Islamic Persecution Of The ‘Others’: An exclusive Interview with Sister Hatune Dogan

In this  compelling and often heart breaking interview you will hear first hand accounts of Christian persecution in Muslim lands.

Sister Hatune Dogan gives a sobering message to all Americans, Churches, and Synagogues telling them specifically what they need to know about Islamic doctrine and theology based on her own personal experiences.

One of the most often heard statements from Muslim leaders in America is, there is no compulsion in religion.  When followers of Islam say there is no compulsion in religion they are saying that Islam does not force others to follow the Islamic doctrine. Imam Mohammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida and Hassan Shibly of CAIR Tampa tell all who will listen at interfaith meeting that this is true, when real world examples prove otherwise. In this interview you will hear why Sister Hatune Dogan believes this statement is a lie.

In this interview you will learn:

1.  First hand accounts of horrific persecution of Christian children in Syria.

2. First hand account of Muslims selling vials of blood from slaughtered Christians for $100,000 per bottle.

3. When Imam Mohammad Musri and CAIR’s Hassan Shibly tell non-Muslims there is “No compulsion In religion in Islam” it is a LIE.

4. Islamic doctrine that teaches to behead the non-believer and apostates from Islam.

5.  You will learn about the 23 Fatwa’s or death sentences put on Sister Hatune Dogan by Islamic clerics and most importantly – Why.

Sister Hatune Dogan traveled from overseas to attend the Prayer March For Persecuted Christians, Orlando, FL on May 17, 2014.

This Prayer March was inspired by a similar March Rev. Bruce Lieske attended in Austria. Without Rev. Lieske this Prayer March would not have been a reality.

While in Orlando, we were able to sit down with Sister Hatune Dogan for an in depth interview with this extraordinary woman.  We learned about  her work in some of the most dangerous places on earth helping those who have been kidnapped, raped, mutilated, and tortured for the crime of being Christian in Muslim lands.

I am Sister Hatune Dogan. I was  born in Zaz a village in Turabdeen , North Mesapotamia in Turkey. Completed my Primary Education in Turkey. I am  a member in the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church under the Holy See of Antioch.

I was born and brought up as a Farmer Girl in Turabdeen and it was the high time of  persecution to the Christians. The Turkish and Kurdish both were persecuting the Christians in Turabdeen and my family also one of the victim.

In 1985 our family migrated to Germany along with our relatives. I continued my education  in Germany until 12th standard . In 1988 I joined Mor Ephreim Monastery in Losser, Hollond. I joined  to the Sisterhood and continued my studies.

The back born support of her Healing Ministry is provided by Action Meditore a Non- Government Organization from Germany. Carithas from Paderborn , Germany is also giving immense support for my mission in the medical field. Now I am conducting free medical camps in India for the poor. I also playing an active role in the area of medical care to the refugees of Tsunami Disaster in India. I also further looking for Free Medical Equipments from Europe and America to work more with the poor in India.

Recently I launched a housing project for the poor in association with Malankara Suriyani Knanaya Community and as a joint venture with the Government of Kerala.

Those who would like to participate to wipe off the tears of the poor may contact Sister Hatune Dogan to join with the ministries.

How to Join: Email Sister Hatune Dogan at:

Your helps by way of money from your charity savings can be remitted to (Hatune Dogan, A/c No. 11121142, BLZ: 47250101, Sparkasse Paderborn, Germany) OR (SWIFT UBININ,Code BBKCH, A/c No. 615884, Union Bank of India, Ernakulam)

America becoming largest Banana Republic due to Illegal Alien Invasion

Four Central American Banana Republics Join to Protect Migrants.

One catalyst causing the current invasion was a meeting in February 2011 of four banana republic leaders conspiring to offload their poverty on to the United States.

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras) Representatives from Central American countries and the Dominican Republic agreed late Friday to create a “Network of Protection of Migrants” in their journey through Mexico toward the U.S., official sources reported on Saturday. “The network is composed of the countries working together in protecting human rights of migrants; Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua,” noted one Honduran Foreign Ministry statement, issued after the meeting.

A second catalyst was the passing of a bill in the U.S. Senate (S 744) to give amnesty, dramatically increase worker visas and double legal immigration as a form of throwing citizens under the bus in order to satisfy the criminal illegal alien employers in the country.

