Saving Sex for Marriage is Good for Marriage

A few weeks ago, there was a professing Christian lady on the television reality program, “Bachelorette,” who has been fooling around.

One headline, for example, stated: “Christian ‘Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown Eliminates Man She Had Sex With Four Times On The Show.” When I see that, I think “Ouch.”

The Bible says we should save our sexuality for marriage—of course, heterosexual marriage.

Writing recently for, John Fleenor quotes the “Bachelorette” contestant, who said, “Guess what? Sex might be a sin out of marriage, [but] pride is a sin, too, and I feel like this is like a pride thing.” She was reacting to someone who wanted to save intimacy for marriage.

She added, “I have had sex, and, honestly, Jesus still loves me.” The Lord’s love for us is not up for debate. He loves us so much He went to the cross on behalf of sinners and took upon Himself our guilt and shame to bring salvation to those who believe. But those who place their faith in Him are to live lives of holiness. We’re not perfect, but we strive to please Him in how we live.

God’s rules are not optional and a way to go from better to best. Those who persist in sexual immorality (and a plethora of other sins, described in 1 Corinthians 6 and Ephesians 5) “will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” But the good news is we can be forgiven and be set free from these things.

If someone is sexually promiscuous before marriage, what is to keep them from being promiscuous after marriage? Studies have shown that couples who live together before they get married are not so much preparing for marriage as they are preparing for divorce.

For example, the reports: “In the United States and in the UK, couples who live together are at a greater risk for divorce than non-cohabiting couples.”

Stable marriages are a part of God’s plan. Divorce and remarriage are not His best. Divorce is often the wellspring of much misery. His rules don’t come about because He’s trying to withhold good things from us.

How pleasing it is to be happily married—year after year, growing old with your best friend. Enjoying children and later grandchildren. In this culture, we struggle with loneliness big time. But the Bible says, God has put the lonely in families.

I belong to a men’s Bible study where most of us are now in our 60s. A couple of months ago, it was noted that we collectively represented “centuries of marriage.” For example, by the grace of God, I have been married to my wife for 39 years. The Bible study leader has been married even longer.

In the culture at large, this kind of record stands out. Even in the church, it is not always the norm these days. But stable marriages have led to a lot of happiness for us.

The Bible is very practical on the matter of purity: “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers. May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.”

But our television programs, movies, songs—the whole culture—promotes sexual anarchy and promiscuity.

There’s a great need for purity in our time. Purity is not the same thing as innocence. Sexual sin can leave us feeling as unclean as lepers. Understanding the difference between innocence and purity can give us courage to live God’s way, no matter what we have done in the past.

Billy Graham once said, “you can’t unscramble scrambled eggs.” That is to say, you can’t undo the sin in your life prior to the time you came to Christ. Or even if we’ve blown it as a Christian, we can’t undo our unholiness of the past. We cannot become innocent again. But we can, with God’s help, work toward being holy in the present and future, which is purity.

Ironically, casting off God’s rules leads to less sexual and relational happiness. A massive study on intimacy in America was conducted many years ago under the auspices of the University of Chicago, and it even made the cover of TIME magazine. It was written up in the book, Sex in America.

The researchers discovered that women with no religious affiliation reported far less satisfaction than “conservative Protestant women”—cutting against the typical media portrayal of religious women as repressed and uptight.

In short, committed Christians, following God’s rules, generally have the best sex lives. That’s a message I wish young (and old) promiscuous “believers” would grasp. Amazingly, holiness and happiness are corollaries.

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Comey and the De-class According to Plan

When you look up in the dictionary the words “Bad Cop” you see a picture of James Comey. I believe that Comey will be indicted, prosecuted, charged and justice will be served. Do not be swayed by the former FBI Director’s smug comments or by the fact that AG Barr has not YET, indicted Comey. I believe it is coming in the next phase of the de-class and all according to plan.

The DOJ and the President have barely begun. Remember, please, we are at war to resurrect America and restore power back to the people. This is an intelligence battle of which we are winning. The pendulum has now shifted. They have gone from being the hunters to the hunted. Team Trump is creating the awareness with the release of the IG report, that James Comey is as corrupt as they come. His behavior indicates that he believes he is above the law. Comey continues to further bury himself. He and others, are falling for the trap. FISA brings down the house. Get ready.

The IG Report

In this 79 page IG report, you will find that Comey violated FBI policies 25 times. This shows in part, that this was not an oversight nor an error, nor a coincidence. What it does indeed show is a series of premeditated and calculated moves, (violation of FBI policy), of a political agenda to remove a duly elected and most popular President in what turned out to be a failed illegal and treasonous coup d’ etatattempt which has come to be known as the Mueller witch hunt. And what is the punishment for treason? Have a look and listen here from President Trump. When you get to the video of the President got to marker 42:19 for the biggest news story of the century that never really made the news. It’s an intel battle. Timing and optics. Remember that. We are now winning this battle.

And remember, there are three things that cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. This is the age of Trump transparency. We are winning. Stay the course. Trust the plan and remember, freedom, it’s up to us.

The Humanitarian Hoax of the New World Order: Killing America With Kindness

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Every natural force on Earth from fire to nuclear energy has the potential for construction or destruction. This inherent duality presents man with moral choices between construction and destruction. Traditional Judeo-Christian morality deems construction good and destruction bad. What happens when the accepted foundational morality of society is challenged by a competing narrative that insists construction is bad and destruction is good? Let’s find out.

Societies as small as families and as large as nation states are organized by accepted principles codified into written or unwritten laws accepted by member units. When societies abide by the accepted rules they are considered to be at homeostasis – they are at peace and in balance. When a competing narrative intrudes, the society becomes destabilized and must either accept or reject the competing ideology to regain balance, peace, and homeostasis.

Traditionally, American culture derives its stability and moral authority from its Judeo-Christian tradition, Constitutional law, and parental authority in the family unit. God, government, and family are the triptych of American culture and the foundations for America’s extraordinary ordered liberty. America’s triptych is the artwork of American greatness and portrays the triad that supports our unparalleled freedom and prosperity.

Today’s radical leftist Democrat party is challenging the foundational American triptych and is attempting to repaint its panels with socialism. Here is the problem.

In politics it is essential that policies be analyzed and evaluated with rational objectivity – when they are not, the consequence is belief in the unbelievable. I call this political mysticism – the belief in the politically impossible. “Democratic” socialism is the 21st century’s political mysticism seducing Americans with promises of heaven on Earth. Millennials disenchanted with the religious teachings of their Judeo-Christian heritage are searching for answers to man’s moral dilemma elsewhere. Some find it in supremacist religious Islamic sharia law. Others are duped by leftist radical Democrats advocating the political mysticism of secular democratic socialism.

No successful humanitarian huckster sells socialism by promising enslavement – hucksters promise utopian social justice and income equality instead. They promise “free stuff” to the hopeful masses and con them into voting for their “deliverance” at the voting booth.

Let’s be clear – FREE STUFF IS NEVER FREE – people pay with their freedom.

Collectivism, whether it is marketed directly as communism, indirectly as socialism, or deceitfully as democratic socialism is a structure of centralized government control. America’s radical leftist Democrat party and their allied Islamists and Globalists, are selling the upside-down notions and inverted logic of “democratic” socialism to shatter America from within in 2020.

Collectivism is slavery marketed as freedom. George Orwell described the upside-down notions and inverted logic of collectivism when he wrote, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Orwell was a political analyst who understood that, “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”

There is no private property in collectivism – individual citizens do not reap what they sow – the government does. So, first comes the fraud – the promise of social justice and income equality. Then comes the force – a centralized ruling government that owns and/or controls all production and its distribution.

Winston Churchill described the reality of socialism, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Churchill understood that socialism is a return to feudalism where the ruling elite benefit at the expense of the shared misery of the masses. Yes – you read that correctly – socialism is the stepping stone for globalist elite one world government. Let me explain.

Failed cultural Marxism has been repackaged with the magic word “democratic” to overcome reflexive American resistance to communism, socialism, and to disguise collectivism’s tyrannical core. It is a fraudulent marketing technique designed to sell political mysticism. The word democratic is being used to paint lipstick on this particular political pig. Democratic socialism is presented with mystical reverence as deliverance of social justice and income equality – millennial salvation.

Humanitarian huckster-in-chief Barack Obama tried selling socialism to America by disguising it as “hope and change.” He might have succeeded if Hillary Clinton, Obama’s legacy candidate and fellow Alinsky sycophant, had been elected. Instead, today’s emboldened radical leftist Democrats and their “resistance” movement have repackaged their product reverently relabeling it ”democratic” socialism. WHAT?

