Biden Recounts Time He Was Arrested At A Civil Rights Protest For Wearing A White Hood

ATLANTA, GA—In a stirring speech in Atlanta this week, Biden recounted the time he was heroically arrested at a civil rights protest simply for wearing a white hood.

“There I was, outside a school protesting against school integration with my best pal KKK member Robert Byrd, and the cops were escorting black kids into the school,” said Biden. “And then I said ‘You won’t turn my school into a racial jungle! I’m gonna wrap this chain around your head!’ And then the cops arrested me and escorted me to their police car and bought me Burger King. It was delicious. Build Back Better! Universal mail-in voting! Yay!”

The audience seemed confused until several Democrat leaders instructed the audience to clap and cheer.

“Yay! Build Back Better! Universal mail-in voting!” they all cheered.

Biden’s address has been hailed in the media as a “powerful call to America to be on the right side of history” and “a totally not racist speech.”

Democrats have instructed black leaders to instruct black people that whatever the 80-year-old white racist said in his speech was a “good thing” and they should fully support it if they want “liberation and equality and all that stuff.”

Republicans pounced on the speech, likely because they’re racist.

Chris Smitherson has a problem: he’s unvaccinated — which means he’s left out of all activities as he doesn’t have COVID like his vaccinated friends. Thoughts and prayers.

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Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – Both Deviants!

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The evidence that Prince Andrew is deeply embroiled in a pedophilic ring along with the disgraced and gladly now dead kingpin Jeffrey Epstein and his as guilty mistress Ghislaine Maxwell, is clear.

No Royal connections will or should prevent this greatly privileged pervert from receiving his just deserts. He needs to be fully investigated with no holds barred and as evidence is found, criminal charges should be filed. Here and also in any other country he committed those crimes. Prison time must be the result. No stone must be left unturned.

The Queen has made a decision yesterday that sets the stage. She did the right thing – albeit a little slow but rather late than never.

She stripped him of all his military and royal titles but unfortunately cleared him still to undertake any public commitments. I hope that any citizens that were planning on attending those functions either stay away as a protest or actually protest them with signage and/or block out his words and speeches by shouting out and requesting justice for the young women he took advantage of and destroyed their lives.

Two days ago a US Judge refused his request to dismiss a lawsuit against this Pervy Prince by an American woman who claims she was sexually abused at the age of 17. Pictures and evidence abounds including photographs of this sicko with his arms around this young girl.

Not to be outdone by the British pervert we have our own former President Bill Clinton, another known philandering piece of human excrement, who was known to fly in the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epsteins flying brothel which was stocked with young girls as well as food and drink!!

There appears to be ample evidence that this lowlife who disgraced the highest office in the land, lied and cheated, flew to Epsteins private island several times, with and without security, where partying with underaged girls, many sourced by Ghislaine Maxwell, and illegal activities were partaken in by these rich and powerful men. There are flight manifests that will prove this. Why in Gods name is it not being investigated? You know if it were Trump or DeSantis involved, all hell would have broken out.

It seems like the last three Democrat presidents were, let’s say, sexually confused. We had Clinton who was a serial womanizer with a penchant for young girls, Hussein Obama was seriously testosterone challenged and the stories of his gay exploits abound, then you have old demented Sniffer Joe who seems to have a hair sniffing fetish!! Hmmm …. More proof that liberalism is a mental disease?

Perverts are perverts. Pedophiles are pedophiles. Both are wrong but the latter probably the worse of the worse. If I had my way they would all be strung up but unfortunately we live in a kinder gentler world. One where the insane extremists, and some not so extreme left, are trying so hard to convince our kids and youth that known perversions are just life choices and perfectly acceptable. The whole LGBTQI ( any other letters I missed? ) is a shining example of this. Wokism.

It is time not only to retake America and return it to its rightful position as the shining light on the hill by which all countries could follow our examples of work and moral codes, of freedoms and liberties, of strength and justice. All aspects our Founding Fathers gave us from the very founding of this once great nation.

It’s time to bring down the rich and powerful world criminals and their evil organizations who feel they can get away with anything and everything because of their wealth, power, position and friends. It is time to fill our SuperMax prisons and if needed build more and fill them with traitors and criminals and perverts who have been working to destroy our beloved Constitutional Republic. Order more of the execution drugs!

You know who they are. The enemy within is our greatest threat and our elected officials fill many of those categories. The Oath Breakers. Destroy them.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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PODCAST: No One’s Pushing This Sheriff Around

Sheriff Jody Greene is unapologetic and Walking Tall.

A North Carolina sheriff is refusing to be bullied into removing a Bible verse from his Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

Sheriff Jody Greene sat with Christian Action Network’s Shout Out Patriots podcast to talk about a thuggish atheist group and other challenges of police work in 2022.

The challenges aren’t just the epidemic of drug use, overdoses, domestic strife and crime poisoning every state in the nation. There are also people like the Freedom From Religion Foundation of Madison, Wis. who are standing ready to attack people of faith for the things they lean on for strength.

Here’s the verse Sheriff Jody Greene had inscribed in big, black letters on the wall of his department – which is not coming down:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13)

The picture went viral enough for someone to see it, and see a way to attack the first Republican ever to elected sheriff in a “theoretically Democratic county,” as Greene put it.

“It’s a political attack,” he said in the Shout Out Patriots episode.

Greene, who is a former North Carolina state trooper, said the United States faces much, much larger problems in 2022 than words on a sheriff’s office wall: Society is emasculating men!

“It’s already happening. They’re breeding manhood out of our society. A child gets in a fight at school now. What happens to them? They’re expelled, they’re charged or whatever. They don’t learn how to be men, so the first thing you want to do is grab a gun.”

“So if they’re held to that standard, and all they want to do is play video games, how are they going to be productive?”

Listen to and watch the entire discussion on the Jan. 4 edition of Shout Out Patriots.

If Limiting the Unvaxxed is Wise, What About Limiting Fat People?

For the record, I’ve nothing against our friendly-fronted friends. Why, my favorite philosopher, G.K. Chesterton, reportedly weighed in at close to 400 pounds. Yet the reality is that the horizontally challenged have something in common with the “unvaccinated.”

The latter are now today’s lepers, attaining this status via refusal to accept experimental mRNA therapy agents (MTAs, a.k.a. “vaccines”) designed to prevent something they don’t prevent. In fact, many Branch COVIDians talk about making “vaccine passports” a requirement for “participation in society.”

This is already happening to an extent in Australia, the Land Down Under — COVID tyranny. For example, Australia’s Northern Territory announced new draconian lockdown restrictions last week, with the MTA-resistant especially targeted.

Never mind that Lord Fauci the Infallible and other health oracles once said, implying it was quite the mountain to climb, that a 70 to 80 percent “vaccination” rate would suffice to deliver herd immunity, and Australia now has a 91 percent rate among people over 12.

But, hey, they just need to get that rate up to 154 percent and it’ll be shrimp-on-the-barbie and Foster’s time once again. Don’t say its impossible, either, because Democrat counties often prove the achievability of such numbers with voter turnouts at election time. You just have to “vaccinate” those recently dead Australians, mate, to be fair dinkum safe — and forbid casket exiting and midnight zombie romps for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, “There are only three reasons to leave the home now, not five,” said Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner last Monday, explaining the COVIDian establishment of (dark) religion. “Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated,” he continued, elaborating on the limitations. “The chief health officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential.”

This is despite the fact that most coronavirus transmission occurs indoors and that adequate sunlight exposure reduces one’s chance of infection and serious illness.

Gunner also stated (video below) that you “may only leave home for three reasons — medical treatment, including Covid testing or vaccination — for essential goods and services, like groceries, power tokens, and medications – [and] to provide care or support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.” Ja, mein Führer!

Gunner is the poster boy for why insurrection was invented. He’s also quite dull, incorrectly claiming that the MTA-resistant are at “greater risk” of catching the China virus. He further stated that such people are more likely to require medical care, and this concern — that the MTA-resistant will clog up hospitals — is currently a major justification for compelling the jab now that many health authorities (e.g., Fauci) have confessed that the shot doesn’t prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission and contraction.

But consider the implications of the underlying principle, which is: “You have no right to make a life choice that increases the probability you’ll strain the medical system.” What of the plumper among us?

It’s not just that the overweight or obese have constituted 78 percent of China virus deaths, but that such stature is associated with a higher incidence of a host of illnesses. So should the portly be limited in how much food they may buy and what kind? Should they be forced to exercise? They’re costing us all money, you know.

I’m being facetious, of course, but this mentality could be applied to anyone who’s seen as playing fast and loose with his health, such as smokers and sedentary thin individuals who happen to scarf down artery-clogging food.

For that matter, what if it’s learned that the promiscuous and people engaging in certain sexually anomalous behaviors inordinately burden the healthcare system? Well, I guess some things are worth the money — such as our ruling class’s favorite hobbies.

And, hey, if we weren’t distracted with the mob-catalyzing misdirection that is the blaming of the MTA-resistant, we might notice what our ruling class is actually doing.

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10 Upcoming Fabricated Media Narratives For 2022

Fake news is a common problem these days. We can’t begin to tell you how many times “experts” tricked us into believing Nancy Pelosi had real eyebrows over the past year. This year looks to be as confusing as ever, so we must stay on guard for blatant lies perpetuated by the mainstream media.

