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VIDEO: Scalise — The Democrats are using SOVIET rules on impeachment

Posted by Eeyore Its nice to see that someone besides we here at Vlad Tepes noticed that yeah, much of what takes place in political officialdom is using Soviet playbooks and modus operandi.  RELATED ARTICLES: Double Standards and the Impeachment Farce Examining the House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution Pelosi is Blowing Smoke, But Where’s the Fire? […]

On ‘Transphobia’ and the Sovietization of the West

Posted by Eeyore A recent event around Oxford is today’s stark yet lucid example of the Sovietization of the West. In this case, England, and more tragically, in the area with one of the brightest beacons of Greek civilization and the search for truth in World history, Oxford University. Some people found stickers questioning the reality […]

Australian media shows real unity on freedom of speech

Posted by Eeyore One can only wish American and Canadian media did the same after the treatment of Assange and possibly even Snowdon depending on the leaks. With Assange for sure, it was leaks from whistle blowers who leaked important material for Democracy which upset powerful people who felt they had a right to rule like the […]

VIDEO: Copies of Michael Hansen’s movie ‘Killing Canada’ mailed to media, EVERY MP in Parliament

Posted by Eeyore Direct link: Below, Part I of Micheal Hansen’s Killing Free Speech:  RELATED ARTICLES: First two parts of Laurent Obertone interview on French TV Somali Terrorist Trial to Begin in Canada; Many Questions that Likely Will Never be Asked Why is the Daily Caller Shilling for the Refugee Industry? RELATED VIDEO: Official Government Lies.  EDITORS NOTE: […]

VIDEO: Discussing Black on Jewish crime in NYC

Posted by Eeyore  RELATED ARTICLES: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Are Up In NYC’s Neighborhoods Of Orthodox Jews – NPR Brutal Assault Is Latest in String of Attacks on Religious Jews in NYC Four anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Committed in New York City This Week NYC: Man Arrested in Murder of Homeless Men was from Dominican Republic

VIDEO: A few Science Items on Climate and the Origins of the Global Warming Myth

Posted by Eeyore Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place? Would it surprise you to learn the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century just occurred? From February 2016 to February 2018 (the latest month available) global average temperatures dropped 0.56°C. You have to go back to 1982-84 for the […]

Full Tommy Robinson discussion with Facebook on Danish TV

Posted by Eeyore This is a very disturbing interview and full credit to the Danish show and host. She was exceptional in her handling of this Facebook exec, defender of his company’s Soviet like propaganda. He admitted several things in this people should be aware of. That truth does not matter. That anyone can be de-personed […]

VIDEO: How the Frankfurt School Managed to turn Disagreement with the State into Hate Speech

Posted by Eeyore Below, is an explanation of this video by the translator, Ava Lon. Thank you very much for this difficult work, and Gates of Vienna for the edit and format. This is 7 minutes long part of a longer video, from Krzysztof Karo? – the very Polish writer, who informed us about Spinelli and […]

VIDEO: Trudeau keeps trying to hide his errors. Its like he has never heard of The Streisand Effect

Posted by  Eeyore The story: DISTURBING: Video Of Trudeau Giving Poutine To Laughing Reporter & Saying “The Liberal Party Always Supports The CBC” Has Been Taken Down Who requested removal, and why? A deeply disturbing incident has changed the conversation from media bias, to outright election interference by the establishment press. Earlier, @CanadaBuster shared a […]