In theater as in religion, there is the concept of suspension of disbelief. The audience does not examine the plot or characters with the same rational analysis that is required of objective scientific study. When political theory is presented as religion, the same suspension of disbelief is accepted. Why does this matter?

It matters because suspension of disbelief is the core of political mysticism. Duped millennials argue that old attempts at communism and socialism were not the “real” communism and socialism – democratic socialism is the real deal. Oh my!

The aspiration for world domination simply will not go away. A sovereign United States of America is the existential enemy of any aspirational movement for one world government whether secular or religious. It was clear to anyone and everyone after WWII that if the United States of America was ever to be defeated it would have to be shattered from the inside out – culturally – military defeat was out of the question. It was with this mindset that the enemies of American greatness resolved to destroy America from within. The Culture War against America took aim at the foundational structures of the triptych – God, government, and family. The hearts and minds of patriotic Americans would have to be turned against themselves to defeat America. America would have to implode.

The Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis is targeting the triptych of American greatness to destroy her from within. The immediate alliance goal is to defeat America-first President Donald Trump in 2020. The Leftists are selling voters the political mysticism of secular democratic socialism, and the Islamists are selling voters the political mysticism of supremacist Islamic sharia law.

Winston Churchill remarked that “Islam is an ideology wrapped in religion.” He understood that peace on Earth to an Islamist means when all the world is Muslim. Churchill recognized the theocratic foundation of Islam and its socio-political requirement that no separation exist between mosque and state – in Islam religion is the centralized controlling government.

Winston Churchill was reviled for saying the unsayable. He spoke the inconvenient truth about Islamist and Globalist aspirations for world domination in his time, and was hated for it until he was needed to save England from the Nazis. Oh my!

History is repeating itself. Today Islamism and democratic socialism are twin enemies of American sovereignty.

The Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis is the facilitator of the humanitarian hoax of the New World Order, but it is only a temporary alliance.

If the axis can defeat President Trump in 2020 they will necessarily battle each other for dominance. The provisional alliance will remain only until they can destabilize America and make the country ungovernable. Social chaos is the prerequisite for seismic social change. Anarchy is the goal.

Anarchy will launch Globalist elite takeover and it will become manifest that the globalists have been financing and fomenting the Leftist/Islamist mischief and mayhem in the United States. The Leftists and Islamists were just useful idiots who ushered in the New World Order ruled by the globalist elite themselves – of course.

The globalist elite have been playing chess while the Leftists and Islamists are playing checkers.

The United States of America is at the tipping point. The 2020 presidential elections will decide the country’s future. Will we re-elect President Donald Trump and remain a sovereign, free, independent nation? Or will we choose Democrat political mysticism and devolve into the globalist elite’s New World Order of feudalism and become their slaves? Your ballot decides.

EDITORS NOTE: This Goudsmit Pundicity column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

The New York Times Has a Jewish Problem by Hugh Fitzgerald

An editor at the New York Times has recently apologized for having written several anti-Semitic and racist tweets. Tom Wright-Piersanti is a senior staff editor at the Times. In the years 2008-2010, Wright-Piersanti wrote several offensive tweets, which were uncovered  by the website Breitbart.

On New Years’ Day 2010, Wright-Piersanti tweeted, “I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

The previous month, during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, Wright-Piersanti shared a picture of a car with a lit menorah on its roof and wrote, “Who called the Jew-police?”

“I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that are offensive,” Wright-Piersanti tweeted  after the Breitbart article was published. “I am deeply sorry.”

He also mocked Native Americans, and Afro-Americans, for which no doubt he is also “deeply sorry.”

Amazing how “deeply sorry” people are about so many things the minute they are found out, but not one minute earlier. Perhaps he is “deeply sorry” only because those tweets came to light. They were not just “offensive,” but disgusting. In any event, Wright-Piersanti apparently needn’t worry about his job. As of this writing, he’s still at the New York Times, a paper that has a Jewish, and latterly an Israeli, problem. It recently published two antisemitic cartoons in its international edition. The more offensive of the two depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog (a dachshund) wearing a Star of David collar and leading President Donald Trump, who is wearing a black kippah. Anyone of sense would have seen this cartoon as antisemitic, save apparently the editor at the Times who approved the cartoon. And the Times, just like Wright-Piersanti, said it was “deeply sorry.” Yes, it was “deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic political cartoon” that appeared in its international print edition. And the Times has decided to stop publishing cartoons from non-staff members. It has also said that it will also overhaul its bias training to have an emphasis on antisemitism, according to an internal note from the Times’s publisher, A.G. Sulzberger. What about training on how to bring a modicum of fairness to reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Or would that be asking too much?

The Times has had a “Jewish problem” ever since Hitler came to power in 1933. So let’s go back to the 1930s and 1940s, before there was even an Israel for the Times to be anti-Israel about, to see how, and to ask why, the most influential paper in the world, owned by Jews, paid so little attention to the murderous threat of Hitler and the Nazis as it grew throughout the 1930s. It was precisely because the paper was owned by Jews, who were determined not to have their paper be thought of as an organ of special pleading about Jewish suffering, that the New York Times failed so miserably, in its under-reporting of the Holocaust and the antisemitic crimes during the 1930s that led up to its final, murderous efflorescence. In her brilliant Buried by the Times: The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper, Laurel Leff notes that Arthur Hays Sulzberger, who became the publisher in 1936 (though he was effectively the publisher from 1933, because of the illness of the previous publisher, Adolph Ochs) and continued in that post until 1961, at the most critical period for the Jews of Europe, had studiously refrained from having anything to do with Jewish organizations or causes. He (Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of the Times) refused to donate to the United Jewish Appeal or the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. He wrote in 1934, “I am a non-Zionist because the Jew, in seeking a homeland of his own, seems to me to be giving up something of infinitely greater value of the world. … I look askance at any movement which assists in making the peacemaker among nations merely a national Distribution Committee, favoring instead the National Missions of the Presbyterian Church.” In 1948, he wrote, “I know of no difference in my way of life than in that of any Unitarian.”

Sulzberger was committed to an odd definition of journalistic balance. The Times refused to run letters to the editor that attacked the rise of antisemitism in Germany, so that it would not also have to offer space to those supporting antisemitism.

Instead of speaking of Jewish refugees, Times editorials tended to speak of German refugees. Arthur Hays Sulzberger refused to intervene with American officials to get a visa for a cousin, Fritz Sulzberger, advising him in 1938 to stay in Germany. So indifferent was he to what was going on in Germany, apparently, that he thought as late as 1938 that Jews should remain in Germany and ride out the storm. His misreading of reality was astonishing. By that year, it should have been clear that staying in Germany amounted to a death sentence. In 1933, Jews had been discharged from all universities, and then from all civil service jobs. Long before Kristallnacht, there were boycotts of Jewish shops, Jews were attacked, even beaten to death, on the street, Nazi rallies were held where Jews were hysterically denounced; a phrase from a 19th-century antisemite, Heinrich Treitschke, was recycled  for use by the Nazis: “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!“(“The Jews are our misfortune”).

Yet in 1938, the publisher of the New York Times was advising a relative to remain in Germany. A. H. Sulzberger didn’t want to hear about all the atrocities German Jews were enduring. And he didn’t want his paper to make too much of such things either.

The threat to Jews was always minimized by the Times. Early in the war, the Times ran a campaign of nine editorials and three front-page stories that urged Congress to allow British families to send their children to safety in America, but made no such campaign on behalf of the Jews. Those British children might have been in danger from V-2 rockets, if they lived in the East End of London, but the Jews in Nazi-occupied countries faced certain death if they were not brought to America. The New York Times – under Arthur Hays Sulzberger – didn’t care enough to call for their admission.

Nor did the Times think helping Jews find refuge from the Nazis outside of America was a cause to promote in its editorials. When the British issued the White Paper of 1939, restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine to 15,000 a year for five years, the Times ran an editorial praising the move as necessary “to save the homeland itself from overpopulation as well as from an increasingly violent resistance on the part of the Arabs.” That White Paper effectively kept hundreds of thousands of Jews, who might have escaped from Europe in time, from being admitted to Mandatory Palestine. Churchill thundered against it as unjust and cruel. But not according to the New York Times; its editors thought the White Paper was perfectly correct in permitting no more than 15,000 Jews a year to find refuge in Palestine from the Nazis. Otherwise, the editorial absurdly claimed, Mandatory Palestine would be “overpopulated.” On what basis did the Times editors make that claim? Israel now has a population that is six times the population of Mandatory Palestine in 1939, and it is still not overpopulated. And the Times actually thought that it was preferable in 1939 to keep Jews in Europe, where they were almost certain to be killed, in order not to anger the Arabs in Palestine. The Mandate for Palestine’s provisions, that required Great Britain, as the Mandatory authority, to “facilitate” Jewish immigration and “encourage close settlement by Jews on the land,” were to be ignored so as not to upset the local Arabs.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger lived among, and wanted to be accepted by, other people of great wealth, including many non-Jews, and he did not wish to be thought of as caring too much for the fate of Europe’s or Palestine’s — Jews. In that he succeeded, and for that he deserves endless obloquy in the history books. Assimilated and anti-Zionist, he instructed his editors to downplay news about the suffering of Europe’s Jews so that the newspaper would not appear to be too concerned with Jewish matters. He was a horrible man.

