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Hold the speaker-phone. Justice might prevail!

Despite MSM disinformation, the long-term forecast for conservatives is looking up. For example, hard evidence mounts against the Biden* Crime Family. Various Congressional committees are uncovering verified bank records showing the transfer of millions of dollars from foreign entities into Biden family bank accounts. Whistleblowers say Hunter Biden and his business associates created over 20 […]

Remembered: The Army That Was

Unlike the Biden* regime’s military, during the Cold War the U.S. Army was a serious endeavor focused on combat readiness. For example; fighting house-to-house in urban areas is one of the most dangerous and difficult of military operations. Consequently, US. Army, Europe, set up several “combat-in-cities” ranges consisting of mock buildings and homes that must […]

GIs: Quit yer Bitchin’ or Face Charges!

When Erich Honecker (1912-1994) ruled East Germany, it was a crime to say or print anything critical of him. Now, we learn the U.S. Army has a Protective Battalion to watch over key active and even retired general officers. The mission of the Protective Battalion includes monitoring social media for “direct, indirect, and veiled threats” […]

Caution: Don’t rush to judgment on the Trump indictment!

The 37 counts in the indictment of former President Donald J. Trump are written to be as damaging to the accused as possible. Some are restatements of the same charge over and over. Wisdom and experience dictate the withholding of judgment. In the early 1970s, your humble reporter was the Presiding Officer (Judge) over a […]

The Ongoing Californication of America

History is replete with political/cultural movements. For example The Renaissance during the 15th and 16th Centuries. Now, fast forward to today and we are eyewitnesses to a massive out-migration from California due, in large measure to the Marxism that has infected California’s politics since the 1960s. Recall, however, in earlier times, California’s politics were guided […]

Interesting Affairs: Then and Now

Hunter Biden is not the first person to accept bribes of foreign money designed to influence U.S. government policy. History records the misadventures of Citizen Edmond-Charles Genêt (1763-1824). In 1793, Genêt was appointed as the Gerondist’s French Ambassador to the fledgling United States. But Genêt did not go directly to President Washington to present his […]