Madame Secretary, “At this point it makes a very big difference.”

During a January 23, 2013, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Hillary Clinton was questioned about the September 11, 2012 bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The Benghazi anniversary attack occurred while Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State during the final months of Romney’s presidential bid to unseat Obama and just two months before the November presidential elections.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee was conducting a review of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans including U.S. Ambassador J. Chris Stevens. During questioning by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Hillary Clinton famously said, “At this point what difference does it make?” Let’s find out.

The transcript of the hearing recorded on C-SPAN shows Sen. Johnson repeatedly asking Clinton about the story coming out of Obama’s White House that the Benghazi attack was a response to protests outside the Consulate and an anti-Islam video posted on YouTube.

Johnson: No, again, we were misled (5:02 on C-SPAN) that there were supposedly protests and that something sprang out of that — an assault sprang out of that — and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact, and the American people could have known that within days and they didn’t know that.

Clinton: With all due respect (5:16 on C-SPAN tape), the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator. Now, honestly, I will do my best to answer your questions about this, but the fact is that people were trying in real time to get to the best information. The IC (intelligence community) has a process, I understand, going with the other committees to explain how these talking points came out. But you know, to be clear, it is, from my perspective, less important today looking backwards as to why these militants decided they did it than to find them and bring them to justice, and then maybe we’ll figure out what was going on in the meantime.

Johnson: OK. Thank you, Madame Secretary.

After numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests made by Judicial Watch for documents related to the Benghazi attacks, on May 15, 2014 Judicial Watch sued the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Defense for their failure to comply with FOIA requests. The judge ruled in favor of Judicial Watch and ordered that the papers be released.

On May 18, 2015 Judicial Watch published a stunning report that the Department of Defense and Department of State documents clearly showed that the Obama administration knew that Al-Qaeda terrorists had planned the Benghazi attack 10 days in advance.

So, Hillary Clinton knowingly lied to Senator Johnson on January 23, 2013 during the Senate hearings. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Susan Rice knowingly lied repeatedly to the American public by insisting that an anti-Islam video was the cause of a spontaneous protest that turned violent and sparked the Benghazi attack. Lies. Lies. Lies.

Filmmaker Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian, posted a short anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” on YouTube. His video was falsely blamed for the Benghazi attack and used deceitfully by Obama and his administration to dupe the American people and hide their own culpability. Nakoula was shamed, incarcerated, and threatened with death by Obama’s White House. He now lives in a homeless shelter in California.

More lies. Wikipedia continues to disingenuously maintain that Nakoula’s film sparked the Benghazi attack. The section on “Arrest and imprisonment” begins with, “Following the violent reactions to the video . . .” The section concludes with one interesting fact verified by Reuters – that on November 28, 2012, two days before the Muslim-Brotherhood government of Obama-favored Mohamed al-Morsi was ousted, an Egyptian court sentenced Nakoula to death in absentia for defaming Islam.

That brings us to the Muslim-Brotherhood connection to the attack on Benghazi.

The stunning Judicial Watch report was published on 5.18.15 – four years ago. Its revelations were jaw-dropping then but even more relevant now as the dots connecting Obama to Hillary’s private email server and Benghazi are also connecting Obama and Hillary to the Muslim Brotherhood and the unlawful FISA warrants used to spy on Donald Trump.

From the Judicial Watch report:

“A Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group ‘to kill as many Americans as possible.’ The document was sent to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council. The heavily redacted Defense Department ‘information report’ says that the attack on the Benghazi facility ‘was planned and executed by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BOCAR).’ The group subscribes to ‘Al-Queda ideologies.'”

In this Defense Department document Abdul Baset known as AZUZ, the leader of BOCAR, is blamed for the attack on Benghazi – NOT Nakoula Bassely Nakoula.

Further, from a separate Judicial Watch lawsuit, the State Department produced a different document created the morning after the Benghazi attack by Hillary Clinton’s offices that made no mention of videos or demonstrations, “Four COM personnel were killed and three wounded in an attack by dozens of fighters on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi beginning approximately 1550 Eastern Time . . .”

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch concludes:

“If the American people had known the truth – that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other top administration officials knew that the Benghazi attack was an al-Qaeda terrorist attack from the get-go – and yet lied and covered up this fact – Mitt Romney might very well be president. And why would the Obama administration continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood even after it knew it was tied to the Benghazi terrorist attack and to al-Qaeda? . . . These documents show that the Benghazi cover-up has continued for years and is only unraveling through our independent lawsuits. The Benghazi scandal just got a whole lot worse for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary’s Benghazi lies and cover-up protected Obama’s 2012 presidential candidacy and made her Obama’s legacy candidate for 2016. Obama’s lies and cover-up protected Hillary’s presidential bid and his own political malfeasance and ideological connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary’s private email server was an off-the-books carrier of classified information that protected Hillary, Obama, Rice, and every other Obama administration official implicated in the Benghazi attack and its cover-up including the aftermath of securing FISA warrants through unverified foreign intelligence sources to spy on the the Trump campaign.

Tony Shaffer, former senior intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, explains the unprecedented corruption and shocking abuse of FISA by Obama’s FBI to spy on the Trump campaign in a stunning interview with Jan Jekielek from American Thought Leaders. Tony Shaffer describes what was done by the Obama administration but the question remains – WHY?

Journalist Joan Swirsky provides the answer. In her stunning 4.23.19 article, “Prison, anyone?” she identifies the nine words uttered by then Candidate Trump during a campaign debate that launched the shocking coup attempt against a sitting president of the United States. “If I were president, Hillary would be in jail.” These nine words are the key to everything – they unlock the Benghazi cover-up the FISA abuses, Spygate, Russiagate, the partisan Mueller investigation, and the ongoing hysterical screams by Democrats to impeach President Trump.

When the unthinkable happened and Candidate Trump was elected president, the Strok/Page insurance policy was launched to overthrow President Trump because if Hillary goes to jail so does Obama and his collaborators – the entire house of cards collapses and the enormity of the coup attempt against sitting President Trump is explained and exposed.

Madame Secretary, “At this point it makes a very big difference.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Goudsmit Pundicity column is republished with permission.

America Is Still Highly Religious. So Why Do We Keep Liberalizing?

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once declared that “God is dead … and we have killed him.”

That famous statement rocked Europe nearly 150 years ago. His point was not that God actually died, but that people in the Western world no longer believed in God, and that this loss of faith would only spread.

Nietzsche’s prediction largely has panned out in Western Europe, where only 15% say they believe in God with absolute certainty. But America has been an exception to this trend, and remains so today.

A whopping 63% of Americans say they believe in God with absolute certainty, according to Pew Research. And although only 11% of Western Europeans say religion is very important in their lives, 53% of Americans say it is for them.

What’s more, new data shows that Americans actually want religion to play a larger role in society than it currently does. According to a new Pew study released Monday, roughly half of Americans say they favor a greater role for religion in society, compared to only 18% who say they oppose that.

That’s a surprising number, particularly when compared with countries in Western Europe, which are not so hot on religion.

But before we start cheering for American exceptionalism, we need to recognize something is deeply awry.

