Men are Women and California Judges Rule Bees are Fish

We live in a wondrous new age in which men can be women. So why can’t bees also be fish? What if they identify, or their lawyers rather, identify them as fish?

They say that the law is an ass, but in this case it may also be a fish. Or a bee. Or whatever the Big Green lobby and the Dems who control the state say it is.

In the latest installment of a years long legal debate over whether bees are fish, a California appeals court has ruled that, for the purposes of the state’s Endangered Species Act, they are.

Environmentalists petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to add four bumblebee species to the list of at-risk plants and animals governed by the California Endangered Species Act (CESA). Roughly 250 plant and animal species are protected by the CESA, which prohibits the import, export, possession, purchase, or sale of listed species. The Commission provided notice in 2019 that the four bumblebee species were candidates for CESA protection, prompting lawsuits from agricultural groups that were concerned about the costs of adherence to the new requirements.

They also questioned the Commission’s legal authority to designate bumblebees for protection. Insects aren’t a protected category under the CESA. Candidate species may include “a native species or subspecies of a bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, or plant,” according to the state’s fish and game code. And while California does protect some species of insect, these are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. That left state officials without an intuitive avenue.

Rather than let pesky biological standards get in the way, they had concluded that designating bumblebees as fish was the most fitting way to get them protected under the CESA. Legally, a fish refers to “a wild fish, mollusk, crustacean, invertebrate, amphibian, or part, spawn, or ovum of any of those animals.” Because bumblebees are invertebrates—a protected subset of fish—the Fish and Game Commission argued that they could reasonably be designated as fish per the CESA’s terms.

What do words mean anyway? Isn’t the entire concept of fish something invented by dead white men who were probably racists?

The arguments heard by an appeals court last week primarily focused on one question: What does it mean to be a “fish”?

Apparently, we need to consult a biologist.

“​​We acknowledge the scope of the definition is ambiguous but also recognize that we are not interpreting the definition on a blank slate. The legislative history supports the liberal interpretation of the Act (the lens through which we are required to construe the Act) that the commission may list any invertebrate as an endangered or threatened species,” the 35-page ruling states.

Including California leftists. While they are invertebrates, sadly they are not threatened. Instead, as this case shows us, they do most of the threatening.

But you don’t have to know anything when you’re fighting for social justice.

Bumblebees and honeybees are in the same family (Apidae) but they are in different genera (Bombus and Apis, respectively).  The honeybee species name, mellifera, is Latin for “honey bearer”.   Perhaps the legislature is just confused about bees.  In Section 29414 of the California Food & Agriculture Code incorrectly defines “honeybees” as insects of the genus Apis Mellifica (rather than mellifera).  In fact, Apis Mellifica is a homeopathic remedy that is variously bee venom or an entire bee crushed and diluted in alcohol.  Because there is no species named “apis mellifica”, it seems that in California there are no honeybees and bumblebees are fish.

While all of this is easy to mock, the practical implication of this means that almonds (and almond-based products) and citrus products will once again become more expensive, more family farms will go under, and more environmental consultants in Marin County will get richer.

And so the verdict is unanimous, that the law doesn’t apply to environmentalists and that California farmers have no rights. And that words mean nothing.

When looking at the CESA, Justice Ronald Robie and two other members of the Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District ruled the CESA’s language does, in fact, cover bumblebees and that the California state legislature had taken action to ensure this result.

“We generally give words their usual and ordinary meaning,” the analysis begins. “Where, however, the Legislature has provided a technical definition of a word, we construe the term of art in accordance with the technical meaning. In performing this function, we are tasked with liberally construing the Act to effectuate its remedial purpose.”

In other words, anything goes.

Robie is an environmentalist and Jerry Brown’s former director of the California Department of Water Resources. Which means that maybe he shouldn’t have been hearing this case.

I would love if this case could somehow move to the federal level with California’s Democrat machine and the entire media focused to defend “bees are fish”.

But if they can do it with men are women, bees and fish are easy. Just don’t ask them about the birds and the bees.


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Great Start Joey!


TO:   Joe Kahn
Executive Editor
New York Times

Good Saturday morning Joey,

It looks like you are keeping the legacy of Deano Baquet (highly respected journalist), alive and well.  It looks like you are going to fit into the job as top propagandist, sorry I mean Executive Editor at Pravda.

Of course, I’m referring to absolutely no mention of Brandon Robinette what so ever on your iconic front page.  He is the fella who took off Thursday night for his normal 3/4 jaunt to his beachside estate in Delaware.  This of course is not to be confused with his main estate, further inland in picturesque Delaware.  It sort of reminds you of that old image of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns: just substitute a dementia patient eating a waffle cone with ice cream……..and there you have it!

It takes a lot of effort to keep the installed resident  of the White House and his absolute train wreck of his (Barry’s really) administration.  Kudos Joey Kahn, it seems you may even be better at this omission, deflection, and lie game then you predecessor.

Personally, I think it is a highly moral approach to your profession.  Conservatives, disagree, just calling you ultra political hacks, who turn a blind eye to actually doing your jobs……that would be reporting the news objectively.  No better than the National Inquirer, or The Star as far as journalistic integrity, maybe a notch below them actually. What is the going rate to be on the Democratic payroll?  Must be a lot, to be able to look yourselves in the mirror and keep any self respect.

Now get back to that editor’s desk Joey!  We need to hear about how guns kill people, not the mentally disturbed individuals, or criminal savages running rampart in mostly Democratic cities.  Yep, it is actually the guns fault……seems reasonable.  Of course the next biggest issue is climate control, which is neck and neck with white supremacy, of course.  Of course starting next week, we are going to need ubiquitous coverage of the INSURRECTION!!

This is going to be an all hands on deck effort.  The mid-terms are 5 months away, and the dementia patients polling numbers are in the proverbial toilet!  We must omit his disastrous  record, deflect from his disastrous record, and if that falls, lie about his disastrous record.  Of course if this fails, we always have “Dr.” Fraudci waiting in the wings with the polling booth variant.   You know the drill Joey old boy.

I take it those on Capitol Hill will not be requesting Brandon’s help with their campaigns. That one is going to be a tough one to omit and deflect, eh Joey?

We’ll talk soon champ.  He maybe after you take over for Dean Baquet (highly respected journalist), on June 14th,  we could schedule a meet and greet.  I had tried this several times with Deano, but between his lower Manhattan enclave and his highly non-diverse estate in toney Larchmont California; I guess our schedules just didn’t jive.

Remember that punchline you guys always use at the Old Gray Lady, “printing the news, that is fit to print.”  Hilarious right Joey boy!  Keep up the top notch “reporting”……see, more hilarity!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

AG Who Tried to Sic FBI on Parents Speaking Out at School Board Meetings Warns of ‘Threat to Democracy’

If it hadn’t been obvious before, it’s long since become a basic reality that those shouting loudest about “threats to democracy” are the threat.

Attorney General Merrick Garland warned about threats to democracy in the U.S. and abroad in a commencement speech at Harvard University on Sunday.

“Threats to democracy in the U.S. and abroad” is a convenient way to connect external and internal opposition, and thus use counterintelligence and other tools meant to be deployed against foreign adversaries against Republicans.

We know this is true because this is what Obama/Biden has done. And we’re not just talking Trump Russiagate.

Not all that long ago, AG Garland sicced the FBI on parents speaking out at school board meetings. And that was the second draft. This was the first draft.

Early demands from the National School Boards Association to the White House included calling for the deployment of the Army National Guard and the military police to monitor school board meetings, according to an early draft letter the organization’s independent review released Friday.

I can’t think of a more basic community level form of democracy than school boards.

