The FBI in Peace and Politics

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration and Congress made a number of panic-induced reorganization and statutory errors. As Senator Rand Paul said at the time, the panic-enacted Patriot Act (2001) would allow our federal intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to have virtually unchecked powers. [By the way, if President Clinton had acted on the three opportunities he had to dispatch Osama bin Laden, 9/11 might just be another ho-hum date on the calendar.]

The FBI raid on the home of former President Trump and other abuses of power by the FBI prove Senator Paul was correct. Moreover, the heavily redacted Affidavit presented to a Clinton-appointed judge to authorize a search of President Trump’s home suggests the FBI may have been trying to recover documents implicating the FBI in crimes against the former President. If so, that would be a case of criminals committing crimes and then committing another crime to recover evidence of their previous crimes.

Here is a way to prevent the FBI from further 1st and 4th Amendment abuses: Divest the FBI of any role in domestic counterintelligence. Limit the FBI to its traditional role of catching bank robbers and kidnappers. Under the Office of National Intelligence (ODNI) create an Office of Counterintelligence (OCI). Staff the OCI with counterintelligence-experienced members from the Navy NCIS, Air Force OSI, and Army CIC. Forbid the OCI to hire former FBI agents.

But who should control the OCI? The Judicial Branch staffed by nine unelected judges is not the place. Closer to the voters is the Executive Branch that came is turned over every four years. Closest to the voters is Congress. But Congress has a history of disruptive turf battles between the House and the Senate. So, how about a bi-partisan OCI Oversight Board with members nominated by the President and subject to Senate confirmation?

Dismissed FBI counterintelligence agents can find plenty of work by continuing to do Opposition Research for the Democratic National Committee and for Hillary Clinton. Many police departments were defunded in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Inevitably besieged by crime, the “woke” cities are now hiring cops again and would probably welcome FBI counterintelligence agents trained in breaking down doors, conducting perp walks, and arranging for favored media outlets to film and air their wee-hours raids in progress. Apparently, even Uvalde, TX, could use some aggressive cops.

Taking domestic counterintelligence away from the FBI is no big loss. Recall, that the FBI failed to detect the communists in the Manhattan Project who gave Stalin our atomic secrets. The Unabomber eluded the FBI for 17 years. Recall, FBI special agent, Robert Hanssen, who worked for the KGB. Hillary Clinton’s exposure of state secrets via her unprotected, home-grown server went undetected far too long. Indeed, the list of FBI counterintelligence and other failures is too long to recite here. Also, recall Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian massacre. Clearly, it is time for the FBI to go back to pursuing bank robbers and kidnappers and leave the political hit jobs to the left-loving MSM.

Nota bene: Between 1944 and 1958, one of the most popular radio programs was: The FBI in Peace and War.

©2022. William Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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So Many Imperfect Humans, So Little Time

Among the smooth assurances advocates gave us when passing assisted suicide laws was the idea there would be safeguards built into the laws so assisted suicide would only occur when the requirements of law were met.  Hah! What a bunch of bunk, as we now know.  A doctor who advocates euthanasia just admitted in a journal article that safeguards fail.  “(S)afeguards will never be perfect,” he wrote.  “All laws about anything result in some instances in which the outcome is other than what the law intends.”  Too bad that, when something other than what an assisted suicide law intends happens, it means that someone is dead who shouldn’t be.

This doctor was writing rather abstractly, but Belgium shows you exactly what happens when the safeguards in assisted death laws fail.  One safeguard is that the person is supposed to ask for assisted death.  In Belgium in just one year, over a thousand assisted deaths were done without explicit request.  Another safeguard is that assisted deaths would be reported, so the government could keep tabs on what was happening and dial restrictions up as needed.  Another bad joke.  In Belgium that year, almost half of assisted deaths were not reported.

Hidden agendas thrive in darkness.  And here, the authoritarian Left is getting its way.  More people are dying from assisted suicide and euthanasia than ever before.  Assisted death numbers continue to climb in places where such laws have been passed, regardless of safeguards, including the NetherlandsLuxembourgVictoria Australia, and Oregon.  Assisted deaths were up 36 percent in Ontario in a recent one-year period and 32 percent in Canada overall in 2021 over the previous year.

Canada is of interest because it’s out in front on this issue in many ways and what’s happening there is downright disturbing.  Vulnerable populations are being deliberately targeted and pushed into assisted death – people who are less able to protect themselves from outside pressure, like veterans with PTSD, people with dementia, the mentally illchildren, the disabled, and the poor.  In Australia, it’s the elderly.  In Belgium, it’s infants.  Gee, get rid of all these groups and we just might end up with a super-race. Sieg Heil!

It’s no accident the early Progressives and the National Socialists in Germany were all in for eugenics to create the perfect super-race.  There’s a straight line from eugenics to the authoritarian Left’s preoccupation with assisted suicide and euthanasia today.  But a funny thing happened on the way to Utopia.  We ended up in a very sick place, instead.  The Hitlerian doctrine of some lives being unworthy of life holds sway.  We’re making the short jump from ‘the government needs to save money on social spending’ to a shift in societal attitudes that actively demonizes and targets the vulnerable.  Once these demons are let loose, they cannot be controlled.  We’ll end up like that psychology experiment at Stanford where ordinary people assigned to prison guard roles became unbearably authoritarian and cruel in a matter of days – except it will be real life, not just an experiment, and there will be no escape.

In the authoritarian Left’s drive to save humanity from itself, there eventually won’t be a shred of humanity left.  As someone I know put it:

  • Here’s my thought on assisted suicide:  in a world without disabled people, and terminally Ill people, how do humans learn true compassion and empathy?  (No church needed for those qualities) And for those who believe in the grace of God, where does one get the special grace that comes from caring for those who suffer?

So no matter what you thought of assisted suicide when it was sold through the siren songs of safeguards, personal autonomy, and compassion, it’s time to rethink your position.  How can you continue supporting the monsters on the authoritarian Left now that you see the implications?  Right now, they’re targeting less than perfect humans.  One day, they will come for you.  It’s another short jump from government-assisted suicide to government-directed death and, when that day comes, your ‘personal autonomy’ won’t mean a thing.

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Women’s Logic

Men’s logic: Is it or is it not?

Women’s logic: Is it or Is it not? Either is or is not? Neither is nor is not? Sometimes is and other times isn’t?

Traditional institutions of education teach a linear view of logic, which is only expected because traditionally only men went to and taught in school. This is not to say the linear view is correct. It is just that men readily fall for it, while many girls can’t stand math and science. I feel that feminine intelligence and women’s logic were inadvertently preserved before girls were pushed into STEM.