Yes, America is much more religious than Western Europe, but that doesn’t seem to be making much difference on the big-ticket cultural issues of the day. Despite our religiosity, we continue drifting in Europe’s direction on issue after issue.

Despite our religiosity, we continue drifting in Europe’s direction on issue after issue.Consider marriage. Same-sex marriage took hold in 13 European countries before it reached the United States. The U.S. lagged, but not for long. Public opinion in the U.S. has flipped in the last 20 years, from 60% opposing same-sex marriage in 1998 to 67% now supporting it, according to Gallup.

Or consider gender. Americans are becoming more accepting of transgenderism as pop culture, media, and schools promote the idea that gender is based on feelings, rather than an objective standard tied to biology. The result: 46% of millennials now say gender identity is a matter of choice.

Most Americans also are fine using transgender pronouns. An Ipsos survey from 2017 found that only 1 in 5 Americans would use the pronoun of a transgender person’s biological (real) sex, and even fewer would do so in Canada and the United Kingdom.

This cultural change has come at a dizzying pace, and it raises the obvious question: If America is so religious, why does it keep liberalizing on all the hot-button cultural issues? To put it crassly, what good is our religion?

The answer, it would seem, is not much good at all.

Bad Religion Is Almost Like No Religion

This is the argument that columnist Ross Douthat has made in pointing out the rise of “bad religion” in America. He notes that while we aren’t secularizing like Europe, we also aren’t strictly adhering to traditional forms of religion. Instead, we are “a nation of heretics.”

Americans increasingly view religion as a subjective thing with no bearing on the actual world. A recent study by Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research found that 6 out of 10 Americans say they think religious belief is a matter of personal opinion, not objective truth. Perhaps most shockingly, one-third of those identified as evangelical Christians also take this view.

This is the core problem, and it explains the paradox of America as a country with both vibrant religion and a liberalizing culture.

What we have in America is a radical separation of God from “reality”—the real world that we claim to live in. It’s not that we reject “God” per se, but we reject a God who comes with a certified worldview package—a God who orders the universe, sets moral norms, defines our being, and binds our consciences to a moral code in this world—today.

It’s not that we reject “God” per se, but we reject a God who comes with a certified worldview package.

We’ve kept God, but jettisoned the traditional package.

The problem is, this is almost the same as rejecting God completely. If believing in God has no impact on the way we view realities in this world—whether they be gender, marriage, or who counts as a person worthy of dignity and respect—then what God are we even worshipping?

Could it be that the atheists are right when they accuse us of worshipping a God of our own making?

The Tremors to Come

Nietzsche predicted that the spread of atheism in Europe would shake Western civilization to its core. He understood quite well that his culture had been shaped at every turn by Christian belief, and that pulling the rug from under that belief would send society tumbling like a Jenga set.

Nietzsche illustrated this in his “Parable of the Madman,” in which a prophetic figure—the Madman—hails the death of God. But the Madman goes further. He warns that tumult and chaos will emerge when people finally realize the consequences of their unbelief. Almost in pain, he says:

“What did we do when we unchained this earth from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving? Away from all suns? Are we not plunging continually? Backward, sideward, forward, in all directions? Is there still any up or down? Are we not straying, as through an infinite nothing?”

But then, realizing his listeners have no idea what he’s talking about, the Madman takes a step back.

“I have come too early,” he said them; “my time is not yet. This tremendous event is still on its way, still wandering; it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time; the light of the stars requires time; deeds, though done, still require time to be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them than most distant stars—and yet they have done it themselves.”

It took more than a century, but the West is now feeling the tremors of unbelief. The lightning and thunder are raging as realities once known and cherished are lost—dissolved by the acids of secularism.

This secularism is more pronounced in Europe, no doubt. Yet it wields extraordinary power in America because so many of us—even religious believers—have conceded vital ground, saying that divine truth has little or nothing to do with this world. In relegating “belief” to the realm of private opinion, we have made our bed and are now living in it.

There will be many more tremors yet to come. The unborn, gender, and marriage are just the first to come under attack. In so many more ways than we realize, we continue to live off the remnants of a Judeo-Christian worldview that has set sail.

In relegating “belief” to the realm of private opinion, we have made our bed and are now living in it.

We would do well to remember Europe before the coming of Christianity. In Plato’s Greece, pederasty was widely practiced and accepted. Dignity was not recognized to be universal. Slavery was accepted. Might, very often, made right.

Nietzsche knew that the “death of God” meant such things would be back on the table in the West. And so they are.

Consider these questions: Without God-given dignity for each individual, what happens to consent as the basis for modern sexual ethics? The right of the strong over the weak already is granted as the basis for abortion—why not to the stronger party in bed?

What about the human-animal distinction? Without real value differences between the species (we’re all the same stuff, anyway), why not blur the lines between species? Why not create hybrid human species in the lab?

A Way Back?

The questions we face are more serious than we can fathom. America’s high levels of religiosity are cause for great hope, but also caution.

Many of our religious communities have not yet compromised with the cultural left on the major issues of the day. These communities offer a vital connection to the past and the resources for cultural recovery and renewal, should our culture become disillusioned with its current direction.

The surprising fact is that Americans actually want a greater role for religion in society, per the Pew study. Perhaps this may signal the beginnings of cultural regret—or at the very least, a yearning for something that’s been lost.

But if Americans return to traditional religion out of disillusionment, they will have to accept the strings that come attached—the package deal. This will mean allowing the divine to speak directly to our daily, real-world affairs, to matters of gender, marriage, the nature of the person, and more—to live as a nation, really and truly, under God.

Is that a bargain America will soon make? One can hope and pray.


Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis is the commentary editor of The Daily Signal and co-host of The Daily Signal podcastSend an email to Daniel. Twitter: .

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Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

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In Defense of Kate Smith

The long arm of the PC police has reached back to the ’30s and arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced the late singer Kate Smith. Smith, who popularized Irving Berlin’s song “God Bless America” and was a female pioneer in early television, recorded songs that today in hindsight are viewed as racist.

An old friend, Harry Covert, writes to recall the early days of black-and-white TV when he (and I) watched Smith’s television program. Covert remembers one show interrupted by a news bulletin announcing the attempted assassination of Harry S. Truman by militant Puerto Rican activists. He notes that today’s Puerto Ricans are not smeared by that incident, so why is Smith being figuratively tarred and feathered?

In 1940, Berlin, the Russian-born composer, established the God Bless America Fund “for the benefit of the youth of America,” donating the proceeds from the song’s royalties to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. Yankees baseball great Joe DiMaggio was a trustee on the GBA Fund.

Smith, along with many other celebrities, donated her time to entertain troops during World War II. The PC crowd gives her no credit for that. The New York Yankees, an organization that should be proud of such history and DiMaggio’s association with it, stopped playing “God Bless America” at its games. The Philadelphia Flyers, which at one time asked Smith to sing the song live at its hockey games because when she did the team usually won, has also banned her voice.

As in so many cases with political correctness, the standard is unequally applied. What about Southern Democrats who approved of slavery and Jim Crow laws, poll literacy tests, and opposed civil rights legislation? One of them, Sen. Richard Russell, D-Ga., has a Senate office building named for him.

