Obama’s Legacy Threatens America’s Future

Americans are feeling the same fear for the future that preceded the Civil War when the incompetent James Buchanan left the mess that Abraham Lincoln had to address. I don’t think we have ever had a President with less knowledge of history than Barack Obama and less ability to solve domestic economic problems and address threatening foreign ones.

“Rarely has a U.S. President been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” said former Vice President Dick Cheney, along with his daughter Liz, in a June 18 opinion published by the Wall Street Journal. Liz has been a deputy assistant secretary of state for eastern affairs.

My fear now is that the President is not, as I originally assumed, driven just by ideology, but that he keeps demonstrating the illegal use of powers that he does not have under the Constitution, coupled with a disdain for the other branch of government, the Congress.

If Obama is eminently impeachable, but Congress is so divided that this is not an option.

Despite what his Justice Department told him, Obama disobeyed a law requiring him to give Congress a 30-day notice for the exchange of terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay. His use of executive orders may meet some legal standard, but they are often his way of getting around legal limitations such as his wish to open America’s borders to the flood of illegal immigrants we are seeing.

There is some comfort in being someone who warned against electing him both times, but there is no comfort in reviewing the harm he has done to date. Only a major Republican victory in the November midterm elections will offer any protection against him until he leaves office.

Let’s just do a quick review:

He traded five members of the Taliban’s highest ranked detainees from Guantanamo for an alleged prisoner of war who deserted his unit in Afghanistan, negotiating with the Islamic criminal group, the Haqqani, known for extracting high ransoms but no mention of money has been made.

Having initiated negotiations with Iran in a futile attempt to get them to cease seeking their own nuclear arsenal, there is conjecture the U.S. will enlist Iran’s help in addressing the jihadist attack on Iraq, but Iran has been the declared enemy of the United States since it seized our diplomats in 1979 and held them hostage until President Reagan was sworn into office. Iran is the world’s greatest supporter of terror. It was behind the truck bomb that destroyed our embassy in Beirut in 1984 and a few months later killed U.S. Marines in an attack on their barracks there. It provided weapons to our enemies during the Iraq war.

He has driven the nation’s debt up so high that, for the first time in its history, its credit rating was reduced. That debt continues to grow and is pegged at $17 trillion. The price of food is beginning to soar.

Unemployment now affects the lives of those unable to find work—literally millions—and those who have ceased to look. Raising the minimum wage will only serve to further reduce job creation and opportunities. Millions are on food stamps while millions are receiving disability benefits. There is likely no way to know who legitimately deserves assistance and who does not. Increasing the rolls is seen as ensuring the Democrat Party gets their vote.

He reduced the funding of our military, reducing its fighting capacity to pre-World War Two levels in manpower and the arsenal of weapons it requires. He advocated the participation of homosexuals, a policy the military has long opposed for issues of unit cohesion and morale. He advocated more female participation in the military. Pastors and other chaplains serving the military were pressured to alter their message to the troops.

Obama is on record saying that “climate change” is the greatest enemy the U.S. military will face. Climate change has been occurring for billions of years and is entirely natural. It has nothing to do with waging war except for the circumstances on a specific battlefield and that is called the “weather”, not climate change.

Having done nothing to stem illegal immigration, the nation is now besieged by thousands of “refugees”, often very young, being bussed here from nations like Nicaragua and Guatemala. They in turn are being “dumped” in Arizona and other locations because the Texas immigration detention facilities are full. This situation is being attributed to Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that was initiated in 2012 to allow illegal immigrants who can to the U.S. as minors to escape deportation for two years. In early June an additional two years was tacked onto the program.

By pushing Obamacare—the Affordable Patient Care Act—through Congress, Obama has effectively destroyed the finest medical health system in the world, raising the cost of health insurance, interfering with the doctor-patient relationship, and causing several million Americans who already had health insurance to lose it. He lied to achieve this and the Democrats knew it. No Republican in Congress voted for it. By 2017 an estimated seven million workers will lose employer provided coverage.

Just as Obama’s indifference to fix the management problems of the Veterans Administration has resulted in needless deaths, Obamacare’s death toll will make that seem small when even policy holders are forced to wait for care because hospitals have closed or there are fewer private practice physicians.

Obama’s declared “war on coal” has already caused more than a hundred coal-fired plants producing electricity to close, reducing the production of electricity at a time the population is growing and the economy requires it for growth. The emissions from such plants had already been reduced by 90% at a significant cost. The EPA’s new regulations have no basis whatever in scientific fact. The cost of electricity is already rising for many Americans and U.S. coal is being shipped to China and India for their plants.

The nation’s moral standards have been harmed by the implementation of same-sex marriages which the President endorsed after reversing an earlier campaign position. His view that legalizing marijuana is okay will have serious implications that are already manifesting themselves at this point.

This is just a thumbnail review of what has been happening to the nation and to all Americans. We have survived incompetent presidents in the past, but Obama is unique, not just for his ignorance and incompetence, but for his reliance on lies to achieve his goal of reducing America as the one world power that has been relied upon to resist the forces of evil that threaten mankind.

Having begun with a quote by the Cheney’s, I will conclude with their view that “President Obama is on track to securing his legacy as the man who betrayed our past and squandered our freedom.”

© Alan Caruba, 2014


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I’m sick of being labeled an Islamophobe for stating the truth

A week ago Barack Hussein Obama stated that the “world is less violent” during a Tumblr interview session – as his acolytes lapped it up. Is he really that clueless?

Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab proves it so. According to Yahoo News, Dozens of extremists (i.e. Islamic terrorists) attacked a Kenyan coastal town for hours, killing those who couldn’t answer questions about Islam and those who didn’t know the Somali language, officials and witnesses said Monday.

article-2658751-1ECEEF3D00000578-946_634x431-300x180At least 48 people were killed and two hotels were set on fire. The assault in Mpeketoni began Sunday night as residents watched World Cup matches on TV and lasted until early Monday, with little resistance put up by Kenya’s security forces. Cars and buildings still smoldered at daybreak.

Just as a reminder, this violence is brought to you by the same jihadists who attacked Nairobi’s Westgate Mall last year — 67 people were killed last September when four al-Shabab gunmen attacked the upscale mall in the Kenyan capital.

And just like those barbaric savages then, the Mpeketoni attackers gave life-or-death religious tests, a witness said, killing those who were not Muslim.

“They came to our house at around 8 p.m. and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims. My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest,” said Anne Gathigi. Another resident, John Waweru, said his two brothers were killed because the attackers did not like that the brothers did not speak Somali.

At the Breeze View Hotel, the gunmen pulled the men aside and ordered the women to watch as they killed them, saying it was what Kenyan troops are doing to Somali men inside Somalia, a police commander said.

The Interior Ministry said that at about 8 p.m. Sunday, two minivans entered the town. Militants disembarked and began shooting. Kenya’s National Disaster Operations Center said military surveillance planes were launched shortly afterward.

It’s come to a certain point where I don’t blame these animals anymore. I blame us. They sense weakness and only respect strength, power, and might.

You know what I’m sick of? I am sick of the apologists, weaklings, and coexist bumper sticker crowd who sit back and allow this to happen.

I am sick of people telling us to not offend Muslims and that these are just the actions of those who are perverting Islam. I’m sick of Barack Hussein Obama supporting Islamists. I’m sick of us allowing this theocratic-political totalitarian ideology to infiltrate Western Civilization and turn our laws against us as they masquerade as a religion. I’m sick of tolerance becoming a one-way street leading to our cultural suicide.

I’m sick of being labeled as an “Islamophobe” for speaking the truth. I am sick of hearing we are not at war with Islam, yet their actions tell me that it has been and continues to be at war with us — Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb.

I am sick of an American pastor, Saeed Abedini being held in Iran for being a Christian. I am sick of a Sudanese Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to a naturalized American citizen and mother of two American children being held in a Sudanese prison because of her faith — sentenced to 100 lashes and death. I’m sick of hashtag diplomacy and empty rhetoric as a response to Islamic terrorists kidnapping Christian Nigerian girls and burning boys to death.