Today, I see an epidemic of linear logic. Take, for an example, white privilege. Men’s logic suggests that a white person can either be privileged or not. Women’s logic gives us a better picture. A white person can have white privilege when he is present in a racist environment. At the same time, he has no privilege when he is living or working among minorities. At the same time, he can be disadvantaged if he is working at a firm concerned about racial diversity. Applying women’s logic, we realize that it was never a binary situation (one that yields only two responses). So the debate is futile.

It only follows that women’s logic can’t be preserved in mathematical structures but only in literary ones, because words can have multiple meanings at the same time.

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How Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Electronic Voting Machines

Strange stories about voting machines continue to surface in the news.

Voting machines in Rhode Island displayed the names of 2018 candidates in a 2022 election, and misspelled another candidate’s name.  Voters who used the machines were disenfranchised.

In Alabama, voting machines in two counties accepted Xerox copies of ballots while the machines were being tested, and machines in seven precincts showed more votes than voters.  Who programmed it to do that?

An Arizona Corporation Commissioner sent a letter to all election officials in the state asking that they stop using voting machines.  He said the machines are unreliable and vulnerable to attack, citing the case of a hand recount revealing a 62 percent error rate in tabulation machines.  Who programmed the tabulator so it couldn’t even add?  Even simple hand-held calculators can add.

A New Mexico county refused to certify the results of a primary election this year because of distrust of machines, but was ordered by the state Supreme Court to do so.

Citizen investigators found machines flipped the results of 2020 Supreme Court Justice races in Michigan, throwing the Court to the Democrats.  The investigators also found voting systems in two states had the easily cracked password ‘123456’ and had Microsoft SQL software in three states which is unnecessary and allows data to be manipulated.

If you find it hard to believe voting machines flip votes, listen to this: An official post-election audit in Kansas uncovered the fact that thumb drives inserted into voting machines during an election flipped votes from one candidate for county commissioner to another who was initially mistakenly declared the winner.  The company said it was a programming error and, supposedly, no other races were affected.  That was some error.  Who sat down and wrote a computer program for the machines to flip votes?   Doesn’t sound like an accident to me.

So what happens when there are questions about machine results but the Secretary of State gets to certify the results of his own election and declare himself the winner?  It happened in Georgia where citizen investigators monitored the voting in one precinct and found Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger got 53 percent of the vote in the GOP primary, but the machines gave him 68 percent of the vote.  That one is being contested with a request to look at the actual ballots.

Trust in elections will not be rebuilt until vote-flipping and other documented problems with voting machines get resolved and stories like these stop appearing.  It doesn’t help that all of this is a black box and the machine manufacturers scream bloody murder about proprietary information whenever citizens want to look inside their machines to see what is really going on when things don’t add up.  Top Democrats like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris are on record expressing concerns about voting machines.   Concerns from that side of the aisle about machines date back to at least 2003 but, nowadays, Democrats for the most part embrace voting machines and dismiss any questions that get asked as crazy-talk.  Gee, I wonder why.  The lady doth protest too much.

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OPENING DAY: Highly Anticipated ‘My Son Hunter’ Movie Launch Rattles the Left


In an email Breitbart News stated,

Today, the highly anticipated theatrical film My Son Hunter has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing.

My Son Hunter—Breitbart’s first foray into film distribution—is NOW available to stream and download at

This is the bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” that the establishment media and its Big Tech censors did not want the American public to see during the 2020 election–and the left’s reception to My Son Hunter shows that they still don’t want this story seen. It’s not hard to see why.

My Son Hunter puts the lens squarely on Hunter Biden, his corrupt business dealings, his relationship with his father, and a lifestyle that would make rock stars jealous. But through the haze of a crack pipe and above the din of the parties and the outbursts, somewhere lies the truth.

A poll conducted after the election found that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had known about the “Laptop from Hell.” Even now, two years later, 63 percent of likely voters still believe the laptop story is important, according to a recent poll.

Now everyone can see the story they didn’t want you to see.


My Son Hunter director Robert Davi said his movie is Hunter’s “laptop exploded onto film.” In fact, Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer said My Son Hunter is a “shorthand version” of his own 300-page bestselling book chronicling the Biden family corruption. “This film is information lifted from the pages of my book and turned into the flesh,” said Schweizer.

Donald Trump Jr. called My Son Hunter an “incredible example” of conservatives “looking for alternate venues to spend their hard-earned money.

Trump described My Son Hunter as “part of the tip of the spear” of a new momentum among conservatives who are busy “building their own” and “taking on the power structures that have been so heavily dominated by the left.”

“I think we’re creating an entire new economy,” Trump said during a panel discussion on Truth Social about My Son Hunter. “This [film] is going to be part of the tip of the spear of that. I want it to be successful because I want people to understand just how important this is. We’re fighting for our values. We’re fighting for our country, and we’re just fighting for the future that we want to leave our children.”

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow sees Breitbart’s distribution of My Son Hunter as embracing the legacy of the company’s founder. “I’m very proud—and I know everyone at Breitbart is—to be extending Andrew Breitbart’s legacy. He, of course, famously said, ‘Politics is downstream of the culture.’ It is the culture that is really the driving force in American life,” Marlow said.

YouTube podcaster Tim Pool echoed these sentiments. “Building culture is the most important thing we can do, and that’s why I think the movie you guys are doing is so important,” Pool said. “I’m excited for this.”

My Son Hunter is already racking up rave reviews (and a standing ovation at its Hollywood screening), and it’s already triggering leftists.

Politico calls My Son Hunter “the most ambitious Hunter Biden project to date” with “well-researched” scenes “taken from both [Bidens’] memoirs and reports derived from [Hunter’s laptop] hard drive.”

The Epoch Times heralds My Son Hunter as “director Robert Davi’s brilliant Biden satire” and describes actor Laurence Fox’s portrayal of Hunter Biden as “a career-defining performance.”

My Son Hunter is extremely well-directed, written and acted, with some crazy, funny moments and high drama. It takes a complex subject with many details and boils everything down to a digestible, absorbing story,” writes MOVIEGUIDE.

“Not your mother’s conservative movie,” says the Daily Mail.

My Son Hunter being dangerous to the Biden Presidency and America’s reputation on the world stage is only possible because the Left are – secretively – embarrassed by the cold truth exposed by Breitbart,” writes The Spectator Australia.

My Son Hunter’s end credits remind us of that sorry state of affairs. We’re treated to a ‘greatest hits’ assembly of reporters suppressing a story they feared might swing the election. It’s the perfect way to sum up the film’s purpose, to tell a story every American needed to hear,” writes Hollywood in Toto’s Christian Toto.

Meanwhile, My Son Hunter has the left in a lather.

