Putin’s Ways for Global Control and Power

“The Advancement and Diffusion of Knowledge is the Only Guardian of  True Liberty” — James Madison

The 2024 Presidential election will prove the President’s Madison words—knowledge of Russia and its Intelligence Apparatus is imperative. That is the reason, I am giving you the Truth. Vladimir Putin is a devoted disciple of a Dictator Joseph Stalin and the Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov 1967-1982. Putin had grown up under Stalin’s Soviet Socialism and had been shocked when the USSR collapsed. He called it a great tragedy, but was forced to implement the Russian Crony Capitalism. Not a lot has changed politically since in Russia, because his Alma Mater continued running the country—the KGB. Yes, Putin has changed the Russian economy, but the Soviet system with its punitive agencies has survived to continue the Global war against Western civilization…

Many years ago, I introduced you to my definition of this war–WWIII: Recruitments and Drugs, Infiltration and Assassinations. The war has been waged by the Soviet/Russian government against Western civilization. The war had a variety of different shapes, forms and locations with one agenda to confront the global capitalist economic system and implement Soviet Socialism. Today you can see all of that exercised by the Democrat Party and Biden’s team against America. Those who think that China started that war are very wrong. WWIII began in 1955 by the Soviet Government:

Reading the Soviet document of 1955 you will agree with me. It was a document by the Soviet Defense Council, the first formal Soviet decision to launch narcotics trafficking against the Bourgeoisie and especially against American capitalists:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres.”

That war is going on in America today. There are no Mexican Cartels, those are the Russian Cartels in Mexico, established by Stalin in 1950-1960s.They are colluded with both governments in Mexico and Washington D.C. The KGB’s Mafia/Army structured Invasion to America in South and North from 160 countries. Yes, it is the old Soviet KGB, which had been transformed into to the KGB’s Mafia/Army—a Doer. If you read my books/columns, you will become acquainted with how the KGB’s Mafia/Army have been transforming other capitalist countries to Socialism across the globe… Now the Democrat Party is doing the exact same within America—waging WWIII against the American political and economic system from within.

Stalin had started that war, Andropov advanced it over the time against America. The technology of the 21st century provides Putin with a radical opportunity to become even more aggressive with hacking. He knows that the American Democrat Party had been overturned to Socialist Party by his KGB’s Mafia/Army. He also knows that Americans have no idea about the events occurring in Russia in the 20th century–they don’t know Stalinism and the Soviet Mafia. They don’t know the ideology of Soviet Socialism that destroyed Russia and they are not able to recognize a destructive policy of Biden’s team that is now demolishing America. America is not protected—the FBI, CIA and DOJ are infiltrated by the KGB’s Mafia/Army and Vladimir Putin knows and uses that…

I immigrated to America forty years ago, and as soon as I picked up a little English, I began to write about Russian Intelligence Apparatus to prepare Americans for a very dangerous future. We have it today—the ideology of aggressive Soviet Socialism. The Cancel culture is not a toxic phenomenon, it is an attempt to the Sovietization of America. Our entire culture is under attack, the real Soviet Propaganda occupies our radio and TV stations. The FBI and CIA are infiltrated and unable to protect us, the ideology indoctrinates our children and “Zambie Drugs” are killing them. We are at war and Americans still don’t know what has happened with Afghanistan!!!

The International Soviet Mafia—A Global Criminal Cabal

I told you what happened with Afghanistan two years ago. It is the ideology of Soviet Socialism in a variety of shapes, forms, and locations implemented by Russia and infiltrated the Democrat Party for the last decades. The ideology of Soviet Socialism has constructed the Socialist/Communist International Mafia, including China, Iran, and other countries under the Russian umbrella. In fact, its proper name should be the International Soviet Mafia. Today it runs the White House and uses Russian and Chinese propaganda against America. I knew and recognized their Soviet handwriting. Watch the White House how it is growing increasingly arrogant using Socialist modus operandi: the more discredited they are the more aggressive they become. There is no way back for them—they are traitors! Putin has designed the surrender of Afghanistan. Read: A Quick Crash of Afghanistan and the Man Who Wants to Run the World August 24, 2021.

The 50 Intel “experts” purposely and intentionally misled Americans, they knew what they were doing. They have participated in spreading disinformation they have learned from the Russian collusion. I don’t trust the FBI, DOJ, and the Intel community—the FBI has also submitted my name to the FISA Court and the Court made me a Foreign Agent in 2002. It was done to prevent you from learning the Truth. Moreover, the year 2002 is telling us that the FBI had been infiltrated many years ago… Read my columns, I’ve been directing your attention to the FBI and CIA for decades, because I knew the Andropov legacy…

The Andropov Legacy

The time has come to tell you what I had learned in the 1960—1970th. I was a member of a legal community at the time and some of my friends from the Law School have been working close to Andropov. If you read my books or columns, you will find lots of details there. Andropov designed the process of the infiltration to America by the KGB. It was a simultaneous infiltration of both the American State Security Apparatus and the Media. I didn’t believe it then, for me America had been an iron Giant. But, I’ve learned from watching the real politics of the Democrat Party for decades: I was wrong. Knowledge of Russia is imperative to grasp the historic Truth.

When my English allowed me to understand what was going on in America, I was stunned. The 1992 election of Bill Clinton has demonstrated to me Andropov’s design. I described it in detail in Baltic Winds: Testimony of the Soviet Attorney. XLIBRIS, 2002. Here is a late example of the International Soviet Mafia sabotaging the U.S. Do you know that Mayor Pete’s Father was a lecturer of Marxism-Leninism in Russia with ties to the KGB?” He prepared his son to “fix” the American Transportation System accordingly. A sabotage in Ohio is directly connected to Mayor Pete. He is a part of the Criminal Cabal—the International Soviet Mafia, run by Vladimir Putin for the last three decades…

I have given you many examples of sabotages of the U.S. in my books and columns. The most dangerous one is exercised by Joe Biden—a monetary sabotage to bankrupt America. President Biden’s record of spending taxpayer money has been unprecedented. The U.S. was using a $400,000 missile to shoot down a $12 balloon. We show down the balloons in an area where they’re unrecoverable, so after spending over $1million to shoot them down, we still have yet to acquire any additional information on the Objects. “The administration’s record of spending has raised concerns about the long-term impact on the economy and the national debt. In addition, Biden’s decision to spend $400,000 to shoot down supposed “UFOs” with a $400 Sidewinder missile has also drawn criticism.” Biden’s Record-Breaking Spending throughout His Presidency, American Action News, Alexander J. Williams III, February 23, 2023.

Biden’s excessive spending also includes the “Build Back Better Plan” and the nearly $110 billion aid package to Ukraine, let alone student loan forgiveness…  It seems that another sabotage is an absence of desire to find the origins of the Covid-19. The recent debates are too little too late after the million deaths… I have been writing about the Covid-19 origins and Pandemic for years. It was man-made bio-warfare engineered by the aggressive scientific force. “In my opinion: The Maximum Security Bio-lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology had produced man-made COVID-19, like the KGB secret lab had produced HIV in the 1960s.“ Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America December 21, 2020.