To help you get ahead of the curve, keep in mind these ten upcoming fabricated media narratives in 2022.

1) The vaccine didn’t work. Here’s why that’s actually a good thing: They’ll explain it all in a very brilliant NYT op-ed.

2) Most greenhouse gasses are produced by people complaining about high gas prices: This is all your fault, you ingrate. Stop complaining!

3) Rand Paul only criticizes Fauci because he can’t date him: Just look at the way Rand Paul looks into those beady little eyes. He’s clearly in love.

4) Botched eyebrow lifts are really a sign of stunning bravery: Would you have the courage to walk out of the house like that? Didn’t think so.

5) Climate change is inflicting the equivalent of twelve January 6ths on our democracy every day: Actually, this one is probably true. Greenhouse gases do tend to wander around buildings aimlessly and be almost completely harmless.

6) Companies relocating from California to Texas are transphobic: Why else would people leave California?

7) Inflation actually reverses climate change: Great news! Bring on the inflation!

8) Gov. DeSantis is the cause of all hurricanes: He uses his secret weather machine. What a jerk!

9) The skyrocketing crime rate is the fault of the unvaccinated: To be fair, everything is the fault of the unvaccinated.

10) Afghanistan has become a beautiful, egalitarian utopia: Look! They’re letting women be suicide bombers too!


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Report: Of The 4.2 Million Americans Who Quit Their Jobs In December, 74% Worked For Kamala Harris

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QANON Dies Hard

By now it’s clear that the QAnon franchise dies hard. A number of its proponents are still at it. Call me cynical, but since having many thousands, or millions, of followers is easily monetized these days, acquisitiveness seems a likely motive. Why upset the Q gravy train that has so generously rewarded its proselytizers? But there may be more nefarious motivations at work than simple greed.

That occurred to me as I listened to a recent episode of the X22 Report. How official-sounding and impressive that title is with its James Bondian mystique, enhanced by an anonymous “reporter” who goes simply by the name “Dave”.  Astonishingly, on December 22, 2021, Dave actually displayed a Q drop—though Q, having accomplished his psyop mission with the ousting of President Trump, had dropped out of sight long since. Yet Dave proceeded to dramatically highlight a couple of Q’s terse phrases, reading them in all seriousness, while providing his own bizarre spin of then-President Trump’s straightforward words.

Here’s my assessment of Dave’s technique: he facilitates pulling the wool over the listener’s eyes and ears by speaking hurriedly, so everything he says has a sense of urgency about it. In fact, he seems to exhale conspiratorial secretiveness with every breath.

Take a look at his title: How Do You Defuse a Bomb, Dark  Clouds Are Forming, History is Being Made.  How’s that for pretentious click-bait for those addicted to Q and reluctant to face reality on their own? It’s not only the “X22 Report” title, but also his subtitle: “Political and Geopolitical Report # 2657,” accompanied by a cinema-worthy set-your-nerves-on-edge opening soundtrack. Almost Hollywood worthy.

What a great gig! Mucho denaro for playing fast and loose with the truth, spinning all kinds of crowd-pleasing narratives for the terminally gullible. It’s a good life, right Dave?

But I smell treason here. To mislead well-meaning people who love America and love Trump and see him as our nation’s savior even now that he’s lost the White House, is beyond cruel. It’s a psy-op that serves the anti-American interests of the globalist masters Dave likely serves.

All this talk about White Hats who are going to save us while We the People should just sit back and Watch the Show is a pathetic attempt to lull patriots to sleep. Sad thing is that it has worked for so long with so many.

To briefly recap the Q-spawned soap opera: A group of “good guys”—White Hats up high in the Trump Administration, including the former President himself, were busily playing 3-D chess while the Black Hats—the Dems, Deep State, and the elites of the Davos/globalist cabal—were merely playing checkers. And the White Hats have a Plan to arrest the cabal of evil doers—they just have to let them commit their crimes first and then BAM! Checkmate! The good guys win! Trust the Plan! Trump is back in the White House and we all live happily ever after.

How’d that turn out, Dave?

No problemma! The X22 Report and its ilk just kept moving the goal post! In 2021, Trump was going to issue the MOAB (mother of all bombs, metaphorically speaking) before January 20th,. Didn’t happen—unless you count January 6th.  Oops…well, that one turned out to be a MOAB all right, but for the Black Hats.

Then he was going to be back in office, inaugurated on March 20th! Didn’t happen. Then his glorious comeback was rescheduled, due perhaps to technical difficulties, to July 4th, Independence Day! Oops. But guys like Dave—if that’s even his real first name—just don’t stop. Why should they if they’re raking in dough and are actually working for the other side?


Dave’s latest travesty: He claims that Trump launched Operation Warp Speed as the lesser of two evils. You see, since it generally takes from 5 to 10 years to market a vaccine, the world as we know it would have perished under a decade of lockdowns. Let that sink in for a moment—this guy actually said that. America would have been shut down for ten years. Gee, and Trump’s second term would have only been four years! No wonder he wanted to speed things up, right Dave? And so, Dave informs us, Trump figured it would be better to rush an experimental vaccine than to stand by while the world collapsed. That way the lockdowns would be only about 10-12 months instead of 10 years.

Ummm Dave, what epidemics/pandemics do you know of that lasted ten years? Five years? Ever heard of conclusions based on faulty premises? And you’ve used at least two yuuge ones: that America’s Covid epidemic would last ten years, and that Trump would keep the country shut down all that time—as if he even had the power to do so, let alone the intention.

Well, Dave has an answer: this is war, and you always have casualties in war. Unfortunately, he forgot to specify whether he meant Governor Cuomo’s murder of nursing home residents, or Noisome Newsom doing likewise in Commiefornia, or Fauci’s withholding of inexpensive and highly effective therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, or the many deaths due to the mRNA “vaccines” that have already occurred and that dwarf the deaths from all other vaccines from 1996 to the present.  So we can’t be sure if these are the casualties he was alluding to. Somehow, I doubt it.

Dave also tells us Trump is taking control and is “defusing the bomb.” Huh? What bomb? And how can Trump do that since he’s now a private citizen?

Details, details!

Ah, but Dave explains: You see, North Korea was planning to bomb us with a nuclear weapon if Trump took down certain people. Got that? So he’s still saving us from a nuclear attack. Bet you didn’t know that! Oughtta subscribe to Dave’s channel.

“Think about what the world would look like if everything was shut down for 10 years. Would there be food on the shelves? No!” Great insight, Dave! “How many people do you think would die? Well, they actually looked at this.” [Oops. He forgot to say who “they” are. ] “It was hundreds of millions of people. Trump, he saw this. He said OK, we could have hundreds of millions of people die, or I can go ahead and release a vaccine…just to counter what they’re trying to do.” Gotta hand it to you, Dave—didn’t see that one coming. Conning and cunning in equal portions.

“The Deep State is panicking!” Really, Dave?  And your eye-popping evidence? New York is mandating Covid shots! Sorry, not gonna cut it.

But Dave has a great fallback position: “Trump will never admit…” fill in the blank. His reason? “Think of the optics!”

And with that noxious phrase, Dave can magically explain away, well, anything.


Then we get the icing on the cake: Q himself quoting President Trump! Wow! Let’s just take a look at that eye-opening proof that Trump launched the deadly gene-disrupting “vaccines” in order to save us from 10 years of house arrest.

Here’s the Trump quote posted by Q on December 19, 2019: “I will gladly take all those slings and arrows for you.” And Q’s quote: “Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.” Well, many of us can agree that Trump sacrificed himself for the American people while in the White House and undergoing four years of constant Democrat and media attack—but I repeat myself.

However, in Dave’s gloss on this, he claims Trump is still sacrificing himself for the greater good. “He’s saving the rest of the people. That’s what Trump’s doing right now….a real leader putting the people ahead of himself….that’s what leaders do! And that’s what he’s doing right now.” After all, as Dave reminds us ad nauseam, we’re at war.

Funny, Dave doesn’t explain exactly how Trump is “sacrificing himself” while living the posh life at Mar-a-Lago after abandoning the White House and the nation though he knew he’d won the election and had a number of options at his disposable to overturn the stolen election for a legitimate one. Looks more to some people like he sacrificed the country. But why quibble over details.

Actually, Dave misrepresented both Trump’s apparently sincere belief the vaccines would protect people and end the pandemic, as well as his decision to concede the election to Biden, which he did by leaving the White House. But Dave is consistent in one regard: the pretentious X22 Report continues to mislead and manipulate well-meaning, sincere patriots.

Dave is fond of pointing out that leaders have a role to play in times of war. Here’s what he conveniently forgets to mention: So do saboteurs. I guess that hits too close to home, eh, Dave?

© 2021 Cherie Zaslawsky – All Rights Reserved

DEAR NEW YORK TIMES: What Is The End Game?

Good day Deano,

I hope the new year finds you well at your job as Executive Editor of the prestigious New York Times.  I’d like to touch on some of the stunning achievements of the Harris administration.  I feel it is my duty as a patriotic American since the radical right is trying to besmirch the integrity of our installed POTUS, Joey and his absolutely stellar administration.

What Is The End Game?

