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VIDEO: Vladimir Putin on Liberalism and Mass Migration to the West

We had our own people (thank you Darlin|<) check the translation from the soft coded titles in the YouTube version of this and it checked out. It is too important an interview to get this wrong. So here it is: Video link RELATED ARTICLES: CBC: A towering testament to the effectiveness of communist subversion through […]

VIDEO: Communist Leader Bella Dodd exposes Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Posted by Eeyore. This is an extraordinary video. I am only half way through and my understanding of communism and how it operates is significantly either more solid where I was aware of the material, or expanded to a greater understanding of the events and people I see around me in positions of influence. The […]

VIDEO: Escaped Sex-Slaves Burn Burkas, wish the same for Islamic State

Posted by  Eeyore  EDITORS NOTE: According to a 2017 article by Free The Slaves: There are tens of millions of people trapped in various forms of slavery throughout the world today. Researchers estimate that 40 million are enslaved worldwide, generating $150 billion each year in illicit profits for traffickers. Labor Slavery. About 50 percent […]

VIDEO: Confessions of an Ex-Migrant Volunteer in Germany

Posted by  Eeyore This is a must watch. Really. No kidding. Everyone has to see this confession. Yes, it is 31 minutes. But wow is it ever worth the time. This is a German woman, originally also a refugee to Germany, who was assisting the Muslim migrants at her own time effort and expense. Then […]

WATCH: 2016 Bulgarian Documentary on Deep State support of ISIS under Obama

Posted by Eeyore. When our Bulgarian translator, Tanya T., did this for us, we uploaded it to YouTube and it vanished in minutes with no explanation. No CR infringement or other reason, it just was taken down. Then we tried the other traditional platforms, LiveLeak etc. and the same thing happened on all of them. Stunningly, […]

VIDEO: Iran Shoots Down High Altitude Drone in what is Clearly a New Level of Weapons for Iran

Posted by Eeyore.  Matt bracken has a killer 10 minute segment on this incident from today’s Infowars. When found, it will be posted. RELATED ARTICLES: What Was Iran Thinking in Shooting Down a US Drone? US Sanctions Send Iranians to Northern Iraq Looking for Work and War U.S. Holds All the Cards in Showdown With […]

VIDEO: Conservative demands probe into leaks of his data to Soros-funded collusion project

Posted by Eeyore  There seems no lower limit to the behaviour or ethics of the corrupt US left. One wonders if this is not a Clintonesque tactic of messaging anyone considering testifying the truth that might uncover what actually went on with the Russia nonsense. “If you rat us out, you will pay”.

VIDEO: CAIR Celebrates 25-years of Penetration of the U.S. Government

For the mathematically challenged, 25 years goes back well before 9/11/2001, which is when Rep. Ilhan Omar, claimed the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was founded as a mechanism to deal with anti-Islamic sentiments.  RELATED ARTICLES: CAIR Settles with Victims in Virginia Fraud Case Court Kicks CAIR Out of San Diego School District […]