Patriots: Time to Hit the Oregon Trail!

Menstrual products in boys bathrooms at school are a clear sign that Patriots need to leave the Beaver state now!

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Report: Zero Males Affected As Feminists Go On Sex Strike

NEW YORK, NY—After feminists around the country vowed to stop having sex, men across the nation have remained blissfully unaware anything has changed.

“Huh? Who stopped having sex?” responded every man told of the development. “Wow, I had no idea. Good for them, I guess?”

The so-called ‘sex strike’ had been launched by leftist women in response to the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade. “The right is trying to create this dystopian world where sex has some connection to pregnancy and babies,” explained pro-abortion protester Lona Malachi. “Pregnancy is basically making a woman your slave, just like in The Handmaid’s Tale. So as long as sex has anything to do with babies, we simply won’t have it!” she exclaimed, before attempting to inhale air without taking in oxygen.

Despite the clarion call for an end to sex from female media personalities and politicians, surveys have shown that absolutely zero men have been affected. “Our research indicates the strike has not hit the intended target,” said sociology professor Sharon Young. “The nation’s cats, however, have reported a general increase in angry yelling by their owners.”

At publishing time, liberals were calling for a hunger strike until it becomes legal for doctors to suck food out of your stomach so eating doesn’t risk leading to digestion.

This man shared misinformation online, so the Ministry of Truth — err, sorry, the Disinformation Governance Board — detained him for questioning. Will he stand strong in the face of torture?

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Biden Repeats False Claim He Once Had An Abortion

Worried About Roe Getting Overturned? Avoid Getting Pregnant With This One Foolproof Trick!

JK Rowling Says She Always Imagined The White House Press Secretary As A Gay Black Woman

Dunkin’ Donuts Opens New Sprinklin’ Donuts For Presbyterians

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2020 IN RETROSPECT: Not entirely impossible, but extremely implausible

As the Biden administration continues to bring executive incompetence to yet unplumbed depths, any fair-minded person must feel increasingly compelled to question the authenticity of the 2020 poll.

“Man can believe the impossible, but man can never believe the improbable.” – Oscar Wilde, “Intentions”, 1891.

As the Biden incumbency drags excruciatingly on, one thing is becoming increasingly clear.

While it is not impossible that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. won the 2020 presidential elections fair and square, without any underhand shenanigans or fraudulent skullduggery, with time, this is proving increasingly improbable.

Unplumbed depths of incompetency

Indeed, as the Biden administration continues to bring executive incompetence to yet unplumbed depths, any fair-minded person must feel increasingly compelled to question the authenticity of the 2020 poll.

After all, it was always difficult not to have a nagging sense of unease when asked to accept that a lack-luster candidate, and a lackadaisical campaign, managed to reap over 81 million votes—topping the charismatic and energetic Obama’s previous record in presidential elections by almost 12 million, and Donald Trump’s tally of over 74 million…the highest attained by any incumbent president in the history of the USA.

However, as the Biden incumbency unfolds, this sense of discomfort and skepticism has unavoidably grown. For, not only has Biden shown no signs of having exceptional competency that could account for his impressive electoral victory, quite the opposite is true. Indeed, his administration has wrought a stunning series of debacles on multiple fronts. Thus, in virtually every realm with which the White House has dealt, the outcomes have ranged from fiasco to disaster.

Monolithically miserable

It matters little which area of executive policy one chooses, the results have been monolithically miserable.

From the tragically botched evacuation in Afghanistan, and the abandonment of countrymen and allies to the tender mercies of the murderous and medieval Taliban, through blundering bungling of border security in the South with all the attendant criminal and COVID concerns that that entails; the rampant crime wave sweeping through democratically governed cities; and the fatally flawed and failed energy policy that relegated the US from Trumpian energy independence to Bidenesqe dependence on imports from some of the most dubious regimes on the globe, to the spiraling inflation that is eroding the welfare of wide swathes of the population.

Against this bleak background, even usually stoutly pro-Democratic media channels are beginning to sour toward the current administration. Thus, CNN reported that while the economy was identified as the most important issue for the public, two out of every three Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy. Moreover, according to CNN’s David Chalian, over 80% of the population felt their situation had not improved under Biden’s policies, with well over half (55%) stating their circumstances had worsened! Under 20% felt they were better off.

Inapt messaging or inept messenger?

As far as his overall performance is concerned, Biden scored the lowest rating of all modern-day presidents—with just over a 40% approval and an almost 60% disproval. Interestingly, this ties with his predecessor, Donald Trump, who was mauled by the mainstream media, while Biden has hitherto been shamelessly mollycoddled.

Biden’s poor ratings for his overall performance elicited a howl of dismay from New York Times’s Charles Blow, a vehement anti-Trumper, who begins his article, entitled, A Biden Blood Bath? with an admission of grave apprehension: “A recent poll truly shocked me.”

He goes on to explain: “Quinnipiac University found that President Biden’s approval rating had sunk to just 33 percent. You might argue that this was just one poll, but Biden’s approval is down in multiple surveys.” According to Blow: “These are just devastating results … and only seven months out from the midterms.”

He challenges the prevalent Democratic position that the problem is primarily with the administration’s messaging and raises a trenchant question: “But what if the issue is not the messaging but the messenger?

“Too narrowly focused…”

Blow laments that on domestic policy, Biden has moved from the macro to the micro, warning that this makes it too narrowly focused to transform American society or fix the core problems that plague it.

Hinting that the Biden policy may be detached from reality, he writes: “… two major perennial issues are resurgent: crime and the economy. The fear of crime and the pinch of inflation aren’t abstractions or complicated foreign policy or perks for special interests.

Ominously, he warns “They creep into every door and lurk under every kitchen table.

But there is even more for the White House to worry about. Citing the previous Quinnipiac poll, Blow mentions yet another disturbing finding. This is the declining support for Biden among Hispanics. Indeed, this is something that has been noticed by others. Blow refers to the findings of a well-known website according to which “there has been a drop in support for Biden among all three racial and ethnic groups we measured, but the drop among Hispanics …marks Biden’s most precipitous decline.”

Time to trash the taboo?

Ever since the 2020 polls were certified, it has been virtually “verboten” to challenge their validity—despite numerous reasons for concern. Anyone who did so was immediately dispelled by the Liberal Establishment as some sort of misguided “kook” promoting mendacious and malevolent conspiracy theories, bordering on sedition.

However, with the passage of time and the accumulating evidence of the gross incompetence of the Biden administration, the sense of unease that something was gravely awry in the conduct of the 2020 polls, has grown.

After all, there has been no display of great political and/or administrative acumen that could explain the extraordinary harvest of votes without resort to some electoral sleight of hand or deceitful trickery. For if, in the wake of the election, “what you see is what you get” is an accurate picture of the talent pool of Biden and his team, it is hard to accept this was sufficient to carry the day—and certainly not in the manner reflected by the results.

