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Antifa Update

It has been some time since I last wrote about Antifa, the self-proclaimed anarchists/communists who have adopted violent tactics to attack anyone not agreeing with their political agenda, which is nothing less than to subvert and overthrow the government of the United states. Their tactics are well recorded on film, everything from Berkeley, to attacking conservative […]

President Trump vs. The Squad of Four

The 2020 Presidential campaign kicked into high gear this week, not because of anything said by the Democrat candidates, such as VP Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, et al, but because of an exchange between President Trump and “The Squad” of four far-left Democrats consisting of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) (aka, “AOC”), Rep. Ilhan Omar […]

VIDEO: What Does It Mean to be a Citizen of the United States?

Have you ever watched a naturalization ceremony? This is where people from different countries around the world apply for citizenship, learn English and pass a test, renounce their homeland, and swear loyalty to their new country, the United States of America. You occasionally see it on television, but Youtube! maintains a library of such services. All […]

PODCAST: Is Impeachment Truly Necessary?

The Democrats and main stream media are currently consumed with impeaching President Trump, particularly as we approach the 2020 elections. Frankly, they are fooling nobody but themselves regarding their agenda. Even if the Democrats in the House passes charges of impeachment, they will inevitably fail in the Senate which is under Republican control. Only two […]

PODCAST: The Democrats Take Another Swipe At Right-To-Work

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) recently raised eye-brows by calling for a federal ban on “Right-To-Work” (RTW) laws in the United States. By doing so, she was pandering to American unions to support her candidacy. Other Democrat candidates will likely follow suit, as they do every four years, and by doing so RTW laws are […]

PODCAST: Why Are Democrats Abandoning Religion?

Gallup recently released an interesting report discussing the erosion of attendance and membership in organized religion. They claim membership in churches, synagogues, and mosques has reached a new low, 50%. From 1938 to 1999, membership averaged 70%, but since then it has steadily declined to its current level. This helps explain why so many institutions are […]

PODCAST: The Reparations Game

TRANSCRIPT I have been hearing about reparations for many years. Of course, this is for American blacks whose descendants were slaves in this country years ago. I first heard of it back in the 1960’s and it seems to come around every ten years or so, usually around election time. Democrats have brought it up […]

Can Honest Journalism Ever Make a Comeback?

I recently visited the studio of political talk-show host Chris Ingram of WWBA-AM 820 Tampa. We talked on a wide range of topics regarding current events, but he said something interesting that caught my attention, namely, “There is still journalism in this country, but no HONEST journalism,” meaning our news media is more interested in sensationalism […]