But here’s AG Garland going on about “threats to democracy”.

Garland, who is a Harvard alumnus, pointed to efforts to undermine the right to vote, violence against particular groups of people, the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the Russian invasion of Ukraine abroad as the “many ways in which democracy is under threat.”

There we go. Conflate Russia with the Capitol riot with state voting regulations, treat them all as a military/intel threat that must be crushed. And that’s how you end up with the Biden admin flirting with the idea of sending the National Guard to school board meetings.

Threats to democracy? Look in the mirror.



Michigan: City reaches settlement with Hamas-linked CAIR after police remove Muslima’s hijab for mugshot

Bush Opposed ‘Muslim Ban’: The One That Would Have Stopped a Jihad Terror Plot Against Him

Biden Meeting with New Zealand PM Will Push Censorship of Americans

BLM reiterates calls to end policing, rails against Biden police reforms

FBI Has An Office In Democrat Party’s Law Firm Perkins Coie

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‘Guns Should Not Be In The Hands Of The Mentally Unstable,’ Says Senile Man With Nukes

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A senile old man in Washington who has a deadly nuclear arsenal at his fingertips is calling for dangerous weapons to be taken out of the hands of the mentally unstable.

“Listen, folks, this shouldn’t be difficult,” said the yammering old geriatric to a duck in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. “The mentally unstable shouldn’t have guns! It’s dangerous! Think of what could happen, Jack! They could fire it blindly through their front door because they heard a noise, or leave it right out in the open where a Taliban terrorist could pick it up, or accidentally kill innocent people they thought were bad guys but turned out to be foreign aid workers!” The man then dove face-first into the pool because he thought he saw an ice cream cone there.

Many Democrats are warning of chaos and death if mentally unstable people such as themselves ever get their hands on a firearm. “It would be a disaster,” said one Democratic strategist. “Think of putting weapons in the hands of people who can’t even define what a ‘woman’ is! I shudder at the thought! Please disarm us immediately!”

“It’s real simple,” said the old man as he climbed out of the Reflecting Pool, disappointed to not have found any ice cream. “Guns, tanks, drones, nukes—all that stuff—we gotta take those away from people who aren’t mentally fit!”

At publishing time, the man was on the run after taking an ice cream cone he mistook for a handgun out of the hands of a tourist.

Are you a woman? It’s hard to tell these days. Watch our well-researched video to find out whether you are indeed a woman.

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Parents Begin Disguising School Buildings As The Capitol So Congress Will Spend Billions To Protect Them

Are You A Racist? Take The Quiz!

Obama Encourages Americans To Pause This Memorial Day To Remember The Sacrifice Of George Floyd

Lifeguard Waits An Hour For Backup Before Jumping In To Save Struggling Swimmer

LeBron Confused By Hockey Players Who Get Back Up After Getting Knocked Down

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Media Accuses Indians of Racism for Opposing Black Lives Matter

A prolonged American Prospect whine about GOP community outreach centers in minority communities, especially the Lumbee tribe in North Carolina, includes this contrast.

 The ad recounted the 1958 Battle of Hayes Pond, where a Lumbee contingent of 400 chased off a Ku Klux Klan rally…

In June 2020, a small Black Lives Matter protest took to the streets, beginning from the UNC Pembroke campus. Estimates put the march’s attendance at around 150 people, demonstrating, as thousands of American towns did, against police violence. The march didn’t get far before it was set upon by an armed and agitated Lumbee counterprotest, 300 strong, “probably more than that,” said the Rev. Tyrone Watson, president of the Robeson NAACP, who was among the demonstrators. “They had automatic rifles and handguns. It was something that you would see in the ’50s.” In a cruel inversion of the Battle of Hayes Pond, the protesters were pelted with bottles and rocks, menaced with knives and guns by Native counterprotesters beneath a large Trump flag.

It’s not an inversion, but a repetition.

When the Lumbees fought off white supremacists, they were cheered, but when they fight off black supremacists, suddenly they’re the bad guys.

Tyrone Watson tries to depict an Indian tribe defending itself against black supremacists as somehow comparable to Bull Connor. But that’s how supremacists think.

The encounter led to a series of angry media attacks like this one.

Reckoning With Anti-Blackness in Indian Country – The New Republic

Won’t someone those Indians to kneel when a black supremacist marches by.

The Lumbees were cheered for opposing one set of racists, but jeered for opposing another bunch of racists whose supremacism and bigotry are in vogue.  And the Indians are being compared to the KKK.

As the protesters approached a shopping plaza anchored by a Maxway discount store, they were outnumbered by counter-protesters. A crowd of mostly Native Americans threw whatever they had on hand. One man had a knife, and another carried a military-style rifle slung over his shoulder. A large flag in support of then-President Donald Trump flew from the back of a pickup truck.

Watson, 52, immediately thought of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Instead of KKK signs,” he said, “they were Trump signs.”

When you hate everyone, maybe you’re the problem.

Watson… has navigated a world where he says black people endure racism from two fronts: the whites and the Indians.

If you’re Indian and vote Republican, the media and its black supremacist allies will call you the new KKK.


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Hidin’ Biden: 112 days and counting since Biden’s last TV interview

If you supported him, would you put him in front of a camera ? What Leftists have done to America is in full international view. Now the White House is in panic mode and is “hidin’ Biden.” Has America become as decrepit as its putative leader? We can still hope that all this will be only temporarily.

“Hidin” Biden: The 16 long weeks since Biden’s last TV interview

The Hill, June 1, 2022:

It’s now been 16 weeks since President Biden sat down for a one-on-one interview, with the last one occurring before the Super Bowl in the dead of winter.

You read that correctly: 112 days have passed since Joe Biden faced questions outside of the rare press conference or press scrum. Such a format doesn’t leave much room for follow-up questions or pressing on certain points when this president makes a misleading or curious statement — statements that seemingly always need to be clarified or cleaned up not long after being uttered.

So much has changed in those 16 weeks since Biden engaged in such a format….



Massachusetts: Hamas-linked CAIR claims McDonald’s put bacon in Muslim’s sandwich to ‘humiliate’ him

Germany: 66% of migrants on welfare, 5.6% of native population on welfare

Muslim leaders: Leftists are ‘maligning Islam as misogynistic’ by comparing pro-lifers to Sharia advocates

Media Accuses Indians of Racism for Opposing BLM

Iran Plotted Cyberattack on Boston Children’s Hospital

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TAKE ACTION: OnlyFans is a Paradise for Pimps and Predators

OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for pornography, has been placed on NCOSE’S Dirty Dozen List for the past two years due to the egregious sexual exploitation that lies at the foundation of its business model. NCOSE—along with numerous survivors, whistleblowers, police, and investigative journalists—has been sounding the alarm on the criminal activity that hides behind OnlyFans’ paywall which includes child sexual abuse material and recorded sex trafficking. NCOSE is also deeply concerned about the extent to which OnlyFans has normalized and glamorized the commercial sex industry, enticing both children and adults with deceptive promises of fast cash and fame.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a platform where “fans,” or subscribers, pay a monthly membership fee to “unlock” images, videos, and livestreams made by “creators.” Although OnlyFans brands itself as a social media website that can be used to sell any type of content, the truth is that the site is primarily used and known for pornographic and sexual content.

As such, OnlyFans has become the latest iteration of the commercial sex industry – and a very prominent and influential iteration at that. The site has skyrocketed to notoriety since being launched in 2016. In particular, OnlyFans experienced astronomical growth during the Covid-19 pandemic as their revenue increased by 553% within less than a year of lockdown. The platform gained new creators as many struggled to find solutions to financial insecurity and loss of work and the site gained traffic as the world spent more time online. Today, OnlyFans is a household name and so mainstream that children are bombarded with OnlyFans promotions on their social media feeds.

