America Is Not Having Babies Anymore

Americans just celebrated the birth of Christ 2,000 years ago. What we are celebrating a lot less these days is the birth of our own babies.

In short, America’s fertility rate is in a free fall.

Over a 60-year period between 1957 and 2017, fertility rates in the United States plummeted. About 11 percent fewer babies were born in America in 2017 (3,853,472) than in 1957 (4,316,233.) But drop is at the same time as the population in America doubled, meaning the fertility rate as measured by number of births per woman in the country has fallen by more than half in 60 years.

Unlike all of the nonsense about Trump and Russia, this is actually is an existential threat — economically and culturally — at least based on what has happened in other western or industrialized countries whose birth rates have declined to below replacement level, i.e. Europe and Japan.

This little discussed or reported issue is put in painful new context in a deep-dive study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute in “Declining Fertility in America” by Lyman Stone of the Institute for Family Studies.

Stone writes, “The specter of low fertility, and ultimately of declining population, has come to America.”


“Most of these changes in age-specific birth rates, however, can be attributed to changing marital patterns. Controlling for marital status, fertility in the United States has been roughly stable for the past decade and a half. Most changes in marital status, in turn, can be attributed to the increasing delay in young people getting married. In other words, declining fertility is really about delayed marriage.”

So why is marriage being delayed?F

Stone offers up five reasons. Ironically the central problem revolves around the large numbers of young going to college now, taking on enormous debt, and too many getting degrees in fields that in no way financially justify the level of debt. (We’ll leave out for now the government’s role in that great debt expansion because of soaring college costs.)

Here are Stone’s reasons:

  • Increased young adult debt service costs due to student loans;
  • Decreasing young adult homeownership due to rapidly rising housing costs and student loans;
  • Increasing years spent actively enrolled in educational institutions, which tends to reduce birth rates dramatically while enrolled;
  • Higher cost of market-based childcare, alongside rising need for hired childcare due to diminished extended family support and more two-earner families; and
  • Changed social and cultural expectations of parents and parenting, making children and childbearing more burdensome than for previous generations.

I think the last one is 180 degrees off based on the one right before it. Two-income parents sending their children to day care and then to school have far less childbearing burden then moms who stayed at home and raised their babies, at least until school age.

Dropping below replacement rate is bad enough, but if Stone is right about the causes, and it seems likely he is to some degree, then the solution is virtually impossible to get to: Encourage fewer children to go to college, back the federal government out of guaranteed loans and force universities to compete for those fewer students by charging less. The first two lead to the third, but they do not seem remotely likely to happen.

Stone writes: “…the entire educational complex is presently structured in such a way as to discourage family formation for young adults.” Yes. Because a lot of people in charge of the complex benefit from that.

So then, on to the coming crisis — a real crisis, not a faux Russian election interference crisis.

The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are economic.

A thriving country requires a growing economy and a growing economy require more workers — yes, even in this age of rapid technological advance and a shifting economy, we still have an unemployment rate well below 4 percent and many companies are just going with unfilled openings. Eventually that begins acting like a choke chain tightening around the throat of the economy.

The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are political.

With fewer Americans entering the workforce and larger amounts of Americans in the retirement stage, and generally living longer, how does Social Security possibly hold up? Even before these numbers, Social Security was well enroute to bankruptcy as precious few in Congress are willing to touch it.

Dittos with Medicare. Same dynamic, but throw the rising costs of healthcare on top of it. Neither program is sustainable right now. But with a declining birth rate, the collapse of them rockets towards us much faster.

The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are cultural.

This is a problem Europe has been facing for decades as it’s birth rate dropped below replacement rate more than a generation ago. Their solution was increasing immigration to provide the needed workers. The immigrants came largely from North Africa and the Middle East, some from Asia. They did not assimilate or really want to become French or English (or Belgian or Italian or German.) Political correctness only adds to the problem.

That is not only making France less French and England less English, it is creating more chaos, conflict and violence — while not actually producing the desired results of young immigrants paying for older French and English natives’ old-age checks and healthcare.

This is not a pretty picture for America’s future. But it is one that is a making of our own choices. Changing the trajectory means a sea change in the culture that places a greater priority on families and children than on college and careers. I’ll let the reader judge the likelihood of that.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act. The featured photo is by Ash Dowie on Unsplash.

Report Details Nature Of Facebook’s Secret Rulebook Governing Global Speech

Facebook’s secretive rulebook regulating how employees censor certain forms of expression contains numerous biases and outright errors, according to internal documents The New York Times obtained Friday.

The nearly 1,400-page document shows the Silicon Valley company’s guidebook is riddled with mistakes and is not nimble enough to handle cultural nuance, the report notes. The guidelines censor mainstream speech in one country while allowing extremist language to fester in others.

Several dozen Facebook employees gather every other Tuesday to brainstorm rules that flesh out what people can and cannot say while navigating the platform, according to TheNYT. The guidelines that are agreed upon are then sent out to 7,500-plus moderators around the world.

The Facebook employees, many of whom are young, attempt to distill complex issues into concrete yes-or-no categories. Much of the post-by-post moderation is outsourced to companies that enlist unskilled workers, the report states, citing documents from an employee who worried the rule book is too intrusive.

Moderators often use Google Translator for the mind-numbing work. They must recall countless rules and apply them to the hundreds of posts a day, with the cultural context largely stripped. They suss through emojis, smiley faces and sometimes innocuous comments to determine what is dangerous and what is not.

Facebook executives say it’s all part of the daily grinding of trying to ensure a safe place on the platform.

“There’s a real tension here between wanting to have nuances to account for every situation and wanting to have set of policies we can enforce accurately, and we can explain cleanly,” Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, told reporters, noting the first goal is to prevent harm.

FILE PHOTO: The entrance sign to Facebook headquarters is seen in Menlo Park, California, on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage/File Photo

The report also suggests guidelines are futzing with electoral politics in countries like Pakistan, which places a media blackout on Election Day. The media ban makes Facebook a potentially powerful weapon — the rulebook can elevate some candidates and messages while suppressing others.

“Facebook’s role has become so hegemonic, so monopolistic, that it has become a force unto itself,” Jasmin Mujanovic, an expert on the Balkans, told reporters. “No one entity, especially not a for-profit venture like Facebook, should have that kind of power to influence public debate and policy.”

The Silicon Valley company has been beating back negative press for the past several months. One Dec. 19 report from TheNYT showed Facebook began forming data partnerships with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo. (

The tool allowed Facebook to adhere itself to multiple social media platforms while insulating itself from competition, but by 2013 the program became too unwieldy for mid-level employees to govern, so the company resorted to putting it on autopilot.

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Slaving Private Ryan

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. ” — Ariel Durant, Russian-born American researcher and writer, co-author of The Story of Civilization, Pulitzer Prize winner for general non-fiction. (1898-1981)

While the United Nations agreed to flood Western nations with thousands of strong, able-bodied young men to overwhelm our security forces, our healthcare system, and our finances to feed, clothe and house them, there is yet another way to reduce our ability to deal with the invasion. The system began some time ago, and although we cannot be certain that this was their end game, it is certainly another method of realizing the left’s aspiration of globalism.   It is time to gather the many components.

The Women’s movement began with the right to vote in the 19th and 20th centuries, evolving into every facet of their lives in the ‘60s,– sexuality, family, and work.  The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA), established in 1977, focused on social transformation,  rethinking gender, bio-politics of humanity, post-capitalism, revolutions and Utopian projects, environmental justice, climate change, and more.  Often repackaged, we see these concepts increasingly governing our schools today, disturbing trends for today’s students.

Beginning with kindergarten, many American and European schools have implemented programs to discourage “best friends,” to keep the youngsters more isolated and lonely, including relinquishing human interaction for computer hours.  Common Core’s standards redefine the teachers as facilitators who are less involved with actual instruction, and disdain objective truth for the subjective opinions of the students.  Students despair through the lack of a solid foundation of academic and personal skills.

Common Core standards owes its implementation to its architect, David Coleman, who has no background in academia; Barack Hussein Obama; Bill Ayers, leader of the ‘60s counterculture movement, domestic terrorist and elementary education theorist; and Arne Duncan, later US Secretary of Education.  Their philosophy was education for a revolution.  Simple math emerged as extensive, frustrating mathematical problems.  Classical literature, considered responsible for improving vocabulary, creative thought and expression, was replaced with dystopian writings and corporate texts, peppered with leftist ideology and resulting in contempt for reading.  World religion became historical revisionism, omissions, and bias devoted to Islam with intrinsic Judeophobia.  Texts and schoolbooks depict Americans as colonialists, conquerors, and slavers, and the presentation of our founding fathers, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Emancipation Proclamation, leave our children humiliated about their heritage, angry and eager to destroy historic statuary and monuments.  The result is an intense anxiety in our children, fear of school, anger, sleeplessness, bed-wetting, and even self-mutilation.

