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President Trump: Your Sworn Duty Includes Investigating Hillary Clinton

Dear President Trump, With all respect and humility, I would like to remind you that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice work under you in the executive branch. Of course, any investigation involving you deserves the utmost respect and distance on your part. Morality and decency demands that. It is unfortunate that […]

Two Steps to Drain the Swamp: Prosecute Aggressively, Slash Government

It’s become even clearer with the information made public as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s charges and plea deals that President Trump’s campaign was infected in pre-planned fashion by those trying to entrap him and his team. Goals: ensure his election loss or cripple his presidency. The first failed, the second is ongoing. Between […]

Well, Identity Politics Has Ruined Halloween

Halloween has gone from being a time for kids to dress up — and a kind of creepy and uncomfortable time for adults to dress up and drink and act like kids — to a minefield of political correctness that would require a team of Army sappers to navigate without politically incorrect explosions ending careers. […]

Vegas Massacre: Americans At Their Best…Politicians At Their Worst

While the evil massacre of 59 people in Las Vegas was immediately politicized by those wanting more gun control legislation — despite the reality that everything the killer did was already illegal — average Americans continued to shine in the crisis. Just as Americans did in killer hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Just as we always […]

Kimmel to Clinton, Appalling Democrats Pounce on Massacre for Political Gain

It happens. Every…single…time. Another mass shooting, another mass effort by Democrats to squeeze out some political gain. In these circumstances, this is beyond the pale of normal ugly politics. It’s vicious, cold-hearted, self-centered, void of common decency, almost a sickness in part because of the rapidity of the response. Literally within hours of a psychopath […]

VIDEO: Conservative on ABC Panel talking Obamacare repeal, Norks and President Trump

I appeared on an ABC Channel 7 panel on another failure of Obamacare repeal, Trump and Russia and the North Koreans. RELATED ARTICLES: Four Reasons the NFL is Dead Wrong on Protests Tax Dollars are Subsidizing NFL National Anthem Protests NFL’s Actions During National Anthem are Despicable, Time to Tune Out Why Americans Hate the […]

Why Americans Hate the Media

I’ll make this quick and easy. The mainstream media is not trusted by a large part of the country because they have an entrenched liberal worldview bias they refuse to acknowledge or make any attempts to ameliorate. The mainstream media is hated by an also large part of the country because of the sharply different ways it covers Republicans and […]

There’s a Reason Americans are Amazing in Disasters

The United States continues to prove why it is simply the best nation in the world by virtually every measurement. The latest example is the extraordinary resilience of Americans in Texas and Florida after devastating hurricanes within weeks of each other. After the Houston region’s long deluge and record flooding from Hurricane Harvey, that area’s […]

Your Son is Not as Safe as You Think at College by Pernas Juntos

Fall’s arrival brings students — America’s future — streaming into the hallowed halls of higher education. For those of you directly engaged in funding one of these institutions, much of your thought is focused on classes, dorms, books, computers, software and trying to remove that stunned look from your face brought about by today’s tuition […]