What Will Happen If President Trump Loses in 2020?

Over a year ago, my wife Mary and I moved from Florida to a tiny town in the hills of West Virginia to be closer to our ailing parents; population 500. There are five churches in town. I enjoyed the town’s patriotic July 4th parade and their faith-based Christmas parade.

I walk half a mile daily to the post office. On one occasion, I entered while the postmaster was on the phone talking to a town local. The postmaster told the person every item in their mailbox. Chuckling, I said, “People call to see what mail they’ve received?” The smiling postmaster replied, “She didn’t feel like coming out in the snow. She asked me to tell her everything in her mailbox in case there was something important.” I thought, how small town is that?

Trump signs are still displayed in a few yards. I suspect most residents voted for Trump.

There are less than 10 blacks, including myself, who live in our town. I have not experienced any of the rabid racism Democrats, Hollywood and fake news media claim I should fear living around Trump supporters.

Quite the opposite. Unofficial town ambassador elderly gentleman Charlie and his buddy George stopped by to welcome my white wife and me to town. Neighbor, Peggy, brought us a homemade apple pie she purchased at a community event. Ron gifted us corn from his garden. Big Butch and his buddies helped me relocate a shed in my backyard. Randy promised to bring me venison during deer hunting season. Two ladies from a church delivered us a “welcome basket” of goodies.

My neighbors are ordinary Americans who saw the horrible direction our country was going. They know Trump is good for America. Their loyal support for him is no more complicated than that. Democrats and their minion’s relentless efforts to brand Trump voters racist-haters is truly despicable, irresponsible and divisive. Democrats and their leftist operatives are purposely generating racial hatred and violence against anyone caught wearing a MAGA cap.

Democrats, Hollywood, fake news media and Never-Trumpers are tripling down on their lies and negative spin about everything Trump says and does; intensifying their quest to drive Trump’s approval below 30% to impeach him.

What happens to America if Trump is not reelected in 2020?

With Trump out of the way, stopping Democrats from passing their law to murder babies after they are born will be extremely challenging. 

Democrats are pushing for government controlled health-care based on the “quality of life” rather than God’s “sanctity of life”. In other words, a board will decide whether or not the quality of your life is worth government spending money to preserve it. If they decide you are too old to spend money on or if you own a gun, the board will say no surgery for you. Folks, I’m talkin’ government death panels assuming the role of God; deciding who lives and who dies.

Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fake news media’s rock star; their female version of Obama. Like Obama, fake news media promotes every crazy stupid idea out of AOC’s mouth as brilliance beyond our comprehension.

AOC’s wacko Green New Deal includes by 2030: ending air travel; ending the use of fossil fuels; mandating that every new job be unionized; decommissioning every nuclear plant; rebuilding every building in America for state-of-the-art energy efficiency and government funding everyone including deadbeats who refuse to work.

Don’t laugh folks. A dozen Democrat senators of which six are presidential candidates and 90 House Democrats cosponsored AOC’s idiotic Green New Deal. Many Americans do not realize that Democrats will sacrifice our economy, jobs, national security and even American lives to feed their all consuming obsession with gaining power to control every aspect of our lives.

If Democrats win the White House, they will roll out the red carpet to illegals; welcoming criminals which include murderers, rapists, human traffickers and drug dealers. 

Trump has been relentless in keeping his promises, racking up 289 accomplishments for We the People in his first 20 months. 

Democrats winning the White House would mark the end of Trump’s America first agenda. But folks, what would be most disturbing to me if Trump were not reelected is the loss of his courageous voice; his unprecedented fearless push back against fake news media, Democrats and political correctness. I am so sick of Republicans kissing the derrieres of partisan Democrats and fake news media, foolishly believing it will gain them respect and fair treatment in the media. Nothing will cause leftists to turn away from their anti-American and anti-Christian agendas. They must be defeated.

Before my 90 year old dad passed away in June, he asked me to drive him from Baltimore to see my home in West Virginia; Trump country. At the town gas station, I introduced town ambassador Charlie to my dad. I later learned that Charlie bragged to locals, “I got to meet his dad.”

My fellow Americans, we must remain faithful supporters of our president and reelect him in 2020.

The Rise of an American Demagogue

Can America be destroyed? It is often said no external force can destroy America. This is likely true. But there is little doubt that under the right circumstances America can self destruct. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a Socialist arose from a bar tending job to become one of the most influential member and voice in Congress. Make no mistake about it. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a dangerous  Socialist demagogue who is promoting a system to control the lives of every American from ‘Birth to Grave’. The  Socialist Party has infiltrated the Democrat Party and together with Bernie Sanders has enormous influence and control of it.  They are Democrats in name only. In effect we have two Party’s. One controlled by Nancy Pelosi Democrat and the other by Cortez socialist. Both claiming to be Democrats.

Congresswomen IIhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez share the same things in common. They are Antisemitic, anti-Israel and anti-American. Socialism is not an American value. The fact that the Cortez Socialist  faction was able to force Pelosi to place IIhan Omar a known Antisemitic and anti-Israel Muslim on the important Foreign Relation Committee shows  the enormous power of the  Cortez faction. Likewise Rashida Tlaib another outspoken Anti-Semite and anti-Israel Congresswoman was placed on the important Financial Services Committee. None of these Congresswomen have any legislative experience.

The appointment of IIhan Omar by Pelosi on the Foreign Relations Committee is especially egregious because she is now entitled to classified information involving Israel.  The Congress passed  H.RES. 183. The resolution is appropriate but it has no power and it even fails to name IIhan Omar for her Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rants.

As Bret Stephens in a New York Times op-ed wrote:

“It says something about the progressive movement today that it has no trouble denouncing Republican racism, real and alleged, every day of the week but has so much trouble calling out a naked anti-Semite in its own ranks. This is how progressivism becomes Corbynism… It’s how self-declared anti-fascists develop their own forms of fascism. Why are they afraid of open debate? And what about all the bigotry on their side?”

H.RES. 183 does not stop the hate and bigotry in our current political environment.

We now live in the age of the demagogue.