Surely then, the time has come to cast aside the mental bondage that the Left-wing thought police have imposed. It is time to trash their taboos—and call for a penetrating and dispassionate inquiry into the events of January 3, 2020, the days that preceded, and the night that followed it.

Much depends on the conduct of such a probe—and on the results it would yield.

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Biden’s Disinformation Board Top Dog Claims Leftists, not Pro-Freedom Voices, are Censored on Social Media

Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe Nina Jankowicz, the Disinformation Governance Board czarina.

There is a huge list of freedom fighters and patriots who have banned from Twitter (here is a list of some of them, along with some people who are not admirable at all, including David Duke and others), and absolutely no prominent Leftists who have been likewise banned, but just ignore that.

Nina Jankowicz is the arbiter of truth.

And she wouldn’t ever lie to us, now, would she?



Kamala Harris Warns of Terrifying Future of Government Interference in ‘Personal Decisions’

Taliban Stop Pretending to be Nice, Order Women to Wear Burkas and Stay Home

Pakistan: Men dig up grave of teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused are being interrogated

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Election Whores of the Democrat Party

Election integrity and freedom of speech are the two most basic requirements for a democracy, a government by the people, exercised directly or through elected representatives. The 2020 United States presidential election breached them both. Unprecedented in US election history, Democrat-run cities in battleground states suspended vote-counting, and then mysteriously resumed with drastically changed trajectories of the vote count. Americans went to sleep certain that President Donald Trump had been reelected. When they woke up, Joe Biden had mysteriously surged ahead to “win” the election. Americans remain shocked, confused, and angry. What happened??

Investigative journalist Dinesh D’Souza answers that question with irrefutable proof the election was stolen from we the people in his stunning new documentary film 2000 Mules. The film’s summary:

Drawing on research provided by the election integrity group True the Vote, 2000 Mules offers two types of evidence: geotracking and video. The geotracking evidence, based on a database of 10 trillion cell phone pings, exposes an elaborate network of paid professional operatives called mules delivering fraudulent and illegal votes to mail-in drop boxes in the five key states where the election was decided. Video evidence, obtained from official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves, confirms the geotracking evidence.

Amazon’s 2000 Mules book review states:


The 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud orchestrated by the Democratic Party. That’s not just an accusation; it’s now, thanks to bestselling author and investigative journalist Dinesh D’Souza, an established fact. With eyewitness testimony and the pinpoint precision and analytic sophistication of the forensic technique of geotracking, D’Souza demonstrates how an already corrupt system put in place by Democratic Party hacks and “community organizers” was taken over and supercharged by national-level operatives to produce massive voter fraud.

The key figure: the mule. A paid cut-out. A criminal deliveryman. The stooge found at the intersection where election cheating and double-dealing hit the road. The mule is the crook who physically takes a sack of ballots provided by shady NGOs and political machines—the “community activist organizations” made famous by former President Obama, for instance—and, like some nefarious Johnny Appleseed, dumps those ballots in collection boxes throughout a voting district. Do enough of this, and you have planted voter fraud across a nation.

Documentary filmmaker extraordinaire and bestselling author of America, Death of a Nation, and United States of Socialism, Dinesh D’Souza exposes powerful evidence of the colossal voting racketeering that you were told didn’t exist. Here you will find the receipts—the transcripts and confirmatory details—for the facts establishing 2020 election fraud presented in D’Souza’s major motion picture documentary, 2000 Mules. D’Souza makes a powerful argument that 2020 was a stolen election. More important, D’Souza proves it.

Geotracking identifies a person’s current physical location by obtaining GPS data from their smartphones or other GPS-enabled devices. The video evidence in the film documents hooded, masked, mules stuffing ballot drop boxes in the middle of the night. The GPS pings follow the mules from NGO [non-governmental organization] locations to drop box locations, often multiple times in a single night. It is horrifying.

NGOs are typically voluntary groups or organizations, non-profit entities with a social mission like “election integrity” and “get out the vote.” Unsurprisingly, the NGOs identified by geotracking are Soros backed entities, many receiving lavish 2020 election funding from Mark Zuckerberg. Democrats exploited the Covid plandemic to justify the massive mail-in voting required to implement their massive voter fraud scheme to steal the election.

Individuals who questioned the election outcome were smeared, deplatformed, and ridiculed. The mainstream media echo chamber insisted the 2020 presidential election was the freest and fairest election in US history. Over and over, day after day, the same election lie was repeated constantly by the media outlets.

Yet, Americans were not convinced. More and more evidence began to surface confirming their suspicions that the election had been manipulated. A protest was organized for January 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill to peacefully and legally protest Congressional certification of Joe Biden’s electoral vote win. Democrats responded with phase two of the 2020 election steal. When the protestors reached the Capitol Building, the 20,000-pound doors that only open from inside, were opened to let the protestors in—and the protestors poured in.

Challenges to the certification are heard in alphabetical order. Paul Gozar, Republican representative from Arizona was the first to object. Objections must be co-signed by a senator. Texas Senator Ted Cruz had signed the objection. Suddenly there was chaos in the House chamber, people were scrambling for cover because of the announcement that the Capitol had been breached–how very convenient. The Democrat political theater that ensued was Oscar-worth. Investigations that clearly showed Capitol police removing barricades, and videos identifying FBI operatives were ignored. Instead, drama queen Nancy Pelosi began shrieking the breach was a Trump-inspired insurrection, and protestors should be arrested for domestic terrorism.

Never in the history of the United States have lawful protestors been arrested and held as political prisoners without due process, until January 6th. Phase three of the Democrat election steal required incarcerating Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. Incarcerated for months on end without being charged with a crime, many are locked in their cells with no human contact for 23 hours a day, without legal representation, adequate food, water, or medical attention.

On June 15, 2021, Steve Watson reported:

Jan 6 protesters being held in indefinite pre-trial detention in DC for as little as “trespassing” into the Capitol building have reportedly been placed on lockdown in retaliation for a Fox News show on Sunday where Mark Levin, Julie Kelly and Senator Ron Johnson exposed how they’re being tortured, beaten, racially abused and locked in solitary confinement.

As I reported last week, peaceful Jan 6 Capitol protester Paul Allard Hodgkins was maliciously overcharged by the feds with “obstructing an official proceeding of Congress” and faced 20 years in prison for the crime of taking a selfie on the Senate floor with others as they “cheered and said prayers.”

Not only was the US 2020 election itself as corrupt as any in a third world nation, the aftermath continues to be equally squalid. But there’s more. The Democrats found it necessary to empower themselves to be the arbiters of free speech, hate speech, and disinformation.

The fourth phase of the 2020 election steal required the institutional elimination of free speech in the name of national security. The illegitimate Biden regime has just created an Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board, under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security, will have the authority to determine what is and what is not hate speech and/or disinformation. This means that anyone still questioning the 2020 election can be legally labelled a domestic terrorist and subject to punishment as a domestic terrorist.