Yet as OnlyFans has grown in notoriety, so too has recognition that the platform is being used for exploitation and criminal activity.

Criminal Activity Continues on OnlyFans Despite Policy Changes from Mastercard

Over the past few years, evidence has mounted of criminal activity on OnlyFans such as sex trafficking and child sexual abuse material (CSAM, the more apt term for “child pornography”). Some mistakenly assume that this evidence is dated and that OnlyFans cleaned up its act after Mastercard introduced new policies in April 2021 aimed at combating criminal content on pornography sites. Mastercard’s new policies stated that banks “will need to certify that the seller of adult content has effective controls in place to monitor, block and, where necessary, take down all illegal content.” Mastercard also required the pornography websites to document the age and identity of anyone depicted in or uploading the content.

However, despite the fact that OnlyFans allows payments to be made through Mastercard, new evidence confirms that criminal activity still flourishes on the site, even after Mastercard’s policy changes.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), in consultation with veteran law enforcement officials, recently published a report which revealed strong indicators of child sexual abuse material and sex trafficking on OnlyFans. The data for this report was collected from November 2021 to March 2022, a date range that occurred entirely after Mastercard’s policy changes came into effect.

ATII stated that within 1.5 hours, their researchers “found a high volume of profiles possessing commonly understood indicators of CSAM and/or sex trafficking.” Examples of what they found include pictures of girls whose appearance and body types suggest they are underage; accounts advertising with terms and descriptions that commonly denote CSAM; conversations between potential sex traffickers discussing how they like to use OnlyFans to monetize their victims; and “creators” sporting signs of abuse and coercion, such as bruising, tattoos known to be used for sex trafficking, expressions of pain, blank gazes and signs of being under the influence, and much more.

ATII concludes:

“Given the tremendous amount of troubling material found using these simple methodologies, it appears there are not effective measures in place to verify age and/or consent by or the Trust & Safety teams obligated to do so at companies doing business with the platform.

OnlyFans’ Paywall Makes It Difficult to Investigate Criminal Activity

ATII’s analysis depended solely on open source material and not the paywalled material that makes up the vast majority of OnlyFans’ content. There are likely even more crimes to be discovered behind OnlyFans’ paywall. In their report, ATII echoed concerns previously raised by human trafficking investigators that OnlyFans’ paywall hinders law enforcement investigations and protects criminals: “While it is relatively easy to identify significant ‘red flags’ indicating the likelihood of criminal activity occurring on through open source investigations, the paywall enables traffickers, rapists, and other criminal elements to better evade detection.” It is extremely time consuming and expensive for law enforcement to investigate suspected criminal activity, as they must repeatedly submit requests for funding and wait for these requests to be approved each time they wish to seek information behind an account’s paywall. For this reason, although evidence suggests that criminal activity is rampant on OnlyFans, the crimes are left largely unaddressed.

The Latest Evidence of Criminal Activity on OnlyFans is Consistent with Earlier Findings

ATII noted that the findings of their report are consistent with previous analyses and investigations which also uncovered evidence of CSAM and sex trafficking on OnlyFans. As such, while it is helpful to look to the latest evidence for confirmation that this criminal activity continues, evidence that was collected prior to Mastercard’s policy changes remains relevant.

For example, a similar analysis conducted by veteran law enforcement researchers at the University of New Haven and the anti-human trafficking non-profit Awareness is Prevention (AIP) also found that indicators of CSAM and sex trafficking are common on OnlyFans. Additionally, a research collaboration project between Human Trafficking Detective Joseph Scaramucci and The Avery Center for Research and Services analyzed a sample of 97 public Instagram accounts of OnlyFans “creators” for indicators of trafficking. Thirty-six percent of these accounts were classified as “likely third-party controlled.” This research project also included a survey of former or current “creators” on OnlyFans. Of these creators, 11% said they had been solicited by suspected traffickers, 6% disclosed that traffickers had had a hand in creating and marketing their content, and 11% said they were aware of minors who had accounts on OnlyFans. The BBC also published an investigative series which exposed OnlyFans for failing to prevent and appropriately respond to the child sexual abuse material and other illegal content on their platform. (See the Dirty Dozen List webpage for further evidence of criminal activity and exploitation on OnlyFans.)

The Cultural Normalization of Online Pimping

Sadly, much of the exploitation that happens on OnlyFans may not even be recognized as exploitation, but rather normalized and white-washed as a “simple business venture.” OnlyFans has been disturbingly successful in normalizing and glamorizing the commercial sex industry—perhaps more so than any other platform to date—and with this comes the normalization of pimping.

A recent New York Times piece describes how OnlyFans has led to the flourishing of online pimping. The tone of the piece is chillingly casual and uncritical, essentially describing this phenomenon as the new frontier of business. Jayson Rosero, a pimp who was interviewed for the piece, stated: “OnlyFans is a true opportunity for not just sexy girls, but also guys as well. What I’m proposing here is ‘e-pimping.’”

The New York Times speaks to how these pimping “businesses” take tremendously steep cuts from OnlyFans creators’ earnings – as much as 70%. As OnlyFans itself takes a 20% cut from all creators’ earnings, this would leave a pimped individual to survive on as little as 10% of her/his income.

OnlyFans’ Glamorization of the Commercial Sex Industry Harms Children

As a result of OnlyFans’ normalization and glamorization of the commercial sex industry, not only adults but also children have turned to OnlyFans hoping to make easy money or achieve popularity and social influence. This means that children are self-generating child sexual abuse material through their OnlyFans accounts. OnlyFans fuels this trend through their attempts to blur the lines between mainstream social media and commercial sex, their deceptive marketing, and their “pyramid scheme.”

OnlyFans has deliberately blurred the lines between mainstream social media and their platform which is a part of the commercial sex industry. Creators typically advertise their OnlyFans profiles on mainstream social media accounts like Instagram in order to gain subscribers. OnlyFans themselves states on their website, “As far as we’re concerned, if you use social media and produce your own content, you should be using OnlyFans.”

The result of this is that children are constantly bombarded on their social media feeds with content that promotes and glorifies OnlyFans. Researchers at NCOSE created fake Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok accounts posing as minors, and were served this type of content even without looking for it or searching anything related (view our webpages for those three platforms to view samples of proof). In many cases, one only needed to click once or twice to reach the OnlyFans site. Instagram has given OnlyFans the coveted “blue check” of a verified account –an account available to minors where they can easily see advertisements for sexually explicit content.

OnlyFans mimics a “pyramid scheme” structure, where creators are incentivized to recruit other creators, since they then profit up to 5% of the new creator’s earnings. This means that OnlyFans creators have a vested interest in making the life seem more glamorous than it is and to flood social media with these messages.

OnlyFans’ marketing language adds to these false ideas of glamour, promising fast cash and fame. On their website, they state that earnings could be between $1,499 and $7,495 per month. The truth is that the average content creator makes only $151 per month. OnlyFans has also taken pains to brand itself as an “influencer” platform, which means that many children have absorbed the harmful idea that OnlyFans offers them a path to become famous or popular. One 13-year-old said about OnlyFans: “Some of the girls have thousands of followers on Instagram and they must be raking it in—I wanna be just like them.”

What We Can Do to Stop OnlyFans

Time is up for OnlyFans’ normalization and propagation of exploitation and abuse. According to federal law (FOSTA-SESTA) it is illegal for websites to knowingly facilitate prostitution or sex trafficking. Call on the Department of Justice to investigate OnlyFans and demand that financial institutions to sever ties with a site proven to be hosting CSAM and sex trafficking.