The blind acceptance of a foreign element that rejects our American values is yet another threat to our students.  The implementation of the concept of diversity actually divided the children who were once only American students striving for an education.  Rather, the mirage of diversity has separated the students by race, heritage, gender; assimilation has been replaced by confrontation. No longer are they judged by achievements and grades, but by skin color and ethnicity.    The buzz word, ”equality,” is now applied to outcome, rather than to opportunity, so that standards must be lowered to provide all with an equal comfort level.  Thus, leading universities began to establish a quota system based on group identity instead of on individual ability, encouraging diversity but using it to separate one from another, pit one against the other, and diminish the importance of the camaraderie and commonality of the school experience and Americanism.  This is social engineering – denying this generation the aptitude and intellect to discern fact from fiction, right from wrong.

Another injustice ensued when young women were blaming chauvinism for the jobs they did not land, forcing companies to make the necessary hiring accommodations by gender and ethnicity, rather than talent and ability, a palpable problem in medicine and other fields.  Such was the case of the Obama-era FAA hiring rules that placed air traffic controller diversity ahead of safety.

Men were now not succeeding as their fathers had, not able to support their families if they married, and often not marrying because the young women are managing well enough with socialist welfare checks.  The fathers are pushed to abandon what should have been their new family.

Many young women in school have been imbued with a disrespect, even contempt, for men, particularly white men, which vilifies our history and suppresses a flourishing civilization.  It was certainly evident with the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when women were seen screaming and pounding on locked doors, willingly charging him with unproven crimes.  Further, the assault on free speech gives credence to silencing anyone with the accusation of “hate speech,” or “behavioral transgressions.”  Boys and young men who, through the ages, have been the ones to initiate courtship are now deterred because of potential accusations of offensive speech or aggression.  Many universities now employ a Bias Hotline, where anyone may report any conduct or speech seen as offensive, intimidating, demeaning, degrading, marginalizing, victimizing or threatening to another individual.  The victim could be fined, suspended, or even dismissed from the school.

Another depreciating and seriously damaging influence is the schools’ indoctrinating young children to accept transgenderism, replacing our pronouns for two genders with an appalling variety of choices, so that teachers may be fired if they accidentally lapse into the God-given two.  Nontraditional families and cross-dressing are also approved.  Boys who have always been acclaimed for healthy masculine traits that enable them to succeed in our military and police forces may now be subjected to ridicule, harassment and shame by the teacher.  Is it any wonder that the suicide rate for boys is four times higher than that of girls?

And finally (or is it?), citing evidence that boys have become maladjusted, low achievers, truants and delinquents, inattentive and rebellious, depressed and desperate, with a shorter life expectancy, Brown University has implemented a program to “unlearn toxic masculinity,” which can only further emasculate boys.  Rather than analyze society’s role in weakening and devaluing them, robbing them of their natural maleness and function, this university has chosen to  hasten the process.  And can I even find the words to discuss the leftist assault on our sanity, as they declare that boys can menstruate?  We recognize the strategies, but what lies behind this war against our male population?

The power hungry who seek to rule the globe as one governing entity, globalists, (including our own Shadow Government) or caliphates, do not have the manpower and defense technology to overcome our population, our citizens’ abilities and spirit, so that other means would have to be found.  The only course open to globalists is to overwhelm Americans with an alien population; hence, we are being beset by the migrant masses and determined opposition to the border wall for protection.  Another would be to weaken America as  President Obama depleted our military by spending down and sending ~$33.6 billion to Iran, reducing our armed services and allowing equipment to age without replacement, and denigrating our police.

The strategy of weakening America’s manpower is being implemented in order to ensure that our youth, our future military, remain uninspired, untrained, and emasculated.  It would appear that they are being converted into a non-reasoning, obedient, slave sect, a modern-day form of Pharaoh’s eunuchs.  Then, should enemy forces advance, there would be few true men left to do battle for our existence.

EDITORS NOTE: This column is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Holly Mindrup on Unsplash.

Highway to Hell

Is GLORIOUS day, Comrades!

The People’s Republic of Kalifornia has honored His O’liness (PBUH) by naming a highway after him.

A shovel-ready project built entirely out of left lanes, like his eight-year term served, from the start point of a Nobel Prize to the unveiling of the Presidential Portrait and funded by rethugglikkan tax dollars donations from citizens, this right left-of-way has no litter, potholes, or speed bumps as the press refuses to discuss any such possibility that they exist, in the name of transparency.

“Installation of the signs on the 134 Freeway from State Route 2 in Glendale to Interstate 210 in Pasadena was completed this week, more than a year after the presidential tribute was signed into state law in September 2017.”

Red Square said:

I trust the Obama Highway is under a very intense video and audio surveillance by the FBI. Those passing on the right are immediately arrested and investigated by the Mueller team for possible collusion, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, campaign contributions, and failure to register as foreign agents of their ancestral countries. Their homes and offices are being broken into at 3am, their correspondence seized, and charges leveled that will leave them broke and homeless.

Obama didn’t build that.

On the Obama Highway, you must hit a pothole to see what’s in it. And if you like your car after that, you can keep your car.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Ivan the Stakhanovets originally appeared on The Peoples Cube. It is republished with permission.

Gutierrez exposes the shocking origins of Christmas

The House Committee on Intelligence released a shocking report on Thursday largely undermining claims made by the Trump administration about the origins of Christmas. According to Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who serves on the Intelligence Committee, the original reason for this season was the granting of political asylum to Jesus by the progressive Egyptian government, and a subsequent extension of refugee status to his family in what later became known as “chain migration.”

The committee, which is still in the process of conducting a full bipartisan review, said in its initial report that the intelligence community’s assessment, or ICA, was a “sound intelligence product” whose conclusions were “reached in a professional and transparent manner, and the tradecraft was strong.”

The partially declassified report states that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, who actively resisted the racist policies and the destruction of democracy by King Herod’s autocratic regime, had learned from an anonymous inside source about the planned Massacre of the Innocents, and sought refuge in the free country of Egypt, an inclusive nation known for welcoming Jews with open arms.

A complete absence of border walls allowed Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to walk in, call the ACLU, and receive legal assistance of a civil rights lawyer to gain political asylum, food stamps, subsidized housing, educational grants, job training, and free healthcare. The Egyptian taxpayers greeted the holy family with a “Refugees Welcome” sign and generous gifts. These events, according to the Intelligence Committee report, initiated the Christmas tradition of distributing gifts, green cards, and welfare benefits to any person who crosses the national border.

In the words of Luis Gutierrez:

It is repugnant to me and astonishing to me that during Christmas, a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – a Jesus Christ who had to flee for his life with Mary and Joseph. Thank God there wasn’t a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in Egypt. Thank God that wall wasn’t there and thank God there wasn’t an administration like this or he would have, too, perished on the 28th, on the Day of Innocents when Herod ordered the murder of every child under 2 years of age. Shame on everybody that separates children and allows them to stay at the other side of the border fearing death, fearing hunger, fearing sickness. Shame on us for wearing our badge of Christianity during Christmas and allow the secretary to come here and lie.

How do we know that Rep. Luis Gutiérrez reads the People’s Cube? Because he follows our creative method of delivering the Current Truth to the unwashed. For Lenin’s sake, he may be even contributing to this Party Organ under an assumed name.

He may have even participated in the creation of our timeless classics:

Christmas in History: First Media Reports of Nativity Story

The New Progressive Bible


Judea Today
Another Consumer of Nature’s Resources Born in Bethlehem

An international scientific consensus has been reached, and it’s not in Mary and Joseph’s favor. Had the parents of Jesus been more proactive in raising their awareness, they may have considered such important factors as Judea’s fragile environment and air pollution that only increases with every newborn child. No matter how amusing a set of small carbon footprints around the house may seem initially, potential parents should always remember that the footprints will only become bigger as the child matures and turns into yet another indulgent consumer of nature’s limited resources.

The Daily Pharisee 
Scrutiny Tightens On Three Magoi’s Lobbying Operation

BETHLEHEM, December 28 – House Ethics Committee Chair Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Judea) urges congressional ethics probe into gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh by three Magoi – who are the focus of criminal investigations by the Justice Department.

The ethics panel said in a statement that a special subcommittee would try to determine if two Nazoreans violated the law by accepting “gifts, travel benefits, contributions to religious committees and organizations, or any other items of value” from the three Magoi and their lobbying operation.

