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PODCAST: Who Is Filling Biden’s Cabinet?

 I was recently talking to old friend Rick Trader of the Conservative Commandos Radio show regarding President Biden’s cabinet picks. This caused me to dig in deeper and look into their background. Naturally, they are all filled in by Democrats, just as President Trump’s was filled in with Republicans, but there is something else going on. […]

PODCAST: Who Are The Domestic Terrorists?

The term “terrorist” came into vogue during the 1970’s as we experienced a spike in airline skyjackings. This, of course, led to the tightening of security measures at airports. I’m old enough to remember life before this, back when you just showed up at the airport, walked on the plane and handed your ticket to […]

PODCAST: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

I have been a loyal Republican for almost 50 years. I have worked on campaigns, written political copy, and voted regularly. However, when the Republicans in Congress recently turned their back on President Trump during the stolen election and ensuing impeachment, they revealed their true spineless character as “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO). Unfortunately, this […]

PODCAST: Next Comes Political Deprogramming

 Back during the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters as “deplorables,” thereby denoting the disdain the Democrats have for such Americans. It also suggests the Democrat’s perception of themselves as elitists; that they actually consider themselves superior to “deplorables.” This backfired as it became a badge of honor for Trump supporters and […]

PODCAST: What Really Happened at the ‘Stop The Steal’ Protest?

 The “Stop the Steal” protest was held on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 in the nation’s capitol. This was a massive demonstration protesting what the crowd believed to be a stolen presidential election. The people assembled peacefully, listened to a speech by President Trump, and marched to Congress. While there, several demonstrators broke into the […]

PODCAST: 2020 Year-End Wrap-Up

 This is my last column for the year as I prepare to enjoy the holidays and rest up for 2021. As has become customary, I’m using this opportunity to review my top essays from the past year. As you know, I write on a variety of subjects, such as management, systems, technology, social issues, […]

PODCAST: A Huge Civics Lesson

 These are historical times, and if you are not paying attention, you are going to miss something. Of course, I’m talking about the 2020 presidential election, and the ensuing investigation for fraudulent voting. This will be discussed by historians for the next several decades and perhaps beyond. This easily overshadows the 1960 election between […]

PODCAST: The After Effect of the 2020 Election

The gymnastics involving the recent counting of the election ballots have been disconcerting to say the least. It has caused high anxiety among Republicans, to the point of making many physically sick. Ordinarily, an American presidential election should be simple, transparent and easy to implement. Despite our technology though it has only become more complicated […]