Ask US Attorney General Garland to Investigate OnlyFans!



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‘Significant’ Cases of Neurological Disorder Associated with Covid Vaccine

University College London has confirmed “small but significant” cases of the serious Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19.

‘Significant’ Cases of Neurological Disorder Associated with the AstraZeneca Vaccine

By Marina Zhang, The Epoch Tines, May 31, 2022:

A UK study by University College London has confirmed “small but significant” cases of the serious Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19.

The researchers speculate that “the majority or all” of the 121 UK cases of GBS (pdf) in March to April 2021 were associated with first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered in January.

“A similar pattern is not seen with the other vaccines or following a second dose of any vaccine,” said lead author Prof. Michael Lunn on May 30.

The team observed that from January to October 2021, 996 GBS cases were recorded in the national database but with an unusual spike from March to April with about 140 cases per month rather than 100.

To identify whether any or all of these cases were linked to vaccination, the team linked dates of GBS onset to vaccination receipt for every individual and found that 198 GBS cases (20 percent of 966) occurred within six weeks of their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination in England; of these, 176 people had an AstraZeneca vaccination, 21 for Pfizer, and 1 for Moderna.

The researchers found no excess GBS cases associated with mRNA vaccines, but observed 5.8 excess cases of GBS per million doses of vaccine for AstraZeneca, equating to a total excess between January to July 2021 of around 98–140 cases, confirming the association between the vaccine and GBS.

GBS is a rare and serious neurological disorder that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks its own nerves, typically resulting in numbness, weakness, pain in the limbs, and sometimes even paralysis of breathing.

The disease is commonly associated with Campylobacter infections that prompt the body to attack its own nerves.

However, GBS cases were also observed in the 1976 following administration of the swine flu vaccine as well as modern influenza and yellow fever vaccines, though none of them had rates as high as AstraZeneca.

Whilst the majority of the vaccination-associated GBS patients had recovered from symptoms of weak limbs, weak deep tendon reflexes, and monophasic sleep, one patient in the study had recurring neuropathic symptoms well after the second dose.

The patient initially developed facial paralysis on both sides and a tingling sensation in their limbs after the first dose and improved with treatment. However, two weeks after receiving their second dose, they developed increasing weakness with pain, changes in their nerves, and only partial response to the treatment.

Researchers are currently still speculating the reasons behind rises in GBS cases following the vaccine.

“It may be that a non-specific immune activation in susceptible individuals occurs, but if that were the case similar risks might apply to all vaccine types,” said Lunn.

“It is therefore logical to suggest that the simian adenovirus vector, often used to develop vaccines, including AstraZeneca’s, may account for the increased risk.”

Studies in the United States have also confirmed increased cases of GBS after receiving adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccines, with significant cases of the disease associated with the vaccine.

Read the rest…..


New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

MIT: COVID Vaccines ‘Significantly Associated’ with Spike in Heart Attacks in Young People

CDC Data Shows More Than 1.2 Million Covid Vaccine Injuries

I’m Never Getting A Covid Vaccine, And I’m Not Alone

New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)

3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine

More People DIED in The Key Clinical Trial for Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Than The Company Publicly Reported

FOURTH Country Stops COVID Vaccines

FDA PANEL DISCUSSION: “COVID Vaccines Are Killing More People Than They’re Saving”

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Demon in Democracy – A Rare Book for our Troubled Century

A decade on from its original publication, Legutko’s book is still the best indictment yet of our left-liberal age

An underappreciated effect of the events of Covid-19 has been the neglect of works that would have ordinarily garnered a wider acclaim. Distracted as we’ve been by the medical events, as assortment of commendable offerings has escaped our attention.

One such work is The Demon in Democracy – Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies by Polish philosopher and European Parliament member Ryszard Legutko. Originally published in Polish in 2012 as Triumf Człowieka Pospolitego (‘Triumph of the Common Man’), then edited and appearing in English in 2016Legutko’s book is a rare recent work of real import.

In a similar vein to the works of Christopher Lasch or John Gray, Legutko’s is an account that is tepid towards the Thatcherite consensus that has come to define the right, whilst resisting the easy overtures of our regnant left-liberalism. It’s a book that illuminates the errors of our age as it rejects the pieties that the epoch also demands.

Legutko, like Ed West or Christopher Caldwell, is one of few contemporary writers willing to critique the left-liberal status quo. And by not succumbing to our assorted unrealities, he articulates the inadequacies of our liberal democracy without the pusillanimity that’s all too prevalent. The book is thus a welcome addition to what is an otherwise bleak scene for the conservatively-inclined, entrapped as we are in an all-pervasive liberalism.

Such commendations aren’t restricted to this reviewer, however. Figures such as Harvard’s Adrian Vermeule and Notre Dame’s Patrick Deneen have been equally effusive. For Vermeule “Legutko has written the indispensable book about the current crisis of liberalism and the relationship of liberalism to democracy”while for Deneen the book is a“work of scintillating brilliance. [With] every page…brimming with insights.”

High praise, undoubtedly. Yet it’s well vindicated upon reading. The central thesis is that in spite of obvious outward appearances of difference, communism and liberal democracy share a range of similarities. An observation that is prima facie preposterous, yet after 200 pages of tightly-packed prose the reader leaves the book unable to avoid this somewhat unsettling insight.

The rationale for Legutko’s claim is as such: both are inorganic systems that involve unnatural impositions and coercive zeal in their pursuit of illusory utopias. Utopias that are to be achieved practically through technology and ‘modernisation’ and buttressed theoretically by the purported fact of human equality. The two are thus historicist projects seeking to ground human affairs in delusions of ‘progress’ rather than in the more stable strata of underlying nature.

Thus ultimately, both platforms are mere dogma. They are, as Legutko states:

“nourished by the belief that the world cannot be tolerated as it is and that is should be changed: that the old should be replaced with the new. Both systems strongly and – so to speak – impatiently intrude into the social fabric and both justify their intrusion with the argument that it leads to the improvement of the state of affairs by ‘modernizing’ it.”  

The two systems are hence unable to accept human beings and political affairs as they actually are: man and the polis must be remoulded along the lines of each respective ideology. For the communists, this involves the denial of man’s natural egotism and the subordination of his individual efforts to an ostensible communal good. That this requires unfathomable levels of coercion and violence in practice, and has been deemed a delusion since at least Plato’s Republic, is an lesson that’s now all too common, living as we do in the wake of Marx, Mao, and the horrors of the 20th Century.

So far, nothing new. Yet it’s the author’s elucidation of the unsavoury aspects of liberal democracy that’s of particular note, especially for us at the ‘end of history’ and in light of the easy-going liberalism that still permeates our societies, even as they slip further and further into self-evident decay. As Legutko informs us, liberal democracy shares a proselytising urge akin to that of Leninist communism, yet it’s as equally blind to its theoretical errors and evangelical impulses as was its communist forebear.

As Legutko sees it, liberal-democratic man can’t rest until the world has been vouched safe for liberal-democracy. Never mind that this liberal-democratic delusion requires a tyranny over the individual soul – we’re neither wholly liberal nor democratic – and entire groups of people. With an emblematic example of this the recent US-led failure to impose either democracy or liberalism (terms that Legutko fuses and distinguishes, as appropriate) on the tribal peoples of Afghanistan.

If such a stance is futile, why try it? Arms-deals, political and economic considerations aside, the justification for our liberal-democratic ‘imperialism’ is, of course, its final and glorious end. Once there’s a left-liberal telos in sight, then all means to its achievement are henceforth valid. Thus, like communism, ‘real’ liberal-democracy has never been tried.