There are more recent sabotages in America under Biden’s administration. Do you remember the disputed Covid-19 origins, Pandemic, and masking? The scientist who had an adversary opinion on Covid-19 and didn’t trust the official recommendations of the government had been censored and threatened. As we know today, the censorship campaign against those scientists who disputed the CDC has been exercised with participation of eight members of the FBI to drive fear. The censorship was promoted by the Biden’s government. As a result the schools have been shorted, our Military demoralized and missing well trained personnel. Now the Military has lost its prestige and is lacking new young soldiers. We are not ready for war…

The Bad Actors from Russia

Writing about Russia for forty years, I’ve given you a road map of history, regularly presenting designed by Stalin, Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. The International Soviet Mafia has been acting, following it for the last hundred years. The time is now to expose Socialist modus operandi. Let’s start with the Pandemic of Covid-19. Do you know who the Director of W.H.O is? I do. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the chief executive officer of the World Health Organization and the principal advisor to the United Nations on matters pertaining global health. I recognized the W.H.O. Director Dr. Tedros, as a KGB agent recruited in Ethiopia. I had written a column about him years ago.

Don’t be surprised by his frequent visits to China, Comrade Stalin had designed both State Security Apparatus in Russia and China as the para-military entities easily collaborated. That collaboration had been going on for decades, but stopped for a few years, after the KGB’s attempted to poison Mao, but resumed shortly. Both Russia and China have a common agenda—WWIII against Western civilization. Their voices are telling you that they are America’s enemies, not competitors. Russia and China have a common umbilical cord of the ideology of Soviet Socialism. The bad actors from Russia and China are demolishing our country from within. Moreover, Russia is going to sell China coal from the mines in Donbass…

The second suspicious man is Dr. Antoni Fauci, a long-term friend of Dr. Teodros. Dr. Fauci is a liar as well as the entire Biden’s team, including the FBI, CIA and DOJ. Mr. Wray was appointed to clean the FBI—instead he joined the bad actors and prolonged corruption. The AG Garland testifying lately lied by using Stalinist Socialist modus operandi. Both participated in the 2020 election interference, which is unprecedented in the history of America. Both are politicized. While testifying their smog and arrogant answers made me angry. In fact, both are incompetent, they don’t know our enemies and the enemies have been demolishing us from within with impunity–Russia in the 20th century, China and Russia in the 21st century…

While I am writing, the TV translates Alex Murdaugh double murder trial. I stopped writing and listened to Murdaugh testimony. It was a theatrical performance with tears, high emotions, and lies, endless lies. A drug-addict Murdaugh was trying to create an alibi, suggesting that someone else did the killing of his wife and son. I don’t know the case, but Murdaugh wasn’t convincing for me. Time will tell us his fate and the Truth…

Do you know why people lie? Because they know that they did something wrong and are covering it up with lies. I reject a lying-President with zero accountability. We are regularly witnessing how Biden reads what the Putin’s International Soviet Mafia is preparing for him through his staff. America has committing suicide, because Americans are missing the Truth. The politicized FBI has deprived them from learning the Truth by reading my books and columns. The FBI has sabotaged my writings, making me a Foreign Agent in 2002. That had been a typical Soviet operation of censorship. Please, recall the words of President James Madison “The Advancement and Diffusion of Knowledge is the Only Guardian of True Liberty.”

Ukraine and Biden’s Games of Ploys

Voters have a right to know about their leaders’ cognitive fitness. However, in Biden’s America we are deprived from knowing the cognitive fitness of our President. We have eyes and ears and are able to have doubts about his cognitive fitness and we have. But, I know that we won’t receive truthful information, because we are dealing with Criminal Cabal—the International Soviet Mafia in America. There is a month since the train derailment in Ohio. People are suffering different illnesses and waiting for the President to visit them. Biden has already announced that he will not visit Ohio, where chemical toxins have long-term consequences. He doesn’t want to discuss it. Isn’t it strange? The awareness of history can explain that.

Joe Biden is the third Democrat Manchurian President in America. It was before him when the Republicans accused the Democrats of “being soft on the Soviets.” Those who remember that should know: it was the time when the bad actors began their subversive activities, infiltrating the Democrat Party. In my writing I was regularly mentioning Soros and “Squad,” they are openly un-American, anti-American, and anti-Semitic. Just listen to the “Squad” and analyze what they are constantly doing to help Biden’s team to destroy our country. The plot is bigger than that. This plot was impeaching Donald J. Trump twice with the participation of Joe Biden.

Biden has collaborated with Putin since 2013-2014 to suffocate a young Ukrainian democracy. His old staff is still with him in the White House. Biden’s team continues colluding with Putin to cover up treason the Dems had committed for decades. Biden or (his staff) is playing a game of ploys to cover up the crime committed by the Dem leadership. This cover up resulted in chaos on the border, in the sky, and sabotage, a toxic train derailment on the Republican land of Ohio. Read me at: http://bit.ly/3YQhpND

Look at another member of the WH team—John Kirby driving the Pentagon in the Billions to help Ukraine. He is another agitator with theatrical performances. As a matter of fact the WH team doesn’t want Ukraine to win, but uses this war to camouflage the crime the Democrats had committed by colluding with Russian Intel for years…The U.S. position in the war is very problematic, as Ukraine can’t win this war without the help of other democracies. How long can America spend $Billions? I am afraid not for a long time. To be aware why, please, read my three columns dated February 21, 2022, February 28, 2022, and April 4, 2022.

My fellow Americans!

To perceive the monumental damage done to our nation by the International Soviet Mafia, acting through the Democrat Party you should read at least one of my books or my columns for free.

To be continued www.simonapipko.com and at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

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Covid-19: The Crime of the Century

Frederick Forsyth’s 1971 novel The Day of the Jackal is the ultimate example of a skilled novelist manipulating readers to suspend what they know is true and believe something else entirely. Yet, as with hypnotism, the human mind must be willing to permit the “suspension of disbelief.” As we shall see, this “willingness” was manipulated by unscrupulous political actors to create The Crime of the Century.

A recent example is the willingness of so many people to believe that Covid 19 came innocently from live bats sold in a local wet market rather than from a ChiCom bio-research laboratory in Wuhan, China. When President Trump opined Covid 19 came from Wuhan China, the MSM called him a xenophobic racist. Recently, President Trump was proven correct when FBI Director Wray told Congress the FBI had long known Covid 19 came from the Wuhan lab.

Although President Trump was proven correct, History is replete with tragic examples of people in power unwilling to accept the truth when indisputable facts were at hand. For example: Long after an Hungarian doctor, Ignatz Semmelweis, proved, in 1847, that childbed fever could be prevented by simply requiring hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics, it took until 1995 before the CDC recommended that healthcare providers clean their hands before and after treating patients.

In 1900, Major Walter Reed and Major William Gorgas stopped the Yellow Fever pandemic in Cuba by eradicating the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Still, in 1905, the U.S. Isthmian Canal Commission refused to support the efforts of, by then, Colonel William Gorgas to eradicate the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito and the female Anopheles mosquito that transmits malaria.

Outraged, President Teddy Roosevelt “reorganized” the Commission and pledged his full support for Colonel Gorgas’ mosquito eradication efforts. Without Roosevelt’s timely intervention, there would not be a Panama Canal, only the debris left behind by the French whose canal workforce was wiped out by Yellow Fever and Malaria.

Recall, in 2020, President Trump said hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) showed promise as a treatment for Covid 19. Immediately, Big Pharma and the MSM denounced HCQ as irrelevant and even harmful despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of GIs in Vietnam had, without harm, taken a stronger version of HCQ to ward off malaria. Early use of the inexpensive HCQ Cocktail against Covid 19 could have saved the lives of millions.

Instead, around the world millions died of Covid 19, a thriving U.S. economy was wrecked; riots broke out unchecked in our major cities whose “woke” mobs reviled Police and First Responders alike. Existentially worse, millions of Americans were forced to submit to injections of gene-altering vaccines that are causing serious health problems for many, even death for some, and may end up poisoning our gene pool for generations to come.

