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Islamic State: California fires ‘Allah’s punishment for you. And insha Allah, you will see more fires.’

This has been a threat for years. “‘Unleash Hell’: New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..with instructions on how to make ’ember bombs.’” — Daily Mail, May 3, 2012 “ISIS-linked media: California fires are retribution for Syria,” Preston Business Review, November 15, 2018: ISIS, the terrorist organization that […]

New Brazil President to close ‘Palestinian’ embassy: “You do not negotiate with terrorists”

A refreshing dose of reality from a country that has supported the “Palestinian” jihad for a considerable period. “Brazilians elect first ardently pro-Israel president,” by Marcus M. Gilban, JTA, October 29, 2018: RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Brazilians elected a president who is a far-right, ardently pro-Israel veteran pol who once declared “My heart is green, yellow, […]

A Black Book on Jihad

Matthew Hanley reviews scholar Robert Spencer’s historical survey of jihad in which the last chapter is aptly titled “The West Loses the Will to Live”.  Anyone genuinely curious about the history of the 20th century has probably heard about the Black Book of Communism, an exhaustive account of the damage Marxist ideology inflicted around the globe. Its […]

Israel has foiled at least 40 Islamic State jihad terror attacks in Western countries over the last three years

ime for the UN to issue another condemnation of…Israel. “Israel foiled 40 ISIS attacks in 3 years, PM tells Christian media,” Israel Hayom, October 15, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Speaking to visiting journalists from Christian media, PM Netanyahu says appointing an envoy to the Christian world is “a great idea” • Netanyahu also vows […]

Secret Service foiled Islamic State assassination plot against Trump in the Philippines

How the Left would have rejoiced if the Islamic State plot had succeeded. “How the Secret Service Foiled an Assassination Plot Against Trump by ISIS,” by Marlow Stern, Daily Beast, October 12, 2018 (thanks to Ken): In November 1996, President Clinton visited Manila for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Protests raged in the streets, with American […]

Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema: “I don’t care” if Muslims go fight for Taliban against U.S.

The Left hates America, and considers “right-wing extremists,” a term all too often applied to American patriots, far more of a threat than jihad terrorists. It used to be that this fact was dismissed as hysterical hyperbole. Now it is becoming increasingly clear. “Senate Dem hopeful Kyrsten Sinema said ‘I don’t care’ if people go […]

Google briefing says tech companies should abandon ‘American tradition’ of free speech

Google’s burying of material critical of Islam, along with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censorship of material that violates Sharia blasphemy laws, show that the “official Google source” that said that “the document should be considered internal research, and not an official company position” was lying. This is already being implemented on a massive scale. If it […]

Stanford University: Susan Rice’s Republican Son Assaulted by Leftist-Fascist

This incident is one of many recent indications of the fact that the increasingly authoritarian Left, having comprehensively lost the public debate, is more and more resorting to violence in order to intimidate those whom it hates into silence. Then, taking a page from their jihadist allies, Leftist thugs turn around and claim victimhood, as […]

Trump’s new counterterrorism strategy singles out ‘radical Islamists’

Bolton says: “Radical Islamist terrorist groups represent the preeminent transnational terrorist threat to the United States, and to United States’ interests abroad. The fact is the radical Islamic threat that we face is a form of ideology. This should not be anything new to anybody. King Abdullah of Jordan has frequently described the terrorist threat […]

Free speech victory: 9th Circuit rules that Seattle’s rejection of AFDI anti-terror ad violates First Amendment

An important victory for the increasingly embattled freedom of speech. Read Pamela Geller’s reaction and background on this case here. “AFLC Victory Over Government Apologists for Islamic Jihad: Ninth Circuit Unanimously Rules that King County’s Rejection of ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ Ad Violates the First Amendment,” American Freedom Law Center, September 27, 2018: Seattle, Washington (September 27, […]

Disgraced Cardinal Praised ISNA and ‘True Islam’ by Andrew Harrod

“We know what Islam is and we know what lessons Islam is going to teach all of us,” former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick declared reassuringly  on May 31, 2015, at Crystal City, Virginia’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. McCarrick’s comments before an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) interfaith conference recall how this now disgraced Catholic clergyman led for many years the Catholic Church’s often […]

Woman accusing Muslim Congressman of abuse says Democrats ‘smeared, threatened, isolated’ her

Of course. Karen Monahan couldn’t reasonably have expected anything else. Keith Ellison is a key component of the Democrats’ mythology, fronting claims of Muslim victimhood as far back as Peter King’s hearings on terrorism, and intimidating people who would explore the jihadis’ motivating ideology — for, you see, here is a moderate Muslim, a fiercely […]

VIDEO: Why Facebook Banned Me For Opposing 9/11

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Why Facebook Banned Me For Opposing 9/11, revealing how it’s now against Facebook’s “community standards” to try to stop Jihadist attacks.  [Update: Under pressure, Facebook has lifted its ban of Jamie. But telling this surreal story is more urgent than ever.] EDITORS NOTE: This column and video originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Elon Musk Tilting at the Wrong Windmill

By Mateen Elass. In June and July of this year, when a youth soccer team was trapped in flooding caves in Thailand, billionaire Elon Musk offered to help by using his tech firms to create a special mini-sub capable of maneuvering through the flooded serpentine caves to reach the desperate boys and their coach. Though […]

WARNING: MasterCard and Visa Cross the Line into Totalitarian Thought Control

Like many people, my inbox has been flooded by concerned citizens about David Horowitz and Robert Spencer over MasterCard and Visa, blocking their flow of revenue needed for daily operations. Spencer stated: This is getting very serious. It won’t stop with David Horowitz or me. The Left is moving quickly to silence all dissenting voices in the run-up to […]