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Treason: The Major Issues of the 2020 Election and The Ideological Pandemic

A global pandemic requires a global response and solution. This time it is more than just virus—it is ideology as well. Yes, a virus is invisible, but the criminals who unleashed it are very visible and well-known. That is the reason, publishing my latest column on April 12, 2020, I titled it Covid-19: A Fascist […]

You Deserve The Truth About Socialism/Communism

Socialism is not a laughing matter: it is an infection like coronavirus, a political disease of incompetence, dishonesty, and eventually violence spread by Soviet Charlatans. Unfortunately, the American education system has failed to teach the criminal history of Socialism. Socialism is a culture of abuse and total corruption inside a system of slavery, depriving people […]

Abortions and Perpetrated Fraud in America: My response to ‘NYC 2020 FASHION WEEK’

We have been subjected to so many lies, frauds, deceptions, and distortions for almost three years that most people are disoriented and puzzled. Who is doing that to us? You can answer the question, if you remember my definition of Stalinist Political Correctness made in 2017: “… Political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by a […]

Russian Interference in the American Government (a.k.a. the Democratic Party)

Yes, it is true, we have been infiltrated by the Russians for many decades. In my preceding columns, I have introduced you to two terms: Stalinist Political Charlatans and Socialist mafia for a reason. These devious people have a common agenda to establish Socialism in America and destroy our American values. You are witnessing today […]

The Axis of Evil: A Base of Soviet Fascism

When the fortieth President of the U.S. Ronald Reagan said “NO” to Michael Gorbachev in Reykjavik, he himself was not absolutely sure of his accuracy. Many years of fighting Communists helped his intuition to choose a correct answer. Dealing with the Union members in Hollywood, he had learned the methods of deception and Communist’s fraud […]

Soviet Fascism Attacks America Via Democrat Party

If you are familiar with Russian history, you understand what is going on in America in 2019. An attempt to foment Socialist Revolution here by America’s Socialist mafia has surfaced over the last three years. You could see it in the Christmas season on the floor of the Congress. Don’t be surprised—the Russian Socialist Revolution […]

Knowledge of Socialism and the Ideology of Soviet Fascism is Imperative

Impeachment is a terrible thing—it is the last resort to stop crimes committed against the U.S. Now, the years of rage, storm and vicious-toxic hatred towards Trump by the Dems have given birth to an impeachment war from the day he was elected, even before, to prevent his election. Schiff’s parody-fraud reading of a transcript […]

Stalinist Political Charlatans in America

The Christmas Season is a wonderful time in America—with charming music, people are happily busy with preparations for Christmas. The year 2019 has been different. The venom of hatred toward President Trump and the sounds of war between Democrats and Republicans has brought a threatening and very scary revelation–IG Horovitz’s testimony and the two articles […]

The Ideology of Soviet Fascism vs. Trump

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is responsibility of   every American to be informed” – Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States We are at war in an asymmetrical war against multiple enemies and ignorance is one of them, helping our principal foe–a fraudulent Socialism fighting against our […]