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Race, Covenant, and Forgiveness

James F. Keating: Today’s racial “illuminati” see only guilt (whites) and innocence (blacks). Redemption and reconciliation through forgiveness are missing. Sixty years after the Civil Rights Movement and ten years after the triumphant election of the first African-American president, the question of race has returned with urgency and fury. There is, alas, a group of Catholic intellectuals who […]

A Little Clarity on Some Big Questions

Robert Royal: Many of our social problems – notoriously including easy abortion – stem from the breakdown of the family, which became supercharged with the advent of the sexual revolution. The Pew Research Center, a reliable source on American attitudes about religion, found in 2019 that 43 percent of American Catholics were “unaware” of Church teaching […]

This Day

Brad Miner: We remember those who gave their lives in battle. As President Lincoln said in 1863, “It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.” The Catholic Thing was founded the week after Memorial Day in 2008, but in eight of the following dozen years, we’ve published a column, either by Robert Royal […]

President Biden and Public Scandal

Fr. Gerald E. Murray on Biden and abortion: He needs to be told that his objectively sinful behavior constitutes a culpable offense for which he needs to seek pardon after repenting. Should President Joseph Biden be admitted to Holy Communion when he attends Mass? The simple answer is, “No,” owing to his public and unwavering support […]

BOOK REVIEW: Miner’s “The Compleat Gentleman”

Taynia-Renee LaFramboise reviews a new edition of the book by TCT’s senior editor. A book for men it is, but men and women rise and fall together. We are verbose creatures. Humanity’s gift of language includes our gift of creating languages. But despite a surfeit of vocabulary, our terms often fail to adequately describe what we mean. Definitions slip. […]

Knots: “Roe v. Wade,” the Movie

 Brad Miner reviews the new film about the case that legalized abortion and concludes you’d be better off watching “Gosnell” or “Unplanned”. In a 1989 TV movie, Roe vs. Wade, Holly Hunter played “Ellen Russell” and Amy Madigan was Sarah Weddington, the plaintiff’s attorney who argued the infamous 1973 abortion case before SCOTUS. “Ellen Russell” stood […]

Towards a New, and Quite Different, Tocqueville

Joseph R. Wood: We need shepherds to lead us from godless illusions about equality to the lost truths of dogma. In the early 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville traveled the United States while the country was still spiritually and philosophically close to the founding, but changing and expanding rapidly. The Frenchman compiled his observations in Democracy […]

Once Upon a Time, in America

Anthony Esolen: Sin makes the sinner a cripple. The principles of sin do more: they cripple a whole people. They cramp the spirit. Pictures come to mind when I think of the Lonely Revolution – that deterioration of the principles governing sexual behavior in the ruins of the Christian West. One is of my father and my mother, before they […]

Take Down the Flag

Anthony Esolen: It’s not necessary to point at individuals, but that “rainbow” flag, which stands for the whole sexual revolution, must go. The Vatican recently declined to permit Catholic clergy to bless same-sex unions, averting an immediate and world-wide schism. No one should be surprised; relieved, perhaps, but not surprised. The Vatican has declined to overturn […]