That is the question that Conservatives are constantly asking: specifically, what in Heaven’s name is going on at our Southern border, and what is the end game? Personally, I like most staunch Democrats, think Joey and specifically, the Border Czar Heels Up Harris are doing a fantastic job.  I mean really, what is there possibly to complain about?But, of course, the nitpicking radical right doesn’t see it that way at all.  They are always throwing up pertinent facts and figures to try and discredit our fearless leader, Joey Talibiden.  I mean, can’t they leave this maverick alone to play with his dog on the beach and have a waffle cone or two!  As Jen Goebbels Psaki says, “he barely has time to think”, (which most I’m told, didn’t think he was capable of).  I mean, little Joey has ONLY been away from the White House 27% of the time, during his first year.  What average working American doesn’t get 14+ Weeks vacation……….on second thought, let’s skip that one. Let’s look at some of these accusations by Conservatives.

Southern Border Debacle

They point out, that given the avalanche of policy debacles, arguably, the Southern border crisis is the most egregious.  Simply put, the most important job of one’s government is to protect their citizens.  After all, WE are paying these life long incompetents (insert Joey, 49 years and counting) to do a job, they say.  Intentional failure to secure our border is tantamount to treason.  This starts with the waffle cone eating buffoon installed in the White House Joey, followed by the inept cackling air head Hyena Harris, and the equally inept stooge Homeland Security Secretary, Daddy Warbucks Mayorkas, amongst others. President Trump is a racist!Conservatives point out that no administration can possibly be this incompetent.  So, they reason that this abomination is done by design. Seeing as though Lyin Biden hasn’t addressed or done one iota about it; what else can it be then?  They point out the real reason behind this disgusting travesty, is all a power play; to keep the Nazi’s, I mean the Democrats in power.  Flooding the once great United States with ILLEGAL ALIENS, I mean Democratic voters.

Census Flim -Flam

Republicans say, it seems, that revisions were made to the 2020 census under the Biden Census Bureau. Get this Deano: 2,500,000 people were added to blue states, while 500,000 were lost in red states. It seems that installed POTUS Houseplant and his enablers : Georgie Soros, Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein, Clinton crime family, etc., are looking to gain more representatives from said states, but how is this so?  Now I know tax paying citizens are fleeing these Democratic cesspools in droves; so where is the influx of people coming from Deano old chum?  I mean, it is on (some) news outlets that people are constantly leaving these crime ridden and over taxed states by the thousands; led by New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois and the like, it just doesn’t add up. Republicans point out, these illegals are being transported in the dead of the night, mind you, to where they will provide the most influence in upcoming elections.  By who you say Deano?  Well, by the Biden crime syndicate and said co-conspirators.  All of this done on the taxpayers dime.  Isn’t that America at it’s finest Deano; Conservatives are sure you and the gang at Pravda fully support this policy of the Harris/Biden administration.  Word is no illegal aliens as yet have been transported to Rehobeth Beach or Martha’s Vineyard.So, is this where are all these others in the census are coming from?  Wait a minute Deano, just wait a minute.  So, this is why Joey, Kalamity, and the rest of his corrupt administration, are in no rush to drop their waffle cones and address this illegal invasion at our border. Not to mention the tons of fentanyl (#1 killer of people18-45), coming over the border daily.  Ah Deano, so this is the price we must pay to keep honorable lifetime politicians in office: the likes of Chardonnay Pelosi (known for her stock market timing prowess), and Grandpa Munster Schumer, a more ethical politician you‘ll never meet…..we’ll, maybe Adam Schiff, the impeachment expert.

So Conservatives say, this abomination transpiring before our eyes is to turn this once great nation into a Totalitarian Socialist State, perpetually, that is. They also point out that when all else fails: bipartisan negotiations, riots, shutting down the nation due to a Plandemic, bogus hoaxes (Russian collusion, anyone), bogus impeachment’s,  do what Democrats do……..simply cheat, to get what they want.  See early morning hours of November 4th 2020, as an example, and the ridiculously compromised mail in ballot count for Beijing Biden.

The New York Times, Fair and Balanced Reporting

Well, it’s not really before our eyes, the border coup that is, says the radical right. A vast majority of the fair and unbiased (wink, wink) news and media give absolutely no coverage to this debacle. Even your apolitical paper Pravda, I mean, The New York Times, doesn’t cover this at all, Deano.  More important things need to addressed, like elected President Trump’s tax returns or singing the praises of Stormy Daniels lawyer (currently, in prison).  You do have plenty of coverage of the Insurrection (which, no one was charged with, by the way).  ‘The news that’s fit to print,” that is your motto, right? Or is that the motto of your publisher AG Sulzberger, affectionately know as Slushy to the gang.  I mean out of site out of mind, right champ.  Maybe CNN can just show a picture of the guy at the Capitol wearing the horns 24/7 until the midterms.  This will take our attention away from the political coup being orchestrated against the legitimate tax paying, hard working Americans, besides all the other dumpster fires this inept administration has perpetuated.

Barack Hussein’s Wife Gets Involved

Hey Deano, I understand that Barry’s wife Michael took out a full page add in your esteemed paper.  I understand she is gearing up for the midterm elections and has put a call out for 100,000 volunteers.  Bravo, it’s good to see her doing her civic duty.  Of course the right says she needs at least this many: to tape up windows and provide muscle at Democratic polling places, also needing van and truck drivers to deliver all those legitimate mail in ballots Democrats are so fond of.  Hopefully she talks to Georgie Soros first to provide funding.  How appropriate that your “newspaper” sponsored this, good show Deano.Hey, I’m also glad that you guys and CNN, WAPO and the like have welcomed Dick Cheney back into the fold.  You know, seeing as though his baby girl Lizzie who suffers from TDS, is instrumental in the Insurrection Kangaroo Court.  It seems like only yesterday you were referring to Ole Dick as a demonic war criminal.  Ah time heals all wounds, eh Deano.

New York Gets A New Boss

Well, we are all sorry to see one of the greatest mayors, Warren Wilhlem aka Billy Deblasio, the City of New York has ever seen go, but time marchs on.  He and his wife, the lovely Chirlane should be able to manage on his pension……..and $850,000,000 unaccounted dollars dedicated to his wife’s mental illness and homeless program, which went nowhere…… well with them I guess.  President Trump is a racist!But Eric Adams looks to be a shining star already, he has named his kid brother Bernard, Deputy Police Commissioner at an annual salary of $240,000.  The radical right cries nepotism, but I disagree.  The man obviously is more than qualified for the job.  His former job was as assistant director for PARKING, at the Virginia Commonwealth University.  I mean, what more qualifications do you need?  Plus Eric says he needs someone he trusts, as he fears white supremacy.  He must have gotten the willies watching those white supremacist’s burning cities down for all of 2020!  He also agrees  with Warren’s previously installed vaccine mandates, that should help small businesses, I’m sure.  And he also signed into legislation a law that allows over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections. What’s not to like about this guy?  I don’t know Deano, but I have a feeling this guy will be even greater than Billy Deblasio was for New York.  What do you think buddy?

Joey, The Racial Unifier

Has there ever been a better President to unify this country, I mean besides Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein obviously.   Firstly, Joey is prioritizing the testing for covid according to race; where minorities get access first before whites.  What could go wrong with this logic, right Deano?Conservatives throw out this scenario:  Elected President Trump prioritized whites to get testing kits before minorities.  Any idea what would be the response Deano?  I wonder what Chardonnay Pelosi, Maxine “get up in their faces” Waters, Reverend “I don’t pay no stinking taxes” Sharpton, Heels Up Harris and of course, teleprompter puppet Joey Talibiden, would have to say?  I’m sure your NY Times, as well as CNN, WAPO, MSNBC would give elected President Trump the same coverage that it is now giving installed stooge, sorry installed POTUS Brandon.

Racist Voting Laws?

Secondly, it is good to see the great unifier heading down to Georgia to get to the bottom of these draconian racist voting requirements.  Imagine, that voters need an affidavit notarized for mail in ballots, and worse yet a valid ID for voting in person!  I mean just because most Democratic cities require a vaccine card and VALID ID to enter a restaurant.  I mean what is more important, proper ID for Taco Tuesday; or proper ID to elect someone who is making decisions that will affect all of us for the next 4 years. Get a grip radical right, try and get your priorities straight.Word is the lovely Stacey Abrams, who is running for Governor, will not be present.  I mean the installed puppet and Kalamity are heading to the epicenter of the alleged     racist voter accusations; something Stacey Abrams is using as her main election focal point, this doesn’t bode well for the Harris/Biden administration.  I mean it’s bad enough that Kalamity had to install a revolving door in her office: due to the unprecedented resignations due to a toxic work environment with reports of bullying and denigrating behavior (her mentor was Andy Cuomo) from the pastry aficionado. This doesn’t sound like the hyena that was installed after garnering less than 2% of the vote in the Democratic primary for President.  Those were the old days when she implied Joey was a racist and sexual abuser.  Ah, there is that time heals all wounds thing again Deano.

So Much More

Well Deano, there is so much more I would like to cover, that the radical right points to:  Americans and allies left for dead in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban, rampant inflation, empty store shelves, due to supply chain issue (I think Petey Buttigieg is back from maternity leave….I think), astronomical violent crime, smash and grab growing exponentially, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, record low labor participation rate (wonder why), censorship by social media and most “news” organizations to those who question this installed administration.