Now is the time to disbelieve the male bovine excreta of the politically biased MSM, the inept NIH/CDC, and greedy Big Pharma. Together, they subjected America to a mass Dr. Mengele-style experiment that is a crime against humanity, a crime that should be addressed by a Nuremberg-style tribunal and the perpetrators brought to Justice.

Suggested reading: 1995 Report of the CDC Healthcare Infection Control Advisory Committee. The Path between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914 by David McCullough, 1977. The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth, 1971. Unreported Truths About Covid 19 and Lockdowns, Part 4, Vaccines, by Alex Berenson, 2021.”The Woke Wrecking Machine,” by Victor Davis Hanson. Townhall.com. March 2, 2023.

©2023. William Hamilton. All rights reserved.


Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: “The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous”

China Warns Elon Musk, Tesla Against Speaking Out About Wuhan ‘Lab Leak’ Theory Of Covid

H5N1 avian influenza – what you need to know – wild rumors and a look beyond the usual propaganda

Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab — and now you’re allowed to say so

In early 2020, a New York Times headline scoffed, “Senator Tom Cotton Repeats Fringe Theory of Coronavirus Origins“.

This week, the newspaper of record is sounding a different tune: “Lab Leak Most Likely Caused Pandemic, Energy Dept. Says“.

It is only the latest example of a truth reset on all things Covid-19 — and a timely reminder that what Big Media dismisses as “fringe” this morning could well be gospel by eventide.

To be clear, the Times has not taken a definitive position on the origins of the virus. It has merely reported that the Department of Energy “has now ‘concluded’ — though with only ‘low confidence’ — that the pandemic most likely began with a laboratory leak”.

The paper hastens to add that “four other government agencies and a national intelligence panel have reached the opposite perspective, that the pandemic had what is called a natural or ‘zoonotic’ origin”.

Even so, it is telling that the Times and other major outlets have decided that the DOE reversal is, in fact, news. Why not simply ignore it? It’s not as though the legacy press is bound to report on world events that upset their pet narratives.

No. The Gray Lady’s concession suggests the tide is, in fact, turning.

Indeed, the Department of Energy is not the only US Government agency to have recently reversed course on the source of Covid-19.

In an interview with Fox News this week, no less than FBI Director Christopher Wray conceded point blank that “the FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan”.

Originally censored by Big Tech, the lab leak theory’s emergence as a leading raison d’être for the madness we all endured these three years almost feels like a real-time political thriller.

Yet for those who shrugged off the moral panic of the elites and simply stared at the facts, the Wuhan lab hypothesis has always been a sober and straightforward explanation.

The city at the epicentre of the pandemic is also home to China’s leading coronavirus lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The lab’s virus database was taken offline on 12 September 2019, and along with it, 22,000 coronavirus samples. The same day, security was beefed up and a tender issued to replace the lab’s air-conditioning system.

Personnel at the WIV fell sick in October 2019 with symptoms that were entirely consistent with what we came to know as Covid-19.

Despite their knowledge of the outbreak, the Chinese Community Party kept silent about it during the crucial early weeks and apparently “disappeared” a WIV researcher and citizen journalists who blew the whistle.

Cybersecurity analysts have recovered Chinese government data that had been wiped from the internet, showing a major buy-up of PCR supplies in Wuhan in late 2019 — equipment used to test for coronaviruses.

Then there’s the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, whose spike protein has unique inserts that seem to many researchers to be the result of human manipulation.

And don’t forget that Dr Anthony Fauci, in his role as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has for years funnelled American taxpayer dollars to the WIV for gain-of-function research — even though he is still doing his level best to cover his tracks.

To be clear, the Times has not taken a definitive position on the origins of the virus. It has merely reported that the Department of Energy “has now ‘concluded’ — though with only ‘low confidence’ — that the pandemic most likely began with a laboratory leak”.

The paper hastens to add that “four other government agencies and a national intelligence panel have reached the opposite perspective, that the pandemic had what is called a natural or ‘zoonotic’ origin”.

Even so, it is telling that the Times and other major outlets have decided that the DOE reversal is, in fact, news. Why not simply ignore it? It’s not as though the legacy press is bound to report on world events that upset their pet narratives.

No. The Gray Lady’s concession suggests the tide is, in fact, turning.

Indeed, the Department of Energy is not the only US Government agency to have recently reversed course on the source of Covid-19.

In an interview with Fox News this week, no less than FBI Director Christopher Wray conceded point blank that “the FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan”.

Originally censored by Big Tech, the lab leak theory’s emergence as a leading raison d’être for the madness we all endured these three years almost feels like a real-time political thriller.

Yet for those who shrugged off the moral panic of the elites and simply stared at the facts, the Wuhan lab hypothesis has always been a sober and straightforward explanation.

The city at the epicentre of the pandemic is also home to China’s leading coronavirus lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The lab’s virus database was taken offline on 12 September 2019, and along with it, 22,000 coronavirus samples. The same day, security was beefed up and a tender issued to replace the lab’s air-conditioning system.

Personnel at the WIV fell sick in October 2019 with symptoms that were entirely consistent with what we came to know as Covid-19.

Despite their knowledge of the outbreak, the Chinese Community Party kept silent about it during the crucial early weeks and apparently “disappeared” a WIV researcher and citizen journalists who blew the whistle.

Cybersecurity analysts have recovered Chinese government data that had been wiped from the internet, showing a major buy-up of PCR supplies in Wuhan in late 2019 — equipment used to test for coronaviruses.

Then there’s the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, whose spike protein has unique inserts that seem to many researchers to be the result of human manipulation.

And don’t forget that Dr Anthony Fauci, in his role as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has for years funnelled American taxpayer dollars to the WIV for gain-of-function research — even though he is still doing his level best to cover his tracks.

There is also the February 2020 letter published in The Lancet, signed by 27 scientists denouncing the lab leak theory as “rumours”, “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”. The man behind the letter? Fauci associate Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, one of the major recipients of American grant money for — you guessed it — bat research at the WIV.

As I wrote as early as May 2020, “the greatest irony of the Covid-19 saga may be that the efforts to avoid such a catastrophe were the very events that created it”. And:

In the years to come, the lab leak theory will likely become the major, if not sole, explanation for the origins of Covid-19. And only petulance from the so-called “adults in the room” will have stopped this crucial discovery from being recognised sooner.

Author Michael Shellenberger highlights in the Twitter thread above that: “Journalists behaved like activists. They blindly trusted activist-scientists, went far beyond what the evidence showed, and morally condemned anyone who even suggested we consider the alternative theory.”

Shellenberger is right. Journalists made a dog’s breakfast of this one. And their industry is suffering the accumulated consequences as everyday people wise up to their dishonest antics.

Gallup poll released earlier this month found that trust in media is so low that half of Americans now believe that news organisations deliberately mislead them. Just 26 percent of Americans surveyed told Gallup they have a favourable view of the news media — the lowest level ever recorded.

Will this latest embarrassment prompt journalists to stop shilling for highbrow interests and start doing their job?

We can only hope so.


Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate… More by Kurt Mahlburg


Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: “The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous”

China Warns Elon Musk, Tesla Against Speaking Out About Wuhan ‘Lab Leak’ Theory Of Covid

H5N1 avian influenza – what you need to know – wild rumors and a look beyond the usual propaganda

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Stupid Voter Roll Tricks

Election integrity activists are placing renewed emphasis on cleaning up the voter rolls, and here’s why:  no matter what scheme the Democrats come up with to steal elections, at the end of the day they still have to find enough records of voters who haven’t voted to put in enough fake votes to change the results of the election.  This accounts for the puzzling behavior of Democrats who resist at every turn, in defiance of common sense, removing dead voters and people who have moved out of state from the rolls.  About 8 percent of the population moves any given year.  That’s a lot of voter records just waiting to be picked.  The more voters on the rolls who are guaranteed not to vote, the easier it is for the Democrats to commit election fraud, plain and simple.

