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President Trump Does a 180 on Obama’s Offshore Energy Policy

Here’s what a real “All-of-the-above” energy strategy looks like, and all it took was a stroke of a pen. Unlike his predecessor, President Donald Trump is embracing American energy abundance. His latest action is an executive order reviewing President Barack Obama’s lock-down on offshore energy: “Today we’re unleashing American energy and clearing the way for […]

This Senate Bill Will Make Federal Regulations Smarter and More Effective

Americans complain about over regulation. As rule after rule has piled up over the decades, they have good reason to complain. But here’s an interesting observation: Regulations written by the Obama administration operated under something like a power law. The biggest regulatory costs came from a few regulations, as this American Action Forum chart shows. […]

The Return of the Shale Boom

The shale boom is back. After a decrease in shale oil production in 2016 we’re seeing an upswing in 2017: The Energy Information Administration on Monday said it expects an increase in domestic shale-oil production to nearly 5 million barrels a day for April, which would be the highest monthly level in roughly a year. […]

Trump Hits Reset on Obama’s Land-Grabbing Water Rule

President Donald Trump’s campaign to roll back the regulatory state continues. Today, he ordered EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to review and potentially withdraw their 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. This could bring relief to farmers, ranchers, builders, and businesses, along with state and local governments. Under the guise of […]

A Squeeze of Regulatory Reform Could Juice Productivity

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Yearly productivity growth this decade is a paltry 0.5%. Fixing how regulations are made can help. Productivity growth is the “mother’s milk of prosperity.” The Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip warns we’re “out of big ideas,” [subscription required] and as a result, the U.S. economy’s productivity growth has “averaged a pathetic 0.5% for […]

Obama Isn’t Just Attacking the Dakota Access Pipeline, He’s Attacking the Rule of Law

KEY TAKEAWAYS: The Obama administration put up another blockade in front of a needed energy infrastructure project. When a business follow the rules, it should be assured of a definitive, rational decision from the government. A month ago, I wrote: President Barack Obama just took the rule of law, crumpled it up, and tossed along […]

Obama’s Regulatory Rush to the Finish Line

Key Takeaways As many as 98 new major regulations could be finalized before @realdonaldtrump takes office. Example of Obama’s regulatory rush: @EPA chief said, “We’re running — not walking — through the finish line.” When I played football in high school, as the game neared its end–no matter if we were winning or losing–my coach […]

North Dakota Sheriff: Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Are ‘Hostile,’ ‘Armed,’ and ‘Not Peaceful’

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Sheriff: #NoDAPL protesters are ‘hostile,’ ‘armed,’ and ‘not peaceful’ Business and labor unions have turned up volume on Obama administration’s delay of Dakota Access Pipeline. #DAPL If the Obama administration thought their actions to halt part of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline would calm things down in North Dakota, they were […]

‘Uncivil’ Disobedience is Name of the Game for Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

KEY TAKEAWAY The protest isn’t about environmental or cultural issues. It’s really about stopping American energy production. Passions haven’t simmered down at a North Dakota construction site for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Energy opponents continue to use water and cultural concerns to mask their true, anti-energy agenda. One of those national leaders, Jane Kleeb, who […]

Arrests, Arson, Anger: Why anti-energy protesters are making it ugly in North Dakota

August temperatures aren’t the only things flaring up in the Great Plains as anti-energy protesters try to stop construction of an oil pipeline. Emboldened by President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2015, anti-energy protesters have set their sights on stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. A valuable addition to U.S. energy infrastructure, […]