The Nazoreans who were identified by name as the focus of the committee’s investigations – Joseph and Mary – have said they are innocent of wrongdoing.

Samara Post Intelligencer
Suspected Religious Cultists Exposed in Bethlehem

A homeless couple claiming that an “angel” had declared their infant child “the son of God,” was caught red-handed while apparently trying to engage in some ritual involving animals behind a local inn. Despite his young age, the unplanned and undocumented child whom they referred to as “Jesus” had already acquired notoriety in the religious underworld, operating under several aliases including Immanuel, Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, and The Prince of Peace. Authorities are investigating a possible link to the highly profitable smuggling of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The police arrived at the scene after a call made by a local PETA activist who complained that the couple and the mob that followed them had inconvenienced the resident animals and “displaced handfuls of hay” in order to make a bed for the infant. “What sort of people are these that would invade a peaceful manger, disturb the animals in their home, deprive them of sleep of nourishment, and do YHWH knows what else with them?”

Prosecutors are considering charging the couple as accessories to an unauthorized light show that terrorized area shepherds who happened to be tending their flocks at night. No charges are currently being considered against the infant, though authorities have made clear that he will require careful observation and possibly therapy as he grows up.

The Nazareth Post (Lifestyle Section)
Mary: A Pregnant Teen Failed By The Government

Despite the homeschooling, the abstinence-only education, and her determination to save herself for that special someone, Mary Davidian, 15, still found herself pregnant. Neither her former resolve to remain chaste, not the fact that she was known by all and sundry as “The Virgin Mary,” prevented her from becoming yet another statistic in the growing problem of unwed teen mothers throughout the Roman Empire, particularly in poorer provinces like Judea.

Mary’s been betrothed for some time to Joseph Nazareth, 18, who operates a struggling lumber fabrication business out of his own home. But Joseph – and Mary, too – both agree he’s not the father.

When asked about the father’s identity, Mary raves incoherently about angels and dreams, and someone whom she can only identify as God, a likely gang-related alias.

“We don’t know who this God is, his age, if perhaps he’s so much older than young Mary that he might be guilty of statutory rape,” said a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of Nazareth. “Notwithstanding, the fact that Mary conceived even though she’s still a virgin is all the proof anyone needs, that teaching abstinence to our children is totally unrealistic and ineffective. Can’t the right-winged religious extremists see that even when they remain virgins, young people are still going to go out and have sex?”

Rome News and World Report
Senate Ratings At All-Time Low As Occupation of Judea Continues

ROME (Associated Papyrus) The Senate voted today to continue the funding of legions in the Middle East under the threat of a dictatorial veto if they passed a bill that would have denied the funds. The move further alienated the Senate’s base, which vented its anger with posts on The DailyStylus.

“We voted to put them in office with the promise that they’d bring the legions home before Saturnalia. Well, it’s Saturnalia and they’re not home. I’m never voting again!” wrote Alvamus Goldscroll, an unemployed lyre player from Woodaquaduct. “I’m so angry, I’m getting a mallet. Stop the illegal occupation of Judea!”

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by Red Square originally appeared on The Peoples Cube. It is republished with permission of the Minister of Propaganda.

What’s Wrong at Fox News?

In a land dominated by the left and its take on world events, Fox News may have been the lone bastion of conservatism and conservative reporting.  It has traditionally been the place where right-of-center Americans go to seek truth devoid of the biased slant from socialists and anti-Trump activists.  But now, it seems, Fox News has not been living up to its charter.

Unquestionably what we have in the United States is not a “free and unencumbered” press.  Yes, the First Amendment does protect the press from governmental interference, but “free and unencumbered” requires much more than the absence of governmental interference.  For the press to be truly “free and unencumbered,” it must also devoid of private sector pressures slanting its reporting in one direction or another.

CNN has become a trumpet for anti-Trumpists. MSNBC will not deliver a story without availing itself of the opportunity to slam conservatives and defend the validity of the liberal agenda.  The New York Times‘ reporting pieces read more like opinions than news reports, and The Washington Post will rarely acknowledge the validity of conservative pundits and newsmakers.

To be clear, reporting is not opining. Journalism requires much more than news analysis.  To truly engage in journalism, an outlet must have a fleet of reporters ready to engage newsmakers.  They need to stand at the ready to go on location and sleuth out the stories of importance to their readership.  It is an endeavor requiring money and assets, and one that cannot be achieved by bloggers, pundits, and opiners.

Virtually every journalistic organization in the United States in a position to engage in this level of intense journalistic scrutiny is left of center. Until recently, the only notable exception has been Fox News.

Since Roger Ailes’ departure and passing, Fox News’ conservative slant has waned.  In recent years, Shepard Smith has been open about his less than conservative slant.  Neil Cavuto has been hostile to President Trump and his agenda, and the evolution of Judge Napolitano’s legal views from staunch conservative arbiter and strict constitutionalist to slanted advocate has been noticeable.

But an increasingly leftist slant is not the greatest issue affecting Fox News.  The bigger problem is its lack of sophistication in reporting.  Almost by definition, a televised news report will be more superficial than its written companion.  The time limitations imposed upon any televised news article imparts significant challenges to the delivery of in-depth analysis or reports.  For that, a news journal program where a story is thoroughly developed is required.  No such program exists on Fox.

What’s more, the Fox News lineup has pretty much devolved into a Fox and Friends variety show in the morning followed by a series of fight sessions loosely calling themselves “debates.”  With the notable exception of Chris Wallace, who is not consistently conservative, but appears to try to deliver objective interviews from his subjects and the occasional and invaluable appearances of Britt Hume, there is no grounded, objective voice of Fox.  The Five offers no substantive insight in its entertainment-based discussions, and the All-Star Panel on Special Report with Bret Baier is a shell of itself since the sad and premature loss of Charles Krauthammer and the disappearances of Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes.

But despite the limitations in televised reporting, twenty-first-century journalism can make up for them by supplementing the inherent shortcomings of its televised programming with a strong online presence.  Fox News fails here as well, and it’s not merely because of the unacceptably high incidence of grammatical errors.  Over the past two years, the website has taken on an increasingly tabloid feel.  For example, on Saturday morning, the two top stories were (appropriately) dealt with the government shutdown and Justice Ginsburg’s lung cancer.  But these were immediately followed by a slew of stupid and worthless stories regarding the colors of the interior of the house in Home Alone, Arian Grande’s lampshading fashions, crazy campus breakdowns, an adopted pastor embracing and forgiving his biological father, and Sandra Bullock’s revelation of her crush on Keanu Reeves while filming Speed.

Undoubtedly, conservatives are definitely engaged in an existential fight for their country’s future.  Inherent to that battle is the thoughtful delivery of views and developments supportive of conservative philosophies and viewpoints.  Sadly, Fox News has abandoned that charge.

Either Fox News retakes its position as the leader in conservative news, or someone else will need to carry the baton.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Federalist Pages.

The Betrayal of America: Who Do You Trust?

“Who do you trust?” is the foundational question in human relationships. Social relationships, family relationships, business relationships, romantic relationships, intimate friendships, professional relationships, political relationships – human relationships rely on trust. The existence of trust or the absence of trust defines human relatedness.

Parents tell their children when they are very young, “Whatever you do don’t lie to me.” Why? Because trust is the foundation of love.

Cheating is a catastrophic betrayal in adult love relationships. Why? Because successful relationships require trust.

So it is in politics. The existence of trust or the absence of trust defines human relatedness in both the private and public sectors.

Our representative government is founded on the principles of trust. We vote for candidates who we believe will keep their promises. Politics in the United States is currently experiencing seismic trust issues. Over the years it has become painfully obvious that politicians make deceitful promises on the campaign trail to get themselves elected. Then came Donald J. Trump, the political outsider who actually meant what he said when he promised to make America great again by putting America first. What happened?

President Trump has been stymied in his America first efforts since he took office by Democrats AND Republicans. Why? What would create a bilateral effort to stop a duly elected President from keeping his promises to strengthen America? If you want to know the motive look at the result.

President Trump’s America first policies are designed to benefit American workers, American families, legal American citizens, the American economy, the American military, and American businesses on Main Street. President Trump’s policies are unapologetically preferential and protective of American national interests. So, why would any American politician reject America first policies?

The motive for the stupefying, well-organized, multi-faceted, well-funded domestic and international campaign to destroy President Trump is GLOBALISM – a synonym for one world government. Globalists need a weakened America to impose supranational one world government. What?

Let me be clear. Globalism does not mean global trade. Global trade is the legitimate international commerce between sovereign countries. Globalism is the internationalized political infrastructure of the new world order under the auspices of the corrupt United Nations.