Then there is Sen. Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia. Not only was Byrd a member of the Ku Klux Klan, rising to the level of Exalted Cyclops in the bigoted organization, he spoke favorably of the Klan during the early stages of his political career. In 1956, Byrd wrote to the organization’s imperial wizard: “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.”

During his 1958 Senate campaign when he was 41, Byrd said his membership in the Klan was “the most egregious mistake I’ve ever made.” Still, in a 2001 interview on “Fox News Sunday,” in response to a question about race relations, Byrd, then 83, said, “I’ve seen a lot of white n—–s in my time.” He later apologized for the remark.

When it comes to naming buildings and other projects after politicians, The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, New York, editorializes against the practice:

There’s a state park on Long Island and a parkway near Niagara Falls named after Robert Moses. Moses was a 20th-century urban planner who was later revealed in the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, ‘The Power Broker,’ as a ruthless abuser of political power with racist tendencies who pushed through many major infrastructure projects that New York City residents now revile. Should his name be on public highways and parks?

How far are we willing to take this retro-cleansing of American history? The Arlington County, Virginia, Board may decide as early as this week to rename Jefferson Davis Highway, which runs through Arlington and Alexandria. Davis’ offense was being the president of the Confederacy. They have already renamed Washington-Lee High School, because of Robert E. Lee.

As for Kate Smith, when these imposers of the present on the past accomplish anything benefiting America, as did the singer and Irving Berlin, then we can talk. In the meantime, why not focus on efforts that will significantly help the poor and disenfranchised, such as school choice? Meaningless symbolism improves nothing.

(c) 2019 Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist, author, broadcaster, and speaker with access to world leaders, U.S. presidents, celebrities, educators, and countless other notables. He has authored 12 books, including his latest, “What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America.” Readers can email him at Twitter: .

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

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Tommy Robinson running for MEP for North West, England

Tommy Robinson wrote the following in an email to supporters:

I’m sure youv’e already heard the news, but in case you haven’t – I am standing for MEP for the North West of England!

You can watch my campaign launch video, and join the movement at

I officially launched my campaign this past Thursday in Wythenshawe with my announcement that I had taken the decision to run. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me to the town!

As I have always said, I will work as hard as I possibly can to bring change and to fight for all of the ignored voices from all regions across our great country.

As you can imagine the next few weeks will be insanely busy for me, coupled with the increased resistance against me from all angles now that my plans have been revealed, therefore it’s a given that I will have to work many times harder than any other election candidate out there in order to stand a chance at getting our voices heard!

With that said, I need your help:

1. Register to vote by 6th May at
2. Sign up on my website for campaign updates, and an election day reminder at
3. Help cover the costs of my campaign, including my tour truck, by contributing at, and please make sure you are eligible to donate!)

I’ll be in Salford this Sunday28th of April from 10:00 a.m. on. Please come say hello and show our support! Full details for my events plan will be on my website

On 23rd May help me send them a message they’ll never forget and vote Tommy Robinson to be your new MEP

P.S The election on 23rd May is how we fight back. Put me right inside the EU and they won’t know what hit them. They’ll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage!

3 of the Most Telling Failures of Socialism

Some conservatives may be discouraged by the latest surveys confirming that nearly one-half of millennials are receptive to living under socialism and regard capitalism as a captive of greed. In fact, they present us with a golden opportunity to educate all Americans about the manifold failures of socialism and the miraculous advances the world has made under free enterprise.

For example, the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson revealed at a Heritage Foundation event that between 2000 and 2012, “the rate of absolute poverty in the world fell by 50%.” That is, “the poor in the world are getting rich at a rate that is absolutely unparalleled in all of human history.”

Heritage’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom reported that the greatest advances came in African and Asian countries (such as Botswana and Taiwan) that limited rather than expanded the role of government. More than 100 countries, many of them with less developed or emerging economies, showed marked advances in economic growth and individual prosperity.

Such good news is seldom reported by the mainstream media, Peterson said, because of the technological revolution that’s occurring in every form of media. All the broadcast networks, leading newspapers, and magazines exist in a shrinking market with dwindling margins of profit. To attract attention they are turning to an old journalism axiom: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The news media obsess over the latest school shooting and bloody street riot. And yet, Peterson pointed out, the rates of violent crime in the United States and in most places “have plummeted in the last 50 years.”

The U.S. is now safer than it has been since the early 1960s, but the reporting of violent crime in America has materially increased as the mainstream media, in pursuit of ratings and revenue, have highlighted the dark side of society.

Conservatives must step forward to tell the truth about capitalism: the better life it has brought to billions of people, the diversity and freedom of choice it celebrates, the individual responsibility it encourages, the continuing miracle of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” its rejection of government planning that always leads to dictatorship.

Which brings us to the urgent task of exposing the chimera that socialism is just another political system. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and their fellow socialists carefully omit any mention of the principles laid down by Karl Marx, the founding father of Socialism, such as the abolition of private property and the centralization of the means of production and of decision-making. But make no mistake: There are radical socialists waiting in the wings to promote these extreme initiatives.

It’s up to us to tell the truth. Socialists promise a classless society but create the prison camps of the Gulag and the Isle of Pines. They assure peace but engage in wars of national liberation. They abolish private property but depend upon the underground economy. They stamp out religion but worship Big Brother. They bring down corrupt dictators but institute a dictatorship of the Party.

Here are some of the most telling failures of socialism:

One, socialism has never succeeded anywhere, including the Marxism-Leninism of the Soviet Union, the National Socialism of Nazi Germany, the Maoism of Communist China, the Chavez-Maduro socialism of Venezuela. It has never come close to anywhere near Marx’s ideal of a classless society.

Two, Marx has been wrong about nearly everything he predicted. The nation-state has not withered away. Capitalism didn’t break down as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Workers haven’t become revolutionaries but capitalists. The middle class hasn’t disappeared; indeed, it has expanded exponentially around the world (see the above about the sharp decline in global poverty). Marx’s attempt to use Hegel to create a “scientific socialism” has been an abject failure.

Three, socialism denies the existence of an essential human trait—human nature. Marx borrowed from the Enlightenment to declare that human nature was malleable, not constant. Christian theology with its idea of a fixed God-given nature infuriated Marx.

The socialist state established by Lenin tried for seven decades to create an entirely new human being—Soviet Man. In December 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev gave up trying and dissolved the world’s most spectacular failure in human engineering.

Four, socialism depends not upon the will of the people but on the dictatorship of the Party to remain in power. In “The God That Failed,” six famous Western intellectuals describe their journey into socialism and their exit when they encountered the gigantic gap between their vision of a socialist utopia and the totalitarian reality of the socialist state.

After visiting the Soviet Union, the French Nobel Laureate writer Andre Gide said: “I doubt where in any country in the world—not even in Hitler’s Germany—have the mind and spirit ever been less free, more bent, more terrorized and indeed vassalized than in the Soviet Union.”