I’m sick of reading about Christians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Copts, being slaughtered by the so called “religion of peace” — what utter bovine excrement.

I’m sick of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups operating freely in America and U.S. political officials allowing if not encouraging it. I’m sick of CAIR being able to wield political influence in our country and censor women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Brigitte Gabriel who have suffered under the intolerant hands of Islamism — and hearing nothing from liberal progressives who tout a “War on Women.”

I’m sick of people worrying about jihadists taken off the battlefield and held at a freakin’ five-star facility like GITMO with top notch medical treatment and cable TV while Americans captured by the enemy are brutally tortured, and ritually beheaded. I’m sick of cowards who release the enemy’s leadership and try to convince the American people they are not a threat.

I’m sick of these bastards believing they can taunt and threaten our nation while we sit back and fools like John Kerry talk about climate change being a global threat — and want to ask Iran for assistance in Iraq. Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism and has the blood of American troops on its hands.

Yep, I’ve had it and will be relentless in defeating Islamic totalitarianism. Sir Winston Churchill tried to warn England of the threat of Naziism — of course the country initially sided with Chamberlain. And so history is repeating itself. Warning to liberal progressive socialists: stand clear lest you find yourself declared an ally with these barbarians. I am looking for brave Americans to enjoin this battle. This is not about killing them all, just killing the ones who need killing — since that is all they understand.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com. The featured photo is courtesy of Militaryphotos.net.

Confused Gov. Jerry Brown declares Sharia law in Caliphornia

The declaration of a Caliph state between the border of Syria and Iraq has raised some interesting parallels, bringing confusion to California Governor Jerry Brown’s cabinet and resulting in an executive order that changed the official spelling of the state to “Caliphornia,” and the title of the Golden State’s Governor to “Caliph.”

“We feel that we are all of one mind when it comes to state power and control,” stated an anonymous source deep in Brown’s cabinet. “The freedom fighters of the newly declared Caliphate have honored us by taking part of our name and we feel we must respond in kind.”

“Besides, if you take the land occupied by ISIS and tilt it on its side, and squint a little, it looks a lot like Caliphornia,” the source added.

Caliph Jerry Brown today held a press conference to introduce and explain the new way of governing.

“To honor and support the founding of the new, thriving Caliphate, and because we love all religions except Christianity, we will now follow Sharia law,” said Brown.

“We are excited about saving our taxpayers considerable money by emptying our prisons and retroactively erasing all crimes committed during the period when I was dating Linda Ronstadt. That was a happy time for me, and I think we should all share in that happiness,” Caliph Brown stated. “Everyone else will be stoned, beheaded, lashed, or have their limbs amputated in accordance with the new penal code, based on recommendations by the most prominent experts in Islamic jurisprudence who derive their scholarly opinions from the sayings of Mohammed as recorded in the Hadith, the Sunnah, and the Koran.

The Caliph also promised his subjects to blow up and/or close all non-compliant places of worship, appending the surviving churches and synagogues with minarets in compliance with Caliphornia’s building codes.

A separate anti-idolatry fatwa has been issued to stop the rampant proliferation of small and medium-sized Buddha statues, a few million of which are expected to be surrendered to designated state recycling centers.

Government inspectors, identifiable by their towel-like headdress, will be making surprise visits to suspected private homes and businesses, especially New Age and Holistic Healing Centers, with a license to break any unauthorized Buddhas, Gaias, and other non-compliant religious figurines, as well as to drag the perpetrators by their hair out front and subject them to public lashings.

A new bill establishing a 10% Jizya per capita tax levied on all of Caliphornia’s non-Muslim subjects (a requital for not being killed) was unanimously passed by the state’s largely Democratic Senate as the only solution to balance the budget while ensuring that all unionized government employees get their fair share.

The few senators who objected were declared Islamophobes and taken into police custody in accordance with the previously passed hate-crime legislation.

The only objection to the Caliph’s new alcohol-banning fatwa came from Caliphornia’s resident Nick Nolte, who was promptly beheaded without as much as a mug shot. Major civil disobedience on part of Caliphornia’s prominent non-conformists has been avoided with assurances that marijuana will remain a legal substance. The government then proceeded to seize and convert all existing liquor to alternative fuels, bars to hookah lounges, and distilleries to heroin factories that will be processing poppies imported from Afghanistan.

A special Wymen’s Rights and Diversity Fatwa, endorsed and celebrated by the local chapter of N.O.W., will require all female residents of the state to wear the designated “garb of diversity” made of plain, non-patterned cloth that covers their wrists, ankles, necks, and hair. All non-diverse individuals of female sexual orientation will be apprehended and subjected to summary lashing and/or stoning as determined by the diversity officer from the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

A number of previously transgendered individuals have already come out with statements renouncing their chosen female identities and demanding that the state pay for their sex-change operations that would bring back their manhood.

In conclusion of his short announcement, Caliph Jerry Brown stated, “Anyone who opposes me and my new autocratic rule shall be declared an enemy of democracy, tolerance, and diversity, and as such he or she shall be arrested on charges of Islamophobia and hate speech. Any objections? I didn’t think so.”

Caliph Brown then answered questions, mostly pertaining to increased waiting times in Caliphornia’s emergency hospitals due to a sudden surge of severed extremities, as well as multiple human heads littering streets and other public spaces, creating health and driving hazards, and raising questions about the effectiveness of local sanitation services.

“There are always unintended consequences, and you should all know by now that they really don’t matter,” responded the Caliph, removing his shoes and calling all present to join him in a public prayer for the victory of progress and end to Islamophobia.

The ISIS takeover of Iraq leads to Jerusalem

As we witness the brutalization of Iraq by the ISIS terror organization consider this. This Islamic march of death leads to Jerusalem.

The leading phenomenon that resulted from the call of the people in the Arab world against unsatisfactory leaders has been their cause being hijacked by insurgent jihadi terrorists. We saw that in Libya with the fall of Gadhafi. We saw it in Egypt where Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, in this case an in-house jihadi movement. We see it in Syria where the people’s cry against Assad has led to an influx of Al-Qaida type groups vying for dominance. Now we witness the fall of Iraq by a vicious Islamic terror regime against which Al-Qaida pales into moderation.

The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) is headed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He transformed a few small terror cells into the most brutal and lethal terror group on earth. Mercy is not in this man’s vocabulary. Abu Bakr picked up the mantle after Abu Omar al Baghdadi was killed in a joint U.S.-Iraqi operation in 2010.

Al-Qaida in Iraq was under the leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who, in a 2005 letter to the head of Al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri, put the aims of Al-Qaida in Iraq into four stages;

  1. Drive America out of Iraq.
  2. Create a Caliphate in Iraq.
  3. Use that as a base to attack other countries.
  4. Attack Israel.

When both al-Zarqawi and al-Baghdadi were killed by American forces it looked as if Al-Qaida was decimated in Iraq, but Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reformed a weakening terror group by leading it in battle, honing its fighters training and experience in Iraq and Syria, and by using political savvy by linking his growing group to local and tribal demands and interests. It became both a fighting force and social benefactor, winning local hearts and minds along a bloody path of victory. He absorbed the al-Nusra Front terror group in Syria into his ranks, demanding their obedience. Seeing the growing threat, Al-Qaida’s al-Zarqawi , from his hiding place somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan, criticized ISIS for not concentrating on Iraq. In response, a confident ISIS hit back, accusing the Al-Qaida chief of “Sheikh Osama (bin Laden) gathered all the mujahedeen with one word, but you divided them and tore them apart.”

ISIS has attracted thousands of foreign fighters to its ranks, increasing its power and size.  The shockwaves caused by its Iraqi Blitzkreig in seizing the towns of Mosul, Tikrit, and Fallujah was met by a mocking response by ISIS. “The battle is not yet raging, but it will rage in Baghdad and Karbala. Put on your belts and get ready” as they contemptuously called Iraqi leader, Nouri al-Maliki, an “underwear salesman.”