We can thank Senators Rubio, Leahy, McCain, Graham, Flake, Bennet, Menendez, Bennet and Schumer for ignoring citizens in their quest to overwhelm the country with evermore poverty. Perhaps those senators should go back to the first amnesty granted which was to be the only one ever and check E-Verify was to be mandated as well to secure the border as we do in Korea. McCain and Leahy were there in 1986 but undoubtedly don’t think promises to the citizens are meant to be kept.

A third catalyst has been lax border security ordered by President Obama allowing dramatic increase in the chaos and anarchy with illegal alien kids as young as three years old flooding the country.

Fox News reports, “The flood of illegal immigrants — particularly children — crossing into the U.S. along the southern border is at a ‘crisis’ level, creating a humanitarian emergency that both immigration officials and lawmakers are putting at the feet of the Obama administration. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called the overload a ‘crisis of the federal government’s creation.'”

Giving these kids food, shelter and an opportunity to hook up with others in the country will only encourage more to come until we empty out all of Central America’s population. Don’t forget, behind the kids will be the parents wanting to reunite with them.

Here is how to solve the problem:

  1. The kids came across or from Mexico to get here. Process the kids and put them back across the border into Mexico. They allowed the problem to happen so let them solve it in Mexico.
  2. End all aid to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Nicaragua until they end this stupidity.
  3. Seal the border the way we do in Korea as promised in 1986 by Congress.
  4. Mandate E-Verify as promised by Congress in 1986 as promised by Congress
  5. Make it a felony to overstay a visa or to enter the country illegally.

The illegal aliens will stop coming immediately if you really smart people in Washington grow some backbone and start defending the citizens of this country. America can’t be a nanny to the world.

Try to remember who elected you and who you represent! Is there anyone left in our government that gives a hoot about the legal citizens?

Texas: JTTF warned that Middle Eastern men are getting driver’s licenses with Hispanic names

This “presents a technique that possible terrorists or members of sleeper cells could use to escape notice.” For “foremost is the change in identity and ability to mingle in the predominantly Hispanic community without arousing suspicion, because of their darker skin tone, resembling local Hispanics.” And remember: to be concerned about this would be “racist” and “Islamophobic,” because after all, these men must be changing their names because of rampant “Islamophobia” in the U.S., right?

“Middle Eastern Men Are Getting Driver’s Licenses With Hispanic Names,”, May 25, 2014 (thanks to Todd):

PoliceOne warns officers that people of middle eastern ethnicity are changing their names or presenting themselves as hispanics in order to disguise their ethnicity and better blend into their communities. While this has been common practice among immigrants in the past, it presents a technique that possible terrorists or members of sleeper cells could use to escape notice.

The Texas Department of Public Safety informed the San Antonio Division Joint Terrorism Task Force that individuals of Middle Eastern descent are obtaining new Texas driver’s licenses with Hispanic surnames.

Approximately 20 individuals of Middle Eastern origin are utilizing the Travis County (Austin, Texas) District Court each week to change their names and driver’s licenses from Middle Eastern to Hispanic surnames.

The process involves submitting a form and fingerprints to the District Court. The Austin JTTF is investigating the applicants and application process with the Texas Department of Safety and investigators from the Travis County District Attorney’s office. At this time it is unknown as to how widespread these driver’s license changers are.

San Antonio has multiple concerns about these driver license changes. Foremost is the change in identity and ability to mingle in the predominantly Hispanic community without arousing suspicion, because of their darker skin tone, resembling local Hispanics.

Second is the lack of security afforded the fingerprint cards, allowing the possibility of substitution by individuals of concern by individuals who would not arouse suspicion. These driver license changes may not be limited to Hispanic surnames but might involve common names or other ethnicities.

Considering the current threat reporting and the frequent presence of President Bush within the State of Texas, San Antonio would like to determine how widespread this practice of driver’s license change is in border states and nationwide.

San Antonio Division will focus on determining the true identity, background and reason for those individuals of Middle Eastern descent who have changed their identity to Hispanic.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this report, please call El Paso I.C.A.T., 915-872-5775.

Source: Tucson Intelligence Unit; Texas Dept. of Public Safety; Austin, Tex. JTTF


Obama ‘Committed to Escalating’ Lawlessness at Border
Obama to free Gitmo jihad terrorist because “he took up yoga and read a biography of the Dalai Lama”
Kerry calls threats of swapped Taliban prisoners to resume jihad “a lot of baloney”
“Palestinian” prof resigns after death threats for taking students to Auschwitz

This man is guilty of the imprisonment and torture of 30,000 Christians!

