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Tsarnaev defense: Stress from FBI visits may have triggered Boston Marathon jihad mass murder

“We do not suggest that these contacts are to be blamed and have no evidence to suggest that they were improper, but rather view them as an important part of the story of Tamerlan’s decline.” That doesn’t make any sense. The FBI visits are “an important part of the story of Tamerlan’s decline,” but they’re […]

Los Angeles: “Only one ethnic group being promoted: the Arab American group. We don’t have a Little Mexico or a Little Korea.”

Esther Wallace, chairwoman of the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council, said she objects to Little Arabia garnering an official designation. ‘There’s only one ethnic group that’s being promoted and that’s the Arab American group,’ Wallace said. ‘We don’t have a Little Mexico or a Little Korea. All the pressure seems to be on putting a […]

California State Senator Leland Yee offered to set up arms deal with Islamic jihadists for $2 million in cash

There is no indication that Leland Yee is a true believer. He just wanted to make a buck. And in this age when Islamic jihadists and supremacists are awash with cash, the temptation can be too much for corrupt and short-sighted Infidels. And he knew what kind of entity he was dealing with: “According to […]

The Middle East Test

This video is a special edition of The Glazov Gang, filmed live at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California. The wide-ranging discussion touched on the Israeli / “Palestinian” conflict, the Muslim persecution of Christians, and the Obama Administration’s willful ignorance regarding the nature and magnitude […]

Shocker: FBI dumps Southern Poverty Law Center as “hate crime” watchdog partner

This is indeed a shocker, as it goes against the consistent policy line of Obama’s FBI and Justice Department. But it is a most welcome development. The SPLC is one of the Left’s foremost propaganda organs, tarring any group that dissents from its extreme political agenda (such as our American Freedom Defense Initiative, and this […]

Friend of Boston Marathon jihad bombers attacked FBI agent after agreeing to give statement about his involvement in jihad murders

At least two of the three victims of the September 11, 2011 throat-slashing were Jews. The Qur’an designates the Jews the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82) and directs believers to “strike the necks” of the unbelievers (47:4). Hamas-linked CAIR is enraged that Todashev was killed, but now the Obama Justice Department, despite its anxiousness […]

Just before takeoff, Malaysian pilot got call from someone using phone obtained under false identity

“The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Zaharie, 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards.” However, like everything else surrounding this plane’s disappearance and the subsequent investigation, it is inconclusive. “Police hunt mystery woman who made final phone call to doomed jet captain as first picture emerges of […]

University of Michigan: Pro-“Palestinian” activists violently threaten pro-Israel students

We see this again and again: Leftists and Islamic supremacists increasingly imitate Hitler’s Brownshirts, violently menacing anyone who dares stand up against their support for jihad terror, oppression and hatred. It is a tacit admission of abject intellectual bankruptcy, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t potentially lethal. “Palestinian Activists Violently Threaten Pro-Israel Students,” by […]

Florida Muslim made jihad recruitment videos, damaged Christian statues in cemetery

“Bell roused suspicions at the Islamic Center in Jacksonville in 2012 for discussions he was having with teens who attended the center, including talks about jihad and the civil war in Syria, said Parvez Ahmed, the board secretary at the Northeast Florida center. Ahmed said parents came to the leadership with concerns, and center attorneys […]

The First International Symposium on Liberty and Islam, Melbourne, Australia

Here is video of my remarks at the SION/Q Society at the First International Symposium on Liberty and Islam, which was held in Melbourne, Australia on March 9, 2014. [youtube]http://youtu.be/dnFF90zhkvo[/youtube] RELATED STORIES: Robert Spencer in PJ Lifestyle: 5 Intriguing Things This American Observed on His Australia Trips State Department: New moderate Iran “very actively” pursuing […]

Florida: Muslim plotted to plant explosives in Tampa’s party district as payback for Osama’s death

Nightclubs: haram. Bombing nightclubs and murdering people: halal. Especially when avenging Osama bin Laden. Is anyone in Tampa asking how Sami Osmakac came to misunderstand so spectacularly the religion they are committed as a matter of dogma to regarding as peaceful? He castigated even the local Muslims, according to this piece. But did he have […]

IRS currently employing convicted associate of jihad terrorist

This is insane, but it is also completely consistent with the way that the Obama Administration has operated from the beginning. It purged counter-terror trainers who spoke honestly about jihad terror (including me) from counter-terror training programs, while turning a blind eye to the unsavory connections of people like Mohammed Elibiary and Arif Alikhan. “(EXCLUSIVE) […]

Rep. Keith Ellison addresses chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR

This is not the first time: Hamas-linked CAIR raised large amounts of for Ellison’s first campaign, and he has spoken at numerous CAIR events. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of […]