Clearly, the battle for Iraq is along sectarian lines with the Sunni ISIS, representing the majority of Iraqis, challenging the Shia al-Maliki rule. Clearly also was al-Maliki’s refusal to allow American forces to stay on in Iraq, but the ISIS victories were enhanced by the military vacuum in Iraq following the American pull-out, and this responsibility can be put at Obama’s White House door.

Obama’s self-proclaimed foreign policy “achievements” have been US troop withdrawals from Iraq, and “Al-Qaida has been decimated and is on the run!” These two boasts have now come back to haunt him. Al-Qaida has morphed into a bigger monster that is about to take over Iraq. And what was President Obama’s response?  “We don’t have the resources. Let the local leaders deal with them.” This is short-sighted weakness, and dangerous.  This was emphasized on Friday, 13 June, when Obama, confronted by the deteriorating situation in Iraq, decided to head off to California for a fund-raising event and some golf.

America spilled blood and treasure in Iraq including 4500 lives, $17 billion in military training to Iraqi forces, and $15 billion in military equipment. Now ISIS terrorists are seen driving around in American military Humvees.

The United States embassy in Baghdad is the largest global American embassy. It has 15,000 workers. It would be wrong to say that they did not pick up intelligence on the gathering Islamic terror storm. They did, and it fed it up the chain to the State Department and the White House, for months. Neither of those bodies acted on the intel. As one staffer told Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, “We couldn’t convince the President that this is serious!”

Now the Baghdad embassy could be under ISIS fire, making Benghazi look like child’s play. And attack on Americans will not end there.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was captured, imprisoned, and then released by America in Iraq, just as Obama recently released the five top Al-Qaida/Taliban prisoners at Gitmo. America, and others, will pay for both these foolish gestures. As Ken King, the Commander of the Bucco Camp that was ordered to release al-Baghdadi, related on the Fox News “Kelly Files” program, as a parting shot the ISIS leader glared at King and warned, “I’ll see you in New York!”

In a strange twist on “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Republican lawmakers called for a partnership with Iran to stop ISIS from attacking Baghdad. Senator Lindsey Graham warned that ISIS “will eventually march on Jordan and Lebanon. They’re going to take the King of Jordan down.” The unspoken implication is that Israel will be next.

ISIS is now pumping Iraqi oil. It grabbed half a trillion dollars when it seized Iraq’s central bank in Mosul making it the richest terrorist organization in the world.

ISIS has been called too extreme for Al-Qaida with justification. Al-Baghdadi is being crowned “the next Bin Laden.”

ISIS is guilty of wholesale massacres in Syria, leaving the bodies to rot for all to see. It beheaded a top rival rebel commander, leaving his head in the middle of the market where everyone could see their handiwork. Amnesty International listed a few of their atrocities in their 18 page report “Rule of fear; ISIS abuses in detention is northern Syria.”  They have conducted hundreds of executions, beheadings, even crucifixions in Mosul, Iraq. They destroy anything that is not Islamic, such as the Assyrian Church in Mosul. Hundreds have been slain for being “infidels.”

Once Islamic ISIS establishes its permanent presence in Iraq, as Hezbollah has done in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, it will strengthen its grip on Syria. While looking down on Israel from the Golan Heights, it is likely to turn its attention to a militarily weak Lebanon, seeking to remove the Shiite Hezbollah from power, taking over its armoury of a hundred thousand rockets, and taking control of that country. From its northern hegemony in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria it will target Jordan with the intention of deposing, or killing, the Hashemite king, as a preliminary step to taking over his country.  If America, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia do not immediately move to strengthen the Kingdom, King Abdullah will be exposed to mortal danger, granting ISIS control over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan in their march to a global Caliphate, and Stage 4 of their original plan.

Israel would be advised to keep a sharp eye on a future move by ISIS to attack or infiltrate Jordan via Syria. Who is to say that radical Palestinians and Islamists in Jordan will not open the gates of that country to ISIS, just as Syrians reached out to them at their cost?

When that scenario is achieved, Israel will be exposed to a threatening and powerful terror enemy stretching from Rosh HaNikra on the northern Mediterranean to Mount Hermon in the north east of Israel, sweeping through the Golan Heights and down the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea and the Red Sea in the south.

In the turmoil that is the Middle East, where regimes are falling and nations are toppling, who is to say that such a nightmare scenario is not possible unless ISIS is stopped in its tracks now?



ISIS jihadis seize Tal Afar, which President Bush in 2006 called “a free city that gives us reason to hope for a free Iraq”

Republicans Should Learn from Cantor’s Mistake

Last week’s defeat of House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent shock waves throughout D.C. like I have never seen before.  But, in Cantor’s defeat, I see great opportunity for the Republican Party to make inroads into the Black community.

Cantor represents Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, which is a suburb of Richmond.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, it has a population of 757,917 (74.3 percent White, 17.1 percent Black), median income of $ 64,751. In other words, it is the definition of a middle-class district.  The district is rated as a solid Republican (R+10).

Before we can understand how Republicans can learn from this, we must understand why Cantor lost. It was a total repudiation of the lack of leadership and vision within the Republican congressional leadership.

How could Cantor justify supporting amnesty for illegals when there are 50 million Americans out of work? How could he justify giving in-state tuition to illegals when American-born Americans can barely afford college?

How could Cantor justify illegal children getting accommodations at a 5-star military base when American children are being moved from homeless shelter to homeless shelter?

Cantor’s constituents (Black and White) were asking him some very simple questions:  Who is looking out for me and my interests?  My husband has been laid off and has been seeking employment for two years, so we can’t afford to send our child to college. Why are our tax dollars going to pay for the education of those in the country illegally? Where is the help for those of us who were born here?

We are building bridges and roads in foreign countries, while ours are falling apart. We have recently returned war veterans living on the streets, while we put illegals in hotels and on military bases. Our troops are eating meals ready to eat (MREs) and illegals are complaining about the burritos they are being served.

With 17.1 percent of Cantor’s constituents being Black, he should have known that he was on the wrong side of the amnesty issue.  Blacks are the single largest demographic group that opposes amnesty, despite support from such Black groups as the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus.  These groups do not reflect the views of the average Black voter. If Cantor had some Blacks on his staff and working in his campaign, he would have known that.

If Cantor had some credible Blacks around him, he would have known that Blacks are thoroughly disillusioned with Obama and his policies and they are willing to look at supporting a “viable” Republican alternative.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS), the national unemployment rate is 6.3 percent and for Blacks 11.5 percent. So why would a Black person vote for someone who supports importing more competition from illegals for low and unskilled jobs?

Under Obama, according to the Census Bureau, the poverty rate for Blacks went from 12 percent in 2008 to its current 16.1 percent; median income decreased by 3.6 percent for White households to $ 58,000, but fell 10.9 percent to $ 33,500 for Black households.

Republicans fail to see that immigration is a cross-over issue that unites both Blacks and Whites.

Paul E. Peterson, professor of government at Harvard University, wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Gains under the Obama administration by all students range between minimal and nonexistent, and the black-white gap on test scores threatens to widen after having narrowed steadily over the previous nine years [the Bush years].”

Obama has done everything in his power to sabotage Blacks having access to better educational opportunities. Just last year Obama’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit to block Louisiana’s tuition voucher program, which has produced significant improvement for Blacks and Hispanics. The Washington Post’s editorial board blasted Obama stating that he wanted, “to trap poor black children in ineffective schools.”

Mixed messages coming from our congressional leadership is fueling the anger that was on display in the Cantor race: We Republicans claim to support the middle class, fight for Americans, support our troops, and represent “real America.”

Last time I checked, America is a very diverse nation, but it is not reflected within our congressional leadership, their staffs, or their advisers.

Cantor surrounded himself with his usual White consultants who had no one around them with a different perspective on any of the issues.  This campaign was exhibit A in why diversity is necessary within our party.

But, can someone explain to me how a national party leader in the 21st century doesn’t notice that he has no Blacks on his personal or leadership staff?  He’ll have plenty of time to think about it in coming years.