The Democrat assault on election integrity and freedom of speech is an attack on our constitutional republic. If the Democrats are allowed to redefine political opposition as hate speech, our future as a constitutional republic is over.

In the closing line of my latest book, The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage I write, “Space is no longer the final frontier–reality is.”

The deceitful Democrats have decided that they will define reality for you.

Don’t let them.

©Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

Biden Administration Providing the Best Government Money Can Buy

When conducting investigations into possible wrongdoing, the issue of motivation is of great importance. Financial gains can provide huge incentives, so “following the money” is a good starting point.

The Biden administration’s plan to terminate Title 42 has raised the eyebrows and ire of many Americans and politicians from both parties.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration appears determined to kill Title 42 no matter the potential impact this will have on America’s national security, public safety or public health.

There are many potential reasons the administration is eager to remove one of the barriers to unfettered illegal immigration.

I explored some of the “Profiteers of Biden Administration’s Open Borders Policy” in an article I wrote last year.

Now we appear to have information about yet another potential profiteer.

Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles recently published an article that may explain at least one of the motivations for this impending betrayal of America to be launched by the Biden administration.

Here is how the Judicial Watch report began:

A nonprofit that hired a Biden administration official received a huge no-bid government contract that wasted $17 million on unused hotel rooms for illegal immigrants, a federal audit reveals. The politically connected group, which had no experience providing the services covered by the sole source federal contract, also failed to meet COVID-19 health protocols required by the government when the deal was signed. The highly questionable arrangement was executed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Homeland Security agency responsible for housing migrant families in detention. The agency typically uses Family Residential Centers (FRC) to house family units, but in early 2021 ICE anticipated increased apprehensions of illegal immigrant families along the southern border and awarded a contract to harbor them in hotels while completing intake processing, auditors from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General explain in a recent report.

The group that received the lucrative no-bid award, Endeavors, had never provided beds or all-inclusive emergency family residential services when ICE hired it to do so, auditors found. Formerly known as Family Endeavors, the Texas based nonprofit claims to passionately serve vulnerable people in crisis through its innovative, personalized approach. Last year a national news outlet reported that Endeavors won a colossal $530 million government contract just months after it hired Biden administration official Andrew Lorenzen-Straight as its senior director for migrant services and federal affairs. The contract is by far the largest ever awarded to the nonprofit, according to the article, and is potentially worth more than 12 times the group’s most recently reported annual budget. Lorenzen-Strait, a former ICE official who also advised the Biden-Harris transition team on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy and staffing matters, must have pulled some strings.

The report was predicated on a report issued by the Office of Inspector General on April 22, 2022.

Days later, ABC News reported:

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced blunt questions from lawmakers on Wednesday about how the Biden administration is handling and preparing for the eventual end of pandemic-justified border restrictions that have reduced humanitarian relief options for asylum seekers at the border.

The report went on to state:

The Democratic chair of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, asked Mayorkas directly if he believes it’s time to end Title 42 and, as he has done before, Mayorkas deferred to the CDC.

“Our responsibility in the Department of Homeland Security is to implement the Title 42 authority of the CDC at our border and to implement it effectively and judiciously according to the law. We are mindful that the that there can be an increase in migratory flows encountered at our southern border should Title 42 come to an end, as the CDC has determined it needs to do by May 23. Our responsibility therefore, is to prepare and plan for that eventuality.”

You have to wonder if Mayorkas is excited by the possibility of acting more like our nation’s “innkeeper” than guardian of our nation’s borders and hence, national security.

Rather then stepping up efforts to deter illegal aliens from entering the U.S. and filling applications of political asylum that are mostly spurious, his emphasis is on finding ways to provide services and thus, incentives for unlimited flows of illegal aliens.

Instead, he should be ramping up efforts to uncover immigration fraud because, as the official 9/11 and Terrorist Travel report warned:

“Terrorists in the 1990s, as well as the September 11 hijackers, needed to find a way to stay in or embed themselves in the United States if their operational plans were to come to fruition. As already discussed, this could be accomplished legally by marrying an American citizen, achieving temporary worker status, or applying for asylum after entering. In many cases, the act of filing for an immigration benefit sufficed to permit the alien to remain in the country until the petition was adjudicated. Terrorists were free to conduct surveillance, coordinate operations, obtain and receive funding, go to school and learn English, make contacts in the United States, acquire necessary materials, and execute an attack.”

That report also noted:

“Once terrorists had entered the United States, their next challenge was to find a way to remain here. Their primary method was immigration fraud. For example, Yousef and Ajaj concocted bogus political asylum stories when they arrived in the United States. Mahmoud Abouhalima, involved in both the World Trade Center and landmarks plots, received temporary residence under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers (SAW) program, after falsely claiming that he picked beans in Florida.” Mohammed Salameh, who rented the truck used in the bombing, overstayed his tourist visa. He then applied for permanent residency under the agricultural workers program, but was rejected. Eyad Mahmoud Ismail, who drove the van containing the bomb, took English-language classes at Wichita State University in Kansas on a student visa; after he dropped out, he remained in the United States out of status.”

The problem is that the Biden administration plans to protect immigration fraudsters!

If the Biden administration wants to combat misinformation through the creation of its version of the Ministry of Truth, it could begin by changing the name of DHS from the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Homeland Surrender.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

Buffalo Hat-Wearing Elizabeth Warren Leads Insurrection Against Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Eyewitnesses reported Senator Elizabeth Warren donned a buffalo hat and led a group of bloodthirsty insurrectionists up the marble steps of the Supreme Court Building Wednesday morning. According to sources, they are outraged that the murder of babies as a constitutional right is under dispute.

Sen Warren, literally shaking, tumbled up the building steps and wailed righteously at the main door of the marble palace as her minions violently assaulted it with poster board and clothes hangers.

“The court has been compromised!” she yelled. “They are ruling in a way I disagree with!”


While rallying her supporters, Elizabeth Warren explained that overturning Roe v Wade wasn’t a big deal because Congress had the power to amend the Constitution but that she was still angry anyway because she hadn’t eaten in a while “AND COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GRAB ME A SNICKERS?!”

Republican leaders are reportedly concerned about the recent developments, unsure if they should point at Elizabeth Warren and laugh or worry whether continuing to oppose baby murder will make it harder for them to beat Democrats in November.

“Ugh, this is hard!” said Sen Mitch McConnel. “Politics! Ugh!”

The insurrectionists were seen walking around the Supreme Court Building with signs and flags, just like the violent insurrectionists of January 6th. They have not yet breached the building, however, as Capitol police have not opened the doors for them.

This man shared misinformation online, so the Ministry of Truth — err, sorry, the Disinformation Governance Board — detained him for questioning. Will he stand strong in the face of torture?

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Did Your Mom Abort You? Take The Quiz!