Globalists are the existential enemy of American sovereignty, independence, and they are desperately trying to destroy America first President Donald Trump and every one of his America first initiatives. Globalism is at war with Americanism.

In case anyone has any doubts about the existence of the plan for a new world order just take a look at the recent United Nations Plan for Global Migration. One world government is not a new idea – it is a plan that has been operational since after WWII – it is just reaching the tipping point now.

Globalist politicians are enemies of the state and serve their own agenda on both sides of the aisle. Their loyalties are to the global enterprise and not to the United States of America. Globalist politicians are betraying America with plenty of institutional help.

Most Americans assume the Federal Reserve System (Fed) is a government agency – it isn’t. The Fed is a private international banking cartel that serves its globalist interests. The Fed “monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress, and the terms of the members of the board of governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.”

The Fed deliberately maintained 7 years of zero interest rates during the Obama administration to artificially prop up Obama’s globalist policies. Now the Fed is deliberately raising interest rates to soar the national debt, destabilize the stock market, and destroy President Trump’s stunning domestic economic achievements. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, a Republican nominated by Obama to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2011, illustrates the point that globalists are bipartisan menaces to American national interests. I’d like to know who advised President Trump to nominate Powell as Chair.

More institutional help has been provided by globalist extraordinaire Robert Mueller. His entire investigation is a coordinated effort to delegitimize President Trump and protect Clinton and Obama – two of the most corrupt globalist puppets of all time. Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, and every FBI and CIA operative who lied, destroyed evidence, and spied on the Trump campaign did so in the service of the globalist campaign to rid the United States of our only America first president in decades.

America first President Trump faces a staggering and well-orchestrated bipartisan multi-pronged globalist attack on Americanism and on his presidency. Schumer and Pelosi lead the charge on the Democrat side aided by McConnell, Ryan, and the legacy of the treacherous late John McCain on the Republican side. These greedy politicians put their financial self-interest above the national interests of the people who elected them.

Democrat and Republican globalists in government, the media, and education conspire to attack Americanism and reject the:

● national sovereignty of the United States
● national borders of the United States
● national culture and Judeo-Christian traditions of the United States
● national currency of the United States
● national language of the United States
● primacy of the United States Constitution and our secular national laws

Democrat and Republican globalists in government, the media, and education conspire to attack Americanism by:

● weakening the US economy
● weakening the US military
● indoctrinating students K-12 through university toward collectivism including socialism, communism, and globalism
● indoctrinating students K-12 through university toward political correctness
● indoctrinating students K-12 through university toward moral relativism
● indoctrinating students K-12 through university toward historical revisionism and American self-loathing

Globalists who own the giant news media companies, Internet behemoths, and entertainment companies conspire to advance their globalist agenda which requires the acceptance of global citizenship. They censor and curate information to propagandize and manipulate the public into accepting their self-serving anti-American objective of one world government.

Activist judges participate in the political attack through judicial overreach that attempts to usurp the power of the presidency. Chief Justice Roberts was right when he said there are no Obama judges, Clinton judges, or Trump judges – but there are judges in America who honor the Constitution, and there are globalist judges who have betrayed their judicial oaths who don’t. The United States Constitution is the premier America first document – it protects the national interest and rejects globalism which is why globalist politicians and activist judges disregard it.

So, why would any American knowingly vote for a a globalist politician? They wouldn’t if they understood that globalism’s one world government is a sinister power grab by the greedy political elite who will rob the people of their independence and liberty. There is no power to the people in socialism, communism, and globalism. Collectivist systems centralize the government and award absolute power to the state and its ruling elite.

Globalists shamelessly lie, cheat, and steal to promote their own self-interest at the expense of the American public. Ask yourself how the political elites in Washington turned their government salaries into multi-million dollar portfolios. They betrayed their constituents by faithlessly ignoring their sworn oaths of office.

It is time for the American voting public to acknowledge this monstrous betrayal and completely reject globalism and its untrustworthy facilitators. The power of the people is a benefit of Americanism’s freedom, independence, and decentralized government. It is time for Americans to proudly embrace Americanism again.

Globalism’s war against America has reached a tipping point. President Trump has exposed the bipartisan treachery and deceit of career politicians in our government who have betrayed the American people and sacrificed the public interest for their own self-interest. Draining the swamp and building the wall are not forgotten campaign promises. They are President Trump’s powerful America first strategies that will defeat Globalism and make America great again.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Goudsmit Pundicity. The featured photo is by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.

Saying You’re Against Fascists Doesn’t Excuse Acting Like One

Despite claims that Antifa fights fascism, the group’s tactics actually mirror those of Benito Mussolini’s regime.

On March 23, 1919, Benito Mussolini, an Italian veteran of the Great War and a publisher of socialist newspapers, created the Fasci di Combattimento (commonly known as the Fascist Party) with the help of a few syndicalist friends.

Nearly one hundred years later, the word fascism remains at the forefront of our political discourse even though fascism is all but dead as a political force, and the word has lost much of its meaning (if not its power).

So why are we still talking about fascists?

On November 8, the late-night TV host Stephen Colbert took to Twitter to condemn a mob that had attacked the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Fighting Tucker Carlson’s ideas is an American right,” Colbert wrote. “Targeting his home and terrorizing his family is an act of monstrous cowardice. Obviously, don’t do this, but also, take no pleasure in it happening. Feeding monsters just makes more monsters.”

The attackers consisted of a group who called themselves Antifa. Few Americans had heard the word “Antifa” prior to 2016. But that’s no longer the case.

In addition to the attack on Carlson’s home, numerous high-profile incidents involving Antifa—the “Battle of Berkeley,” the tragedy in Charlottesville, and a series of street battles in Portland—have thrust the loosely organized political group into the national spotlight. (It’s difficult to miss gangs of black-clad individuals who wear masks, tote weapons, and pick fights with political opponents.)

Antifa, if you have not already guessed, is short for anti-fascism. Conduct a Google search, and you’ll see Antifa oppose fascist ideologies, people, and groups.

This is part of the brilliance of Antifa. Unlike most fringe political groups, Antifa is not named for something. Their name expresses opposition to an ideology, one that is at once vile and nebulous.

More than seven decades ago, the British writer George Orwell observed that the term fascism had lost any coherent meaning.

“The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable,’” Orwell wrote in his essay “Politics and the English Language.”

Because of the ambiguous nature of the word, Antifa and other alt-left groups have been able to brand thinkers as diverse as Charles MurrayChristina Hoff SommersJordan B. Peterson, and Ben Shapiro as “fascist.”

Moreover, by branding themselves as “antifascist,” Antifa inoculate themselves from the criticism that usually is directed toward extremist groups.

Colbert’s condemnation of Antifa’s attack on Tucker Carlson’s home notwithstanding, there has been a cultural reluctance to condemn Antifa’s political violence and tactics.

In 2017, following the tragic events in Charlottesville, which involved a showdown between white supremacists and Antifa members, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said it was wrong to equate fascists and anti-fascists.

“No, not the same,” Romney tweeted. “One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

Romney expressed a common belief, but Antifa is hardly the polar opposite of fascism. An examination of Antifa and the fascists of the 1920s and 1930s reveals striking similarities.

Many historians and political writers describe fascism as a right-wing movement, and the claim has an element of truth to it. When Mussolini and his syndicalist friends created the Fasci di Combattimento, it’s true they embraced Italian nationalism. Yet the party also called for the seizure of church lands, the confiscation of finance capital, and the abolition of the Italian monarchy and Senate.

In fact, Mussolini was an ardent Marxist for years. The son of a socialist-anarchist craftsman, he was well-versed in the works of Karl Marx, whom he praised as “a magnificent philosopher of working-class violence.” The extent to which Mussolini’s fascists simply copied their socialist predecessors has often been overlooked.

In his magnum opus Modern Times, the historian Paul Johnson explains that Mussolini was highly influenced by Kurt Eisner, who was cited several times in Mussolini’s fascist programme. Eisner’s “Bavarian fighting squads,” which inspired Mussolini’s Fasci di Combattimento, were themselves inspired by Lenin’s “men in black leather jerkins,” Johnson points out. Mussolini’s use of the term “vanguard minorities” to describe the shock troops of his revolution was almost certainly inspired by Lenin’s “vanguard fighters” (a term Lenin first used in 1903).

Communists and fascists of the 1920s and 1930s were unified by one thing above all else: their willingness to use political violence to achieve political goals. Mussolini, like Lenin, had no qualms about using violence in his effort to “make history, not endure it” (a Marx quote Mussolini was fond of employing).