Meanwhile, other Republicans need to take heed.

Most Republicans are not aware that Mitt Romney received 20 percent of the Black vote from males between ages 20-30 (though he received only 6 percent nationally).  So this notion about Obama having a stranglehold on the Black vote is pure fiction.

Neither the Republican Party nor the Tea Party are racist.  They both have been horrible in the area of communications.  They both have allowed the media and liberal to brand them as racists and have done nothing to counter the charges.  So, a lie oft repeated becomes the truth. If Cantor’s loss causes our congressional leadership to realize that they need to actively engage the Black community on substantive issues, then it will be a worthwhile loss.  If they continue what they have been doing; then they will become as the sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. – See more at: http://www.blackpressusa.com/2014/06/republicans-should-learn-from-cantors-mistake/#sthash.wzX2f69J.DIoxH9oY.dpuf

Here We Go Again: The GOP’s All Talk No Action Campaign

Another ground hog just climbed out of his cave and made the following statement. I refer to the statement made by Representative Lou Barletta (R-PA) which was ignored by the press in the United States but reported on by the British Daily Mail:

‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution’: Republican Representative says there’s ‘probably’ enough votes in the House to impeach Obama!

Republican Rep. Lou Barletta said Monday that President Barack Obama would ‘probably’ lose an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives.

‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws and ignoring the checks and balances,’ the Pennsylvania lawmaker told a local radio host.

I just called Rep. Barletta’s office in Washington D.C., the number is 202-225-6511, and asked him to put up or shut up. I am sick and tired of these all talk no action Grand Old Party members of Congress running their mouths about the maybes regarding impeachment of President Obama.

Either draw up the charges Mr. Barletta or close the hole under your nose and go back to stapling your memo’s to Mr. Boehner about the next cookie baking contest in your district. Shut up with all this “maybe” talk and actually lead and do something useful.

The next time a Republican makes a statement like this call him on it. Put him on the pad. Body slam them metaphorically speaking to the floor until he submits and does what he says he is going to do. Most of these Republicans just lay back in their easy chairs in their Congressional office dreaming about sugar plum fairies, raising money for their campaigns and their next golf game, much like President Obama.

Mr. Barletta. Draw up the paperwork dude. Write it up and submit it to the Congressional record. Get as many co-sponsors as you can and then vote on Obama’s impeachment. Otherwise SHUT UP!


Obama’s Statements Not Adding Up on the Border
Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney: The Collapsing Obama Doctrine – WSJ
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Hollywood Plots Are ‘More Believable’ Than IRS, White House on Missing Emails

Benedict Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion of America

If millions of soldiers from south of the border were flooding our nation for the purposes of colonizing our land, we would easily recognize the threat. And if some amongst us were aiding and abetting this invasion — purposely lowering border security to facilitate it — we’d know what to call them. And we’d know how they should be dealt with.

This comes to mind when considering the flood of humanity that does continually pour across our border, a phenomenon whose most recent manifestation is the children’s crusade (which includes many teens, some of whom are gang members) currently in the news. Oh, the people trespassing on our land aren’t wearing uniforms; they aren’t wielding cold steel. But this isn’t always necessary. As Muammar Gaddafi once pointed out, some invasions are prosecuted “without sword, without gun, without conquest.” “We don’t need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers,” he said. “The 50 plus million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into the Muslim Continent within a few decades.” Of course, in the waning West, we call this “diversity” and “demographic change.”

And as we’re being diversified into a country definitely.

There are those amongst us aiding and abetting this invasion.

We can start with the fact that Barack Obama and his fellow travelers have sparked this most recent human wave with promises of amnesty for young illegals. Obama has also hobbled immigration enforcement, which itself is a euphemistic way of saying that he has, like a fifth column, cleared the way for an invading force. Adding insult to injury, not only is there no effort at deportation, but his administration’s first response to the children’s crusade was to provide lawyers for the illegals — paid for with your tax money — to help make these reinforcements permanent.
In fact, Obama is so intent on aiding the invasion that he has served notice that if Congress won’t be complicit in his scheme, he will use an executive order to help the foreign boots on the ground.

Question: what do you call such a person?

Of course, this is nothing new. We have had seven amnesties in recent decades, and all the way through there were promises to secure the border. It never happened. Fool me once, shame on you. And if they can fool you seven times?

You’re a doormat.

There’s only one thing foreign boots on the ground do to doormats, mind you — and it isn’t to show respect and gratitude.

It’s obvious why leftists such as Obama have long facilitated immigration: they are importing voters. Upwards of 80 percent of the new arrivals will vote Democrat upon being naturalized. And is this any surprise? Most all illegals — and a majority of legal immigrants — hail from Hispanic nations, which are notoriously socialist (only the degree varies). And people don’t suddenly change ideology just because they change location.

This brings us to Republicans who claim that Hispanics are a “natural conservative constituency” and that all the GOP need do is offer the olive branch of amnesty. Theirs is an imagination that could put Gene Roddenberry to shame.

While Hispanics do generally favor amnesty, the main thing the majority of them want is what they voted for in their socialist homelands: big government. Don’t believe me, Karl? Just consider recent Pew research (hat tip: American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson) showing that only 19 percent of Hispanics favor a smaller government while a whopping 75 percent prefer a bigger one. Of course, assimilation is the answer, right? Take a gander at the rest of the Pew data:

And what does this equate to once Hispanic majority status is reached (along with the leftward drift of non-Hispanic whites)?

  • 19- 75 = government of Venezuela
  • 36-58 = government of Mexico

In other words, modern immigration = death of America.

And to reiterate, this doesn’t mean just illegal migration. Ever since Ted Kennedy’s immigration act of 1965, 85 percent of our legal immigrants have hailed from the Third World and Asia. So in terms of demographic and ideological change, there is no difference between legal and illegal migration.

Yet it isn’t just Hispanic immigrants. One reason I favor a moratorium on all immigration is that we face a largely socialist world. Where would we find immigrants amenable to authentic Americanism? Europe? China? Africa? The Middle East? The only exception may be Russia, but I wouldn’t want to bet my culture on that, either.
While I’ve framed this ideologically, it can be defined culturally and racially (gasp!), too. And I won’t shrink from this since it is exactly what the left is doing.

There’s an old saying, if you can’t get the people to change the government, change the people. Here’s a simple fact: what we call traditional conservatism is a phenomenon of Christian, European-descent people (modern Europeans no longer qualify because of their secularism). One can debate the reasons for this, but it is plainly true. It’s why almost 90 percent of GOP voters are white and almost 90 percent are Christian; it’s why church attendance is one of the best predictors of voting patterns. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that other groups won’t contain some conservatives, but the fact is that no other major group is majority conservative.

Then there is that uncomfortable truth: Obama and many other leftists hate what they see as “white America”— Obama described white culture as “alien” in his book Dreams from My Father — and they want to destroy it as fast as possible. This is why, while giving the 1998 commencement address at Oregon’s Portland State University, Bill Clinton spoke glowingly of the day when whites become a minority in America (to the uproarious cheers of the mostly white students).

Of course, this is where Obama, Clinton and the rest of the fifth column will say that if you’re not cheering, you’re a bigot.


If the Joneses were somehow gaining access to the Smith’s home, squatting there and slowly taking over while the police refused to enforce trespassing laws, no one would wonder if the Smiths objected. The fact that Joneses aren’t Smiths would be explanation enough. Or let’s say that millions of Chinese were flooding the Ivory Coast, were supplanting African culture and threatening to soon outnumber the Africans. Would we be surprised if the Ivorians were up in arms? Would anthropologists call the transformation anything but cultural genocide?

Again, though, we call this diversity. But there’s a funny thing about that oh-so necessary quality:

  • It’s only encouraged in Western lands.
  • If diversity is such an imperative, why don’t we push it in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Tunisia or Rwanda? And don’t tell me we’re just minding our own business, as Obama thought nothing of parading around Africa last year preaching about homosexual rights.