Daily we read about the persecution and killing of Christians and Jews. Those being oppressed are voices crying out for justice. This issue is falling on deaf ears both here in the United States, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and now in North Korea.

Testimony before the United Nations Human Rights Council:

“A witness saw a young woman who folded her hands in a praying fashion when the SSD [State Security Department] interrogated her. The SSD suspected therefore that she was a Christian. They took her to another room and beat her until she confessed.” reports:

Every day in North Korea’s prison camps, 30,000 Christians rise in the predawn hours, eat a few mouthfuls of corn porridge and cabbage, and trudge to an assigned workplace. They then spend about 15 hours toiling in coal mines, cleaning and maintaining the camp, or doing farm work or construction work. In late evening, they return to housing units or apartments above their workplace to eat the same meager meal before falling to sleep on concrete floors.

Other Christians are not so fortunate. Instead of laboring for hours at backbreaking work under the eye of cruel guards, they’re locked in torture chambers and underground prisons. Survivors of North Korean prison camps have described being locked in cages like animals, forced to stand for hours in tortuous positions and beaten until they vomited blood.

About 200,000 North Koreans are thought to be detained in prison camps that aren’t even acknowledged by the communist government to exist. Authorities are very careful to conceal details about the camps from the outside world. The camps are disguised as military or farming facilities, and only officials with special security clearance are permitted to visit. During a United Nations investigation that culminated in an incriminatory report earlier this year, North Korean authorities repeatedly denied investigators entrance to the camps.

North Koreans found guilty of lesser infractions are sent to the kyohwaso, or ordinary labor camps, from which they might one day be released. But those found guilty of serious “crimes,” such as practicing Christianity, are sent to the kwanliso, controlled areas for political prisoners. The regime often arrests entire families, punishing three generations of a family for the crime of one member.

Most political prisoners sent to the kwanliso are incarcerated for life, if they aren’t executed immediately. Inmates are denied contact with the outside world, and not even their closest family members receive information on their whereabouts. Very few people have ever been released from a kwanliso.

There are four known kwanliso prison camps. Camp 14 holds about 15,000 prisoners, who work in mines, and only one person is known to have ever escaped. Camp 15, which holds about 30,000 prisoners, is unique in that it has separate areas for those imprisoned for life (Total Control Zones) and those considered redeemable through labor (Revolutionary Zones). Camp 16, which is located near a nuclear test site in the north, is thought to hold 20,000 prisoners. And Camp 25, which is more like a maximum security prison, holds only a few thousand prisoners but has doubled in size since 2006.

Conditions in the camps are so bad that nearly 40 percent of inmates die of starvation, while others commonly lose up to half their body weight. Prisoners tell of eating grass and rats to survive and of fighting over a single kernel of corn. One escapee, Shin Dong-hyuk, said his own mother began to compete with him for food. Survivors of these camps are often permanently disfigured from torture and from being chained to walls for days or weeks at a time.

Most of those who have disappeared into kwanliso in recent years have been found guilty of one of three crimes: they tried to flee North Korea, they had unauthorized contact with citizens of South Korea, or they were revealed as Christians. According to testimony before the United Nations, Christianity in North Korea “has been compared to a drug, narcotics, a sin and a tool of Western and capitalist invasion.” The work of Christian missionaries is “akin to vampirism.”

While Christianity is not explicitly illegal and a few show churches are even allowed in Pyongyang, in practice, authorities consider adherence to the Christian faith a political crime. State security makes concerted efforts to identify Christians. Agents are trained to suppress religious activities and to systematically interrogate repatriated citizens about their contact with churches and missionaries while outside North Korea. Those found to have engaged in such conduct face harsher punishment.

The 30,000 believers in these concentration camps are prisoners of a war being waged on Christians in North Korea. It’s a war that began in 1948, when North Korea was established as a state. North Koreans, who share the gospel, as Mrs. Park did, pay a high personal price. Secret Christians there have known and accepted this for years. They fully expect their faith to result in their imprisonment. However, a Christian who works closely with North Korean defectors said they do not regard imprisonment with surprise or outrage; on the contrary, they regard the prison camps as their mission field and view everything leading to their imprisonment as training.


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists of Boko Haram kidnap 20 more women

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo of President Kim Jong Un of North Korea is courtesy of Reuters/KCNA.

FBI investigating death threats to Bergdahl’s father


For a larger view click on the image.