For the communists, their failures are now common lore; but for our liberal-democrats their (largely unacknowledged) fantasies continue apace, aided as they are by their patina of ‘enlightened improvement’ and the American imperial patron that enables them.

That the effects of all of this ‘liberalising’ are unnatural, usually unwanted, and often repulsive to the recipients tends not to matter. Like all ‘true believers’, there is no room for the heretic: ever onward one must plough.

The spell cast by liberalism is thus as strong as any other. As Legutko observes:

The liberal-democratic mind, just as the mind of a true communist, feels as inner compulsion to manifest its pious loyalty to the doctrine. Public life is [thus] full of mandatory rituals…[in which all] must prove that their liberal-democratic creed springs spontaneously from the depth of their hearts.”

With the afflicted “expected to give one’s approving opinion about the rights of homosexuals and women and to condemn the usual villains such as domestic violence, racism, xenophobia, or discrimination, or to find some other means of kowtowing to the ideological gods.”

Words that ring eerily true when we consider our societies in light of recent movements like the death of George Floyd and our ever-increasing infatuation with ‘trans’ issues.

A stance that isn’t only evident in our rhetoric, but by material phenomena as well. One need only think of the now-ubiquitous rainbow flags, ‘transition’ surgeries, cosmopolitan billboards and adverts, ‘opt-in’ birth certificatesgender-neutral bathrooms, ‘Pride’ parades, and biological males in female sporting events to confirm the legitimacy of Legutko’s claims, and our outright denial of physiological reality. Indeed, as Legutko adds:

[left-liberalism] “has practically monopolized the public space and invaded schools, popular culture, academic life and advertising. Today it is no longer enough simply to advertise a product; the companies feel an irresistible need to attach it to a message that is ideologically correct. Even if this message does not have any commercial function – and it hardly ever does – any occasion is good to prove oneself to be a proponent of the brotherhood of races, a critic of the Church, and a supporter of homosexual marriage.”

“This sycophantic wheedling is practiced by journalists, TV morons, pornographers, athletes, professors, artists, professional groups, and young people already infected with the ideological mass culture. Today’s ideology is so powerful that almost everyone desires to join the great camp of progress”.  

Thus whilst the tenets of our left-liberalism clearly differ from those of 20th Century communism, both systems are akin in their totalitarian essence:

“To be sure, there are different actors in both cases, and yet they perform similar roles: a proletarian was replaced by a homosexual, a capitalist by a fundamentalist, exploitation by discrimination, a communist revolutionary by a feminist, and a red flag by a vagina”.

Variations on this theme inform the entirety of the book and are developed throughout its five chapters. And while there is some overlap, the work is written with a philosophical depth reflective of Legutko’s professorial status and which only a few contemporaries can effectively muster. As Deenen remarks: “I underlined most of the book upon first reading, and have underlined nearly all the rest [since]. It is the most insightful work of political philosophy during this still young, but troubled century”.

But the book isn’t exclusively an arcane tome. Aside from Legutko’s evident learning, what enhances the work is the author’s ability to draw upon his own experience: born in the wake of the Second World War, raised in the ambit of Soviet communism, and employed in adulthood in the European Parliament, Legutko’s is a life which has witnessed the workings of both regimes first hand.

With Legutko recalling that the transition to liberal democracy in his native Poland was greeted with an enthusiasm that soon devolved into disenchantment.  As he states, his initial exuberance swiftly subsided, sensing early on that

liberal democracy significantly narrowed the area of what was permissible – [with the] sense of having many doors open and many possibilities to pursue [soon evaporating], subdued by the new rhetoric of necessity that the liberal democratic system brought with itself.”

An insight that deepened the longer he worked within that most emblematic institution of modern-day liberalism: the European Parliament.

Whilst there, I saw up close what…escapes the attention of many observers. If the European Parliament is supposed to be the emanation of the spirit of today’s liberal democracy, then this spirit is certainly neither good nor beautiful: it has many bad and ugly features, some of which, unfortunately, it shares with communism.”

“Even a preliminary contact…allows one to feel a stifling atmosphere typical of a political monopoly, to see the destruction of language turning into a new form of Newspeak, to observe the creation of a surreality, mostly ideological, that obfuscates the real world, to witness an uncompromising hostility against all dissidents, and to perceive many other things only too familiar to anyone who remembers the world governed by the Communist Party”.

And it is this tyrannical aspect of liberal democracy to which Legutko ultimately inveighs. After brief remarks on the eclipse of the old religion (Christianity) at the hands of the new liberal order, Legutko’s parting words are an understandable lament that liberal-democratic man – “more stubborn, more narrow-minded, and…less willing to learn from others” – appears to have vanquished all-comers.

As he adds:

with Christianity being driven out of the main tract, the liberal-democratic man – unchallenged and totally secure in his rule – will become a sole master of today’s imagination, apodictically determining the boundaries of human nature and, at the very outset, disavowing everything that dares to reach beyond his narrow perspective.” A sad state whereby “the liberal democrat will reign over human aspirations like a tyrant”.

Something the presence of left-liberal social-democratic parties in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and now Australia, only further confirms.

To this end, Legutko’s remarks echo the German proto-fascist-cum-democratic-dissident, Ernst Junger, who ‘hated democracy like the plague’ and who saw the post-war triumph of America-led liberalism as an utter catastrophe. A position further evident in Junger’s near-contemporary and compatriot, Martin Heidegger, and in his notion of the ‘darkening of the world.’

Yet it’s perhaps the most famous German theorist of all, Friedrich Nietzsche, to whom we should turn and in whose light Legutko ends the book. Largely accepting Alexis de Tocqueville’s notion of the ‘tyranny of the majority’ and the popularised Hegelianism of Francis Fukuyama – i.e. that there’s no alternative to liberal democracy – Legutko nevertheless muses over whether our status as Nietzschean ‘Last Men’ is a concession we must make to live in this best of all practical political worlds, or an indictment of our all-pervasive political and spiritual poverty.

As Legutko concludes, the perpetuation of liberal-democracy “would be, for some, a comforting testimony that man finally learned to live in a sustainable harmony with his nature. For others, it will be a final confirmation that his mediocrity is inveterate.”

A more accurate precis of our current situation I’ve yet to see, and one of many reasons to read this most wonderful of books.


Ryan Anderson is an essayist based in Melbourne, Australia. His work has appeared in Quillette, Quadrant, the UK Mallard and assorted other publications in the UK and Australia. He can be contacted at… More by Ryan Anderson.

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

LeBron’s First Billion: We Should All Be So Oppressed

It’s official.  LeBron James is now a billionaire.  Only a third of it came from playing basketball.  Most of it came from endorsements and his own business ventures.  He was smart enough to demand an equity stake in his endorsers’ businesses, not just a fee.  Now he has a slice of the pie in the pizza business, home gyms, ridesharing, and sports teams.  He built businesses in entertainment and marketing.  All this from a disadvantaged minority youth born to a single mother in an unstable household in that horrible rotten country – America – where, according to some, slavery still exists.  He joins Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, and nine others in the black billionaire’s club.

I’ve said for a long time anyone with the right values working in the right economic system – free markets – can flourish.  These black billionaires are living proof Booker T. Washington was right when he said:

The individual who can do something that the world wants done will, in the end, make his way regardless of his race.

But the Democrats, the Left, and the professional race hustlers would have you believe otherwise.  They want you to believe America is a horrible, rotten place where minorities are victims and doomed to remain so, no matter what efforts they make.  These black billionaires put the lie to the Left’s entire phony diversity narrative.  They put their nose to the grindstone in America’s free market system and thrived.  If they can thrive, so can everybody else, even if they don’t become billionaires.

