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Introducing the Hubble – Lemaître Law [Big Bang Theory]

Michael Baruzzini on the recognition by science of Fr. George Lemaître, co-discoverer of the Big Bang, who found no conflict between faith and reason. On October 29, 2018, the International Astronomical Union announced its recommendation that the erstwhile “Hubble Law” be referred to as the “Hubble–Lemaître Law.” The law relates the distances of galaxies to their […]

Our Critically Disappearing National Consensus

David Carlin wonders if there’s anything Americans of all types can agree on. Ceaseless and passionate commercial activity, perhaps? But that’s not enough. A few weeks ago I wrote on the great divisions troubling American society at the moment and the possibility of a second civil war. The concluding paragraph of that column included this: “I console myself with […]

Which Future for the Church?

Robert Royal in Rome: Will bishops reimagine a Church of change resembling the society it’s meant to evangelize, or the age-old, infallible Bride of Christ? A formerly evanescent creature called “Synodality” has been spotted with increasing frequency in these last days of the Synod on Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment (to give the synod its full working […]

How Churches Commit Institutional Suicide

David Carlin: Beware of churches, whether Catholic or Protestant, that advertise themselves as “welcoming,”  because that suggests institutional suicide. In my hometown of Newport R.I., there is a beautiful old Episcopal church, Trinity Church.  The parish was established in 1698, an Anglican beachhead in Puritan New England; and the church building itself, modeled on some […]

Is the Vatican Accord with China a Step Forward – or Back?

Ines A. Murzaku: The Sino-Vatican deal on the appointment of bishops, really does resemble, as Pope Francis has suggested, the status quo . . . of the 12th century.  During the in-flight press conference as he was retuning from the Baltic countries, Pope Francis recalled how kings and emperors once controlled bishops’ appointments. He expressed relief […]

“These Vulnerable Creatures”: A Review of “Gosnell”

Brad Miner reviews “Gosnell,” the dramatic film about the arrest and trial of the abortionist who was “America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”  There have been notorious murderers brought down for reasons other than their most horrific crimes. Al Capone, mob boss, was felled by tax evasion; Dr. Kermit Gosnell, abortionist, by illegally selling prescriptions for painkillers. I’d […]

Two New Statements and the Church’s Trust Deficit by Robert Royal

Two statements came out from the Vatican over the weekend, basically during the pause in the Synod for the Sunday observances. Both dealt with the McCarrick case, and were partly a reaction to the constant presence of that case and – indirectly – other abuse cases in synodal conversations about the Church and young people. […]

Rome Failed on McCarrick – and Needs to Change

Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek: If the Vatican previously investigated abuse, those results must be shared; if Rome didn’t investigate, we need to know why not. Representatives of the American bishops have now met with Pope Francis to discuss the much-needed investigation of the McCarrick Affair. This is understandable since any process involving the ex-cardinal and […]

VIDEO: Persecuted Christians Keep the Faith – and Are Ignored by Those Who Don’t

James Kilpatrick on a new film, Faithkeepers, that documents the plight of Christian families under Muslim rule. Why wasn’t it shown at WMOF2018? Faithkeepers trailer: Imagine that you find an envelope outside your door. In it are six bullets and a note: “With these six bullets we will kill you and your family.”  Imagine that a few days […]

Trust: U.S. bishops appear to await their November annual meeting to craft a new sex-abuse policy.

Robert Royal writes that most U.S. bishops appear to await their November annual meeting to craft a new sex-abuse policy. But we can’t wait months.  I came across an advertisement for a financial institution recently that, sad to say, displayed more wisdom than we usually find today among many people, including many Catholics: “Trust is binary. […]

Weathering the Storm — The Catholic Church in Crisis

Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, STD on our current crisis: With Christ we can tolerate mistaken or wicked popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious, and lay people. Note: Many people write asking: What are we supposed to do amidst all the turmoil in the Church and the world at the moment? Fr. Vaverek provides a no-nonsense, bracing answer below. […]