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PODCAST: The Dallas Attack, Rio Olympics, FBI Director Comey, Bibi Netanyahu in Africa and More

Orlando, Istanbul, Dhaka, Baghdad, Medina, Qatif, and Israel (and New York?) – the specter of terrorism haunts our world in these dangerous times. Next month, Brazil takes center stage with the Olympic Games. How are authorities assessing the very real threat of terrorism? FBI Director James Comey gave several valid reasons as to how the […]

PODCAST: Brexit, now what?

Anthony James Rundell joins the USA Transnational Report on June 25, 2016! Anthony “Tony” James Rundell is resident in London but travels extensively in the Middle East. He has a company in United Arab Emirates where he deals in antiquarian Islamic books and early copies of the Koran. His connections with Abu Dhabi go back […]

PODCAST: Orlando and the power of Social Media on Islamic Terrorism and Politics

On Saturday June 18, 2016 we interviewed journalist and author Joe Newby. Newby is co-author with investigative journalist Adina Kutnicki of the upcoming book “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad.”  He will discuss the book and the potential implications it has regarding the role of social networks on politics. Learn more about the book here Topics […]

How many more Lies are we Really Willing to Accept from our Politicians?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo – The lies from this administration are well-known and numerous.  Among only some of the most infamous: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  ISIS is a non-threat, the “JV team.”  The economy is in great shape after years of sustained recovery, and unemployment is at […]

VIDEO: Paper is not dead

Paper Is Dead? Really? This French TV ad made me laugh out loud! Hat’s off to the advertising team that came up with the idea. Its often been said that paper is dead because we’re living in the electronic age! Paper is not dead is a 39 second video, so please watch it all – The […]

Are you comfortable with the ‘Troika’, or are you ready for the ‘Quartet’?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo – It has been the longstanding belief of these authors that Obama’s White House, especially its foreign policy penchant for supporting jihadis (both Sunni and Shiite), is run by a troika.  The front man of the troika is obviously Barack Hussein Obama, who uses his position as President of […]

PODCAST: Trump Wins, what’s it mean? Londonistan’s Muslim Mayor!

Now that the Republican primary has concluded, Donald Trump promises to be the most disruptive presidential candidate in decades.  What do his positions on trade and immigration mean for the country, and why are so many “conservatives” so opposed to his candidacy? Across the ocean, London has elected their first Muslim mayor.  Along with Merkel’s […]

PODCAST: Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech, DOJ ‘Newspeak’ and EU’s ISIS Problem

Donald Trump on Tuesday swept five states and is running away with the nomination.  With approximately 1,000 delegates, he is positioned to reach the 1,237 mark before the convention in Cleveland.  Meanwhile, his closest competitor Ted Cruz picked his VP candidates in Carly Fiorina. In Europe, Italian authorities arrested four would-be terrorists affiliated with ISIS, […]

Video on Illegal Immigration — ‘No Documents Needed’

Wayne Dupree in his column “No Documents Needed’ — This EPIC video on illegal immigration must be shared!” writes: This Christian organization named “America Working” has put together one of the best videos to slam our lawmakers for not providing action to stop illegal immigration. It starts out by telling you the viewer: No Action […]

VIDEO: Iran doesn’t want just a bomb

The Iran/U.S. treaty, that is, the so called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),  has been a gigantic mistake and the Western Countries now doing business with Iran are blindly acting out of cupidity and simply ignoring the final outcome. The assured consequences, the assured final impact such gullible Western Countries will eventually suffer. According to the American Enterprise Institute: The conventional wisdom […]

Kuwaiti Urges Muslim States immediately Recognize Israel, stop calling it ‘the Zionist Entity’

United with Israel reports: In a true sign of change in the Arab world, Kuwaiti media personality Yousuf ‘Abd Al-Karim Al-Zinkawi called on all Arab and Muslim states to recognize Israel, openly and without delay, and stop calling it “the Zionist Entity” or “the Israeli occupation,” terms which undermine Israel’s legitimacy. In an article published in the […]