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‘Outing’ the Liberal Catholic Project

Fr. Gerald E. Murray: Liberalism is gaining the upper hand in the Church because Pope Francis is ignoring the mortal threat that it is. The Archbishop of Berlin, Heiner Koch, recently authorized priests in his archdiocese to confer ceremonial blessings upon homosexual couples. Strangely, he also announced that he himself would not impart such blessings until he receives […]

We No Longer Talk about Such Things

Anthony Esolen: We are witnessing the complete societal dismissal of any norms regarding sexual behavior between consenting adults, and the refusal to own up to the consequences in human misery. So the Catholic, trying hard to be faithful in a faithless time, is now to be dismissed – according to a Certain Person in Rome – for […]

Is Our Government ‘Adequate’ for Today’s Citizenry?

John M. Grondelski: If America becomes too secular, can our system of government – one “made for a moral and religious people” – survive? In a recent column, “God and Caesar Today,” I raised the question of whether the Christian division of “things of Caesar” and “things of God” still made sense.  We live in a […]

St. Augustine’s Two Trees

What’s to be learned from a man who died 1600 years ago, in a time and place so different from our own that it takes a serious effort – of imagination as well as study — to understand what he was all about? Today is the Feast of St. Augustine – and also my late […]

Is Catholicism “Inadequate”?

Robert Royal: Cardinal Mueller has confirmed that, while he ran the Vatican doctrinal office, there was a file on Victor Manuel Fernández, soon to take over Mueller’s former post, and, on the basis of Fernández’s view of recent Catholic history, it’s no wonder.  There’s an old philosophical distinction about conditions that are necessary, but not sufficient to make something true. […]

Everything Solid Melts into Air

Francis X. Maier: The tech revolution has undermined literacy, the supernatural, and sexuality, as it boosted consumer appetites and eroded habits of responsible ownership and mature political participation. Print literacy and the ownership of property anchor human freedom.  Both can be abused, of course.  Printed lies can kill.  Owning things, and wanting more of them, can […]

How It All Smells

Anthony Esolen: Gratifying work of Catholic restoration in art is going on in our midst, though Francis seems not to be aware of it, because he hangs around with people like Andres Serrano. Shepherds should smell like the sheep, says Pope Francis. I do not know what Andres Serrano smells like.  I can make a good […]

Wanted: A New Birth of Freedom

John M. Grondelski: The ethic of radical freedom says Adam’s and Eve’s “disobedience” was a free choice and, therefore, it’s God, not they, who sinned, punishing them for choosing freely.  But this is neither Judaism nor Christianity. For most Americans, the Fourth of July is a celebration of American “freedom.”  Freedom is an iconic word for us.  […]

D.E.I. Curricula versus Catholic Education

David G. Bonagura, Jr.: If Catholic schools want to end racism, they don’t need more diverse authors and perspectives. They need more theology faithful to the Magisterium – this is the essence of Catholic education. Afriend – a professor at a leading Catholic university – was one of only two members of the faculty senate not […]

‘Sound of Freedom’ with Jim Caviezel

Brad Miner reviews a new film about human trafficking – of children. It’s one reason why we know God’s plan includes Hell.  Had this been a poorly executed film, I’d have been tempted to praise it anyway because it’s about the criminal and sinful practice of kidnapping children and selling them as sex slaves. . […]