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Trump Judges Hit a Home Run in the Ninth

There’s a reason Planned Parenthood likes to challenge pro-life laws on the West Coast. They know the cases will eventually bubble up to the most liberal bench in the country — the Ninth Circuit. There’s just one problem. After almost three years of President Trump, their favorite appeals court isn’t exactly liberal anymore. And that’s throwing a major wrench into the abortion industry’s plans.

Elections have consequences, and they’ve been big ones for the make-up of America’s courts. Just this week, President Trump added another originalist to the Ninth Circuit bench, Daniel Bress — bringing the administration’s total for the much-maligned court to seven. For the first time in decades, the Ninth Circuit, which Trump has accused of being “out of control” with “a horrible reputation,” is on the verge of ideological balance. And for liberals, who rely on the courts to do what legislatures will not, the prospect of losing their grip is daunting.

On Thursday, abortion extremists started to feel the effects of the president’s court-leveling when the Ninth Circuit refused to stop the administration’s family planning rules from taking effect. In a shocking blow to Planned Parenthood’s ego, the judges ruled 7-4 that HHS’s rule stopping Title X grantees from promoting abortion could go into effect. Making the decision even more upsetting for liberals, two of the judges in the majority were Trump appointees.

If the rule goes into effect, groups like Leana Wen’s Planned Parenthood could stand to lose millions of dollars. Wen, who’s obviously unaccustomed to bad news from the Ninth, called the decision “devastating.” And not just for her bottom line, which could suffer a $60-million loss — but for the Left’s whole court-shopping strategy.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


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What Rudyard Kipling’s Poem “If” Teaches Us

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the poem “If” by the renowned author Rudyard Kipling was a favorite on college campuses, and was frequently quoted at graduation ceremonies. I have been an admirer of it for many years and have taken Kipling’s lessons to heart. I just wish more people did likewise in these hate-filled political times. If we all took the lessons embodied in his poem to heart, I’m sure we would be more respectful and tolerant of each other. I would like to believe this should be read to every student in school or college at the beginning of the year.

Here is John Facenda’s rendition of Kipling’s “If”:

“IF” — by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

The poem was originally published in 1910 by Kipling who was well known as a Freemason; from Hope and Perseverance Lodge No. 782. E.C., in Lahore, India (now Pakistan, near the India border). The Brotherhood tries to instill a sense of morality in its members, and promotes tolerance for those of different faiths and political persuasions. The lessons inculcated here in this poem are common sense and could easily be construed as derived from Masonic lectures.

Through his poem, Brother Kipling is trying to teach us in order to lead a mature and positive life, we should actively try to practice patience and understanding. Further, life is short and the best way to socialize and get ahead in this crazy world is to simply keep your wits about you. This isn’t quite as easy as it seems, particularly in the 21st century where road rage is common, office rage, political rage, religious rage, marriage rage, etc. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I blame a lot of our problems regarding impatience and intolerance on the excessive use of technology where our expectations are programmed to do everything instantaneously, and we resent any form of delay, be it a speed limit, waiting in line, or arguing with another, particularly regarding politics. Patience seems to be in short supply these days.

Practicing patience is an important part of our ability to socialize with others. Quite often, we believe it is someone else causing our frustration, and maybe that’s true. However, we must also admit we create our own problems by being self-centered and not practicing a little common courtesy to others. As Kipling reminds us, if you can maintain your focus, if you can remain calm in the midst of catastrophe, and do unto others as you would have others do unto you…

“Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

Keep the Faith!

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Z is for Zionism defines itself as “the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. For over 20 years, has been helping millions of people improve their use of the English language with its free digital services.”  Nevertheless, the entry of “Zionism” is fraught with inaccurate examples and a decidedly political bias.

The site casts doubt while also attempting to sound authentic for Zionism – “The belief that Jews should have their own nation; Jewish nationalism.” Zionism is Israel’s patriotism, just as Americanism is America’s patriotism, without the overtones of “belief,” which smacks of  invalidation.  Wikipedia defines “patriotism” as national pride, the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiments, such as ethnicity, cultural, political or historical aspects. Merriam-Webster defines it as “the love for or devotion to one’s country,” such as Italians’ devotion to Italy or Canadians’ to Canada.   The American Heritage Dictionary defines Zionism as “A plan or movement of the Jewish people to return from the Diaspora to Palestine . . . originally aimed at the re-establishment of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine and now concerned with the development of Israel.”

The Bible is, first and foremost, a sacred document, but wherever it touches upon history, it has been proven wholly reliable.  It records how a single family, descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, was established some 3,500 years ago in the land called Israel.  These Israelites are the progenitors of those we now know as Jews, after the predominant tribe of Judah.  Despite exiles, massacres, at least three attempts at genocide, and a 2,000-year global dispersion, these people have endured as a recognizable people group, sharing the same ethnicity, history, culture, religion, and sacred language, and, in 1948, they finally returned to their ancient homeland, Israel.  Although other groups – Assyrian, Babylonian, and  Roman Empires – have passed from history, the Jews miraculously survived multiple attempts at annihilation.  Faithfulness to the laws of Moses, recorded in the Torah/Pentateuch, require residency in their ancient homeland and Zionism IS their RETURN to their ancient homeland. The site disgracefully overlooks all these points. further indicates that the origin of Zionism was first recorded in 1895-1900, an attempt to erase its long history.  Zionism derives from the term “Zion,” and appears 152 times in the Hebrew Bible, seven times in the Christian Bible, and in quotations.

Establishment of the State of Israel and its recognition by the United Nations took place on May 14, 1948.  The site imprecisely and dismissively says, “the late 1940s.”  Israel was the official end to the British Mandate in “Palestine,” an impertinent name given the general area by the Romans centuries before, in yet another attempt to eradicate the names of Israel and Jew from the world.  The site goes on to say, “Zionism is opposed by most Arabs,” another slur to support the envious Islamic ideology of conquest.  Did the staff insert that East Timor, a tiny island nation of Catholics, is opposed by all Arabs and subjected to ongoing genocide – along with Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso?  If we delve further, Czechoslovakia was opposed by most Nazis.

The entry further specifies that Zionism opposes “global capitalism, European integration and Zionism” (how can Zionism oppose Zionism?) without explanation, thereby dubbing it the enemy of an otherwise-preferred ideal.  Let’s understand globalism.  It is the desire to establish one governing entity over every aspect of each territory, each nation, each free society, and all its people therein.  It is authoritarian and oppressive in nature.  It is therefore logical that all patriotism, national loyalty, and love of country would be diametrically opposed to any foreign concentration of power.  A free and independent nation is best served when its citizenry maintains jurisdiction over its own functions – laws, trade, monetary system, schools, culture, etc.  The UK, for example, is currently battling the European Union (EU) for the return of its own independence of trade.  America would lose its identity were it to join the European Union. Israel would be annihilated were it “governed” by its Islamic neighbors.  Israel is physically located in the Middle East, not part of Europe.  Given Israel’s history, it would be foolhardy and lethal if she were to cede control over her own survival to anyone – indeed, for any country to cede dominion to the power hungry of the world.

