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#Expose2020 Part IV: Two More Bernie Staffers Promote ‘Extreme Action’ and Property Destruction

View our latest video HERE.  This month, Project Veritas Action Fund (PVA) exposed Kyle Jurek, a paid Iowa Field Organizer for the Sanders campaign, and Martin Weissgerber, a paid South Carolina Field Organizer for the Sanders campaign. Both are recorded admitting their radical and violent intentions for the country. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has refused to […]

VIDEO #Expose2020 Part III: 2nd Bernie Staffer “I’ll straight up get armed” “Guillotine the rich”

#Expose2020 Part III Project Veritas Action EXCLUSIVE UPDATES: http://Expose2020.com Martin Weissgerber, South Carolina Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign: “Leave it to the Soviets to Make the Most Badass F***ing, Most Effective Gun in the World…AK (47)…The Destroyer of Imperialism and Colonialization…That’s Why I Want to Get it (AK-47) Tattooed on Me.” Martin Weissgerber: “I’ll Straight Up […]

EXPOSE2020.COM: Bernie Sanders Campaign EXPOSED — Part 2

View our latest video HERE.  Des Moines, IA: Today’s new video shows Kyle Jurek, a paid Iowa Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, saying that there are more important things than the Rule of Law in the United States and declares that his views are shared by many others in the Sanders Campaign. Some of […]

VIDEO: Did ABC News protect pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices?

About three years ago ABC News buried a blockbuster story about Jeffrey Epstein, referred to by Attorney Brad Edwards as “…the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.” The United States Congress is now asking questions. It’s time for ABC News President James Goldston to tell the American public and members of Congress why […]

VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

 Project Veritas posted the above video and following commentary on the #EpsteinCoverup. New York, NY: Today’s new video reveals how an ABC Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor had significant information regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes years ago but was told by her superiors that the network would not run the […]

VIDEO: CNN President Jeff Zucker CONFRONTED by Project Veritas in ATL airport

CNN President Jeff Zucker refuses to answer questions on #ExposeCNN when confronted by Project Veritas reporter today in the ATL airport. No comment on Preisdent Trump’s threat to sue the network for bias and his employees allegations of sexual misconduct by Steve Brusk. RELATED ARTICLE: Part 4: #MeTooCNN Video Exposes Alleged Sexual Misconduct by CNN Exec and Possible […]

EXPOSE CNN PART III: Field Ops Manager at CNN, Zucker’s 9am calls are ‘bullshit; ‘We’re totally Left-Leaning … [but] we don’t want to admit it’

View our latest video HERE. This is the third video in this series so far. Monday’s CNN Part 1 can be viewed HERE. It featured CNN Insider Cary Poarch going public and blowing the whistle on bias within the network. Tuesday’s CNN Part 2 can be viewed HERE. This included CNN Executives and Staffers admitting to their personal and overall corporate […]

EXPOSE CNN PART II: CNN Leadership Picks Winners and Losers on Eve of Debate. “. . . They (CNN) like Warren a lot”

 CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez Says, ‘Joe Biden Has a Problem’ Because of his Son’s Foreign Business Dealings; “It Looks Bad. It Smells Bad.” CNN President Jeff Zucker Pushes Kamala Harris’ Demand to Take Down Trump’s Twitter Account; “I Think it’s a Good Segment…Not Going to Happen, But it’s a Good Talking – […]

EXPOSE CNN PART I: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias” Records Zucker’s 9AM Daily Rundown Calls Zucker Emphatically States Fox News is “Beyond Destructive for America” Zucker to Staffers: “Impeachment is the Story,” Ignore Other Stories Employees Ordered by Zuckerto ‘Knock Off’ Their Friendliness Towards Lindsey Graham  Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: […]

BREAKING: Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent ‘Trump situation’ in 2020

Another brave insider has stepped forward to Project Veritas. This time, our insider is from Google.  The biggest tech company in the world. In fact, there are nearly 65,000 “googles” on this search engine every second.  And it’s very likely you’re probably contributing to this statistic. Google has been universally regarded as a trustworthy search […]

BREAKING VIDEO: Pinterest Insider Speaks

He exposed one of the biggest tech giants in Silicon Valley. He risked his career to show you censorship of Christians, conservatives, and pro-life groups. And now — he’s speaking out. Meet Eric Cochran.  He’s a pro-life activist and a twenty-five year old software engineer in San Francisco. Last night Eric went on Fox News’ Tucker […]

BREAKING VIDEO: New tech insider speaks out — censorship of of conservatives, Christians and pro-life groups.

Another Silicon Valley insider has come forward. This big tech employee has given Project Veritas documents that appear to show censorship of conservatives, Christians, and pro-life groups.  Our latest insider comes to us from Pinterest, a publicly traded social media company with over 250 million monthly users. From the documents provided to us by our […]