The far-left Daily Beast denounced the film as being popular with “Kremlin-controlled propagandists.” The left-wing Daily Kos howled that My Son Hunter is “a soft-porn conspiracy flick for weird conservative incels.” And The Guardian called My Son Hunter a “fiction-laced retelling of the Hunter Biden laptop nothingburger” for “fringe lunatics.”

Well, now it’s time for you “lunatics” to help us wage the culture war.

Stream or download My Son Hunter right NOW at

My Son Hunter stars Laurence Fox (Victoria, Inspector Lewis, The Professor and the Madman) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, Dead Pool, Heist) as a Secret Service Agent; and John James (Dynasty) as Joe Biden.

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No Charges for Antisemitic Cop: Joint Statement Released in Response

Ismail Quran: Antisemitic Police Officer from Canary Mission on Vimeo.

On August 31, 2022, Cleveland Mayor Justin M. Bibb and Police Chief Wayne Drummond released a statement addressing the results of the internal investigation into Cleveland Police Officer Ismail Quran.

They stated, “We are frustrated and disappointed that no charges can be filed against Officer Ismail Quran, despite extensive internal investigations by the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP), the City Prosecutor, and the Law Department. Officer Quran’s hateful offenses were communicated years before he was hired, making it impossible to successfully enforce discipline.”

Though this is a strong statement by Cleveland’s leaders, the absence of action is the best outcome that Officer Quran could have hoped for.

While he is undoubtedly pleased that his antisemitism was dismissed on a “technicality,” the Jewish community is left to wonder – would Officer Quran still be employed if he had posted other forms of bigotry?

The lack of any meaningful consequences for Quran sends a disturbing message – discrimination against Jews is tolerated and excused.

  • We note that Officer Quran has not issued an apology to the Jewish community. Does he still hold the same opinions? We remain in the dark as to his current views.
  • We note that the Cleveland Division of Police did not rescind Quran’s 2019 Officer of the year award. This requires a detailed explanation.
  • Finally, we note that the Cleveland Division of Police has offered no assurance that Officer Quran does not present a risk and will not be biased against the Jewish community.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, Canary Mission and StopAntisemitism, therefore, call for the following actions:

  1. A full public apology from Officer Quran.
  2. The Cleveland Division of Police will rescind all awards given to Officer Quran.
  3. A statement of assurance by the Cleveland Division of Police that Officer Quran does not present a risk and will not be biased against the Jewish community.

Click to View the Official Joint Statement

Ismail Quran has glorified Hitler and spread anti-Semitism as well as anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Quran has also equated Israel with Nazi Germany and defended the terror group Hamas.

Check out his full profile here.

EDITORS NOTE: This Canary Mission press release is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Cato’s Letters Taught America’s Founders about Liberty

So influential were Cato’s Letters that many of our founder’s most moving words echoed it closely. 

The 2016 campaign has been notable for its abundance of accusations, character assassination and other political invective. However, in the vast war of words, to anyone familiar with America’s founding, there has been one central issue strikingly ignored: liberty. Not only has liberty not been given serious attention, the word itself has barely been mentioned.

This tacit political conspiracy to ignore liberty makes some sense, in that both major party candidates propose to reduce liberty. For instance, one promises to reduce Americans’ economic freedom by forcing unwilling taxpayers to give others free college, the other by invading their right of association by way of severe protectionism. One promises to reduce freedom of speech (which the First Amendment says no law shall be passed to restrict) by overturning Citizens United, the other by making it easier to sue people who say things about him he finds offensive.

However, the deliberate omission of liberty from current political discussion puts us almost immeasurably far from our founders, such as Thomas Jefferson, who advocated that we “Fortify the public liberty by every possible means,” and Thomas Paine, who wrote “The American constitutions were to liberty what a grammar is to language: they define its parts of speech and practically construct them into syntax.”

In fact, Americans’ heritage of liberty traces much farther back before the revolutionary period. As Richard Ebeling recently emphasized, John Locke was the source of many of those ideas (so much so that Richard Henry Lee accused Thomas Jefferson of plagiarizing Locke in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence). Jim Powell has also insightfully discussed those issues. However, while Locke’s ideas were incredibly formative for what became America, the language our founders employed was perhaps even more influenced by another source.

Linking Locke and the Founders

That source was Cato’s Letters, which was “the most popular, quotable, esteemed source of political ideas in the colonial period,” according to Clinton Rossiter. Beginning in 1720, Cato (pseudonym for John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon, in honor of Cato the Younger’s opposition to Julius Caesar on behalf of liberty) began writing “to maintain and expose the glorious principles of liberty, and to expose the arts of those who would darken or destroy them,” putting Locke’s ideas to work on the political issues of the day.

So influential were Cato’s Letters that many of our founder’s most moving words echoed it closely. For example, when George Washington allegedly wrote (as is frequently, if uncertainly attributed to him),  “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master,” he didn’t go far from Cato’s “Power is like fire; it warms, scorches or destroys, according as it is watched, provoked, or increased. It is as dangerous as it is useful.” Similarly, when John Adams wrote that “an enemy to liberty [is] an enemy to human nature,” he could have been paraphrasing Cato’s assertion that we should “brand those as enemies to human society, who are enemies to equal and impartial liberty.”

One consequence of America’s pedigree in Locke, by way of Cato’s Letters, is that at a time candidates are fighting tooth and nail to get more votes by proposing ever-more strategic violations of liberty, revisiting Cato’s insights, even though it is now almost three centuries later, offers a valuable antidote to being swept away with rhetoric and promises that would sweep away our liberty.

Let People Alone

While a great deal can be gleaned from studying Cato’s Letters more thoroughly, as indicated by the fact that my Lines of Liberty chapter dealing with it is the longest in the book, it is of particular importance to consider Letter 62, “An Enquiry into the Nature and Extent of Liberty; with its Loveliness and Advantages, and the vile Effects of Slavery,” because it brings us back to the core of what is being threatened today.

By liberty, I understand the power which every man has over his own actions, and his right to enjoy the fruit of his labor, art, and industry, as far as by it he hurts not the society, or any members of it, by taking from any member, or by hindering him from enjoying what he himself enjoys. The fruits of a man’s honest industry are the just rewards of it, ascertained to him by natural and eternal equity, as is his title to use them in the manner which he thinks fit: and thus, with the above limitations, every man is sole lord and arbiter of his own private actions and property–a character of which no man living can divest him but by usurpation, or his own consent.