The returning Jews of the Diaspora along with the descendants of those who remained in the Middle East accomplished a miraculous reclamation of the land, rescued the survivors of the Holocaust, built a robust entrepreneurial economy that places it within the Top 20 Global Economies, and created an artistic and cultural renaissance – all while dealing with deadly attacks by the neighbors who, time and again, refuse to make peace. also provides biased, propagandist opinions, citing information found in books that may be highly praised by the left, but whose veracity has been challenged elsewhere.  A case in point is the “widely acclaimed” book, “My Promised Land,” by left-wing Israeli journalist Ari Shavit, known for its distortion of history and damaging for peace.  The book lacks scholarly citation; there are no endnotes.

Sol Stern, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal, wrote “The Triumph and Tragedy of Ari Shavit’s My Promised Land,” which failed to include for contrast.  Neither did the site make known that Shavit broke with the Israeli left after he was convinced by facts – i.e. the suicide bombers of the second Intifada – that the Palestinians were not amenable to peace or compromise.  Shavit may have attempted to balance two sides of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, but his “gross historical distortions” of events in Lydda, explained by Stern, overwhelms his testimonial to the positive side of Zionism.

Stern further explained that immediately after Israel’s independence was declared on May 15, 1948, five Arab armies invaded Israel, including the Jordanian Arab Legion.  They overwhelmed Jerusalem, forcing out all Jews at bayonet point and endangering the heartland of the Jewish State. Lydda (pop. 40,000+), situated just 11 miles east of Tel Aviv on the route to Jerusalem, was part of the partition plan, which the Jews accepted but the Palestinians refused. It inevitably became a key battleground.  The IDF had to remove that threat to Israel’s largest city and secure the road by conquering adjoining villages and pushing out the Jordanian force. Shavit wrote that Zionism took Lydda in 47 minutes; he did not state that Jordanians and armed Palestinians returned to attack in armored cars the next day, firing at everything in their path, and losing again, which resulted in the self-evacuation of 35,000 Arabs the next day.  All serious historians agree that Lydda was not the dispossessed indigenous nation.  The war was launched by the Arab states and Palestinian militias for the explicit purpose of annihilating the Jews, but Zionists were blamed for a “massacre.” was disingenuous in its reportage.

Shavit accused Zionism of racism, that it could not permit an Arab majority, Lydda, to survive in its midst, but Sol Stern rightly contradicted that  Zionism could, and did, permit the Arab Nazareth (pop. 60,000) and Umm al-Fahm (pop. 50,000) in the center of Israel.  Zionism is clearly not racist.  Simply, those Arabs did not attack the Jewish state.  Shavit also intentionally omitted additional information: (1) that the Secretary General of the Arab League Abdul Rahman Azzam vowed that this would “be a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongol massacres and the crusades”; (2) that the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, collaborated with Hitler in the Final Solution of the Jewish People in 1947; (3) that Haifa’s Jewish mayor Shabtai Levy begged the Arabs and their leaders to stay, that they would be protected, but the Arab leaders said they were compelled to follow al-Husseini’s orders; and (4) that of the many Arab massacres of Jews or the expulsion of Jews from Hebron and Jerusalem, not a single Jew was allowed in any area occupied by the Arab armies during the 1948 War, but some Arabs had remained in Lydda and some had returned, so a substantial minority citizenry does exist.

Shavit’s one scholarly source, written by Benny Morris in a 2010 letter to the Irish times, explained that the Palestinians launched hostilities against the Jewish community in defiance of the international community (UN General Assembly Resolution of November 29, 1947) but they lost, resulting in the displacement of 700,000.  Most fled with the expectation of a victorious return to their homes; others evacuated on order of their leaders.  The hostile Lydda and Ramla communities were expelled by Jewish troops.  Clearly this was neither a racist crime nor ethnic cleansing, but the result of national conflict and war, launched by the Arabs themselves.  They and their descendants remain in refugee camps to this day, unwelcome by their own brethren, refused sanctuary as a pawn to overtake Israel.  Israel welcomes displaced Jewry.  The Arabs caused their own “Nakba,” a concept nurtured to establish a global caliphate. selected quotes that questioned the validity of Zionism; therefore, as much-needed counterbalance, I would recommend the following:

  • “We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement . . . we will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home . . . We are working together for a reformed and revised Near East, and our two movements complement one another…  The movement is national and not imperialistic.  There is room in Syria for us both.  Indeed, I think that neither can be a success without the other.” – Emir Faisal, King of Iraq, 1975
  • “I have come gradually to see that, in a dangerous and largely hostile world, it is essential to Jews to have some country which is theirs, some region where they are not suspected aliens, some state which embodies what is distinctive in their culture.” – Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize Laureate, Zionism and the Peace Settlement in Palestine, 1943.
  • “Zionism springs from an even deeper motive than Jewish suffering.  It is rooted in a Jewish spiritual tradition whose maintenance and development are for Jews the basis of their continued existence as a community.” – Albert Einstein, Manchester Guardian, 1929.

The Humanitarian Hoax of Tommy Robinson’s Conviction: The Death of Free Speech

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The conviction of journalist Tommy Robinson is a humanitarian hoax that has destroyed free speech in England and threatens free speech worldwide. What does this have to do with America?

Tommy Robinson is a British journalist who has been reporting on Muslim rape gangs throughout England that have been raping little English school girls with impunity for decades. The savagery of their acts, and that British authorities are covering up this massive atrocity against the innocent, is extremely destabilizing to British society. Civilized people reject the protection of perpetrators at the expense of victims.

For civilized people, Tommy Robinson is the heroic whistleblower who exposed the horror of Muslim rape gangs and their unspeakable acts of barbarity in England. British society experiences enormous confusion and cognitive dissonance because British authorities protect Muslim rape gangs and embolden them by prohibiting the reporting of their heinous acts of savagery. Why is this happening?

Let’s sort this out by examining the reasons in numerical order.

1. Tolerism

Tolerism is defined by Howard Rotberg in his 2014 book, Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed, as “excessive leniency to opinions of certain groups, and excessive intolerance to the opinions of other groups.” Rotberg explains that the breakdown of Western society is a direct result of Leftist tolerists who insist that tolerance is more valuable than justice.

The once free Britain has reduced itself to a dhimmi nation by tolerating its sharia compliant Muslim population at the expense of its native Christian population. Make no mistake, there is an Islamic religious war being waged worldwide that seeks to eliminate competing religions and establish a global Islamic caliphate ruled by religious sharia law. Britain’s leaders are tolerists insisting that tolerating Muslim rape gangs in the name of cultural diversity is more important than justice for its victims. Tolerism is Britain’s fatally flawed political ideology providing victory to the Muslim Brotherhood, the multi-national organization that has declared Islamic religious war on the West.

Anyone who still questions the global intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood should read its 1991 An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America the general strategic goals for the group in North America.

Populism rejects the twisted logic of political tolerism and embraces the common sense warning of Austrian/British 20th century philosopher Sir Karl Popper:

“If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. . . . We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”

The British court’s decision values tolerance over justice. Why would they do that?

2. Leftist/Islamist Alliance

In America the Leftist/Islamist alliance is trying to destabilize and overthrow duly elected populist President Donald Trump. POTUS is the consummate whistleblower in America, exposing the staggering malfeasance of the Washington swamp and the Leftists, Islamists, and globalists who live there.

Leftists in America ignore, “Islamic tenets of misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism, pedophilia, gang raping non-Muslim little girls, female genital mutilation, and wife beating as long as these sharia-compliant Muslims are anti-American anti-Trumpers. Any anti-American anti-Trump Islamist is welcomed into the Leftist tribe because they are all warriors in the Culture War against America. America-first President Donald Trump is the existential enemy of the Culture War and the target of the Leftist/Islamist alliance.”