Flawed Study, NPR and AOC Create Huge Lie About Uber

There are about a thousand lessons to be learned from a flawed MIT study on Uber drivers supposedly making $3.37 per hour; on NPR’s eagerness to run unquestioning a story that raised blaring questions; and of course on AOC’s just boundless font of knee-jerk ignorance.

The lack of common sense and the most basic understandings of economics in the media and in Congress is a sight to behold — if you have a strong stomach.

First, NPR ran a story entitled “Uber, Lyft Drivers Earning A Median Profit Of $3.37 Per Hour, Study Says” in which it explained the study by a trio of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When I first saw the number, it was clear something was amiss. But then NPR led with this:

“The vast majority of Uber and Lyft drivers are earning less than minimum wage and almost a third of them are actually losing money by driving, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Well that makes no sense. Who would work for half of minimum wage, or even work for a loss? The answer, obviously, is no one. If NPR reporters grasped the free market and voluntary exchange of time and talents for money — capitalism — they would have seen red flags everywhere. But they just ran with the story.

A working paper by Stephen M. Zoepf, Stella Chen, Paa Adu and Gonzalo Pozo at MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research says the median pretax profit earned from driving is $3.37 per hour after taking expenses into account. Seventy-four percent of drivers earn less than their state’s minimum wage, the researchers say. Thirty percent of drivers “are actually losing money once vehicle expenses are included,” the authors found.”

That’s just so declaratory. “The authors found,” as though it is fact. But read it again if you didn’t catch it. These MIT researchers are from the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research. Alas, that makes the error clearer. Understand that they almost certainly align with NPR reporters and the Fresh Face Caucus in Congress when it comes to worldview.

Uber’s Chief Economist Jonathan Hall, who apparently actually does understand economics, responded with about the most gracious Medium post possible considering his company had just been slimed with false data. After all, previous studies had found wildly different numbers. He wrote:

“…a study we conducted with Alan Krueger of Princeton found that drivers across 20 of Uber’s largest US markets earned an average of $19.04 per hour, in October 2015. A more recent study with Stanford professors estimated gross hourly earnings of $21.07¹ for all US drivers between January 2015 and March 2017.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the earnings figures suggested in the paper are less than half the hourly earnings numbers reported in the very survey the paper derives its data from. That survey, conducted by The Rideshare Guy in 2017, reports average hourly earnings of $15.68.”

How could this be? Without going into details, you can read his post, Hall found a gigantic flaw in the methodology of the study. So big in fact, that the MIT researchers realized it and they are now redoing their study. NPR now has a large Editor’s Note at the top of their story with a link to Hall’s post — which is something. They should have been much more cautious and less credulous in the first place.

Because alas, it is all too late. By this time, the enormous ignoramus floating through social media unscathed by the adoring mainstream media that created her, had tweeted the NPR story on the flawed MIT study.

Yup, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez struck with this insipidly imbecilic tweet:

“Uber has taken in $12 billion in investment and had revenues of $1.7 billion in Q4 of 2016.

Yet their drivers only take home $3.37 an hour.

Does that sound right to you?

We must update our laws to stand up for workers in an increasingly exploitative tech-based economy.”

I would dearly love for someone to explain what the investment and revenue numbers have to do with what they pay contractors — which was wrong, and obviously wrong. I don’t know why she used 2016 numbers; 2018 figures are available. Maybe that was the first thing that came up in a poorly worded Google search?

In 2018, Uber lost $1.8 billion on $11.3 billion in revenues. So she used revenues from 2016 when the only possible case you can make on employee pay, and it is an exceedingly weak case, is based on profits. Uber is still hemorrhaging money. And investment? No idea what relevance that has either. A big number, I guess?

At any rate, a deeply flawed study, a credulous media and a media darling with a now huge social media following means that a large percentage of the population believes that Uber drivers are losing money or making far less than minimum wage. It will become accepted wisdom — and AOC and others like her will push to fix the grave injustice that does not exist with more government regulation.

And they will instead break it.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

How Liberal Companies Are Bringing Blue State Mindsets to Red States

Amazon isn’t the only one fed up with New York’s ridiculous tax rates. Plenty of companies are packing their bags and looking for office space in states with more business-friendly policies. There’s just one problem: A lot of these top firms can’t stand the conservative laws that make their new homes so successful.

AllianceBernstein, another firm fleeing the Empire State’s stifling economy, just announced that it’s relocating its $70 million headquarters to Nashville. But before it moves, the CEO is warning Tennessee: It’s not a fan of religious liberty. And AllianceBernstein is proving it by fighting the state’s faith-based adoption bill.

“AB chose to move to Tennessee because we believe it is a welcoming state that is focused on growing jobs, incomes, and the tax base,” Chief Operating Officer Jim Gingrich said in a statement. But, “the bills being debated in the current session of the legislature send a clear message to certain constituencies that they are not welcome. Other states have tried to pass similar bills,” he claims, “and this has proven to be anti-growth, anti-job, and against the interests of the citizens of those states.”

Is that so? Because the last time financial experts checked, the most socially conservative states also happened to be the most prosperous. For years, places like North Carolina (No. 1), Texas (No. 3), and Georgia (No. 6) have topped Forbes’s Best States for Business list—despite high-profile campaigns for privacy, religious liberty, and life.

What these liberal CEOs don’t understand is that these favorable business climates only come from conservative legislators who understand that real freedom leads to economic growth. That’s why these red states are so enticing to companies, because their social values haven’t just built a foundation for workforce and family success—but thriving corporations, too.

The left loves to throw around this stale talking point that fighting for conservative values hurts states. Hardly! In the aftermath of the fiercest bathroom fight ever in North Carolina, nothing the liberals predicted came to pass. Even after a string of canceled concerts and celebrity boycotts, the Tar Heels are thriving. More than two years after the law, more businesses are moving to North Carolina than away from it.

“The outlook is also strong. Job growth and gross state product growth are expected to rank among the strongest in the country over the next five years,” Forbes points out. As for all of those people moving out of the state because it dared to protect women and children? “The population is growing twice as fast as the U.S. average … “

Why? Because in states where the social structure is better, you don’t need as much government interference. There’s less regulation, more freedom, and lower taxes in places like Tennessee (No. 13). But companies like AllianceBernstein can’t have it both ways.