Abortionist Worried He May Have To Become One Of Those Doctors That Helps People

New Poll Shows Surprisingly Sizable Majority Of Unborn Babies Favor Overturning Roe

Source Of SCOTUS Leak Found To Be Swedish Supreme Court Janitor Hildur Clintonheim

Ketanji Brown Jackson Up All Night Reading Biology Textbooks Trying To Figure Out What Everybody Means By ‘Women’s’ Right To Abortion

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Food Banks Straining to Meet Demand Show the Real Human Cost of Progressive Policies

Families are seeing the pinch at home, but so too are the charities that pick up the grocery bill for those who can’t make ends meet.

Thanks to inflation, Americans increasingly cannot afford their grocery bills. Global food prices are projected to increase 23 percent this year, on top of the 30 percent they increased last year. And per usual, those already living on the margins are feeling the consequences the most.

Food banks are struggling to keep up with the increased demand they’re experiencing. Families are seeing the pinch at home, but so too are the charities that pick up the grocery bill for those who can’t make ends meet. Many are struggling to keep up with the increased demand on top of the increased cost of food.

Forgotten Harvest, which serves the metro Detroit area, said demand increased 25 to 45 percent since December. According to the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, grocery bills increased by 10 percent in March compared to the year before while restaurant charges went up by 6.9 percent.

Furthermore, Feeding America, one of the nation’s largest charities working to prevent hunger with over 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries, reported 85 percent of their food banks saw increased demand for food assistance.

Tim Fetsch, the chief operating officer of the St. Louis Area Foodbank, which provides nearly 400,000 meals per year, told the Wall Street Journal, “We have had to work harder to secure the food needed to support the community.” He went on to explain that his organization is grappling with supply chain issues, increased transportation costs, and the increase in food prices. And he pointed out that while retail stores used to donate heavily to their program, they too are facing many of the same challenges.

For its part, Feeding America has begun purchasing its food for the first time to make up for the loss in donations. However, their President and Chief Operating Officer Katie Fitzgerald indicated that might not be a permanent solution, telling the Journal, “We’re still trying to purchase that food, but now it’s costing us 40 percent more.”

How do you say “we told you so” in progressive?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the left has mocked those of us who said the response to the coronavirus might be worse than the disease itself. We were called grandma killers, selfish, idiots. (Never mind the fact that Democratic governors actually killed grandmas by sending infected patients back into nursing homes.)

But every step along the way we have been horribly right.

In March of 2020, we at published a headline that read, “Panic Has Led to Government ‘Cures’ That Are Worse than the Disease, History Shows.”

While the New York Times called for more stimulus spending, Tyler Goodspeed (a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute) wrote in The Hill, “Back to ’70s inflation? How Biden’s spending spree will hurt your wallet.” That was in July of 2021. The Washington Post was advocating lockdowns even as recently as this past December writing, “Lockdowns can be necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus.” Meanwhile, my colleague at has been presciently pointing to the unscientific nature of such claims—reporting all the way back in May of 2020, “Sweden’s Top Infectious Disease Expert Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Not Based on Science. History Shows He Could Be Right.”

It’s been like watching a car crash in slow motion while being unable to intervene and stop it.

The response to the coronavirus was worse than the disease, which has a less than 1 percent death rate for the vast majority of people, and for which a vaccine was quickly developed.

There are myriad repercussions we can point to that stemmed from lockdowns and stimulus spending: increases in domestic abuse, loss of education, an increase in poverty, staggering inflation, increases in hunger. The list goes on.

All of these repercussions were predictable and predicted by many who understand the tendency of central planning to generate adverse unintended consequences. Kids can’t just make up for years of learning lost. Trapping people in their homes can be dangerous when their living situation is unstable. Shutting down the economy was always going to lead to supply chain disruptions and shortages, while printing trillions of dollars is bound to lead to inflation.

Our government decided to be truly detached from economic reality and pursue both lockdowns and money printing—meaning you had a huge increase in dollars chasing a decreased number of goods. That’s the specific recipe for high inflation and anyone who didn’t say that all along should probably revisit basic economics.

And lastly, it was clear all along we would see an increase in poverty and hunger as a result of pushing people out of work, limiting the supply chain, and creating high inflation. All of this goes hand-in-hand.

This is yet another example of how the left’s policies hurt the very people they claim to stand for the most. It’s good to care about the poor, but we can’t help them if we don’t understand the economic factors that actually lead to prosperity. A bleeding heart paired with an economically illiterate mind never lifted anyone out of poverty.

Regrettably, those who were already on the margins in our society are being pummeled by the reckless policies of progressives. And let’s be clear, there were plenty of Republicans in the progressive camp as well. Many supported stimulus spending and even lockdowns. Trump himself and many of his supporters even tried to have Representative Thomas Massie (R, KY) kicked out of the GOP when he stood against stimulus spending in 2020.

But saying “I told you so” doesn’t feel good when there are real lives on the line. This story is a heartbreaking one that represents countless children and parents going to bed hungry tonight.

As economist Murray Rothbard once said, “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.”

Those who waged economic war on the American people over the last two years need to stand down and let entrepreneurs and workers rebuild our ravaged economy.


Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox is the Content Manager and Brand Ambassador for the Foundation for Economic Education.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Bad Times: The Flood, the Shoah, Ukraine War and Terror

Israel manifests a social resilience in a nation that is far from giving up or rejecting the Jewish role in history, despite terror.

In my 2003 novel, The Second Catastrophe: A Novel About a Book and its Author, a Canadian Jewish professor, son of a survivor of the Shoah, becomes obsessed with the idea that Iran is pursuing a Second Holocaust against the Jews, this time against the 6 million plus Jews of Israel.

When I look around the world today, I am appalled at the resurgence of anti-Semitism, some of it based on anti-Semitic strains in anti-Israelism, some now more often emanating from the Left rather than the extreme Right. The submission of the Left to the racist and anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement parallels the submission of the Left to militant Islamism and to globalist transfers of power to the same United Nations whose General Assembly is obsessed with passing anti-Israel resolutions and promoting the terrorists who would “drive the Jews into the sea”. From black rappers like Wiley and Scarface to self-hating anti-Israel Jews like Peter Beinart and the rest from J-Street and Jewish Voices for Peace, there seem few popular restraints against the crime we hoped would end with the Shoah.

A pro-Israel president of the United States, Donald Trump, with Jewish children and grand-children, was hated by Jewish members of the American Democratic Party, and was absurdly painted as having authoritarian impulses – when it is the Left which has the totalitarian and authoritarian policies of censoring opposing viewpoints on Facebook and Twitter, and now causing President Biden to create Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board which true liberals have attacked as a ‘Ministry of Truth’.

