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Unsung Heroes: Celebrating the Impact of Good Parents

In a world filled with uncertainties and challenges, one constant remains: the profound influence of good parents on their children’s lives. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s essential to recognize and honor the tireless efforts of all parents who go above and beyond to safeguard and nurture their children. In this article, we delve into […]

VIDEOS: The Jeffrey Epstein ‘Black Book’ — Corruption & Fighting for Justice

In an era where truth often finds itself obscured by layers of complexity and power, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal stands as a glaring testament to the failures of accountability and justice. This story of wealth, influence, and unimaginable abuse demands answers and change. At Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR), we are committed to not just […]

VIDEO: Exposing Epstein’s Web — An Investigative Journalist’s Crusade for Justice

In this eye-opening interview, investigative journalist Nick Bryant takes us behind the scenes of his relentless quest to expose the sinister truths of the Jeffrey Epstein case. Known for his advocacy for children’s rights and safety, Bryant shares his journey from unveiling Epstein’s infamous “Black Book” online to his pivotal role in contributing to the […]

“Activate The Church” Program: Prioritizing Child Safety

In today’s world, the safety and protection of children within our faith-based communities are of paramount importance. The “Activate the Church” program aims to empower congregations with essential resources to evaluate and enhance their safety protocols, ensuring a secure environment for our youngest members. This comprehensive guide offers a checklist for assessing current practices and […]

VIDEO: USA’s Child Trafficking Crisis • Unmasking the Hidden Epidemic

In the United States, a silent epidemic is raging, mostly unnoticed, yet devastating in its impact. Child trafficking, a term that evokes horror and disbelief, is not a problem confined to remote parts of the world. It is happening right here, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and across our nation. This blog post aims […]

Latest Victories in the Veterans 4 Child Rescue Battle Against Child Trafficking

WATCH: Craig “The Saw Man” Sawyer in studio on The Hagmann Report. Our Mission is to Raise Awareness and Arrest Predators. Watch our documentary: Contraland  Join the #V4CR movement on social media. RELATED VIDEO: Whistleblowers Expose Federal Child Trafficking Pipeline EDITORS NOTE: This Veterans 4 Child Rescue column with video is republished with permission. […]

Debunking Child Trafficking Myths in the USA & Facing the Truth

Child trafficking is a heinous violation of human rights, with many misconceptions obscuring the real issues. Let’s unpack and demystify these myths, offering a transparent lens into the truth about child trafficking in the USA. What is Child Trafficking? The sale and exploitation of children, often for the purposes of forced labor or sexual exploitation. […]

Is the DOJ Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking? Why Delete This?

The recent removal of crucial language on child sex trafficking from the Department of Justice (DOJ) website by the current administration has raised significant concerns. This article aims to shed light on the implications of these changes and their correlation with the administration’s handling of migrant children. Join us as we examine the erased sections, explore the […]

Support Veterans 4 Child Rescue’s Next Counter Trafficking Operation!

Every day, innocent children are trapped in the horrifying world of trafficking and exploitation. It’s a grim reality that’s unfolding in our very own neighborhoods. But together, we have the power to end this. We’re excited to announce our upcoming counter-trafficking operations which aim to strike at the heart of child exploitation networks. This mission […]

Prevent Child Trafficking ‘How Many More Rally’ at the Austin State Capitol April 29th 2023

We are honored to announce that Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, founder of Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) and a renowned expert in child trafficking prevention, has been invited to speak at the upcoming How Many More Rally on April 29 at the Austin, Texas State Capitol. This event, organized by HowManyMore.com, aims to address the urgent and critical […]

V.4.C.R. VIDEO EXPOSÈ: How to Protect Your Children in the Online World

Are you aware of how many predators are on the same internet platforms your child uses? Children are growing up in an inescapably cybertronic world. Rather than hoping they’ll avoid the internet, we must take a proactive approach in guiding them through safe, responsible use. Watch this presentation on how to protect your children in […]

TEXAS: Operation Child Safe Nets 2 Arrests For Child Exploitation [Videos]

Recently, Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) made headlines with our successful operation in Webb County, Texas, which resulted in the arrest of two individuals for child exploitation. The two individuals arrested were Alfonso David Soliz and Rodolfo Orlando Aranda. Soliz, a former jailer and brother of a Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt., had prior federal probation and […]

Is the Super Bowl the Largest Human Trafficking Event in the USA?

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing and 2nd largest criminal industry in the world. It’s a $38-50 BILLION dollar a year industry in the USA alone. Although it’s happening year-round in every community in America, the demand – and therefore, the supply – intensifies with large events. “As Los Angeles prepares to host the Super Bowl, [LA County] Sheriff […]

Is Big Tech Censoring Child Trafficking?

It would seem that one of the most uniting causes in the world would be to protect children. Specifically: children who are being trafficked, exploited, and abused sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A recent increase in awareness about the prevalence of child trafficking has led to a concerning counter-movement by large, public platforms. There seems […]

Feature Film ‘Lions And Lambs’ — Exposing Human Trafficking

Vets for Child Rescue is honored to align with Storyteller Film Co to make a full length, action-packed movie called Lions and Lambs!  One of the biggest challenges we face in our efforts to expose and combat child trafficking is the suppression of information online. We hope this movie will provide a strategic work-around to bring massive awareness […]