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On the Divine “Plan”

James V. Schall, S.J.: In our brief lives, we decide to accept or reject God’s reason for creating us: to welcome us into the friendship of the Trinity. Scripture and Mass Canon No. 4 speak of a divine plan for Creation, Redemption, and bringing all things to an End Time. Then any pending issues between God, […]

An Encyclical on Homosexuality?

David Carlin writes that, to end confusion in the Church, it would be good if the pope were to restate Catholicism’s immemorial opposition to homosexual activity. Apart from the grace of God, our most urgent need at the moment is a papal encyclical on homosexuality.  Failing that, the American Catholic bishops should issue a collective pastoral letter […]

The Stakes are Being Raised: The Attempt to Normalize Homosexual Clergy

Stephen P. White notes a shift away from denying a link between homosexuality and the abuse crisis and towards an attempt to normalize homosexual clergy. Last week’s summit in Rome did not address the problem of clergy harassing and abusing adults. It did not address the issue, which Pope Francis has acknowledged, of gay subcultures among […]

Celibacy is the Answer, Not the Problem

Fr. Carter Griffin: Like bloodletting by medieval doctors, those who would “cure” priest sex abuse by eliminating celibacy deprive grace from holy orders. Many Catholics, even the most faithful, seem to have given up on priestly celibacy. In our post-sexual revolutionary age, many view celibacy as an unhealthy repression of sexual drives, fostering the epidemic […]

The Abuse Summit: It’s Only the Beginning

Robert Royal: People are happy that McCarrick has finally been defrocked, but now we need to deal with other abusers and enablers.  February is not high tourist season in Rome. Skies are gray and temperatures low. St. Peter’s Square is relatively empty. But journalists filled the nearby Press Office earlier this week – more, according […]

Toxic Femininity

Randall Smith: If we want adult men, then we need boys to spend time with responsible, mature adult men, probably working. Those who study “inflected” languages such as Latin soon confront the problem of modifiers. Once you realize that the genitive “Marius” is modifying the nominative “book” (“the book of Marius”) then you must ask whether the […]

If Francis Should Resign, What Then?

NOTE: The pope’s appointment of controversial Cardinal Kevin Farrell as the new camerlengo – the man responsible for administering the Vatican in the event of the pope’s death or resignation – raises questions about the future of the Church once Francis is no longer pope. The following article discusses some of the possibilities. William Kilpatrick: […]

Two on Abortion: Roe’s Immanent Demise & So Cardinal Dolan, What’s the Plan?

Note: There’s so much happening in the Church and the nation on abortion that we thought it right to run two columns today. Michael Pakaluk argues that the brazenness of the New York State law may actually make overturning Roe v. Wade more likely as people come to see how extreme abortion supporters have become. Anthony Francois, who has worked on related […]

Catholic Privilege

David Warren: Christ Militant defeats the strategies of Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, etc. Christianity has always been dismissed but has always triumphed. At this moment, I write next to a large window, against which winds are crashing, moaning and howling through every crack they find. It is a fine midwinter scene, up here in the Great […]

Should Governor Andrew Cuomo be Excommunicated?

George J. Marlin raises a question very much on the minds of many Catholics. Surely, some rebuke from New York’s bishops is necessary.  In March 1970, the New York State Legislature repealed the anti-abortion law that had been on the books since 1830. The bill narrowly passed, due to support from several legislators from heavily Catholic […]

Unsafe “Safe Spaces”

Randall Smith: Rarely does anyone really feel “safe” when so many people are struggling just to avoid offending everybody else. I walked by an office the other day on which I saw a sign that said, “Safe Space.” I immediately felt unsafe. I hope everyone who comes into my office feels safe. But shouldn’t the […]