The use of violence to attain political goals is a stance Antifa similarly embraces.

Antifa openly advocates and employs violence and intimidation. Like Mussolini’s “vanguard minorities,” they dress in black garb (though Antifa members often also cover their faces) and use intimidation and violence to prevent political opponents from assembling. These tactics include launching feces at law enforcement and using bricks, bats, chains, and knives in their street wars.

The methods are ostensibly reserved for fascists, yet so many have shown a willingness to overlook the fact that Antifa is employing fascist tactics. Antifa is given a pass because labeling the other side as “fascist” automatically makes them “good,” for they are the ones fighting against fascism. It’s a brilliant rhetorical trick. As Chris Cuomo said in defense of Antifa on a carefully-worded CNN segment in August, “fighting against hate matters.”

In a moral universe where the ends justify the means, using fascist tactics to fight fascists (or people deemed fascists) is entirely proper. The dangers of embracing the philosophy of violence, however, are severe. For as Solzhenitsyn observed, the first casualty of violence is the truth.

“Violence does not live alone and is not capable of living alone: it is necessarily interwoven with falsehood,” the Russian writer observed prior to his exile from the Soviet Union. “Any man who has once acclaimed violence as his method must inexorably choose falsehood as his principle.”

Solzhenitsyn’s point is one Antifa should seriously consider. If they do not, and they persist in their defense and employment of violence as a means to their political ends, Antifa will continue to be “interwoven with falsehood.” Their grandiose aims will prove as empty and sterile as those of the Jacobins and Bolsheviks who preceded them.

In our next piece on the rise of Antifa, we will explore the root of their philosophy and examine precisely why they think it’s justifiable to use fascist techniques in the name of fighting fascism.


Jon Miltimore

Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of Serving previously as Director of Digital Media at Intellectual Takeout, Jon was responsible for daily editorial content, web strategy, and social media operations. Before that, he was the Senior Editor of The History Channel Magazine, Managing Editor at, and general assignment reporter for the Panama City News Herald. Jon also served as an intern in the speechwriting department under George W. Bush.

Tyler Brandt

Tyler Brandt

Tyler Brandt is a Content Associate at FEE. He is a graduate of UW-Madison with a B.A. in Political Science. In college, Tyler was a FEE Campus Ambassador, President of his campus YAL chapter, and Research Intern at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy.

EDITORS NOTE: This column from FEE with images is republished with permission.

Remembering Our WWII Parents at Christmas Time

The parents of us baby-boomers truly are a great generation. They grew up early, taking on adult responsibilities. Our parents did whatever needed to be done rather than whatever they wanted to do. They won World War II.

One of the great things my black American parents gave me was options which permitted me to select what I wanted to be when I grew up. My parents supported my desire to become a professional artist. Receiving numerous scholarships, I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and landed a job as a graphic designer at WJZ-TV ABC affiliate television station in Baltimore.

In sharp contrast with mine, Mom’s childhood was horrific. When she was a little girl, her father was accidentally killed and her mother became an alcoholic. Many times Mom and her sister were left alone to raise and fend for themselves. Mom was bright and talented. She told me about the time she was beautifully dressed to apply for a job as a sales clerk at downtown Baltimore’s Hochschild Kohn’s and Hecht’s department stores. Mom said she was offered a job in the kitchen. Mom said it was because of her dark complexion. Though she did not say it. I could tell it hurt Mom deeply.

Never experiencing the racism Mom endured, I thought she had an irrational fear of white people. My sister excitedly wanted to show Mom the new home she purchased in an integrated development. When Mom realized the house was in a cul de sac, she panicked and demanded to be taken home. Mom feared if my sister’s white neighbors attacked, there was only one way out. Mom felt extremely uncomfortable going to integrated restaurants and theaters.

Dad was quite the opposite. Whenever a door opened for blacks, Dad ran through it. I was a little kid when the “Town” movie theater in Baltimore opened to blacks. Dad took me there to see the “Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston.

Dad worked as a laborer until the door opened for blacks to take the civil service test to become Baltimore City firefighters. Despite outrageously racist working conditions, Dad thrived in the fire department winning “Firefighter of the Year” two times. At 29 years old, Dad was fathering his four kids and served as a surrogate father to my envious five boy cousins born out-of-wedlock. That’s a lot of responsibility for such a young man. I don’t think Dad was particularly unique. Americans seemed to mature earlier back then.

My wife Mary’s white parents were also hardworking, responsible and resourceful at young ages. Their family was two parents and four children. And yet, Mary remembers washing dishes for 11 people. Her parents took in family and friends who were in a financial jam. Mary’s amazing mom always made it work; extending the food and making everyone comfortable. Mary’s mom said everyone lived with them as many as 17 people. This was the character of the World War II generation.

Mary and I marvel over the fact that though our parents were not rich, neither of us ever felt deprived at Christmas. How on earth did they pull that off? We both have cherished Christmas memories.

Compared to our parents, we baby-boomers have had it pretty easy. We are the me, me, me – all about me generation. Not having to be concerned with survival issues like our parents, baby-boomers were free to be self-focused, rebelling against traditional morals, principles and values. This birthed the counterculture hippie movement.

Gifted with scholarships, in the late 1960s, I was among a handful of black students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Most of my fellow students were white from well-to-do families. The rich white students ranted about the awfulness of America while expressing disdain for their traditional minded wealthy parents. These spoiled brats eventually took over public education and continue poisoning our youths against our country today.

Black Panther activists came to the Maryland Institute to rally us black students. Wearing black leather jackets and berets, the Panthers angrily demanded to meet with the college administrators to discuss our demands. The administrators complied.

I was clueless as to what I was suppose to be angry about. I was there on scholarships awarded to me by white men; a senator, a governor and Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer. All my professors/instructors were excellent and supportive. Because Maryland Institute attracted talented art students from around the world, I was competing on a high level. Life was good. And yet, I joined my fellow black students in viewing the college’s administrators as enemies because I thought it was the black thing to do.

I see the same irrational and erroneous thinking in young blacks today; embracing the false rhetoric of the openly hate-group Black Lives Matter. Mega-millionaire American black actors and athletes who are living extraordinary lives are running around spewing hatred for America, claiming it is a hellhole of racism and social injustice against blacks. I scratch my head hearing millennial blacks in my family rant about America’s rabid racism. Folks, these young blacks have not experienced an ounce of real racism in their lives. Anti-America leftists have taught them that hating America is the black thing to do.

Old counterculture baby-boomers, black and white, have dominated public education for decades. Consequently, our kids see racism, social injustice and the awfulness of America everywhere.

The dirty little secret is even when liberals (old hippies) rant about America’s cruelty to the poor, illegals, women, blacks, gays and so on, it is still really all about them – making themselves feel good and superior. Whenever conservatives offer real commonsense solutions to the so-called wrongs liberals claim to want to fix, liberals always reject their ideas.

World War II generation blacks and whites marched, suffered and died for blacks to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Sadly, younger Americans believe hiring to achieve racial and gender balance is more important than character and qualifications.

My white baby-boomer friend Peggy told me a great Christmas story from her childhood. Every Christmas her father took their family to dinner at their favorite restaurant. On one occasion, a black couple was seated in the corner. After seating Peggy’s family and returning with drinks, the waitress began taking their food order. Peggy’s dad noticed that the black couple was there before them and had not been served. The waitress said she seated them but had no intention to serve them. She and management hoped the couple would leave. Peggy’s dad expressed his disapproval, removed his family and they never went back. Peggy said that incident impacted her greatly. It taught her to respect all people.

Peggy’s dad is gone. My wife Mary’s dad is gone. My mom and dad are gone. Our parents were members of the great World War II generation – a time when manliness was considered a good thing and women realized the power of their femininity.

My grown up Christmas wish is for more young Americans to realize the greatness of their World War II grandparents and great grandparents – embracing traditional principles and values which bring stability. I am seeing signs of my wish coming true. Traditional marriage is making a comeback among millennials

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash.

TRUMP’S BATTLE FOR A BORDER WALL: National security, public safety, and Americans’ jobs are “on the line.”

The immigration debate has been raging for years.  Advocates for open borders can be found on both sides of the political aisle and in a wide variety of special interest groups who have come to see the immigration system that delivers an unlimited supply of cheap and exploitable labor, an unlimited supply of foreign tourists, and unlimited supply of foreign students and, for the lawyers, an unlimited supply of clients.

That was the premise for my article, “Sanctuary Country – Immigration failures by design.”

Now the debate about the construction of a border wall is coming to a head.