Too many of these corporate refugees are relocating and trying to impose their extreme politics on their new homes. If conservative states want to keep their economies competitive, they need to make it clear. Businesses can either embrace the social structure that leads to growth and opportunity, or they can do what most Americans would prefer—and stay out of politics all together.

If CEOs don’t like those options, tell them to go back to the high-regulation, high-tax states from which they come.


Portrait of Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins is president of the Family Research Council. Twitter: 

Consumers Beware: PayPal Weaponized the Financial System

Free markets, whether they be economic markets or the marketplace of ideas, represent American ideals. The free exchange of ideas communicates that for the most part, all are welcome to share their unique points of view — until recently. Certain American freedoms seem to be approaching “endangered species” status as big, powerful interests increasingly choose to manipulate their platforms to control speech. As troubling as that is in a constitutional democracy, it’s not just the marketplace of ideas that are under attack, but the access to economic markets via commerce and banking. Case in point: PayPal.

To continue reading, click over to my op-ed on Fox News

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Dems Get Their Dox in a Row

House Jumps to the Wrong Collusion

Liberal Firm Brings the Blues to Nashville

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC column with images is republished with permission.

Elizebeth Warren takes her dog Wahanassatta campaigning

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is a self-identified hominoid, has a new anthropomorphized advocate on the campaign trail – and Donald Trump Jr. says it’s proof that she is struggling to resonate with her homo sapiens base as a bipedal homo erectus.

Warren, who declared her intention to seek the 2020 Democratic nomination last month, has been taking her cis-quadrupedal, self-identified canine companion, Wahanassatta, with her to campaign stops, in order to highlight her secondary anthropoid characteristics. 

Looking at Warren’s dog and then back at Warren enables Bipedal-Americans to compare the two and notice that Warren doesn’t have any facial fur and that she has two opposable thumbs – something that may have eluded them in the past. This allows Warren to interact with her hominoid base by posting the dog’s “selfies” online and promoting Wahanassatta the Spokesdog’s exposure on human social media. 

By doing so, Senator Warren prompts her intellectual voter base to ask, “how can a dog take selfies if it doesn’t have opposable thumbs?” That’s where Warren steps in and explains that this is what homo sapiens call “humor” and presents her own opposable thumbs for observation. After the joke is explained they all have a good laugh, accompanied by a subliminal reinforcement of positive emotions.

While Warren doesn’t appear to have created the social media account herself, there is a Twitter account dedicated to Wahanassatta Warren that routinely growls at President Donald Trump and promotes policies supported by the humanoid Massachusetts Senator. 

Warren herself shares Instagram posts from the campaign trail using a hand-held camera to post Wahanassatta’s authentic dog perspective on all the issues vital to the nation.

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EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by Margaret originally appeared on The Peoples Cube. It is republished with shits and grins.

Dear Esther: Chicago Does Not Need A Black Woman Mayor

What Chicago needs is an honest, non-corrupt, economically literate, competent mayor that can lift the once-great city out of the tragic farce it has become. That might be a black woman. It might not.

Esther Cepeda, in one of the most insipidly stupid takes on politics I’ve read in quite awhile — and that’s saying something — believes that the gender and skin color of the next Chicago mayor is all that is needed to miraculously turn the city around, heal racial wounds, lower crime rates, improve economics and, perhaps, bring unicorns prancing on rainbows!

It’s so bad one has to ask, even in these times, how in the world do some people get nationally syndicated columns through the Washington Post Group? Let’s start at the beginning of the nonsense. Probably best not to be eating while I quote from Cepeda.

“Finally, a spot of good news for a beleaguered city that has long been known as a hotbed of racism and government-sanctioned segregation: the promise of Chicago’s first black, female mayor.

In a dogpile of a mayoral race, 14 candidates fought it out to connect to voters who had long ago given into a nasty case of learned helplessness. The two top winners — both black women — beat out a rich scion of a Chicago political dynasty, a Latina state official, the city’s former top cop and a bevy of other local luminaries.

The two finalists are former assistant U.S. attorney Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. And no matter which one of them wins the April 2 runoff Chicago’s inauguration of a female African-American mayor will make a kind of history that none of the other top cities in America can claim.”

Set aside the overt racialism and bigotry over assuming based on skin color and gender alone that the next mayor will be better, what is she even factually talking about? “Inauguration of a female African-American mayor will make a kind of history that none of the other top cities in America can claim?” Um…Baltimore is on it’s third straight black woman mayor. And look how great Baltimore is doing! OK, actually it’s racked by racial strife, incompetence, a skyrocketing murder rate and a so-so economy despite being right next door to D.C.

Let’s see, who else? Oh yeah, Washington, D.C. elected a black female mayor; San Francisco elected a black female mayor; Atlanta elected a black female mayor; New Orleans elected a black female mayor; Charlotte, N.C. elected a black female mayor. Oh heck, here’s a full list here.

So what in the world is she talking about? And does she have an editor? When she says “top cities” is she saying New York and L.A.? That’s cherry-picking at its worst. Pretty sure most rational people could consider San Fran and D.C. among America’s top cities. But it is the sort of dishonesty we come to expect from the media. Even opinion writers should be held to a standard of some sort. But I dream.

More Cepeda” “And it’s a relief, indicating that there are still strides people of color can hope for…”

Because again, not the quality of the candidate, the issues, the plans, dare I say even, the content of their character, is what is important. Black. Female. Better. That’s the entire measuring stick. Nothing racist or bigoted here at all, folks.

More Cepeda:

So, yeah, the city could use good news in the form of a historic change of leadership from Rahm Emanuel, a big-interests-focused political operator. Either one of these two women could, in theory, address the neglect of the African-American community, which has caused what some experts consider to be a mass migration of black people out of the city and into the suburbs, neighboring Indiana or the Southern states where the original Great Migration began.”

I believe “address the neglect” translates to: A black female mayor will give blacks more stuff. If it meant reforming the school system, attacking the total decimation of the black family, changing the attitude towards education and jobs among young, black men specifically, and maybe even creative opportunity zones for investment,  then that could really be something. But given Cepeda’s level of thought and insight, pretty sure she just means more stuff.