And of course, a “leader” of this once great country, who cannot formulate two sentences together without a teleprompter; and even then, it is questionable.  A “leader” who is not ALLOWED to take unscripted questions from non-partisan reporters.  A “leader” protected at all costs by a Joesph Goebbels wanna be, propaganda extraordinare, Lying Peppermint Patti Psaki.  Who, if Joey said the world is flat would speak down to you in a vile, condescending tone explaining how it is indeed flat!  A politicized Supreme Court justice who claims 100,000 children are in hospitals from Covid, MANY on ventilators. The CDC immediately corrected Sotomayor’s ridiculous claim, and said the number is less than 3,500, in hospitals.   Is it any wonder to anyone, why voter fraud never made it to the high court to be honestly investigated? President Trump is a racist!

Maybe we can touch on some of these topics next time we talk Deano.  You just keep on doing what you do best over there at The Times, “printing the news that’s fit to print.”  Yep, fair and balanced reporting over there.  Never any dereliction of duty by deflection, omission or out and out lying in your reporting.  Yes, Deano you, Slushy, and the rest, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, WAPO should be proud of your unbiased, apolitical reporting.  As, I’ve said before, your families also must be so proud of your honest work ethic.

Now, back to work on the Insurrection!  And those who paid the price: namely unarmed Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt.  Who was murdered by a Capitol Police officer LT. Micheal Byrd.  The same LT. Byrd who was previously charged with leaving his loaded firearm in a men’s room, stellar record, eh Deano.  He is now being hailed as a hero, by apolitical  Chardonnay Pelosi, who never endorsed the Police before. Usually, she is in the forefront endorsing protests against these grave injustices. There is that time heals all wounds thing again Deano.  Funny though, I haven’t seen any mention of either of these names in your fine “newspaper.”  Like I said before, your families must be so proud.


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

Citizens of Other Nations Being Used to Disenfranchise New Yorkers

Washington, D.C. — Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), issued the following statement in response to New York City Mayor Eric Adams allowing a bill to become law that would permit citizens of other nations – including some illegal aliens – to vote in citywide elections:

“America was founded on the principle that sovereign people should determine their own destinies. Yesterday, the new mayor of our nation’s largest city unequivocally rejected that founding principle by empowering citizens of other nations to determine the outcome of local elections.

“The right to vote is at the very core of the principle of self-determination and what it means to be a citizen. By allowing this extreme voting bill to become law, Mayor Eric Adams has taken the most damaging step in the Democratic Party’s ongoing efforts to erase any distinction between American citizens, green card holders, guestworkers, and those here illegally.

“About 1.1 million votes were cast in the recent mayoral election. With the addition of some 800,000 foreign nationals to the voter rolls, they will almost certainly have an impact on the outcome of future elections. This number is sure to grow due to an increase in all forms of immigration under President Biden, as well as the fact that you only have to live in the city for 30 days to be eligible to vote.

“The actions of the City Council and new Mayor Eric Adams will harm all Americans in New York City, as citizens of other countries will decide how they are governed – which is the very antithesis of self-determination. We encourage New Yorkers to challenge this measure in court, as it violates the state’s constitution and election law.”


Soros-Linked Activist Groups Demand ‘Citizenship for All’ Illegals

The backdoor law used to bring illegals to America

The Most Important Recommendation for Ending Family Separation is to End Policies That Create the Problem

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

A Stand in the Park: Resistance in the UK for 2022

“For freedom, Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1

It was a typical icy cold and damp early January morning as I walked through the frozen mud to the band stand at the centre of my local park.

On this occasion I was not going to listen to the usual brass band which would sometimes leisurely play there, but I was there to meet a group of complete strangers who have been meeting each Sunday morning in parks across the UK and around the world, to stand up peaceably for freedom, jobs, small businesses, against lockdowns, harmful laws and against people behind ‘The Great Reset’.

Home – A Stand in The Park

As I secretly prayed, I would not slip over as I observed them all watching me make my way over to them in extremely unsuitable footwear, my nerves slowly subsided as I walked up the steps and was met with a friendly and mask less welcome and even a hug from a group of men and women who were all extremely different in terms of their age and profession yet united in their concerns at the tyranny which is currently taking place in our world.

As we huddled under the canopy exchanging thoughts and ideas, I spoke to a beautiful young woman who was about to lose her job in the NHS (National Health Service) because she did not want to take a vaccination.

Like me she did not work in a patient facing environment, but her mere presence on the hospital grounds where she worked rendered her a danger to others.   She had been notified that she had to have the first injection by the beginning of February and then the second injection by April if she wanted to keep her job.

At the hospital where I work, which is a mental health site, health care workers, have been notified of the same.   However, they have been told other non- patient facing roles would be sought for them, and if not suitable, dismissal is their option.   I cannot imagine how they must feel after having studied and committed themselves to a profession which is often a ‘calling’ for them to help and heal others.

Over the last two years I have observed some of those staff leave their families and turn up each day to care for the sick.   There are obviously good and bad staff; but it is certain, it is not an easy job.   Our government who originally promoted the celebration of their dedication and loyalty, by encouraging its citizens to stand on the streets and applaud them have now betrayed and rejected them.

Instead of ‘saving the NHS’, the organization as reported by the Department of Health and Social Care, is set to lose around 126,000 medical staff in April this year.   This, together with the absences which are recorded due to isolating as an outcome of a positive test or a family member having a positive result, means that the service is collapsing.  This will affect all citizens who access the health service for other minor and very serious issues.  They will be at risk.

NHS100k is an initiative set up in November 2021 by a group of frontline ambulance staff who respect freedom of choice and wish to connect 100,000 health and social care staff who will lose their jobs by April 2022.

Reference from NHS100k is also made to Dr. Sam White who was a GP suspended by the NHS for speaking out about informed consent, the safety of the vaccine and other safe and effective treatments.  Dr. White has recently succeeded in winning a high court battle for freedom of speech after he was ordered not to make comments about anything to do with Covid!

It is reported:

Dr. White is finally free to share the peer reviewed literature he has been saving since his social media ban and his focus will be on protecting children from the experimental mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna, as they can cause myocarditis.

As we made our way from the band stand to a local coffee shop I listened to the many divisions and arguments which had been created and experienced within the workplace and the home.   The group were extremely aware and well informed of the not-so-subtle brain-washing and relentless propaganda which had taken place in order to create such division.  We spoke about The Nuremberg Code, and the cruelty towards patients who had died without their families last Christmas whilst politicians at No 10 Downing Street had reportedly held celebrations.

As we entered the lovely warm coffee shop away from the icy cold band stand, I then found myself sitting with the young NHS worker who was about to lose her job.  We were joined by her husband and two young children.  I asked them if they had a Plan B.  Her husband said they would take one day at a time.  He was re-assuring.   Despite the dilemma I did think how fortunate they were as a family to be on the same page in relation to their views on the situation.

Their little boy who was about five years old started studying my face and asking me questions and telling me all about himself.  He compared our hair colour, his being natural and mine not.   He compared the colour of our eyes, staring deeply into mine, informed me of the number of freckles he had, told me about a scar he possessed and various other statements in a wonderfully free manner.  Their family dog sat under the table looking from one to the other, possibly wondering when the food would be arriving.

Sitting within the warmth of that family I remembered how life should always be for us all.   They made me welcome and it was wonderful to be with them.  A mixture of generations with a deep desire and a love for freedom, free to speak, to look at each other and make factual observations without any fear.

For the sake of the next generation, I believe that whatever our differences we must make a stand in our own way and draw a line in the sand against the impossible restrictions and the mandates which are being forced upon us.

A Stand in the Park which was founded in Sydney Australia by Brady Gunn, who invited people to stand for truth with him, stood alone at first but after three months people joined him.

A Stand in the Park now has 100,000 members who meet in over 1000 parks in 20 countries.

©Shirley Edwards. All rights reserved.


No 10 partying in lockdown: who enjoyed what and when | Conservatives | The Guardian

Footage reveals No 10 staff joking about ‘Christmas party’ in Downing St last year while under strict COVID rules | Politics News | Sky News – Supporting informed consent, freedom of choice and bodily autonomy

Three cheers for Dr Sam – and a judge who backs free speech – The Conservative Woman

The Most Amazing Story of World War II

A miracle from World War II.

In 1943 a mid-air collision on February 1, 1943, between a B-17 and a German fighter over the Tunis dock area, this became the subject of one of the most famous photographs of WW II.

An enemy fighter attacking a 97th Bomb Group formation went out of control, probably with a wounded pilot, then continued its crashing descent into the rear of the fuselage of a Flying Fortress named “All American”, Piloted by Lt. Kendrick R. Bragg, of the 414th Bomb Squadron.

When it struck, the fighter broke apart, but left some pieces in the B-17. The left horizontal stabilizer of the Fortress and left elevator were completely torn away.

The two right engines were out and one on the left had a serious oil pump leak. The vertical fin and the rudder had been damaged. The fuselage had been cut almost completely through . . . connected only at two small parts of the frame. And the radios, electrical and oxygen systems were damaged.

There was also a hole in the top that was over 16-feet long and 4 feet wide at its widest; the split in the fuselage went all the way to the top gunner’s turret.