In England, the Labor party is equivalent to the Leftist Democrat party in America, both prefer globalism to national sovereignty. In England, the Labor/Islamist alliance is trying to destabilize England and create chaos to subvert the will of the people and stop the implementation of BREXIT.

So, what do President Trump and Tommy Robinson have in common? Tommy Robinson is the whistleblower in England and the existential enemy of the leftist Labor party that prefers tolerism to justice. Why?

Tommy Robinson and President Trump are claiming, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.

3. Tolerism vs Justice

What is the goal of tolerism in England and America? Why do Leftists in America and Labor in England ignore the obvious violations of the laws and norms in their Judeo-Christian countries and surrender their culture to the savagery and barbarism of Islamic sharia norms?

Tolerism is a paradox because tolerists selectively decide what to tolerate. Whistleblowing and truth telling about Muslim rape gangs is not tolerated – it is criminalized. So, a two-tier system of justice is established that prohibits anti-Muslim speech and protects anti-Christian and antisemitic speech. Why?

If you want to know the motive, look at the result. The effects of this egregious double standard is that anti-Christian burning of churches, and antisemitism including defacing synagogues is rampant and unpunished in England. If the British courts continue to protect sharia compliant Muslim perpetrators and their criminal acts at the expense of native Britains, social chaos will result. Remember, seismic social change requires social chaos.

Tommy Robinson and President Trump, each in his own way, is exposing the truth of tolerism and its global anti-American, anti-British attacks on our sovereignty and shared Judeo-Christian norms. Their separate efforts continue to unravel the ongoing deceitful multi-national efforts fomenting the social chaos necessary to impose a globalized New World Order.

Sir Karl Popper warned us about tolerism. George Orwell warned us that, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

4. Freedom of Speech

Every tyrannical regime the world has ever known begins its reign of terror by eliminating freedom of speech. Lenin did it, Trotsky did it, Hitler did it, now Leftists in England and in America are doing it by disingenuously relabeling free speech as hate speech. There is no freedom without freedom of speech which is why speech is universally the first freedom eliminated by despots.

The same tolerist Culture War being waged against America by the Leftist/Islamist alliance is attacking England. Leftism and Islamism have common cause to destroy the status quo even though their ultimate objectives will make them inevitable enemies. The Islamists are fighting for a global religious Islamic caliphate. The Leftists/Labor are fighting to destroy the national sovereignty and cultural identities of their respective countries in preparation for socialism in America, and a unified European State in England.

The irony, of course, is that members of the Leftist/Labor/Islamist alliance are all useful idiots for the globalist elite who finance and foment their lawlessness. The alliance members are just too arrogant to realize they are participating in their own destruction.

Seismic social change requires social chaos. The Leftist/Labor/Islamic alliances in the United States and England are providing the necessary social chaos for the globalists who fully intend to impose a New World Order – an internationalized world ruled by themselves under the corrupt auspices of the United Nations. There is no humanitarianism in the conviction of whistleblower Tommy Robinson. His conviction is part of the coordinated attack on free speech and a free and sovereign England imposed by the globalist elite using tolerism and the unholy Labor/Islamist alliance.

July 8, 2019 will be recorded as the day free speech died in Britain, the day Tommy Robinson was convicted for reporting the crime of Muslim rape gangs in England. The only law that Tommy Robinson broke was the Islamic supremacist sharia law forbidding criticism of Islam. Islamic sharia law does not consider the raping of little English school girls to be a crime – the prohibition is against criticizing and reporting it. England has reduced itself to a grotesque dhimmi nation willing to sacrifice its own little girls in a globalist power grab that requires social chaos.

The humanitarian hoax of tolerism that convicted Tommy Robinson must not be allowed to silence him permanently. Hopefully, populist President Donald Trump will grant Tommy Robinson humanitarian asylum in the United States where he can still expose the realities of an Islamicized England. Britain is, after all, the proverbial canary in the expansionist Islamist coal mine.

RELATED VIDEO: Truth – A Revolutionary Act – Tommy Robinson’s Court Appeal. EDITORS NOTE: Click on the video and then click on “Watch On YouTube.” When you get to YouTube click on “I Understand and Wish to Proceed” in order to view the video.

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VIDEO: Senator Mitch McConnell hits his opponent with her own words in viral video.

The McConnell campaign has created the website “Wrong Path McGrath“. The website uses Amy McGrath’s own words. McGrath is the Democrat running for McConnell’s Senate seat.

On the website is the following video titled “Welcome”:

According to the Wrong Path McGrath website:

Democratic Congressional candidate Amy McGrath said she felt the same way after President Donald Trump’s election victory as she did after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

McGrath, who recently won the Democratic primary for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, spoke at a “Meet the Candidates Series” event on Nov. 20, 2017 where she said she woke up the morning after Trump was elected feeling as if she had been sucker punched.

“And then, of course, the results of the election, we have a new commander-in-chief. And that morning I woke up like somebody had sucker punched me. I mean, I felt like, ‘what has just happened to my country?’” McGrath said at the event hosted by Indivisible Bourbon County.

“The only feeling I can describe that’s any close to it was the feeling I had after 9/11,” McGrath said.

“‘What just happened, where are we going from here,’ and it was that just sinking feeling of sadness, and I didn’t know what to do.”

Approximately 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including military officials and employees in the Pentagon and many rescue workers in New York City.

The National Republican Congressional Committee called on McGrath to apologize for her “deeply insensitive, divisive, and disappointing” rhetoric.

“In her own words, Amy McGrath woke up the morning after President Donald Trump’s election feeling the same way she felt after a terrorist attack where 2,977 Americans were killed,” NRCC press secretary Maddie Anderson said. “Her rhetoric is deeply insensitive, divisive, and disappointing. She should apologize immediately for saying that our President’s election caused her to experience the same emotions as the families of 9/11 victims.”

McGrath isn’t the first congressional candidate to make controversial connections of the sort. Dan Helmer, a Democrat who unsuccessfully ran this year in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, compared Trump to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

McGrath was the first female Marine to fly an F-18 Hornet in combat and has strong support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She will face Rep. Andy Barr (R.) in the November general election.

Democratic Congressional candidate Amy McGrath said she felt the same way after President Donald Trump’s election victory as she did after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

McGrath, who recently won the Democratic primary for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, spoke at a “Meet the Candidates Series” event on Nov. 20, 2017 where she said she woke up the morning after Trump was elected feeling as if she had been sucker punched.

“And then, of course, the results of the election, we have a new commander-in-chief. And that morning I woke up like somebody had sucker punched me. I mean, I felt like, ‘what has just happened to my country?’” McGrath said at the event hosted by Indivisible Bourbon County.

“The only feeling I can describe that’s any close to it was the feeling I had after 9/11,” McGrath said.

“‘What just happened, where are we going from here,’ and it was that just sinking feeling of sadness, and I didn’t know what to do.”

Approximately 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including military officials and employees in the Pentagon and many rescue workers in New York City.

The National Republican Congressional Committee called on McGrath to apologize for her “deeply insensitive, divisive, and disappointing” rhetoric.

“In her own words, Amy McGrath woke up the morning after President Donald Trump’s election feeling the same way she felt after a terrorist attack where 2,977 Americans were killed,” NRCC press secretary Maddie Anderson said. “Her rhetoric is deeply insensitive, divisive, and disappointing. She should apologize immediately for saying that our President’s election caused her to experience the same emotions as the families of 9/11 victims.”

