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“Liberal Hivemind” Skewers the Liberal Hive Mind

Active for only eight months, “Liberal Hivemind” has produced over 120 videos and earned 586,000 subscribers. The mission? “Former Liberal, looking to shine light on the hypocrisy that pushed me away from the left.” An attempt to identify the person behind these videos yielded an IMBd (Internet Movie Database) biography that was spare: “Liberal Hivemind […]

Comprehensive and Credible Information for Climate Skeptics

The COVID pandemic and the “peaceful protests” against supposed systemic racism dominate the news in this tumultuous year. But in terms of eventual consequences for our personal liberty, national independence, and economic prosperity, “climate change” is the perennial winner. Be informed. For several years, the Science and Environmental Policy Project has faithfully produced a weekly email “The Week That […]

Facebook Turns “Fact Checking” Over to Biased Groups

A recent video posted on Twitter by John Stossel describes his war with Facebook “fact checkers,” who deboosted and put a warning onto his video about forest fires. When he finally gained access to the fact checking organization, called “Climate Feedback,” they acknowledged that his video was unfairly censored. So what happened? The scientist at Climate Feedback, […]

VIDEO: Pedro Gonzalez on Tucker Carlson Tonight

American Greatness assistant editor Pedro Gonzalez joined Tucker Carlson to discuss his latest article, “Caudillismo or Weak Sister Conservatism?” Tucker & @emeriticus: Trump's Rising Support w/ Latinos P: "Trump is doing well w/ Latinos not because of pandering…but because of his increasingly hard stance against rioting. Law & Order message is broadly popular, but you're right […]