But you gotta hand it to the Left, the phony diversity narrative sells, even better than pizza.  A school in Illinois will grade by race, to equalize group outcomes, even if students don’t turn in their assignments.  What an insult to tell perfectly capable people they can never succeed and will always need crutches handed out by overseers who think they’re stupid.  Well-paid overseers, I might add, who are lining their own pockets in the racial guilt industry.

If the diversity narrative is so good, why do the race hustlers have to lie to make their case?  BET, Occupy Democrats, a prominent journalist, and an educator all perpetuated the lie that Kansas City police shot an unarmed black woman five times last week.  Body cam footage showed she had a gun and was pointing it at the officers.

People pushing the phony diversity narrative make the most outlandish claims.  A black professor of race & ethnicity studies at Boston University said property is a racist construct because it was once used to enslave people.  Property is a racist construct – that will come as a shock to every black, Hispanic, and Asian homeowner in the country.  I’ll make you a deal.  If this professor can persuade every black billionaire that property is a racist construct to the point they all give away their billions, I will eat my hat.  Don’t overlook the fact that these entrepreneurs made their billions in America’s free market system which is based on – wait for it – property rights.

According to the diversity narrative, not only is property racist, but free speech is just a white man’s obsession.  This claim was made by someone in the Obama administration and recently echoed by a columnist for Time Magazine.  I wonder if they would have preferred that Martin Luther King not been allowed to make his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.  LeBron James likes free speech.  He’s been quite vociferous about his left-wing opinions.  I may not agree with what he says, but I’ll defend to the death his right to say it, as well as the right of people who use their free speech to attack free speech.

I recently heard a black female activist on the radio say we don’t really have a Declaration of Independence, that black people don’t have life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.  That’s preposterous.  Of course they do.  But what’s interesting about this is how, under the phony diversity narrative, everything gets turned upside down and nothing is ever good enough.  The demands are insatiable and never end.  It’s like saying, ‘I’m not satisfied, you’re going to have to do better than that.’  It’s completely open-ended and a form of tyranny.  But it’s also a great business model.  Harp on race all the time, lay on the guilt trips, and, you too, can become a millionaire, just like Ibram X. Kendi.  That’s the free market in operation.  Only in America.

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Welcome Joey!

Joe Kahn
Executive Editor
New York Times

Good morning Joey,

I welcome you to your new position as the Executive Editor of the iconic New York Times.  Be aware Joey, you have some big shoes to fill, now that Deano has left.  I just hope that you have the same journalistic integrity and high moral fiber that Deano had.  I wish him well in his retirement at his toney estate in the highly non-diverse neighborhood in Larchmont California.  I wonder if he knew that he was moving into such a non-minority neighbor when he scouted out this gem……..ah, that’s just Deano being Deano, such integrity.

What approach are you going to take in regards to your signature front page headlines Joey?  You see, Deano used the very savvy approach of using omission, deflection and at times outright lies………..all for the good of the country , of course.

Here is an example: instead of focusing on the rampart INFLATION that is crippling a majority of Americans, day in and day out; Deano used to be laser focused on the events of 1/6/21…..yes, that is 2021!  You see, by doing that Deano, it gets peoples attention away from the disasters that the Joey Bidenflation and his team are inflicting on most Americans daily.  I think it is a phenomenal strategy, don’t you Joey?

The problem is most Americans see this RIDICULOUS attempt to draw attention from this incompetent train-wreck of an installed administration.  They realize that this mentally addled puppet, this installed buffoon is either just corrupt and manipulated or just plain vastly incompetent!  Conservatives state that the National Inquirer has more honest, factual information than Pravda, sorry, I mean the Times. Your tabloid is generally considered a laughing stock of partisan propaganda, by anyone with 5th grade or higher education.

Just take a look at today’s headlines.  Zero mention of the biggest pain thrust upon Americans……..GAS PRICES.  You know, something that affects Americans on a DAILY basis.  Here is an idea, maybe put a gas price meter up.  This would be like the Covid death meter that was ubiquitous during elected President Trump’s tenure, with your trusted tabloid, as well as your partner CNN.  This meter mysteriously disappeared when when the buffoon was installed.  Shocking!  No mention either of the 1,000,000 dead due to Covid.  You know, from the man who was going to shut the virus down……remember Joey Kahn?

So, let’s see where your leadership role takes us Joey.  Following the lead of your predecessor Deano Baquet (highly moral and honest individual), or you can set a new path to follow.   Hey here are a few idea’s for your front page.

  • unsecured border with fentanyl flowing into our country (as well as Covid)
  • a baby formula shortage in the United States of America (Joey said he didn’t know about this until April).  The poor dementia ridden fool, just got caught in another of his blatant lies.
  • rampant inflation, especially affecting those those his benevolent party (Democrats) claim to care so much about. Those living paycheck to paycheck are being decimated as we speak.
  •  his drug addict/porn addicted corrupt son Hunter (now a famous artist apparently). Just pretend that his last name is Trump.  This way we could get it splashed across your front page on a daily basis.-the real reason gas prices are so high……wink, wink Joey’s war on fossil fuels and Progressive influencer’s pushing the Green Deal.  C’mon Joey Kahn, you know what you should really do. C’mon man!
  • the entire corrupt Biden Crime Family.
  • Beijing Biden’s obviously declining mental acuity.  Where is that cognitive test that elected President Trump took, maybe little Joey could do the same? How much longer must Americans watch their installed leader read of cue cards, teleprompters and use ear pieces; and be whisked away from unscripted questions from the press?
  • Joey and Heels Up Harris selective outrage and appearances at gun shootings.  Some called massacres, some not even mentioned at all.  Do you have any idea why these are treated differently Joey?  I’m at a loss.

Well, there are a few ideas for you Joey Kahn, Mr. Executive Editor.  Conservatives say, they hope you are not just a political hack, a lapdog like your predecessor. Someone that pushes political propaganda with now conscience whatsoever; while collecting a hefty paycheck from Slushy.

Time will tell Joey, we’ll see.  Hopefully your mantra “printing the news that is fit to print,” will come back into play……..instead of being used as a punchline.  Good luck Joey, the choice is all yours.

I’ll be taking to ya.


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

Yesterday’s Lie and Tomorrow’s Consequences

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor– Exodus 20:16

Lying itself, while morally wrong, isn’t a crime.  Apparently, as of May 31, 2022, lying to the FBI isn’t either.

Was anybody really surprised that Clinton attorney Michael Sussman was found not guilty of the crime of lying to the FBI about then-candidate Trump’s involvement with Russian intelligence?  The Soviet Union was famous for kangaroo courts, where verdicts were decided before any evidence was presented, but consider the following about a trial that just concluded in this nation’s capital:

  • The Obama-appointed judge, through his wife, had direct ties to another corrupt FBI official.  She was the attorney representing Lisa Page (lover of Peter Strzok), the FBI lawyer directly involved in opening the so-called counter-intelligence operation “Crossfire Hurricane,” which targeted then-candidate Trump.  Should this particular judge have been trusted to preside blindly over justice in this particular case?  Common sense says “No.”
  • Three jurors were bona fide Hillary Clinton donors, and another an AOC donor.  Yet another was on the same sports team as Sussman’s daughter.  Does this sound like an unbiased jury who could weigh the facts impartially and render an honest judgment?  Obviously not.