There was very little reporting in the Times on the rising antisemitism in Nazi Germany all through the 1930s. Atrocities against Jews in Germany, which began in the streets soon after Hitler took power in 1933, were mentioned intermittently, almost always in a few paragraphs deep inside the paper. Even Kristallnacht, November 9-10, 1938, when Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were demolished by Nazi attackers using sledgehammers, received less treatment in the New York Times than it did in many other newspapers around the world. The rioters destroyed 267 synagogues throughout Germany and Austria and the Sudetenland. Over 7,000 Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed; 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Hundreds of Jews were murdered, often beaten to death by mobs. This had no visible effect on the editorial and reporting policies set down by Arthur Hays Sulzberger.

Why did this underreporting at the Times matter so much? It mattered because it had a direct effect on the sense of urgency among American Jews, and on the attitude in the government about rescuing Jews from the Nazis.

When the Holocaust began in earnest, and news about the roundups of Jews sent to concentration camps – labor and death camps were distinguished, though in the “labor camps” the inmates were often worked to death — managed to filter out, the New York Times continued to give such reports a few paragraphs deep within the paper. It did the same with reports from the Eastern Front, about the gassing of Jews in the mobile gas vans, about the mass shootings right on the edge of open pits into which those killed would topple. The paper never connected the dots of the Nazi efforts to exterminate the Jews of Europe, never presented it as part of a comprehensive genocidal plan. Its coverage of the murders of six million Jews was absurdly small, given the world-shattering size of the atrocity; this “Jewish news” from Europe was most often covered in a few paragraphs in the back; more attention was given in the Times to business, movies, golf championships, and racing news than to the Holocaust. Sulzberger, the publisher, was not haunted by what was going on in Europe. He gave his own attention to such pleasures as vacationing at Knollwood on Saranac Lake, in the Adirondacks. Knollwood was an enclave consisting of seven or eight luxurious “rustic cottages” that belonged to leading members of “Our Crowd,” that is, the assimilated and rich German Jews of New York, members of the Harmonie Club, families who had arrived in the 19th century from Germany and looked down on the recent Jewish arrivals from Eastern Europe. They were glad to host a celebrity refugee from Germany – Einstein went twice to Knollwood, and his photograph is still on display in one of the “cottages” – but didn’t want to be unduly bothered with unpleasant news from Europe. And Sulzberger was one of them.

That failure by the New York Times to report adequately throughout the 1930s on the growing danger to Germany’s Jews was not without consequences, as shall be discussed tomorrow.


Under-reporting by the New York Times on Nazi antisemitism, and the deliberate placement of such abridged stories deep inside the paper, had terrible consequences for the Jews of Europe. First, American Jews who relied on the Times for their information, in that pre-television era, had no clear idea of the extent of the antisemitic horrors being perpetrated, and how, as the Nazi war machine extended German rule over much of Europe, Jews trapped in those occupied lands were being systematically slaughtered – gassed in camps or mobile vans, shot, burned alive, worked deliberately to death — in the Endlosung, or Final Solution to the “Jewish problem.” Had they been better informed, and in a timelier fashion, American Jews — properly alarmed — would have made much greater efforts to rescue their relatives, and other Jews, too. They would have sent money, and money given to bribe the right rat in the right office might mean that life-saving visas could be acquired, both for exit and entrance. That money could also pay for transportation out of Nazi-occupied Europe, and for the services of passeurs who could smuggle Jews into such safe havens as Switzerland or Spain or Turkey. Such sums from America could prove useful for desperate Jews, too, in other ways — to pay for lodging, food, and transport – if they were on the run. Suppose that the New York Times had all through the 1930s, instead of scanting on its coverage of Jews in Germany, devoted many pages to their situation, culminating in Kristallnacht? Suppose the Times had reproduced the pages of Der Stürmer, published photographs of burned-out synagogues, reported on Jews who had been fired from their jobs, had their shops destroyed, were beaten to death on the streets of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Nuremberg? What if the readers of the Times, the “newspaper of record,” had learned early on about the first camps that opened, at Dachau and Buchenwald? What if the Times publisher had been someone who thought the Nazi persecution and murder of Europe’s Jews was, after the world war itself, the most important story in the world, and did everything he could to make sure it was given the prominence it deserved? Between the outbreak of World War II, on September 3, 1939, and its end on September 2, 1945, there were 2,190 days. What if there had been a Times story about Europe’s Jews on every single one of those 2,190 days? Surely American Jews, and not only Jews, would have done much more, if they had been properly informed. They could have held rallies, raised money, pressured their Congressmen to open the gates to Jewish refugees – damn the peacetime quotas! — and made the rescue of Europe’s Jews, those that had not yet been killed, a central  issue, a moral and political issue, a campaign issue.

Had more been known, and known earlier about the German murders, then many Jews (but not only Jews) in America would have gone all out to rally support in Washington, enlisting the aid of those who, such as Senator Robert Wagner of New York, already were aware of what was going on in Germany. The Roosevelt Administration might then have been persuaded to pressure the British, who knew they would need American aid and goodwill in the mighty contest to come, to end the their illegitimate blockade that prevented Jews from reaching Palestine. Had American Jews been better informed by the powerful New York Times, the paper they relied on, more of them might have mobilized their financial power, and found ways to send money to Jewish organizations in Europe, for distribution to those trying to escape. Some Jews might have evaded the British blockade and entered Palestine. It is too often forgotten that ships could still leave from the Rumanian port of Constanta, on the Black Sea, throughout the war. And money could ensure that harbor masters looked the other way as ships left their ports with their human cargo. Jews might then have made it, if they had the money to buy the right visas and to pay for that transport, all the way to North Africa, where Vichy French officials were not able to police the populace as easily as they did in France itself. It was possible for Jewish refugees to disappear from view in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, where hundreds of thousands of Sephardic Jews lived and could help them. Franco’s Spain, though Fascist, was another place Jewish refugees would not be harmed, but they needed money both to buy their entry visas, and to live on while searching for work. Turkey was another possibility, a place where some Jews found refuge, and many more might have, had they had sufficient means for travel, entry visas, living expenses. The most famous German literary scholar of the 20th century, Erich Auerbach, a Jew who had fled Nazi Germany in 1935, wrote his masterpiece Mimesis while living securely in Istanbul during the war. Some Jews managed to get to Egypt, and from there they went through the Sinai Desert, by motorcar or horse or camel or even on foot, pedibus calcantibus, and made it — despite the British blockade — to Palestine.

All these conceivable avenues of escape required money, not just for transportation, and food and lodging while on the run, but always for bribes to the right rat in the right office who – for a price — could supply the right papers. Had the antisemitic attacks in Germany in the 1930s, and the first news of mass murdering of Jews in the camps, been fully reported on by the New York Times,  American Jews would surely have raised huge sums and sent money to those in peril. Money could buy lives: the Cuban president, Federico Laredo Bru, who prevented the German Jews on the ship St. Louis from disembarking at Havana in May 1939, forcing the ship, with its Jewish passengers, to then try American and Canadian ports, where the ship was turned away. Ultimately the St. Louis returned to Germany, and the would-be refugees were imprisoned by the Nazis and many, of course, were then killed. The Cuban president might have changed his mind had he been offered enough money. And had the chorus of rage and pity for the refugees  been heard loud enough in Washington, perhaps the St. Louis would have been permitted to dock at an American port, and its desperate human cargo permitted to disembark. But the Times did not make clear what the inexorable fate for those refugees would be; the chorus never became loud enough. Washington, shamefully, failed to act.