McGrath isn’t the first congressional candidate to make controversial connections of the sort. Dan Helmer, a Democrat who unsuccessfully ran this year in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, compared Trump to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

McGrath was the first female Marine to fly an F-18 Hornet in combat and has strong support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She will face Rep. Andy Barr (R.) in the November general election.

Things are heating up ahead of the 2020 election.

Former Florida Democrat Senate Candidate Anis Blemur Sentenced in $1.6 million Investment Scam involving Haitians

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Florida Office of Financial Regulation announced that Anis Blemur has been sentenced to more than 7 years (92 months) in federal prison and 5 years of supervised release for his role in an investment scheme that stole more than $1.6 million from victims in South Florida’s Haitian community. Anis Auguste Blemur was a 2014 and 2016 Democratic Party candidate for District 38 of the Florida State Senate. District 38 represents Miami/Dade County.

Alex Toledo, OFR Acting Bureau Chief of Financial Investigations, said,

“Thank you to the investigators and our partners for their efforts in bringing this criminal to justice, and putting a stop to these scams. We will continue to aggressively fight to protect Floridians from financial fraud.”

In April 2019, Anis Blemur pled guilty to charges of wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft for his role in the scams.

Blemur claimed he was raising money for real estate investments through the sale of promissory notes that were secured by real estate.

However, a joint OFR-FBI investigation revealed that Blemur used investors’ money for his personal expenses.

The investigation exposed an additional scam, where Blemur solicited homebuyers and persuaded them to place their down payment money in an escrow account.

In fact, there was no escrow account and Blemur used the money for his personal benefit.

In addition to these scams, Blemur used victims’ personal identifying information to apply for 26 credit cards.

Florida’s thirty-eighth state senate district is currently represented by Democratic Senator Jason Pizzo.

In a July 4th Announcement, Pro-Trump Law Professor Victor Williams Challenges Mark Warner in Virginia U.S Senate

ARLINGTON, Va. /PRNewswire/ — On July 4, 2019, attorney and well-known Pro-Trump law professor Victor Williams formally announced his 2020 run for the U.S Senate from Virginia.

Branding his Senate campaign Victor for Williams, his website — — states “16 years of Mark ‘Russia-Hoaxer’ Warner is enough.” 

Prof. Williams was a very-early 2016 Donald Trump supporter. Williams founded and chairs “Law Professors for Trump” to fight for our 45th President, for America First policies, and for confirmation of Trump nominees.

Williams’s group takes this fight to the media and to the federal courts. The independent association of law faculty is now advancing Trump’s 2020 re-election.

Professor Williams chose beautiful Occoquan Regional Park, at the Leadership Institute’s 49th Annual Conservative July 4th Soiree, for his campaign launch. Virginians from across the state attended the celebrated event.

Williams’ early Senate campaign has already seen success. As he announced on July 4th, and as his website (, states its goal:

We seek to ‘jumpstart’ the GOP Senate nominee selection process to insure that Virginia Republicans have ample time to both raise funds for and unify around the strongest woman or man that emerges from the scrum.”   

Just four days after Williams’ announcement, on July 8th, former congressman Scott Taylor did just that — formally announcing his decision to run. Williams immediately praised Taylor for his “stellar service to our nation – both in the military and in Congress.”

Williams welcomed Taylor to the race and expressed hope that other contenders would begin the race early, saying,

“With Republicans unified and working together from the beginning, I know that Mark ‘Russia-Hoaxer’ Warner will be soundly defeated in November 2020.” 

At his own July 4th campaign launch, Williams stated that his early campaign launch was also the beginning of a historic effort to appeal to conservative-moderate Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents to reject Warner:

“Working together against Warner, Virginians of all (or no) partisan stripes, can send the DC swamp a populist message — America First. Stand Proud with President Trump, or Stand Aside.

National Democrats Order Warner to “Jump,” and He Responds “How Far Left?”

For years, Mark Warner has dutifully asked “how high?” anytime the national party ordered him to “jump.”   Now Warner asks: “how far left?” 

And Virginians now respond:  “16 years of Mark Warner is enough — way too much!”

Williams is harshly critical of incumbent Warner for following national Democrats in their hard-left lurch to:

  • Legalize and Encourage Late-Term Abortion and Post-Birth Infanticide;
  • Raise Taxes and Kill Economic Growth with Regulations;
  • Open the Southern Border to Mass Alien Inflows (an Invasion by any other name) and then give Illegal Aliens Free Health Care;
  • Eliminate Medicare and Perhaps even Private Insurance with Socialist Insurance Schemes;
  • Enact Parts of AOC’s Green-New-Deal Fantasy that Immediately Kills Virginia’s coal Industry;
  • Strip-Away American History Memorials, Traditions, and Statutes. Threaten Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights (by restricting free speech, free religious exercise, and individual firearm possession).

Williams says that Warner betrays Virginia values and Virginia voters.

Warner has repeatedly embarrassed Virginia by his absurd anti-Trump slanders, and his partisan Russia-hoax investigations against President Trump, the Trump family and Administration associates.

Like so many elitists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Warner just cannot accept the truth. No Collusion.  No Obstruction.

Instead, it was Mark Warner who was caught having extensive contacts with a Russian oligarch’s lobbyist (March and April of 2017) to gin-up the hoax.

Williams’s Senate campaign will explain how ongoing anti-Trump congressional investigations are unconstitutional. They “are just the latest shameful stage in the establishment crusade against disruptive Donald Trump and the 2016 American voters.”   

Prof. Victor Williams calls for all Virginians to “Stand Proud with President Trump” and defeat Mark ‘Russia-Hoaxer’ Warner.

I Stand With Rush: Time To Take Action

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh passionately responded to a column which warned of a growing anti-Americanism in our country. Rush told his millions of listeners, “We are facing it right now, not 10 years from now.” Rush said do not misinterpret his concern to mean he has lost hope and given up on saving America. He said to view his rant as a clarion call for all who love our country to take action. Rush explained that he is not encouraging violence, but to simply start saying, “No!”

In essence, Rush is saying to stop passively permitting spoiled brat anti-American leftists to trash our flag, pull down historical monuments, demonize patriotism and our Christian founding. Stop allowing leftists to poison the minds of our youths with hatred for their country.

I share Rush’s frustration, particularly as it relates to my fellow black Americans.

Due to their criminal activities involving illegal drugs, two beloved black millennial relatives are in the hospital. One was severely beaten and the other is fighting for his life. Both young men live in Baltimore which is one of the cities controlled by Democrats, plagued with record levels of black on black crime.

Frustratingly, both young relatives are infected with Colin Kapernick’s, Democrats’ and fake news media’s bogus negative view of America. They believe being black in this awful racist country justifies them doing whatever necessary, legal or illegal, to survive.

Both young men were raised with Christian principles and values. If my dad, Dr Rev Lloyd E. Marcus was still alive, they would be too ashamed to look him in the eye. While I hold my relatives accountable for their bad behavior, it is unarguable that allowing Democrats, public education, entertainment and social media to fill our youths heads with hatred for their country has reaped devastating consequences.

Unfortunately, several members of my family are infected with leftists’ anti-Americanism and hatred for Republicans and Trump. At a family gathering, I was tempted to stand in the middle of the room and proclaim,

“Do y’all know Democrats want to kill babies, especially black babies, even after they are born? Do y’all know blacks are experiencing historic financial prosperity thanks to president Trump? 