Why did the prosecution accept three (four? five?) clearly biased jurors who were unlikely to find any fault with Team Clinton and their acolytes?  Furthermore, could a federal court in the heart of the swamp ever render an unbiased verdict?  In our opinion, based on the judge, jury, and venue, the fix was in from the very beginning.  It was an American kangaroo court, brought to you by the Clintons and the DC swamp.

Tomorrow’s Consequences

Given the circumstance of the trial, Michael Sussman’s stamp of innocence by a federal court was a fait accompli.  Yet what kind of a message does this verdict send to the country at large?  Sure, there is the continued talk among conservatives about a two-tiered legal system, where Republicans are accused of crimes they never committed and must spend their own money to defend themselves against specious claims, while Democrats commit political crimes without consequence.  This, sadly, is something we’ve come to expect since the election of President Trump in 2020.  But there’s something else about this decision that few people have realized.

The evidence in the case was clear enough.  Sussman brought the FBI cooked-up information on Trump on behalf of the Hillary campaign.  With his national security background, he claimed to be acting as a concerned member of the bar.  Facts suggest otherwise.  This verdict sends a very clear signal without any historical parallel that we’re aware of: You can now lie to the FBI with impunity!

The jury and the judge apparently did not appreciate the dangerous implications of the verdict.  It is clear that even with the reputation, honor, and integrity of the FBI on the line, a federal judge won’t hold you to account if you’re connected to the right party.  Lying to FBI agents should not be tolerated, much less normalized by a federal court, for anybody.  But here we are today.

Imagine a future scenario (one which happens every day): an individual comes to the FBI with information, and offers testimony under oath.  The individual fabricates all or parts of his story.  After many weeks of investigations (and wasted resources), the agents – who relied on this testimony – recognize that it is, by design, wholly or partially untrue, and confront the informant.  What prevents the lying informant who deceived the FBI from invoking the Sussman verdict as a defense?  As precedent from a federal court?

Regardless that half of the country doesn’t trust the FBI, they are still officially the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.  They handle the country’s most serious criminal investigations, including human trafficking, terrorism, espionage, and transnational organized crime.  Although the past several years have highlighted corruption at the upper echelon, we still depend on the Bureau’s rank and file to keep us safe and defend our homeland.  The point of the trial was, at least in part, defending the integrity of the FBI.  It totally failed.

Still, we remain hopeful that this attack on the FBI and on truth itself will not stand for long.  We’re confident that when it’s politically convenient – for example, when a future defendant in a similar case is a Trump supporter – the judge and jury will reverse this shambolic precedent based on the defendant’s political affiliation alone, and throw the book at them.  For in today’s federal justice system, facts and evidence need not apply, and don’t matter anyway.

©Wallace Bruschweiler & William Palumbo. All rights reserved.

The Mass Shooting and Liberal Utopian Society

I pray all Americans, to include pastors, will follow the example of the pastor that penned the article and speak out. Col. Harry Riley

In the last two weeks, there have been two mass shootings in the United States, and the second took place this week at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. These shootings have reignited the regime’s already intense desire for a disarmed populace. Even before the bodies of the dead children had been removed from the school, our mentally diminished President spoke to the nation, demanding that rifles (which he is not even able to accurately describe) be confiscated across a 330 million person country spanning an entire continent. This despicable man, and the legion of sociopathic ghouls arrayed behind him, are clearly overjoyed that there is a classroom full of young children lying dead in Texas. They don’t actually care about the anguish of parents who will never see their child grow up. Their deaths are merely a political prop for the most evil people on the planet.

The Mass Shooting and Liberal Utopian Society

A Feature, Not a Bug…

by Pastor Andrew Isker

It is hard to fully comprehend just how totalitarian such designs are. But these are the very same sadistic freaks who successfully locked those 330 million people in their homes for weeks or months, and then (mostly successfully) restricted their ability to provide for their families if they refused to get an extremely dangerous mRNA injection that does not even accomplish its intended purpose. All you are to them is a guinea pig or a rat in a social experiment. You do not matter. Your children do not matter. You only exist to provide them with power.

You must understand that school shooters and other mass shooters are an extremely acute symptom of the disease that horribly afflicts the American nation. You live in an incredibly sick society, and since you are born into it and live in it every day, you go about your life mostly unaware of just how dreadful things really are. It is imperative for the people who manufacture the inversion of reality that you perceive everything through the lens of the now. This is why “The Current Thing” has such memetic power: it attacks reality distortion at its source, where obsession over what is, right now, cuts you off from any sense of historical perspective. In the case of mass shootings, the exclusion of historical perspective keeps the masses from noticing that mass shootings are a very recent phenomenon and that decades ago, when the United States had vastly more liberal gun laws, and anyone could even purchase fully automatic submachine guns in the mail, this never happened. The question you should ask is, why not? What exactly was different about America 90 years ago compared to today?

The answer to that question is fairly obvious. Modern American society is a factory for psychopaths. The young man in the North American Continent is planted in a field fertilized by atomization, loneliness, and hopelessness. Many have never met their father, and most do not have anything remotely close to a “good relationship” with him. Most have no meaningful connection to the community in which they live, nor even the nation they inhabit. In school, they are social outcasts, driven to niche internet communities for the only semblance of human interaction in their lives. They are marinated in hardcore pornography from before they have even reached pubescence. They know (or at least perceive) that they will never know the love of a flesh-and-blood woman. They are on the kind of pharmacological cocktail that any premodern society would only ascribe to witchcraft and demon possession. They have nothing to live for and no one who loves them. Given how many young men our nation is producing like this, the question we ought to be asking is not “why does this happen?” but rather “why does it not happen a lot more?”

America is an incredibly sick nation. There is a spiritual sickness that pervades everything like a dark cloud. The people who dominate every institution in our nation have held this power for at least sixty years. For these sixty years, they have treated this nation as a grand social experiment. They have made the natural family, the very bedrock of human civilization, an antiquated, outdated institution that we have progressed beyond. They have financialized and commodified all of human life, uprooting people from their homes and extended families, and making them mercenaries chasing after a rapidly devalued dollar. They have exported the industry of the nation impoverishing the heartland of the country and leaving them to languish in despair. They actively cheer the deaths and replacement of the hated population, while at the same time denying this was ever their intent. They have introduced racial and ethnic strife, and in the chaos actively undermined rule of law. Sixty years of full-spectrum control by utopian social engineers have transformed the most affluent society in human history into hell on earth.

This did not happen by accident. These people are motivated by a deep hatred of humanity. Like the geriatric that currently occupies the Oval Office who well represents them, they simply do not care how much people suffer. You might think the progressive is merely mistaken, deluded by ideology. This is not the case. They have had more than sixty years to see the full extent of human misery their ideology produces when applied to the healthiest and most prosperous conditions. They know what they are doing.

But what is to be done? The utopian bugmen that dominate our nation must be overcome. You must personally re-capture the same spirit of Christian America that built a great nation. You must do all within your personal sphere of influence to rebuild the things that our enemies have destroyed. You must rebuild churches dominated by liberals and weak-willed conservatives. You must rebuild neighborhoods and communities with people who, like you, love the nation that their great, great-grandparents built and who want to worship the same God who gave them such strength. You must devote your life to both retaking what institutions you can, and creating alternatives for the institutions you can’t. It is not simply enough to decry that the libs have ruined everything—of course they have, they are like cancer! You must have a vision for your people, you must provide for them the thing they have taken away: hope for the future. We can again have the world that the liberal globalist regime has destroyed. A world where the fear of the Triune God pervades the land and not hopelessness and despair. You can have a world where things like mass shootings never happen again, but you must devote yourself to a life of repentance, faith, and an unquenchable passion for the true, good, and beautiful things God has given.