The truth is that when liberals say “Our strength lies in our diversity,” they really mean their strength. They’re building a solid socialist majority that won’t blink at leftist corruption because these new arrivals are inured to it — corruption is status quo in their native lands.

And what else can we say about these migrants? Most are just coming to the US to make money, while some have criminal designs. But what is certain is that even if they were capable of shedding deep-seated socialist instincts, they’re not coming here to become American — in spirit. And they’re casting votes Americans won’t cast.

Back in 2009, a former Labour (Britain’s liberal party) speechwriter created a firestorm by revealing that the UK government had encouraged unfettered immigration “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity.” This prompted The Telegraph’s Ed West to call the leftists’ plan “borderline treason.”

Borderline? I think that’s another border that was brazenly crossed. And does this kind of behavior deserve any less damning a characterization on our side of the pond?

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If Muslims want America to Save their Asses Again — Then It’s Time They Sign on the Dotted Line

Dear Muslims of the Levant,

We Americans know you enjoy your oil-drenched lives of crass debauchery and fake religiosity. We know that you always pay others to do what you abhor, like work. And, silly us, we are stupid enough to think our benevolence toward you will actually provide an example for you to change your ways.

Well, we Jeffersonian Constitutionalists may be a bit slow, as compared to you desert-traders and your slick negotiation skills honed over almost two millennium, but sooner or later we will wake up and smell the oil!

So, as we Americans see it, you got a couple of choices to make in the next few days. First, you can continue to rant and rave about the “American colonizers” and “Jew pigs,” feeling good about yourselves and looking even more macho before your harem of slave-women. If you make that choice, most likely your Muslim Shia ISIS brothers will be knocking on your door in a couple of weeks and leaving with your head on a pike.

Or, second, you can sign on the dotted line below and we Americans will use our full force and fury to, once again, annihilate your enemies, save your dusty lives and let you get back to serving Allah, traveling in your G5’s and Bentley’s as you vacation at Monte Carlo, sipping on a fabulous Bordeaux, with your hand on the waitress’ butt.

The Choice is Yours! If you want America’s help then, PLEASE READ & SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE BELOW…

“We Muslims of the Levant ask America to come and save us from our brother Muslims of the Levant and we promise to do the following:”

1.  Immediately deliver 10 trillion dollars of gold to the US Treasury;

2.  Sign over full control of all oil fields in our countries;

3.  Agree that Israel has always been and always will be a nation for the Jewish people;

4.  Finally agree that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and has nothing to do with Islam;

5.  Dismantle the Golden Dome of the Rock and move it to Iran;

6.  Open our borders for all Muslims in Israel who want to leave the newly recognized Jewish nation;

7.  Divest ownership of American gas stations, or at least clean the bathrooms;

8.  Pass a law that says ONLY women are allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia

9.  Finally, admit that John Esposito is an idiot.



(NB: We don’t really believe that you will sign on the dotted line so as a parting thought be sure to keep those shariah beards properly trimmed…for your head-on-a-pike, debut.)

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Iraq Crisis: While Obama’s Away, He Needs Options to Weigh

Being President of the United States and Leader of the Free World is not only hard work, but a lot of work for just one person, even if he is that Healer of the Planet, Stopper of the Rising Oceans and The One We’ve Been Waiting For otherwise known as Barack Obama.

Take this very weekend, for example. In addition to his Father’s Day speech about how he had to grow up without a father, he’s also traveling to North Dakota for a photo-op with Native Americans and another speech about how he really does care about them and wants to use his pen and phone to give them free stuff.

Then it’s off to California to do the two things he always does in California – Democratic fundraisers, which are important if we hope to stop Republican terrorism and obstructionism in Congress; and golf, because, you know, presidents always play golf no matter what – Republican presidents certainly did, but even though it was wrong and out-of-touch for them to do so, the fact that they did makes it alright for Obama to do so now.

But now, on top of all that, there’s this kerfuffle in Iraq. And while he’s away from the bubble of Washington, Obama is depending on his staff to come up with an array of options for him to consider in dealing with said kerfuffle.

Dudes, we are, like, just as qualified as Tommy Vietor or – with a necklace that looks clunky enough – Jen Psaki, or anyone else in the Obama Administration to conjure up options for dealing with the crisis in Iraq. Surely we can do our part to help Obama and lighten his heavy load! Here are a few possibilities:

More selfies of people holding up signs with hashtags. #ISISbenice or #ISISplaynice or #BlameBush4Ever or something that will make those ISIS guys think about what they’re doing and maybe back down if enough of us hold up signs and tweet and retweet. Maybe Jim Messina could write something on his hand about how he’s in on the newest OFA approved hashtag. Are you in? Or should it be #AreYouIn? #DoYouCare?

Hollywood celebrities could get together to record a song that will raise awareness of the crisis. If enough people download the song and it gets enough airplay on the radio, it just might reach Iraqi ears. It will give those on one side hope because we care about their plight, and warn the other side that we’re raising awareness of what they’re doing so they might want to consider reconsidering what they’re doing.

Or, we could throw shoes at an effigy of Bush before chopping it to pieces and setting it ablaze. After all, none of this would’ve happened if not for George Bush! It’s just not fair for anyone to expect Obama to clean up the mess Bush made! Isn’t it enough that it’s the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up, and the last thing he thinks about before falling asleep? Isn’t it enough that he cares?

The question is, do any of us care as much as he does?

I know I do! I cared enough to come up with THREE options for him to consider!

If anyone has any dumber ideas, post them here.

A regular contributor to The People’s Cube, Commissarka Pinkie is a proud Progressive with a lifelong commitment to raising awareness of how much she cares. When she isn’t busy making an issue out of everything, she enjoys spending other people’s money, ginning up phony outrage, and playing absolute moral authority and victim cards.

We have MET the Enemy

TO: The Metropolitan Opera
Attn: Peter Sellars, Peter Gelb, Nicole Halton, Susan Hayes

To the Staff of the Metropolitan Opera:

During World War II, a violinist dressed in military uniform went to play for the servicemen in a United States Army hospital in Italy.  As he entered a ward designated for young men who had recently lost limbs, he was shocked to see that one patient was attempting to applaud with his only hand. As the musician’s face lit up with compassion and sensitivity, he raised his violin and played. His name was Jascha Heifetz, a Lithuanian-born Jewish American whose 65-year career began at age four.  He made his Carnegie Hall debut at age 16, and became world renowned for the perfection to which other violinists still aspire.

Seated next to Heifetz at the hospital piano was pianist Milton Kaye. Fifty years later, Kaye recalled that memorable concert when he heard “the greatest violinist of the ages.” The following year, pianist Seymour Lipkin beheld that same magnificence when he accompanied Heifetz on another GI tour, stating that the violinist always played his best, no matter the circumstances.  Heifetz had been so moved when he entertained the paraplegics, that despite his grueling schedule, he continued to add more such concerts to his tours, and Kaye remembers those days as “the greatest privilege” of his musical life.

In addition to an unparalleled talent, Heifetz had what is known as neshamah, a Jewish soul – what may be described as an energy and essence of virtue and humanity, passion and compassion, and depth of empathy for others.  It was even apparent to his father who saw the four-year-old prodigy cry when he played sad music.  No doubt, it is the Israeli  neshamah that provides quality medical attention even to their enemies, and the same that sends Israeli first responders to countries devastated by natural disasters.  And it is this same quality that appears to have eluded the next generation of Heifetzes,– Jascha’s great nephew, Peter Gelb, artistic director at the Metropolitan Opera (The “Met”).

It was said of Gelb that he declares himself a man of the people, but that he is out of touch with the prevailing zeitgeist (culture of the time).  Noted in the Berkshire Fine Arts, Gelb lacks the qualifications to organize a program and appoint or audition singers and, despite his inexpertise, captured this Met position from the ailing James Levine.  But it is Gelb’s choice of opera for the 2014 fall season that is most disturbing.