Second, the under-reporting of the Holocaust by the Times also affected official Washington. Few American politicians in the late 1930s realized the full extent of the antisemitic persecution by the Nazis. Had the antisemitic attacks, had Kristallnacht and then the beginning of the mass roundups for the camps been extensively covered, there might have been more calls from Congress to admit Jewish refugees. And those in the government who opposed the admission of Jewish refugees, who met with little opposition, could more effectively have been countered. Instead, the State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, the antisemitic Breckenridge Long, who had been put in charge of all matters related to war refugees, did everything he could to prevent Jews from being admitted to the U.S. Ultimately, the effect of the immigration policies set by Long’s department was that, during American involvement in the war, ninety percent of the quota places available to immigrants from countries under German and Italian control were never filled. If they had been, an additional 190,000 people could have escaped the atrocities being committed by the Nazis. Had the New York Times reported fully and truthfully on the Nazi murders, it is even possible that political pressure from Congress would have forced the dismissal of Breckenridge Long, and thereby not just hundreds of thousands of Jews could have filled the refugee quotas for Germany and Italy that had been closed to them, but other Jews might have been helped by an American government now willing to expand its refugee program beyond the quotas set earlier, for those in the greatest peril – i.e., Jews in Europe. The American government might also have used its influence to persuade other countries in this hemisphere – Mexico, Brazil – to take in Jewish refugees.  The Americans also could have used their ships to transport desperate  refugees from European ports. In the Dominican Republic, where the dictator Rafael Trujillo said he would welcome Jews to the city of Sosua where, he believed, they would help build the country’s economy, only several thousand could take advantage of this offer; there were not enough vessels to transport the Jews eager to resettle.

The New York Times has never adequately examined its own role in reporting on the antisemitism of the 1930s and the mass-murdering of Jews in the 1940s known as the Holocaust. The paper has reported on Laurel Leff’s study, Buried With the Times, and recognized the truth of the indictment she presents. But that is not enough. The Times should dedicate an entire issue, or more if necessary, of its Sunday Magazine to a thorough self-study, quoting in their entirety the Times reports (and where they were placed in the paper) on the attacks on German Jews throughout the 1930s, including Kristallnacht on November 9-10, 1938, and then, it should also reprint those those articles — where there were any – which it published about the Holocaust itself. How did the Times cover the roundup of Jews at the Vel d’Hiv in Paris, of the reports by Jan Karski, who had learned in detail about the death camps in Poland, had visited the Warsaw Ghetto, and who came to Washington to inform President Roosevelt about what he had seen and heard? On July 28, 1943, Karski personally met with President Franklin Roosevelt in the Oval Office, telling him about the situation in Poland and becoming the first eyewitness to tell him about the Jewish Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. During their meeting, Roosevelt asked about the condition of horses in Poland. According to Karski, Roosevelt did not ask one question about the Jews.

How was the farce of the “model camp” at Theresienstadt (the camp where the Nazis showed “happy, healthy Jews” with their orchestra, and painting classes, to visiting Red Cross personnel) presented in the pages of the Times? What did it let its readers know about the numbers of Jews being sent to the death camps of Auschwitz, Belzec, Treblinka, and what exactly happened in those camps?  The Times has a duty not merely to endorse Laurel Leff’s study, but to show how badly it covered the Holocaust by reprinting what it reported at the time.

Take, for example, the story published in the paper on July 29, 1942, about the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. The story bore the headline “Warsaw Fears Extermination” instead of “Jews in Warsaw Fear Extermination.” It was published on Page 14, and was not even a stand-alone story; it consisted of a handful of paragraphs next to an ad for Emerson spinet pianos. The Times should reprint that story in all its nauseating brevity. It should reprint the other stories in the Times – the handful of disjointed reports, a few paragraphs here or there, about the labor camps, and the death camps, about the mobile gassing vans, about the Jews burned alive, about the mass shootings of Jews on the Eastern Front. And it should list the many examples of anti-Jewish “actions” that were known at the time, but that the Times chose to ignore altogether.

In 1944, for another example of minimizing Holocaust news at the paper concerns how it reported on Hungarian Jews. The Nazi regime, in its death throes, set about deporting to the concentration camps the Jews of Hungary, the last large group of European Jews who had remained mostly untouched by Hitler’s extermination campaign. In July 1944, the Times published an article of only four column inches citing “authoritative information” that 400,000 Hungarian Jews had already been forcibly transported to their deaths and an additional 350,000 were to be killed in the next few weeks. It ran on page 12.

Only four column inches, on page 12, were devoted to the fate – the murder — of 750,000 Hungarian Jews. What if the story had been on page 1, and given not four column inches but fifty, or one hundred column inches? What if there had been photographs of Hungarian Jews, starving and exhausted, waiting to be transported to the death camps? Surely there would have been a furor in Washington, and a renewal of previous appeals for the American Air Force in Europe to bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz, to save the 350,000 Jews who had not yet been killed but soon would be? Such a suggestion, to save Jews from mass murder, had been made months before about a different group of Jews, and had been rejected by Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy as too “disruptive to the war effort.” Perhaps with more coverage of the Hungarian Jews in the Times, instead of a handful of paragraphs on page 12, McCloy would this time have been forced to agree.

Neil Lewis damningly notes:

From a journalistic standpoint, it is perplexing, if not stupefying, years later to see how the Times covered the attempted annihilation of European Jewry. The paper published many articles, several of which recounted precisely the horror of what was happening, while at the same time egregiously underplaying them—even given the context that much else was occurring because most of the world was at war. Thus, the historic horror was never meaningfully conveyed because it was reported only in unrelated bits and pieces, and relegated to inside pages.

Lewis is too mild in his criticism here. It is not true that the Times “published many articles” about the Holocaust. And certainly not the thousands the subject deserved.

It would be salutary for the New York Times to begin its inquest into its own journalistic performance with a sincere mea culpa. Something like this:: “Between 1939 and 1945, the New York Times published more than 23,000 front-page stories. Of those, 11,500 were about World War II. Twenty-six were about the Holocaust. Now we will show you exactly what was reported by the paper, and what was minimized, or downplayed, and what was ignored. And we will attempt to tell you why.”

That is the reckoning with its past that the New York Times owes to posterity.


California Readies New Anti-Semitic Curriculum for High School Students

Why Is The Young Turks’ Hasan Piker Such a Jerk?

Boston: ISIS Beheading Plotter’s Conviction Overturned by Obama-Appointed Judge

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Toward 2020: Answering The Main Objections To Trump

As I spend a fair amount of time on TV and in other media defending President Trump’s policies, I understand better than most that supporters of President Trump are tasked with the difficult job of defending the man’s presidency in a world dominated by every culture mover universally opposed to him on an unbelievable scale.

But supporters must be able to defend his presidency to neighbors, friends, co-workers and family who are middle-of-the-road voters. Hardened Democrats are not the target. Do not concern yourselves with any brand of hardened never-Trumpers. It is a fool’s errand today. Their minds are cast in concrete and no amount of evidence or argument will change them. So be it.

Elections are won on two fronts: turnout and swings in the middle. On the former point, that comes down to a lot of party and campaign infrastructure doing it right. Trump will take care of the energy for turnout because of who he is.

On the latter, however, a lot of this can fall to those who understand the threat of the shockingly radicalized Democratic Party and the measurable successes of President Trump. The country is much better off, and so is the world, under Trump’s presidency. But many voters in the middle don’t know that

Those swing voters don’t read conservative news outlets or watch Fox News or read commentaries such as The Revolutionary Act. Supporters must assume they do not know the rest of the story, because the mainstream media has not, and absolutely will not, tell them. They mostly know the Democrat-driven narrative through the mainstream media and the culture.

You, in real-life relationships, are the ones who can inform them, who can change their internal thinking on Trump. Even if you are uncomfortable with Donald Trump the person and don’t like all of his communications, if you are voting for him you need to persuade others because as in 2016, but maybe even more so, the alternative is radically bad.

One thing Trump supporters cannot do successfully with those in the middle is be bombastic, exaggerate or get facts wrong. Calm, level-headed, rational and fact-driven responses can break through for some, and it will only take some. The case is so strong, but people are flabbergasted when they hear it. Frequently Democrats I debate cannot even respond to it, they are so completely unaware of the other side.

(Here’s a clip of that from a recent ABC debate I was in, that is both enlightening and sort of shocking.)

With that said, here are solid answers to what middle voters hear from the Democrat/media establishment (often taken from direct conversations and debates I’ve had.) This is the first of several parts coming.

A threat to the Republic

“Donald Trump is a direct threat to the Republic. He’s dismantling the Constitution and acting like a dangerous dictator.”

It’s tempting to want to laugh hysterically at this objection in all its myriad and daily forms. Resist the temptation. Too many voters who can swing elections are seriously concerned about this because they don’t pay close attention. They watch CNN in the airport or catch their local news or see “trusted news sources” on Facebook and are unaware of a few key facts.

Briefly, Trump has made Americans’ lives better through getting government out of our lives in many areas, reducing our taxes, spurring the economy, presiding over the lowest unemployment rates in generations and pushing back on our enemies abroad. He’s also continually deregulated — which is the opposite of what a dictator does.