A line has been drawn, and not in the sand, but along the highly porous and dangerous U.S./Mexican border that permits huge numbers of illegal aliens to enter the United States without inspection and permits huge quantities of narcotics and other contraband to be smuggled into the United States as well.

President Trump is arguably the first U.S. President in many decades who truly understands that border security equals national security.   He also understands that flooding America with exploitable foreign workers from Third World countries is not compassionate for those foreign workers and certainly not for the American workers that they displace.

President Trump is determined to build that wall but incredibly, the Democrats are adamantly opposed to the construction of a border wall.

As I noted in my recent article “Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Of The House – The Sequel (Worse Than The Original),” Pelosi and her Democratic Party colleagues have incredibly declared that a border wall would be as Fox News reported Pelosi’s assertions, “immoral, ineffective and expensive.”

Pelosi and company have created the false illusion that the border wall would seal off the United States from Mexico when, in point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  The  border wall would not block access to U.S. ports of entry along that border but simply funnel all traffic to those ports of entry so that the aliens can be inspected and vetted and records of their entry into the United States can be created.  Similarly all cargo would be subject to inspection to keep drugs and other contraband out of the United States.

How could any rational person not want to act to combat the flow of those drugs into the United States?

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employs approximately 60,000 employees that include the U.S. Border Patrol, the CBP Inspectors at ports of entry and support staff.  The annual budget for CBP is nearly $14 billion.  It makes absolutely not sense for the United States to not secure the U.S./Mexican border against the un-inspected entry of aliens into the United States and against the smuggling of tons of heroin, cocaine, meth, fentanyl and other dangerous drugs into the United States that cost tens of thousands of innocent people their lives in the United States from drug overdoses.  The drugs also provide a huge revenue stream for the drug cartels and, as I noted in previous articles for Hezbollah, the client terrorist organization of Iran.

Drug are also a major factor where transnational gangs operating in the United States are concerned, leading to more violence and more senseless deaths, most often of children living in ethnic immigrant communities across the United States.

Of course the wall that President Trump is determined to construct would not, by itself, end illegal immigration or stop all illegal drugs from flowing into the United States, but would represent a major element of what needs to be a coordinated system that plugs all of the holes in the “Immigration Colander.”

Finally, as I have written in previous articles, the wall would pay for itself.  Illegal aliens provide cheap and exploitable labor for greedy and immoral employers but, as the saying goes, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

The cost of educating illegal alien children who are cannot speak, read or write English has been estimated to be 20% to 40% more than for educating children who are English language proficient.

Illegal aliens often use emergency rooms as their primary healthcare provider, creating long lines of those patients who, although they cannot pay for their treatment cannot be turned away.

Illegal aliens send as much of their illegal earnings back to their families in their home countries.  For Mexico the remittances sent by their citizens working illegally in the United States amounts to more than $25 billion annually.  Furthermore, not all money is sent via quantifiable wire transfers.  Money is also smuggled out of the United States to the countries of origin of the millions of illegal aliens who have taken jobs that should be taken by U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants

That money is lost to the U.S. economy and “multiplier effect” exacerbates this loss of money that would otherwise circulate through the U.S. economy if that money was earned by Americans who would spend and invest that money in the United States.

Flooding the United States with Third World workers suppresses wages and working conditions of America’s working poor and, as a consequence, has contributed to increasing homelessness among America’s poor.

If only a fraction of all of these negative results of illegal immigration was prevented, the wall would pay for itself in short order and, as a consequence, enhance national security, public safety and, public health by preventing the entry of un-inspected aliens.

However, many well-intentioned Americans have fallen for the bogus mythology created by the immigration anarchists who advocate for open borders and ineffectual enforcement of the immigration laws from the interior of the United States by promoting the absurd notion that advocates for border security to prevent the illegal and un-inspected entry of aliens into the United States is a bigot and a xenophobe.

In reality the immigration laws of the United States make absolutely no distinction about the race, religion or ethnicity of aliens but rather objectively and dispassionately seek to prevent the entry and continued presence of aliens in the United States when those aliens pose a threat to public health, public safety, national security and the jobs of Americans.

Given the perilous era in which we live, it is unthinkable that anyone would be willing to board an airliner if some of the passengers on that airliner were observed sneaking past the TSA screeners, yet today we live in cities where we live with huge numbers of illegal aliens who have entered the United States surreptitiously by evading the inspections process conducted at ports of entry.

Worse yet, consider how many “sanctuary cities” and even “sanctuary states” have been created across the United States, while “leaders” of the Democratic Party openly call for dismantling ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) altogether.

The immigration anarchists have become proficient at conning huge numbers of Americans into accepting near-anarchy where immigration law enforcement is concerned.

Prior to the Second World War, the enforcement and administration of our nation’s immigration laws was primarily the responsibility of the Department of Labor.  The goal was to make certain that American workers would be shielded from unfair foreign competition for jobs.  Remember at that time the United States was struggling to emerge from the “Great Depression.”

Authority for the enforcement and administration of the immigration laws was shifted to the Department of Justice at the beginning of the Second World War when it became readily apparent that enemy spies and saboteurs were attempting to enter the United States, posing a serious threat to national security.

Ironically, after the terror attacks of 9/11 the responsibility for the enforcement and administration of those very same laws was shifted to the newly created Department of Homeland Security but in a way that undermined that very mission.  This was an issue I wrote about in my article,  Caravan Of ‘Migrants’ – A Crisis Decades In The Making.  When the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was created, in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the administration of President George W. Bush apparently failed to follow the Homeland Security Act (HSA), the enabling legislation that created DHS resulting in what Congressman John Hostettler, the Republican Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims referred to as “Immigration incoherence” during a hearing on the topic, New ”Dual Missions” Of The Immigration Enforcement Agencies.

Here are two excerpts from his statement at that hearing:

Failure to adhere to the statutory framework established by HSA has produced immigration enforcement incoherence that undermines the immigration enforcement mission central to DHS, and undermines the security of our Nation’s borders and citizens.

[ … ]

The 9/11 terrorists all came to the U.S. with-out weapons or contraband—Added customs enforcement would not have stopped 9/11 from happening. What might have foiled al Qaeda’s plan was additional immigration focus, vetting, and enforcement. And so what is needed is recognition that, one, immigration is a very important national security issue that cannot take a back seat to customs or agriculture. Two, immigration is a very complex issue, and immigration enforcement agencies need experts in immigration enforcement. And three, the leadership of our immigration agencies should be shielded from political pressures to act in a way which could compromise the Nation’s security.

It is time for our “leaders” to put America and Americans ahead of their greed-driven political agendas and take Chairman Hostettler’s lament and observations to heart.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine. It is republished with permission. Border wall photo © Tomas Castelazo, / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

MOVIE REVIEW: Film ‘The Favorite’ could have been titled ‘My Favorite Lesbian’

I love movies. I love historical movies. Therefore, I went to see the movie “The Favorite” about Anne, the former Queen of England and Scotland.

Artist, historian, entertainer George S. Stuart wrote this about Queen Anne:

Last of her line and very uncomfortable.

Anne became Queen of England in 1702. Three years later she became the first sovereign of the Kingdom of Great Britain with the political union of England and Scotland. Anne’s reign was marked by the development of the two-party system. Anne personally preferred the Tory Party, but endured the Whigs. She was the last monarch to use the royal veto. Anne suffered from severe arthritis and heart trouble doubtlessly caused by her many miscarriages. Anne was childless and the last Stuart monarch. She was succeeded by a German second-cousin, George of the House of Hanover.

The film “The Favorite” may have been loosely based upon the book Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion by Anne Somerset. The movie portrayed Queen Anne as a sickly (historically accurate), obese (historically accurate) incompetent (not historically accurate) and immoral (historically accurate) woman.

From Hollywood’s perspective her only social redeeming value at the box office is that Queen Anne was a lesbian.

I didn’t think Hollywood could go any morally lower, but it has. However, there is a bright side. It shows how women, and lesbians in particular, are untrustworthy, plotters, devious, liars, seekers of power and just plain evil.

According to the author of Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion,

Against a fraught background—the revolution that deposed Anne’s father, James II, and brought her to power . . . religious differences (she was born Protestant—her parents’ conversion to Catholicism had grave implications—and she grew up so suspicious of the Roman church that she considered its doctrines “wicked and dangerous”) . . .

[ … ]

tells the extraordinary story of how Sarah [Churchill] goaded and provoked the Queen beyond endurance, and, after the withdrawal of Anne’s favor, how her replacement, Sarah’s cousin, the feline Abigail Masham, became the ubiquitous royal confidante and, so Sarah whispered to growing scandal, the object of the Queen’s sexual infatuation.