What price socialism? The Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang listed the “little terrors” that prevailed in China—making children of 12 subject to capital punishment, sending women to work in underground coal mines, harassing workers during their lunchtime with threats of prison if they were late returning to work. A Soviet defector said of the perpetual surveillance: “We lived in a world swarming with invisible eyes and ears.”

Given the ignorance of so many of our fellow, especially young, Americans, telling the truth about socialism has become an imperative. If we do not, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and their fellow travelers will fill the vacuum with their misleading rhetoric. This is the truth about socialism: It is a pseudo-religion founded in pseudo-science and enforced by political tyranny.

Originally published by Fox News


Lee Edwards is the distinguished fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics. A leading historian of American conservatism, Edwards has published 25 books, including “Just Right: A Life in Pursuit of Liberty.”


College Student: My Generation Is Blind to the Prosperity Around Us

Euroskeptic Parties Cast Outsize Shadow Over EU Elections

The Left’s Response to Mueller Report Shows They Weren’t After the Truth

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

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Why the Trump Haters Still Don’t Get It

Nothing has changed.

Just about no one has moved away from where they stood on Nov. 9, 2016, when they woke up trying to comprehend that Donald Trump had overcome the odds, the press, and his own shortcomings to win that presidential election.

If you voted for him, you are still thrilled and optimistic about the future. I outlined in the book I co-authored with Brad Todd, “The Great Revolt,” that the election was never quite about Trump. Many of his voters saw his flaws with eyes wide open and voted heavily out of concern for their community, not necessary for themselves.

Many who did not vote for Trump loathe him with the intensity of a white-hot poker prodding at their soul. Their hair is still on fire, and nothing in the world can extinguish it until he is out of the White House, preferably in handcuffs.

If you are a reporter who lives and works within the counties that surround Washington, D.C.; New York; Chicago; or Los Angeles, it’s been a tough go. You don’t work with anyone in your newsroom who would have voted for Trump. You don’t socialize with anyone who voted for Trump. And you likely don’t know anyone at your children’s school who voted for Trump.

Many reporters, though not all, often view these voters monolithically, rather than as the complex coalition they have formed, painting them with a broad brush. They see the Trump voters as foolish or fooled at best, and as bigoted, unintelligent, and backward at worst.

Reporters marvel at these voters’ unwillingness to give up on a struggling town and move to a larger city or region, never understanding that they often happily trade a higher salary or a career with bonuses in another city for staying in a community where they have deep roots.

Since the day after Trump won, reports on his win focused heavily on his loss of the popular vote. Then there were the overhyped stories about a Wisconsin recount. Then the story developed that he won only because of Russia and that he probably helped Russia “hack the election.”

This simply reinforced Trump backers’ support for the man. Haters will hate.

That brings us back to this: Nothing has changed since Election Day 2016, because everything had changed for the C-suite influencers who control our culture, politics, entertainment, big tech, and news consumption.

They chose to ignore the signs—or, in their arrogance, they just missed what had been in plain sight for decades.

The fusion of conservatives and populists who make up the Trump coalition that placed Trump in the White House will continue long after whatever date the president leaves office. And despite the efforts of the press, and despite Trump’s own actions, those in the Trump coalition are unlikely to change their mind, because the only alternative is an elite who paints them as a villainous segment of our society.

© 2019


Salena Zito is a CNN political analyst, and a staff reporter and columnist for the Washington Examiner. She is the co-author of “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics.” Twitter: .

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

We are looking for a select few conservatives to become a Heritage Foundation member. With your membership, you’ll qualify for all associated benefits and you’ll help keep our nation great for future generations.


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Gender Identity Law Declares War on Women, Forces Trans Men to be Accepted as Female

House Democrats have reintroduced a bill that would make “gender identity” a protected class under federal civil rights law and force men who identify as women to be treated and accepted as female. If the measure, known as the Equality Act, becomes law, it would drastically impact numerous sectors.

Hospitals and insurance companies will have to provide costly sex-reassignment therapies, employers and workers who don’t conform to new sexual norms will lose their businesses and jobs and women would lose female-only facilities and sports. The only requirement for protection under the bill is a self-declared “gender identity.”

In a statement celebrating the Equality Act’s reintroduction last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this: “To dismantle the discrimination undermining our democracy, we must ensure that all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are treated equally under the law — not just in the workplace, but in education, housing, credit, jury service and public accommodations as well.”

The veteran California congresswoman claims the measure has strong bipartisan support even though two Republicans that supported it when it was first introduced in the last Congress are no longer in office. Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen retired and Virginia’s Scott Tayler failed to win reelection. Fortunately, the bill is likely to encounter serious resistance in the Republican-majority Senate as well as the White House.

Nevertheless, the transgender movement has become a dangerous war on women and girls and the law floating around in Congress will be detrimental to both. The Equality Act would be a setback to women’s rights in several areas.

American women would be stripped of single-sex accommodations in public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence or rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms or group showers. Judicial Watch recently wrote about a separate law that aims to defund women’s shelters that don’t allow transgender men who self-identify as women.

The Equality Act goes further by also stripping a woman’s right to have a person of the same sex conduct security searches on their body, supervise drug tests, handle intimate medical care and supervise children on overnight trips. This is because the language in the proposed law replaces sex with gender identity, open to the claimant’s interpretation, as a protected category.

This would be especially harmful to females in areas such as competitive sports. A decades-old federal measure known as Title IX prohibits discrimination in all federally funded education programs, including sports.

It ensures that boys and girls in elementary through high school and men and women in college have athletic opportunities. If the Equality Act passes males will have the right to compete against females, an atrocity that even the most liberal women and feminists reject.

Among them is tennis legend Martina Navratilova, an 18-time Grand Slam champion who encountered lots of discrimination for coming out as gay during the peak of her professional tennis career in the 1980s. “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” Navratilova said. “It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

A recent public high school case in Georgia supports the tennis great’s assessment. At a track competition, a transgender athlete easily beat all the females. The mother of one of the demoralized athletes reached out to several women’s rights groups for help but her concerns fell on deaf ears. A conservative public policy women’s organization in Washington D.C. helped the mother express her concerns to Congress.

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee the mother writes this: “To say that my daughter, as well as the other female athletes, were humiliated and had a sense of defeatism is an understatement. In the words of my daughter, ‘What’s the point Mom, we can’t win.’ Hearing this broke my heart, for my daughter and for all the female athletes, who train so hard, but no matter how hard they work and train they will never be able to beat a biological male. … What are we doing to our girls by forcing them to race biological males?”

Concerned Women for America, the group that assisted the Georgia mother, has conducted extensive research on the Equality Act and recently published a document outlining the measure’s dangerous consequences for women and girls.

Shea Garrison, the organization’s vice president of international affairs, says the bill wrongfully “redefines civil rights law” and “elevates the interests of one group over another.” An esteemed academic, Garrison’s work and research focuses on women’s economic and social empowerment, religious freedom and human rights.

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission.

El Paso, America’s Most Exploited City

One ordinary day in The Sun City I took out on foot into the belly of Las Tienditas near the heart of downtown El Paso, Texas. Aptly named for hundreds of street vendors, mercados, jewelers, and other sellers of everything a person could possibly need, this “Little Stores” region is the last American plot of land before crossing into the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Also known as The Golden Horseshoe, one local characterized it as Korean merchants selling products from China to Mexican shoppers in the USA.