One great factoid: 4 million fewer people are on food stamps now than when Trump took office; 4 million Americans who have more self-worth, more purpose in life, and are contributing more to the country than before. That’s a win for everyone.

Well, not the Democrats. That party is running leading presidential candidates who are proud socialists, who would raise taxes, promise free college (more taxes) free healthcare (lots more taxes) abolish ICE and have open borders and pursue reparations. Sometimes it sounds ludicrous to go through even part of the list, but the people you need to reach may not know it exists and that it’s true. A surprising number of firm Democrats don’t even know it, and disbelieve me when I bring it up.

There is a threat to the Republic, but it is not President Trump.

Obstruction of justice

“The Mueller Report showed collusion with Russians and Mueller said he could not clear Trump of obstruction. There is a criminal in the White House.”

Believe it or not, this remains a thing and will remain one.

Robert Mueller was made Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference in the election. Democrats and the media immediately labeled it collusion and Mueller morphed into that, and then into obstruction.

Here’s the key: In his report, Mueller specifically cleared Trump and Trump campaign officials of any collusion. That was the serious charge. He said he could not clear him of obstruction of justice. But that was not his job, nor the job of any prosecutor. The job is to either bring charges or close the case. This, along with airing 448 pages of dirty laundry — again something prosecutors do not do — is what leads many to believe Mueller ended up with a politicized investigation.

But it muddies the water for middle voters who the media leads to believe the accusation.

If he had stuck with an investigation of Russian interference, including collusion with any candidates or parties, the evidence would have led him directly to the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign, which through intermediaries assuredly paid Russians for “information” on the Trump campaign. This is the notorious Steele dossier, which has been largely discredited.

Attorney General Barr and other federal investigators are now looking into how such an investigation, that included bugging the presidential candidate’s team and planting informants in it, got so deep and invasive when there was no underlying evidence to support it, as Mueller concluded.

Just as with the threat to the Republic, the real corruption appears not to be on the Trump side.

Inhuman immigration policies

“I can’t get past the inhumane treatment of our Latinx sisters and brothers, especially the children, at the border.” “The dead children at the border are Trump’s doing.”

We all agree that the border is a dangerous place, particularly for everyone crossing it illegally between the legal ports of entry. But this did not start with Trump. We’ve had a border crisis for as long as we have had politicians unwilling to enforce our border and immigration laws. A very long time. (As an aside, we’re obviously an exceptional country because people from all over the world are willing to risk their lives to come here.)

The picture of the drowned father and his 2-year-old daughter is heartbreaking, but it is the result of border policies that Trump has been trying to change. And let’s be honest, too many Republicans in the past have been complicit in those policies of wink-and-nod encouragement of illegal immigrants.

They are coming and crossing illegally so they can ask for asylum — which about 80 percent of them do not qualify for. They have to be housed and adjudicated. But because of the high numbers, they are overwhelming the system with wait times averaging almost two years. Combined with court rulings on dealing with adults and children, that means that those with minors must be released far before they can be adjudicated with just a promise to show up in court.

This essentially means that virtually every illegal immigrant gets released into the interior and stays in the United States, in reality under pre-Trump enforcement, as long as they want. This is untenable at every level, and it leads directly to people doing exactly what this father did. It also leads to the overwhelming of border patrol facilities and poor conditions, which the Democrats decry even as they push policies furthering the situation.

But all of the deaths we hear about at the border under Trump. Surely all of this is much worse now, right? Wrong. Here’s a chart published by the BBC, no friend of conservatives.

So if the conditions for people at the border are a major concern, whatever else you do, vote for President Trump because he is trying to change it.

Remember, it was Obama who built the “cages” for children who were being used then as now as a tool to get in — due to Democrats in the Ninth Circuit rulings. It is Democrats who are encouraging people to come. It is Democrats who now want an open border. It is Democrats who have set much of the entire stage for this. And for a long period, it was Democrats who refused to fund more beds and more care for the waves of people coming, as Trump and the GOP sought.

This is Part I in an ongoing series of these issues. Future articles will cover the charges of racism, of attacking the media, of this being Obama’s economy, of being a puppet of Putin and of being anti-Christian.

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‘Angel Has Fallen’ a film about the Democrats’ Russian Collusion Hoax?

The newly released Lionsgate Movies film “Angel Has Fallen” is about how loyal and patriotic Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is falsely accused of conspiring to assassinate the President of the United States. The entire plot is controlled out of the White House by Vice President Martin Kirby (played by Tim Blake Nelson). The Vice President uses the media, the Secret Service, the FBI and other para-military assets to to assume the presidency.

Watch the trailer:

After watching Angel Has Fallen I couldn’t help but think of what happened with President Trump. Let me explain.

Angel Has Fallen and the Russian Collusion Hoax

The plot, you guessed it, is based on a false accusation of colluding with the Russians. Oh my. 50 Shades of the Mueller Investigation?

Lionsgate Movies may have inadvertently given those who watch the film a very personal glimpse of what it is like to be falsely accused of something like colluding with a foreign government, Russia, to get rid of a sitting president. The film is produced by Gerard James Butler who also plays to role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning.

Agent Mike Banning is a distinguished war veteran who is suffering from PTSD. He becomes the focus of a plot by our own government (a.k.a. the Deep State) to remove the sitting President of the United States. Sound familiar? It get’s better.

Of course the hero Agent Banning is able to expose the plot against the President and save the day. However, once accused the Secret Service, FBI, media and White House turn against him to further the hoax. Again, sound familiar?

It seems ironic that a film with this plot line would come out just after the end of the Mueller Investigation of President Trump’s campaign.

Today, as Americans learn more and more about how the plot to take down Trump the more and more we learn that there are those in the CIA, NSA, FBI and even the Obama White House were involved.

Agent Banning, like President Trump, is finally vindicated. What is hilarious is at the end of the film the Vice President is taken out of the White House in handcuffs. Maybe this film will be prophetic?

Maybe others in the CIA, NSA, FBI and even those in the Obama White House will experience the same fate?


This is a great action film and the best, of the now three, Fallen series. This film comes out in the same year that we have people trying to take out the sitting President, Donald J. Trump. Happenstance or intentional? You decide.

Heads Up, America: North Carolina Special Election Matters

Though I love her dearly, my wife Mary interrupts my peaceful morning cup of coffee by reading me disturbing headlines on her phone. “Court rules Idaho must give transgender inmate gender surgery.” Thank God the Republican governor, in essence, said it will be a cold day in hell before his state pays for the convicted sex offender’s reassignment surgery.

For the record, a John Hopkins psychiatrist said transgenderism is a “mental disorder” and sex change is “biologically impossible”.

Ruling that Idaho must pay for a sex offender’s gender reassignment is on a growing list of crazy, immoral and anti-American agenda items Democrats are hellbent on forcing down the throats of mainstream America. The wacko court ruling illustrates why we must elect courageous conservative leaders who are willing to push back; to just say, no! It is also a prime example of why it is extremely important that we elect conservatives in political races that are not on the radar of many Americans.

One such crucially important race that is somewhat below the national radar is the September 10th congressional special election in North Carolina. Rock solid Christian and Constitutional conservative Republican Dan Bishop is fighting to retain his seat against a Democrat challenger.

Dan Bishop’s Democrat challenger in North Carolina is the father of four children. How can he support a political party that is relentlessly seeking to legalize murdering babies even after they are born?

Republican Dan Bishop is pro life. NC Right to Life and North Carolina Values Coalition support Dan for protecting the unborn and defending conservative Christian values.

Pro gun, Dan has been A rated by the NRA for protecting our second amendment rights.

In 2014, Dan ran for state legislature. In just his third term, Dan became one of the most effective and conservative lawmakers in North Carolina. He led the fight to put the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot last November.

Dan cut or eliminated state income taxes on 99% of North Carolina families, and he voted to punish sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens.

Dan Bishop is one of us folks, a warrior in Trump’s fight to keep America great!

Why is winning low key elections like this one in North Carolina so important?

The results in these races will effect the math in 2020 of how many seats the GOP must gain to take back the majority and how many seats Pelosi can lose and still be in charge in the House. Removing the Democrats from the House Majority will take away their ability to hold conservative legislation hostage and conduct frivolous and malicious investigations into the Trump administration.

This is why Democrats’ anti-American leftist buddies are pouring tons of money into the September 10th special election for the NC 9th district congressional seat. Democrats came frighteningly close to winning this seat last year.