Along with allowing leftists to infect our youths with anti-Americanism, we are passively watching the swift transformation of our culture away from biblical morality. LGBTQ enforcers are abusing our children while cramming their evil agenda down our throats.

Many Christians still do not comprehend the tyrannical aggressiveness of the LGBTQ movement. A Christian minister friend of 30 years stopped speaking to me for writing articles about LGBTQ aggression. He is deceived by leftists’ manipulative false narrative that says not embracing the LGBTQ lifestyle means we hate them. The truth is not embracing their sin means we love them.

Christian relatives instructed me not to post my articles exposing the LGBTQ war on gender and Christianity on their Facebook pages. Meanwhile, a shocked relative approached me at a family picnic. The relative said when they offered a 7 year old boy at the picnic a toy motorcycle, he said he didn’t want it because he is a girl. The relative noticed the lad was wearing a girl bracelet. Apparently, his parents are complicit in his gender confusion. I told the relative, “This is what I have been warning you guys about. This is the outrageous child abuse allowed to happen in our public schools.”

When my wife Mary read me this headline, I assumed it was fake. Sadly, it is not. “Kids Can Handle the Kink.” A deranged sex therapist said not only can children handle witnessing explicit sex acts during gay pride parades, it is beneficial to their healthy development.

A devastated gentleman emailed me: “My granddaughter, who is not yet 15…began displaying the LGBT banner on Facebook, declared herself transgender, erroneously said the Bible is a bunch of myths written by bored old men, erroneously said the Catholic Church condemns all gay people to hell, literally told me to get my head out of my ass, and then unfriended me on FB. Gee, I wonder where she got those ideas.” His granddaughter’s mother also ended her relationship with him.

The evening of July 4th, our nation’s birthday, I watched a YouTube video of the Statue of Liberty song. Sadly, the lyrics are not embraced by far too many young Americans today.

“I’m so proud to be called an American
To be named with the brave and the free
I will honor our flag and our trust in God
And the statue of liberty”

I stand with Rush Limbaugh folks. It is time that we take action to take back our country. It is time that we say no to anti-American traitors and anti-biblical cultural assassins.

Ilhan Omar’s 4th of July message is critical of US, after she celebrates Somali Independence Day

If it weren’t already clear where her loyalties lie, the contrast between these two messages should remove any doubts anyone may still have.

Ilhan Omar Sends Somber Fourth Of July Message Days After Celebrating Somali Independence Day,” by Molly Prince, Daily Caller, July 5, 2019:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar urged Americans to celebrate the Fourth of July by reflecting on “how much further we have to go,” standing in contrast to her joyful celebration of Somali Independence Day four days prior.

“Today gives us all a chance to reflect on how far we have come as a country and how much further we have to go to achieve full equality for all people,” Omar tweeted July 4. “We are at a tipping point for progress right now.”

“Happy 4th of July,” she added.

Omar’s congressional office also tweeted a Fourth of July message, stating that Independence Day is a time to celebrate American values such as freedom of the press, equal protection of all minorities and America’s role in guaranteeing human rights worldwide.

While there was no mention of America’s independence from Britain, the tweet listed the Constitution, despite the holiday actually celebrating the Declaration of Independence.

Omar’s congressional office also included “freedom from foreign influence” as a reason to celebrate the Fourth of July. Omar faced massive backlash in February after she suggested Jews’ support of Israel is paid for. She later denied the age-old anti-Semitic canard contending she was simply referring to “the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

“We must continue to strive to make our union even more perfect,” Omar’s office added to the Independence Day tweet.

The message of reflection comes only days after Omar posted a video of herself joyfully dancing along during a Somali Independence Day celebration.

“Happy Independence Day Somalia,” Omar tweeted July 1 before adding “Somalia hanoolaato,” which translates into “Long live Somalia.”

The congresswoman’s celebratory tweet also included a passage from Somali’s previous national anthem that translates roughly into English as “Somalis, wake up, wake up and support each other. Support your country. Support them forever.”

Omar, a Somali immigrant, became one of America’s first Muslim congresswomen when sworn into office in 2018. Her time in office has been embroiled in allegations of anti-Semitism and anti-American sentiments….

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Bye Bye Dubai: Wife of Ruler Flees

Princess Haya, the sixth wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, fled Dubai and her marriage to start a new life. She took her seven-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, along with $31 million dollars.

According to reports on June 29th, 2019, Princess Haya, 45, traveled first to Germany then London. She is said to be staying at her a home near Kensington Palace, with tight security, and is intent on fighting the legal battle brought by her husband from the UK.

In the meantime, Sheikh al-Maktoum, 69, who accuses her of betraying their marriage with her British bodyguard, has taken to social media in poetry and prose, condemning her flight and “disowning” his wife.

Princess Haya’s story gives hope to other women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who have dreamed of escaping the country. She’s now being called on to help free Sheikha Latifa of Dubai, a daughter of Sheikh al-Maktoum.

Princess Latifa made headlines in April of 2018 when she fled Dubai via a yacht in order to escape “years of torture and imprisonment by her father.” Her yacht was intercepted and she was dragged back home.

Insight into conditions for women in Dubai are often difficult to come by. The question of what women are dealing with can be speculations or a story of he-said/she-said.

However, a related story coming out of London offered some clarity into what it’s like to live under the billionaire Dubai ruler as a part of his family.

In January of 2019, Sheikh al-Maktoum turned his UK estate into what neighbors describe as a “prison camp,” with the installment of a high fence more suitable for a prison than a home. This despite the fact that security presence at the estate was already in place with guards, CCTV and layered fences.

The added security may have been a response to a 2000 incident where the sheikh’s other daughter, Sheikha Shamsa (Princess Latifa’s younger sister) escaped the estate. Latifa has since claimed that Shamsa “was being kept in a drugged state. … in Dubai and was ‘like a zombie.’”

There are a significant number of stories coming forward of women from privileged families desperately looking to escape. However, Princess Haya’s case is exceptional, fleeing with a hefty purse and her children, while negotiating diplomatic channels for asylum.

It’s unlikely Princess Haya will be dragged back kicking and screaming because of who she is outside of her marriage to the Dubai ruler. Princess Haya bint Hussein is the half-sister of the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II. However, that fact also ties more knots into an already fragile diplomatic entanglement between the UK, Jordan, and the UAE.


Princess Vanishes – See Her Final Video

Dubai Princess ‘Seized During Escape Attempt’

Kidnapped Dubai Princess Resurfaces

The Humanitarian Hoax of Leftism: Killing America With Kindness

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

War makes strange bedfellows, and the current Leftist/Islamist alliance against America-first President Donald Trump is worth examining.

Islamic sharia law with its misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, and wife beating is diametrically opposed to leftist Democrats’ proclaimed principles of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, children’s rights, and anti-bullying. How can Leftists partner with Islamists whose norms are diametrically opposed to their own stated principles?

The answer is that Leftists are staggeringly hypocritical when it comes to their principles. Leftist metrics of inclusion are myopic – they only consider what a person thinks and ignore what a person does. The left embraces every color, every sexual orientation, every religion, every deviant behavior as long as its members THINK alike. Leftist anti-American anti-Trump group think is completely intolerant of any individual divergence of thought.

The demand for conformity among Leftists is no different from any religious orthodoxy. Orthodoxy requires conformity for membership in the group. Leftist tenets of political correctness, moral relativity, and historical revisionism are incontrovertible.