Although the tail actually bounced and swayed in the wind, and twisted when the plane turned. And all the control cables were severed, except one single elevator cable still worked, and the aircraft miraculously still flew!

The tail gunner was trapped because there was no floor connecting the tail to the rest of the plane. The waist and tail gunners used parts of the German fighter and their own parachute harnesses in an attempt to keep the tail from ripping off and the two sides of the fuselage from splitting apart.

While the crew was trying to keep the bomber from coming apart, the pilot continued on his bomb run and released his bombs over the target.

When the bomb bay doors were opened, the wind turbulence was so great that it blew one of the waist gunners into the broken tail section. It took several minutes and four crew members to pass him ropes from parachutes and haul him back into the forward part of the plane.

When they tried to do the same for the tail gunner, the tail began flapping so hard that it began to break off. The weight of the gunner was adding some stability to the tail section, so he went back to his position.

The turn back toward England had to be very slow to keep the tail from twisting off. They actually covered almost 70 miles to make the turn home.

The bomber was so badly damaged that it was losing altitude and speed and was soon alone in the sky. For a brief time, two more Me-109 German fighters attacked the “All American.”

Despite the extensive damage, all of the machine gunners were able to respond to these attacks and soon drove off the fighters.

The two waist gunners stood up with their heads sticking out through the hole in the top of the fuselage to aim and fire their machine guns.

The tail gunner had to shoot in short bursts because the recoil was actually causing the plane to turn.

Allied P-51 fighters intercepted the “All American” as it crossed over the Channel and took one of the pictures shown.

They also radioed to the base describing that the appendage was waving like a fish tail . . . and that the plane would not make it and to send out boats to rescue the crew when they bailed out.

The fighters stayed with the Fortress, taking hand signals from Lt. Bragg and relaying them to the base.

Lt. Bragg signaled that 5 parachutes and the spare had been “used” so five of the crew could not bail out. He made the decision that if they could not bail out safely, then he would stay with the plane to land it.

Two and a half hours after being hit, the aircraft made its final turn to line up with the runway while it was still over 40 miles away. It descended into an emergency landing and a normal roll-out on its landing gear.

When the ambulance pulled alongside, it was waved off because not a single member of the crew had been injured.

No one could believe that the aircraft could still fly in such a condition.

The Fortress sat placidly until the crew all exited through the door in the fuselage and the tail gunner had climbed down a ladder, at which time the entire rear section of the aircraft collapsed. This old bird had done its job and brought the entire crew home uninjured.

B-17 “All American” of the 414th Squadron, 97th Bomber Group Crew:

  • Pilot- Ken Bragg Jr.
  • Co-pilot- G. Boyd Jr.
  • Navigator- Harry C. Nuessle
  • Bombardier- Ralph Burbridge
  • Engineer- Joe C. James
  • Radio Operator – Paul A. Galloway
  • Ball Turret Gunner- Elton Conda
  • Waist Gunner- Michael Zuk
  • Tail Gunner- Sam T. Sarpolus
  • Ground Crew Chief- Hank Hyland

Please pass this on to someone who will also appreciate this amazing story.









©Wallace Bruschweiler. All rights reserved.


The B-17 All American: The Truth Behind the Tall Tale

All American (aircraft)

Variants, Propaganda, Fear and Genocide

“The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing.  Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.” –  Aldous Huxley

“Dictators seek to control men’s thoughts as well as their bodies and so they attempt to dictate science, education and religion. But dictated education is usually propaganda, dictated history is often mythology, dictated science is pseudo-science.”  — Edwin Grant Conklin (biologist and zoologist)

“Propaganda works best when those being manipulated believe they are confident they are acting on their own free will.” –  Joseph Goebbels

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one or a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” –  James Madison

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, but is not of the Lord. “But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.” Proverbs 1:33. Rest in Him.

British science fiction writer, Ian Watson said, “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized; if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in our best interest.”

Propaganda produces fear, and fear produces compliance.

Between 1933 and 1939, about half of the German-Jewish population and more than two-thirds of Austrian Jews (1938-1939) fled Nazi persecution. Others stayed as they hadn’t the wherewithal to leave or they thought the situation temporary, but by 1939 it became too late. The citizenry had become so fearful that they bowed their heads and said not a word despite seeing the pervasive evil against their neighbors.  The same has happened over and over again throughout history with Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Ceausescu, Mao and others.  Even the 1989 Tiananmen Square student protests didn’t arouse the rest of the citizenry.  Fear dominated and kept them silent.

Now we are seeing the same reactions in America.  Most citizens accept the destruction of freedom for their “safety.”  Yet others who are exposing the totalitarian and despotic tactics are speaking out and risking their own livelihoods.  It is up to every American citizen who loves freedom and liberty to join them and shed the propaganda and fear that has subjugated our electorate.  Stand now, or the gulags may be imminent.

Omicron Breaks Thru Immunity

Dr. Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist, has informed the public via America Out Loud, that his, “Once and Done,” natural immunity from Covid and its variants is no longer true with Omicron.  He states the following:

While we have a mix of prolonged Delta cases and in many cases with moderate to severe symptoms, Omicron syndrome has been characterized as mild and brief with a notable absence of pulmonary symptoms. How did Omicron secure this large and growing ecological niche? We have learned that Omicron replicates at a 70-fold increased rate over Delta. 

Additionally, Omicron appears to generate immunity not only against itself, but also against Delta, the prior dominant variant. So as Omicron moves through the population rapidly, it is providing a larger immunologic barrier to further Delta expansion and will likely work to bring down the Delta curve as the same time the Omicron peak continues to build in a sharply upward, and hopefully brief spike in cases.

Dr. McCullough also comments that monoclonal antibody products are unlikely to neutralize Omicron, leaving only Sotrovimab by Glaxo Smith Klein as the remaining antibody treatment in the armamentarium for high-risk seniors who develop severe symptoms with Omicron. (High risk being elderly with numerous comorbidities.)

The World Health Organization (WHO) tells that this variant came out of South Africa and has a number of mutations, some of which are concerning.  You might want to read their article as they are listing what countries are “required to do.”  WHO is telling us that Omicron poses a very high risk, but that’s not what we’re seeing!  Dr. McCullough says there are about 30 mutations of this variant whereas Delta had only about seven mutations in the spike protein.  However, this variant has a lower infectivity than the Delta variant, actually about a third or less.

Still, there are 145 research studies confirm naturally acquired immunity to CV-19: documented, linked and quoted.

I am shocked that a “variant” of the original virus would be able to jump over the natural immunity gained from recovery of the original.  In the past, all “variants” were only 2.5 to 3% of the original and were fought off by natural immunity.  My immediate thought was that Omicron is a new virus, but Dr. McCullough says the clot shot recipients are creating these new variants and spreading them.  Thus, it may not end any time soon.

Repeated Injections Cause Death

In a late November 2021 podcast with Dr. McCullough, he said, “The revelation that with each injection of COVID-19 genetic “vaccines,” that spike protein is loaded into the human body and accumulates to an even higher level, causing inflammation and organ injury in the brain, heart, immune system, and bone marrow, are stunning from a clinical perspective. As the viral pandemic ebbs, we can expect to learn and hear more about how the COVID-19 “vaccines,” which are now administered by mandate and in some countries by force, grow in strength as the leading public health threat and, instead of preventing disease, become significant determinants of a whole new class of illnesses leading to disability, hospitalization, and death.”

A week earlier Dr. McCullough warned that repeated injections of COVID mRNA or “viral vector” “vaccines” could lead to an overwhelming of the human body with the lethal “spike protein” which mimics that of the virus it is expected to prevent. “The spike protein on the ball of the virus is the same protein that’s in the human body after vaccination, so whether or not someone’s been exposed to it from the respiratory illness, or whether or not someone’s taken the vaccine, they now are exposed to the spike protein,” McCullough said. Based on published scientific research, McCullough said, “the spike protein does damage the heart…”

The good doctor is absolutely sure that those who have had the clot shot are creating these variants and that so far Omicron shows mild symptoms and this variant is not covered by the clot shots, (as though anything was).  Delta exhibited considerable antigenic escape, but this degree of mutation with Omicron, almost certainly escapes any effect of the jab and this is seen with Big Pharma now changing the jabs. They have announced a turn to develop a product against this variant.

Stay away from these poisonous injections!

Never Vaccinate During Pandemics

Dr. McCullough says it’s a huge mistake to vaccinate during a global pandemic because there is simply too much prevalent virus.  The virus will make mistakes when it replicates and with Delta, it clearly was an evolutionary link and went from a minor mutation to 100%.  Delta was a huge evolutionary advantage over other strains, so Delta in effect wiped out Alpha, Beta, Gamma.  Omicron’s early reads on the molecular structure probably won’t wipe out Delta because it’s so sufficiently successful in surviving in the nose and the mouth of the jabbed.  We know this from a number of studies.  Thirty nine percent of 31 infections resulted in homes of fully jabbed.

The nasal and oral passages of infected contain 251-1000 more of the viral load and Dr. McCullough has recommended nasal cleansing with the following instructions to be used every four hours by spraying up the nose and by gargling.  Don’t swallow it, and if it burns, dilute just a bit more, but not too much.  The recipe follows:

0.62% Dilute Solution

1 cup sterile water (this volume enough for 7 days)

1 Tablespoon of 10% Povidone Iodine (PVD-I)

¼ teaspoon salt

In the labs, a 1% solution of Povidone Iodine has been shown to be 99.99%

Effective as an antiviral treatment in just 30 seconds.

