.  Since black Americans are always complaining about and committing dastardly acts, because of real or imagined problems, how is it that they have become what they have complained about?  When I was viewing the ongoing criminal activity of burning, looting and physical violence against reporters who were […]

Hope and Change, Yikes!

When president Obama was running for office, he promised hope and change.  Since I was well aware of his philosophical bent, a number of questions came to mind.  The first was, hope for what?  After all, this is the United States of America.  The greatest nation in history.  Not many years ago, she was the […]

America, Land of Hope Amongst Elitist Hypocrites

The progressives are guilty of what they have often accused others of being. Hypocrites. So now the elitist progressives have dubbed the support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman as bigotry equal to racism.  It is amazing how with a straight face at least publicly, the progressives actually equate marriage between a […]

You Better Bake That Cake

While Christians are beheaded by Muslims and babies are murdered in mass by misguided individuals, the progressives are more concerned about cakes.  Recently, Pope Francis solemnly stated that “martyrs are more numerous today than they were in the first centuries of the church.”  It is difficult to dispute the Pontiffs claims, considering the ongoing day […]

Is Liberty Now A Thing Of The Past?

Many say that America is now the land of the free and home of the brave in concept only. It is getting more difficult to argue with that assessment. When Indiana governor, Mike Pence initially signed into law a religious liberty bill I was pleased and thought highly of the Hoosier State leader.  Unfortunately, after a hot […]

Will America Choose Victory Or Defeat?

Will America blow yet another chance to strengthen her hand against her adversaries, or maintain a self-imposed implosion of her economic and military prowess?  Detroit’s General Motors recently announced plans to slash production in Russia and yank its mass market Opel brand completely in the face of shrinking sales through the economically troubled land of […]

Don’t Give Up On Our Republic Yet

It’s not over America, or at least it doesn’t have to be.  The United States is currently at a perfect tipping point.  Imagine if you will, a giant scale where our Republic is teetering ever so slightly between two points.  If she veers in one direction (to the right) our nation will be revived.  God’s […]

What’s Up America?!!!

One has to wonder, if America will put up or fold up?  I am personally still amazed at the phenomenal speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave when he recently addressed Congress.  In fact, I would have to say that it was the best speech in that historic congressional edifice since the heady days of […]

As Obama Gets His Way America is Losing Hers

Once, or actually much more than once Obama gets his way at America’s expense.  Recently, President Obama did not take long to veto the needed Keystone pipeline bill as he promised.  At the very least, the necessary pipeline would have created many hundreds of construction and permanent jobs. The needed supply of oil would have […]

February, Oh What a Month!

February is primarily known for four things.  If you reside in the Midwest, Great Lakes region, or the Northeast, February unveils a winter wonderland.  Okay, I know some might think I am being overly optimistic in regards to the cold winter season.  But some of us actually enjoy the snowy mantle of white, as long […]

The Greatest Danger America Faces

What is the greatest danger America faces?  The list of dangers faced by our beleaguered republic is long and varied.  Amongst the most obvious are the over twenty terrorist training camps strategically ensconced throughout America.  The funny thing is that the only reason the terrorist camps pose any danger is that the federal government refuses […]

The Hot Air Administration

President Obama is very proud of his achievements. Who can blame him? After all, he said he would set out to fundamentally change America and he has. For example, it wasn’t until he became president that an overall loss of jobs, higher taxes and more anti- business regulations could be dubbed an economic recovery. He […]

The Need for Discernment

If and or when America is restored to her persona of greatness, the discernment of “We the People” must be upgraded.  The word discernment is defined in Noah Webster’s First Edition of the American Dictionary of the English Language as the act of discernment; also the power or faculty of the mind, by which it […]

How About Those Dream Machines?

The North American International Auto Show, also known as The Detroit Auto Show is quite an impressive display of automotive dream machines.  Upon entering this year’s motorcar display for the recent press week, it was immediately obvious that America’s Ford motor company is not only gearing up to compete with, but even to surpass some […]