But we’re on to their tricks.  Judicial Watch sued Democrat-run New York City and got a settlement requiring the city to remove over 440,000 ineligible names from the voter rolls and to maintain the rolls in the future.  The city had only removed 22 names in the previous six years which is preposterous for a city of five and a half million people.  Federal law requires elections officials to remove ineligible voters from the rolls and the good Democrats of New York City obviously weren’t doing it.  Tammany Hall would be proud.

Judicial Watch and another group filed another lawsuit to clean up the rolls in Los Angeles.  The suit concluded successfully with Democrat-controlled L.A. County removing 1.2 million ineligible voters from the rolls.  The County sent notices to 1.6 million inactive voters who had not voted in two successive federal elections.  The County revealed that 643,000 voters stayed on the rolls despite not voting for at least ten years, more inactive voters than anywhere else in the country.  Yet, there they were, just waiting for the Democrats to make it look like they voted.

There’s more work to do.  Six million Americans are registered to vote in two states, three percent of all voters.  An estimated 60,000 of them illegally voted twice in 2020.  Others just neglect to get off the rolls when they move, but some of this is strategic with many voters choosing where to cast a single vote where it will make the biggest difference for their side.  It is estimated there were 317,000 such strategic voters with dual registrations in the 2020 presidential election.  The study looking at this concluded, “Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1 among double registrants.”  Funny how that works.  More Democrat fun and games.

More work needs to be done but some unfortunate features of federal law stand in the way and need to be fixed.  A provision of the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) prevents states from cleaning their voter rolls less than 90 days before a federal election.  When you stack early voting for the general election on top of primaries, that’s a big chunk of the year.   Another problem in federal law is the requirement election officials must wait two election cycles before taking people who move off the rolls.  In addition, they must first send a notification which, if not done promptly, can result in people who move not being scrubbed from the rolls for six years.  If you’re a Democrat, you’re saying ‘Goody! More voters who are pretty much guaranteed not to vote that we Democrats can use to cast fake votes and steal elections.’  You see the problem.

New tools have been created which could crack the nut of bloated voter rolls.  One is a new interactive database available free to citizens and election integrity groups around the country to help them find deceased voters, people who vote more than once, and moved-away voters still on the rolls.  Another is fractal technology now in use in 12 states that can spot fake voter registrations with hotels, post office boxes, skating rinks, and other bogus addresses.  The technology can also ferret out other ruses like elections officials changing zip codes on voter records when mail ballots are sent out, making them undeliverable.  The zip codes are changed back later, but the maneuver creates a huge stockpile of mailed ballots floating around out there that can be captured and voted illicitly.

Don’t fail to notice how many times today I’ve mentioned that Democrats are responsible for election fraud and the bloated voter rolls that enable it.  Democrats call people like me the Deplorables.  But what I’ve told you today about the Democrats and their election fraud schemes should make it easy for you to understand why I call the Democrats the Despicables.

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Losing Our Future By Destroying Our Past

There is a growing war against the past. Our heroes of yesteryear, even George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, are under attack.

I was disheartened to see ads for Hulu presenting a series based on the discredited 1619 Project. As I’ve noted in a column many months ago, the 1619 Project postulates that America began in 1619, when the first black slaves were brought here—not 1776, when the founders declared independence.

Dr. Ben Carson writes on his website, www.americancornerstone.org: “In recent years,…many people in politics, academia, and the media have questioned the values of the American founding. They have focused on the faults of certain Founding Fathers— along with the undeniable fact that the rights they championed were not originally enjoyed by all Americans—and cast doubt upon whether any of their fancy words are important today.”

Let’s take the issue of slavery. The rewriting of American history is becoming increasingly commonplace. America’s founders, hailed by generations of Americans as heroes (albeit flawed ones), are today viewed as nefarious evildoers because of the sin of slavery.

Without question, chattel slavery is a horrific evil. But it is often treated by revisionist historians as if America invented it. Tragically, slavery was virtually universal at the time of the founders—and it existed in America despite some of the positive Christian influence among many of the late colonies.

As the late Dr. Walter Williams said in our Foundation of American Liberty series of films for Providence Forum: “Slavery has been mankind’s standard fare throughout his entire history. And even the word, slave, in most languages is Slav, that is because the Slavic people are among the first to be enslaved. And Africans were among the last to be enslaved. And the great thing about the Western world is that we spent many resources on eliminating slavery.”

What made the western Judeo-Christian systems in America and England unique is that they abolished slavery—something that still exists in many other places even today.

Founding father Thomas Jefferson, of course, wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, which says that we are created equal and are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. When I visited his estate in Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia, the tour guide seemed to throw our third president under the bus because he owned slaves.

I once asked Rabbi Daniel Lapin about Jefferson and slavery in my television interview with him for the Foundation series.

He said, “It’s always very disappointing that the intellectual level of those who constantly pose this question to me, it’s just frankly disappointing when people say, ‘Oh, you know, Jefferson was a slave owner’ or speaking of many of the other founders, as well as Jefferson, as if somehow to discredit these people.” Indeed, that attempted discrediting has become commonplace today. That’s why they tear down statues of him.

The rabbi concluded, “[I]t’s almost a childish and pathetic attempt to discredit these giants by the pigmy-like behavior of suggesting that, because their behavior at the time corresponded to the values at the time, that somehow retroactively from the vantage point of 200 years later, we can declare these people to have been invalid or we can cancel them…. This reflects far more on the critics than it does on the founders.”

Imagine saying to someone, “You’re under arrest.” “What for?” “For violating a law that will go into effect a century from now.”

Dennis Prager of PragerU told me this in an interview for the Foundation series: “People say, ‘Well, Jefferson had slaves,’ but that’s not the question. The question is: did Jefferson create a society that would abolish slavery? That’s the only intelligent question to ask. Not what did that person do that contravened their ideal.”

Prager went on to say, “When he wrote, ‘all men are created equal,’ he meant it, even though he had slaves. Did he violate his own beliefs that he had with regard to blacks? Yes, of course he did, but…look at what he unleashed, the freest country in human history. The least racist country in human history is the United States of America. This was unleashed by these people.”

Slavery was uprooted ultimately because of the framework the founders created in giving us self-rule under God.

I wonder: How will future generations view us, since so many treat so cavalierly the issue of abortion—the deliberate taking of baby’s lives, by the millions? And we have 4-D sonograms to boot.

In my view it’s time to stop this ongoing attempt to erase our history and dethrone our heroes– flawed ones no doubt, but heroes, nonetheless. Historian Dr. James S. Robbins wrote a book a few years ago called, Erasing America. The subtitle of that volume speaks volumes, “Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past.”

©Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. All rights reserved.

‘The Name Is Bond. James Bond. My Pronouns Are…’ 007 Novels Get Woke Makeover

All the way back in that simple, innocent world we lived in on Feb. 19, I wrote: “They started with Roald Dahl, perhaps because no one will be too concerned about the works of an author of children’s books. But make no mistake: the bowdlerizers are by no means finished.” It took less than a week for this prediction to be proven true: it has been revealed that Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, which holds the rights to the novels that gave rise to the never-ending James Bond movie series, has given the master spy a woke makeover in new editions that are set to be published this April. Once again, make no mistake: Woke Bond won’t be the end of this madness, either. The censors are just getting started.

The UK’s Telegraph reported Saturday that the bowdlerizers have shredded, pureed, and reformulated the James Bond novels in order to shield the dwindling number of millennial snowflakes who actually read books from “racial references” that don’t suit contemporary Maoist sensibilities.

