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VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Continues to Terrorize St. Louis Couple Who Defended Their Property

Is this on the news anywhere? I don’t think it is. is it? https://twitter.com/MaybeAmes/status/1279397902406823941 Could the action above be part of the siege strategy the communists are now doing?  RELATED ARTICLES: Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property BLM “Activists” Threaten Louisville Businesses: Offer Race Reparations or We’ll […]

VIDEO: Donald J. Trump. Jr. on Twitter’s Dialectical Negation of Conservatives No Matter What They Say

Dialectical negation: The dialectical movement involves two moments that negate each other, something and its other. As a result of the negation of the negation, “something becomes its other; this other is itself something; therefore it likewise becomes an other, and so on ad infinitum”. Tucker Carlson speaks with Donald J. Trump, Jr. on Twitter’s dialectical negation of conservatives no matter what […]

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: 98 Minutes of Riot Footage

WATCH: Protests in Seattle Saturday, July 25, 2020 published by KING 5 on YouTube.  A group set fire to portable trailers near the King County Juvenile Detention Facility. RELATED ARTICLES: ‘WARZONE!’ Portland Rioters Toss ‘Explosives’ & ‘Mortars’ At Police Officers, Several Injured Liberal Activist Demands Wives & Family of DHS ‘Storm Troopers’ Be Identified […]

VIDEO: Minneapolis Police Officer Rich Walker testifies before Senate, ‘Officers afraid of going TO JAIL’

 RELATED: Antifa started fires in the street outside the Portland police union hall before breaking inside and setting it on fire. #PortlandRiots pic.twitter.com/Ksw1uTp2v1 — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 19, 2020 EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

AUDIOBOOK: ‘Leftist Strategy and Tactics to Transform America’ by Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgens

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Dialectically Informed Marxism, All Roads Lead to Hegel, Scientism  PART 1: Hegel not Taught in Philosophy Class, Redefining God, Marx Defined by Hegel PART 2: Marx and Freud, Hermeticism to Nihilism, The Fabians, America & the COMINTERN PART 3: The Frankfurt School, Lukács, Horkheimer, Marcuse, Reich PART 4: PART 5: Left’s Vision of America, The “International Order”, […]

VIDEO: 1500 people yelling “I LOVE TRUMP” at the US Embassy in Ottawa

Amazing and unexpected. Mass protest against Trudeau and 1500 Canadians yelling their support of President Trump. Heart warming. 1500 + of warm, friendly patriots fed up with Trudeau corruption and the socialist deconstruction of Canada. MANY people there were protesting Trudeau’s fiat gun ban. https://twitter.com/Worried_Canuck/status/1278417374232948737?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1278417374232948737%7Ctwgr%5E&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fvladtepesblog.com%2F2020%2F07%2F02%2F1500-people-yelling-i-love-trump-at-the-us-embassy-in-ottawa-on-july-1-cbc-outright-lie-about-it%2F EDITORS NOTE: This video posted by  Eeyore on the Vlad […]

THE PURGE: Social Media Drops the Beard of No-Bias, Smashes all Venues for the Non-Left

Guest post by MissPiggy with many thanks! Chronicling the Silencing of Dissenting Voices – In the latest purge of offensiveness on online platforms (POOOOP), with nearly 800,000 users, The_Donald and 2,000 other “Hate” subreddits were removed yesterday from Reddit. The unsurprising final blow came after a series of measures “to contain” the group. Even before […]

VIDEO: Defunding police is ONE STEP before banning all private property

Before anyone scoffs at the headline, remember that a few short months ago, even the most red pilled observer showed total denial that police departments would ever be defunded or even serious talk about it. Yet here we are. After watching the FOX clip below, please watch the DSA clip edited in August of 2019, […]

VIDEO: President Trump on the looting and riots and the events used to justify them

 H/T M. RELATED ARTICLES: RELATED ARTICLES: Jewish Minneapolis Mayor in the Spotlight as Riots Spread President Trump: Protesters are ‘organized groups’ that ‘have nothing to do with George Floyd’ ‘F*** Fox News!’: Protesters Chase Fox News Reporter Outside White House George Floyd Protests In Washington DC Throw White House Into Brief Lockdown Some Press […]

VIDEO: The Fauci-WHO Connection and Restoring U.S. Funding to the Marxist organization

Tucker Carlson obtains draft letter showing U.S. on brink of restoring WHO funding:  RELATED ARTICLES: Report: Trump Says US Will Resume Funding WHO — At Same Level As China ‘We Cleaned Up The Mess’: Kayleigh McEnany Explains Why The White House Threw Out Obama Administration’s Pandemic Plan Commerce Department Targets Huawei, Puts New Restrictions […]