The film focused exclusively on three bi-sexual lesbian characters: Queen Anne, Sarah Churchill, wife of John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, and “the feline” Abigail Masham.

If you want to understand how vicious lesbians can be then go see this movie. This movie is the poster child for the lesbian #MeToo movement. The lesbian Sarah is deposed by the bi-sexual Abigail. The lesbian Queen Anne uses both women for her “wicked and dangerous” promiscuous sexual pleasure.

In the end both Sarah and Abigail lose. Sarah and her husband Duke of Marlborough are banned from England by Queen Anne. Abigail, after poisoning literally and figuratively Sarah, becomes Queen Anne’s confidant and lesbian sex slave. The winner, if you can call her one, is Queen Anne.

The debauchery in this film is stunning. The sins of the flesh can have real consequences including war, poverty, taxation without representation and in the end three lost souls.

I now understand why our Founding Fathers started the American Revolution. The British monarchy was, and remains today, politically and morally corrupt. Perhaps Henry VIII shouldn’t have left the Catholic Church so he could divorce his wife and marry his lover?


RELATED VIDEO: Queen Anne: Excerpt from the historical monologue “400 Years of English History” presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an exhibit of his Historical Figures at the Ventura County Museum of Art and History in Ventura California.

EDITORS NOTE: The modified featured photo is by Shirly Niv Marton on Unsplash.

Is Michael Savage the Latest Victim of TDS and the Left’s “Pacification Effort”?

There’s a rather odd story that, as with everything concerning the man at its center, hasn’t gotten much media attention. Or, at least, it would be odd if we didn’t live in a time of fascistic corporate activism. Michael Savage, the radio rebel and raconteur dubbed “the Godfather of Trumpmania,” is poised to “go dark” at New York’s powerhouse WABC and a few other big-city radio stations — despite earning them millions of dollars.

That’s according to the Washington Times, which conducted an interview with Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz. The radio giant himself read part of the Times piece on air yesterday, clearly disturbed by this apparent “deplatforming” effort. You should be, too, because it’s part of a cultural revolution. Deep-pocketed Deep Business is now simpatico with the Deep State and, along with deep academia, media and entertainment is pursuing a pacification effort — and you, I and all opposing the establishment are in the crosshairs.

WABC isn’t saying Savage is soon being dropped. In fact, writes the Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley, “a recent news release from the station indicates Savage will be moving into a new, fresher format designed to take advantage of emerging media, one that will see him do one hour of radio alongside one hour of podcast.”

But behind-the-scenes murmurings tell a different tale. Horowitz says that “emails back and forth” between Savage and radio bigwigs indicate the host is set to “go dark” Jan. 7.

Moreover, it’s “not just on WABC: Horowitz said media powerhouses in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., are all giving the boot to Savage, as well,” Chumley also informs.

Troubling here is that the issue isn’t ratings. As Chumley tells us, a 2016 Newsmax piece related Savage’s West Coast dominance, calling him a “Tour-de-Force on Bay Area’s KSFO.”

Additionally, in “late 2017, Talk Stream Live listed Savage, with 14.8 million listeners, as the second most-listened to top talk radio voice in the nation, behind only Rush Limbaugh’s 16.5 million listeners — but far ahead of third place Laura Ingraham’s 6.8 million,” Chumley further writes.

Moreover, she continues, “In 2016, Savage made the National Radio Hall of Fame in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality, based on the votes of the listening American public.”

Even more strikingly, the February Newsmax articleSavage Rules New York Talk Radio” stated that since April 2016, “with the key demographic of Adults 25-54,” “‘The Savage Nation’ has consistently ranked as the #1 program on WABC….” Yet WABC now, apparently, wants its number-one show gone. Good business?

It’s Deep Business. Savage’s syndicator, Westwood One, did state in September that pundit Ben Shapiro will go national as Savage cuts back to one hour. But Chumley suggests that new-blood nattering doesn’t explain the dumping of one’s star performer.

“More likely,” she writes, “it’s this: Political distaste for Savage’s fiercely independent streak.”

As Chumley relates, “‘The only reason I can see,’ Savage said in a telephone interview, ‘is because of politics. … It makes no sense. I have a loyal, large audience. Why not at least do reruns at night?’”

Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense. First, Savage has been called “the Godfather of Trumpmania” because he supported Trump early on; had him on his show; influenced the president’s platform with his “borders, language, culture” credo; and even wrote a book titled Trump’s War: His Battle for America. In fact, Trump bluntly said last year, putting his arm around Savage, “I wouldn’t be president without this man.”

So given how the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Left — and establishment right — want to destroy the president and all supporting him (hey, they’re “deplorables”), imagine their feelings toward the man credited as instrumental in creating his presidency.

Yet there’s something far, far more ominous here. I warned in 2012 that what everyone was still calling the “culture war” was no such thing — that war was well over.

What we were, and are now, experiencing is a pacification effort.

No one was listening.

This isn’t about Trump or Savage. It’s about a cultural revolution that will, barring something that upsets the apple cart, consume each and every American who won’t bend to the Left’s demonic will.

The Left long ago largely purged academia, with conservative, thought-criminal academics being denied tenure or forced to resign; entertainment, with conservative actors blacklisted; and media, with conservatives either never hired or being ousted.

Now big business has joined the phalanx. Big Tech has been “cleansing” dissident voices via deplatforming (Alex Jones) and methods such as Twitter’s shadowbanning, Facebook’s censorship, and Google’s blacklists and burying of conservative search results. Companies also eliminate ideologically non-conforming employees (e.g., Mozilla’s Brendan Eich, Google’s James Damore).

So the Left’s new Red Guards are moving from one sector of society to another, stamping out visible dissent’s last vestiges. They didn’t figure on having to do this in the government’s Executive Branch, but then Trump won in 2016. Make no mistake, though: Trump is just the anti-establishment dissenter who captured the White House. Similar treatment would have befallen Pat Buchanan, Savage (who once briefly considered a presidential run) or any other “disobedient” citizen who could have, against all odds, climbed that mountain.

And the cultural revolution continues apace. Statues come down, longstanding religious symbols and celebrations are purged, history is revised, Western heroes are demonized, sexual morality is undermined, nation-rending migration is encouraged and even classic old songs are condemned. No stone will be left unturned, either, ‘cause, baby, it’s dangerous outside.

From the French revolutionaries to the Stalinists to the Maoists to the Khmer Rouge, the Left has never brooked dissent — it’s the only tradition it perpetuates. Savage is the anti-establishment guy who made it big in radio, but none are safe. The demonic Left won’t even tolerate a lowly Christian baker unwilling to violate his conscience through his profession, and it won’t tolerate you. It’s our time’s pacification effort, courtesy of the Ideology of Peace.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Kristina Flour on Unsplash.

The LGBTQ Hart Attack is a Good Thing

I am not suggesting that we should experience schadenfreude (feel pleasure from witnessing someone’s troubles, failures or humiliation). However, LGBTQ enforcers viciously seeking to destroy the career of comedian/actor Kevin Hart for tweets he made 9 years ago is encouraging. Finally, even leftists are beginning to see the take-no-prisoners intolerance and bullying LGBTQ enforcers have been applying to everyone who does not celebrate their lifestyle.

Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years that LGBTQ enforcers are relentlessly targeting Christian businesses for destruction; solely for the purpose of forcing Christians to betray their God by bending a knee in worship of leftists’ god of debauchery.

German pastor Martin Niemofller was imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp from 1941-1945. In his famous poem, Niemofller laments that when they came for the Communists, Socialists, Trade Unionists and Jews he did not speak out because he was none of these. Niemofller wrote, “And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

Not only did leftists not speak out against LGBTQ bullying, they cheered when LGBTQ bullies came for Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The Christian bakery happily served their lesbian customer for several years. When she asked them to bake a cake for her lesbian wedding, the owners said to do so would betray their faith. The husband and wife bakery owners with five kids were driven out of business. 

Well now, LGBTQ enforcers have come for Kevin Hart who many leftists consider one of their own.

Leftist Snoop Dogg who shot president Trump in the head in his music video passionately expressed his support for Hart. Several leftist celebs are expressing their support for Hart. As I stated, the good news for America in the Hart attacks is leftists are waking up and smelling the tyranny coming from their side of the political aisle by LGBTQ enforcers.

“The Devil’s greatest achievement is convincing people that he does not exist.” LGBTQ enforcers’ greatest achievement and deception is convincing people they are the victims and we, mainstream Americans, are the aggressors.

Kevin Hart was scheduled to host the Oscars. In a video, Hart said, “I swear man, our world is becoming beyond crazy. My team calls me, Oh my God Kevin. The world is upset about tweets you did years ago. Oh my God.” LGBTQ enforcers deemed Hart’s nine-year-old tweets anti-homosexual.

