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VIDEO: Google Scam — Go to Google Search type in any 3 numbers followed by ‘new cases’. You will be shocked!

Dear Trumpers, Patriots and Pro-Lifers: WARNING: COVID 19 FAKE NEWS UPDATE: Hands down, here is the biggest scam this country has seen since Trump became our President – Barr none, AG! Beyond comprehension that something this outrageous and troubling can take place in this country! I have been doing a ton of research on the […]

FLORIDA: Pro-Life Vigilante Strikes Again! [Video]

The ‘pro-life vigilante’ strikes again!He hits another Planned Parenthood in West Palm Beach and Presidential Women’s Center – the most prolific and busiest abortion mill in South Florida. In just one week, we have been able to hit all four abortion mills in Palm Beach County and it was a terrific learning experience for both […]

Bold Pro-Life Catholic Activist visits several Planned Parenthood offices to enforce Florida Governor’s Executive Order 20-72 [Video]

Let’s see, where do I begin this one? Wow! I still cannot believe what transpired at the Planned Parenthood in Boca Raton, Florida on April 16, especially when I am the one who called Palm Beach Sheriff”s Office the day before and told them exactly what I planned on doing that morning (Thursday). They specifically […]

Obama: The Most Pro-Abortion President in America’s 239 years — Hillary Clinton will be worse!

Hope all is well on this “Feast Day of St. Bonaventure” as we are still trying to recuperate from the appalling video we all witnessed yesterday showing the disgusting Planned Parenthood executive speak about abortion and selling the babies’ body parts. Now, we are talking about extreme outrage and going way over the top…and something […]

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski on Obama’s “No boots on the Ground” gutless tactics

Here is a terrific article on College Basketball’s winningest basketball coach, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, who just won his 5th NCAA championship last Monday (much to my chagrin. I was cheering for the underdogs, Wisconsin). What a terrific game! Anyway, Coach K hits it on the head with bold his comments towards our Commander in Chief […]