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Pop Quiz: Which of these does the Left think is an agent of “white privilege”?

During his White Islamophobia workshop at the White Privilege Conference, Amer Ahmed personally attacks Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for their work fighting back against the radical Jihad movement in America. [youtube]http://youtu.be/6sWu68OVeQU[/youtube] Transcript of the above video, from Progressives Today: We have these peddlers. These Islamophobes who make it their career now peddling hate. We have […]

Obama Administration threatened Nigeria with sanctions in 2013 for fighting Boko Haram

Boko Haram claimed that their rights had been violated by the Nigerian government, after the pattern of Islamic supremacists everywhere, who always claim that they are the wronged and aggrieved party. The Obama Administration, as clueless and Islam-sympathetic as ever, bought it. “Obama Administration Threatened Nigeria with Sanctions in 2013 for Fighting Boko Haram,” by […]

LA public school district, superintendent Mohammed Z. Islam, assigns students to debate veracity of Holocaust

The assignment asked students to write about whether the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain.” Has any reporter had the guts to inquire as to whose idea this was? Was Superintendent Islam aware of the assignment before it aroused controversy? And now police are saying that Islam received […]

U.S. doesn’t object, so Iran gets a seat on U.N. women’s rights body

Here is why this is so evil and absurd, from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center: The real issue is that hijab—or proper Islamic dress—is still compulsory for women in Iran’s streets and public places and failure to cover accordingly can result in imprisonment or a hefty fine. The real issue is that in today’s Iran divorce is a […]

WARNING: More jihad attacks! How the FBI could have stopped the Boston bombing

Yesterday on The 700 Club with Pat Robertson. More information here. Get the book Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In, which fully exposes the denial and willful ignorance of government, law enforcement, and the mainstream media, here. RELATED STORIES: On anniversary of Boston jihad bombing, NYPD stands down The Daily Caller: The Boston bombing […]

Sun TV: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Islamic War on Free Speech

Last night on my regular weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show, I discussed the cowardice of Brandeis University in dropping an honorary degree for Ayaan Hirsi Ali under pressure from the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations. Guest-hosting for Michael was Faith Goldy. Video courtesy AlohaSnackbar01. [youtube]http://youtu.be/T5pEgvsAkg8[/youtube]     RELATED STORIES: 1,000 Christian, Hindu girls forced to […]

Florida: Judge blasts FBI for failing to produce records on Saudi family in touch with 9/11 hijackers that fled U.S. just before 9/11

Why is the FBI dragging its feet and not producing the requested records about this wealthy Saudi family? (Pictured is the home they abandoned suddenly just before 9/11 — a sumptuous mansion in a Florida gated community.) Could someone high up be implicated in some illegal activity? Clearly something is happening here, and we don’t […]