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Trump’s Openness Is Forcing A Stronger NATO And Europe

The American people and the world are witnessing a revolution of openness brought on by none other than the frank, brusk, always to the point methods of President Trump. This was on full display this week as Trump held public press conferences with world leaders during the NATO meeting in London, and repeatedly had shockingly […]

Here’s Everything NOT Happening During Impeachment

Amid the unceasingly negative coverage of President Trump and impeachment by the former mainstream media, there is zero coverage of what Congress is not doing. What the Democrat-led Congress is not doing is keeping any of the promises it made during the 2018 midterm elections, when Americans flipped 40 seats and gave them control of Congress. Instead, […]

Newspapers Are Collapsing, And They’re Not Alone

The recent merger between Gatehouse Media and Gannett Corporation is another milestone in the rapid decline financially and journalistically of newspapers. Don’t expect either to change anytime soon. But what is more enlightening is that they are not the only mainstream media outlets struggling. Turns out that in addition to TV news networks, a lot […]

As “America The Great” Fights; Trump-Hatred Soars

It’s often said by conservative voices that Trump hatred is not about Trump, it’s about you! (Meaning Trump supporters.) That’s partially true. Trump haters certainly do hate his supporters, too. But it goes much deeper than that. Trump haters despise an America that sits atop the world economically, militarily and morally — particularly morally. They […]

Facebook’s Media Deal Will Sideline Conservative Outlets

It’s a little difficult to tea-leaf the precise motivations of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in creating agreements with news outlets that will ultimately inject millions of dollars into those failing businesses. Social media, specifically Facebook, has eviscerated advertising revenues in traditional media outlets, particularly newspapers. Craig’s List had already drained the classified advertising revenue from […]

Never-Ever-Trumper Unknowingly Explains Impeachment Is Over Weak Democrat Field

It makes so much more sense now. When Never-Ever-Ever Trumper, gay liberal Andrew Sullivan, thinks no one in the current Democrat field can beat President Trump in 2020, it’s easier to understand the impeachment furor over a phone call and the raw, unmasked media partisanship. Sullivan’s New York Magazine take, which I largely agree with in the […]

GOP Enthusiasm Is Breaking Records

Something happened last night that never happened before. The Sarasota Republican Club on Florida’s politically red coast sold-out a dinner with Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan, who is a regular speaker who has never sold out before. In fact, no Club event had ever sold out. The venue maxxed out at 120 guests — the most […]

Trump’s Decline In Suburban Women Is Not Why The Media Says

I’ve been following the polls, media analysis and social media activities since the 2018 midterms regarding suburban women voters. As per our usual arrangement, the media is suggesting the sky is falling for President Trump and Republicans because suburban women are turned off by Trump’s abrasive antics in office. But the evidence doesn’t really show […]

“Hi, I’m a Democrat and I’m an Impeachoholic.”

Democrats’ impeachoholism is out in the open. It’s a disease that needs to be treated. But they refuse to admit the addiction — which is a problem because it is deadly to democracy. We have a nearly three-year history of the American left being operatively anti-democratic. The latest hit of impeachment over the Ukraine phone […]

How The Left Could Erase Republicans In The 2020 Election

The Orwellian dystopia found in 1984 is our future if the trendline continues. And a startling pathway to that future is beginning to congeal before us. George Orwell presciently wrote “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” This was accomplished in the novel through a device called the Memory Hole. Protagonist […]