The smell of beans, rice, spiced papas, hot peppers, huevos rancheros and corn tortillas was in the air. Fresh fruit juices and cinnamon dulce pastries were there for the taking and I was in Heaven. Still holding onto my taco, I walked right into it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the something I had heard about, but it looked nothing like what I had imagined. I stopped, speechless.

Before that point, I hadn’t bothered looking at my GPS. But then I double-checked myself. It was confirmed. Ciudad Juárez. I was staring at the border of Mexico’s 20th most homicidal city, known for drug violence and not recommended for American tourists.

At the foot of the wall near Paso Del Norte Port of Entry into America, I could look over the fence and see hundreds of Mexican legals waiting in line to enter El Paso for the workday. The look on every single face upon entry told me that they had been waiting in line for hours under high security alert and would not appreciate pictures one little bit. So…I stood there.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked one local business owner.

“Yes,” he said in English. “They come, some of them at three in the morning before the lines are long. Some drive in, park, and sleep before work.”

“The wall keeps Las Tienditas and El Paso safe, but the recent lines are hard on business.” He put his head down and quietly said, “I voted for Trump. Many of us business owners did,” not wanting his clientele to hear our discussion.

Some other locals’ sentiment seemed to be more apathetic toward building the wall in the unsecured border regions. “If they are going to come in, they will find a way,” expressed one Las Tienditas jeweler.

In general, the vibe of this blue city in a red state seemed to be a joyful one where the food is the freshest on planet earth, a city that sticks it’s name in the hat on the controversial discussion of who actually invented the margarita. This discussion can cause more trouble than wearing a MAGA hat at an El Paso Locomotive Professional Soccer Game where locals snack on sliced cucumber and pineapples doused in chili powder.

The next morning, I was back in Las Tienditas standing on the corner of Overland and El Paso St. where the historic announcement of Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential campaign was taking place.

A couple of blocks north, the Trump counter rally was forming. Before there were even ten people to hear, I figured the Latina troll who was marching and shouting vociferously surely must have been paid by the other team since no one else in the crowd knew who she was and and her message was so blatantly obnoxious to all. The vitriol caused a discomforting feeling to the majority of the Trump supporters as people shrugged their shoulders and asked one another where she came from, yet she would not be stopped. Beto supporters were forced to enter his rally by way of the Trump counter rally and it was a sad sight to see a grown adult yelling at little children wearing the wrong color T-shirt. America was not great that day.

There is no doubt that the bi-national city of El Paso was an appropriate choice for Beto O’Rourke to make his big announcement, yet the rally seemed to be geared toward him running for El Presidenté of El Paso which he would have won. I witnessed something I will never forget that day. The placement of Beto’s stage was on the very edge of America, the closest to not being in America that one can possibly be, relatively speaking. The positioning of the national media and his platform was perfectly set up for optimal crowd filler by blocking the passage and corralling the Mexican legals who historically cross the Paso del Norte Port of Entry by the thousands. The masses had little other choice but to flood the rally. They were Mexican nationals overflowing the streets in a big American media lie.

For the presidential election of 2020 and the ongoing immigration discussion, El Paso will always have significance; but for me, I will remember it for the people, their smiles, and hospitality, amazing foods and unique culture. They live as if they neither realize nor acknowledge the world stage beneath their feet and seem to enjoy life with all of its pleasures, yet the world has made them the face of immigration acrimoniousness.

But most of all, I think every American who joins the immigration discussion would do well to first make the pilgrimage to the Paso del Norte. Just stand there to understand the place I now call my favorite, El Paso, Texas. The safest city in the United States of America.

Why AG Barr Must Confront the Deep State

Due to her amazing job taking care of our home, 9 birds, 2 cats, one greyhound and me, my wife Mary has not followed the intricate details of the Mueller/deep state silent coup to end Trump’s presidency.

Mary asked, “Is Mueller a good guy or a bad guy?”

To prevent her eyes from glazing over, I kept it simple. Mueller is a bad guy. He could have concluded in two weeks that Trump did not collude with Russia to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton. And yet, Mueller dragged out his bogus investigation for over two years which dramatically harmed Trump’s approval numbers and even may have caused Republicans to lose the house.

Then, Mary asked, “Why won’t AG William Barr comply with Democrats’ demand that he release the Mueller report unredacted?”

I explained, redacted means taking a marker and blacking out information unrelated to the investigation. During the course of an FBI investigation, personal information about your life will surface. It is unfair and illegal to go public with your personal information if it has nothing to do with the charges against you.

Therefore, Barr would be breaking the law if he released the Mueller report unredacted. Embarrassing dirt was exposed during the Bill Clinton sex sandals investigation. Democrats wanted to make sure such details would not be made public again. They passed a law that future investigations must be redacted. Now, Democrats are demanding that Barr break their own law.

Fake news media and Democrats know the law prevents Barr from releasing the unredacted Mueller report. And yet, Democrats are absurdly viciously attacking and seeking to destroy Barr, flooding the airwaves with their lies that Barr is illegally protecting Trump. Democrats know they can lie to the American people about Barr because fake news media will cover for them.

The Mueller report found no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. And yet, Democrats, the deep state and fake news media intend to continue promoting their lie that Trump colluded and obstructed justice all the way to the 2020 presidential election.

Exposing their repulsive arrogance and sense of superiority, John Brennan, James Clapper, Adam Schiff, James Comey and Obama minions are moving full speed ahead with their treasonous quest to remove Trump from office. These evil people are using fake news media to sell their lie that Trump is guilty of obstruction for simply confronting their lie-filled attempts to over-through his presidency. They expected Trump to behave like a typical wimpy passive Republican and allow them to destroy him.

AG William Barr must follow through with holding them accountable to save Trump’s presidency and the rule of law in America. The only thing that is going to stop the deep state’s Terminator cyborg focus on removing Trump from the White House is a powerful political punch in the face by Barr.

Bullies are cowards. As a black kid growing up in the mean projects of Baltimore, bullies took my lunch money. Cousin Jimmy confronted them with a threat of personal destruction if they dared to bother me again. They complied. Cousin Jimmy also taught me the power and wisdom of having a strong military. Washington DC is full of cowardly bullies, hellbent on undermining the will and best interest of the American people.

These bad players in the deep state have no fear of punishment for their treason. Barr must push them back on their heels, forcing them to go on defense.

When Barr probes deep into the deep state’s outrageous, unprecedented and illegal attempt to reverse the 2016 election, all the cockroaches will run, exposed by the light of truth and justice. That will be a glorious thing to see; a great day for America.

PODCAST: Something Just Doesn’t Add Up with Young Democrats

As I watch the televised news and listen to Democrats, particularly the younger generation, be it on college campuses, the streets, or protesting in the halls of Congress, I am struck by their naivety in terms of our government, our history, and the concept of earning a living. I look at them and cannot believe what I am witnessing. It simply doesn’t add up. To illustrate…

Democrats, both young and old, seem to believe our country is a Democracy, when it really is a Republic, something they simply fail to grasp. No doubt they would be surprised to learn there is no country in the world based on democracy, least of all ours. As a result, they do not comprehend the necessity of such things as the Electoral College. They understand popularity contests, probably from watching too many reality shows, but they do not know how to achieve fair parity between urban and rural America.

