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The Startling Impact of Illegal Immigration in Florida

Jonathan Hanen, the Atlantic regional field representative from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently spoke to the Champions of Liberty Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale, joined by members of F.L.I.M.E.N, and presented a comprehensive list of statistics which reveal the startling impact of illegal immigration in the state of Florida and the taxpayer’s […]

Free Speech in The West on Life Support

America and Europe are under full frontal assault, but it’s a silent war; attacking every vestige of Free Speech.  MSM news outlets have been eerily silent; because they’re supplying the ammunition through their promotion of political correctness. Americans have, for too long, taken their liberties and the right of freedom of speech for granted.  The […]

The Deception Behind The Women’s March In Washington

The Women’s March which descended upon Washington D.C. and across the nation, apparently in response to the election of Trump as president, marketed itself as being inclusive, non-partisan and generated a statement on their official website that says, “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.” Ironically, […]

The Destruction of Haiti by Bill and Hillary Clinton

The history of the Clintons involvement in Haiti dates back over 23 years, when then President Bill Clinton, in October of 1993, ordered warships into Haitian waters to enforce a U.N. trade embargo and prepared a small contingent of troops and show of force to pave the way for the return to power of  controversial, […]

The Brenda Snipes/Tallahassee Disenfranchisement of Broward Voters

By Ruth Roman and Rich Gabbay Investigative Report – Part III In my previous articles (here and here) I revealed Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes has ignored both Federal and Florida Statutes by refusing to cleanse ineligible voters from the voter rolls of Broward County, Florida. It was disclosed to Dr. Snipes that some […]

Florida Ground Zero for Voter Fraud: Broward County Supervisor Changes Absentee Ballot Rules

Part II:  Investigative Report on Voter Fraud in Florida In my previous article, I revealed that a lawsuit had been filed against Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes, which alleges that voter rolls have not been properly maintained, in accordance with federal law.  Moreover, citizen complaints against Dr. Snipes to clean up the […]

Florida Voter Rolls at Risk: Broward County Supervisor of Elections put on Notice

PART I:   Investigative Report — Voter Fraud in Florida Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda C. Snipes has adopted a logo which reads: “Vote with confidence;” unfortunately, if past elections under her tutelage are an indicator, we are in for an array of disenfranchisement tactics aimed to skew the electoral process in a […]

Remembering the Patriotic Life of a TEA Party Leader

The South Florida political arena has a huge void with the recent passing of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale (TPFL) co-founder, Danita Kilkullen. TPFL, the longest running Tea Party in the U.S., made world news in 2009, having been featured in the European Times Magazine, after its formation. Long before illegal immigration became a topic of […]

The GOP Establishment’s Last Stand Against Trump: ‘The Renegade Party’

In another desperate move by the GOP elites to throw a wrench into stopping Donald Trump’s nomination at the convention, conservative pundit and commentator, Bill Kristol, went on Newsmax and announced he was calling his anti-Trump protest party the ‘Renegade Party.’ Should anyone be shocked? The National Review and their columnists have been incessantly attacking […]

Hidden Wounds of War: How one Florida Veteran’s Mother has made a difference

Many Americans have witnessed the obvious wounds of war, as our military heroes return home missing limbs, handicapped and by IED’s, roadside bombs, and combat injuries from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, there are just as many ‘hidden wounds’ that go unnoticed and are under reported in the news.  PTSD, post traumatic stress […]

Take Away My Steak, Tax My Apple Pie Because DHHS Panel Thinks I Might Die?

Just when Americans are reeling from ObamaCare and a plethora of government regulations at work and at home, the Obama Administration has come up with a plan to ‘make us all healthier.’ The U.S. Health and Human Services Dept. recently released a report from ‘The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee,’ (DGAC), which didn’t receive much attention […]

Obama’s Appeases Jihadis, ISIS, While They Plan Their Caliphate

While ISIS continues to gain strength in the Middle East and the Obama Administration claims to be building a coalition to fight them, a fundamental question must be addressed: Why has the Pentagon refused to back the Egyptian bombing of I.S.I.S. in Libya after Christian Egyptians were slaughtered?  Despite the fact that this administration backed […]

Florida’s Marijuana Amendment 2: Every Parent’s Nightmare

This November a critical battle will be fought to challenge the heavily financed push for ‘medical marijuana’ in Florida, which is ripe with disinformation and loaded with power brokers ready to cash in, all at the expense of our youth. Politics Behind the Bill First, let’s examine the politics behind this ballot initiative. Mid-term elections […]

The Muslim Brotherhood, American Institutions and the BDS Campaign against Israel

While the American people witness unthinkable atrocities against primarily Christians throughout the Middle East and the African Maghreb at the hands of Islamic terrorists, many of their church governing bodies and other institutions have decided to boycott Israel. That’s correct, Israel; America’s long-time ally and the only true democracy in the Middle East. The Boycott, […]