Some death threats are newsworthy. Some aren’t. When Daisy Khan, the wife of Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, claimed to have been threatened a few years ago (not coincidentally at the height of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy), it was international news. So are these alleged threats to Robert Bergdahl. But the many death threats that counter-jihadists receive are never news.

This is because the purpose of the mainstream media’s publicizing of these death threats to Khan and Bergdahl is not, as one might think, to inform the public about the threats themselves. The point of publicizing them is to demonize the opposition to a cause the media loves but the public hates. 70% of the American people opposed the Ground Zero Mosque, but the media loved it; so Daily Khan’s supposed death threats were publicized. And now, amid the growing dismay over the Bergdahl trade, suddenly we hear that Robert Bergdahl has received death threats. This is a signal that media is going to run interference for Barack Obama yet again, and try to force the American people to swallow the Bergdahl trade.

A few of the death threats I have received over the years:

Robert Spencer must be shot head…”

And via email:

“Robert Spencer has his right to speech. But someday he will slip up, he will visit a place that doesn’t honor such infidel ‘rights.’ And what a day they will have with him. You’ve heard of head cheese and blood pudding? See, modern hip Muslims like me like to be look different than everybody else in Western society. And we don’t like to believe Islam has any real enemies left. But Robert Spencer, well, he will see the sacred text come to life…’fuel the fires of hell…’ only when they are done with him. Peace and Love.”

“Robert Spencer the Second, born on February 27, 1962, is a hairy man who…currently lives on [specific street] in [specific city] with [specific relatives]…” (Pro-jihad hatchet man Nathan Lean, late of Reza Aslan’s Aslan Media and apparently also connected with John Esposito’s Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, has trafficked in this kind of veiled threat many times, publishing on Twitter what he thinks is my home address and the addresses of places he thinks I frequent — thereby knowingly endangering innocent people even if I am a thousand miles away from where he thinks I am. That Aslan and Esposito would work with this bottom-feeding thug and stalker reveals a great deal about their actual agenda.)

“Killing of this man is a model… SPENCER-Model..Spencer himself deserves the same? he should be sloughtered like that man. Silencing the EVIL.”


“Yes. Yes..We finally reached out him. Ka’ab Binu Ashraf has been traced. He will be soon found. Will this be like VAN-Goooordhd. I am not sure. Allah Knows.. But Spencer you will pay the price…Just wait to pay the price.”

“Robert….It was really good I found you in a local supermarket. and I followed you.. so i know your address now..tell you fool followers you are going to be deceased very soon… any one taking your seat and getting killed? I am sure most of your followers are cheeky cowards.”

“Do me a favor Spencer and put this as a blog post like you do to all those threatening mails. Be careful, I am very near to you. I located you and I know you have little security around you. I am coming to slit your throat with a bland knife.. and it will pain a lot.. since you misled a lot of people and became a fitnah on earth.. it is a duty of a good muslim to kill you! go report this to FBI or CIA..And don’t worry, I won’t attack you unguarded.. but i will surely kill you in the most easy manner possible because I don’t like to slaughter human beings.. Die and go to hell.. for sure..and yea I have a new name for you…Robert ‘hawknoseinhell’ spencer.”

“Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Has Been Getting Death Threats,” by Laura Zuckerman, Reuters, June 8, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth):

SALMON Idaho (Reuters) – The father of Bowe Bergdahl, the Idaho soldier released from captivity in a controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban, has received emailed death threats that authorities are investigating, an Idaho police chief said on Saturday.

The first of the death threats sent to Bob Bergdahl at his home near Hailey, Idaho, was received on Wednesday, the same day the city canceled a planned rally celebrating the release of his son, Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter said.

“There were four specific emails with death threats given to the FBI and they are looking into it,” Gunter told Reuters in an interview.

Authorities are providing security to Bob Bergdahl and his wife, Jani, but Gunter declined to elaborate on those measures.

Bergdahl’s release after being held for nearly five years in Afghanistan provoked an angry backlash in Congress among lawmakers over the Obama administration’s failure to notify them in advance. Some of Bergdahl’s former comrades have charged that he was captured in 2009 after deserting his post.

U.S. military leaders have said the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture are unclear, with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel urging critics to wait for all the facts to be known before rushing to judgment on Bergdahl.

The threats came as Hailey, a tourist community of some 8,000 people in the mountains of central Idaho, was buffeted by hundreds of vitriolic phone calls and emails.

