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The NAACP Stoops to New Low with Jeff Sessions Sit-In Protest

Once again, the radical liberal National Association for the Advancement of “Certain” People (NAACP) has proven that Blacks can indeed sellout their own people and even be extremely hypocritical. The NAACP’s perpetual promotion to the Black community of radical Democratic policies, in recent years, has caused more harm to the Black community than any White […]

Does the Congressional Black Caucus Really Care about Black People?

In last week’s column, I discussed the hypocrisy running rampant within the Democratic Party when it comes to the hiring of Black staffers. I must have struck a serious nerve, because I received an anonymous email from someone with seemingly high-level Democratic credentials that was most surprising. I have no idea who this person is, […]

Here are Six Black Republicans that Trump Should Be Talking to about Cabinet Positions

President-elect Donald Trump owes the Black community absolutely nothing. Let me repeat that: HE OWES US NOTHING! Blacks gave Trump just 8 percent of their vote and Hillary Clinton won 88 percent; Clinton’s share of Black voters was considerably lower than Obama’s 93 percent in 2008 and 96 percent in 2012. Trump has said that […]

Sore Loser Liberals Turn to Attacking Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Blacks voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. Republicans engaged in voter suppression tactics nationwide. Clinton won the popular vote. Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon is a bigot. Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General, is a racist. These are all Democratic talking points describing all things Trump and Republican. Just as sure […]

After massive disappointment of Barack Obama, time for blacks to vote outside of the box

In 2008, 96 per cent of black Americans voted for Barack Obama; in 2012, 94 percent of us did. We have been his most loyal constituency. As a prominent black Republican, even I voted for Obama in 2008, partly because of the historical significance of his candidacy, but also because I believed he had a better programme than John […]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the Frankensteins that Washington Created

How ironic that this week Americans celebrated Halloween. This is the time of year when a lot of children and some adults dress up in scary costumes and go trick-or-treating collecting candy or various other treats. Many TV networks also use this occasion to dust off a lot of classic horror movies like Frankenstein. Frankenstein […]

Mainstream Media Is Rigging the System and the Clinton E-mails Prove It

I will be writing this column in the spirit of the 2002 blockbuster film, “Minority Report,” which starred Tom Cruise. The movie is set in 2054 Washington, D.C. The basic premise of the movie was that the government had the ability to arrest and convict a person of a crime before they actually committed the […]

The Fake Outrage over Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Comments Is Ridiculous

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never has so much been said by so many about so little. This feigned outrage at Trump’s private conversation with Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush is farcical at best, and a big joke at worst. The media, Democrats, and Republicans are equally hypocritical in their response to this leaked tape of […]