It’s certainly understandable that some of the Left-fascists who control the culture and almost everything else these days would think this had to be done. Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character and author of the novels, was an Englishman who died in 1964. He couldn’t possibly have foreseen how sensitive we have become, or how fragile, how vulnerable to “microaggressions,” how mired in “systemic racism” we are. He was part of a generation that lived through two world wars and was made of sterner stuff. A few quips, a few jibes, a few chuckles – so what? Sticks and stones and all that, old man! But those days are gone. Long gone.

It seems that Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, seeing the writing on the wall in terms of how restricted the freedom of expression has become these days, actually brought this on themselves by commissioning a coterie of what are known as “sensitivity readers” to give the Bond books a once-over and deep-six the offensive archaisms. “Sensitivity readers” are actually genuine human beings who make a living by weeping over imaginary slights done to imaginary people by the words of works of fiction, and who oversee the revisions of those works to remove the slights so as to suit the ever-changing sensibilities of today’s supremely intolerant Left.

The new, toothless, Leftist Bond books will carry a small disclaimer that packs a large wallop: “This book was written at a time when terms and attitudes which might be considered offensive by modern readers were commonplace. A number of updates have been made in this edition, while keeping as close as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set.” They could just as well have said: “You’re not actually holding a James Bond book as written by Ian Fleming. You’re holding an approximation of a James Bond book, as revised by people who had neither the talent, nor the wit, nor the vision of Ian Fleming, but are arrogant enough to think that they can arrogate for themselves the right to prevent you from seeing what they think is offensive.” They would, however, never dare to be that honest.

What’s odd about the bowdlerizers’ work on the Bond books is that it doesn’t seem to have been thorough or consistent. The Telegraph tells us that “the changes to Fleming’s books result in some depictions of black people being reworked or removed.” However, “dated references to other ethnicities remain, such as Bond’s racial terms for east Asian people and the spy’s disparaging views of Oddjob, Goldfinger’s Korean henchman.” Not only that, but “references to the ‘sweet tang of rape’, ‘blithering women’ failing to do a ‘man’s work’, and homosexuality being a ‘stubborn disability’ also remain.” Why the inconsistency, Ian Fleming Publications Ltd? Either you’re going woke or you aren’t. Half-measures aren’t going to satisfy either your Leftist masters or anyone else. Either give us Bond as written, or give us fake woke Bond and let us know in big letters what we’re getting so we can avoid the new editions and hoard the old editions.

Some of the revisions in the new Bond books, as these things go, are just silly. In the original Live and Let Die, Bond refers to some African criminals as “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought, except when they’ve drunk too much.” The woke Live and Let Die has him saying, “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought.” Why on earth? Can’t have Africans appearing to drink too much, apparently. Then when Bond hits a Harlem nightclub, in the original, he “could hear the audience panting and grunting like pigs at the trough. He felt his own hands gripping the tablecloth. His mouth was dry.” What? People in Harlem likened to pigs? Can’t have that! (Because no white people have ever, ever been likened to pigs, doncha know.) So now, “Bond could sense the electric tension in the room.” Booooorrrring.

But the woke arbiters of acceptable statements couldn’t care less if you’re bored. They just want to assert control over every aspect of your life, including what you read for light entertainment. They want to close off every possible way for you to have a thought that strays from their orthodoxy. That’s why, when the new James Bond books come out, James Bond as Ian Fleming envisioned him will be dead.

Much, much more of this is coming. Save your old books. Get ready to hide them. That’s coming, too.


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden Hosts Black-Only Staff Event

Pure racism. Divide and conquer.

HOTO: Biden Hosts Black-only Staff Event for Black History Month

by: Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart News, 27 Feb 2023:

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a special event for black federal employees in observance of Black History Month, according to a tweet by the White House posted on Sunday.

It is unclear why members of other racial groups were not invited to an event observing Black History Month, a national event, or why they were not given the same chance for face time with the president and vice president.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) website, “The law forbids [race/color] discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.”

In proclaiming Black History Month this year, President Biden talked about the importance of “equity” — which often involves using racial discrimination in an attempt to correct for the effects of past racial discrimination. “Equity” conflicts with “equality,” which denotes equal treatment regardless of race.

Keep reading.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Mayorkas’ Border Dream Becomes a Nightmare

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant, said in 2021:  “I came to this country as an infant, brought by parents who understood the hope and promise of America. Today, young children are arriving at our border with that same hope. We can do this.”

But Mayorkas’ dream has become a nightmare for many unaccompanied alien children in the U.S. today.  When he was making his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, Mayorkas also talked about ending the Trump administration’s policy of returning unaccompanied children to their home countries, one of more than three dozen policy changes the Biden administration has made to open the border.  Now, the U.S. government has lost track of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors, leaving them in the clutches of sex traffickers and exploitative employers.  These children work at jobs producing brand-name products you probably consume on a regular basis, products sold by Walmart, Target, J. Crew, Ben & Jerry’s, Fruit of the Loom, Ford, General Motors, the list goes on.  They help make your Cheerios and your Cheetos.  In the process, some have lost limbs in factories, had their spines crushed on construction sites, and a dozen have died on the job since 2017.   The lucky ones just have to work a long shift after their school day, with no end in sight.

Mayorkas’ dream is also a nightmare for towns along the southern border.  The House Judiciary Committee took testimony at the border on millions of dollars of unpaid hospital bills and the other ravaging effects of illegal immigration on nearby communities.  The federal government leaves the hospital bills unpaid.  Meanwhile, healthcare for U.S. citizens is delayed or only available in big cities far away.  Separately, it was reported a Yuma official said the strain illegal immigration has put on city services has brought the city to the brink of collapse.

Mayorkas’ dream brought death to 70,000 Americans who died of fentanyl overdoses in 2021.  The cartels like dealing in fentanyl because it’s easy to produce and doesn’t depend on the weather, like opium.  Cartel influence inside the U.S. is growing, with the Sinaloa cartel hiring so many drug smugglers and human traffickers it is now the largest employer in Cochise County, Arizona. Arizona troopers recently seized enough fentanyl in one pick-up truck to kill almost 800,000 people.  This problem is not staying at the border.  Butler County PA near Pittsburgh formally ended its sanctuary status because of the role illegal immigration is playing in the fentanyl crisis.

Mayorkas’ dream is also killing migrants in unprecedented numbers. The border patrol recorded 880 illegal migrant deaths in the last fiscal year alone, the highest number ever.  People trying to cross the border and not making it.  And these are only the ones we know about.  Who knows how many corpses are still out in the desert somewhere, their bones picked clean by scavengers.  On top of their tragedies, we can pile the lives shattered by illegal alien criminals who would have been deported under any sane administration.  Mayorkas’ DHS freed more than 1,100 of them in December alone.  Who knows how many more future murderers and drunk drivers are among them?

Added costs in the billions, higher taxes, overloaded emergency rooms, increased crime, overcrowded classrooms, destruction of property – Mayorkas dreams and people suffer, in every state and congressional district in the land.  Just remember that when you’re eating your Cheetos.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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Woody Harrelson’s SNL COVID Skit Creates a Media Frenzy

Well it appears that Woody Harrelson appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and spoke truth to power and the media is now enraged, unhinged, angry at him. You decide if Woody is on target.

Watch Woody’s full 6:45 minute skit on SNL:

Now watch the 27 seconds of Woody’s monologue about drug cartels, politicians and Covid again, in case you missed it.

Read the media’s hubris (outrage, arrogance, overbearing pride) to the short 27 seconds of Woody’s monologue on Covid. OMG! Talk about Woody speaking truth to power. Woody really did stir the drug cartel pot, no pun intended, didn’t he.