The Death of Klinghoffer was cited for being anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic terrorism, and Gelb’s integrity and moral compass are in question.  Instead of eliciting compassion and tears for the murder of Mr. Leon Klinghoffer, a defenseless, wheelchair-bound veteran of WW II, a fellow-American and Jew, Gelb’s opera will offer sympathy and apology for the Islamic murderers – who might just as well have thrown the Jewish-American Gelb overboard, had he vacationed aboard the ill-fated  Achille Lauro.

Gelb’s collaborators were director Peter Sellars and choreographer Mark Morris for concept, John Adams’ music and Alice Goodman’s libretto.  The opera was commissioned by five American and European opera companies and was first performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. And the Met staff decided to cast ethics to the wind and fan the flames of anti-Semitism.

Rather than show concern for the victim and his family, and the other terrified, endangered tourists who were taken hostage, although ultimately spared, the artistes extol the contrived virtues of the cold-blooded killers.  They have taken a pro-Islamic, anti-American/Jewish stance in favor of an avowed enemy – Islam, whose adherents repeatedly warn that they will overtake the West and establish an Islamic caliphate on our soil.  And the Met’s callous staff and cast will provide the venue for the glorification of Islam, thereby softening the eventual conquest of an acclimatized people.

Would these soulless specimens sympathize with these Muslims if the victim were also their own family member or religious compadre? Did they likewise sympathize with the Mahmoud Abbas-financed and -orchestrated Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes? Or the Muslims who commandeered the planes that killed three thousand in the World Trade Center? Or the Boston Marathon jihadists who killed three and injured/crippled 264 racers?  Or Major Hassan who fatally shot 13 and injured more than 30 at Fort Hood?  Would the Met also consider providing sophisticated entertainment while reproducing the beheading of Jewish-American journalist, Daniel Pearl?  Or blowing up a school bus of children in Chechnya or Israel?  Perhaps Gelb would consider a choral group of 200 young girls for an opera about the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria? What other inspiration might one select for musical adventures into the exaltation of Islam and its adherents for the pleasure of the unenlightened?

Can the Met not grasp that to glorify evil is evil?

Just as we must never recreate the atrocities of the concentration camps for our amusement, so must we never recreate any acts of malevolence to minimize their impact on the human psyche. While the author(s) and producer(s) claim to find motivation for Islamic acts, they do not seek the truth; Islamic motivation is hate, envy, resentment, against Jews, Christians, Americans, Western Civilization.

  • Mohammed bore extreme hate for the Jews because they rejected his new religion and his status as prophet.
  • In revenge, he beheaded the Jewish men of Mecca and Medina, captured other men, women, and children as slaves (or for slave trade), seized the coveted metal crafts for his booty, and declared the cities holy for Islam. This success became part of the Islamic “religion.”
  • The envy of Islam for Western accomplishments is strong because their lives were devoted to war, conquest, bloodshed, not learning or creativity.  Therefore, their claims to invention come from the creativity of the nations they have conquered.  Muslims are now asserting that Moses, Jesus, Christopher Columbus, and Albert Einstein were Muslim.
  • Further envy and hatred come from their belief that Islam is the best and only religion, yet they are conflicted because their society is beset with illiteracy, poverty, distrust, discrimination, enslavement, vigilante killings and unhappiness.  They understand that life is better in the West, yet they are in the West to change our system to theirs.

Just as we must never recreate the atrocities of the concentration camps for our amusement, so we must never recreate any acts of malevolence to minimize their impact on the human psyche.  No matter what the adversity or personal history behind acts of evil, never forget that the acts are evil. Although Islamic motivation is hate, embedded in the Koran, and taught to the very young and throughout their lives, the motivation is immaterial.Criminals must be held accountable, not excused, for their behavior, and never celebrated, or every felon would be freed and anarchy would reign.

You see, the Muslims did more than take a man’s life. They’ve stolen the humanity from every American who is even peripherally involved with this murder.  Their Koran deals primarily with torture and death; our laws concern compassion and to respect life.  For the sake of our survival as a nation and as a species, our obligation is morality.

For those wishing to contact the MET staff here is their email address: Metropolitanopera@metopera.org

On Immigration and Why I Hate Soccer

This article will be a departure from my usual fare. I will not claim there is some Absolute Truth deeming soccer the bane of humanity’s sports. I do not contend that some objective, divine standard places it in Dante’s ninth circle of athletic arenas, though I wish I could. Sport is a matter of taste, and, as G.K. Chesterton said (okay, so this isn’t a complete departure for me — I’m quoting Chesterton), “There are no uninteresting subjects, only uninterested people.” I get it. And I, I confess, like golf. So mock away. But in this piece I’ll ditch the Mr. Spock act, let my human side emote, may even contradict myself, and will say something.

I hate soccer.

I hear there’s something going on right now called the World Cup. I hear it’s in Brazil. I hear other pundits, such as Stephen Webb and Rick Moran, are commenting on it, taking opposing views. And I hear that the score between the two is 0-0 after 2000 words. But I won’t claim that soccer is un-American as did Webb or like Moran, claim it’s fun. I’ll say something truly intellectual.

I hate soccer.

When I grew up in the Bronx in the ‘70s, few played that infernal game. I was exposed to it, but could never relate. Why can’t I use my hands? I mean, I have hands. They’re remarkably dexterous appendages. They exist to manipulate all manner of things in the physical universe. I preferred tennis and ping pong to handball, sure, but that was understandable. The racquets and paddles are tools that facilitate the striking of a ball; with them you can achieve a degree of velocity and spin — which could curve the ball in fascinating ways — otherwise impossible. And velocity and spin are cool. It’s as if I need to pound a nail: I take my hand and pick up a hammer. I don’t use my foot.

That’s the crux of this entirely taste-oriented matter. It goes without saying that professional soccer players are highly skilled. But to me it’s like seeing those unfortunate double amputees who’ve learned to paint or play the piano with their toes. I say, “Wow, it’s amazing how man’s spirit can overcome.” Then I change the channel and look for something that can fill the hour’s remaining 59 minutes and 35 seconds.

So if soccer were in the Special Olympics, I’d understand it. Or maybe if it were played by birds. But why do human beings, with their particular anatomical configuration, want to use their feet for a task performed infinitely better by the hands? It’s no wonder the scoring in soccer tends to hover around Joe Biden I.Q. territory. How many baskets would be sunk in the NBA if the players had to kick the ball through the hoop, even if they could block only with their heads? How poor would the scores be in golf if you had to kick the ball down the fairway? A braggart may say, “I can beat you with one hand tied behind my back.” Soccer players try to beat each other with both tied.

Mr. Moran correctly pointed out that, contrary to Mr. Webb’s assumption, soccer is now tremendously popular in the US. I must attribute this, in part, to the influx of people from lands where they can’t afford to play much of anything but soccer. And while I’ve often “inveighed” against immigration, to use the word Rep. John Conyers (D-Soccer) did when citing my work upon waking up briefly in the House, our foreign soccer imports might be the best reason to rethink our immigration regime. “Do you play socc…er…fútbol, amigo?


See ya’.”

Check the deportation column.

Call it the Immigration and Recreation Reform Act of 2014. Entry into the US would be limited to those with a history of participation in polo or yacht racing.

So save those feet for what they were meant to do, such as kicking illegals out of the country, kicking Cantors out of office and kicking the economy into gear. A hand is a terrible thing to waste.

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Dear Members of Congress: Why do you only mention the 1986 Amnesty?

The amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be a “one time only” amnesty. Yet since 1986 through 2000, Congress passed a total of seven (7) amnesties or adjustments for illegal aliens:

1. The Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA) Amnesty of 1986 – the “one-time only” blanket amnesty for some 2.8 million illegal aliens.
2. Section 245(i) The Amnesty of 1994 – a temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens.
3. Section 245(i) The Extension Amnesty of 1997 – an extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994.
4. The Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty of 1997 – an amnesty for nearly one million illegal aliens from Central America.
5. The Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA) of 1998 – an amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti.
6. The Late Amnesty of 2000 – an amnesty for approximately 400,000 illegal aliens who claimed they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty.
7. The LIFE Act Amnesty of 2000 – a reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty to an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

An amnesty is a reward to those breaking the law. Issuing an amnesty to illegal aliens only encourages more illegal immigration into the United States.

