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BREAKING: Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent ‘Trump situation’ in 2020

Another brave insider has stepped forward to Project Veritas. This time, our insider is from Google.  The biggest tech company in the world. In fact, there are nearly 65,000 “googles” on this search engine every second.  And it’s very likely you’re probably contributing to this statistic. Google has been universally regarded as a trustworthy search […]

BREAKING VIDEO: Pinterest Insider Speaks

He exposed one of the biggest tech giants in Silicon Valley. He risked his career to show you censorship of Christians, conservatives, and pro-life groups. And now — he’s speaking out. Meet Eric Cochran.  He’s a pro-life activist and a twenty-five year old software engineer in San Francisco. Last night Eric went on Fox News’ Tucker […]

BREAKING VIDEO: New tech insider speaks out — censorship of of conservatives, Christians and pro-life groups.

Another Silicon Valley insider has come forward. This big tech employee has given Project Veritas documents that appear to show censorship of conservatives, Christians, and pro-life groups.  Our latest insider comes to us from Pinterest, a publicly traded social media company with over 250 million monthly users. From the documents provided to us by our […]

VIDEO: Project Veritas & Lies in the Media (James O’Keefe Full Interview)

Facebook “deboosting.” Twitter “shadow banning.” Dave Rubin and I had a great conversation about Project Veritas’ investigations into Silicon Valley and how Veritas is working with insiders in big tech to show Americans the truth behind these media goliaths. We spoke about the importance of moral courage and how one person — with a camera and a […]

DEBANKING: Chase Bank “moral character” a Reason They Don’t Do Business w/ “those types of people”

Can your bank ban you for your political views? It sounds like something from a George Orwell novel or an authoritarian regime.  But in America, can someone restrict the flow of money of their political enemies? In our Twitter investigation, Veritas has showed you “Deplatforming.” It’s the way big tech removes political commentators from their platforms […]

BREAKING VIDEO EXPOSE: Florida Voters Furious Over Votes Cast In Their Names

These are the victims of voter fraud.  Project Veritas has uncovered a group of Florida voters whose identities may have been unlawfully used to cast ballots in their names in their former state of New York. Here are the facts: Each individual claims to be a resident of Florida who moved there from New York. Each voter […]

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Voter Fraud Confession

Project Veritas has released undercover footage unmasking one of the many faces of modern voter fraud. The video features a confession from a New York Republican, Peter Gornicki,  who acknowledges that he voted in the federal election in both Florida and New York: JOURNALIST: So you voted for Higgins for U.S. Congress in New York and Scott for […]

Facebook Employee: He ran away from me on his bike . . .

Yesterday, Veritas published documents from a brave former Facebook insider which show how conservatives’ pages are targeted and “deboosted.”  These documents also reveal plans to suppress distribution, and they appear to conflate conservative speech with abusive “troll behavior.” When Facebook commented on our investigations, they didn’t refute our documents, instead, they attacked our insider.  And when they […]

Video Interview: Facebook Insider Explains ‘Deboosting’, ‘Troll Report’ & Political Targeting

Today Project Veritas released a new video documenting an investigation into Facebook, the largest social media company in the world.  We introduce you to our Facebook insider, taking us behind the scenes of how the tech giant “demotes bad content”, “deboosts” conservative livestreams, classifies users, and triggers special features “close to elections.”  She provided Project Veritas with documents showing […]

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Electioneering in New Jersey & Ohio Exposed

Project Veritas has released undercover video exposing New Jersey election officials suggesting people vote for Democrats, which is illegal. Click here to see the video. Ohio: Project Veritas Action has released another undercover video, this time exposing an election official encouraging voting for Sherrod Brown. Click here to see the video. RELATED ARTICLES: FBI seeks […]

Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? “We got TONS of them” Says Election Official on Undercover Video

Project Veritas has released undercover video exposing how election officials in Austin, Texas permit non-citizens to vote. While speaking to an undercover journalist, several election officials explain how non-citizens can vote in Texas: Undercover journalist, “I told him it does not matter that he’s not a citizen, as long as he’s registered.” Election official: “Yeah. […]

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Donnelly “Don’t tell that to people!”

Indiana: Project Veritas Action Fund has released new undercover video from the campaign of current U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly. This new investigation features Senator Joe Donnelly’s wife, Jill Donnelly, and campaign workers trying to hide his support of organized labor. A campaign worker states, “he’s got like a 98% AFL-CIO voting record.” Hiding his true […]

UPDATE BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Team Beto Assists Caravan Aliens

UPDATE: Last night I sent our new video [below] exposing Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign for a potentially illegal application of campaign funds.  Our video subjects confirmed that these campaign funds were allegedly used to aide early members of the Honduran caravan.  In case you missed it you can view the video HERE. Our video, which […]

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Gillum campaign: that’s not for voters “to know”

Florida: Project Veritas Action Fund has released our newest undercover investigation featuring Andrew Gillum’s campaign for Governor of Florida. This stunning investigation uncovers Gillum’s empty promises, controversial strategies, and the lies that shape his campaign.  The video exposes the campaign’s belief that in order to elect Andrew Gillum as Governor, they must hide his progressive values, […]