Think SNL will give Woody another 3-year hiatus?

It seems that speaking the truth is truly a revolutionary act even for actor Woody Harrelson.

Woody we the people welcome you to Club Conspiracy.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Words Matter––So Do Accurate Posting Dates!

Since the 2020 election a great deal has been written about information, disinformation, and misinformation. Very little attention is being paid to the newest threat in the information wars––omission of the year in online posting dates. We live in the 21st-century age of digitized, computerized information technology. In the beginning, articles posted online followed established journalistic practices, and journalism’s classic 5W + H formula. Articles answered six questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Today, online journalism is eliminating the When. I began asking the question, Why?

For print journalism, the When has two components––the dateline and the actual events described in the article. The dateline refers to when the story was filed or written, not necessarily the dates of events described in the article. Datelines followed the month/day/year date convention, and appeared on the first line of an article before the text.

In online reporting, especially blogs and websites, the dateline often refers to the posting date. In the summer of 2022, I began noticing the year was MISSING in the dateline. Sometimes the date was presented as an equally useless and ridiculous “3 hours ago” or “3 days ago.” At first I assumed it was a typo, but soon realized there was a change to the default date convention. As a writer, researcher, and political analyst, the change was so egregious, I assumed the new date conventions had to be a form over content esthetic decision, made by the same foolish designers who decided hard-to-read gray font was superior to easy-to-read black font! I was wrong.

I lodged my first complaint directly with WordPress, on June 4, 2022. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites as of October 2021. The message read:

I am a researcher, author, and political analyst. It is absolutely maddening that articles are being published with a date that does not include the YEAR. Every event happens in its historical context. “3 hours ago” or “3 days ago” or “3 months ago” is meaningless without the year. Equally meaningless is “April 10” if the article has been saved and used for reference two years after publication. Information is rendered useless without an accurate posting/publishing date that MUST include the YEAR. Please address this extremely exasperating error on all the platforms you service – the problem is becoming ubiquitous.

WordPress.com is the hosted version of WordPress. Its customer support “Happiness Engineers” answered:

Hi there,

Your support request has been submitted to our team of Happiness Engineers. Rest assured that your email arrived safely and our support team will be in touch as soon as we can.

If you have any new details, or happen to find the answer yourself in the mean time, just reply to this email directly to keep us updated. Additionally, you might want to check out our daily webinars – https://wordpress.com/webinars – and our support documentation – https://wordpress.com/support.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll be in touch soon!

– The WordPress.com Support Team

This email is a service from Automattic.

I immediately noticed the name Automattic at the bottom of the annoying touchy-feely Happiness Engineer team response. I looked into it and discovered Automattic owns WordPress, and is the WordPress platform designer. So, I sent Automattic customer service the same complaint the same day. Saif H. (Automattic) responded:

Saif H. (Automattic)

Jun 4, 2022, 12:01 UTC

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.

We can’t forcefully show the dates of all posts as this is up to the site owner. The default blog page of WordPress.com sites does show the date of the post with its year, you can check this screenshot of my test site as an example → https://snipboard.io/93hdQD.jpg

With that said, some themes don’t offer that option by default in which case we do have a custom block the site owner can add to their posts named Post Date block to solve this.

You can read more about the Post Date block here: https://wordpress.com/support/full-site-editing/theme-blocks/query-loop-block/#post-date-block

Please let us know how can we assist you further.


Saif H. – WordPress.com Support | Automattic

This email is a service from Automattic.

Automattic asked me to rate their customer service, on June 7, 2022 I sent the following message:

Saif’s customer service response was polite, but there is no acceptable reason for WordPress not including the year in posting dates as the DEFAULT setting. Journalism, the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites including blogs REQUIRES an accurate date that includes the year. This is so fundamental that I don’t  know why it is necessary to have this debate. If someone somewhere decides that posting an accurate date with the YEAR is unimportant, let that client go through the steps to remove it – not the other way around! I wonder sometimes if the web designers at WordPress are so young and live their lives so in-the-moment, they have no idea how important this issue is.

WordPress.com is the largest WordPress installation in the world, and is owned and managed by Automattic, Inc., founded by Matt Mullenweg. The double “tt” in Automattic is not a typo, it is a play on its founder’s name. The top three institutional investors in Automattic are Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street Capital.

My experience with WordPress/Automattic mirrored my experience with Substack, the “alternative” platform for authors with opposing points of view. I sent the same complaint to Substack when I began reading the below article. In what year did the stunning defeat happen in???? The absence of the year violates every principle of legitimate journalism. My complaint received a similarly patronizing response from Substack.

On June 3, 2022, I sent this message to Substack:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE date every article and posting with a complete date including YEAR!!! I am an author, researcher, political analyst, who is acutely aware that every newsworthy event occurs in its historical context. Labeling an article “3 hours ago” or “3 days ago” or “May 29” is MEANINGLESS, and renders the information meaningless and irrelevant. I cannot stress this enough. Journalism cannot be considered journalism without an accurate date for events, and analysis of those events. Adjusting your dating convention is a simple solution to a massive problem.

Georgia from Substack (Substack, Inc)

Jun 3, 2022, 5:05 PM EDT

Hi Linda,

Georgia from Substack Support here. Thanks so much for reaching out and taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

We’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so we appreciate the note.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for any updates and please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to assist.


Substack Support

Then Substack asked me to review their customer service. I responded with the following message on June 5, 2022:

Substack’s response, “We’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so we appreciate the note.” This is monumentally placating, certainly not a resolution. If Substack is truly looking for ways to improve, it would acknowledge the seriousness of date conventions, and set its template to include the year in the posting/publication date as the default setting. That is a resolution.

I tried again on July 6, 2022. My civilized mind was having great difficulty processing that the new posting date convention deliberately omitted the date:

I am a subscriber, a researcher, a writer, and a political analyst. I cannot stress enough the importance of proper and accurate posting dates on any and all information/articles. Substack presents itself as an alternative platform and archive for writers and bloggers. Journalism is time sensitive, and it is ESSENTIAL that Substack label materials with posting dates that include the YEAR!! Information with incomplete dates like Dec 9, or three hours ago, becomes useless and irrelevant without the year. This absurd posting convention is becoming ubiquitous and, unless it is a deliberate effort to confuse the public and make materials irrelevant, what is the point??? Please give this important issue your immediate attention, and make Substack the leader in relevance by including the YEAR in any and all posted materials.

Most sincerely,

Linda Goudsmit

Bruno answered promptly on July 6, 2022:

Bruno (Substack, Inc)

Jul 6, 2022, 7:21 PM EDT

Hi Linda,

Bruno from Substack Support here.

I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to the Product team for discussion.

Other writers may have similar feedback– if you’re interested in connecting with them, we recommend attending an upcoming Writer Office Hours or checking out our Writer Resources for inside tips and expert advice.

Again, thanks for sharing this note with us!


Substack Support

I answered Bruno the next day, July 7, 2022:

Hi Bruno,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I am a writer who would NEVER consider posting on Substack until the posting date convention is corrected to include the year.

I have spoken to many writer friends and colleagues, and I have posted several editorials about the missing year, and was shocked by the reader response. So many have the same frustration! Honestly, I don’t even know why this is a controversial subject that needs to me discussed by the Product Team. It is a serious journalistic error that needs to be corrected – immediately. Plus, every posted article since Substack’s inception needs to be corrected by going back and posting the year.

