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The Democrat Socialist Party’s Road to a Serious Racial Divide in America

Almost every Democrat Socialist seeking the Presidential nomination and their left media supporters say President Trump is a racist. No one specifies what makes him a racist. So perhaps I can list it for them: Is he a racist because he is responsible for passing legislation reducing jail sentences mostly affecting Blacks and Latinos for […]

VIDEO: President Trump Warns Democratic Victory Could Leave Israel Isolated

Trump is right. A  Victory in 2020 could leave Israel isolated. Watch Factbase Videos‘ archive of President Donald Trump Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, Nevada – April 6, 2019.  In addition it could leave American Jews who support Israel isolated and subject to antisemitism as well. The fact that last week a […]

Pennsylvanian Supreme Court Justice Horrified by Anti-Semitism In America

An erudite Judge speaks out on Antisemitism. He sees it as a growing threat in America.  Interesting!   Definitely worth reading. Justice Wecht Breaks Judicial Silence on Anti-Semitism A sitting American justice from the state of the Pittsburgh massacre speaks out on First Amendment rights, Christchurch, and the dangers of a pivotal moment in our history […]

College president Rejects Motion to Suspend Israel Study Abroad Program backed by Antisemitic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

“Students and faculty of California’s Pitzer College voted Thursday to suspend the study abroad partnership with Israel’s University of Haifa, but college president Melvin Oliver is declining to take any action on the program, calling it an “academic boycott of Israel.” In a slap in the face of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and her antisemitic followers […]

The Black Robe New Deal and The End of America’s Constitution

If the Democrats take power in 2020 the checks and balance under the U.S. Constitution will be destroyed. Once in 1937 President Roosevelt a Democrat almost destroyed the U.S. Constitution when he tried to pack the Supreme Court. The legislature wisely stopped him. Today if the Democrats attain the Presidency along with the House and Senate the […]

VIDEO: Do You Think America Is only 10% Better Than Garbage?

Nancy Pelosi has ceded control of the House of Representatives to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her followers to a recently elected Radical Socialist Democrat who declares America today is only “10% better than Garbage” blaming former President Reagan who talked about welfare abuses. Perhaps she forgot it was President Bill Clinton who passed major welfare reform […]

The Rise of an American Demagogue

Can America be destroyed? It is often said no external force can destroy America. This is likely true. But there is little doubt that under the right circumstances America can self destruct. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a Socialist arose from a bar tending job to become one of the most influential member and voice in Congress. […]

IIhan Omar & Co. Were Elected Because of Their Racism, Not In Spite Of It.

If you are wondering why the leadership in the Democrat Party have given Ilhan Omar and Rashids Tlaib important committee assignments in the House of Representatives; or why all of the Democrats running for president are silent in the face of the Antisemitic and even anti American statements of these two Congresswomen; or why they […]

Why Do American Jews Vote Against Their Interests?

Congresswoman IIhan Omar, a Radical Islamist and ardent anti Semite, accuses the Jews in America of paying Congress to support Israel. She particularly accuses AIPAC (American-Israel Affairs Committee) of paying Congressional members money, which is untrue.  The reason Omar is an anti Semite is obvious. She is a Radical Islamist.  The question is why have the […]

Antisemitism Rears its Head in Congress

Congresswoman Omar accuses the Jews in America of paying Congress to support Israel. She particularly accuses AIPAC (American-Israel Affairs Committee) of paying Congressional members money. Not only is this an attack on Jews but it is an attack on all Congressmen, Congresswomen and and Senators who support Israel America’s only ally and Democracy in the […]

Dennis Prager: ‘The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should be Ignored’

While I believe Judge Kavanaugh is being attacked in error or for political reasons do Judge Kavanaugh’s detractors believe a possible unproven act by a seventeen year old whether drunk or sober should be punished for the rest of his life even though he has led an exemplary life over 35 years since the alleged […]