And finally, which of these two candidate finalists will win? Let’s look at one last note in Cepeda’s description to get a clue:

“At least it won’t be a boring race. As evidenced by her campaign thus far, Lightfoot — a self-proclaimed out and proud black lesbian — has seemingly never even heard of the “be nice” political playbook that’s expected of women politicians — perhaps a winning formula for other, future female high-office candidates?”

Straw man alert! Who exactly is expecting women to be “be nice” in politics? Not exactly what we’ve been seeing. And of course in another context, Cepeda would be bemoaning the state of our mean politics. What is really at work here is just the tired retread thinking of liberalism’s past quarter century.

Now, based on intersectional hierarchy, the black female lesbian candidate beats the black female candidate 3-2 in intersectional scoring. (Content of ideas need not apply.) But Chicago is well-known as a corrupt Democratic city and the non-lesbian black female candidate is part of that power structure. So it is entrenched power versus intersectional power.

Despite Cepeda’s fact-free, knee-jerk, stuck-in-a-rut thinking, it’s all but impossible to see how the city improves either way. Not, of course, because they are black women, but because they are shades of Chicago Democratic progressivism, which has proven itself a deep failure already. Changing faces won’t change the outcome.

Unfortunately, Cepeda and her fellow travellers will think the election itself means the city wins. That wasn’t the case with Barack Obama’s election as president. And it won’t be the case with Chicago’s choice.

EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission. The featured Image by 12019 on Pixabay.

From Roy Rogers to Infanticide

I learned that the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO closed it doors forever. Roy Rogers was a bit before my time. Still, the closing of his museum triggered something in me. My late black dad, Dr Rev Lloyd E. Marcus was a big Roy Rogers fan. I remember Roy Rogers as a good guy cowboy on TV who always did the right thing. Roy’s character was very much like my dad’s. No, I am not going to get sappy, reminiscing about a time when TV role models taught kids right from wrong. Suggest that some behaviors are right and some behaviors are wrong, how corny, judgmental, intolerant and old fashion is that?

America has moved on. Democrats, Hollywood and fake news media say America no longer wants white guys like Roy Rogers on TV, infecting our kids with Christian morals and family values.

America has moved on from the biblical teaching that there are only two genders. NYC recognizes 31 different genders. Facebook gives customers 56 gender options. Leftists believe they are far more sophisticated and intelligent than Bible believers and Americans living in fly over country.

Leftists say determining a baby’s gender by its genitalia at birth is idiotic. They say we must allow the child to evolve into the gender it wants to be. This insane child abuse has led to hundreds of kids as young as 4 years old identifying as transgender and changing their sex. 

American College of Pediatricians president Dr. Michelle Cretella, wrote, “Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse.” Dr Cretella also stated, “No one is born transgender.” 

America has moved on from children respecting their father and their elders. There I go sounding like an old guy. My sister, three brothers and I were raised respecting our dad, answering him with yes or no sir. Dad was fun and easy to talk to. But we understood that he was not our peer. Hollywood routinely portrays fathers as idiots whose kids give them zero respect.

America has moved on from TV heroes like Superman who stood for “truth, justice and the America way.” Leftist indoctrination in public school has our kids believing “the American way” and patriotism are racist. Singing the song “Proud to be an American” has been banned in public schools. Wearing an America flag t-shirt to school on a Mexican holiday has been banned in America. Unfortunately, many of our youths believe it is racist to expect immigrants to learn English, respect our flag and enter our country legally.

Superman on TV has been replaced with America’s first lesbian superhero. LGBTQ indoctrination dominates kid’s TV programming. Public education beginning in pre-k promotes same sex parents and encourages little boys to wear dresses to school

When Roy Rogers was popular on TV, students still began their school day with a simple prayer for themselves, their parents, teachers and country. In 1962, the Supreme Court ruled that prayer and Bible reading in public school was unconstitutional which removed prayer from public school. The consequences have been devastating. Behavior and academic performance plummeted. Pregnancies for girls 10-14 shot up 553%; student STDs up 226%. Since removing biblical principles from public policy, divorce rates skyrocketed up 117%; single parent households up 140%.

Since removing prayer, SAT scores declined for 18 consecutive years. SAT scores for students in Christian private schools are almost 80% higher than public school. 

Democrats successfully caused America to move on, rescuing students from the horror of beginning their day by humbly acknowledging their creator with a prayer.

Once again, Democrats are intensely working to deceive Americans into moving on, away from valuing the life of human babies. Democrats seek to pass a law to execute babies even after they are born. Absurdly, Democrats claim they desire only to protect a woman’s health. How on earth does a baby threaten its mother’s health after it is born? Democrat women rant that fathers should not have any say in a mother’s decision to murder their baby.

Senate Democrats, many running for president, voted against saving the life of babies who survive abortions

Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans could never imagine a time when an entire American political party would become so overtaken by evil; claiming moral authority to pass legislation to murder living breathing crying babies. Welcome to modern America.

Folks, I am extremely excited about the Heartbeat bill which makes abortion illegal as soon as the baby’s heartbeat can be detected. The Heartbeat bill is gaining momentum in several states. Praise God.

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, America has aborted nearly 60 million babies. I pray that the Heartbeat bill will mark the beginning of the end of America mass murdering babies. I also pray that the bill will end Democrats, Hollywood and leftists successfully causing Americans to move on, away from Godly principles and values which have made America great.

For America to be great again, we must honor God again. Founding father John Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people.”

My fellow Americans, did I mention that the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO closed it doors forever?

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Lynne Roberts and Roy Rogers in Billy the Kid Returns (1938) is by Wikimedia Commons.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez ‘Cheap Seats’ Tweet Reminiscent of Racist ‘Sit At The Back Of The Bus’?

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic Socialist-NY) tweeted the following:

Everyone Who's Never Read A History Book Shocked As Socialist Turns Into Authoritarian At First Whiff Of Power

This tweet is reminiscent of a time when blacks were required to sit at the back of the bus, the cheap seats. This tweet is divisive and hurtful to those who remember Democrats preventing Ruby Nell Bridges Hall a black girl from attending the all white William Frantz Elementary School in Tylertown, Mississippi in 1960, cheap seats. At the time Ross Robert Barnett (Democrat) was the Governor of Mississippi. In a South where Democrats were “in charge.”