0.50% solutions have also been shown to be effective especially with repeated treatments.

This treatment has been shown to tremendously reduce mortality, morbidity, and hospital as well as financial burden in this covid situation.  This actually is a great reduction without systemic therapy for active viral infections.  It is also a prophylactic for healthy people used a couple times a day after being out or at work.  Dr. McCullough also explains that if you have Grave’s Disease, are pregnant or allergic to iodine, you can switch over to diluted hydrogen peroxide and get a very similar effect.  Dentists have actually been the teachers for this oral and nasal wash.

The virus is not spread when you are asymptomatic; it is only spread when you become ill, unlike what Anthony Fauci, our modern-day Hitler, Goebbels and Mengele, tells us.  There are three to five days between the time of contact with an ill person and when you’d come down with the virus, and this nasal wash intercepts that carriage and knocks it out before becoming symptomatic.

Another warning is that anyone with comorbidities should find where their monoclonal antibody centers are and even if they’re not very sick yet, they should apply to immediately get the shots.  The only patients dying or being hospitalized are those who are receiving inadequate treatments.

There are many physicians who are proponents of early treatment with safe and inexpensive drugs. Their names and interviews have been widespread.  They are men of courage and bravery standing against the totalitarian onslaught of the clot shots, knowing early treatment would have saved 86% of those who unnecessarily died and died alone.

Anyone under 70, without comorbidities or excess weight, is fairly safe from a virus 99.8% recover from.  Those stats are better than seasonal flu which no one seems to die of since CV-19 came along.  No one is safe from the vaxxed whose bodies are creating the variants and whose nasal and oral cavities contain 241 to 1000 times more of the viral load than the unvaxxed.  Who the hell are these totalitarian despots fooling, only the subjugated compliant lemmings?  The lies are being exposed!

Dr. Michael Yeadon on CV-19 Variants

Dr. Michael Yeadon is the former Chief Science Officer and Vice President of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He has come forward with the truth of the vaccinations, the truth about Covid-19, and the truth about the new “variants” that are being pushed onto us.

Like so many other physicians and scientists, Dr. Yeadon has been “exposed” as a conspiracy theorist and fraud by our commie Pravda media and the alleged “fact checkers.”  Remember that the fact checkers have sworn up and down that Dr. FauxChi is brilliant, reliable, honest and knows what is best for the world’s population.  I’d suggest they read the most referenced book in today’s market by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Yeadon was one of the first courageous scientists to expose the Sars-coV-2 injections as dangerous to our health and well-being.

Here is what Dr. Yeadon believes according to a multitude of his interviews and presentations.  This was printed in late December 2021.

  • There is no new variant.
    • The changes that have been madeto the virus are so miniscule, our own immune systems will not pick up a change nor will treat it any differently than the original variant.
    • Being that the changes are so minimal, there will be no reason for additional vaccinations, nor any vaccinations to combat the new variant being released onto the people of the world.
    • The original variant was less deadly than influenza.
  • Why would they push a new variant if it wasn’t as dangerous as they are claiming?
    • The new variant is being touted by mainstream media and the medical practitioners per orders of the governments of the world. If there is a new variant, the people react with panic. They re-mask. They hide and quarantine again. They rush in line to get the vaccination. – The Ultimate Goal.
  • What is the target population for the vaccination?
    • The easiest targets, to get more than 50% of the population are the Elderly, the population that have underlying health issues, and those in contact with both of the above. That leaves approximately 30% left unvaccinated.
    • The rest will be herded as a social faux-pas to not fall in line via College Attendance, School Attendance, Unable to work or shop without the vaccination.
  • I’ve heard of magnets connecting to injection sites, But why?
    • Don’t believe me. Do your own experiment.
    • The vaccinations do indeed have a sort of chip, or QR code imbedded.
    • The magnet trick is NOT a hoax. Go ahead and try it. Stick a magnet to your injection site, within two-inch diameter of the injection. Depending on which vaccine you received, either a magnet will stick OR a small metal object such as a key will stick. You can actually feel the pull as the object connects to the implant.
    • If you have an EMF Detector, try to use that. Scan anywhere on your body. Because humans are made of energy, many of us will naturally give off an EMF signal. However, the injection site will push the readings through the roof.
  • Life expectancy after injection.
    • I encourage you to do your own due diligence, however many reputable scientists have publicly stated that the life expectancy of someone who was healthy prior to the vaccination is anywhere from 2-7 years post injection. Someone with underlying health issues, the life expectancy is much lower.
  • Why would they do this to the world population?
    • What could be easier to gain total totalitarian control over the world?
      • Movement Tracking
      • Health Condition Tracking
      • Monetary Tracking
      • Less People, once the individuals with underlying health conditions suffer deadly side effects

Dr. Yeadon asks, “Can you think of a benign explanation for why you would want to give an experimental use-authorized gene-based vaccine to millions, tens of millions of people who cannot possibly die if they ran into this virus?  The answer is no, you cannot, can you!”

Dr. Pierre Kory, Climbing Death Records

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says the data is clear the CV19 injections are “not safe, not effective” and show they are causing a huge number of deaths.

Dr. Kory warns, “They already broke death records with these vaccines almost a year ago.  Now, you are starting to see it in actuarial data with life insurance companies.  The life insurance companies have been paying out claims like they never have before, and they are noticing the deaths cannot be explained by Covid.

“If you look at the actual morbidity and mortality from the CDC in 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the ages of 18 to 64, you’ll see in America, starting in quarter two of the year 2021 (when the vaccines started), the mortalities started to rise, and it rose from 120% above normal to 140% above normal, and it’s far exceeded the death rates in 2020.  The difference in 2020 and 2021, we had covid in both years.  In 2021, we had the vaccines.”

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon in the first week of 2022, said, “Max vaccination is leading to mass death.”  Dr. Kory agrees and explains, “It’s not only data from a life insurance company that came out this week that is based on CDC data that can’t be explained by Covid alone, there are huge increases of dying in this country this year.

“They have done huge analyses of the European mortality data as well as the U.S. mortality data and they controlled for vaccination status.  They found that for every age range that they looked at, the all-cause mortality of the vaccinated was increased over the unvaccinated.  All-cause mortality means that you are more likely to die of something if you are vaccinated.

“All-cause mortality is coming out of actual databases by credible scientists.  You have life insurance companies showing the data, and you have our own federal government showing unexplained large rises in dying.  Don’t you think a good scientific question and a good hypothesis to test would be ‘Could these be the vaccines?’

“The answer is ‘the vaccines,’ and I cannot find a better fit to answering that hypothesis than that, it’s this mass explosion of this vaccination policy with single, double and booster shots.  It’s going like wildfire through the population.  If the mortality of the vaccinated is higher than the unvaccinated, you have the data that you can safely and confidently conclude the vaccines are associated with and causing death.”

In closing, Dr. Kory says, “What has happened in the last month or so is the data for adverse reactions and effects are no longer hidden and suppressed.  They are coming out on servers . . . and actuarial tables.”

Gateway Pundit carried an important article regarding a 145-country study showing massive increases in death after the CV19 jab.

Dr. Kory tells people to go to the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance website and get any and all information for treating Covid-19 for free.


The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota fired 700 unvaccinated health care workers the first week of 2022, despite nurses at the clinic issuing a warning several weeks ago about staffing issues.  America’s once great medical care has been decimated.  In 1984, we were at the very top of industrialized nations, but after 38 years of FauxChi at the helm, we are at the very bottom.  Doctors and nurses have retired early or have been fired for refusing the clot shots. All medical facilities are massively understaffed.

The three courageous and brilliant physicians/scientist mentioned in this article are risking their reputations, their livelihoods and their families to warn and save Americans.  But there are others who are speaking out who are not as virtuous or trustworthy. They are controlled opposition. My next article will expose one of them.

Too many Americans are herded by propaganda.  Matthew 10:16 tells us, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

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145-Country Study Shows Increase Of Transmission And Death After Introduction Of Covid Vaccines

Project veritas DARPA leaks showing Fauci malfeasance for what we all KNOW he did

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says COVID-19 Vaccine Can’t Stop Transmission Anymore

A Texas team comes up with a COVID vaccine that could be a global game changer

Insurance CEO Drops Bombshell, Vax Even Worse Than Imagined

Ocasio-Cortez: Comes the Moment to Decide

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the infamous group of four Congresswomen known as the “Squad,” which includes two Muslims — Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, and Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American – and Ayanna Pressley. Tlaib and Omar are consistently, virulently, anti-Israel; Ocasio-Cortez just a tad less so in her public pronouncements. She did not vote “No” with Tlaib and Omar on a bill to provide extra funding to Israel for its Iron Dome anti-missile defense, but after voting “Present,” she proceeded, in a fit of remorse, to have a good cry in Congress about that very vote.