Universities, even elementary education are now promoting the anti-Semitic aspects of Islamism, and the New York Times has become nothing except a mouthpiece for the leftist, now dominant, wing of the Democratic Party; yet many Jews still virtue-signal their Leftism and Globalism, by their persistent reading of the biased news from the NYT, or its allies on television, such as CNN, MSNBC and PBS. Jewish columnists of the New York Times, like Roger Cohen, Thomas Friedman and Michele Goldberg, regularly portrayed President Trump as authoritarian and Nazi-like while refraining from calling out the anti-Semitic words and actions of Black Lives Matters, and the Islamists Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

They are in fact following the playbook of the Times’ failure to object to the Holocaust and failure to report on it. They also fail to cover the “Cancel Culture” and the clear abuse of process in the fake Russian collusion matter and the ridiculous attempted impeachments by Democrats, among them Jews like Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer. Meanwhile President Biden and his corrupt son Hunter are given a free pass, as the country reels from the effects of out of control spending (leading to inflation), the open border, defunding police (and overly tolerant District Attorneys) leading to high crime, the withdrawal from energy self-sufficiency, and signs of weakness such as the rushed exit from Afghanistan including the gift to the Taliban of billions of military equipment, and the immorality of abandoning Afghan interpreters to their fate.

I am not the only one who sees the proposed nuclear deal with Iran as similar to the Wansee Conference of the Nazis.

I am certain that if the Democrats led (sic) by the elderly figure-head, Joe Biden, with true power in the Marxists, including both economic and cultural Marxism, America as a force for good is being mortally wounded and will witness enhanced fighting in the streets. It is worrying when prominent supporters of the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance, are Jewish intellectuals or politicians.

Terror has struck in Israel once again, with the world accepting with equanimity the cold blooded murder of Jewish innocents, fathers of families – by bestial murderers who know they will have no effect on Israel’s existence, but bring us back to the pogroms of Eastern Europe with the use of axes and knives.

How do those Jews with a religious orientation understand the resurgence of “bad times”?

My father, Leon Rotberg Z”L, a survivor of Auschwitz, who lost his parents and then 8 year old sister in the gas chambers there, would be 101 this upcoming November. He lived a long life, passing away at 93.

What occurred to me when writing my novel The Second Catastrophe during the anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism of the Second Intifada (2001 to 2002), was that Survivors like my father would surely be especially upset to witness the murder of more Jewish children and other Jewish civilians, this time in Israel, and the apparent support for same among Jewish leftists and others in America And so, I began to wonder if sometimes it is better that certain people pass away before they can see some terrible event, whether political, cultural or financial.

As I read the news (from the declining number of reputable mainstream media), I sometimes think that it is good that my father is no longer alive to see this or that. Certainly, I wanted him to enjoy life with his children and seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren as long as possible, even though his later years were marked with some physical maladies and the common Survivor illness of Depression. But were he alive today, I would hate for him to see the moral and political chaos, including that within the Jewish community, and an Israeli government plagued by weakness and over-reliance on leftists and Islamists.

I wrote my novel in Israel during the worst of the Second Intifada, with near-daily attacks by suicide bombers at restaurants, disco-clubs, Passover Seders in old-age homes, school buses, and wherever Israelis might be gathering. Few tourists were coming to Israel then, and I was staying at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club Hotel, at the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University.

I wanted my novel to deal in some way with the modern fate of the Jewish people: the issue of how a just G-d, could allow the six million deaths of the Shoah was therefore a central concern. When I was writing, this problem seemed to be intellectually beyond me, and I felt incapable of finishing the novel.

One afternoon, I wandered over to the Bloomfield Library, just across the court-yard from the Maiersdorf. For some reason, right after I started browsing a book title seemed to jump off the book spine and grab my attention; it was by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Z”L, formerly Chief Rabbi of Britain, and it was called Crisis and Covenant. I immediately realized what was stopping my writing was an inadequate understanding of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. In just one hour, I read most of the book.

The issue of the covenant, and then what is called the “Tochacha” – the blessings in the Torah for following the commandments in the covenant and the curses for rejecting them, seared itself into my mind.

I made the professor in the novel recall his talks as a teenager with an elderly Shoah survivor who developed a Torah-based theory of why G-d allowed the murder of six million Jews including about one million children. In part he explains that the Biblical curses come not merely for failing to keep the commandments but from a rejection of the covenant itself.

The fictional old man’s theory revolves around the Biblical figure, Chanoch, or Enoch in English. From the time of Adam up to Noah and the flood, humans were living 800 or 900 years, but Chanoch “only” lived to 365. According to the first two parshas or chapters of the Torah, Chanoch was a particularly righteous man, so why did G-d take him so early? It also says that Chanoch is the great-great-great-great-great grandson of Adam, and the great-grandfather of Noah.

We are told that mankind became very evil in the time of Noah, so G-d decided to destroy the world, except that Noah and his family together with two of every animal, would survive the terrible flood in an ark that they were instructed to build.

By scrutinizing the names of the men after Adam and up to Noah, he establishes that Chanoch would have been 434 years old when Noah was born, and had he lived the usual 800 or 900 years, he would have witnessed the growing immorality around him, which resulted in the flood. And so, shocking as it might seem, this elderly Holocaust survivor, comes up with a theory that G-d took Chanoch earlier than usual for the times, because he was righteous and because G-d wanted to spare him from seeing the terrible immorality and perhaps from seeing how that immorality might bring the curses. The main character in my novel worries that the old man is correct: that the death of the six million spared them, like Chanoch, from seeing the immorality ahead, especially from the mid-60s to the present.

Are those who are passing away from Coronavirus being spared the experience of living through the bad political and cultural times of today? Is Coronavirus a contemporary “flood”? Aren’t we told in the Torah that G-d establishes another covenant with the Jewish People – this time to never again wipe out the Jewish people?

In fact we are reminded of this as every time we see a rainbow, as Noah did, we should recite the blessing: Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, Ruler of the Universe, who remembers the covenant, and is faithful to Go-d’s covenant, and keeps G-d’s promise.

And remembering is really what a rainbow is about, at least for G-d. After the flood, G-d establishes a covenant with Noah and sets the rainbow as a sign of this covenant “between Me and the earth” (Gen. 9:13), says G-d:

“When I bring clouds over the earth, and the bow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between Me and you and every living creature among all flesh, so that the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.” (Gen. 9:14-15). Does this apply to all major destructions of Jewish people or just one, the flood, where almost all of our people are destroyed? Does this apply only to natural disasters but not to man-made events?

I later wrote a book called The Ideological Path to Submission … and what we can do about it. In this book, I canvas all the ideologies, such as cultural and moral relativism, postmodernism, denialism, excessive tolerance (which I call Tolerism), multiculturalism, Islamophobia and inclusive diversity, which seem to be promoting bad times by causing a western submission, especially to Islamism, but also to Leftism and Globalism.

But in that book, I looked at ways to slow down or stop this submission and I wrote a chapter on how Israel has been able to achieve, despite the terrorism and anti-Semitic anti-Israelism, and the political weaknesses, a kind of social resilience, which puts Israel in a different category than other western nations.

Terrorism and the other violence we see now in America is meant to so frighten a target society that it submits to the agenda of the domestic terrorists, like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, or the international Islamist terrorists and those in Israel. This result is clear from the situation in Europe, where the more that Islamists abuse their host nations, the more these nations seek more Islamist immigration and special privileges for the Islamists.