It was Dr. Martin Luther King who began shouting from the “cheap seats” to end racial discrimination in America. To end the we versus them mentality that hurt so very many. To judge one another based upon the “content of our character, not the color of our skin.” Today we have a new color – GREEN!

The Green New Deal

Let’s address directly Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s “come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal” comment.

America already has a solution. It’s called American ingenuity. It’s called freedom of choice in where we live, what we eat, who is our doctor, how we travel, which house we buy and who we choose to support in our community, state and nationally. It’s called the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Those guarantees of unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness come from God, not government.

The Green New Deal is the polar opposite of “cheap seats” because if implemented in its entirety no seats in America will be cheap. They will all be very expensive to the tune of an estimated $70 trillion.


The so called “cheap seats” is a slap in the face of every American, not just those who fought for their rightful seat on a public bus or in a public school. It is Marxism on steroids. It is totalitarian in scope. It allows the federal government to regulate, and thereby control, every aspect of our lives including what seats we sit in.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is now driving the Democratic party’s agenda. She and her Justice Democrat allies are determined to silence any Democrat who disagrees with them.

Ocasio-Cortez even has a black list of any Democrat who votes with the Republicans.

The 2020 elections will be between the ideology of Karl Marx verses the U.S. Constitution. President Trump will be running against Karl Marx in Democratic Party drag.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is by Free-Photos on Pixabay.

Declassification Countdown – Trump Goes To War With The Deep State

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We have all been waiting so long for the hammer of justice to come down upon the deep state and its operatives. Having written about this extensively over the past 2 years first in my book Trump and the Resurrection of America, but also in the many articles I’ve written on my website, I draft this short post with much anticipation of the events on the now very short term horizon, like sixteen more days to be more specific.

Declassification Countdown – Trump Goes To War With The Deep State

The declassification will come in stages. We cannot expect justice to be served just yet. This comes a bit later. We are at steps 6, 7 & 8 on the scale of discovery and action. It is the media that will be hit the hardest with the soon to be steps of declassification. Why? Because the truth will be revealed and the media will have no choice but to cover it. What will they say? How will they handle this? After all, we are talking about evidence. Facts. Truth. Through FISA and other sources.

As you think this trough, this further exposes and implicates the MSM fake news deep state mouth pieces and slowly but surly the public and global support for Trump shifts (even if not expressed). The MSM will be fuhrer exposed not to mention all those implicated in the declassification. This then leads to the trials, hearings, grand juries and indictments which then leads to justice. And let us not forget, the military tribunals are already under way with at least two tribunals already completed where justice has been served.

And so, sixteen days to go. Get the popcorn and enjoy the paradigm shift of power and control as President Trump and team goes on the offense. This battle of sorts will rage on for some years to come as Trump restores the power to the people. Stay the course and trust the plan.


The Great Awakening – Stay the Course

You Have Little Faith – Trust The Plan

Calm Down and Enjoy the Ride!

Relax Trump Has The Goods

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov.

13 reasons that “Medicare for All” will fail miserably!

In an article titled “Beyond ‘Bumper Sticker’ Slogans: 2020 Democrats Debate Details Of Medicare-For-All” Danielle Kurtzleben from National Public Radio reports:

Bernie Sanders is back, but one of his signature policies never left.

In 2015, he introduced Medicare-for-all to many Democrats for the first time. Since Sanders’ first run for president, that type of single-payer health care system has become a mainstream Democratic proposal.

A doctor sent me the below list of reasons why Medicare for All will fail. The original author of the list is unknown.

I am passing it along for others to ponder and discuss. Medicare for All is an initiative of the Democratic Party, who also passed The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

  1. It bans private health insurance, including employer-provided insurance plans.
  2. It will move everyone to Medicare within two years. Obamacare took over three years to launch. When it did, the website crashed. The government will now try and move ten times as many people, in half the time, to Medicare.
  3. It’s “free”! No co-pays, no premiums, no deductibles. But the bill includes no price tag, or any plan to come up with the money. One estimate is $32 trillion over ten years.
  4. It guarantees long-term care — without a plan to pay for it (or anything else).
  5. It eliminates the existing state and federal Obamacare exchanges. On the negative side, this means people will lose the insurance they currently have.
  6. It will cover illegal aliens. It applies to all “residents” of the U.S., and the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide who qualifies as a “resident.” Anyone who resides (legally or illegally) will be covered!
  7. It covers abortion. The bill will change federal law that currently bans direct funding for abortion which, to Democrats, includes abortion (murder) during birth and (murder) directly after birth.
  8. It bans “experimental” drugs/treatments without special permission from the HHS Secretary. This rule, to keep costs down, results in an end to the “Right to Try”!
  9. It eliminates for-profit medicine. Period. “Medicare for All” believes that profit is evil.
  10. It bans hospitals and doctors from trying to increase revenue. Medicare payments cannot be used for the basic business of running a hospital.
  11. It sets national fees — regardless of local factors like the availability of doctors. Even building or renovating hospitals must be centrally approved.
  12. It prohibits incentives for the best doctors. The bill “prohibits incentive payments, or compensation based on utilization of services or the financial results of any health care provider.” Success, like profit, is bad in a Socialist View.
  13. It punishes doctors for giving special help to individual patients. Doctors will be banned from the system for a year if they make “a private contract with an eligible individual” for services covered by “Medicare for All.”

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Illegal Aliens Arrested in Workplace Raid Sue Over ‘Rights’

It’s hard for people who obey and respect the law to keep their heads from exploding in the face of affronts to common sense and the rule of law. Our Corruption Chronicles blog explains the latest abuse of our system:

Represented by an extremist nonprofit that lists conservative organizations on a catalogue of “hate groups,” seven illegal immigrants detained in a workplace raid are suing the federal agents that arrested them, claiming that they were racially profiled for being Latino. In a federal court complaint filed this week by their pro bono attorneys at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the illegal aliens assert that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents violated their Constitutional rights against illegal seizures and to equal protection under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The raid occurred last spring at a slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in a small rural town called Bean Station in east Tennessee. Agents from ICE and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) raided the facility as part of a lengthy investigation into the owner’s multi-million-dollar tax evasion and fraud scheme. About 100 illegal aliens were arrested, most of them from Guatemala and Mexico and some had been previously deported from the U.S. more than once. At least 54 people were deported immediately, some were released and others faced federal or state charges, according to a local news report following the seize.