Andrew Isker is the pastor of 4th Street Evangelical Church in Waseca, MN. He is a graduate of Minnesota State University and Greyfriar’s Hall Ministerial Training School, and he has served churches in Missouri, West Virginia, and Minnesota. He is the author of the forthcoming book, The Boniface Option. Andrew, his wife Kara, and their five children reside in his hometown of Waseca, MN.

He can be found on Gab @BonifaceOption.

©Pastor Andrew Isker. All rights reserved.

When is enough to be enough?

As the war in Ukraine continues, the world but especially America, seems to have bottomless pockets when it comes to sending aid to Ukraine. You all know my opinion on that war and if we should even be interfering. How much is enough? Should we continue? Should this money and weaponry be a loan to be repaid?

Here are my answers. My opinion. I say enough us enough. In fact too much. All of it should have been a loan to be paid back to the U.S. treasury filled with our tax money. To date $54B has been spent/given. With the normal corruption in those parts of the world I would hazard to say a fair bit of the cash has been filtered off.

QUESTION: How much has gone to the neo Nazi regiments and to strengthening them? (Azov Regiment, etc.)

When are we as a nation going to understand that we are no longer in a financial position to be the worlds policemen? Our national debt is to the point of being unable to be paid. Our nation is in trouble. Morally. Ethically. The left has done a phenomenal job of destroying almost everything we ever held dear. Law Enforcement is weak. Our beloved military is being destroyed from the inside by leftist politicians and leftist treasonous leadership. Our economy, despite assurances from this lying administration that fraudulently got itself into the White House, is in tatters. Our self worth as a nation has never been lower especially after the deliberate debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Nations mock us and our so called leadership. Who can blame them? Not me. Our leadership is disgusting. Our leadership is acting treasonously. Our leadership is far worse than just being mentally challenged. Our leaders are socialists. One World Nation proponents. Their hatred for America is clearer daily.

They are all fiddling in the swamplands of DC while America burns. Celebrating what they see as the demise of this nation as a shining light on a hill, a beacon for all other countries to follow. A land of freedom. Liberty. They are destroying it all.

And we allow it. Sadly we are sitting on our hands watching the demise. We fret about inflation which I believe is in the beginning of hyper-inflation. We fret about gas prices, air travel, food prices, shortages of baby formula. I could go on but when do we as a nation stand up to the tyrant in the WH? When will enough be enough? When will we say it has to stop?

Soon may be too late.

This upcoming mid term election may be the last chance we have to peacefully change the direction we are taking. To stop the demise. To put America first. To make America great again.

Failure to stop the rot here and now will I believe end up very badly for this nation. We risk losing all. Leaving nothing for our kids and grandkids.

Justice must be done. All corrupt politicians and treasonous military leadership and politically motivated leftist judges must be removed one way or another. For justice to be seen to be done we need imprisonment and executions. We need to be resolute in our mission to save this Constitutional Republic once and for all.

America is worth it. The world needs a strong and powerful America that they can look up to. A true world leader.

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The Monkeypox pix reveal Western media’s double standards

Africans are outraged by coverage of an outbreak of an exotic disease

There’s an outbreak of monkeypox, a simian relative of smallpox, in western Europe, North America, and Australia. There’s no monkeypox outbreak in Africa. Yet, if all you had to go by were the images initially used to illustrate news articles about the outbreak in the mainstream corporate press, you’d be excused to think that Africa was the blazing epicentre of the outbreak.

From the BBC to the New York Times, the Guardian to Reuters, coverage of the outbreak came with pictures of people of African descent, their exposed skin pocked with festering blisters. Crucially, the pictures were all old file photos, with some being from as far back as the 1990s. The only major news sites that didn’t use these photos were those not based in the West, like Qatari Al Jazeera.

Naturally, many Africans online have been blasting Western media houses for this usage and sharing recent photos of white people suffering from the disease. When the Twitter handle of a Kenyan broadcaster illustrated a post about the disease with one such picture, the comments section erupted in cheers. Even the association of foreign journalists working in Africa weighed in with a formal condemnation.

Following the backlash, many of the offending pictures have been taken down and replaced with electron micrographs of the virus that causes the disease or, in a few cases, pictures of white victims.

Unfortunately, a few articles, like this one from the BBC and this other one by the New York Times, still inexcusably sport photos of Africans suffering from monkeypox.

Why, you may ask, do Africans care so much about this? Isn’t the disease endemic to the continent, after all? Until recently, weren’t most photos depicting the disease taken in African countries, so that they were the only ones available at the outset of the outbreak? And, even if this hadn’t been the case, what’s wrong with using the images? Aren’t there black people in the West?

Well, part of the answer comes from the offending news organisations themselves. Just two years ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan, these same institutions worked up a whole kerfuffle about keeping their coverage of the disease respectful to the Chinese people. Convinced that it was their duty to spare them the stigma associated with the disease, they contorted themselves into all kinds of shapes and forwent some of the thrills of photojournalism.

Instead of dramatic photos of intubated patients struggling for air, they elected to use images and artistic impressions of the virus in their stories. When the WHO conjured up a clumsy name for the disease that had nothing to do with its place of origin, they fell in line and carried it to all corners of the earth. And when a certain bad orange man insisted on calling it the China virus, they added it to the ledger in support of their allegation that he was a white supremacist.

Why then have they, who acted so sanctimoniously in a case where they would have been excused for using photos of victims (Covid-19 did break out in Wuhan, after all) not only not been as careful, but turned into the perpetrators of an arguably worse offense? Were they even sincere the first time? Or have two years been too long for them to keep up the act?

Many commentators have attributed malice and neo-colonialist attitudes to the journalists and editors clearing the use of the images featuring Africans. It fits into a macabre pattern of thought about Africa that Western media organisations just can’t seem to wean themselves off of. Western media, the charge goes, considers Africa to be a backward place filled with sub-human people, whose suffering can be safely ogled at by sympathetic Westerners, who have no dignity to be defended.

Though broad, this accusation isn’t spurious. It’s hard to find other reasons for the tendency of Western media to gravitate to the lens of disaster porn in their treatment of Africa. Not even in their Covid-19 coverage, when they were ostentatious about being respectful everywhere else, could they shake it off.

Instead, they were overly enthusiastic every time it seemed as though Africa was about to take a turn for the worse, and palpably disappointed with every implosion of that expectation.

To give the devil his due, though, maybe we should look for other reasons. After all, no one in the West talks louder about decolonisation, and no one wants to be thought of as an ally of marginalised groups more, than these organisations. Is it possible that Africa is just such a small part of their constituency that they don’t think about it as much, or as carefully, as they do about the rest of their readers, and so are in the dark about Africans’ perception of their attitudes?

Or maybe they do, but this is the only angle for effective storytelling about the continent. Maybe it even comes from a good place, a sympathetic posture towards a continent that’s still bottom of the global healthcare system ranks. Maybe, by using photos of Africans to illustrate a disease outbreak in the West, they are trying to get ahead of the curve, so that when the disease resurges on the continent, the spigots of assistance can flow unimpeded.

If these excuses sound unconvincing, it’s because they are. Try as I might, I cannot find any compelling alternative reasons. In a world where information is so easy to come by, it isn’t reasonable to excuse well-resourced media organisations for being too lazy to use accurate photos for their stories. They are taking photos from a literal warzone in Europe right now, for crying out loud!

And so we are left with the initial accusation. Mainstream Western news organisations have been falling into this pattern in their African coverage for far too long for it to be merely circumstantial. It is inexcusable, even by their own standards, and it’s high time they tried dealing with it.


Mathew Otieno

Mathew Otieno writes from Kisumu, Kenya. More by Mathew Otieno

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