Our patriot brothers and sisters at the Conservative Campaign Committee are in the thick of the battle fighting to retain this crucial North Carolina congressional seat. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I read this disturbing headline in an email from our Christian conservative patriot warriors at Liberty Counsel. “Punished for calling a boy a boy.” In Ohio, a vice principal scolded and punished a sixth grader by pulling him out of PE class. The sixth grader’s crime was telling a biologically male fellow student who is gender-confused that he is not a girl.

Democrats and progressives in powerful positions are forcing mainstream Americans to abandon commonsense and truth to implement their insane agenda. Restoring America and keeping her great demands that we elect conservatives in races which do not make the national spotlight; local dog catcher, school boards and so on.

This special election in North Carolina has not received much national attention mostly due to fake news media’s 24/7 obsession with feeding Americans propaganda to remove president Trump from the White House.

Early voting is already underway. Please help Dan Bishop win his/our seat. This congressional battle in North Carolina matters much to America.

President Trump’s words once again have been misconstrued

Once again President Trump’s words concerning the Jewish people and Israel by Democrat supporters have been misconstrued. President Trump and Harry S. Truman are the best friends ever of the Jewish people and Israel by any other U.S. President.

Read more by Melanie Phillips:


There appears to be no limit to the sheer stupidity and reflexive malice with which people misrepresent what US President Donald Trump has just said.

On Tuesday, he said: “I think Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

Cue an instant storm of outrage by Jewish groups and commentators claiming that he had accused Jews of dual loyalty — one of the trademark libels of classical antisemitism.

“This is yet another example of Donald Trump continuing to weaponize and politicize antisemitism,” said Halie Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

[ … ]

The full context of what President Trump said made it abundantly clear that this “dual loyalty” interpretation of his words simply didn’t stack up. Commenting on Omar’s call to cut aid to Israel, Trump said:

“Five years, the concept of even talking about this, even three years ago, of cutting off aid to Israel because of two people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people, I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the State of Israel? I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

Read more.

Donald Trump is the Dennis Rodman of Politics

Donald Trump is the Dennis Rodman of politics.  To my Democrat friends, now that you have stopped laughing, please continue reading; to my Republican friends, this is a supreme compliment to President Trump, please continue reading.

I have had the pleasure of talking with Rodman privately in the past and found him to be one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.  And he has one of the most magnetic personalities I have ever encountered.

No one dislikes him and he immediately makes everyone feel at home around him.

Those who understand Rodman best are those who do not try to understand him; they simply accept him at face value and give him the freedom to be himself.

Everyone in the N.B.A. wanted Rodman on their team because they knew he would deliver on the court.

Nevermind him wearing a wedding dress to his book release party in the 90s.  He would show up late for practices and games; but despite this disruption, every N.B.A. team would have gladly taken him because he was viewed as a winner.

Notice the number of Hall of Fame coaches Rodman played for: Chuck Daley (Pistons), Phil Jackson (Bulls), and Greg Popovich (Spurs).  These were coaches who had a firm grip on their teams and coached for N.B.A. teams that are all storied franchises as far as management goes.

Similarly, Donald Trump in many ways is like Dennis Rodman.  You will go crazy trying to understand him with “conventional wisdom.”

Those who understand him best are those who don’t try to constrain and contain him.  They stand back and marvel at his ability to use the tool of “misdirection” to confuse his enemies.

Trump told us during the 2016 campaign that he likes to keep people guessing about him and his policies; well, he has not disappointed us in this regard.

Rodman wearing a dress had nothing to do with his prolific rebounding on the court, having led the NBA in rebounds seven straight years or him being named to seven NBA All-Defensive First teams; and most did not realize at the time that Rodman was paid $ 10 million dollars for wearing that dress.  Now tell me who is the fool.

Many cringed at Rodman’s off the court antics and his total honesty when reporters asked him questions; but not one person in the N.B.A. would ever say Rodman didn’t make every team he played for better.

Similarly, people cringe at Trump’s tweets, his bluntness in media interviews, and his constant stream of consciousness in front of the media; but this is the same guy that got his tax cut in 2017 that gave us a bullish economy, that broke the ice with North Korea by doing a face to face, and put America’s interest above other nations.

Democrats, the radical liberal media, and never Trumpers are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how Trump won the nomination in 2016, yet alone the presidency.

Their conclusion is that Trump voters are stupid, ignorant, white supremacists, white nationalists, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, crazy, etc.

Despite the drama that constantly surrounds this president, most Americans believe he is fighting for the rights of and supremacy of America.

Most of the foreign leaders I talk to about Trump have great respect for his singular focus of putting the interests of America first and not the wishes of the European Union, NATO, or the United Nations which are all controlled by radical liberal globalist elites.

These foreign leaders are all amazed that its taken this long for an American president to put their own country first.

So, Americans had to decide whether they wanted to win the global Mr. Congeniality contest like we did with former president Obama and were made to look weak; or elect Dennis Rodman, er Trump, and win championships, i.e., advancing a conservative agenda.

America overwhelmingly chose Dennis Rodman.  America no longer wanted to lose with style, Obama; but rather they wanted to win with blood on their uniforms because they were in a fight.

Winning is winning.  There is absolutely no consolation in losing!

Those who support Trump are loyal to him, despite all of his eccentricities, because they see in him a fighter, yes maybe even a bully; but he is fighting for values they believe in:  marriage between man and woman, genders are either male or female, protection of religious freedoms, pro-life, America’s interest above global elites.

Why other American presidents sold us out is a big question.  Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency is America’s response to our globalist political elites from both parties here in the U.S.

Trump doesn’t seem to care about being popular; but rather advancing the cause of America around the world.  And for this he is considered racist, isolationist, and xenophobic?


In the immortal words of my boy, Niccolo Machiavelli, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”

Obama feared not being loved and America lost; Trump hates not being feared and America is winning.

Antifa Update

It has been some time since I last wrote about Antifa, the self-proclaimed anarchists/communists who have adopted violent tactics to attack anyone not agreeing with their political agenda, which is nothing less than to subvert and overthrow the government of the United states. Their tactics are well recorded on film, everything from Berkeley, to attacking conservative writer Andy Ngo, to the recent confrontation in Portland, Oregon, and much more.

They are anti-capitalists, anti-religion (particularly Christianity), but they are also very organized. The scary part is they are misguided, armed, and view themselves as international terrorists, a true recipe for disaster. Interestingly, aside from former VP Joe Biden, I am told all of the other Democrat presidential candidates have yet to condemn Antifa and, as such, it is presumed they are soliciting the support of the group which is considered far-left and sympathetic to Democrat causes. In contrast, the Trump administration has openly condemned the group.

Recently, Republican Congressmen introduced resolutions to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. In the Senate, Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D. (LA) and Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) introduced Senate Resolution 279 (July 18, 2019). One week later, Rep. Brian K. Fitzpatrick (PA-1) introduced House Resolution 525 (July 25, 2019) based on the language contained in the Senate version. The Senate version was referred to the Judiciary Committee for review, and the House version has moved to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. It will be interesting to see how these two bills progress through the two chambers, and if anyone opposes them.

Two people have already voiced their displeasure with the proposed legislation. The first is Hina Shamsi of the American Civil Liberties Union, who told The Washington Post she opposes labeling groups as domestic terrorists, seeing it as a threat to the freedoms embodied in the First Amendment. The second person, Rep Debra Haaland (NM-D) claims Antifa represents “peaceful protesters” trying to “safeguard their city.” I have trouble with this in lieu of the recent developments in Portland where the Antifa protesters came to provoke a confrontation.

Should the legislation pass, this will mean Antifa can be treated as any other terrorist group and subject to prosecution under the Patriot Act. Some suggest this is too extreme, that they are just misled kids who don’t comprehend the legalities of their actions. Their behavior though is reminiscent of the Gestapo which came to power in 1933 in Nazi Germany. The biggest difference between the two groups is the Gestapo was an arm of the government, but not so with Antifa. Nonetheless, their tactics were similar in they both attacked anyone who did not conform to their ideology.

You may think classifying Antifa as a terrorist organization is a no-brainer, that everyone would like to be rid of them. Not so fast. It has become a political football for the Democrats who do not want to alienate this far-left group of voters. Yes, I think they deplore the actual violence they create, but they are looking to groups like Antifa to loudly strong-arm and neutralize groups on the right, just as the Gestapo’s “goon squads” did in Germany. Likewise, they may be sharpening their skills for political intimidation at the voting precincts. So, do not look for any significant action to pass on Antifa until after the 2020 elections, if at all. It is not in the best interests of the Democrats to do so at this time.

By the way, I find it interesting the “Anti-Fascists” (hence the origin of their name), still do not know what a fascist is. Rather, they should just look in the mirror.

Keep the Faith!