Young Democrats naively believe socialism is a better economic system than capitalism. The fact socialism has consistently failed over the years and around the world is immaterial to them. They claim they want “fairness for all” (translation: a redistribution of the wealth), yet capitalism puts everyone on the same footing and says, “Go!”, whereby some will win, some will come in second or third, and some will fail. It all depends on the effort we exert, but we recognize nobody is going to give us anything for nothing, unless of course, socialism is allowed to supersede capitalism.

Young Democrats naively believe they have the right to do anything they want. Actually, their rights and freedoms are ultimately defined by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, something few have read. Sure, they have the right to ask questions and seek the truth, but they do not have the right to run amok and cause anarchy.

They seem to believe all presidential candidates are required by law to reveal their tax records, when in reality, they do not. They believe the public is entitled to an unredacted version of the Mueller report, which they are not, nor is the Congress for that matter. They further believe the reports of an emergency at the southern border are fabricated and the president has no right to declare a “National Emergency” to quell the problem. The Supreme Court will likely rule in favor of the president on this one.

Young Democrats believe they are entitled to just about everything, be it housing, food, communications, education, transportation, and health care. The concept of earning their way through life is foreign to them, thus promoting the concept of entitlements.

So, how did this come about? First, public education has failed miserably in teaching history, government, economics, and citizenship. This has deteriorated to the point our youth have become dangerous as they are grossly misinformed. I knew more by 5th grade years ago than the average High School graduate knows today.

Blame should also be placed on parents for failing to teach such subjects, as well as the concepts of work ethic, responsibility, and moral values. Finally, we have to point a finger at the media for misleading people and distorting reality.

What then can be done to solve this problem? If everyone understood some basics, I am convinced the rhetoric would be less visceral. Instead of respectful discussion, they have taken to boisterous, uncouth, and bullying behavior to sway people, which only impresses themselves, not the other party they are trying to convince. In fact, it causes the other party to embrace the opposing viewpoint. The Democrats have traded in reason and persuasion for programmable talking points. For example, they insist President Trump is a pathological liar. In contrast, I have yet to see anyone of authority in the Democrat party answer a question directly, and regularly catch them misinforming the public. Yet, when this is pointed out, it is dismissed out of hand and I am vilified.

What to do? Education is the key. Since they couldn’t learn it from Public Education, their Parents, or the Media, they have to learn it on their own.

First, there is the U.S. Constitution itself which can be found on the Internet for free. This should be read individually and discussed in groups to determine the rationale for the various parts of the document. To assist in this regards, may I suggest…

“The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle that Changed the World,” by W. Cleon Skousen. This is an easy read and explains the various parts of the Constitution. It sells for about $12-$20 and is available from Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. This makes an excellent holiday gift suitable for students in High School and College. In my humble opinion, all young people should be given a copy of this book as it describes the mechanics of our government. Think of it as a crash course in Civics.

“Elementary Catechism of the Constitution of the United States” (1828) by Arthur J. Stansbury – for many years, school children learned this catechism. It is just as relevant today as it was nearly 200 years ago. It is available free of charge as a PDF file on the Internet.

I have difficulty relating to the young Democrats of today, let alone sparring with them. I tend to look at them as aliens with three eyes, speaking a strange tongue I do not comprehend, all because they are uninformed about how our government works. This helps to explain the fissure between left and right in this country. It’s not just that they do not understand how the government works, they simply couldn’t care less.

Maybe what is really needed is to have citizens pass a certification test in order to vote. I can dream can’t I?

Keep the Faith!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Breakthrough – Faith, Trust and Life’s Miracles

49 While he was still speaking, someone from the ruler’s house came and said, “Your daughter is dead; do not trouble the Teacher any more.” 50 But Jesus on hearing this answered him, “Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well.” 51 And when he came to the house, he allowed no one to enter with him, except Peter and John and James, and the father and mother of the child. 52 And all were weeping and mourning for her, but he said, “Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping.” 53 And they laughed at him, knowing that she was dead. 54 But taking her by the hand he called, saying, “Child, arise.” – Luke 8:49-54

The 20th Century Fox film Breakthrough is a true story that has many strong moral messages.

Here are some of the moral messages:

The family is our strength. The family of God is what binds us together has human beings. The love of one another and praying make a difference.

This film tells the true story of a young boy who dies and miraculously comes back to life. It is about a mother’s love for her adopted son. It is about how a faith based community came together to pray for God’s healing upon a boy. It is about the importance of what our police, EMS and firefighters do to help save us.

Most of all it is about the power of prayer, faith and redemption.

I highly recommend everyone see Breakthrough. Especially if you are a non-believer.

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Colorado “Man” Charged with Deliberately Running Down White Children

So why is there a virtual media blackout of the story?

Oh, there is some media coverage like the bare-bones story about what happened on April 5th, but no interest outside of the early reports from local media.

In fact, there is more news about why there isn’t any news on the cable networks and elsewhere.

And, where is the New York Times or the Washington Post on what sure looks like a “hate crime?”

Of course one of my major questions is about the immigration status (nationality?) of the “Aurora man” now behind bars.

Is he simply an “African-American,” or is he a NEW African-American?

Here is the latest story from local CBS news (hat tip: Linda),

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — An Aurora man arrested in connection to a hit-and-run collision which took place on April 5 is facing additional charges.

Oghaleoghene Atuno, 21, was arrested on suspicion of using his vehicle to run over two boys, ages 11 and 12.

Additional charges include attempted murder, child abuse and driving with an expired license.

One boy was so badly injured, his skull was fractured. Law enforcement said security footage from the area showed Atuno circling the cul-de-sac several times before allegedly hitting the boys, one of whom was Josh Piazza. The boys were walking on the sidewalk.

State Patrol used surveillance video from homes and schools to identify the vehicle in the incident.

After the image was released to the public, someone reported a similar vehicle at an apartment complex.

The vehicle matched the description, and belonged to Atuno’s mother, an arrest affidavit said.

When law enforcement questioned Atuno, he confessed to the hit-and-run, according to the affidavit. When asked why he left the scene, law enforcement said Atuno claimed to be scared.

A motive for the incident was not released, or identified by law enforcement in their report.

Go here for the news clip.

Atuno is being held on $250,000 bail.

One website wonders where is the “hate crime” label and asks us to imagine this scenario:

Imagine if a Caucasian man had circled around an African-American neighborhood searching for targets before running over two African-American children. The press would be clamoring all over itself about it being a hate crime.

We know it would be 24/7 coverage on cable news!

If the mainstream media continues to play favorites, so obvious this morning in the coverage of the Islamic terror attack on Christians in Sri Lanka yesterday (compared to the mosque attack in New Zealand recently), we (and the President!) will continue with the “fake news” label.

