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Watergate 2.0: The KGB’s Global Spy Ring

The coup d’état against Trump was orchestrated years ago by the Dems’ criminal cabal, that is why the impeachment process is strictly partisan and has outraged a lot of people. It is tearing apart our already divided country and split it further by driving and agitating public opinion against Trump. Americans are a very fair […]

Political Correctness and the Socialist Revolution in America

We have been subjected to so many lies, frauds, deceptions, and distortions as well as being bombarded by “Trump’s treason” for almost three years that most people are disoriented and puzzled. Who is doing that to us? Ben Carson has the answer: Ben Carson to Democrats: “Political Correctness is Going to Destroy” America, Patriot News […]

Socialist Agitprop Used By Desperate Dems

The recent event in the White House has demonstrated another example of the behavior of America’s Socialist mafia, schooled by the KGB and described in my previous column Stalin Planned America’s Collapse—It’s Underway, October, 10, 2019.  It happened many years ago in the 1990s, when Russian Prime Minister Evgeniy Primakov was invited to the White […]

Face to Face with Fascism in America

“It is a unique and unprecedented case” – Joseph Maguire Director of National Intelligence Dear Judge Janine and Mike Huckabee; I share your frustration over events going on in America today. But it is not McCarthyism, it is something much worse. I know the predicament when an aggressive ideology holds nations hostage–I lived half of my […]

Socialism Infects the Globe, It Must be Defeated

After Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre death, Attorney General William Barr found “Serious Irregularities” and ordered an investigation. He also promised that: “We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability.” Unfortunately, America faces a whole range of “Serious Irregularities.” They are the ills, tentacles or symptoms of Socialism in our domestic […]

Internal Collapse – America’s Future?

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.”   — Joseph Stalin Warning! Pay special attention to the current Dems politics! The American Republic is at risk! Republican members of Congress, I am calling for your attention! Very […]

The Enemy Within

“The weak grow strong by effrontery— the strong grow weak through inhibition.” Henry Kissinger Watching what is going on in American House of Representative and social media, Vladimir Putin and his KGB cronies are laughing and chuckling at America’s incompetence. Three Directors of the FBI were unable to identify the Trump/Dossier as a KGB hoax-production […]