Most sincerely,

Linda Goudsmit





Incredibly, Substack asked me to evaluate their customer service. So, I did. On July 9, 2022, I sent the following message:

Talking about an issue, and resolving an issue, are two distinctly different things. Unless Substack changes its absurd posting convention of posting articles with a date that does not include the year, the issue is not resolved. I honestly am shocked that Substack did not simply say, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will correct the error immediately.” I cannot say this in strong enough terms, “Journalism is DATE SENSITIVE!” An incomplete date like June 3 is ridiculous, and it is a journalistic error of epic and lethal proportions!!!!!

After that, I started contacting authors I subscribe to on Substack directly. Even though Substack is considered the “alternative” platform for writers expressing alternative political and philosophical points of view, the authors were similarly unconcerned! That is when I started following the money, and now I am convinced the ubiquitous online convention that omits the year, is intentional.

Substack, founded in 2017, according to its own website, is based in San Francisco and backed by institutional investors Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Fifty Years, and other great investors. Sam Altman, CEO of globalist corporation OpenAI co-founded with Elon Musk in 2015, served as president of Y Combinator from 2014-2019. Under Altman’s leadership, OpenAI received a $1 billion dollar investment from globalist/transhumanist/eugenicist Bill Gates.

It is my opinion that Substack is a colossal bait and switch. Authors are invited onto this “alternative” platform with its profitable fee-based subscription option, but the posting year is omitted as the default setting. It appears the globalist institutional investors in online platforms, are making it intentionally difficult to accurately research subjects with alternative views, and are simultaneously monopolizing and curating the distribution of information.

In the short view, political analysts on Substack and WordPress platforms believe they have marvelous, profitable platforms for their views. In the long view, omitting the posting year makes their information confusing and irrelevant, and helps the institutional investors eliminate information that opposes their globalist agenda and corporate interests, whether in medicine, politics, education, the economy, etc. etc.

The social engineers driving the war on America and on humanity are sociopaths and megalomaniacs. They are skilled strategists, and omitting the posting year is a significant tactical maneuver in their overall strategic plan. The seriousness of omitting the year in posting dates cannot be overstated. The omission compromises the material so that researchers cannot state with certainty the facts to make a case in opposition to current, approved political narratives. Without an accurate reference, the omission creates a political vacuum for validating information. If the schemers prevail, the Great Reset will not only reset the economic clock to zero. It will also reset the historical clock to zero. The globalists will have total control of the information past, present, and future. GAME OVER.

©Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

NYC Names Street After Nation of Islam’s ‘Adolf Hitler of the Black Man’

There’s no room in NYC for Teddy Roosevelt, for plenty for the racist leader of the Nation of Islam.

Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad headed a racist movement that believed white people were subhuman and doomed to be exterminated. His successor as leader of the original theological movement, Louis Farrakhan, is one of the country’s most notorious bigots.

The same city which tore down the famous statue of Theodore Roosevelt outside the museum that he helped found, because he was “controversial”, just decided to name a block after Muhammad.

The New York City Council on Thursday approved a plan to name a Harlem block in honor of Elijah Muhammad, the controversial late leader of the Nation of Islam.
The bid to name the intersection of W. 127th St. and Malcolm X Boulevard as “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Way” proved the most contentious element of a Council bill drawn up to tag honorary names on 129 public spaces in the city.

Muhammad, a Chicago religious leader who described white people as “devils,” is seen by some Americans as an inspirational figure for his work championing Black empowerment. But critics view him as a voice of racism and antisemitism.

If you don’t approve of a street named after a racist…you’re a racist.

Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan, the far-left Harlem Democrat who proposed the street naming for Muhammad, said the honor is “way overdue.”

“It is actually not OK to erase Black leaders who are not pleasing to white people,” Jordan told her colleagues during the full Council vote. “I profoundly vote aye on Elijah Muhammad Way.”

Beyond being less than “pleasing” to all the people he hated, Elijah Muhammad was an ally of the KKK.

Both the Klan and the NOI, Muhammad summarized, opposed integration and race mixing. Each group was on record as opposing the goals of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., although for separate and unequal reasons. The Muslims viewed King as a chief rival. The Klan saw him as a dangerous threat to white hegemony. Moreover, Muhammad allowed for no “hierarchy” among Caucasians on the issue of white supremacy; from the sitting U.S. president to the imperial wizard, all were slammed as “white devils.”

Accordingly, the Messenger told his two ministers in Chicago that day that the Muslims and the Klan indeed had similar goals but with different shading.

“We want what they want,” Jeremiah remembered the Messenger stating plainly.

The Nation of Islam had a secret pact with the KKK. And a not-so-secret one with the Nazis.

In 1961, Elijah Muhammad, founder of the black supremacist Nation of Islam, met with Ku Klux Klan leaders at the Magnolia Hall in Atlanta. Although they had different ideas about the skin color of the master race, they shared the belief that blacks and whites should stay separate.

The following year, Muhammad invited American Nazi Party chief George Lincoln Rockwell to address a Nation convention in Chicago, even though Rockwell had often called blacks “the lowest scum of humanity.”

Flanked by a dozen storm troopers in swastika armbands, Rockwell told an audience of 5,000 Nation devotees that he was “proud to stand here before black men. … Elijah Muhammad is the Adolf Hitler of the black man.”

Democrats are fine with this.

Later in the day, Council Speaker Adrienne Adams declined to take a position on honoring Muhammad, but said the legislation celebrates a collection of “extraordinary individuals.”

“For the most part, the requests that come in for street co-namings are at the behest of what the community wants,” the Queens Democrat told reporters. “So you’d have to ask the member and her community about that.”

“We stand on what the community wants,” Adams added.

Councilman Charles Barron, a Brooklyn Democrat and one-time member of the Harlem branch of the Black Panther Party, loudly defended Muhammad’s inclusion in the legislation.

Barron charged Thursday that opponents of the Muhammad co-naming had not brought the same energy to pushing back against street names that honor American slaveholders.
“You’re all right with Washington Ave., Jefferson St.,” Barron said, referencing streets named for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two slaveholders. “You said nothing.”

“But when it came to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there was some resistance,” Barron said. “But I’m glad that this body didn’t allow for that contradiction of resistance to take place.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party.

As someone pointed out, the block intersects with Malcolm X Boulevard whom Muhammad had killed.

Take it from Brother Malcolm.

Why are they threatening your life?

MALCOLM X: Well, primarily because they afraid that I will tell the real reason that they’ve been — that I’m out of the Black Muslim movement, which I never told, I kept to myself. But the real reason is that Elijah Muhammad, the head of the movement, is the father of eight children by six different teenage girls, six different teenaged girls who were his private personal secretary.

There’s no room for Teddy Roosevelt in New York City, but a red carpet for this black supremacist filth.



Canadian Security Intelligence Service accused of ‘Islamophobia’ over surveillance in Muslim communities

Hungarian archbishop: ‘Muslims are being called in to get Christ and Christianity out of Europe’

Albanian Migrant Murders His French Host After Argument Over Religion

Oberlin College professor who teaches Islam covered up mass murder in Iran

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Of Green Shoots of Hope and Yellow Submarines

Feedback from “Central View” readers is virtually unanimous in condemning the unreliability of the so-called mainstream media (MSM). But there are some rays of hope as found by the distinguished journalist and former Secretary of the U.S. Senate, Kelly D. Johnston. Writing for substack.com, Johnston sees some “Green Shoots of Hope.” See: Suggested readings.

Yet, readers often ask: “How can my neighbor believe the rubbish he believes when the facts are so obviously the other way?” For a possible answer, as usual, we look to History and, perhaps surprisingly, to the Beatle’s 1966 hit song: “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.”

The Beatles always contended that Yellow Submarine was written to attract children to an, otherwise, more sedate adult album. But legions of psycho-babblers say the Beatles were telling us that each of us lives surrounded by our own bank of fog. Intended or not, there is truth to the idea that many of us live unmindful what is happening to those around us.

