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Is Education Even Needed?

Why can’t young adults that want to study physics learn directly from engineers working in the field? Why can’t people who want to learn law learn directly from lawyers? Learning is a lifelong activity. Why should we suspend work for education? Why can’t both happen together? In precolonial India, the concept of schooling did not […]

There Is No Spoon

It is all an illusion Cause: spiritual Manifested results: physical Struggling with the physical world is akin to punching your computer because Carl Johnson won’t run faster. If you do want to make him run faster, you need to mess with the source code. Beating on your computer won’t make a difference at all. The […]

How To Intervene In Tyranny?

The Cause Why do we have massive governments? Because we have insecure people. They don’t know that they have valuable skills and talents to meaningfully contribute to the free market and generate an income. So they look for jobs that don’t require skills and talents. These generally are administrative and bureaucratic jobs that talented people […]

We Must Create A New Reality

Governments around the world made a momentous collective effort to eliminate Covid. Imagine if they did the same to eliminate hunger and homelessness. Cures for both are cheaper and easier to implement. The victims are not infectious. Recently, the United Nations uploaded an article about the benefits of world hunger. It suggests that world hunger […]