Islamic tenets of misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, and wife beating are ignored as long as these sharia-compliant Muslims are anti-American anti-Trumpers. Any anti-American anti-Trump Islamist is welcomed into the Leftist tribe because they are all warriors in the Culture War against America. America-first President Donald Trump is the existential enemy of the Culture War and the target of the Leftist/Islamist alliance.

Islamists unapologetically tell the world their goal is world domination and the establishment of a supremacist Islamist caliphate ruled by sharia law. There is nothing humanitarian about Islamists or their condescending attitude that insists they are doing the West a favor by freeing us from our freedoms, and settling America by imposing their savage medieval sharia law. Islamists do not recognize the authority of the United States Constitution.

Leftists are equally condescending in their arrogant insistence that Leftism’s superior socialism will bring social justice and income equality. Socialism has never kept these promises anywhere in the world that it has ever been imposed. Regardless, Leftists insist they are doing us a favor by freeing us of our Constitutional freedoms and replacing them with socialism. Leftists do not recognize the authority of the United States Constitution.

In America, freedom of religion and the separation of church and state means that the government is prohibited from establishing a state religion. But what happens when a political ideology is practiced with religious zealotry?

Red is the color of communism and Marxist socialism. Green is the color of Islam. When you mix red and green you get yellow – the color of cowardice. The Leftist/Islamist alliance is a cowardly consortium that rejects the United States Constitution and the meritocracy with its free and open debate of ideas. The anti-American Leftist/Islamist alliance requires force, violence, propaganda, and indoctrination – the classic tools of tyranny.

The red/green alliance has the singular strategic goal of shattering the United States Constitution. The longer the Leftists remain aligned with the Islamists, the more their strategic tactics resemble those of Islamic jihad. The Culture War against America has multiple fronts. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Political jihad – there is no tolerance for competing ideas in Islamism or Leftism, both systems require absolute conformity to their ideological tenets. The tyranny of both insists the opposition must be eliminated entirely, the difference between them is the punishment for dissent. Islamist sharia law demands the murder of infidels and apostates. Leftists in America encourage social shunning, verbal abuse, spitting, imprisoning political opposition, and even Antifa violence.
  • Physical jihad – Imams, mullahs, and Leftist Democrat political leaders encourage violence because their systems cannot survive rational scrutiny and must be imposed on populations through fear and violence. Political violence is normative in Islamic theocracies, Leftists in America are making political violence normative by abandoning America’s civilized competitive free market of ideas in favor of lawlessness and the physical threat of Antifa violence. Antifa, an abbreviation for anti-fascists, is the biggest hoax of all since they actually are today’s fascists. Like Muslim jihadis, Antifa thugs wear face masks to hide their identities – violence requires a face mask.
  • Education jihad – targeting education with political indoctrination to propagandize students is a powerful stealth war tactic of Islamists and Leftists.
  • Taqiyya – lying in the service of Islam. Radical socialist Saul Alinsky introduced the concept to America in his 1971 book Rules for Radicals when he instructed his students to cut their hair, put on a suit, and blend in so that no one would suspect they were trying to overthrow the government of American capitalism and impose socialism. There is no equivalent word in the English language for this deliberate deception so I have coined the new word Alinskiyya.
  • Lawfare – activist judges trying to stop or at least stall President Trump’s America-first policies is the current tactic of Islamists and Leftists. Disingenuous accusations of Islamophobia, and activist judges interfering in lawful executive orders have become routine in America.
  • Victim identity – Islamists and Leftists self-identify as victims to deceitfully engage the compassion of humanitarian citizens and to divert attention from their underlying goal of shattering the Constitution.
  • Economic jihad – Islamist Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is embraced by Leftists in a coordinated effort to demonize and destroy the economy of the only Democratic nation state in the middle east. The Leftist/Islamist alliance also targets conservative media outlets by pressuring sponsors to drop their ads from conservative programs in an effort to silence opposing voices who support President Trump and his America-first policies.
  • Media jihad – Islamists and Leftists are supported by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and Internet behemoths that censor and curate content to manipulate public opinion. It is coordinated social engineering on a massive scale. Media content is deliberately anti-American, anti-Trump, antisemitic, anti-Christian, and pro-Islamic. Political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism are primary tactics used to deliver the content designed to destabilize and destroy America.

Islamists have a 1400 year history of destruction and conquest. An essential element of Islamic conquest is the complete destruction of any adversary’s history and culture including religious and historical icons. Churches are destroyed and replaced with mosques. Historical statues are smashed and paintings defaced. Leftists in America are busy destroying American history and its representations too. Historical statues are being toppled and paintings defaced.

San Francisco is scheduled to spend up to $600,000 to paint over George Washington High School’s historic wall mural, “The Life of Washington” painted by muralist Victor Arnautoff during the Depression. The San Francisco School Board’s outrageous decision denies the historical fact of slavery in the world including the United States. It also diminishes the historical facts that the United States abolished slavery while the Islamic nations continue its horrific practice.

Our nation celebrated its 243rd birthday on July 4, 2019 at the glorious Salute to America festivities. In violent protest, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party lit an American flag and threw the burning flag on a Uniformed Division Secret Service Officer! Burning a flag was deemed constitutional in the 1989 landmark Supreme Court case Texas Vs Johnson. On July 3,2019 the Revolutionary Club’s infamous Gregory “Joey” Johnson announced his intention to burn the flag in protest at the Salute to America celebration. Burning American flags is commonplace in Islamic theocracies – throwing a lit flag at another human being has taken Leftism beyond the savagery their Islamic mentors.

Be careful the company you keep.

As society becomes increasingly intolerant it becomes increasingly violent. The red/green alliance rejects the authority of the Constitution and the Constitutional legitimacy of our duly elected President Donald Trump. The red/green alliance objective to unseat POTUS has included all tactics of the Culture War and ranged from stealth jihad and Antifa violence to an attempted coup against the sitting President of the United States.

Americans who value their freedom must seriously consider the danger of coups and culture wars. What has distinguished the United States of America for 243 years is our peaceful transfer of power. Patriotic law-abiding Americans do not resort to coups or culture wars – we vote and we accept election outcomes. We debate the merits of ideas, abide by the Constitution, and pass laws that reflect our changing norms when merited. Any American, regardless of his or her political views must seriously consider the tyranny of the Leftist/Islamist axis, because without the Constitution we are just another lawless third world banana republic enslaved by the conceit of autocratic rulers.

The humanitarian hoax of Leftism is its dishonest promises of social justice and income equality. Free stuff is never free – you pay with your freedom. What Leftism and Islamism are selling is a medieval return to feudalism where the middle class is destroyed and the masses are ruled by the few rulers. Just ask the Venezuelans.


The Left’s War Against America

The Worst Independence Day Villains in America

Adam Schiff Refers to America’s Birthday as “Swamp Day” 

Reports: Democratic Congresswoman’s Staff Is Coaching Illegals On Loophole That Could Allow Re-Entry 

EDITORS NOTE: This Goudsmit Pundicity column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Welcome To The Algorithmic Memory Hole

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” George Orwell, 1984

The algorithmic Memory Hole has arrived.

In doing some research recently, I found that I could no longer quickly locate items on Google that were at the top of the first page in the past year or so. These topics, such as the Obama administration keeping children separate from adults, are almost impossible to locate now. Articles “debunking” Obama’s policies being similar to Trump’s are everywhere.

