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Death of Obama: Payback for Pushing “Peace” on Israel, Jerusalem’s Destruction and War with Iran?

Obama mocked the Bible as America’s heritage and favored Islam and a “Holy Qur’an”?  The Bible suggests his soon-coming fate in the only book recommended by Christ when asked about the end of the world—the book of Daniel. The Savior urged our understanding of the book of Daniel, Matthew 24:3,15. The book of Daniel was […]

Who’s the Goodman? Is it I, Lord?

If the goodman had known, he would have watched, and not suffered his house to be broken. Christ’s words in Matthew 24:43 should be seen in a broader context that we often overlook. His visible return is in the middle of the chapter, verse 30, as it is in middle of Matthew 25, verse 31. […]

Obama now has the power to declare Martial Law?

Early Americans believed the first beast of Revelation 13 was the Old World Order that they fled. Some saw the second “lamb-like” beast (symbol of Christ, a Christian nation) as America. But a change occurs in which it causes fire to come down from heaven (Hiroshima) and it speaks like a dragon (legislatively oppressive), causing […]

The Most Misunderstood of the Ten Commandments

Translations have confused God’s name. The preface to the Goodspeed Bible offers this explanation—“In this translation we have followed the orthodox Jewish tradition and substituted ‘the Lord’ for the name…wherever [the reader] sees LORD or GOD.” This is true of nearly all translations! Consider Isaiah 42:8 in these translations— “I am the LORD, that is […]