Hart received a call from the Academy telling him to apologize again for his old tweets or be replaced as host of the Oscars. Hart said he has repeatedly addressed the issue and acknowledged the rights and wrongs. Hart said he has evolved since making the tweets years ago. Hart said to apologize again for something so far in the past would be a step backwards rather than moving forward. Therefore, he chose to pass on hosting the Oscars

The American left’s response was mixed. Many rallied behind Hart. Others were furious over Hart refusing to apologize, calling him defiant. Leftist Kathy Griffin disturbed millions with her photo in which she held a bloody severed head of president Trump. In response to Hart refusing to apologize again, Griffin said, “F*** him”. 

Hart did not realize that LGBTQ enforcers have zero-tolerance for anyone who does not fully embrace the lifestyle. Anyone who dares to dis the LGBTQ lifestyle in the slightest must fall on their face and beg forgiveness or suffer complete personal destruction.

Many Americans believe the LGBTQ community is 23% or more of the population. The truth is, they are 3.4 percent

Witnessing LGBTQ enforcers’ relentless media assault on Hart and their efforts to destroy him, I could not help thinking, “Welcome to our world, Mr Hart.” This is the tyrannical assault on free speech Americans face everyday by the LGBTQ thought police. Again, I take no pleasure in seeing Mr Hart suffer.

It was stunning to hear even extreme leftist Joy Behar and leftist women on The View say the attack on Hart puts all comedians at risk. Numerous other high-profile leftist voices are speaking out in agreement.

Folks, LGBTQ enforcers attacking Hart is a real eye-opener for many Americans – a small victory in the war between totalitarian political correctness and constitutional free speech.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Kevin Hart’s Facebook page.

It’s Next Tuesday already: Automatic Hate Speech Disabler

Glorious news from our labs here at the State Science Institute. This is not a project I’ve been personally involved in — I specialize in warming my globes in front of an open fireplace — but our Comrades two buildings over from me deserve credit for this important work:

Two Brains Are Better Than One: AI and Humans Work to Fight Hate

An Artificial Intelligence tool being developed by our Top Scientists in conjunction with the Anti-Capitalism Defamation League called the “Online Hate Index” will allow our Comrades at Twitter, Facebook, Google and others to prevent any “Hate Speech*” from ever appearing on Social Media, thereby keeping the thoughts of The People pure.

This important Tool is already keeping The People from hearing nary a discouraging word about Socialism.

* Defined as: “any thought, idea, criticism, naysaying or other hooliganism that casts doubt on Socialism or any of the Dear Leaders who are fighting the Great Evil of Capitalism.” Anything from “there are only two genders” to “Make America Great Again” qualifies.

Red Square notes:

The answer is best expressed through the following musical composition from our bottomless archives…

All they got is hate, All they got is hate,
All they got is hate, hate. Hate is all they bleed
All they got is hate. (All together now).
All they got is hate. (Everybody).
All they got is hate, hate. Hate is all they bleed
Hate is all they bleed
Hate is all they bleed
(Oh yeah)
(They hate him, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(They hate him, yeah, yeah, yeah)

And lest we forget this:

Love and Hate: Instructional Video

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire with images by Mikhail Lysenkomann originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

Misogyny on 34th Street

I can still remember the many happy occasions I spent shopping at Macy’s on 34th, as a child, my pockets filled with hot chestnuts; later, as a new fashion designer fresh out of the Fashion Institute of Technology, either killing time between job interviews or checking out the new styles;  and then as a newlywed, shopping for our first apartment.

It is very difficult to fathom how this company, that produces the world-renowned Macy’s Parade; the magnificent Christmas windows, with incomparable set designs and moving figures that mesmerized crowds of eager spectators, would one day turn on its customers – when Macy’s owners, its board of directors and staff would consent to introduce a line of oppressive clothing to their female clientele.  Known as the veil or hijab and forcibly imposed in tyrannical, misogynistic Islamic regimes, these alone were selected by Macy’s from the world’s many kinds of fashion.

Macy’s headquarters have fallen for the leftist line, that it is prudent to strive for multiculturalism in a country that has long been a thriving melting pot that elicited the envy of the world.  America’s past success has clearly been due to the immigrants’ fervor to live and let live, whereas Islam, by stark contrast, is mandated in their Koran to dominate and subdue all other cultures by any means necessary.  Multiculturalism is repulsive to Islam.

In addition to the denigration of Western religions, the re-writing of our history, the destruction of our statuary, and the attack on gender identity, the public is now being conditioned to accept the appearance of these oppressed, shrouded forms on city streets.

Introducing  Islamic styles to the American public is yet another way of attacking America’s culture and femininity, as the full niqab, burqa and abaya are a means of dehumanizing women, enforcing the devalued female to cede control to the male in the Islamic shame-honor society, and denying her any societal interactions.  The garment serves as an isolation chamber, causing sensory deprivation problems and disrupting bonding with her infant, even if she removes the shroud at home.  There is also a high physical price to pay, for the wearer is deprived of absorbing Vitamin D in northern climes, thereby causing pelvic fractures during childbirth, and triggering iron deficiencies and hypocalcaemic seizures in the child.

The cost of naively introducing these sheathes into American society will eventually destroy the thriving fashion industry as we know it, eliminate the entertainment industry, and affect all other related businesses, in creativity and in employment, until our country is transformed into another backward Islamic country.   Conquest is achieved, not only through war, but also through stealth, slowly, through government, business, schools, and now the shopping sector.  But there will be blood on the hands of those who acquiesce – their own and the blood of their loved ones.

Could it be that Macy’s was visited by CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) and made compliant, or that they never considered that “multi” would mean the influx of many whose intent it is to destroy the host culture, or that the concept of jihad may apply to race and religion, but never to culture?  Was Macy’s coerced into accepting “diversity and inclusivity” to accommodate an oppressive ideology that itself rejects both diversity and inclusivity?  How long before the Macy’s parade, begun in 1924, with its colorful, imaginative merriment, costumes, music, and introduction to a heartwarming holiday season, will be considered an offense to Islam and halted?

We must learn from history, particularly from the history that is playing out now in real time, in much of Europe, that once a substantial number of Muslim women begins to wear these coverings, those who do not accept the veil become fair game, the quarry, for the terrorist, including kidnapping for sexual slavery, and mass rape on the streets (taharrush), an horrific assault when as many as 20 men will rape one young victim repeatedly.  Sweden’s acceptance of multiculturalism has led to the title, Rape Capital of Europe.

Rape is the method by which Islamic terrorists, jihadi, force the women to discard western clothing for the “safety” provided by the confining veils, and the native men to acquiesce politically.  Rape is also indirectly abetted by our socialist school system’s introduction of techniques that are emasculating our boys, diminishing their importance in studies and for courtship, and eliminating man’s instinctive protectiveness toward family and property.

As with academia, Macy’s personnel have elected to speak of diversity and inclusivity out of a mistaken sense of morality, while choosing to endanger their own fellow-Americans, themselves, their families.  The seventh century ideology of Islam is patient and persistent, and this misplaced tolerance will be a stepping stone to further surrender, one store at a time, one city at a time.  Is this how the company functions, without thought to consequences of its decisions?

While the West speaks inanely of reforming Islam, the clerics emphatically insist that it was perfect from its inception and can never be changed.  In light of this, consider that Islamic intolerance has resulted in 690+ million people killed worldwide over 1400 years (600 million Hindus), that the  centuries-long Islamic invasions into India left mountains of skulls.  Most virulent of all is the undying hatred and persecution of Jews long before Israel’s statehood in 1948, and the constant barrage of rockets and fire bombs into Israel since that date.

The wanton destruction and sexual crimes in Sweden, Berlin and Paris are a mere prelude to total control, and once Islam has been established, no country has ever returned to freedom.  Even Spain, conquered by the Muslims in 711 and reconquered by the Spanish in 1492, is once again succumbing to Islamic oppression.

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced its goal: “to get in and impose sharia law to establish an Islamic state.”  Yusaf al-Qaradawi promises conquest, but assures it can be done peacefully – to get all the women to wear the veil and all the men to wear the beard.  If not by war, “it will do so through predication (pronouncement) and ideology.”  Is Macy’s listening?

Macy’s is deceived, and its accommodation of Islam’s lifestyle is foolhardy, for with Islam, there can be only one lifestyle, and it will consume all others.  We ask Macy’s to reconsider their actions and return to being American.

EDITORS NOTE: This column is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Ged Lawson on Unsplash.