Professor Dov Waxman of City University of New York, wrote in an essay called, “Living With Terror, not Living In Terror” that the purpose of terrorism is to alter the political and cultural reality and change the political agenda of the targeted population by creating a sense of hopelessness and fear and demoralization, which has indeed happened in Europe and America, but not, as I can attest by my time in Israel, to the Jewish State. Professor Waxman writes:

“Palestinian terrorism during the second Intifada was ineffective because it did not succeed in demoralizing the Israeli-Jewish public. While Israelis were certainly fearful of terrorist attacks, they did not become despondent and dispirited… Instead of panic and public hysteria, there was stoicism and fortitude. Israelis did not allow the threat of terrorism to dominate their lives. Although they experienced high levels of stress and fear, they went on with their lives.”

Waxman and others have written about various coping mechanisms that arose in Israel but don’t seem to be present in an increasingly fragmented U.S.A., to withstand adversity and cope effectively with change.

Social resilience is key: if we react to Leftist violence and manipulation of the Rule of Law and Islamist terrorism and dangerous globalist empowerment of institutions that hate us, by appeasement or naïve attempts at friendship, or a Cultural Stockholm Syndrome, or a guilt that turns into masochism or depression, we shall not deal well with the Bad Times that have arrived.

The U.S. and in particular the leftist, improperly educated, university students, and the media, have chosen to submit to the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist enemies. Jews in America should stop their infighting and submission – and unify enough to achieve social resilience to pass successfully through these Bad Times.

Israel, for all its problems, and political fights, still manifests a social resilience in a nation that is far from giving up or rejecting the Jewish role in history, despite being surrounded by Iranian proxies and facing increasingly violent Arab Israelis.

I suggest that there is nothing good about dying in bad times, and we should, like the boy in my novel, choose life, to further our mission, and not aspire to leaving the bad times without doing our best to remedy them.

Bad times then require us to double-down on our obligations in the Covenant made with our Creator. Bad times should remind us that we have a role in preventing another Flood, another Shoah, and another pandemic, and hopefully in saving lives of some of the most moral among us.

©Howard Rotberg. All rights reserved.


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‘We will miss you’: Victims of Israel Independence Day terrorist attack laid to rest

New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage BANS Governor DeSantis Ron DeSantis From Holocaust Memorial

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The Unhinged Violent Left Goes Crazy over Abortion

I’ve commented many times about the unhinged, violent Left.  They’re out in full force now, completely unglued by the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

We start with the actual violence they have already perpetrated. Pro-abortion activists smashed police cars and injured police officers with rocks and bottles in Los Angeles, shattered all the windows at City Hall in Portland, and spit on and shoved counter-protesters in front of the Supreme Court.  They also spit on counter-protesters in Arizona, while calling them names that can’t be repeated here.

Next come the public figures who are inciting others to violence.  California Governor Gavin Newsom said we will soon feel the fury of abortion supporters and told them to “fight like hell”, which was not OK and amounted to insurrection, according to Democrats, when Trump said it on January 6th. Transgender activist Chelsea Manning urged people to arm themselves and train in teams to learn how to use their weapons.  Other unhinged Leftists said, “BURN IT ALL DOWN” and “political violence works … burn down the Supreme Court”, among similar statements.  A leftist on Twitter said someone should murder Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Then there’s the intimidation.  Leftists groups are telling protesters to go to the homes of Supreme Court Justices to make their feelings known.  One group published the addresses.  The White House refused to condemn it.  What could possibly go wrong?  You might not recall, but a deranged angry leftist shot and injured a security guard at the Family Research Council in 2013, having gone there with the intent to massacre as many people as possible.  Another deranged Leftist shot Steve Scalise and other Republican congressmen on a baseball field four years later.  Maybe the Justices will get lucky and the protesters will only pound on their front doors like they pounded on the doors of the Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Meanwhile, other abortion fanatics are saying the wackiest things.  Whoopi Goldberg said abortion decisions should be between “my doctor, myself, and my child.”  Huh?  Well, Whoopi, what do you think unborn babies would say if given a choice in the matter?  They just might say, “My body, my choice.”  Too bad we don’t get to hear from them. A minor Hollywood actor tweeted, “I don’t think anybody actually believes fetuses are people.”

Oh, maybe just half the country.  Then there were the unhinged Leftists who said the Supreme Court will outlaw interracial marriage next. That will come as a surprise to Justice Clarence Thomas who is in an interracial marriage.

You can be sure there’s more to come – more wacky statements, more intimidation, and more violence from the unhinged Left.  But all of this pales in comparison to what they’re doing to the unborn.  It all fits, doesn’t it?  Anything goes with the unhinged violent Left, including murder, just to get their way.

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©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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There’s an upside to the Alito draft leak

Why should close reading, historical insight and an abundance of footnotes delegitimate the Court?

The leak of Justice Alito’s draft of the majority decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, unfortunate as it may be, should not delegitimate the US Supreme Court.

If a snarky, plotting, election-related draft had been revealed, that would have truly delegitimated the court. But in the draft one only finds very solid scholarship, even if one disagrees with it. It’s exactly the sort of thing that one would have wished for in a profoundly serious, deeply researched opinion.

Why should close reading, historical insight and an abundance of footnotes delegitimate the Court?

As a pro-life writer, I actually was a bit disappointed in the draft’s content. It contains no mention of the horror of abortion, except for a few initial citations from Mississippi. Nor does it mention any of the procedural flaws of Roe, especially the lack of a factual record (re life and re women) tested at a trial proceeding. And, an even bigger gap, it doesn’t mention any of the arguments that abortion hurts women. (Justice Kennedy did better a few years ago.)

So I think Justice Alito bent over backwards to go easy on the supporters of abortion. His text only hammers hard at the surface incorrectness of the reasoning of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey.

In this regard, the leak has a silver lining. People will read through the draft opinion with greater care than they would ordinarily lavish on an actual Supreme Court opinion, where only the final result matters to most of us. Of course, even here many will be only concerned with where Alito comes out, but even then they will scrutinise it in order to figure out the best counterblow. And people find it plain exciting to read stuff that’s supposed to be secret.

Here is some evidence for my silver lining. The Washington Post yesterday published an annotated albeit somewhat simplified version of the text. I thought that both the abridgment and the textual comments were remarkably fair-minded, really devoted only to explicating Alito’s reasoning, not to unfairly debunking it.

Others are no doubt doing what the Washington Post did. This will soften support for Roe. If more and more people learn what an unfounded opinion it was, they will have less reverence for it. (I will concede that showing the extreme sloppiness of Roe does delegitimate the Supreme Court of 1973 quite a bit, but at the same time it elevates the legitimacy of the current Court. So I’m not sure how that eventually washes out in terms of the historical trajectory of legitimacy.)