An amnesty benefits neither our society nor those being amnestied.

An Immigration and Naturalization Service study found that after living in the United States for 10 years, the average amnestied illegal alien had only a seventh grade education and earned less than $9,000 a year.

By enacting an amnesty, Congress places a staggering financial burden on American taxpayers to support those amnestied.


Obama Opens Borders to Mexican Gang Members
AZ threatens legal action on Fed’s immigrant dumping…
Teenage Latin Horde…
Obama Admin Forbids Lawmakers From Taking Photos Of Facility…

Washington, D.C.: The Seat of the Caliphate

ISIS is now fighting fiercely in Iraq to establish a world Caliphate and it is killing everyone in its path without mercy. So where does that brutal Caliphate have its seat?

Washington, DC. Washington is the face of the Caliphate. The GOP and the Democrats are working together to overthrow Assad, even though the latter is the last ruler in the Middle East who has protected Christians. However, to put it that way gives our traitorous government too much credit. I strongly suspect they want to overthrow Assadbecause he protects Christians (I once heard a Syrian pastor say in a sermon that Assad’s government actually donated cement to Christian groups that wanted to build churches). The evidence of a growing anti-Christian sentiment among Washington’s top echelons is overwhelming. Obama and Hillary surrounded themselves with Muslim “advisors.” Bill waged war with American blood and treasure in Serbia that led to the creation of a Muslim state, Kosovo, from the Christian Serbia. Indigenous Assyrian Christians started leaving Iraq almost immediately after we “won” the war there. Most now live in Malmö, Sweden. Has the definition of the word “win” changed?

A fair number of Americans still blindly believe that the situation in Iraq is every bit the fault of Obama and the Democrats. If that were true, then electing Republicans would save America, wouldn’t it? But it is not true and it won’t.

Linked below is a series of articles/videos that show how the US government on both sides of the aisle (not to be confused with We the People) support unimaginable cruelty.

The series shows that the Free Syrian Army, with whose leaders former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Republican, CFR member) met in 2013, is linked to terrorist organization al-Nusra, which is in turn linked to ISIS. It must be noted that some of these organizations have since turned against each other, with ISIS being virtually isolated at the moment, due to its brutality, but this fluidity of their loyalties is all the more proof that giving US weaponry to any of them is a mistake, if not an intentional one. Mitt Romney, also a GOP presidential candidate, announced his support for the anti-Assad forces. What a coincidence that both recent GOP presidential candidates want Assad out of the way. If we didn’t know better, we might suspect that eliminating the last pro-Christian leader in the Middle East was a linchpin in the GOP geopolitical strategy. Until dissuaded by Putin, Obama also weighed the possibility of a “limited” strike on the Assad-held position.

To understand the utter brutality of ISIS, which has seized arms donated by the US thanks to our bipartisan military policy, watch the first video, but be forewarned. To understand brutality, you need to get a little taste of it. It helps to have a strong stomach (or at least a barf bag nearby) but you need to have the willingness to know the truth no matter how far removed it may be from our comfort zone and our normalcy bias. Because our security can no longer depend on traitors with power. It now depends entirely on us.

ISIS, the face of utter brutality:

Connecting the Dots

Having watched our military policies in action, with the MSM muted, I have come to an unshakable conviction: there is no hope that the anti-Christian and anti-American leadership of the GOP and Democratic Party in Washington will loosen its grip on power or change its mind and stop supporting terror. No hope whatsoever. If you think there is, you are deluded and contributing to the success of evil. At some point, I believe our military will realize that they are literally fighting a false flag war to destroy America. There is no other way to see it or say it.

At that point they will have to make a tough decision: Either continue to obediently destroy their own country and everything it stands for, helping to erode its foundations and brutally slaughter the natural allies of the American people, as shown so vividly in that first video linked above, or go to Washington, D.C. and fight the true enemies of all God-fearing people everywhere.

The military has all the necessary guns and materiel. Their country, their families, and their security are at stake. Not fighting the terrorists in Washington guarantees our demise. Not a difficult decision when you look at it that way. Not a shot need be fired. The Washington leadership is nothing but craven cowards. Unfortunately for them, they may receive the same mercy they have shown us.

It’s Not Easy Being a Democrat

As an implacable enemy of liberals and Democrats, I have often been asked my opinion of the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Although there are many differences, depending on the issue at hand, I see one major difference that covers a multitude of sins.  It all has to do with human nature and the way in which people of differing political ideologies either exploit it or respond to it.

Conservatives and Republicans understand human nature.  Consequently, in everything they do in terms of government programs and public policy initiatives, they always attempt as much as possible to insure that human nature doesn’t become a negative.  Understanding that human nature will invariably tempt some to cut corners, taking advantage of opportunities to enrich themselves at the expense of others, Republicans can always be trusted to close loopholes in advance to prevent that from happening.

Conversely, liberals and Democrats also understand human nature.  However, in everything they attempt to do in terms of government programs and public policy initiatives, they can always be counted upon to create loopholes, taking advantage of the seamier side of human nature.  It is an article of faith among Democrats that, if they can’t attract adherents intellectually with solid arguments to support their leftist agenda, the only thing left to do is to buy as many votes as they can… with other people’s money, of course.

However, while the difference between conservatives and liberals and between Republicans and Democrats is an important consideration, a more important question… far more important to the future of our republic… is the difference between rank-and-file Democrats and the liberal elites who do their thinking for them.  This dichotomy was the subject of a recent telephone debate between Rush Limbaugh and a conservative caller named Jennifer, from Lancaster, Ohio.  In order to accurately relate the specifics of their debate, I will quote extensively from the transcript of their conversation.  She had two points to make:

First, she referred to an earlier sound byte in which a liberal caller had accused Rush of not really believing the things he said, saying that Rush only says the things he says in order to “gin up” his audience.  She went on to say that what the liberal caller accused Rush of doing is precisely what liberals themselves do.  It was a classic case of ideological projection.  The liberal caller was merely projecting onto Rush the fact that liberals rarely believe what they claim to believe.  She explained that it’s “just part of their script… part of their shtick… part of their spiel.”

Her opinion was that liberals and Democrats, being unable to recognize the difference between firmly held beliefs and things that are said only to tell listeners what we think they wish to hear, simply assume that conservatives and Republicans are equally as duplicitous as they are.

Finally, she recalled a point articulated by a caller several weeks earlier.  That caller argued that, when individuals have firmly held beliefs, they not only accept those beliefs as part of who they are, they give others the freedom to hold differing opinions.  They’re not concerned when others disagree with them because they are secure in their own beliefs.

She went on to explain that most liberals, particularly rank-and-file Democrats, really don’t have firmly-held beliefs.  Instead, they are constantly bullied and pressured by their liberal elites into adopting politically correct positions.  And because they are constantly forced to yield to what is politically correct, in spite of whatever partially-formed views they may have, they become very angry when confronted by conservatives and Republicans who have well-founded and firmly-held beliefs.  And since we conservatives believe what we believe and refuse to compromise our values as they do, their only alternative is anger, name-calling, and character assassination.

Rush was not in total agreement.  He argued that there are varying degrees and kinds of liberals: a) the ideologues, b) the leaders, and c) the rank-and-file who are just trying to be cool, trying to be “hip.”  He argued that, in every liberal constituency, there are varying degrees of conviction, but that a great many liberals actually believe everything they say.

The caller argued that, yes, there are liberals and Democrats who believe everything they say, but they represent only a tiny fraction of the political left.  Instead, most rank-and-file liberals and Democrats go along to get along because they can’t handle the pressure of what is anathema to leftists: the agonizing social stigma associated with appearing to be different.