Now it turns out that a recently-hired legislative assistant in her office, one Hussein Altamimi, has made some outrageous and false claims about Israel on Instagram.. Ocasio-Cortez has been asked to discharge him. Robert Spencer discusses the case here, and an additional report on Altamimi’s accusations against Israel, and the call on Ocasio-Cortez to fire him, is here: “ZOA calls on Ocasio-Cortez to fire staffer who called Israel ‘racist European ethnostate,’” JNS, January 7, 2022:

…”Hussain Altamimi has made false, hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel accusations on Instagram,” ZOA national president Morton Klein said in a letter sent to Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday [Jan.5}. He added that Altamimi’s “vitriolic posts are likely to add to the atmosphere of anti-Semitism and hatred that has fueled increasing, frightening, violent attacks on Jews in New York and throughout the United States.”

Fox News reported that Altamimi, who joined Ocasio-Cortez’s office in November, shared on his Instagram story on Dec. 24 a post from an account called “Let’s Talk Palestine,” which falsely accused Israel of “apartheid” and of having a “racial hierarchy.” Altamimi accompanied the post by writing: “Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!”

In his letter to Ocasio-Cortez, Klein insisted that “the racist dictatorship in the area is the Palestinian Authority.”

As he explained, “the Palestinian Authority states that no Jews will be allowed to live in their entity; condemns Arabs to death for selling property to Jews; and pays Arabs’ lifetime pensions to murder Jews and Americans. The P.A. also names schools, streets and sports teams after Jew-killers.”

Klein said the ZOA urges Ocasio-Cortez to fire Altamimi, as well as “publicly condemn these hateful odious remarks” made by him.

Well, let’s see. Hussein Altamimi’s remarks are certainly unpleasant – “hateful” and “odious,” according to Morton Klein – but are they true? Altamimi first posted, with evident approval, a statement he came across at the site “Let’s Talk Palestine,” that accused Israel of being an “apartheid” state and of having a “racial hierarchy.” So forgive us the need to repeat, endlessly, the same rebuttal as we have posted a dozen times before.

In Israel, Arabs sit in the Knesset, serve on the Supreme Court, go abroad as ambassadors for their country. An Arab party, Ra’am, is part of the current governing coalition. The chairman of Israel’s largest bank, Bank Leumi, is an Arab. Jews and Arabs study together in universities, work in the same offices and factories, provide care to Jewish and Arab patients, and receive treatment from Jewish and Arab doctors and nurses, in the same hospitals. Jews and Arabs play on the same sports teams and in the same orchestras. They act together on the stage, on television, and the movies. None of that would be possible in a real “apartheid” state as South Africa was until the 1990s. There is only one difference in the treatment of Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. Jews must, while Arabs may, serve in the military.

Is there a “racial hierarchy” in Israel? Do Jews lord it over Arabs? Nowhere, and in nothing. There is complete legal equality between Jew and Arab, Muslim and non-Muslim. There are no professions in Israel that Arabs cannot practice, unlike the Palestinians in many Arab lands, such as Lebanon, where they are shut up in camps, and prohibited from practicing dozens of professions.

Altamimi accompanied that post from “Let’s Talk Palestine” by writing in his Instagram: “Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!” Is Israel a “European ethnostate”? This is one of the staples of Palestinian propaganda – that “the Jews” all came to Israel from Europe, and are not indigenous to the Middle East; they have no business laying claim to any part of Israel. But we know that Jews have been living continuously for 3000 years in the Land of Israel; there is extensive archaeological evidence – pottery, coins, scrolls from the Dead Sea, ancient synagogues, mosaics, and so much more – of that Jewish presence. And Jews were not only in Eretz Israel, but spread from there across the Middle East and North Africa and into Europe. The Jews who remained in the Middle East and North Africa are called Mizrahi Jews; there is nothing “European” about them; in 2005 61% of Israeli Jews claimed Mizrahi or part-Mizrahi ancestry.

Less than one-third of Israeli Jews claim Ashkenazi or part-Ashkenazi ancestry, which would link them to Europe. Of course even those Ashkenazi Jews did not originate in Europe; like all Jews, they originated in the Land of Israel; through the centuries some Jewish populations appeared in Europe The only reason for Hussein Altamimi to make his preposterous claim that Israel is a “European ethnostate” is that he wants to deny the indigeneity of the Jews, the claim that they originated in the Land of Israel,, and are not outside invaders who came as European conquerors to the Middle East. There are whole museums of archaeology and anthropology that offer incontrovertible evidence that Altamimi has it wrong. But his narrative depends on the “white, European, colonial-settlers” coming from outside, arriving in Palestine where, in his narrative, the Muslim Arabs have been living for thousands of years, and proceeding to “steal their land.” No one has been able, for obvious reasons, to find any evidence of that Muslim Arab presence before the seventh century A.D., about 2300 years later than the Jews first appeared in the Land of Israel.

Hussein Altamimi claims that “Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!” Which is the indigenous population – the Arabs who came out of Arabia in the seventh century and conquered large swathes of the Middle East and North Africa, or the Jews who since 3000 B.C. had been living uninterruptedly in the Land of Israel? The Jews did not “steal [the Arabs’] land. It was the Jews who were dispossessed of their land by various conquerors – Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Turk – but who finally, in the 20th century, were encouraged by the ideology of Zionism to return to the Land of Israel, not to “steal land,” but to buy it from Arab and Turkish landowners. The sums the Jews spent in this effort were exorbitant: in 1941, Jews buying scarcely arable land in Mandatory Palestine were paying more to their Arab owners than was then being charged for the richest farmland in the world, in Iowa. The Palestine Mandate, Article 6, calls on the holder of the Mandate, Great Britain, to facilitate Jewish immigration and to encourage “close settlement by Jews on the land.” In addition, “state and waste lands” were to be made available for Jews to settle on. The only time that Israel took land that it did not buy, or inherit as “state and waste land,” was in the immediate aftermath of the 1948 war. Arabs who had left the area, having been encouraged to do so by Arab broadcasts that promised that if they left the places where fighting was taking place in Palestine, they would soon be able to return with the victorious Arab armies. They left, but the “victorious Arab armies” never appeared. Israel saw no reason, since the Arabs who left were clearly not going to return, not to allow Jews to settle on these lands deserted by their owners. The Israelis did not “steal land” but put to use land that had been permanently abandoned. There is a difference.

Hussain Altamimi has made a series of damning charges. He claims that Israel is an “apartheid” state, but provides no evidence for this preposterous claim, for there is none. He insists there is a “racial hierarchy” in Israel, but again, offers no evidence for Jews lording It over, whether in law or in custom, Israeli Arabs. He calls Israel a “European ethnostate,” though almost two-thirds of Israel’s Jews are Mizrahis, descended from people who never left the Middle East and North Africa. He charges Israel with “stealing” land from the Arabs, ignoring the fact that all the land the Zionists acquired before the 1948 war was bought at very high prices from Arab and Turkish landowners. The land left by Arabs who fled just before, during, and after that war, was taken by the State of Israel and settled on by Jews. Those same Jews in many instances had fled for their lives from Arab lands, leaving them bereft of tens of billions of dollars in property. Israel put t use the land abandoned by Arabs. What else should Israel have done? Left those lands forever empty?

Hussain Altamimi has made a series of accusations against the Jewish state that are false. He has maligned the State of Israel. What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plan to do? Will she shut her ears to those who have complained about Altamimi, or will she do the right thing, and look into his claims, and If she finds them to be false, say so publicly? Or will she remain silent, which will be interpreted as constituting an endorsement of his statements as true? The only honorable course for her is to investigate the truth or falsehood of his remarks, and when she finds them — as she surely will — to be false, both to denounce Hussain Altamimi’s lies, and to let him go. He won’t remain unemployed for long. Even now they are ready to take him on board as a “legislative liaison with Congress” at that samaritan institution, CAIR, where Israel-bashing is never out of style.



Afghanistan: Taliban defense minister threatens to put 2,000 jihad suicide bombers at Afghan embassy in DC

Iran: ‘Hard Revenge’ for Soleimani Killing Will Come From ‘Within’ the U.S.  

Canada: Arabic-language publication praises jihad terror groups, calls for destruction of Israel

Khamenei: ‘The factor of saving the country in different trying times is the religious zeal of the Iranian nation’

UK: Man converts to Islam, screams ‘Allahu akbar, we cut people’s heads off,’ threatens group with knife

UK: Muslim cleric tells woman not to report rape claim to police, says she will need four witnesses as per Qur’an

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Fauci’s NIH Division Paid $205K for Researchers To Study Transgender Monkeys

This madman is the most powerful unelected official in the world. G-d help us.

Fauci’s NIH Division Paid $205K for Researchers To Study Transgender Monkeys

Taxpayer-funded study aimed to explain high rate of HIV in trans women

By: Patrick Hauf • January 10, 2022 5:00 am

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s division of the National Institutes of Health paid over $200,000 during the coronavirus pandemic for researchers to study why transgender women have high rates of HIV by injecting male monkeys with female hormones.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in December 2021 gave Scripps Research $205,562 for the study, which aims to determine why transgender women have high rates of HIV. As part of the study, researchers subject male monkeys to feminizing hormone therapy to study how it impacts the monkeys’ immune systems, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Fauci has overseen rampant animal testing since he took over the NIAID in 1984. It was revealed in November that the NIAID funded a study that infected beagles with heart-worm larvae and euthanized them after experimentations. As part of another study, researchers infected beagles with mutated bacteria from ticks.

