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Why Dr. Ben Carson’s Fame Is Like Christ’s Triumphal Entry for the Adventist Church

Christ’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem had been foretold 500 years earlier, riding on a colt, Zechariah 9:9. God’s purpose was to call attention to the prophecies concerning the Savior before Friday’s crucifixion. Adventism may be due for a similar bipolar swing from popular now to ridicule or scorn soon. With most major news sources doing […]

Five Fear Factors in Islam

Muslims are afraid to speak against radical Islam. Maybe they are afraid of their fellow Muslims, afraid of dying, maybe afraid of Allah. A contrast with Christianity is seen. Islam, the world’s second largest religion, has concerns that are often overlooked. Not just Islam, but anyone, by their silence, gives consent to that which they […]

Revisiting the Rapture — Is It Imminent?

This topic is like a minefield with many hazardous conclusions drawn from texts taken without context. This article offers a broader spectrum of ideas and contexts than most Christians have considered. If you Google “Rapture September,” more than a million results suggest this is on people’s minds. Some are even having dreams about it. Others […]

Pope Right: Hell Not Forever, Incompatible with a Loving God! Where Did We Get that Idea?

Pope Francis has sparked another debate with controversial remarks at the Third Vatican Council. He says, the concept of hell where people burn eternally cannot be Christian–it goes against the concept of a loving and compassionate God. That idea is being challenged by other Bible scholars, not just the pope. When God told Adam that […]

Harbinger II: You thought same-sex marriage meant America is going down? Wait a month!

The Harbinger was about a series of events that needed explanation in Cahn’s best-selling book that warns of impending judgment. Harbinger II needs little explanation except to note that the Supreme Court decision for same-sex marriage came on a date that resonates with biblical meaning for what’s happening and may be confirmed within weeks. One […]