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Trump releases photo of ‘the wonderful dog that did such a GREAT JOB in capturing and killing the Leader of ISIS’

Watch for Dana Shell Smith and other Leftists to be enraged that Trump allowed a dog to be set on al-Baghdadi, since dogs are unclean in Islam; it was disrespectful, and above all, we must show respect to those who would destroy us. “Once Gabriel promised the Prophet (that he would visit him, but Gabriel did not […]

Turkey agrees to cease-fire days after Erdogan said he would never agree to a cease-fire

The Leftist political and media elites were aghast at Trump’s letter to Erdogan, and heaped ridicule upon it. But it was really just standard American diplomacy: carrots and sticks. It was just phrased a bit more bluntly than diplomatic niceties usually allow. It is long past time for a fresh approach to diplomacy and a firm […]

Contrary to media myth, Trump did not betray the Kurds

A bit of common sense and clear thinking amid the current hysteria, from Caroline Glick. “Trump did not betray the Kurds,” by Caroline B. Glick, Israel Hayom, October 11, 2019: The near-consensus view of US President Donald Trump’s decision to remove American special forces from the Syrian border with Turkey is that Trump is enabling a […]

Inside Mosques: Islamic Centers in Nashville, Tennessee

INSIDE MOSQUES INVESTIGATING AND EVALUATING THREAT LEVELS INTRODUCTION: Dave Gaubatz is a former U.S. Federal Agent with Top Secret/SCI clearance, expert in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism on national security issues, highly trained in Islamic ideology and tactics, Arab linguist, author of Muslim Mafia, has investigated over 300 mosques/Islamic Centers in the USA and 150 outside USA, and […]

70 Years. Endless Negotiations. Yet No Peace. Here’s Why.

Ever since the modern State of Israel was founded in 1948, and even before that, there have been attempts to negotiate a peace settlement that would enable Israelis and their neighbors to live side-by-side in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual tolerance. Presidents, Kings, Premiers, dictators, strongmen, weaklings — all of them and more gave […]

Don’t Romanticize the Kurds by Andrew Bostom

Uninformed savants across the political spectrum have pilloried President Trump for his eminently rational decision to draw down the U.S. troop commitment (initially, only 25, as it turns out!) to the Syrian morass (whose “dynamic” has remained largely unchanged since the late 1940s). Most of the ire directed at Mr. Trump has to do with hand-wringing over our “Kurdish allies,” even after […]

DHS, Microsoft working to “assess and mitigate impacts” of Iranian hacking in 2020 presidential campaign

There are the Left’s fantasies and fabrications about Russian interference in our elections on behalf of Trump, and then there is reality, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran working for the same goal as that of the Left: to defeat and destroy Trump. “Microsoft claims Iranian hackers targeted US 2020 presidential campaign,” Silicon Republic, October […]

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski tries to get Interior Department official fired for opposing jihad mass murder

So it turns out that the acting director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management, William Perry Pendley, has denied the Left’s “climate change” mythology, and opposes jihad violence and illegal immigration. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski is out for blood, trying to get Pendley for heresy, that is, for his dissent from Leftist orthodoxy. My […]

Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, says “I’m not siding with anybody”

It is foolish in the extreme, and ultimately self-defeating, to keep troops anywhere indefinitely, with no end point, no plan for victory, no clear goal — that just saps the nation’s resources and produces no good result. Anytime we leave Syria or anywhere else, anti-American elements will do their best to capitalize on our absence. […]

Pope installs new cardinals who “share his vision for social justice, rights of immigrants and dialogue with Islam”

BY CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS “Pope Francis installed new cardinals…. putting his stamp on the future of the Roman Catholic Church with men who share his vision for social justice, the rights of immigrants and dialogue with Islam.” The Pope has been a powerful promoter of Islam, going so far as advance theological reforms in Catholic schools to promote a […]

Video: Robert Spencer speaks at the Sullivan County Republican Party, New Hampshire

After a great deal of controversy from the fascist Left and viciously biased “journalists” Kevin Landrigan of the New Hampshire Union Leader and John Gregg of Valley News, I spoke for the Sullivan County Republican Party of New Hampshire on Friday evening, October 4. My topic was the controversy itself, and what it reveals for […]

Rashida Tlaib Comes Out for Jim Crow-Style Laws, Arrests of Her Political Foes

My latest in PJ Media: Wait long enough, and everything comes around again. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of the wokest womyn in the world, has this week blazed bold new trails by calling for the revival of not one, but two tried-and-true practices that have inexplicably fallen into neglect in American politics: Jim Crow segregation […]

Tlaib: Use only blacks as Detroit’s facial recognition analysts, whites “think African Americans all look the same”

One might almost get the impression that Tlaib wants to sow hatred and division between different groups of Americans. Now what could possibly be the purpose of doing that? “Tlaib: Use only blacks as Detroit’s facial recognition analysts,” by George Hunter, Detroit News, October 1, 2019 (thanks to Tim): U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit police […]

Eric Zemmour, Who Demands – and Deserves – To Be Heard by Hugh Fitzgerald

The noted French writer, essayist, and broadcast journalist Eric Zemmour, the most famous public intellectual in France, was invited in late September to a meeting in Paris organized by supporters of Marion Marechal, the daughter of Marine Le Pen, and herself a former deputy in the French Assembly, routinely – and inaccurately – described as […]