In response, Rush agreed that, particularly among young people, the peer pressure to support gay rights, to be pro-choice and support abortion, and to support other articles of liberal orthodoxy is intense.  He said, “Whatever they think the majority opinion is on something they’ll go with it and take the path of least resonance, which is essentially what you’re saying they do.  And then, when it comes time for them to explain what they believe, they can’t.”

He also agreed that, “If you are totally confident in what you believe, you don’t care… bring ‘em on.  You’ll be glad to take a shot at it and try to change their mind.  Or you’ll be happy to tell them why you think what you think.  Leftists don’t want to go there.  They can’t go there because they can’t explain.  All they want to do is silence any opposition.”

Rush argued, “Here’s the risk that we’re running if you think they don’t really believe… I think that it’d be much easier to change their minds if they really didn’t believe it.  I think it’s a little bit more complicated than this.  I mean, there’s a massive desire on the part of the left to just shut up people who don’t agree with them.

“But nevertheless, when you are going to posit the opinion (that) liberals don’t really believe what they (say they) believe, that’s dangerous… Let’s put it this way: It makes them sound a little bit more harmless than they are, and I don’t think it’s accurate to say they don’t believe it.  Now, I understand with certain levels of liberalism, you’ve got the low-information (voters).  I think the low-information voting bloc out there is not even ideological.  The low-information (people), they’re just like one of my dogs.”

The caller replied, “That’s part of my point.  Not only can they not articulate their position because they truly don’t have one… they’re just accepting, caving to pressure… not just being unable to articulate their point, but truly being angry… I think that anger comes not from a righteous indignation… they don’t understand that there can be differences of opinion, and that’s (the source of) their anger.

The caller conceded that what Rush said about the hard core leftists… which Rush estimated to be about 3% of the Democrat Party… is true.  They truly believe what they say.  However, she argued that the millenials are another matter.  She said, “I see so many of these memes on Facebook from the millennials and they’ll go straight from a conservative meme to a leftist, left-leaning meme, and I’m like, ‘You don’t even understand both sides of the issue.  You’re here, but you can’t argue both sides of it.  You really don’t know.’  They buy into the low-information argument and… they really can’t articulate it.”

I don’t often disagree with Rush Limbaugh, but in this instance I must because his caller was right.  The vast majority of Democratic voters haven’t the foggiest notion of why they vote as they do.  And if we were to ask them to explain themselves we can be sure that we would very quickly be the target of an angry outburst and, at the very least, our parentage would be called into question.  Unfortunately, that is the state of politics in America in the 20th and 21st centuries.

When  Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats propose, for example, that the Congress increase the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10, a 39.3% increase, they know that the increase would reduce the number of entry-level jobs by at least 15%, doing the greatest damage to job prospects for minority teens.  Yet, they sell the idea to their low-information voter base as if the law of supply-and-demand had been repealed.

I’m sure that Barack Obama, as he faces Mecca and kneels on his prayer rug at bedtime each night, thanks Allah for political correctness.  Why?  Because, without political correctness, he could never have been elected and the Democrat Party could not exist.  He is the principal beneficiary of the ignorance of the masses and he’ll never do anything to change that.

In his May 23 Watters World segment on Fox News, O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters questioned twelve Obama voters on the streets of Philadelphia.  Watters asked each of them five questions: 1) What is the significance of the thirteen stripes on the U.S. flag?  2) How many senators are there in the U.S. Senate?  3) What economic system does the U.S. utilize?  4) Who was president of the United States during World War II? And 5) In what month do we hold our General Elections?  Of the twelve Obama voters quizzed, only one could answer all five questions correctly, and only three others were able to answer at least three correctly.

On one hand, it’s easy to be a Democrat because it’s not necessary to spend a great deal of time and effort studying the issues, figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong, and determining how each of us might be personally impacted by various laws and regulations.  All that is required of them is that they vote exactly as party leaders and union leaders dictate.

On the other hand, it’s not easy being a Democrat because of the terrible frustration associated with being unable to justify one’s fidelity to a cause one doesn’t understand and can never defend.  To conservatives and Republicans, being a Democrat might look like a no-brainer, but it’s not as easy as it looks.  As John Wayne once remarked in the movie, Sands of Iwo Jima, “Life is tough, but it’s a lot tougher when you’re stupid.

Hillary Clinton reveals what it’s like to be poor in America

Hillary Clinton has served America for decades; in January 1993, she made history as she became the country’s first co-president along with her husband, Bill.

After her tour in the White House ended, she answered the call from her adopted state of New York and voluntarily gave up a lucrative career trading cattle futures to act as one of only two US senators from that state.
In 2008, after tirelessly devoting herself to helping Barack Obama become America’s best president, she looked forward to retiring to a quiet life in a small cottage somewhere. Once again her country called, pleading with her to act as Secretary of State because President Obama, who would’ve been better than anybody at the job, was simply too busy to do it himself.

After four extremely successful years in the post, Ms. Clinton was on duty at 3 AM in the White House War Room when a call came in, informing her the extreme Tea Party wing of the Libyan Republican Party attacked the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. The date was Sept 11, 2012.

She immediately ordered the U.S. military to parachute her into the compound so she could take command. The Joint Chiefs balked, saying that the embassy was seven thousand miles away and by the time she got there, the attack would be over.

“What difference does it make?” she said softly, “Get me there now!”

The Chiefs relented. But, as they feared, by the time she arrived it was too late; president Obama’s poll numbers were already starting to fall.
Not wishing to see America’s best president lose the 2012 election to a rich guy whose campaign platform was to declare War on Womyn, Hillary bravely fell on her sword (and maybe a bottle of liquor or two) and took the blame for the embassy attack. The gambit worked and President Obama was easily re-elected, saving the country from the clutches of Bain Capital.

But the price was steep: Hillary suffered a concussion from falling on her sword and her doctors told her she could never parachute into enemy action again. Not content to be a mere figurehead as Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton retired in 2013 to devote herself to growing flowers, writing books, and making cookies.

Her injuries from Benghazi and her 1996 arrival under sniper fire in Bosnia still give her pain, but the physical scars are not what bother her the most. For, in spite of her decades of selfless service to America, decades in which she never forgot her fellow Americans, she recently revealed the great disappointment in her life: Americans had often forgotten about her. As she recently revealed to esteemed, accredited, impartial, state-approved TV journalist Diane Sawbucks: “We came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt.

Ms. Clinton went on to reveal the depths of the degradation her family was subjected to, being forced to make speeches for $200,000 a pop and pick up deposit bottles and cans out of the alleys behind expensive hotels (but mostly make speeches for $200,000 a pop) in order to make ends meet.
“It is shocking, simply shocking that America can cast aside its fallen heroes so readily,” said another nearly destitute Democrat senator, on his way to promote a documentary movie about the hold right wing billionaires have on the country.

“The Koch Brothers don’t care who they hurt!”

“The country wouldn’t treat wounded veterans so poorly”, said Senator Elizabeth Warren, herself so impoverished she was forced to accept a $525,000 advance for a new book in order to keep vichyssoise and caviar on the table.

“But just because a leader is a civilian womyn lawyer, the patriarchy feels it’s OK to treat you like dirt!”

“A few years ago, they wanted to send her and Barack Obama for coffee,” said former co-president Bill.

But most party leaders took a less confrontational tack. “Look,” said one high ranking party official and real estate salesperson, “Hillary’s had some rough times financially but she’s not looking for a handout. She wants to work!”

“All she wants is a job commensurate with her skills. You wouldn’t offer a broke Picasso a job painting houses, you can’t offer Hillary Clinton a job as CEO of a paint company.”

The time has come where we, America, repay our debt to Hillary Clinton by finding a position for her, something that would pay enough to get her back on her feet but still allow her some time for leisure activities, like travel and golf.

Maybe a nice, safe, government job. Like, say, U.S. president.

Government is simply the name for the things we do together,” states President Obama. We each play a part in this. The president’s part is picking the things we do and everyone else’s part is paying for those things. It’s time that we pay Hillary for that. (No, I care if that makes sense or not.)

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