And when looking for a current news item, I got a litany of first-tier and second-tier news and commentary outlets, all on the left, such as CNN (frequently the first option on news) the New York Times, Slate, Salon, BBC, London Guardian and so on — page after page and some repeated several times, before getting to even one on the right, usually Fox News.

I’m a reasonably advanced searcher. I was using the concept of Boolean string searches before Google. So I understand at 30,000 feet how their algorithm works. And yet I cannot find items at all that I previously found quickly.

There’s a good reason for this and you probably know what it is: They have changed their algorithm to emphasize “trusted” sources, by which they mean left-wing sources that reflect Google’s leftwing worldview.

There was last week’s news from Veritas interviewing whistleblowers at Google and leaking documents showing that Google is intent on not letting another Trump ever happen again. We know they’ve been placing their thumbs the scales for awhile, but this is a whole new level.

If you search “google whistleblower” you get all the appropriate results. Today. But what will be the results in six months or a year? Will you get the Daily Wire, Newsmax, the Spectator? Will you find Dave Rubin’s take? Or will it be Slate and Salon and CNN spinning Veritas as acting illegally and using controversial methods? Methinks think the latter.

And I realized with sudden clarity that here sat before me what we all have been reading about, but in an entirely new light: This is the algorithmic version of the Memory Hole made infamous in George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 novel. This is the modern step in how you erase history and alter people’s opinions in real time. Eventually, many things will just never have happened.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” George Orwell, 1984

Google employees become a little army of Winston Smiths coding away to fill up the memory hole.

They are not alone, of course. The social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (owned by Facebook) Pinterest and Youtube (owned by Google) have all been squeezing out conservatives through shadow-banning, demonetizing, de-platforming and outright banning. It’s  not just whackadoodles like Alex Jones. When it gets to comedians like Steven Crowder who was actually trying to follow all of YouTube’s rules and the mainstream pro-life outfit Live Action, you know the digital noose is tightening.

Banks and credit card companies have begun closing the accounts of people based on those people’s opinion. It starts with the awful Proud Boys group and the neo-Nazi Stormfront site, but it never stops there.

Here’s my prediction on the final step, which may start before 2020 or after, but it sure feels as though it will eventually happen.

Once the noose has been tightened around conservatives, forcing them off social media and onto only their own websites, WordPress, Godaddy and other web hosting sites will eventually just start pulling the plug because of offensive this and offensive that.

And then they will have totally shut up conservative voices, and we will have a totalitarian leftist country.

But it won’t end there. Not really. Heed the wise words of Martin Niemoller:

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

In the end, as in 1984, liberals and progressives will also become the victims, because only the state will matter. They think that is what they want. They don’t.

Kaepernick Trashes Betsy Ross Flag as Racist

“Those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred, as a rule take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise, and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them.” –  Johannes Brahms

“As a result of America’s efforts to realize the ideals of equality and freedom, blacks in America are now the freest and richest black people anywhere on the face of the earth including all of the nations that are ruled by blacks.” –  David Horowitz

“There is no question that liberals do an impressive job of expressing concern for blacks. But do the intentions expressed in their words match the actual consequences of their deeds?” –  Thomas Sowell

“Since neither black animosity nor the Left’s falsehood of ‘racial tensions’ is based on the actual behavior of the vast majority of white Americans, nothing white America could do will affect either many blacks’ perceptions or the leftist libel.” –  Dennis Prager

Old Glory (the Betsy Ross flag with the 13 stars of the original colonies) was emblazoned on the back of Nike’s latest sneaker. This shoe has been pulled off the shelves because Colin Kaepernick believes the very founding flag of the greatest country on earth is racist.

Nike said in statement that “it pulled the shoe based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday.”  Both Nike and Kaepernick succeeded in offending our veterans and the patriotic Americans who love their country.

There were immediate financial repercussions.  Nike was planning a “major” investment in Goodyear, Arizona. Governor Ducey said that he has ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw financial incentives it had been providing Nike to locate there.

Nike is worth $15.9 billion thanks to the very nation targeted as racist by a former third-rate 49ers quarterback who receives huge sums to endorse their products.  Kaepernick is biracial, and was given up for adoption when his white unmarried mother was 18 years old.  He was adopted and raised by well-to-do white parents, has made millions working for the NFL, and uses “victimology for profit.”  Kaepernick is a professional victim like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who have made millions by keeping their own people in slavery.  Jesse Jackson uses “shakedown” tactics to extract money from corporations. Their goal is political capital.  Fixing the problems of black communities is not their goal. They need bad neighborhoods, escalating crime, and high unemployment so they can use these as political and economic clubs to extract votes and money.

Taking a Knee

The former quarterback began the movement of taking a knee during the national anthem at NFL stadiums, a direct slap in the face of every veteran and American who loves this country and stands respectfully for the playing of its national anthem. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said.  Really?  So, it’s not only today’s flag, but all of America’s flags that this man hates.

Kaepernick justifiably felt the ire of patriotic Americans with his wearing of a pro-Castro t-shirt while being interviewed by a reporter.  While practicing for the 49ers, he wore socks that depicted American police as pigs.

Today Kaepernick is covered with copious tattoos and hasn’t been signed by any other NFL team since he left the 49ers in 2016.  Yet he’s filled his coffers with funds from advertisements for Nike and is worth $20 million.  He has donated over a million to various groups, most who promote radical causes for black Americans.  Kaepernick reportedly raised $20,000 for a group named after convicted cop killer and former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur, who broke out of jail and fled to Cuba.  The charity is a collective of radical Black women affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

Kaepernick, Nike and China

Daniel Greenfield says, “Treat Nike Like a Foreign Propaganda Operation.”  Nike decided to celebrate Independence Day by stating that Colin Kaepernick believes our original US flag was offensive.  Yet, Nike joined a propaganda social media crackdown orchestrated by Communist Red China to suppress a Christian democracy protest in Hong Kong.  Greenfield wrote, “When Nike takes the PRC side on democracy protests, but then treats protests against the American flag and the anthem as something it needs to support and subsidize, that’s a foreign propaganda operation.”

Nike products are made in Asian sweatshops, some with child labor, thus their pandering to the Chi Coms while attacking America.  Nike has chosen to take the side of the Red Chinese over the freedom represented by Old Glory and our national anthem.

In 2017, the International Labor Rights Forum reported that Nike has turned its back on its commitment to the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), which effectively blocks labor rights experts from independently monitoring Nike’s supplier factories. Nike was given a score of 36 out of 100 in Fashion Revolution’s 2017 Fashion Transparency Index, indicating that the company does not make enough information public about its environmental and social practices.


Robert Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center commented that today we have more blacks killing each other every year than we had in the 70 years of lynching’s, and critical problems like this are ignored when blacks complain about some minor issue.

Mr. Woodson said he believes that’s exactly what is going on with Colin Kaepernick and Nike over the Betsy Ross flag, and that he is denigrating a symbol that is very important to many African Americans.

He explained that black Americans fought in every war in this country and they fought bravely because they fought for the promise that was America, and for Kaepernick to denigrate the flag is disrespectful to the sacrifices made by the Tuskegee Airmen, by the Triple Nickel Paratroopers, the 92nd combat unit, and all our black American soldiers.  He said Kaepernick is doing a tremendous disservice to our country.

Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Tuskegee Airman, Harry Stewart, turned 95 on Independence Day, 2019.  In his July 3rd WSJ article, he said, “America isn’t perfect, but it was and still is worth fighting for.”  He is the subject of a new biography, “Soaring to Glory: A Tuskegee Airman’s Firsthand Account of World War II.

