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Brainwashing Our Best and Brightest Against Our Own Country

In August, I received a disturbing note from a highly respected expert, Jane Robbins, of the American Principles Project.  It described an assault on our best and brightest high school students who are taking Advanced Placement U.S. History.  For most of the approximately 450,000 students, this will be their last exposure to American History. The […]

Greater Consortium of Florida School Boards says “Suspend High Stakes Testing”

Meetings of The Greater Consortium of Florida School Boards are not usually big news, but this meeting, Friday September 19, in West Palm Beach, Florida was an exception as parents have become a volcano of discontent and school board members are rising to address their concerns. The Consortium is eleven school boards which team together […]

Florida: Lee County Schools First to Opt-out of Common Core Standardized Tests (+ Video)

On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 the Lee County School Board voted no more State mandated testing. It was 3/2 and the most exciting evening our district has had, EVER. There were over 400 people, most with red shirts showing support, crowded into the board chambers. We had a tailgate party planned, but so much media […]

Education in Florida: Where did we go wrong? What can we do about it?

Several leaders of the growing “Stop Common Core” movement recently were invited to meet with Dr. Kim McDougal, Governor Rick Scott’s chief adviser on education, in an attempt to dispel concerns about Common Core in Florida. Sadly, our meetings were spent talking past each other with absolutely no progress. McDougal claims that the Florida Legislature made great […]

Common Core: The Chain of Betrayal

Who have we always trusted as the voice of the parents and teachers?  The PTA of course.  Most parents have attended meetings and supported PTA, but times are changing.  Many of our other pillars of education have been destroyed as well.  No longer can we send little Johnny off to school trusting he will come […]

Florida legislation giving school districts control of which textbooks to use a bait-and-switch

Arek Sarkissian, writer for The Florida Current writes: “A pair of bills that would place sole responsibility of textbook choices on local school districts made headway this week despite concern from lawmakers. SB 864, by Sen. Alan Hays R-Umatilla, and HB 921, by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R- Fort Walton Beach, would maximize control of textbook […]

196 Pro-Common Core Groups paid for by Gates Foundation

Recent news articles have focused on groups testifying and rallying FOR Common Core, specifically a veteran group, “Mission: Readiness.”  After research, this turns out to be a front group, paid by the Gates Foundation and the same Cabal that supports Common Core for obvious financial gain. Mission: Readiness is one of “Five missions with One Voice” as […]

Republican Party of Florida resolution asks Governor Scott to stop Common Core using Executive Powers

Pam Stewart and many others including John Thrasher, John Legg, Joe Negron, Erik Fresen, Anitere Flores, Don Gaetz, Kelli Stargel, and Will Weatherford are being asked to remove themselves immediately from serving on the Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education as there is a direct conflict of interest with their position and the state’s interest […]

The Politics of Common Core: FL State Board of Education Poised to approve Common Core 2/18/14 at Orlando Board meeting

With breathtaking hubris, Governor Scott’s Education Commissioner, Pam Stewart, has ignored experts and citizens loud cries to stop the giant experiment called Common Core, which could damage a generation of children.  But this is not just a move born of benign ignorance, it is a political calculation. The stakes in their games are enormous.  The […]

Common Core: Will Florida Politics Trump Truth?

While opposition to Common Core is not just a conservative issue, we must agree that conservatives have carried a heavy load in this battle against nationalizing education so far.  It is shocking that with a Republican Governor and state legislature, conservatives who oppose Common Core have been ignored and vilified. Last Saturday I was part […]