The entering into political society, is so far from a departure from his natural right, that to preserve it was the sole reason why men did so; and mutual protection and assistance is the only reasonable purpose of all reasonable societies. To make such protection practicable, magistracy was formed, with power to defend the innocent from violence, and to punish those that offered it; nor can there be any other pretense for magistracy in the world. In order to this good end, the magistrate is entrusted with conducting and applying the united force of the community; and with exacting such a share of every man’s property, as is necessary to preserve the whole, and to defend every man and his property from foreign and domestic injuries. These are the boundaries of the power of the magistrate, who deserts his function whenever he breaks them. By the laws of society, he is more limited and restrained than any man amongst them; since, while they are absolutely free in all their actions, which purely concern themselves; all his actions, as a public person, being for the sake of society, must refer to it, and answer the ends of it.

It is a mistaken notion in government, that the interest of the majority is only to be consulted, since in society every man has a right to every man’s assistance in the enjoyment and defense of his private property; otherwise the greater number may sell the lesser, and divide their estates amongst themselves; and so, instead of a society where all peaceable men are protected, become a conspiracy of the many against the minority…and violence may be sanctified by mere power.

And it is as foolish to say, that government is concerned to meddle with the private thoughts and actions of men, while they injure neither the society, nor any of its members. Every man is, in nature and reason, the judge and disposer of his own domestic affairs; and…every man must carry his own conscience. So that neither has the magistrate a right to direct the private behavior of men… government being intended to protect men from the injuries of one another, and not to direct them in their own affairs, in which no one is interested but themselves; it is plain, that their thoughts and domestic concerns are exempted entirely from its jurisdiction…where [the magistrate] meddles with such, he meddles impertinently or tyrannically.

Let people alone, and they will take care of themselves, and do it best; and if they do not, a sufficient punishment will follow their neglect, without the magistrate’s interposition and penalties. It is plain, that such busy care and officious intrusion into the personal affairs, or private actions, thoughts, and imaginations of men, has in it more craft than kindness; and is only a device to mislead people, and pick their pockets, under the false pretense of the public and their private good.

True and impartial liberty is therefore the right of every man to pursue the natural, reasonable, and religious dictates of his own mind; to think what he will, and act as he thinks, provided he acts not to the prejudice of another; to spend his own money himself, and lay out the produce of his labor his own way; and to labor for his own pleasure and profit, and not for others who are idle, and would live…by pillaging and oppressing him, and those that are like him.

Magistracy, amongst a free people, is the exercise of power for the sake of the people; and tyrants abuse the people, for the sake of power. Free government is the protecting of the people in their liberties by stated rules. Tyranny…would rob all others of their liberty.

By liberty [people] enjoy the means of preserving themselves, and of satisfying their desires in the manner in which they themselves choose and like best.

2016 offers Americans candidates who both seriously threaten our liberties. That is, they both pose a clear and present danger to the ideas that brought America into being, since as John Adams said, “The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.” Effective recourse requires returning to our first principles. For that, there are few better places to turn than Cato’s Letters, which applied John Locke’s ideas to underlying issues that still threaten Americans today.


Gary M. Galles

Gary M. Galles is a Professor of Economics at Pepperdine University and a member of the Foundation for Economic Education faculty network. In addition to his new book, Pathways to Policy Failures (2020), his books include Lines of Liberty (2016), Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies (2014), and Apostle of Peace (2013).

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Read Cato’s Letters.

Of Liberty and Necessity
(No. 110, Saturday, January 5, 1723; by John Trenchard)

Considerations on the Weakness and Inconsistences of Human Nature
(No. 31, Saturday, May 27, 1721; by Thomas Gordon)

Of the Passions: That They Are All Alike Good or All Alike Evil, According As They Are Applied
(No. 39, Saturday, July 29, 1721; by Thomas Gordon)

Considerations on the Restless and Selfish Spirit of Man
(No. 40, Saturday, August 5, 1721; by Thomas Gordon)

Of the Weakness of the Human Mind; How Easily It Is Misled
(No. 105, Saturday, December 1, 1722; by John Trenchard)

Inquiry into the Source of Moral Virtues
(No. 108, Saturday, December 22, 1722; by John Trenchard)

Liberty Proved to Be the Unalienable Right of All Mankind
(No. 59, Saturday, December 30, 1721; by John Trenchard)

All Government Proved to Be Instituted by Men, and Only to Intend the General Good of Men
(No. 60, Saturday, January 6, 1722; by John Trenchard)

An Enquiry into the Nature and Extent of Liberty; with Its Loveliness and Advantages, and the Vile Effects of Slavery
(No. 62, Saturday, January 20, 1722; by Thomas Gordon)

Of Freedom of Speech: That the Same Is Inseparable from Publick Liberty
(No. 15, Saturday, February 4, 1721; by Thomas Gordon)

The Rights and Capacity of the People to Judge of Government
(No. 38, Saturday, July 22, 1721; by Thomas Gordon)

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Freedom is an Adult Enterprise

As I look back over the last few years, it is clear to me that Fauci’s COVID19 political medicine protocols, and the Biden regime’s lawlessness are both orchestrated parts of the globalist war on America. Both utilize the tactical methodology of fear-based psychological regression. Why regression? Because freedom is an adult enterprise. A nation of children and chronological adults regressed to childish psychological functioning, cannot sustain itself. It does not possess the critical thinking skills required to protect itself. Why fear-based? Because fear is arguably the most mobilizing human emotion. If you frighten people enough, you can get them to do almost anything.

I wrote about the psychodynamics of regression and fear in a philosophy book I wrote years ago, but didn’t recognize its political implications or applications at the time. Now I do. America is experiencing psychological warfare, and globalism’s attempt at silent coup d’ état. I will explain.

Please close your eyes, and imagine a big yellow school bus. Now imagine the seats filled with passengers on the bus. The question is, “Who’s driving the bus?” Would you let a toddler drive the bus? Would you let a 5 year-old drive the bus? What about an angry teenager? Or would you insist on a rational adult at the wheel? Before you open your eyes, just remember the common goal of political medicine, the Biden regime, and the globalist war on America is to have a toddler at the wheel. Psychological regression is the strategy and fear is the tool.

My philosophy book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus?, presents a theory of behavior and universal paradigm to help people understand why they do what they do. I wrote the book because I believe that to solve a problem, one must first understand the problem. The more we each individually understand our own motivations for behavior, the more we are each empowered to control our behavior, improve our lives, and enhance the nature and quality of life in our society.

The human growth process has a physical component and a psychological component. We all grow up physically (if we are lucky) because it takes no effort and is outside our control. Chronological age is an uncontested, biological accomplishment. Psychological growth is another matter entirely. The demands of responsible adults trying to draw us out of our state of infantile self-absorption (narcissism), rage against our regressive desire to remain children. We resist psychological growth.

Growing up psychologically is the universal challenge of childhood. If we understand the growth process and the complexities of the human mind, we can be more effective in meeting the challenge. A state of mind is not fixed. It is constantly shifting along the growth continuum, anywhere from total, infantile narcissism to responsible adulthood, depending upon the level and stability of the individual’s inner development and the strength of the external pressures challenging it.