The celebratory spirit that infused Hailey a week ago with news of Bergdahl’s release turned to apprehension as an onslaught of angry messages were directed at city officials, businesses and friends of the Bergdahls over a hometown rally to mark his freedom planned for June 28.

As many as 15,000 supporters and protesters were expected to descend on Hailey for an event that would have overwhelmed the resources and infrastructure of the remote mountain town and potentially risked public safety and property, city officials have said.

Residents of the close-knit community have been surprised and dismayed by an angry backlash that seemed to fault them for seeking to aid the Bergdahls in a time of need, Gunter said.

“We’ve always come together in tragedy or crisis, whether it be fire or one of our own being a prisoner of war. Whatever the problem is, the community will be there to help the people experiencing it,” he said.

RELATED VIDEO: Comments on news reports that Bowe Bergdahl joined the Taliban to wage jihad against American soldiers:




Karachi airport attack: Taliban ‘trying to hijack plane’ in assault that left dozens dead
Not the First Time Obama Risked American Lives after Bypassing Congress
Seven Hours at the Border: Marine Held in Mexico’s New Legal Team Hones Case
Obama to Free Gitmo Terrorist ‘Because He Took Up Yoga’
Bergdahl ‘healthier than expected’: No intelligence supported bad health, says senator

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is courtesy of the Associated Press.

No, Obama is Not Above the Law

It was hard enough trying to keep up with the revelations of various scandals that have been the product of the Obama administration, but now into the second year of his second term, the news of its actions—some of which are illegal, some of which ignore Congress’s authority, and some of which seemed determined to destroy our economy and attack our constitutional freedoms–all keep assaulting our comprehension.

Like many Americans I have fears of losing our freedoms as set forth in the Bill of Rights. I have doubts about an almost invisible “recovery” of the economy when 92,009,000 are still not in the labor force. I look at the Obama presidency and see one that seems increasingly lawless and witless in so many ways.

The latest assault was the exchange of five Taliban detainees, top field commanders, for an American soldier who administration spokeswoman, Susan Rice, said had served with “honor and distinction.” Like her lies about the Benghazi attack, this too was a lie. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had, we swiftly learned, walked away from his post in Afghanistan. That makes him a deserter, something the administration must surely have known. Giving up the Taliban leaders, done without the required thirty days’ notice to Congress, looks more like Obama’s intention to empty Guantanamo then the claim of retrieving an alleged POW. Negotiations to achieve this had been ongoing for months.

This comes at a time when a report by the think tank, the Rand Corporation, spells out a 58% increase from 2010 to 2013 of jihadist groups worldwide, from 31 to 49, and a doubling of the number of jihadist fighters to an estimated 100,000. In addition, the report notes the number of attacks by al Qaeda affiliates had increased to roughly 1,000 from 392. As Seth G. Jones, the author of the report, says, “The current trends suggest that the struggle against extremism is likely to be a generational one, much like the Cold War.”

Not exactly the “end of a war” that Obama keeps talking about.

At the same time Obama turned five Taliban commanders loose, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced the creation of a special task force within the Justice Department to combat what he characterized as “escalating danger” from “homegrown” terrorists within the U.S. Given the fact that we have a huge Department of Homeland Security, created after 9/11, one wonders why such a task force is necessary, but we are told it will be composed of members of the FBI and the Department’s National Security Division.

The Obama administration is the same one in which the Internal Revenue Service targeted Tea Party and patriot groups seeking non-profit status. A pattern of using the government against them reflects an agenda to target any American who disagrees and speaks up against the abuse or neglect of constitutional rights.

One of those is the right to own and bear guns, but this is also an administration that has made many efforts to curb the Second Amendment and gun ownership. At the same time, we have read reports of massive purchases of ammunition and weapons by various elements of the federal government. One can understand the need to arm agents of the FBI and Homeland Security, but why did the Postal Service and Social Security agency, as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration need to purchase lots of ammunition?

Concurrent with this has been the deliberate reduction in the nation’s military strength to a point that rivals what existed prior to World War Two. We have a far smaller navy. Our Air Force has both older and fewer aircraft. Our Army and Marine units have far fewer men and women in active service. There are concerns about the capabilities of our National Guard as well. Meanwhile, police forces around the nation are being given military-level vehicles and weaponry.

Largely unknown to most Americans is the National Defense Authorization Act which empowers the U.S. military, under presidential authority, to arrest, kidnap, detain without trial, and hold indefinitely American citizens thought to “represent an enduring security threat to the United States.”