I’m not denying that the main political event that we are seeing right now is the marshalling of the mob. But that would have occurred in any event, as soon as the Court announced its decision in June .

But maybe advance titillation is slightly better than a done-and-dusted announcement in June.


Richard Stith is a professor emeritus of law at Valparaiso University. He is active in the Consistent Life Network, although the positions taken in his essays are not necessarily those of the CLN or its… More by Richard Stith

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Schiff on SCOTUS Breach: ‘I Don’t Care How the Draft Leaked’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted on Wednesday that he did not care how the draft of the Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade leaked — despite it being an unprecedented breach in the Supreme Court’s modern history.

“I don’t care how the draft leaked. That’s a sideshow,” he tweeted. “What I care about is that a small number of conservative justices, who lied about their plans to the Senate, intend to deprive millions of women of reproductive care. Codifying Roe isn’t enough. We must expand the court.”

This is the same inveterate liar who tried to protect the identity of the leaker of former President Trump’s classified call with the Ukrainian president. He doesn’t care about the leakers in any instance in which the leak serves his Party’s corruption and power-mad agenda.

And he’s using the leak to push the Democrat agenda to pack the Court with Progressive Justices, because Democrats’ first impulse when thwarted is not to change hearts and minds but to change the institutions whose rules and laws obstruct the Democrat Party.

Adam Schiff

27 Known Connections

Schiff Lies Repeatedly to Promote the Trump-Russia “Collusion” Hoax

In a March 22, 2017 interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Schiff claimed there was “more than circumstantial evidence” that Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign had colluded with Russian government operatives to tilt the election in his favor. When Todd asked Schiff if he had “seen direct evidence of collusion,” the congressman replied: “I don’t want to go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial and is very much worthy of investigation, so that is what we ought to do.” From that point forward, Schiff established himself as one of the Democrat Party’s leading voices demanding Trump’s impeachment, repeatedly proclaiming to the media that the evidence against the president was overwhelming.

To read more and learn more about Adam Schiff, click here.

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Liberal Psychobabble is Torturing Our Collective Brains

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots:

Liberals want to turn our God-given brains into psychobabble mush

Is liberal psychobabble torturing your brain?

Consider these non-scientific fantasies that can turn your brain into compliant mush if you let them:

Humans evolved through natural selection. Unborn babies are not human. Climate change will destroy the earth. Men can have babies too. Gender is not determined by biology, but by choice.

Scripture pummels all these bizarre theories.

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, we look at what the Bible says about liberal delusions while injecting our own remarks, smirks, rants and sniggers into the narrative.

Speaking of delusions, yesterday, Joe Biden said MAGA supporters are “the most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.”

Yet, at the same time, the Capitol Hill Police was erecting a fence around the United States Supreme Court to prevent pro-abortion activists from storming the High Court and possibly harming the justices.

A little bit of irony, I guess, for that iron fence.

Where was Sleepy Joe back in 2020 when Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were setting fire to cities, threatening violence against white-skinned restaurant customers, and actually establishing seditious Autonomous Zones in cities across America, such as the one in Seattle that told residents, “You are now leaving the USA.”

Is there no end to the libs torturing our minds with inexhaustible deceit and fanciful illusions?

If you look at history, the root cause of such thoughtless trite, I believe, is Charles Darwin’s evolution.

If God can be removed from creation, then man can start paving an imaginative road of self-conceit.

That imaginative road is now on full display with such eye-popping phrases as birthing people, chestfeeding, and people who bleed (menstruation).

At Shout Out Patriots, we needed time to vent, bash and bring a biblical perspective to people who replace reality with fairy tale stories and pseudo-science illusions.

Doing so is our job as Christians and Patriots.

“We tear down arguments and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Cor. 10:5)

©Shout Out Patriots. All rights reserved.

Democrats Brains Are Exploding!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill.

Roe vs. Wade may be on its last legs! Rightfully so. It was bad legislation and it should never have been a Federal Law but one that each State should decide. That power belongs at the state level.

Human beings do not have a natural right to slaughter their babies at will. Especially to the degree that the left has taken it where abortion right up to birth is legal. How do doctors who take an oath to protect life justify this murder other than through their bank balances. How do they sleep? How could their family like what they do unless they are as empty morally and ethically as the abortionist? They do the work of Satan.

The leaked draft majority opinion by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito appears in itself to not be a crime. However, if that opinion was taken illegally from a computer say by hacking or was physically stolen using nefarious means, those would be federal crimes and the FBI should investigate. However, I do not trust the FBI to do a fair and impartial investigation. What a shame that the FBI has sunk to such lows that the leadership ensures they bang the leftist drum.

I believe this document was deliberately leaked to bring pressure on SCOTUS to review and maybe switch their decision to one more favorable to the lunatic fringe on the left. They expect riots and mayhem and wide destruction and hope that will intimidate the SCOTUS to change their decision. In over 200 years this has never happened. The DemonRats have politicized this and other subjects and will stoop as low as they need to achieve their evil ends, aims and ambitions.

Also interesting is the timing of this leak. 2000 mules, the new movie on the stolen election of 2020 by the Democrats and produced by documentary film maker Dinesh D’Souza has just been released so the possibility of that becoming a topic of conversation has been diminished. The MSM will ensure that and even Faux News has fallen into that trap.

Democrats nation wide have come out swinging. From Sniffer Joe all the way down to that old feeble gay fool and chameleon Charlie Crist are baying like hunting dogs for action to be taken to stop Roe vs. Wade being removed.

After all, none of these idiots were ever aborted but are all so very pro. Nothing like a proficient vacuum sucking the very lives out of their mothers wombs, destroying the bodies and causing pain to the babies.

Things are going badly for these leftist idiots. What with Twitter being bought by Elon Musk, a former libtard favorite child, and the expectations that evil, patriotic Americans may actually be able to espouse an opinion different to the left is unthinkable. After all, social media had controlled that for years, banning conservative thoughts, words etc. After all, we are just domestic terrorists threats to a One World Nation!! Deplorable’s!!!Plus we believe in God, morals, ethics, working for a living, sanctity of life and worst of all – the America and the Constitution! Heck, we proved it by wanting to Make America Great!!Again and again!!!

So now all these real domestic enemies, the real domestic terrorists, the real threat to our national security, the type that have real thoughts to destroy our beloved nation, see that possibly the right to abortion could become a state issue – where it rightly belongs – and there is a real possibility that as a huge majority of states will be Red after November, the chances that abortions will be freely available to anyone who for example maybe uses it as contraception, is getting remote. The chances of a Republican run state government allowing late term abortions is zero. There will be no real space in those states for the murder machine of the left, Planned Parenthood.

So they are distraught. After all, Planned Parenthood was developed to remove all blacks and other minorities considered inferior by Democrats at the time. All that work and it may be destroyed.

Democrats are calling for a federal law to be written as quickly as possible, ensuring abortion is available for all and everywhere. They are talking about ending the filibuster ensuring they only need 51 votes instead of 60 so the 50 seats they hold plus the laughing hyena VP Dumbo Harris’s vote, would ensure its victory.