Let us imagine a single life span as a time line beginning with birth and ending with death. Let us imagine a long life with a short span in infancy and early childhood, a longer time in adolescence, and the longest stay in adulthood. Ideally the chronological development of this life corresponds with its psychological development. From the total dependence and narcissism of infancy to the self-sufficiency and responsibility of maturity, the emotional and physical patterns can be recorded concurrently.

What is important to remember is that we are each the sum of our parts, and the whole of our life’s experiences. The children we once were continue to exist within ourselves, inside our minds. So, the narcissistic infant, the demanding two-year-old child, the insecure adolescent, the rebel, the adventurer, the happy chid, the angry, frightened, or lonely child we once were all persist as a state of mind. Each inner child is a mobile entity that seeks to be in control of the individual’s mind. The inner child’s struggle for power continues to challenge the individual’s rational, adult state of mind throughout his/her lifetime.

Sustaining our most rational adult state of mind is the challenge for preserving our constitutional republic, because freedom is an adult enterprise. So, what is the best strategy for sustaining psychological adulthood?

Let’s return to the big yellow school bus we imagined, and understand the bus is a metaphor for our individual selves. The bus has many seats to accommodate our different moods, roles, and states of being. The bus travels along the time line that is our lifetime. It picks up new passengers as we grow and develop, each new feeling creating another traveler and each new experience adding another rider. The driver of the bus is always selected from the passengers aboard, and the passengers are constantly competing to determine who will drive the bus. To understand how one person can perceive us in a completely different way than another, we must ask ourselves the seminal question, “Who’s driving the bus?”

When the seats are occupied by the different roles that comprise our adult lives, the answer to the question is not too challenging. The driver is mother, father, husband, wife, boss, sister, cousin, friend, employee, or employer. The list is a long as the varying roles we each have in daily life. The complication and challenge comes when we recognize that we are each the total of our life’s experience, past and present. So, also riding on the bus are the inner children of our own past. The children of our childhood are always with us: the happy child, the hurt child; the frightened, angry, timid, uncertain, inquisitive, bold or compliant child. Perhaps a tormented child, or a silenced, immobilized, completely shut-down child is on the bus and we haven’t seen and cannot recognize him/her yet. All the inner children of our past remain on the bus, and they each seek control of it.

Children universally begin life in a natural state of total narcissism, and they do not give up this state of being without a struggle. That is why growing up psychologically is so difficult and painful. Each individual grapples with his/her own competing desires for growth and regression.

Historically, the three supporting pillars of American life – family, faith, and flag – cooperated to encourage emotional growth and the development of independent, autonomous, rational adults psychologically equipped to preserve our precious American freedoms and constitutional republic. Not anymore. The globalist war on America seeks to collapse America from within using asymmetric psychological warfare. The education industry obstructs the development of critical thinking skills in children by teaching them what to think, not how to think. The communications industry’s ceaseless fear-mongering narrative regresses chronological adults back to emotional childhood to a state of being before critical thinking skills were developed.

Thought precedes behavior. If the responsible adult relinquishes his rational state of mind to his young inner child, he will behave in the regressive, self-absorbed pattern that characterizes early childhood. It is a dangerous mindset because his young inner child has not yet developed critical thinking skills. In this circumstance, it is imperative that the individual has the knowledge to recognize that he has surrendered to the regressive demands of his inner child. If he can discipline himself to ask himself, “Who’s driving the bus?” he can visualize his growth continuum, identify his inner child, and respond appropriately. He can shift his state of mind from regressive, narcissistic child to responsible adult. It is an act of volition. It is a choice, and it is a learned skill.

The responsible adult knows that it is imperative to keep his most developed state of mind operative. We have established in our imaginary exercise that no rational adult would permit a toddler or young child to make the decisions required to drive the bus. Likewise, only the psychological adult is able to repel the globalist efforts to regress him back to a childish state of being where he is easily controlled. The globalists are fighting an asymmetric psychological war, and our strategic defense is to arm ourselves with the knowledge to fend them off. Knowledge really is power, and we must acquire this knowledge and exercise our power because children do not have the required critical thinking skills to support ordered liberty in a constitutional republic, and neither do regressed adults.

The globalist social engineers are exploiting this powerful psychological dynamic and using it destroy America from within. Fear is by far the most effective weapon for regressing chronological adults back to a frightened child state of mind. Regressed adults are neutralized mentally because, like children, they lack the critical thinking skills required to resist the assault.

The same psychodynamics explain the success of the entire fear-based COVID19 narrative. Political medicine is not about public health – it is and always was asymmetric warfare designed to regress and neutralize chronological adults. Regressed adults comply like children. They believe what they are told, do what they are told, and do not challenge the “experts”. This staggering deceit is still being used to achieve totalitarian globalist control through “vaccines” – it is revolution without bullets.

Globalism’s war on humanity cannot succeed in imposing its planetary managerial state without collapsing America’s constitutional republic first. Freedom is an adult enterprise. America’s chronological adults simply must remain psychological adults to successfully oppose the globalist attacks designed to regress them back to childhood compliance.

The globalist war on humanity is a war of attrition. I am 74 years old. My generation of patriots is dying, my children’s generation of indoctrinated millennials is transitional. The primary target of the globalist war on humanity is my grandchildren’s generation. If the globalists are not stopped, and if our nation’s youngest children are not taught critical thinking skills, they are destined to become serfs in globalism’s dystopian planetary Unistate.

The future of America’s constitutional republic lies in the ability of our nation’s young children to become rational, autonomous, psychological adults with developed critical thinking skills. For this reason, I wrote my illustrated children’s book series Mimi’s Strategy. The books are my personal commitment and patriotic effort to teach young children the critical thinking skills that can protect them, empower them, and ensure American freedom for generations to come.

©Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

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MIDTERMS 2022: Time to Take Responsibility by Taking-Away All Moral Authority from our Government

“The foremost rule is that, you must take responsibility for your own life!” — Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

“Socialists cry ‘Power to the people’, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean – power over people, power to the State.”Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” — Lord Acton (1834–1902) in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton

The federal, state and local governments are not being held responsible by the media, social media, federal, state or local law enforcement, pundits and many people and politicians at every level. Government at every level is dysfunctional and in many cases tyrannical.

From the school house to the White House it’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. But not only their actions but they must take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.

But they don’t.


Sigmund Freud, in his book Civilization and Its Discontents wrote,

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

Recently Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in an interview that when the Republicans take back a majority in the Congress in November, “We will hold Biden accountable!