The NIAID began running HIV vaccine tests on monkeys a year after Fauci took charge. Each year, the department acquires 400 to 600 rhesus monkeys from a South Carolina island leased by Charles River Laboratories, which has a $27.5 million contract with the NIAID.

Dr. Katherine Roe, a neuroscientist with PETA, says the study is “yet another pointless, wasteful monkey torture experiment.”

“It’s just bad science to suggest that dosing monkeys with feminizing medication makes them good stand-ins for humans,” Roe told the Washington Free Beacon. “This study will not help to prevent or treat HIV and will not help transgender women.”

Roe says the study is ineffective because monkeys cannot contract HIV. They contract Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, a milder form of the disease. She faults the National Institutes of Health for spending billions of dollars on using monkeys in HIV research, since the primates cannot contract AIDS.

Scripps Florida told the Free Beacon that testing “sub-populations” is the key to discovering effective treatments for fatal diseases.

“The research you reference concerns a sub-population of people at greater risk of HIV infection, and factors that may or may not affect their response to a treatment/preventative approach in development,” a spokeswoman said. “It is through these types of targeted research studies that substantive progress against HIV, cancer, ALS, dementia—indeed most diseases and conditions—will be made.”

The NIAID did not respond to requests for comment.

The NIAID has granted millions of dollars to researchers who study HIV transmission in transgender individuals, who are 49 times more likely to get HIV than non-transgender individuals. The agency gave over $155,000 to a University of Alabama researcher to study how testosterone treatment for women potentially weakens disease-fighting microorganisms in the vagina. Researchers at Emory University received over $230,000 to study how the rectum immune cells of transgender people affect HIV risk.

RELATED ARTICLE: Judge Rules FDA Can’t Keep Vaccine Docs Secret ‘Until 2096’

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Nation Observes 0 Seconds Of Silence To Read The Names Of Those Killed By Trump Supporters On January 6th

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Following President Biden’s speech yesterday, the nation observed a moment of silence lasting exactly 0 seconds long as they read the names of those who suffered death at the hands of supporters of former President Donald J. Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Biden for his bold speech and took to the podium to announce the moment of silence. An intern then reverently handed her a folded piece of paper.

Several media pundits watched as Harris carefully unfolded the paper and stared at it blankly for a moment before waving the intern back. The vice president could be heard whispering, “This is blank.”

Kamala Harris then cackled wildly and said, “Thank you. This is a somber day.” before slinking back into the shadow from whence she came.

Biden returned to the podium to thank President Harris for her fine work on the border. “Kelloramatap. Pollinwaffle.” he added with tears in his eyes.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid later said of the event, “So many people must have died that she couldn’t bear to read it. Truly shocking. I’m more encouraged than ever to hate white people.”

Rep. Adam Schiff of California was quick to point out that just because no one actually “died” doesn’t mean Trump didn’t “kill” them.


9 Key Moments In Today’s SCOTUS Vaccine Mandate Hearing

Legal Experts Ask Justice Sotomayor To Recuse Herself From Case Due To Her Being An Idiot

Nation’s Fate Now In The Hands Of 8 Dummies And Clarence Thomas

Oral Arguments Postponed As Justice Sotomayor Gets Gavel Stuck Up Her Nose Again

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

SCOTUS Justices’ COVID Ignorance Illustrates Why They Should Stay in Their Lane

Aside from labeling herself “an affirmative action baby,” Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor once called herself a “wise Latina.” Given this, apropos here is a line from ancient Chinese sage Confucius:

“Wisdom is, when you know something, knowing that you know it; and when you do not know something, knowing that you do not know it.”

Sotomayor certainly failed this test during oral arguments on Friday over the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 “vaccine” mandates, making outlandishly incorrect claims that have brought her mockery. “We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators,” she stated matter-of-factly. “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators.”

Both assertions are so distant from reality that one could wonder where the judge gets her information; even limiting yourself to just New York Times perusal shouldn’t yield such profound ignorance.

In reality, hospitals are not nearly overwhelmed, and the children hospitalized who have coronavirus number only about 3,700 according to the CDC. Yet even this is misleading. As Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted recently — with Democrats’ tanking poll numbers inspiring him to paint a rosier picture — most of these children are hospitalized “with” SARS-CoV-2, not “because” of COVID-19.

(Note: The former is the pathogen; “COVID-19” is the disease that can result from it. So, technically, it’s not even correct to say that asymptomatic kids under medical care and testing positive for the virus are hospitalized “with COVID”; there is no “COVID” because they have no symptoms.)

As Fauci confessed, every child admitted to the hospital is automatically tested for the China virus, and thus will a kid being treated for a broken leg be listed as a hospitalization “with” SARS-CoV-2 upon a positive result. Of course, this merely echoes what those of us in the truthful media have been saying for, uh…almost two years.

What’s more, even though pediatric with-China-virus hospitalizations appear to have risen, this is likely only because we’re in respiratory disease season and the Omicron variant is more contagious (but less deadly) than earlier strains.

The bottom line, however, is that healthy children are not imperiled by this disease. In fact, a recent study analyzing 15 months of the pandemic in Germany, a nation of 83 million people, found that not even one healthy youngster died of COVID.

Sotomayor wasn’t alone in proving that epidemiology isn’t her bag. Justice Neil Gorsuch said during oral arguments that “[w]e have flu vaccines. Flu kills — I believe — hundreds of thousands of people every year.” While the judge didn’t explicitly say that he was referencing the United States (and not the world), his comments’ context makes clear that he was talking about our country. In reality, however, influenza claims an average of between 12,000 and 60,000 Americans annually.

In fairness, Gorsuch’s mistake wasn’t as egregious as Sotomayor’s. Not only did he preface his claim with “I believe,” indicating unsureness, but severe flu pandemics have killed upwards of 100,000. The Spanish flu in 1918-’19, for example, claimed 675,000 Americans (more than two million adjusted for today’s population). Nonetheless, he still was in error.

All this said, it wouldn’t matter if there were one million American kids hospitalized for COVID and 100,000 on ventilators or if only two people died of the flu yearly — not insofar as a judge’s role goes, anyway.

A justice’s job is merely to render opinions on the constitutionality of executive and legislative actions, not on the wisdom of those actions. It’s not the business of the courts to remedy a perhaps stupid but constitutional law, order or status quo (or to be party to an unconstitutional one); that’s the role of legislators and/or chief executives, whose errancy can be remedied by the people, should the latter experience a moment of clarity at election time.

But Sotomayor’s and Gorsuch’s errors illustrate another reason why judges should stay in their lane:

When perhaps drunk on power and venturing beyond their lane, they get lost and swerve and too frequently crash even worse than when they, often wantingly, attempt to conduct their legitimate duties.

What’s more, we’re the ones they crash into.

Now, I could note here about lawyers in general, as Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift did in Gulliver’s Travels, “that in all points out of their own trade, they were usually the most ignorant and stupid generation among us, the most despicable in common conversation, avowed enemies to all knowledge and learning, and equally disposed to pervert the general reason of mankind in every other subject of discourse as in that of their own profession.”

But I wouldn’t do that (and not just because Swift already did). Rather, the point is that lawyers are specialists just like any other specialist, not Experts in the Area of Everything. As Professor Thomas Sowell has put it, most of us have expertise in only a narrow sphere of endeavor. Thus must a judge or leader possess enough humility to accept and recognize his limitations and not become a shining example of how a “little knowledge is dangerous.”

Unfortunately, though power may certainly corrupt, it surely can reveal a person’s true character. And part of the reason judges arrogantly engage in judicial activism is that we’ve invited them out of their lane. I reference here the idea of judicial supremacy, the notion that courts’ opinions are not only binding on those party to the case before them, but on the executive and legislative governmental branches as well.

This power, do note, was declared for the courts by the courts themselves, notably via the Marbury v. Madison decision (1803), and is not in the Constitution. It also is an idea that, if considered valid, Thomas Jefferson warned, would render our Constitution a felo de se — an act of suicide.

The proper role of the courts is, first, to rule on individual cases, with their decisions binding on a particular case’s litigants but no one else. Second and as Ambassador Alan Keyes put it to me on the phone years ago, their function is to act as an “alarm bell,” saying at times to the nation, “Beware! We think this law is unconstitutional; you need to take a look at it.” If the people are convinced, it’s then their job to elect officials who will effect the necessary change.

Conservatives will understandably be very happy if the SCOTUS strikes down the Biden administration’s “vaccine” coercion and if the feds, reflecting what they more or less have done for 200 years, then abide by the decision. Nonetheless, if Sotomayoresque stupidity doesn’t illustrate the folly of allowing five black-robed lawyers to decide what law means for 334 million people, I’m not sure what will.

By the way, some may wonder what we’d do if the courts couldn’t “strike down” the vax mandate wholesale. Well, a proper constitutional understanding also informs that the states have the power to nullify unconstitutional federal actions; this would especially carry moral weight if the “alarm bell” SCOTUS had already opined against the given action.

The bottom line is that the judiciary should be the weakest branch, as Alexander Hamilton said, not the strongest precisely because unelected judges are shielded from the consequences of their folly. And, as English philosopher Herbert Spencer warned, “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

And a bench of fools doesn’t make for a very good oligarchy.

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