The owner of the business, James Brantley, eventually pled guilty to multiple federal crimes, including tax fraud, wire fraud, and employment of unauthorized illegal aliens. The feds say he avoided paying nearly $1.3 million in taxes by hiring at least 150 illegal aliens and paying them off the books in cash. The scheme began in 1988 and continued through 2018 when he got busted. Brantley had reported to the IRS that he had only 44 wage-earning employees, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). To avoid Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax obligations, unemployment insurance premiums, unemployment tax and workers’ compensation insurance premiums he paid illegal immigrants in cash at a rate of $8-$10 per hour.

The feds said it was a criminal investigation from day one, not simply an immigration enforcement action as many open borders activists alleged. “Tax fraud is an outrage to hard-working Americans directly harmed when criminals cheat their obligation to society by failing to pay their fair share, and the employment of illegal workers also poses a serious threat to public safety as the use of fraudulent identity documents exposes Americans to potential identity theft and other financial harm,” said the special agent from ICE Homeland Security Investigations who led the probe.

Leftist groups went ballistic, asserting that illegal immigrants were victims whose “rights” were violated by the federal government. Outraged, the SPLC called it the largest workplace immigration raid since the George W. Bush administration. “What happened on April 5, 2018 was law enforcement overreach, plain and simple,” said the group’s senior supervising attorney Meredith Stewart. “We, as a nation, have a shared set of ideals, rooted in the Bill of Rights: We have a right to be free of racial profiling and unlawful arrests. If we are not willing to uphold those ideals for everyone in this country, then we are all at risk of losing our rights.” In the complaint, SPLC attorneys write that the federal officers conspired to plan and execute the forceful and prolonged seizure of the meatpacking plant’s Latino workforce solely on the basis of their actual or apparent race or ethnicity.

The defendants are nine ICE agents who are accused of using “brutal and excessive force without any provocation.” They cursed, shoved and punched workers, according to the SPLC complaint. A Tennessee group that’s helping in the case says the lawsuit addresses the brutality the workers faced at the hands of agents. The nonprofit, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), claims the workplace raid was an “unconscionable abuse of power” with “human costs.” The SPLC, an Obama-tied leftist group that helped a gunman commit an act of terrorism against a conservative organization, has the lead in the case. A few years ago a gunman received a 25-year prison sentence for carrying out the politically-motivated shooting of the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters after admitting that he learned about the FRC from the SPLC “hate map.” Prosecutors called it an act of terrorism and recommended a 45-year sentence. 

Cheap labor explains why there is so much resistance to protecting our border.

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The Trump Cultural Revolution

When I hear the vicious political discourse and boisterous hyperbole of today, it suggests to me the country is embroiled in a cultural revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen since before the Civil War. One of the basic precepts regarding culture is, in order for a person to function and succeed, he/she must learn to conform to the culture or face rejection. Enter the ultimate outsider to our federal government, Donald Trump, a businessman who has never held political office. It is the very fact he was an outsider that propelled him to the presidency. After all, people had grown weary of “business as usual” in the nation’s capitol by both Republicans and Democrats, and were ready for a change.

As an outsider and businessman more concerned with results, Mr. Trump decided not to adapt to the Washington culture, but deliberately contested it instead, thereby causing friction with both parties. His agenda included overturning a great deal of former President Obama’s policies and treaties. More importantly, he wanted to change the mood and outlook of the country. To the public, this represented a “correction,” to the politicians, it represented heresy and a significant change to the status quo. The big question thereby becomes, was this change necessary? To those who elected Mr. Trump, the unequivocal answer is “Yes”; to everyone else, he is perceived as a genuine threat to their existence, which has triggered an uproar.

Some time ago, I wrote a review of author Mark Leibovich’s book, “This Town.” This was a fascinating description of the power and control of the Washington establishment. As I wrote back then…

“Leibovich reveals the true culture of DC, where an incestuous relationship exists between Government, Journalists, and Lobbyists. All scratch each other’s backs in order to climb their respective totem polls and grab as much money as possible along the way. He paints a picture of unadulterated collusion. He makes it clear Washington exists not to solve the problems of the country but to line the pockets of the residents there.”

“Through the book, Leibovich slips and reveals the Democratic bias of the press. Regardless of President Obama’s problems, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the mainstream media. In their eyes, the president is blameless for everything and genuinely the most brilliant president there has ever been. This is only surpassed by the media’s love affair with the Clintons. For some unknown reason, they are totally in awe of Hillary as well as her husband.”

“If the book teaches us anything, it is that the system is broken and in need of major repair.”

More than anything else, the corruption of the Washington establishment paved the way for Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

The push back to President Trump has been incredible, yet expected. Both political parties could not believe he was elected to the highest office in the land. The media considered him DOA as a candidate and nothing but a joke who could be easily defeated by Her Highness Hillary. They grossly underestimated the dissatisfaction of the American public to the goings-on in Washington. In contrast, Donald Trump didn’t underestimate the people and used this to his advantage. His election left the establishment in shock and awe, thereby creating the push back we’ve been experiencing since Mr. Trump’s election.

To illustrate, consider the substantial body of changes we have observed in just the first two years of Mr. Trump’s presidency, and how our lexicon has changed. It has hardly been “business as usual” since his arrival.

