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Why America Must Recommit to Religious Freedom

We celebrate Thursday, Jan. 16, as Religious Freedom Day, the anniversary of the passage in 1786 of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Unfortunately, the percentage of Americans who have heard of the law, or the day that commemorates it, is shockingly small. Yet Thomas Jefferson, who authored the statute in the Virginia Legislature, listed […]

VIDEO: DHS Strategy on Human Trafficking Aims to Put Issue Front and Center

Americans need to be talking more about the problem of human trafficking in order to successfully combat it, the nation’s acting homeland security secretary says. “We as Americans, again, are not talking enough about this issue,” Chad Wolf said during an event Wednesday at The Heritage Foundation, adding: Let me make myself clear. In 2018, the U.S. […]

Supreme Court to Hear ‘Bridgegate’ and School Choice Cases

The Supreme Court returned Monday for oral arguments after a lengthy holiday break. During the court’s January sitting, the justices will hear arguments in eight cases, including ones dealing with school choice and the “Bridgegate” scandal. The justices already have heard arguments in cases involving the Second Amendment, Obamacare, and whether federal law covers claims […]

Tents, Homelessness, and Misery: 9 Things I Saw in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO—Call me a poop skeptic. After years of reading about the alleged horrors of San Francisco, I decided I wanted to see for myself if the City by the Bay was really in such dire conditions. I’d grown up 30 miles south of San Francisco, occasionally popping in for field trips or shopping or […]

I Lost My Child Due to a Driver High on Marijuana. Now, This Bill Would Reward Big Pot.

Seven years ago, I got a call every parent fears: I lost my daughter to a driver who was high on “legal” marijuana. With this new pot vaping crisis, I’m worried more parents will lose their children if we don’t stop the growth of the marijuana industry. Across the nation, a growing number of vaping-related […]

House Democrats Pass War Powers Resolution Criticizing Trump’s Killing of Suleimani

The Democrat-controlled House approved a resolution late Thursday aimed at reining in President Donald Trump’s future actions on Iran and condemning him for not notifying Congress before last week’s drone strike that killed an Iranian terrorist leader, who was one of the country’s most senior officials. The resolution passed 224 to 194, with three Republicans […]

PODCAST: His Sister Was Sex-Trafficked for 6 Years. Here’s How He’s Devoted His Life to Fighting It.

Ilonka Deaton was trafficked into sex slavery at the age of 12. She suffered for six years before finally getting free. Now, her brother, Jaco Booyens, runs a film company that brings the darkness of sex trafficking into the light. He’s out with a film called “8 Days.” Read the lightly edited interview, posted below, […]

At the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais Exposed Hollywood’s ‘Woke’ Culture

Hollywood can’t take a joke. At the annual Golden Globes, an awards show for both movies and television, on Sunday night, host comedian Ricky Gervais was actually funny, lampooning Hollywood in general and its “woke” culture in particular. “Let’s have a laugh at your expense,” Gervais said in opening his monologue at the Globes’ 77th awards ceremony, presented […]

The 2010s: A Decade of Marital and Sexual Erosion

Originally published by USA Today. A decade ago, President Barack Obama affirmed that marriage unites a man and woman. So did 45 states and the federal government. The only states to redefine marriage had done so through activist court rulings or, in 2009, legislative action. At the ballot box, citizens had uniformly voted against redefinition. A majority agreed with Obama. Then, in 2012, Obama “evolved,” and the Supreme Court […]

How Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers

Colleges have been around for centuries. College students have also been around for centuries. Yet, college administrators assume that today’s students have needs that were unknown to their predecessors. Those needs include diversity and equity personnel, with massive budgets to accommodate. According to Minding the Campus, Penn State University’s Office of Vice Provost for Educational […]

The Top 4 Issues America Will Face in 2020

As we head into the new year and the kickoff to the Roaring Twenties 2.0 (and they will roar), policymakers will be faced with some incredibly important decisions. Several issues will take center stage, ones with the potential to significantly shape our future, from immigration reform to college-loan debt. Certainly, one of the biggest will be […]