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Stalinism and the Destabilization of America

Stalin’s policy of Divide and Conquer has been implemented in many different areas and aspects of our society, including a racial division. The events in Ferguson, Baltimore, Wisconsin and Cleveland had confirmed it. It is a continuation of WWIII against America the Beautiful designed by our Founding Fathers. There are several factors that inflamed the […]

Soviet Fascism in the 21st Century: The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction 

Russia’s recent strategy worldwide is extremely alarming, showing Russia’s real aggressive face: Russian Government breaches the security of the White House and our State Department, it harasses NATO in the skies, and continues killing people in Ukraine. I have been warning America about Russian ideology for the last twenty years. Alas, all my writings about […]

Soviet Fascism in 21st Century: Agents of Influence — From the Streets to the Palaces

Rudy Giuliani is right, President Obama still has no effective policy against Jihad. Terrorism and anti-Semitism are sweeping through Europe. Barbaric killings, rapes, and kidnappings of Christians increases every day, threatening the stability in the Middle East. Terror threat is expanding globally and all the evils are connected, demonstrating the main features of the ideology […]

America and the Political Ideology of Soviet Fascism

History repeats itself. Today, in December 2014, I’d like to bring you back to a real history of the 20th century and political ideology of Fascism, because both are determining our future. The history of German Fascism 1933-1945 is equally important. The Polish poetess Grazyna Chrostowska, was a member of the underground KOP (Komenda Obrońców […]

Soviet Socialism in the 21st Century: A Malignant regime of Political Correctness

Don’t you think that Political Correctness is getting people killed? I believe it does. If you are watching the discussions on TV and radio today, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of opinions on how to deal with Terrorism, Ebola, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine. Yet, all the participant doctors, generals, politicians, and journalists […]

Time is Blood and Money: The Soviet Mafia

Time is the substance of eternity, beyond human power. Time like a gravity–you can’t escape it.  Yet it is a catalyst for the wise, efficient, and successful homo sapience to use it. Time is the indefinite continued process of existence the events in the past, present, and future.Time plus human intelligence is the driving force […]