Interestingly enough, Betsy’s flag wasn’t considered racist when it was the backdrop for President Obama’s second inauguration.

America’s History

Thomas Jefferson wrote the draft of the Declaration of Independence and it was signed by 56 men.  The last sentence states, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

Some of them gave all and lost their fortunes and even their lives, but many others went on to build this nation and create a country that people the world over have flocked to for freedom.

John Adams said, “I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory.”

After the Revolution, 13 of the signers went on to become governors, and 18 served in their state legislatures. Sixteen became state and federal judges. Seven became members of the United States House of Representatives, and six became United States Senators. James Wilson and Samuel Chase became Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Elbridge Gerry each became Vice President, and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson became President. The sons of signers John Adams and Benjamin Harrison also became Presidents.

Five signers played major roles in the establishment of colleges and universities: Benjamin Franklin and the University of Pennsylvania; Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia; Benjamin Rush and Dickinson College; Lewis Morris and New York University; and George Walton and the University of Georgia.

These European men fought for freedom and began this great nation.  We have never been perfect, and of course we never will be, but we truly are the one nation in the world that offered glorious opportunities for anyone willing to expend their energies.

When Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention, he was asked what kind of government they had given us.  His answer is well known.  He said, “A Republic if you can keep it.”


Mr. Kaepernick exhibits hatred for our country, her flag, her origins and her European founders.  Yet, he doesn’t seem to hate the money he’s made in this country.

It’s a pity Kaepernick hasn’t studied his own ancestral history.  Had he, he would have concluded that many black slaves were sold into slavery by black Chieftains who won tribal wars and willingly wanted to eliminate their enemies.  Yes, there were black racists.

Did free black Americans own slaves?  Yes, they did; some free black people in America bought and sold other black people and did so since 1654, and continued to do so right through the Civil War.  But why did black masters own black slaves?

The great African-American historian, John Hope Franklinstates this clearly: “The majority of Negro owners of slaves had some personal interest in their property.” But, he admits, “There were instances, however, in which free Negroes had a real economic interest in the institution of slavery and held slaves in order to improve their economic status.”

And for a time, free black people could even “own” the services of white indentured servants in Virginia. Free blacks owned slaves in Boston by 1724 and in Connecticut by 1783; by 1790, 48 black people in Maryland owned 143 slaves. One particularly notorious black Maryland farmer named Nathanial Butler “regularly purchased and sold Negroes for the Southern trade,” Halliburton wrote.

Of course, many free blacks held slaves as family members to protect them, but Halliburton stated, “it would be a serious mistake to automatically assume that free blacks owned their spouse or children only for benevolent purposes.”

Life is not fair, and it is never equal to everyone…there are gains and losses, there are joys and sorrows, there is evil and there is good, there is light and there is darkness, there is knowledge of God and rebellion against him.  Nothing is, dare I say it, “Black and White,” there are many shades of gray.

And as Napoleon stated long ago, “History is written by the winners.”

We must search for the truth, the real truth, not the rewritten politically correct truth revised by those who won because often times, the winners are not those who should be revered.

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Ben Shapiro Is Reshaping Media As Rush Did 30 Years Ago

When working in newsrooms in the 1990s, my journalism colleagues often asked me why Rush Limbaugh was so popular. They could not fathom it.  I explained it was basic supply meeting pent-up demand; that is, conservatives had felt under attack in every area of media and here came a guy with a microphone giving voice to their worldview, and providing analysis and twists that were done no where else.

Limbaugh ushered in a revolution of talk radio hosts, creating an entire industry known as conservative talk radio and probably saving the AM dial. Before Fox News, conservative talk radio stood alone in the flood of liberal media. And spawned Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham and more. Most of these hosts are Baby Boomers and have a fairly set way of thinking and doing. (Notably, Beck the least in that regard, via both worldview and business model, and Prager with Prager U.) A lot of conservatism has reflected that old set way — at least in the Republican base.

But now we have something new in Ben Shapiro, who is arguably the most popular conservative in the country, although Rush and Sean fans may dispute that. Shapiro’s been on the scene for awhile, starting with a nationally syndicated column at 17 years old. But he’s exploded in recent years with the largest conservative podcast, a newly minted national radio show and best-selling books, while still writing for the Daily Wire and acting as Editor.

He’s simply sprinted past all of the much older and more established radio commentators.

Why? What makes Shapiro different?

Yes, he is smart, fast-talking, aggressive yet reasonable and has a quantum hard-drive for a memory. His worldview as a Christian-friendly, Orthodox Jew millennial conservative is almost hilariously unique. He’s fearless taking on the Left and usually acquits himself with a good pummelling. People eat up his “Ben Shapiro destroys…” Youtube videos usually answering questions at college campuses. He’s just a fresh voice in so many ways.

But there’s something else going on, and why people like me also gravitate to Shapiro. He simply puts more meat on the bone than the talk radio predecessors, throws far fewer bombs, rants less and more frequently explains what the other side is thinking or strategizing — fairly or not dependent on your worldview.

For too long, many of our talk radio hosts have spit out the same name-calling invectives and one-sided rants that have felt good but have not prepped any listener for dealing with an informed liberal. I can always tell my conservative friends who spend a lot of time listening to conservative talk radio. The vernacular is well-repeated. It too often boils down to: liberals are evil, they’re idiots, they hate America, and they think we’re all “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes.” OK. Fair enough. Got it. But now what?

This is not a shot at these guys. I remember hearing Rush for the first time around 1989 or 1990 driving on U.S. 67 north of the Quad-Cities along the Mississippi River on the way home from my newspaper job in Davenport, flipping through stations when I came across this guy saying what I believe. I listened for a few minutes and was drop-jawed. This was no where else! I pulled into a dirt driveway, put it in park and just listened.

Supply was just beginning to meet demand and Rush was the pioneer.

But the supply of good red-meat conservative insights and rants (which I like as much as the next guy) is exceeding demand and has for awhile as everyone seeks to get in on the schtick. The typical pendulum of supply and demand seeking equilibrium and rarely finding it.

I’ve long wanted more, and sought it out in books and podcasts. Particularly podcasts in recent years where I can get long-form interviews and more in-depth information than what feels like the same old, same old on radio.

Shapiro goes at least part way toward meeting that demand. He provides reams more data and context on issues. While standard talk radio tells you X is a terrible idea. Shapiro frequently tells you why X is a terrible idea. That is a big step forward and one that obviously conservative millennials are attracted to — and there are growing numbers of those — but also that older conservatives are drawn to.

If Shapiro is roughly Rush 2.0 30 years later — William F. Buckley without the pretensions — then what we’re likely to see is a lot of people following his footsteps, just as we saw an entire industry follow Rush’s. We’re already seeing that with young conservative personalities. But young ranters a la old ranters is not the future. Depth, context, data and fearlessness with opponents (Rush never debates a liberal) may well be — and that does not have an age requirement attached.

Further, Shapiro’s radio program is utilizing his podcast format on radio, which has the potential to revolutionize a somewhat ossified radio industry facing stiffening competition from podcasts and new media.

Shapiro’s style and altered format — if it works — could be one of the healthier trends long-term for conservatism by creating a new breed of conservative-thought influencers, building on the first generation with a new and updated model that leaves conservatives more informed and armed than the 1.0 version.

EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.