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BREAKING NEW VIDEO: US Senate Candidate EXPOSED; “We don’t say that out of these walls.”

Tennessee: US Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen’s staff says he is lying about Kavanaugh vote in Undercover Video. “It’s a political move.” Bredesen Staff Thinks Tennessee Voters Are “Ignorant”. In an apparent Vote-Grab, Bredesen says he would vote YES on Kavanaugh but staffers say he wouldn’t, “It’s politics.” His Lie was “a political move” that staffers […]

New Video: Veritas is Everywhere

We had a GREAT week at Project Veritas! Watch the new 2-minute video:  Veritas released three videos this week exposing the Deep State (more next week), and got reactions from: Department of Justice Health and Human Services US Government Accountability Office And the Department of State, which prompted the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo […]

VIDEO: Deep State Unmasked: DOJ Official Resists ‘From Inside,’ ‘Can’t Get Fired’; Leaks at HHS

Project Veritas has released the second installment in an undercover video series unmasking the deep state. This video features a Department of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar reportedly using government owned software and computers to push a socialist agenda. Also featured is Jessica Schubel, the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid […]

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Deep State Unmasked

Today, Project Veritas brings you the beginning of our Deep State: Unmasked series. Finally – the resistance, the Deep State, and the leakers, will be personified and publicized for all to see. No anonymous sources or redacted forms. Just the latest Project Veritas undercover video. This video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged […]

VIDEO: Alleged Child Molester Paid Off in Michigan Teachers Union Negotiation

Project Veritas has released undercover footage and documents obtained from the American Federation of Teachers Michigan affiliate office in Lake City, which reveals that the union protected a teacher after accusations of sexual misconduct with a seven- or eight-year-old girl arose. This long-awaited release comes after a federal judge ruled in favor of Project Veritas […]

VIDEO: Union President Admits to Protecting ‘Teacher Who Had Sex With’ Teenage Girl – Willing to Cover up Abuse of ‘Scumbag’ Student

UPDATE: NJ.com is reporting that Hamilton Township Education Association President Dr. David Perry has been suspended as a result of the related video we released yesterday.  (New York) Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Union City Education Association President, Kathleen Valencia, explaining that the union has helped a teacher who allegedly had sex with a teenage girl […]

OUR GOAL – Truth to the Masses

Let’s set the record straight about what our goal is. If you had only heard about Project Veritas through news outlets like CNN or the New York Times, you’d think “why would anybody support James O’Keefe? Deception is dishonest!” Occasionally, we take time from our undercover operations to educate the public about undercover journalism and its rich […]

U.S. Senator CONFRONTS Twitter with Project Veritas Video

This follows our recent investigation that exposed Twitter’s disturbing censorship, “shadow-banning”, and anti-Trump bias. Now, Congress and the American people are taking action against Social Media Propaganda. Take a look at Senator Ted Cruz confronting Twitter with videos from Project Veritas. Watch now. Representatives from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter appeared at a hearing by The […]

VIDEO: This is why we’re investigating Big Tech

At CPAC, James O’Keefe and former Google engineer James Damore led a panel on the suppression of conservative views in social media. The panel, sponsored by the American Principles Project, also featured Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel, and attorney Harmeet Dhillon.  Facebook is labeling conservative news as “fake”; Twitter has been […]

VIDEO: One of the most alarming experiences of my life… I’m ‏attacked by Antifa

On Saturday night, I was surrounded, charged at, and trapped by a violent mob of Antifa supporters. Watch the horrifying video footage of what they did — and see the kind of violence Project Veritas is up against.  I had attended the Night for Freedom event in New York City. As I was leaving, […]

VIDEO EXPOSE: Twitter helping foreign leaders silence opponents

Project Veritas just released the next chapter in our Twitter investigation — and it’s absolutely shocking. One of our investigators sat down with Conrado Miranda, a former software engineer for Twitter, and asked him one question: does Twitter help foreign governments chill free speech? His answer? “We do that a lot for China.” Twitter portrays itself […]

VIDEO: Twitter Security Engineer, ‘It is a creepy big brother.’

Before you watch Part III of our investigation into Twitter, I have to warn you that the discussions held by these Twitter employees IS NOT family friendly. If you’re at the office, turn down your speakers or put on your headphones. If the children are in the room, ask them to cover their ears. With that […]

VIDEO EXPOSE: Twitter Engineers To ‘Ban a Way of Talking’ Through ‘Shadow Banning’

In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, eight current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like.  VIDEO: Senior Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump’s Private DMs to DOJ. In an email, the alternative social media […]