That will come back to bite them in a future GOP controlled House.

Packing the SCOTUS with libtard, political whores, is also back in conversation. Judicial puppets to political masters, each one breaking their oaths as easily as you would squash a bug. Each getting richer and each being promised a life of plenty. Sickening.

Both measures will not be popular with the greater population of voters. Real ones – not dead ones!!

I personally think that the clerk or whoever that leaked this document committed treason. I believe that their action was 100 times worse than any lies the DemonRats tell about January 6th. I think that person is a total lowlife commie who cares nothing for the rule of law, our system of governance or our history. Trust me, in any other country they would suffer a fate worse than you can imagine.

Even that girly boy Hussein Obama is getting in on the act. He/she/it is calling for Americans to join with the pro choice activists and act!


You mean like BLM and ANTIFA acted out and still are, rioting, murdering, looting and burning down cities, knocking down monuments, destroying wide swathes of American cities? Is that what that miserable, racist, anti American traitor Obama wants to have happen?

I believe so. Hussein Obama wants to fundamentally change the country into his ideal communist nation where government runs all citizens lives from cradle to grave and inbreeds like him (?) are in charge, incredibly rich and privileged.

As my Dad used to say, “The only true communist is one who can afford to be one.” Prophetic words and so wise and correct.


©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Only Internet Fascism Can Save Democracy

Won’t someone save democracy from the people?

Free speech on the internet endangers democracy, Barack Obama told Stanford University.

The widely hailed speech at Big Tech’s favorite university claimed that autocrats are “subverting democracy” and that democracies have “grown dangerously complacent.” In the slow parade of teleprompter clichés he even  warned that “too often we’ve taken freedom for granted.”

To Obama, the threat to democracy doesn’t come from government power, but the lack of it.

“You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage. You just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing that citizens no longer know what to believe. Once they lose trust in their leaders, in mainstream media, in political institutions, in each other, in the possibility of truth, the game’s won,” he summed up.

Like every Obama speech, “Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm” didn’t offer anything new, just a distillation of familiar talking points and misplaced assumptions.

The assumption at the heart of Obama’s speech and that of the range of arguments depicting free speech as a cultural and national threat is that the purpose of discourse is state power.

Obama, like many post-liberal lefty critics of free speech, reduces speech to its social impact and its social impact to its political impact. This holistic integration is so fundamental to Marxists and many lefties that they don’t even think twice about the idea that everything we do is reducible to a move on the great abacus of social justice. The food you eat, the car you buy, and the words you say have the potential to either save or damn the planet and humanity.

This quasi-religious conception of mass social mobilization pervades American society. It’s the precondition for wokeness because the only possible moral justification for terrorizing random people on social media is the conviction that governance isn’t political, it’s social, and that the only way to avert climate change and social inequality is by controlling what everyone believes.

Wokeness collapses the distinction between the private and public spheres, and between government and individuals. In a national social crisis, the only conceptual framework through which the Left ever really governs, there’s no time for such liberal niceties as private spheres.

Obama’s speech neatly illustrates the fascism at the heart of this panopticon political project.

Introduce disagreement and you “raise enough questions” that people “no longer know what to believe” and then “lose trust in their leaders”, “mainstream media” and even “truth”. Stripped of all the Brookings Institute globalist prose, what Obama is really saying is that individual disagreement undermines the state. And that truth is dependent on public faith in the state.

This is a value system utterly at odds with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, one which envisions an intimate link between individual speech and state authority that would have horrified King George III, but absolutely delighted Hitler or Stalin.

It assumes that there can be no other legitimate points of view other than the official one and that there should be no leaders except those who share them. Limiting the range of opinions is necessary to protect state power because there is no distinction between them and the state.

Or as a certain Austrian artist once put it, “One people, One state, One leader”.

When he was promoting his last book two years ago, Obama made the same arguments. “If we do not have the capacity to distinguish what’s true from what’s false, then by definition the marketplace of ideas doesn’t work. And by definition our democracy doesn’t work.”

The assumption that the democratic process leads to truth rather than choice, absolute rightness rather than people power, is an undemocratic paradigm. Its inevitable conclusion becomes that of Obama, that democracy must be protected by controlling the people.

Not only elections, but ideas, are too important to be left to the public.

Obama doesn’t want a marketplace of ideas because people might get the wrong idea and vote him and his political allies out of office. The explicit goal of internet censorship is to control election outcomes by filtering what information the public is able to access.

Like the provenance of a certain Delaware artist’s laptop.

Narrowing the range of acceptable information in order to narrow the range of acceptable opinions, candidates and political systems is the first fundamental trick of tyrannies. It takes a certain chutzpah and a stock of Orwellian buzzwords to redefine that as protecting democracy.

Obama complains, “China’s built a great firewall around the Internet, turning it into a vehicle for domestic indoctrination” and proposes a democratic firewall around the internet under a “regulatory structure” to be designed with “communities of color” to slow “the spread of harmful content.” The democratic people of color firewall will be so much better than China’s firewall.

Pro-censorship elites have the same assumptions as China about the interaction between speech, society, and the state which is why they, like Obama, arrive at the same conclusions. They can dress up those conclusions in buzzwords about “democracy” and “people of color”, but those are differences of style, not substance. The trains all end up at the same station.

Obama speaks about “bugs” in the Constitution. While he is always happy to critique America, the particular totalitarian bug here is deeply embedded into the leftist worldview which denies that people have individual agency, insists that everyone is a prisoner of their social context, and contends that the purpose of the society and the state is an enlightened intertwining. The bug, which is really more of a feature, directly leads to the same outcome as in China or Stanford.

A free society requires healthy breathing spaces between politics and life. The difference between a politicized society and a tyranny is only time. The question at the heart of this debate is “What is discourse for” which is really the question of, “What are people here for?” To believe, as the Left does, that people primarily exist as vehicles for political change is to enslave them.

That’s why every leftist revolution invariably slides toward tyranny along the same worn tracks.

The Founding Fathers believed that people would self-define their purposes. That was why America’s revolution uniquely led to freedom and why leftist revolutions lead to tyranny.

America defined freedom as individual power while lefties define it by the power of the state.

Obama is simply replaying what happens when liberation is treated as a collective enterprise, a journey toward rather than from, that can only be achieved collectively, through the exercise of state power rather than individually through personal choices. The internet, once individualistic, has become collective, and social media, the ultimate embodiment of that collectivism, has become the battleground between individualist expressers and collectivist censors.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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Muslim cleric quotes Muhammad saying even women in labor must have sex if husband wants it

Italy: Muslim migrant cook beheads Muslim migrant dishwasher

Sweden: Almost 30% want to ban ‘offensive’ demonstrations after Muslims riot over Qur’an-burning

England and Wales raise marriage age to 18 in bid to protect Muslim girls

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.