Why is holding any and all politicians accountable so very important? Because if we don’t they won’t ever hold themselves responsible, for so long as they can get away with it.

The  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in an article titled Deceiving the Public states,

Propaganda was used as an important tool to win over the majority of the German public who had not supported Adolf Hitler. It served to push forward the Nazis’ radical program, which required the acquiescence, support, or participation of broad sectors of the population.

Combined with terror to intimidate those who did not comply, a new state propaganda apparatus headed by Joseph Goebbels manipulated and deceived the German population and the outside world. Propagandists preached an appealing message of national unity and a utopian future that resonated with millions of Germans. They also waged campaigns that facilitated the persecution of Jews and others excluded from the Nazi vision of the “National Community.”

In America we are now moving rapidly towards an international community, supported by organizations such as Democracy Without Borders, which has led to persecution, the radicalization of individuals and overt attacks against those who do not support its goal of an all powerful “Democratic World Order.”

According to Democracy Without Borders,

Democratic world order in which citizens participate beyond national boundaries in shaping policy that serves their joint long-term interests. Such an order needs to be based on an equal world citizenship of all citizens as well as on the principles of federalism, subsidiarity, the separation of powers, the rule of law, fundamental human rights, and the protection of minorities.

This sounds very much Hitler’s “National Community” but on a global scale.

Moral Authority

In his column Don’t Endow The State With Moral Authority wrote,

The moment you try to enforce your morality via the hand of the state, you endow the state with moral authority.

You put the state on a pedestal. And this is almost irreversible. Once the state occupies the moral high ground, it never relinquishes it. This is the beginning of a statist civilization. Most countries on Earth today are deeply statist. They look to the state for the matters of right and wrong.

Taking responsibility is the first step towards regaining your moral authority over the state.

Most Americans considered that voting was enough to elect those who have our best interests in mind and will follow the U.S. Constitution’s mandate that every legal citizen retains their unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We have now learned that our government is taking away our livelihoods, our lives,  our liberties and destroying our ability to truly attain individual happiness.

It is time for us to disembowel the state apparatus and regain our moral authority.

Not to do so can only lead to tyranny.

Yitzhak Zuckerman, a leader of the Jewish resistance in Warsaw wrote,

“Common sense could not understand that it was possible to exterminate tens and hundreds of thousands of Jews.”

America is speeding towards yet another holocaust against those who disagree with the current regime. When the current regime calls its political opponents “semi-fascists” that regime is fully fascist.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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New Study Shows Wearing Disposable Mask Did More Harm Than Good

And still, it won’t make a bit o difference or propel immediate policy changes. They are forcing our children to mask in schools. We are in the throes of a stealth, brutal takeover.

New Study Shows Wearing a Disposable Mask Did More Harm Than Good

By: Daniel, Civil Deadlinee, September 2, 2022

Do you recall when the “Patron Saint of Wuhan” declared to the country that masks were not needed? Do you remember when the same Dr. Anthony Fauci advised Americans to wear one, even two, or even three masks at that time?

You’re not the only one if you’re one of the millions who were completely perplexed by the random counsel given by the renowned immunologist of the country. Even other scientists have refused to follow Fauci’s advice. It now seems that Fauci’s advise to wear a mask might have made things worse.

Actually, using a disposable mask does very little to block the transmission of a virus like COVID-19. These masks, however, contain “four times the acceptable carcinogen exposure levels,” according to a verified new study. You did read that right.

This confirmed study indicates that the disposable face mask releases dangerous levels of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Have you bothered to notice what type of mask many schools are still mandating their students wear, “all day long?”

Virtually every school child still ordered to wear a mask is wearing a disposable one. Dozens of renowned scientists have exposed the health risks of continuously covering our mouths with a mask. The study says the TiO2 levels quadrupled the acceptable exposure levels.
But liberal bureaucrats and so-called “medical professionals” are still insisting masks must be worn, even in the craziest of circumstances. Once again, the same clowns who order us to “follow the science” are defying the science. This is medical malpractice.

Children are rarely susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Requiring them to wear a mask during their learning time is not only useless, it’s medically dangerous. So, why do they continue to make kids wear masks? It’s all about compliance. The radical liberals thirst for compliance.

They ordered Americans to get a hastily approved vaccine or give up their jobs. They’ve written policies and made recommendations that are worthless. In fact, it appears that their “mask-wearing decrees” could kill you. Masks do not work against the spread of the virus.

But they certainly work to indoctrinate the masses into compliance. The game isn’t to protect Americans. It’s to teach us to be quiet and comply. We must do as the “Patron Saint of Wuhan” says. He “is science!” It turns out Fauci is more of a “blowhard” than he is a patron saint.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Don’t Endow The State With Moral Authority

It is one thing to say that you are pro-life or pro-choice. It is another to say that the state should legalize or illegalize abortion.

It is one thing to suggest that we should help the poor financially. It is another to suggest the state does it for us.

It is one thing not to discriminate against people on stupid grounds. It is another to suggest that the state morally polices everyone and punishes those it deems discriminatory.

It is one thing to want educational access for everyone. It is another to get the state to jump into education.

People are welcome to have their stances and opinions. They are welcome to act according to their opinions. They can help the poor financially or pay their employees a higher wage if this is what they want. However, they shouldn’t force others to do the same.

The moment you try to enforce your morality via the hand of the state, you endow the state with moral authority.

You put the state on a pedestal. And this is almost irreversible. Once the state occupies the moral high ground, it never relinquishes it. This is the beginning of a statist civilization. Most countries on Earth today are deeply statist. They look to the state for the matters of right and wrong.

I have my inclinations and stances, but I would never want the state to enforce my stances. Let’s say, for example, I incline towards the pro-life stance, but I won’t want the state to actively seek out women who aborted their babies and imprison them, for this would grant them moral authority. Moral authority is like an addictive drug. Once a man gets it, it fills him with so much pride that he becomes blind to his shortcomings. It rots him to the core. Moral highness is a shortcut to soul sickness.

If we want to bring people to reason and conscience, we must do so via reason and conscience, not via force. We must be more reasonable, talk more reasonably, and awaken the voice of conscience in our fellow beings.

Only a tyrant hopes to bring people in line by force. And we mustn’t feed the tyrant within us by getting the state to enforce our opinions/ideas or we would manifest a tyrant outside us.

Don’t endow the state with moral authority.

©Anand Ujjwal. All rights reserved.

Black Lives Matter leader Shalomyah Bowers accused of siphoning off $10 million

Shalomyah Bowers, leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, has been accused of embezzling over $10 million in donations from the organization for personal use.

Rest assured the enemedia will continue to hail their “hero” while demonizing the decent and the patriotic.

