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The Political Mafia and Soviet Fascism in America

When the American media discuss organized crime, they are usually talking about street criminals. They have never understood the term—Political Mafia, which is similar to any other mafias. President Richard Nixon was convinced to give up the White House for attempting to use the FBI against his political opponents, among other things. President Obama in […]

WARNING: The Russian Connection, Part II

Taking Crimea was the usual behavior of an aggressor who senses the absence of punishment. Russia has never stopped its aggressive, criminal behavior since the Socialist coup date in Russia, 1917. After the Reagan presidency Russia resumed its behavior, something I have written and reported on for the last twenty-five years, while our media kept […]

Donald J. Trump versus the Ideology of Soviet Fascism

History is the Mother of all sciences. I have been writing about Soviet/Russian subversive activities and interference in our elections for many years, while others have slept under the illusion of the USSR’s collapse. Therefore don’t let the title of this article surprise you. I am a former Soviet attorney who has written on the […]

Never Hillary, Never Soviet Fascism!

Don’t let the title of this article surprise you. I am a former Soviet attorney who has written on the subject of Soviet Fascism for the last twenty years in three books and 50+ articles. You haven’t heard of me because our Intelligence Service didn’t want to aggravate the situation vis-à-vis Russia and blocked the […]

Knowledge is Power

Many times my friends told me that “GOP never misses the opportunity to miss the opportunity.” I believe that it is happening due to the lack of knowledge over the big picture of the world predicament. That exact situation we see today, when National Review tried to defeat Trump.  Of course, the publication has the […]