P.S. – Also do not forget my new books, “How to Run a Nonprofit” and “Tim’s Senior Moments”, both available in Printed and eBook form.

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Socialism Infects the Globe, It Must be Defeated

After Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre death, Attorney General William Barr found “Serious Irregularities” and ordered an investigation. He also promised that: “We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability.” Unfortunately, America faces a whole range of “Serious Irregularities.” They are the ills, tentacles or symptoms of Socialism in our domestic and foreign policies: from the Russia Probe to war in Afghanistan, from two Soviet style propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib to the conversion of the Dems to Socialist party. To understand the nexus of these issues you have to know that they all have been brought about by the ideological war going on between Capitalism and Communism/Socialism for the last hundred years. Read my column American Socialism: The Enemy Within, New Right Network, August 1, 2019.

The recent mysterious, failed Russian military experiment and nuclear radiation of the world a-la Chernobyl indicates old Soviet intent to dominate and their usual attempt to cover it up their mistakes. Just watch, Russia will blame America for the crime they committed. Actually, most of the trouble in America and the world derives from and is caused by Russia and Putin’s KGB. I am emphasizing the significance of the KGB, because it represents Russia today and am using the term KGB to represent the entirety of the Russian Intelligence Services. If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with mass shootings in America, political mistrust of the government, and the other ills at this moment in time, simply imagine the decades of the KGB’s infiltration to do just that–fighting the American Republic from within….

To be aware of interconnection between all fronts of this war, you have to know well the enemy and the variety of forms, methods, and tricks used against Capitalism by the radical army of Communist/ Socialist mafia. Trump’s tariff-war, systematic mass shootings, the rise of Anti-Semitism, violence, and unspeakable hatred are only a few symptoms of this war. Yet, they are inextricably connected to each other by a philosophical concept of Soviet Socialism, the Stalinist Dogma of “Divide and Conquer.” Trump’s tariff-war with Communist China is a part of this long war. Yes, read the book by Michael Pillsbury, who scholastically identified this war: The Hundred-Year Marathon CHINA’S SECRET STRATEGY TO REPLACE AMERICA AS THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWER. If we want to survive we can’t escape and hide from it, because the ultimate agenda of Communism/Socialism is the destruction of Capitalism, Western civilization, and the American Republic.

Mass shootings have also taken a chronicle character in America since it started with Columbine School Shooting in 1999, under Clinton. It was investigated very poorly, missing the major cause—use of mentally disturbed people by the KGB. Mental Health is the crux of the matter. I had discussed the issue and blamed the incompetence on our Intel then, in my book The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006. There is a direct connection between the Columbine School Shooting under Clinton and Epstein’s repulsive crime spread globally: a pedophile, who also sponsored the Clinton Foundation, which I called “the eyes and ears of the KGB.” We still don’t understand Russia and its Intelligence Apparatus, which is destroying America from within. Trump is right, alleging that the Clintons were behind Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death. My hopes for AG Barr’s awareness of the ongoing war to execute a successful investigation of the International Watergate No.2 in America.

What is at stake in this war? Everything America cares about: our set of values, democratic institutions, our personal liberty, and all freedoms we enjoy under the unique and most humane system known to the world, left to us by our Founding Fathers. I have been writing about this war for the last thirty years, because I recognized the main culprit of the war—Stalinist Soviet Socialism–a system of corruption, abuse, and fraud, built within the Democrat Party. I had lived through Soviet Socialism for half of my adult life and, as a former Soviet attorney, I know the system pretty well… Soviet Socialism is the enemy of humanity, installed and functioning in the half of the world today. Trump is right, talking about a “long-term catastrophe,” he warned us about our national security twenty years ago…

An Axis of Evil Spreads the Infection

As a matter of fact, the roots of the tariff’s war are much larger and broader than only China. Yes, it started a hundred years ago, but not in China, it was waged by Russia against Western civilization after the 1917 Socialist Revolution. It‘s still going on! History is the Mother of all sciences. If you go back and research the history of Stalinist Soviet Socialism, you will find interesting facts. Knowing that Russia alone can’t spread his ideological Dogma, Stalin began exporting communism abroad. The erroneous American foreign policy for decades gave the Russian KGB and military the opportunity to expand the fraudulent ideology of Socialism and consolidate the power globally.

Stalin started by converting Mongolia, North Korea, China, Eastern Europe,  Palestine, his devoted disciples continued expansion to Syria, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, and Turkey. All Intelligence Services of those countries had been built imitating the Soviet structure and were subordinated to the Kremlin—they all went through the KGB’s schooling. Today it is not Russia or China, we are dealing with the Axis of Evil under the umbrella and supervision of Russia. Nothing reciprocal is possible with those countries. This Axis of Evil doesn’t favor a specific race or nationality, yet, none of those countries honor agreements they have signed and don’t follow the International order unless it furthers their aims. The main point for them is–their common ideology aimed at ruining Western civilization.

To this end, Socialism has also created the groups of radical Islamic terrorists from al-Qaeda to ISIS spreading the KGB’s criminal methods throughout the world, using them and the rest of the Socialist mafia to implement Stalinist ideology. In this connection Afghanistan is a turning point to understand the destabilizing role of Russia, which, in fact, has a long border with Afghanistan and is using it. I have repeated many times that knowledge of Russia, its Security Apparatus, and its methods and tricks is a must. To understand this destabilizing role of Russia, please read in this e-magazine my column The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees, October 19, 2017.

It is not Brexit, but October 1, 2019 is a very significant date for China—Seventy years as a Communist State, designed and built by Stalinist Russia. Though China has changed the economic structure of the Communist system and injected Crony Capitalism, the span of seventy years is looming. In that period of time the Russian socialist economy had collapsed unable to compete with Capitalism. I am not predicting a collapse of China, yet the uprising in Hong Kong is a Ringling Bell for a disaster similar to Tiananmen Square. Remember, after Political Correctness and Social engineering Communism uses brutal violence to prevent their regime from collapsing! Stay tuned!

California: The First Socialist State in America

America did not escape the Stalin’s design as well…To grasp the Truth you should know the transformation which has taken place in the Democrat Party, which is not democratic any longer. Instead, we are dealing with the typical Socialist Party. A Socialist mafia with a socialist agenda aligns with The Axis of Evil to destroy America’s capitalist economic system in order to integrate it into the socialist system worldwide…

Don’t be surprised that California experiences defecation crises. History can explain the tragic transformation of California to Socialism. It was 1963 when University of Berkeley held a communist strategy meeting, where the primary targets were determined. Look at this:

“Primary targets were determined, namely; Family, Free Enterprise, Morality (by/ censorship) and Environmental. At the same meeting they adopted the goals of the “Naked Communist” by Cleon Scouse (1970) were set up as their preamble.” There are 45 goals in total in different stages of the communists operating covertly toward the socialization our nation. “In 1992 A communist strategy meeting was held at the University of California Berkeley, for the sole purpose of updating their objectives, originally proposed in 1963.” To get the essence of those goals, let me give you only four of them:

15. Capture one of the political parties in the United States. I’ve written you about the transformation of the Dems to a Socialist mafia for the last thirty years.

19. Use student riots to foment publicity. Look at the riots in our Universities and Colleges against the First Amendment and the foundation of the American Republic.

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policy making positions. I was warning you about Andropov’s design to infiltrate American media and all security services for the last several decades. I am a victim of that, writing the truth about Russia, my writings were banned by the FBI Socialist mafia.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press. Our culture has become unrecognizable due to a success of our enemies…

Those four goals are very familiar to me, I had lived through their successful execution in Russia—it was called Soviet Socialism. I won’t surprise you, but these exact goals depicts the Socialism in California and America—a system of abuse, injustice, corruption, and fraud…

Don’t be surprised that almost 90% of the agenda had been accomplished in California. If you watch TV, you know the result in a city of millionaires, San-Francisco: abject poverty, violence, and homelessness are out of control, endangering public health. As a result of the official distribution of syringes for addicts, their spent needles and even their excrement litter the streets. There is also risk of a national epidemics of typhus … This is what American Socialism brought San Francisco by the Dems!

As you can see the enemies of the American Republic have the same agenda: whether it is Socialism/Communism within or “The Axis of Evil” outside the country—those are acting in unison against the American Republic on different fronts. Just look at some Dems’ candidates for the US Presidency using the KGB’s play-book: they are scaring us with existential threat of “humanity caused change climate,” for decades, yet, the science did not support them. I identified several of those candidates as being sponsored by the KGB.

What do you think about the events mentioned above by me? Do they constitute “Serious Irregularities” in the American Republic? And another question: Who are you Governor Gavin Newsom? Why do you hate the unique and most humane system left to us by our Founding Fathers???