Black Lives Matter leader Shalomyah Bowers accused of siphoning off $10 million

By: Washington Examiner, September 3, 2022:

The leader of the national Black Lives Matter group has been accused of stealing more than $10 million from the charity’s donors.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a nonprofit group that represents local BLM chapters across the country, accused the BLM Global Network Foundation and its board secretary, Shalomyah Bowers, in a lawsuit Thursday of fraudulently siphoning over $10 million in “fees” to Bowers’s consulting firm. The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, says Bowers treated the BLM Global Network Foundation as his “personal piggy bank” and has acted as a “rogue administrator” and “middle man turned usurper.”

The BLM Global Network Foundation represents the national BLM movement and was the entity that received over $90 million in the wake of George Floyd’s police killing in the summer of 2020. Bowers is a close associate of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who resigned from the BLM Global Network Foundation in May 2021 amid scrutiny of her personal real estate purchases.

The lawsuit was announced Thursday at a press conference hosted by BLM-Los Angeles co-founder Melina Abdullah, who accused Bowers of shutting her and other leaders out of social media accounts in March.

Abdullah estimates that the BLM Global Network Foundation’s financial accounts hold in the region of $100 million. She accused the board of directors of “engaging in self dealing, enriching themselves off of the backs of people who put their blood, sweat and tears into this movement.”

The lawsuit accuses Bowers of leading the foundation “into multiple investigations by the Internal Revenue Service and various state attorney generals, blazing a path of irreparable harm to BLM in less than eighteen months,” according to the Los Angeles Times.



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BLM UNHINGED: Policing is Just a ‘White Supremacist Institution’ Rooted in ‘Slave Patrolling’

Six years of BLM Killed More Blacks than 86 Years of Lynchings

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Denounces ‘American Nero’ Joe Biden

“”One of the most disgusting speeches an American President has ever given.” — Ron DeSantis, Governor State of Florida

Spot on statements by the great Governor of Florida. Watch below. #DeSantis2028!

Ron DeSantis denounces ‘American Nero’ Joe Biden

By Florida Politics, September 3, 2022

Ron DeSantis is responding to President Joe Biden‘s speech on the “soul” of the nation, describing the President as “the American Nero” and a “failed leader” in fresh comments this weekend.

“I thought it was one of the most disgusting speeches an American President has ever given. He ran as being a unifier, and he’s basically saying to the vast majority of the country that disapproves of him that they’re effectively a threat to the public.”

DeSantis made the comments during Friday’s episode of the Fox News Channel’Ingraham Angle. The Governor extended his critic beyond Biden’s oratory, also impugning the President’s age.

“He dodders. He lashes out,” DeSantis lamented, before offering descriptions of Biden policies that have “left wreckage in his wake.”

DeSantis suggested that Biden’s primetime address denouncing Donald Trump and so-called “MAGA Republicans” was an attempt to rally his base amid declining political fortunes.



Fetterman has two convicted murderers on his campaign staff

WATCH: President Trump’s Massive Rally in Pennsylvania

RNC, Other Conservative Groups File Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania For Illegally Altering Ballots

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PODCAST: Help Wanted, IRS, Candidate Must Be Willing to Use Deadly Force

UPDATE: ‘In A Tyrannical State, You Have To Rule By Fear’ – Why Are IRS Agents Armed?

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” – Club of Rome, a premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations.

These globalists believe the common man is the enemy. So it makes perfect sense that the IRS is armed when they come for your taxes, or DOES IT? Will you comply?

All policies in the Green Broke Deal can be found in UN Agenda 21. This document is over 300 pages, 40 chapters of total control over the means of production and distribution of all means of human activity.

After the raid on Mar-a-Largo, do not for one minute think you will not be next. This is the way intimidation works. This is what globalists use to keep you in line. Prepare. Read about communists, and dictators taking over. They are at their end game, where they reveal themselves because they think they won. But they got sloppy and now will lose.

We are being set up, so be on your guard. Pay attention locally and to your state politics. Sadly Globalists have taken the worst plans their evil leaders offered, plans that ultimately hurt people without remorse, were definitely over budget, and full of graft and corruption.

We will be hit with many things that don’t make sense. Don’t pay attention. Choose your battles wisely.

Sometimes we must look at things through different lenses. Join us al listen to some stories of people who were forced to live under a communist regime.

Is America worth saving? Join us on The Prism of America’s Education and find out…


Chris Wright is an independent liberty activist in the leadership of the Potomac Tea Party, a national Tea Party based in Northern Virginia. He is also president of the first and only nonprofit formed to empower grassroots activists with small grants. A long-time student of public affairs, Mr. Wright, began his Daily Skirmish commentaries in 2020 to directly confront the Left and deconstruct its phony narratives. Daily Skirmish Commentaries, Website:  www.Liberato.US, and

Erik Seligman is co-host of the  Stories of Communism podcast. Erik served from 2013-2017 on the board Oregon’s 4th largest school district, helping to oversee the education of about 20,000 students. He was continually frustrated with the entrenched socialist philosophy being promoted in the schools. After leaving the board, he started the Stories of Communism podcast (with his friend Manuel Castaneda, a successful local businessman & immigrant), to share the real stories of those who had suffered under socialism. He earns his living as an engineer, having recently retired from Intel after nearly three decades there, and is now a Senior Product Engineering Architect at Cadence Design Systems. He also produces a podcast called Math Mutation in his spare time. He now lives in the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas, with his wife, daughter, and cats.

The Prism of America’s Education can be heard on weekends at 1 pm ET, with an encore at 9 pm ET. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa. All episodes can be found on podcast networks worldwide the day after airing on talk radio.

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FDR Campaigned on Fiscal Restraint in 1932. He Delivered Just the Opposite

The 1932 election is perhaps the best example of the rule that prevails all too often in the political world: You get what you voted against.

With Labor Day upon us, the summer of 2022 is ebbing as the campaign season kicks into high gear. On November 8, American voters will decide the composition of the next Congress based largely upon what they hear over the next two months. Sadly, what candidates say when running often doesn’t look like what they do later when elected.

Such was the case 90 years ago in the year 1932, near the bottom of the Great Depression. All eyes focused on the presidential contest between incumbent Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat challenger Franklin Roosevelt. When the smoke cleared, Roosevelt won in a landslide with 57.4 percent; Hoover trailed with 39.6 percent; Socialist Party nominee Norman Thomas came in third, drawing a scant 2.2 percent.

If you were a socialist (or a modern “liberal” or “progressive”) in 1932, you faced an embarrassment of riches at the ballot box. You could go for Norman Thomas. Or perhaps Verne Reynolds of the Socialist Labor Party. Or William Foster of the Communist Party. Maybe Jacob Coxey of the Farmer-Labor Party or even William Upshaw of the Prohibition Party. You could have voted for Hoover who, after all, had delivered sky-high tax rates, big deficits, lots of debt, higher spending, and trade-choking tariffs in his four-year term. Roosevelt’s own running mate, John Nance Garner of Texas, declared that Republican Hoover was “taking the country down the path to socialism.”