  • We’re now familiar with the concept of the “Deep State,” representing a body of people believed to be involved in the secret manipulation of government. We never heard of this expression prior to President Trump.
  • The terms “resistance” and “obstruction” are now commonly used in Congress to delay and thwart the president’s plans and appointees, such as the recent showdowns over the wall along our southern border.
  • Talks of presidential impeachment have surfaced in both the press and the Congress. The 25th amendment of the Constitution was relatively unknown. Now it is frequently quoted as a means to remove the president.
  • The “Mueller Probe” was initiated in the hopes it would discover the president was working illegally with the Russians in the election. So far, nothing of any substance has surfaced.
  • The term “RINO” was coined to denote “Republicans In Name Only,” meaning moderate Republicans who resist the president’s agenda. There is also the “Never Trump” movement consisting of Republicans dead set against Mr. Trump’s election and policies. It is this latter group that foiled the President’s plans for replacing Obamacare. He could have done much more without such people in the political establishment.
  • The “take a knee” protest in the National Football League caused a furor over the patriotism of the NFL players. Further, snubbing a White House visit upon winning a sports championship came into vogue. Such shenanigans were never considered before.
  • The public now accepts “Fake News” as a valid concept associated with the Main Stream Media, which continues to lose credibility (and subscribers). According to the MSM, President Trump is incompetent and, as such, is incapable of doing anything right, be it large or small.
  • Anti-Trump marches are still popular. We’ve also witnessed the rise of “ANTIFA,” self-proclaimed “Anti-Fascists” who use violence and mayhem as their tactics in demonstrations. We’ve also seen the rise of left-wing organizations, such as the Sunrise Movement, representing young demonstrators supporting such things as the “New Green Deal.” There is also the rise of the “#MeToo Movement” who attempted to disrupt the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Free-speech on college campuses is under attack. If a talk does not conform to “political correctness,” the person’s 1st Amendment rights are suspended or assaulted. This has resulted in states writing legislation to overturn this policy.
  • It is not uncommon for social media to censor postings supporting President Trump.
  • Entertainer award ceremonies are now used as a political soap box as opposed to recognizing their craft.
  • Trump supporters are now regularly ridiculed and demeaned in terms of their intelligence and values.
  • Late night television, which used to avoid political subjects, is now dependent on jabs at the president.
  • We have witnessed fraudulent claims of victimization (e.g., Jussie Smollet, Covington Catholic) and false accusations of hate crimes, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia. This is all widely reported by the news media, regardless if it is right or wrong.
  • Anything said or done by the President, be it meaningful or a trifle, results in a Pavlovian protest and lampoon. This includes his family, the Vice President, and his inner circle of advisers. Opponents encourage people to openly harass them in public.
  • President Trump is frequently labeled a “pathological liar,” yet when the establishment is caught spreading falsehoods, “Oops” is the typical response and all is forgiven. Further, the days of respectful debate are long gone, and replaced by hate and yelling.
  • Today, we are witnessing the migration of people away from states controlled by Democrats, such as California and New York, to Republican controlled states, such as Texas and Florida, which are considered economically stable.
  • We are seeing the erosion of history and civics in our classrooms, thereby grooming a generation of people ignorant of how and why government works, thereby making them more manipulative.
  • Democrat candidates for president in 2020 have difficulty demonstrating their accomplishments. Instead of touting policy, they promise a multitude of public freebies and bash the President at every opportunity. Linked to this…
  • We’re witnessing a rise in Socialism in this country as it is perceived as the antithesis of the policies of the Trump administration. Even though Socialism has failed throughout the world, liberals continue to embrace it and vilify anyone opposing it.

Gee, have I missed anything?

Does this sound like a culture embracing Mr. Trump or stubbornly rejecting him? Such fierce refutation of the President denotes the severity of cultural change. It also appears to be orchestrated. Whereas the country was rapidly moving towards a liberal agenda under former President Obama, President Trump has changed the course of the country by 180 degrees, hence the push back.

Within any culture, a person must observe the rules of morality, protocol, and socialization. To change the culture, you must address all three areas, which is what the president has been doing since his inauguration.

  • In terms of morality, he has embraced God (and refuses to apologize for it), believes in the rule of law (particularly in the areas of immigration, and law and order), he is pro-life, supports charitable organizations (especially those for children), and believes in the dignity of work as it is important to the well-being of humans, both financially and mentally.
  • In terms of protocol, President Trump has let the world know, under no uncertain terms, it is no longer business as usual, that important treaties have to be renegotiated, he has re-appraised our allies and enemies, and spurns the culture of political correctness.
  • In terms of socialization, he has assumed a brash, unapologetic tone, and is unafraid to push back against his opponents, particularly the main stream media, which other presidents have been afraid to do. He has effectively used social media to perform an end-run around the press and get his message directly to the public, without the media’s filtering, something no other president has had the luxury of doing.

In other words, he has been bucking the establishment as described in Leibovich’s book.

President Trump has embraced the 3-Cs, Christianity, Capitalism, and Conservative values, all of which causes the news media and Democrats to panic, as well as a few Republicans. Yet, he perseveres. To change the culture of the country, he must remain steadfast and resolute, in spite of constant criticisms and resistance. This is something he became adept at as a successful businessman. He is fully cognizant success depends on “winning,” which explains why he has been pushing hard on economic initiatives, trade, peace, and safety of the country. This is not so much about creating a “Win-Lose” scenario (whereby in order for one to win, the other party must lose), as much as it is about changing the culture to “Win-Win” whereby the secret to success is getting people to take pride in their country, themselves, work together and thwart those who would undermine this extraordinary country as devised by our founding fathers. By doing so, he hopes to restore a sense of patriotism, citizenship, work ethic, and family values.

Yes, President Trump understands this is a cultural revolution we are embroiled in. He has seen it before in business on a smaller scale and understands it is difficult to change it, but he also understands the virtue of having everyone pulling on the same oar. He may have a few scars on him before he is finished, but he is unafraid to lead us into this brave new world. If he was to quit, the status quo wins and the establishment continues unabated.

Had the Democrat candidate won in 2016, there would not be the brouhaha we are experiencing today. Had any other Republican won the candidacy, most of whom were politicians, there would have likely been a cultural revolution, but not to the degree we are embroiled in now as Mr. Trump is the outsider and willing to push back against his opponents.

One last note, the 2020 election will tell us the effect of changing the nation’s culture. If President Trump wins, we know he is being successful, but if he is defeated, the Washington establishment will return to normal and the status quo has won. This will also affect the 2024 election in terms of electing Mr. Trump’s successor. Our support for President Trump will be measured by whether we want to see the culture of the country return to a liberal agenda, or if we favor a return to traditional conservative values.

Stay tuned.