Socialism—Humanity’s Most Dangerous Sickness

In the beginning of this column, I called “Serious Irregularities” the ills, tentacles or symptoms of Socialism in our domestic and foreign policies: from Russia Probe to the war in Afghanistan, from two Soviet style propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib to the conversion of the Dems to Socialist Party. Yes, I recognized the Soviet style of propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib, they are the epitome of Stalinist Political Correctness: lies and fraud. I don’t believe anything coming from their mouths. World Jewish Congress condemns Rep. Rashida Tlaib. I dedicated several columns to Stalinist P.C. let me give it again: “… Political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies, fraud, and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create of One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s rule.”

I identified another long term objective when the Muslim invasion of Europe took place. It was executed by the KGB in cahoots with Socialist mafia of Greece, Turkey, with the silent agreement of the EU and Germany. All Caravans on our Southern border have been planned by the same culprits. Yet, it is not my duty to present the analysis on all of the KGB’s crimes, as they fight against social and economic freedom in America and the world. It is a duty of the FBI to prevent destabilization of America by the Socialist mafia! The FBI was obligated to do that during the last several decades! They did not! The result is an institutional failure of the FBI! Read my columns here.

Look at the Dems’ candidates for presidency—they are an irresponsible and ignorant lot, and an arrogant Socialist herd of clowns united by a collectivized hatred toward President Trump. Alas, our deceived and fooled Millennial generation seems to prefer socialism, hoping for “free stuff.” They are inculcated by socialist professors in cosmetic socialism, and escaped knowledge of the malevolent and evil side of socialism. They all have no idea the horrors Socialism will bring. They never read my books and don’t know how it is terrible to live in a communal apartment and stay in line for hours to buy milk. Socialism is the enemy of Humanity! America must know that!

Jerry McCormick is right: “When you implement a socialist government, you will eventually have people starving for the necessities of life on a regular basis. Currently, in Venezuela, there are people who have to cross the border to get basic supplies like milk, eggs, and bread. When these kinds of desperate conditions arise, you see violence in your streets and the authoritarian regime sends people to prison and worse. Report: At least 7,000 Venezuelan deaths can be attributed to socialist regime, Patriot News Alerts, July 28, 2019 by Jerry McCormick.

Communism/Socialism did not come to Russia as the result of a demanding public. It was imposed on her from a small minority hiding behind democratic slogans in Russian Duma (parliament). They had ousted a Provisional Government and after a volley from Aurora-ship in Petrograd, the Bolsheviks proclaimed a victory of Socialist Revolution in 1917. Read about Alexander Kerensky, who ran from Petrograd wearing a woman’s dress. His government was overthrown by the Lenin-led Bolsheviks. In reality it was a coup d’état committed by the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Pay attention to what is going on in the House of Representatives in America: the creeping coup d’état against President Trump by Socialist mafia has been going on for the last three years… Don’t be surprised by the similarity with Russia—the countries of the Axis of Evil have the same agenda and Socialist mafia, schooled by the KGB, operating in a similar manner around the world. North Korea is threatening us by testing weaponry, Russia endangers the world with nuclear radiation, Iran is launching missiles, and Syria is poisoning and gassing its people. All leaders of those countries have destabilized the world and hate our successful freedom loving U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

And so do the Dems. Watch the DNC and radical leftists, who I call American Socialist mafia. They hate Trump, and in the best tradition of Stalinism, blame him for the crimes they had committed:

  • They collaborated with Russia for decades and created a hoax of Trump/Dossier, while accusing Trump of treason by being Putin’s agent.
  • They applied fascist methods and tactics in violence like a POGROM in Berkley and accused Trump of being a fascist, calling him Hitler.
  • They are defending a vicious Anti-Semitism of the Islamists in the House of Representatives and accusing Trump of Anti-Semitism, calling him a racist.
  • They are destroying and dividing American Republic for decades and calling Trump a divider, when he is successfully building a Great America.

Enough is enough, wake up America!

To be continued

VIDEO: Watch ‘DEMageddon’ — The Epic Tale of the 2016 Election

Carpe Donktum (@CarpeDonktum) tweeted:

Just found out that after ONE YEAR in YouTube Jail, my epic Meme Movie DEMageddon is now available on YouTube again!

Enjoy the epic tale of the 2016 election!

Please visit Carpe Donktum’s YouTube channel (if it is still up) no pun intended.

PODCAST: Why do Jews support Rashida Tlaib Israel entry?

With all the gremlins in the system last week when we were talking with BARRY SHAW in Netanya, we never got to hear everything Barry wanted to raise and discuss on the Tlaib – Omar hateful crap, so we asked Nothing Left’s MICHAEL BURD to touch base with BARRY again.

Tlaib, Omar, the Democrats and progressive Liberal Jews, Barry and Michael have them well and truly covered.

Please check out the thoughts and writing of our good friend JUSTIN AMLER at the 30-minute mark, simply brilliant.

Shabbat Shalom  Am Yisrael Chai.   PEACE

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BDS is Primarily an Assault on American Jews

Netanyahu’s Sound Decision to Bar Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib

Victims of Islamic Delusion

It is important to understand that the human mind is not a perfect discerner of the objective reality. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Similarly, it can be said that reality is in the mind of the beholder. The outside world only supplies bits and pieces of raw material that the mind puts together to form its perception—reality. Depending on the type and number of bits and pieces that a given mind receives and its already in-place data, its reality can be very different from that of another mind.

The more prescribed and homogeneous a group, the greater is the group’s consensual reality, since the members share much in common experiential input and reinforce each other’s’ mindset. Thus, members of a given religious order, for instance, tend to think much more similarly to one another than to members of other groups with different experiential histories.

Various approximations of the objective reality, therefore, rule the mind. The degree to which these approximations deviate from the larger group’s consensual reality determines its delusional extent and severity.

A narcotic mainliner, for instance, under the influence of the drug, may become convinced that a bug is burrowing under his skin. In his absolute, although clearly false, certitude of the reality of his perception, cocaine users are known to take a knife to their own body to dig the burrowing bug out before it has penetrated too deeply.

A methamphetamine user’s reality is often distorted in a different way. Under the influence of the drug, an intense paranoia overtakes him. His reality is dominated by the belief that one or more people are lurking about to harm or kill him. He may wield a deadly weapon, going from room to room, from closet to closet, in search of the assailants.

If you believe that a bug is camping deeply in your body, then you might go ahead and try to dig the non-existent bug out. If you believe that people are lurking around the house to harm or kill you, you go after them before they get you. If you believe that all the troubles of the world are due to the evil-doings of the non-Muslims who war against Allah, then you do all you can to fight and kill them, particularly since Allah tells you in the Quran it is your duty to do Quran (2:191-193) (3:151)

The drug-induced delusions are hallucinations. They are dramatic and usually transitory, while religiously-based implantation of ideas program the mind with lasting delusions.

Delusions, even when they are at great variance from the objective reality, can rule the mind without the need for drugs, or because of neurological dysfunctions or other factors. The young and the less-educated are most vulnerable to believe the claims of charlatans, con artists, and cunning clerics, as truth and reality.

A tragic example of the young’s susceptibility to induced delusion is the case of thousands of Iranian children who were used as human minesweepers in the last Iran-Iraq war. The mullahs issued made-in-China plastic keys for paradise to children as enticement to go forward and clear the minefield with their bodies ahead of the military’s armored vehicles. The children believed the murderers and rushed to their death, thinking that they were headed for Islam’s glorious paradise.

The repeated intense indoctrination of the children even changed the perception of some of the charlatan mullahs so that they, themselves, believed their own lies, took their own keys to Allah’s paradise and rushed to their death clinging to the plastic trinkets. Hence, some of the puppeteers, in this instance, became puppets themselves. Such are the follies and fallibilities of the human mind.

It is, therefore, understandable that many of the higher-up Islamic puppeteers, who are usually brainwashed from early childhood, devote their fortunes and persons to the implementation of their deeply engrained delusions.

Deluded by the threats and promises of Islam, Muslims, poor or rich, vie with one another in furthering the violent cause of Allah.

Many non-Muslims are also victims of a different, yet just as deadly, delusion. They believe that Islam is a religion of peace, only a small minority of Muslims is jihadists, and Muslims can be reasoned with to abandon the Quran-mandated elimination of the non-believers. These well-meaning simpletons are just as deluded as the fanatic jihadists by refusing to acknowledge the fact that one cannot be a Muslim and not abide by the dictates of the Quran.

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Finally! A plan to push back against the forces of evil in America!

Modesto, CA has denied citizens the right to celebrate heterosexuality, life, the USA and Faith.