Journalist H. L. Mencken famously noted that “Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.” If you agreed with Mencken and preferred a non-socialist candidate who promised to get government off your back and out of your pocket in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt was your man—that is, until March 1933 when he assumed office and took a sharp turn in the other direction.

The platform on which Roosevelt ran that year denounced the incumbent administration for its reckless growth of government. The Democrats promised no less than a 25 percent reduction in federal spending if elected.

Roosevelt accused Hoover of governing as though, in FDR’s words, “we ought to center control of everything in Washington as rapidly as possible.” On September 29 in Iowa, the Democrat presidential nominee blasted Hooverism in these terms:

I accuse the present Administration of being the greatest spending Administration in peace times in all our history. It is an Administration that has piled bureau on bureau, commission on commission, and has failed to anticipate the dire needs and the reduced earning power of the people. Bureaus and bureaucrats, commissions and commissioners have been retained at the expense of the taxpayer.

Now, I read in the past few days in the newspapers that the President is at work on a plan to consolidate and simplify the Federal bureaucracy. My friends, four long years ago, in the campaign of 1928, he, as a candidate, proposed to do this same thing. And today, once more a candidate, he is still proposing, and I leave you to draw your own inferences. And on my part, I ask you very simply to assign to me the task of reducing the annual operating expenses of your national government.

Once in the White House, he did no such thing. He doubled federal spending in his first term. New “alphabet agencies” were added to the bureaucracy. Nothing of any consequence in the budget was either cut or made more efficient. He gave us our booze back by ending Prohibition, but then embarked upon a spending spree that any drunk with your wallet would envy. Taxes went up in FDR’s administration, not down as he had promised.

Don’t take my word for it. It’s all a matter of public record even if your teacher or professor never told you any of this. For details, I recommend these books: Burton Folsom’s New Deal or Raw Deal; Murray Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression; my own Great Myths of the Great Depression; and the two I want to tell you about now, John T. Flynn’s As We Go Marching and The Roosevelt Myth.

For every thousand books written, perhaps one may come to enjoy the appellation “classic.” That label is reserved for a volume that through the force of its originality and thoroughness, shifts paradigms and serves as a timeless, indispensable source of insight.

Such a book is The Roosevelt Myth. First published in 1948, Flynn’s definitive analysis of America’s 32nd president is arguably the best and most thoroughly documented chronicle of the person and politics of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Flynn’s 1944 book, As We Go Marching, focuses on the fascist-style economic planning during World War II and is very illuminating as well.

John T. Flynn was a successful and influential journalist with a reputation for candor and first-rate research. He was neither a shill for Big Government nor a puppet of Big Business. He railed against both when they conspired to undermine the Constitution, erode our freedoms, or suck the nation into foreign entanglements. He saw right through the public relations job depicting FDR as a valiant crusader for noble causes.

Was FDR a man of principles, a man guided in his thinking by a fixed set of lofty and non-contradictory ideas? Far from it, Flynn proves, in what is an important theme of the book. FDR’s thinking and behavior show him to be a real-life exemplar of an old Groucho Marx wisecrack: “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others!”

FDR was less of an ideologue than he was a shallow opportunist capitalizing on the public’s demand for “action.” With the gift of an orator’s tongue, he could sell just about anything to a desperate public. As a candidate in 1932, he sold the antidote to the poison he later injected. Usually, these things are done in reverse order.

The depression that FDR inherited was still very much with us after two terms in the White House. He zigged and zagged from one Rube Goldberg policy contraption to the next. His elitist brain-trusters covered for his failures and cooked up new schemes, in what Flynn called “the dance of the crackpots.”

H. L. Mencken saw the events of the 1930s in similar fashion and could be even more sarcastic. He described FDR’s New Deal as “a political racket,” a “series of stupendous bogus miracles” with its “constant appeals to class envy and hatred,” promoting government as “a milch-cow with 125 million teats” and marked by “frequent repudiations of categorical pledges.”

Flynn’s critique of the Mussolini-inspired New Deal’s two main hallmarks—the National Recovery Administration (NRA) and the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)—remains one of the most devastating ever penned. The “crazy antics” of the NRA put a New York tailor behind bars for pressing a suit of clothes for 35 instead of 40 cents. With the AAA, “we had men burning oats when we were importing oats from abroad on a huge scale, killing pigs while increasing our imports of lard, cutting corn production and importing 30 million bushels of corn from abroad.”

Flynn’s view of FDR’s coterie of planners was right on target, each “a kind of little man who will tell you that he can’t hit a nail straight with a hammer, but who loves to spread a big country like the United States out before him on top of a table, pull up a chair and sit down to rearrange the whole thing to suit his heart’s content.” The result of all his interventions was to lengthen the Great Depression by seven years, according to economists Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Ohanian.

In 1939, Roosevelt was well into his second term when his Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau let something slip that no historian should forget:

We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot.

Flynn’s As We Go Marching and The Roosevelt Myth leave the reader with a sense of distaste that the liberties and the pocketbooks of a nation were placed in the hands of so beguiling a schemer as Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Given the lingering deification of FDR, John T. Flynn’s two books are relevant and necessary today as they were so many decades ago. Americans who prefer their history not be twisted to serve statist ends or sanitized by the politically correct should be sure to stock their libraries with these classics. No one who reads them with an open mind will ever think of Roosevelt the same way again.

As a final note, another fascinating book on the same subject is Hell-Bent For Election by FDR’s financial advisor James Warburg, who regarded the president poorly in hindsight. Warburg observed that FDR was “undeniably and shockingly superficial about anything that relates to finance.” He was driven not by logic, facts, or humility but by “his emotional desires, predilections, and prejudices.”

In the world of economics and free exchange, the rule is that you get what you pay for. The 1932 election is perhaps the best example of the rule that prevails all too often in the political world: You get what you voted against.

For Additional Information, See:

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The First Government Bailouts: The Story of the RFC by Burton Folsom

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Cal and the Big Cal-Amity by Lawrence W. Reed

Hell Bent for Election by James Warburg


Lawrence W. Reed

Lawrence W. Reed is FEE’s President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow, and Ron Manners Global Ambassador for Liberty, having served for nearly 11 years as FEE’s president (2008-2019). He is author of the 2020 book, Was Jesus a Socialist? as well as Real Heroes: Incredible True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction and Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism. Follow on LinkedIn and Like his public figure page on Facebook. His website is

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