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4 Things to Know About Chinese Origins of Coronavirus

Before MSNBC personalities were calling it “racist” and “astoundingly gross” to note the origin of the new coronavirus, NBC News reported in January on what it called the “Wuhan coronavirus.” In recent days, the Chinese government has sought to cast doubt on whether the virus in fact originated in the city of Wuhan after initially […]

Trump Administration Aims to Calm Coronavirus Fears on Economic, Health Fronts

Moments ago: President @realDonaldTrump gave remarks from the podium, joined by members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. pic.twitter.com/s7L0eydz34 — The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 9, 2020 President Donald Trump announced Monday evening that he will push Congress for a payroll tax cut to stem concerns about the coronavirus that sent the stock market […]

In Massachusetts, Resistance to Marijuana Dispensaries

Although recreational marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts since voters approved it in 2016, the pot industry has experienced some serious pushback against dispensaries at the local level. More than 90 municipalities in the state have opted out or prohibited commercial cannabis establishments. The development is the result of a grassroots effort coordinated by local […]

PODCAST: ‘Open Borders Are Absolutely … the Greatest Threat This Country Faces,’ Texas Lawmaker Says

Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, joins me on The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and some possible fixes to the U.S. immigration system. We also cover these stories: In a Monday tweet, President Donald Trump urges Americans to put coronavirus in perspective. Monday turns out to be another bad day for the […]

Teacher Takes Union to Court for Ignoring Supreme Court Ruling on Dues

“Everything the union does is inherently political, and I could see that in the mailings I received,” says art teacher Greg Hartnett, who sued the Pennsylvania State Education Association over fees imposed on nonunion employees. Pennsylvania’s largest public employee union needs to stop evading a landmark Supreme Court ruling, an art teacher argues in a […]

Pro-Lifers Should Get Same Access to Schools as Planned Parenthood Does

Many of the political and cultural trends that are anathema to traditional values or free-market conservatism in society today can be traced back to a lack of education, poor education, or education rooted in progressive bias. One college group, Students for Life of America, is attempting to do its part in upending that cycle. Students […]

Liberals’ FAMILY Act Would Hurt Low-Income Workers and Families

If liberals want to provide access to paid family and medical leave, they need to come up with a better solution than they have so far. According to a recent analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, Democrats’ proposed Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act would fail to benefit most of the workers who need it and leave […]

‘We’re Not Closing Our Eyes’: Senate Panel Seeks Documents in Biden-Ukraine Investigation

A Senate committee is poised to issue a subpoena for documents as part of an investigation of the Ukrainian dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The subpoena by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee almost certainly will move forward, as a spokeswoman for Sen. Mitt Romney said […]

Why the Left Calls Good People Racist

A few weeks ago, I devoted my column to an article about me published in Newsweek under the headline “Conservative Radio Host Ridicules Anne Frank.” As the full context of my comments in the video made clear, it was a lie. To its credit, after its editor was notified of this fact, Newsweek changed the headline and made revisions […]

The New York Times’ 1619 Project’s Outrageous, Lying Slander of Abe Lincoln

The New York Times’ 1619 Project has aimed at nothing less than a revolutionary reinterpretation of the entirety of U.S. history, “re-centering” African Americans as the sole banner-carriers of America’s principles, even as they have been ruthlessly smashed down, enslaved, and obliterated from memory by more numerous and more powerful whites. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison […]

PODCAST: Her Husband Was Murdered in a Gun-Free Zone. Now Nikki Goeser Is Fighting Back.

Nikki Goeser watched the man who had stalked her murder her husband in a gun-free zone. Because she was a law-abiding concealed carry permit holder, Goeser’s firearm was safely locked away in her vehicle, leaving her defenseless. Now a gun rights activist, Goeser is working hard to ensure every American has the means to protect […]

Sanders Dumpster Dives Through the Ash Heap of Socialism’s History

It seems that Sen. Bernie Sanders can always find a way to look at the bright side of a communist dictatorship. Right after praising Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro’s literacy programs on CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Feb. 23, Sanders, I-Vt., decided to share a little praise of communist China as well. In a CNN town […]

8 From Gen Z Share Why They Went to the Nation’s Biggest Annual Conservative Gathering

Why do young people flock to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference just outside the nation’s capital? Here’s what eight young Americans in Generation Z told The Daily Signal during this year’s CPAC, held Thursday through Saturday in National Harbor, Maryland. Kate Farmer, 18, and Virginia Warren, 16 Hometown: Richmond, Virginia In these trying times, we must turn […]

A Misguided Approach to Nuclear Power in ‘Energy Innovation’ Bill

Being “well intentioned” isn’t the same as doing well. Look no further than the recently introduced American Energy Innovation Act. The bill proposes an extensive federally funded and directed research, development, and demonstration program for advanced nuclear technologies through the Department of Energy. It’s Act 2 of the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act, the first half of which was quietly passed […]

Conservatives Cheer as Trump Celebrates Achievements Under Fire [+Video]

President Trump’s full remarks at CPAC 2020: Speaking before a celebratory crowd of conservative activists Saturday, President Donald Trump gave thanks to God for being able to accomplish so much in three years despite incoming fire from the left. Trump referred to both the lengthy Russia investigation and House Democrats’ hasty impeachment move during remarks […]