If anyone sees any news about whether Atuno is a ‘new American,’ please send it my way!  But, I think the likely outcome is that this case disappears down a black hole.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME . . . ON FRANCE: The take down of Notre Dame and its significance

European Churches are vandalized, defecated on, and torched nearly everyday.  As a consequence of the current on-going Muslim invasion, in 2018, there were 1,063 reported deliberate acts of damage to Christian churches, statues, etc. in France alone.  That is nearly three a day.

The pro-Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism-sponsoring natural gas state of Qatar has recently funded the construction of a mega mosque overlooking the area where Charles Martel inflicted history’s first defeat on advancing Islamic jihadi invaders at the battle of Tours in 732.  Islam, is nothing, if not very cognizant of symbolisms.

So, with this background, the sacred ground of Tours surrendered to Islam, and with an accelerating vandalization and desecration of churches sweeping France, we’re supposed to believe that the take down of Notre Dame at the beginning of one of Christianity’s  most holy weeks was . . . an accident?

Yes, of course.  It was spontaneous combustion.  Such things do happen, you know.  And the pyramids were built by aliens.

Perhaps the Notre Dame fire was nothing more than just another example of “Work Place violence” . . . like Fort Hood, San Berdanino, and the Pulse night club in Orlando.

Let us look at the facts.  Notre Dame was built in 1163, and in nearly 900 years of existence there was never a single fire, yet, this April 2019 fire started “accidentally” in two different places, according to French TV.  Notre Dame Cathedral survived the turmoil of the Middle Ages, the Protestant Reformation, the thirty-years war, the French Revolution, the Franco-Prussian war, WWI, and WWII, only to be taken down by a fire that started “accidentally” in two different places, in a city that had recently seen an accelerating rash of Islamic desecrations of churches, including, Islamic attempts against Notre Dame itself, and coincidentally when the other symbol of France’s identity and existence, Charles Martel’s victory over invading Muslims, had just been desecrated by the terrorism sponsoring state of Qatar.

Of course, it just had to be a self-starting fire.

Oh, excuse me.  French authorities are now saying the fire was caused by an “electrical short.”  Yes, of course, in two places at the same time.

A brief walk through history is in order here:

Islam is obsessed with destroying the culture and the history of countries that it conquers, and the symbols of those cultures and histories.  This is why the Taliban destroyed those historic statues of Buddha.  This why the “Islamic State” destroyed 3,000 year-old Assyrian artwork and sculptures.  This is why the Obama-approved Muslim Brotherhood (when they were in power in Egypt 2012-2013) had been drawing up plans to take down the 5,000 year-old pyramids–before they themselves were taken down by the Egyptian people and military.

Just look at what Islam has done to symbols and centers of other religions during its 1400 years of existence:

First it took over the pagan Arab religious center in Mecca and made it the primary focal point of Islam and the place to which all Muslims were supposed to make a pilgrimage to at least once in their lifetimes.

Then, it took over the Christian patriarchal city of Jerusalem and built two mosques on grounds sacred to Judaism.  Next it took the patriarchal city of Antioch, the patriarchal city of Alexandria, and finally, the patriarchal city of Constantinople.  Only Rome remained out of their grasp.  But not for lack of trying.  Several jihadi invasions during the Middle Ages succeeded in raping nuns on altars and desecrating numerous churches, and killing priests . . . but the Vatican remained safe and sound behind its protective walls.  Walls that really worked. 

With this background we are supposed to be surprised that Islam has built a mega mosque on Charles Martel’s sacred ground?  And, with this historical background, we are supposed to believe that the fire that took down the 900-year old Notre Dame Cathedral and symbol of Western Civilization self-started in two different places, at the beginning of holy week?

Yes, maybe that mega mosque at Tours also self-assembled–by accident.

Let’s be honest now.  There is a prophecy in the ahadeeth about the latter days where Jesus Christ is supposed to “break the cross” (in a reference to post Nicaea Christianity) and “kill the pigs” (a reference to the Jews as pigs, according to Qur’an 5:60).  This prophecy is found in the Ahmad collection of ahadeeth 2:406, where Abu Hurrairah quotes Muhammad as saying:

I am the closest of all the people to Jesus son of Mary, because there is no other prophet between him and myself.  He will come again, and when you see him, you will recognize him.  He is of medium height and his coloring is reddish-white.  He will be wearing two garments and his hair will look wet.  He will break the cross, kill the pigs, abolish the gizya tax, and call the people to Islam.

This prophecy, and a few other similar ones, are why the radical fundamentalist Muslims have been increasing their killing of Jews and their attacks on Christians and symbols of Christianity—because they think that they are doing Allah’s work, helping to speed up the time when Jesus returns to finish the job of “breaking the cross,” and “killing the Jews.”

But, of course, Notre Dame was destroyed by an electrical short.  In two separate places simultaneously, by accident.

But, not to worry.  French President Macron is going to set up a committee to make plans for rebuilding Notre Dame, not in its original manifestation, no, but to make it “more beautiful, and more modern.” 

Yes, I can hardly wait to see what sort of multi-cultural platypus Macron’s Politically Correct committee will come up with.

Wanna bet it won’t have a large worship room for every faith represented in today’s France, except that one worship room will be larger than all the others?  Wanna bet this won’t be the worship room facing Mecca, with prayer rugs and a mihrab for ministering to the faithful?

Shame, shame, shame on you France, for allowing the desecration of the blood of Charles Martel’s heroes–and the stabbing of all Western Civilization in the heart.

Will the tower of London be Europe’s next mega mosque?


Why the Restoration of Notre Dame Seems Doomed to Fail

What Is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

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The Lucifer-cation of Hollywood: Films Hellboy, Pet Cemetery & Us go from Satan to Socialism

Hollywood has become the bullhorn for Lucifer and Socialism. Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, producers by enlarge say one thing but consistently do another. Those who are successful in Hollywood become the 1% because of the money paid by the 99% to see their movies. This is called capitalism. But they preach to us that capitalism is evil and socialism is good.

Hollywood has become the center for horror/Science Fiction/occult films. But we are now seeing a new levels of violence, gore and evil, things that the Hollywood elites say they detest but make millions off of each and every day.

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Three recent movies show Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Hollywood has do as I say but not as I do persona. While they publicly proclaim that they want to stop gun and other violence, they make millions promoting gun and violence.

Lets look at Hellboy, Pet Cemetery and Us, each of which are boring repeats of the same old plot. The plot is from the depths of the earth, or grave, come creatures (or humans turned into murderous creatures) that kill those living above ground. Hollywood directors and producers, aided by actresses and actors, openly promote the seven deadly sins: Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Envy and Pride. Not to mention violating all of the Ten Commandments.

Hollywood has going to hell in a handbasket. The phrase ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ is to be rapidly deteriorating – on course for disaster.

Lets look at how each of these films sets Hollywood, and our culture, on a course for disaster.


The latest version of Hellboy is difficult to watch. It is filled with scenes of cannibalism (gluttony), betrayal (envy and pride), blood lust and wrath. There is no winner. There are creatures that come from below grown to kill every human being above grown as the behest of a Satanic witch. There is only blood and gore, followed by more blood and gore. Hellboy has taken graphic scenes of gore to a new level graphic scenes of gore. There is no reason for the blood and gore than the blood and gore itself. Let is hope there will not be a squeal to Hellboy.

Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery is a remake of Pet Cemetery. This boring film changes the plot slightly but the ending is the same. The Satanic idea that one can bury a loved one in desecrated ground and bring them back to life without consequences is debunked. A father who is an atheist. A mother who isn’t exactly religious and their two children victims. The perfect family for Satan to work his evil. The greedy and pride filled father wants something that he cannot give, life. The innocent daughter is made into a creature from hell after being buried in consecrated ground the daughter is exhumed by the father and reburied in an unholy patch of earth on his property. A very bad decision. Using Lucifer to reclaim life has dire consequences.


The movie Us is about a normal family on holiday. The family is close knit, middle class and a model family. Then comes their cloned doubles. Their cloned doubles what everything they have (greed, envy). The clones live below ground, like the monsters in Hellboy and those buried in unholy ground in Pet Cemetery. The clones where red jumpsuits, perhaps indicating their socialist bent on taking what they have not earned (sloth, wrath, lust, envy and greed).

I do not recommend any of these films or any other film that Hollywood produces that does not have a positive moral message like the films Unplanned and Breakthrough. If you want to watch films with a positive moral message you may want to stream films like the Ten Commandments or the Passion of Christ. You, your family and our society will be be better off for it.

America and the Family Business Rule — Can We Save ‘The American Dream’?

There is an old saying in family businesses, “The first generation starts a business. The second generation runs it. The third generation ruins it.”

Metaphorically, our American family business is in the third generation.

Our Founding Fathers rejected monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, theocracy, and formed the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic – the greatest experiment in individual freedom and upward mobility anywhere in the world. What happened?

To answer that question we must examine the historical context of the three generations.

Our Founding Fathers lived at a time in history when “We the people” had little value. Societies were structured along binary feudal lines and divided between the ruling elite and the enslaved population who served them. Slavery was a matter of degree – from physical chains and ownership of another human being, to caste systems that predetermined social position, to social structures where populations were subjects of ruling monarchs, oligarchs, or subjects of the tyranny of religious theocratic rule.

Our Founding Fathers had a different idea. They decided to build a more perfect union, a representative democracy that valued the people of society and entrusted them with the responsibility of elections to choose their own leaders. It was a radical experiment in social policy that reflected a seismic shift in social attitudes.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people offered unparalleled opportunities for upward mobility and the freedom to pursue one’s dreams. Capitalism and the free market economy allowed workers to keep the fruits of their labor and created a thriving middle class. Public education that taught competency, literacy, and a patriotic regard for freedom and the American ideal was mandated. What was the catch?

The freedom and opportunity that defined the American ideal required its citizens to become responsible, self-sufficient adults. The early years of the American experiment were particularly harsh and difficult years but living free was worth the effort – individual freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and freedom to petition the government were rights that required adulthood.

Living free and dying free was something that was not taken for granted in the 18th century. The success of the American ideal depended upon the shared American spirit of commitment to personal freedom by both government and the governed. It was understood that the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights were a promise of equal opportunity not a guarantee of equal outcome.

The 19th century was a period of enormous growth in America and change for our metaphorical American family business. The industrial revolution transformed America from an agrarian society of handmade goods to an industrial society of machine made goods. The agrarian farm economy gave way to an industrial urban economy of wage labor, factories, trade unions, banking with an expanded credit system, the man-made Erie Canal, and a railway system to move manufactured goods from factory to market.

The growth of America during the 19th and early 20th centuries was supported by the American spirit, the American ideal, and the American dream:

“The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, as well as an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers. . . The American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that ‘all men are created equal’ with the right to ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.’”

The ethos of freedom and equal opportunity is what ended slavery in the United States with the 13th Amendment in 1865, and what provided women the equal right to vote in the United States with the 19th Amendment in 1920. The early and mid-20th century in America were marked by world wars that threatened American ideals of freedom and strengthened the bonds of the American family in common cause.

There was a decade of calm and rebuilding at the end of WWII that ended with America’s involvement in the disastrous Vietnam War 1955-1975.

The third generation of America’s family business began in the 1960s with the Cultural Revolution that continues to threaten the American ideal and the American dream. The anti-establishment generation began their assault on the vision of the Founding Father’s and rejected its intrinsic requirement to become fully functional emotional adults who accept the responsibilities of life in a free society. These emotional children disguised as chronological adults were determined to enjoy the benefits of freedom without accepting the responsibilities of freedom. They preferred the dependency model of collectivism and its seductive promises of social justice and income equality.

The Declaration of Independence is an ideological document of limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The first generation wrote the document and started the American family business based on freedom, equal opportunity, and responsible adulthood. The second generation embraced the ideals of freedom, equal opportunity, and adult responsibility and ran the family business. The third generation demands freedom, demands equal outcome, and rejects the adult responsibility required for success. The third generation is ruining the American family business. This is how it works.

The third generation of our American family identifies themselves as “progressive” by demanding a centralized government that “frees” Americans from the burdensome responsibilities of freedom and guarantees equal outcome. Progressive is truly a misnomer because their demands are entirely regressive. The Regressives’ demand is for eternal childhood where the government (Mommy and Daddy) takes care of its citizens from birth to death. Here is the problem.

Freedom is never free. The cost of freedom is adult responsibility.

The Regressives’ demand for birth to death government control is a return to the binary feudal lines of the ruling elite and the enslaved population who served them. Mommy and Daddy provide for little Johnny but they also control every aspect of little Johnny’s life. The cost of dependence is freedom.

The Regressives and their identity politics form the base of the Democrat party in America today. They are taking aim at capitalism, the free market, the electoral college, the Supreme Court structure, and the Constitution itself by insisting that the Constitution is a “living” mutable document and not the solid infrastructure of a free America.

Children are entitled to expect their parents to care for them until they are adults able to care for themselves – it is the cycle of life that supports an independent, adult, successful society. Chronological adults who demand the government care for them as if they were children have perverted the cycle of life and will eventually collapse the society. The collectivist promise of social justice and income equality promised by socialism and its deceitful leaders and has been proven false in every society it has been tried.

Collectivism, whether it is socialism or communism is a return to the binary feudal system of elite rulers and the population who serve them. Socialism/communism ALWAYS benefits the leaders at the expense of the population. There is no private property, upward mobility, or middle class in socialism/communism because the government owns and controls everything. There is only scarcity and servitude for the masses.


The third generation of America’s family business represented by the Democrat party, socialist Bernie Sanders, and the colluding mainstream media has embraced the dependence of collectivism and is ruining America’s family business. The Mueller “investigation” and its ongoing Democrat initiative to impeach President Trump is an attempt at a hostile takeover of America’s independent family business. We the people are all shareholders in America’s family business and the only way to save the business is to vote at the shareholder meeting in November, 2020.

Americans must reassert their commitment to personal freedom, responsible adulthood, and life in a free society by casting their votes for America-first businessman President Donald J. Trump in 2020. We simply cannot allow the third generation to ruin America’s family business. Attendance at the November 2020 shareholder meeting is mandatory.