Keep the Faith!

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Spike Lee’s Disservice to Black America

I stopped stomaching the Academy Awards TV show years ago. I caught Spike Lee’s hate-filled Oscar acceptance speech on YouTube. I am a black man who is a grateful and proud American. One could argue that Spike Lee has achieved his $40 million net worth at the expense of his fellow blacks, selling them the lie that America is a hellhole of racism against them. Lies about America are furthered in most of Lee’s movies; blacks will never be treated fairly; cops shoot blacks on sight and whitey schemes 24/7 conceiving roadblocks to keep blacks down.

In his speech, Lee cited that slavery in America began 400 years ago. And yet, while standing on stage receiving an Oscar, Lee, a black man, acts like slavery still continues today. Lee said his grandmother funded his college education. He said his grandmother was the daughter of a slave and a college graduate. Doesn’t Spike Lee’s and his grandmother’s success confirm the truth that America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it?

As I watched Spike Lee, I thought, what is wrong with this man? Does he actually believe his anti-America garbage or is it simply his niche to make movies. Promoting her movie, “Selma”, billionaire black woman Oprah Winfrey spread the lie that blacks are still suffering the 1965 racism featured in her movie. White moviegoers have made black actor, Samuel L. Jackson worth $220 million. Like Spike Lee, Jackson whines about how blacks can’t catch a break in racist America.

While 90% of blacks voted for Obama, blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. The fact that white America gave horrible black president Obama two terms and the fact that Trump has ushered in an unprecedented new era of prosperity for blacks means nothing to Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Oprah. Behaving like brain-dead zombies, these rich blacks parrot the Democratic party’s lie; Trump and every American who voted for him are racists who wear MAGA caps.

I’ve had a problem with Spike Lee’s thinking ever since his breakout movie, “Do the Right Thing”. Lee’s movie ended with blacks burning down the business of a white small business owner in their neighborhood. The movie implied that this was justified. I thought, this is wrong. That white business owner served that black community. In his Oscar speech, Lee senselessly told America to “do the right thing” by voting out racist president Trump in 2020; the best presidential friend of black Americans since Lincoln.

When I was a kid in Baltimore, it seemed like grocery stores owned by Jews were on every other street corner in black neighborhoods. When I was around 10 years old, my Aunt Bummie sent me to purchase two cigarettes for her from the corner store. The Jewish owner opened his book and put the cigarettes on her account.

In later years, Asians began opening convenience stores in black neighborhoods with 14 family members living upstairs above their business. I never understood my fellow blacks’ hatred for these people. Nothing was stopping blacks from opening businesses in our neighborhoods.

Exposing their bigotry of low expectations, leftists say racism stops blacks from opening businesses. But that is not true. Born in 1867, the child of a former slave, Madam C. J. Walker was one of the first American self-made millionairess. Today, leftists absurdly define everything as racism and white privilege. Black hair care products entrepreneur, Ms Walker achieved extraordinary success at a time in America when real, not faux, racism was the norm

The greatest Nemesis of black Americans are negative, victim and entitlement mindsets instilled into them by Democrats and leftists. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverb 23:7) In other words, if blacks think they can achieve success in America, they will. If blacks believe they cannot succeed, they will not. This is why successful black Americans like Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Oprah Winfrey preaching their America-is-against-you lie is extremely destructive; a major disservice to their fellow blacks.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash.

The Inner Beauty of Women

I want to speak for a moment on the beauty of women. No, I’m not a cosmetologist, dermatologist, hair dresser, or fashion coordinator, just an ordinary heterosexual with a fondness for the opposite sex. I always knew there were differences between boys and girls, but this didn’t become obvious to me until I entered junior high school whereupon I noticed the girls were beginning to apply cosmetics, change their hair, and wear more fashionable clothes. I guess this marked the beginning of our mating rituals as the boys began to sit up and take notice.

It has been my observation over the years that women depend mostly on physical attractiveness to lure a mate. This is why millions, if not billions of dollars, are spent on beauty products for hair, skin, nails, eyes, lips, legs, even the scent of a women. Let us also not forget the enormity of the fashion industry which includes not just clothes, but shoes and hats as well. It is obviously a gigantic business. Some women are naturally beautiful, and know it. Others have to work at it.

I wonder though if women are too dependent on physical appearance and overlook the allure of a personality. Over the years I have met many women who may have lacked looks, but are incredibly sensual just from their personality alone. They may have a good sense of humor, an ease about them, a confidence, or something simply feminine. I guess they just feel comfortable in their own skin and know how to make others feel likewise. Perhaps this is the “feminine mystique” I’ve been hearing about all these years. I have seen women who know how to light up a room with nothing more than a smile and a gentle wave of their hand, yet are considered frumpy otherwise. Men gravitate to such women naturally as they are more approachable as opposed to a beauty with an incredible figure, simply because they know how to carry a conversation and make the people around them feel at ease.

Some people think such things as sex and cooking are part of the allure of women, and I suspect there are many men who think this way. As for me, such things are nothing more than the icing on the cake. Any relationship based on this alone is doomed from the outset.

Instead of spending tons of money on the physical aspects, I wish they would spend a little on cultivating a personality, something that can put men at ease, even be disarmingly flirtatious. Most men can be intimidated by a ravishing beauty, thereby considering them untouchable. After they have summoned up the courage to talk to such a woman, they are crestfallen when they find there is nothing behind the facade. Instead, they would rather be able to enjoy the woman’s company, but if the lights are on and nobody is home, the encounter will be brief. I’m certainly not suggesting the woman be submissive to the male. In fact, I find that rather unappealing. The women who possesses a wit, a warm heart, an openness about them, a sense of humor, and confidence about themselves in spite of some physical defect can be much more interesting and stimulating than a glamour queen.

I guess what I’m describing is the “inner beauty” of a woman, which can be incredibly alluring, and I presume it is essentially no different for how women consider men. However, for those people who lack both an outer and inner beauty, I pray they’re good in the kitchen or bedroom. Either that, or they begin to frequent a salon, gym or a voice coach. Otherwise they are going to remain rather lonely for a long time.

Originally published: November 30, 2012, updated 2019

Keep the Faith!

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