For example: In World II, a Dutch officer and a British officer teamed up to escape from the German POW prison at Colditz. For most of its four years as a prison for escape-prone Allied officers, Colditz was run by an honorable, non-Nazi Prussian officer who made sure, after close inspection, that every POW received his periodic Red Cross comfort package. The packages always contained some chocolate bars.

As the war dragged on, Allied efforts to deprive the German economy of food, including chocolate, were effective. Of course, the allied POWs, whose Red Cross packages always arrived, were not told that Germans outside the prison were starting to starve.

Disguised as civilian laborers, the two escapees were seated on a bench awaiting the next train toward neutral Switzerland and freedom. Across from them were two middle-aged German women. Trying to look nonchalant, one of the escapees pulled out a chocolate bar and began to eat it. Mein Gott! The German women, who had not seen a chocolate bar in two years, starting raising hell and yelling for the police. Fortunately, the two escapees slipped away from an almost certain recapture and, eventually, made it to freedom.
Obviously, the POWs had been living in their Yellow Submarines and the two chocolate-starved women in their Yellow Submarines. And so it is today among the consumers of political information and, more likely with the MSM, political disinformation. Depending on the limited time away from the mundane chores of earning a living, most working Americans do not have time to sample all sides of the issues of the day and fall into the easy trap of watching the evening news from the left-leaning, big-time news networks which are being increasing exposed as the propaganda arms of one particular political party.

So, there’s the answer to why your neighbor’s head is filled with absolute political rubbish. The people who make America work, come home, open some kind of beverage, and sit down exhausted before the TV. After 27 minutes of “news” content, they feel like they have done their civic duty and get ready for supper.

Suggested reading: Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle, by Ben MacIntyre, 1965. “Green Shoots of Real Journalism, Part I and Part II, by Kelly D. Johnston.

♪♪ “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine,”♪♪ by the Beatles, 1966.

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Angela Davis Shocked to Find She is Descendant of Mayflower Settler and Slave Owner

On a recent episode of PBS’s show Finding Your RootsCritical Race Theorist (CRT) and former Black Panthers member Angela Davis was gobsmacked to discover she had an ancestor who came to America on the Mayflower.

“No, I can’t believe this,” the radical Marxist Davis told host and radical academic Henry Louis Gates Jr.. “My ancestors did not come here on the Mayflower.” She added, “That’s a little bit too much to deal with right now,” when she found out that she was descended from William Brewster, one of the 101 people who came to the colonies on the Mayflower in 1620.

“Would you ever in your wildest dreams think that you may have been descended from the people who laid the foundation of this country?” Gates asked Davis, to which she responded “Never, never, never, never, never.”

Gates also revealed that Davis is a descendant of Stephen Darden, a drummer in the 4th Virginia Regiment in the 1770’s during the Revolutionary War. Darden reportedly moved to Georgia and became a slave owner.

“I always imagined my ancestors as the people who were enslaved. My mind and my heart are swirling with all of these contradictory emotions,” said a clearly traumatized Davis.

Angela Davis

112 Known Connections

Advocate of Violence for Political Purposes

Davis developed a belief in violence as an acceptable means of dealing with one’s enemies. This was true, she maintained, not only for a world power like the Soviet Union, but also for individual human beings. Indeed, she once stated: “For the black female, the solution is not to become less aggressive, not to lay down the gun, but to learn how to set the sights correctly, aim accurately, squeeze rather than jerk and not be overcome by the damage. We have to learn how to rejoice when pigs’ blood is spilled.”

To learn more about Angela Davis, click here.



Kamala Falsely Says Biden Admin Reduced Heating, Electricity Bills

Adams Struggles to Explain Why New Yorkers Are Fleeing to FL

Austin: ‘Ukraine’s Going to Decide What Victory’ Will Look Like

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The Soros DAs: Bad People Up to No Good

Missouri’s Attorney General just fired St. Louis progressive prosecutor Kim Gardner for failing to prosecute violent crimes and for other reasons.  Gardner is a Democrat whose campaign was bankrolled by left-wing superhero George Soros.  She admitted to prosecutorial misconduct in the case she brought against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.  Also, she was barred from prosecuting Mark McCloskey on gun charges after a judge found she was using the case to fundraise for her reelection campaign.  She has a backlog of 3,000 cases she has not brought.

The immediate precipitating factor for her firing was an incident in St. Louis last week in which a high school volleyball player visiting the city was struck by a speeding car, pinned against another car, and lost her legs.  The driver of the speeding car was free pending trial for armed robbery after Kim Gardner’s office failed to show up for his first trial and failed to respond when the defendant’s GPS monitor went off 40 times before the crash – meaning they didn’t know where he was half the time.

The volleyball player is not the only victim the Soros DAs have claimed.

Soros DA George Gascon in Los Angeles cut loose a Vietnamese man who had a history of making death threats against Jews.  After his release, the man went on to shoot two Jews who were leaving their synagogues.

The Michigan State University shooter who killed three this month had previous felony gun charges dropped to a misdemeanor by a progressive prosecutor.  A felony conviction would have barred the shooter from owning firearms.  The prosecutor retired in November after her soft-on-crime policies, including her gun charging policy, were widely criticized.

The man who killed a subway employee in Washington three weeks ago had assault charges against him dismissed by a Soros prosecutor in Virginia last year.

Kim Foxx, the notorious Soros prosecutor in Chicago, let a man escape murder charges who had been involved in a shootout with another man.  They both had drawn their guns in an altercation, but the prosecutor called the resulting death of one an act of ‘self-defense’.

Back in St. Louis, three teens were released and sent home after they fired shots at police officers.

These are not the only bad results Soros DAs around the country are producing.  The Soros DA in Philadelphia is overseeing the deadliest murder wave in the city since the 1990s, with more than 500 murders two years running.  Similarly, the murder rate in L.A. under the previously mentioned George Gascon is at a 15-year high.  Child sex crimes, domestic violence, and sexual assault have doubled on his watch, according to members of his own office.  Crime is spiking in city after city where Soros prosecutors are at the helm of the criminal justice system.

What’s it going to take to get people to realize these Soros prosecutors are bad people and progressive criminal justice reform is a very bad idea?  Their thinking is crazy:  All black people, including criminals, are Marxist class heroes and are always right no matter what.  White people are class enemies and always wrong.  Black people are downtrodden and oppressed and, therefore entitled to shoplift.  Theft is OK because insurance companies will just keep paying the losses – which is not true, by the way.  Get rid of cash bail.  Defund the police.  Abolish all courts and prisons. All of this is nuttier than a fruitcake but, if you were trying to create chaos and bring down the country – like many suspect George Soros of wanting to do – you couldn’t start in a better place.

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47% Blacks Say It’s Not OK To Be White

The poison fruit of the Democrat’s ruthless incitement to race hate. They want a race war. It’s evil. Pure evil.

‘It’s OK to be white,’ agree 72%, including 53% of black people

By Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist |February 22, 2023:

Voters are not buying into “woke” racial politics and anti-white attacks from liberals, according to a new survey on the simmering “it’s OK to be white” pushback.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets, 72% agreed with the statement, “It’s OK to be white.” Even a majority of black people, 53%, agreed.

What’s more, when asked if voters agreed or disagreed with the statement, “Black people can be racist, too,” 79% agreed, including 66% of black people.

The survey appears to be a blow to the narrative in the liberal media and Hollywood that white people are the only racists and that being white is something people should be ashamed of……

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Violent Black Racists Attack Tourist Group for Being White

ARNOLD: The ‘Secret Trade’ of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

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