Reportedly, a study funded by the Department of Homeland Security characterized Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.” Does that include members of the Tea Party movement? Members of the National Rifle Association and of veterans organizations? Opponents of abortion? All have been described as potential domestic terrorists by elements of the Obama administration

A friend-of-the-court brief in a case opposing the Act, stated: “The central question now before the court is whether the federal judiciary will stand idly by while Congress and the president establish the legal framework for the establishment of a police state and the subjugation of the American citizenry through the threat of indefinite military arrest and detention, without the right to counsel, the right to confront one’s accusers, or the right to trial.”

Writing at World Net Daily, Bob Unrah noted that “The new law authorizes the President to use ‘all necessary and appropriate force’ to jail those ‘suspected’ of helping terrorists.’” Since the law passed,” reported Unrah, “multiple states have passed laws banning its enforcement.”

While Obama is releasing declared enemies of the nation to return to the battlefield, he and his Attorney General are expressing concerns about homegrown terrorists and the mere accusation of being sympathetic to terrorism will be enough to get a lot of people detained without any Bill of Rights protections.

Obama has unleashed the Environmental Protection Agency to assert new limits on greenhouse gas emissions by many, if not most, of the nation’s 600 coal-fired plants that generate electricity. Many plants have already closed their doors. Joseph Bast, the president of The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank, responded saying, “President Obama and the Democrats are once again unleashing the Environmental Protection Agency on the American people. This is Obamacare for the environment: guaranteed to raise costs, reduce choices, and destroy an existing industry. By the time the EPA is finished, millions of Americans will be freezing in the dark.”

David Rothbard and Craig Rucker of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), another leading think tank, warned that states will be required to impose “cap-and-tax regimes like the ones Congress has wisely and repeatedly refused to enact. Others will be forced to close perfectly good, highly reliable coal-fueled power plants that currently provide affordable electricity for millions of families, factories, hospitals, schools and businesses. The adverse impacts will be enormous.”

This is a pattern of activity that will harm the U.S. economy by reducing the production of energy vital to nation’s current and future growth. In a similar fashion, the Obama administration has reduced access to explore and extract vast offshore energy resources and those that exist on federal lands.

Taken together these and other actions put at risk the future and the freedoms Americans have enjoyed since the U.S. Constitution became effective on June 21, 1788. We are watching this 226-year-old republic being put at great risk of survival.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

Sharyl Attkisson: How the Government Violated Its Own Ethics Rules, Then Covered It Up

Sharyl Attkisson, a senior independent contributor to The Daily Signal, talks about her story on premature babies, the National Institutes of Health and accusations of unethical human experimentation.

Sharyl grew up in Sarasota, Florida where I live and publish this online magazine. I envy The Daily Signal for recruiting such a principled journalist.

To demonstrate just how principled Sharyl is Nolan Peterson, from writes, “When Sharyl Attkisson was a junior at Riverview High School [in Sarasota, FL], she wrote a letter to the editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune [then owned by the New York Times Company]. She complained the newspaper was being unfair, slanting its high school sports coverage in favor of Riverview’s archrival, Sarasota High School. The newspaper even went so far, Attkisson claimed in her letter, as to poke fun of Riverview’s cheerleading squad (Attkisson was a cheerleader at the time). It was a bold move for the then 15-year-old, but Attkisson felt like an injustice had been committed, and she was compelled to correct it…”




Sharyl Attkisson, an Emmy award-winning investigative journalist, is a senior independent contributor to The Daily Signal. She is the author of the forthcoming book, “Stonewalled.”

On Immigration: My House is not Your Home

Since the economic crash of 2008, I think everyone has had to make adjustments – except the federal government – including cutting back on discretionary spending, fewer weekends at the beach, eating out less, etc. What I like about Americans is that when times get hard, we have a tendency to reach out to help those around us who are less fortunate. We will share a loaf of bread with a neighbor. We will give a bag of groceries to a needy member of our church. We will pay the fees for our child’s friend to attend summer camp.

Those we have some connection to will always be on the receiving end of our largess when we have the wherewithal and after we have fulfilled the obligations we have to our families. This is the America I love and cherish. But this love is becoming somewhat diminished in light of recent numbers on the level of homelessness among children in the U.S. There are two groups in the U.S. that we should never allow to suffer – children and senior citizens. Children are pure, innocent and totally dependent on us adults. Senior citizens have paid their dues to society and paved the way for us to enjoy the privileges we have.

But those aren’t the only two groups we should be concerned about. A record 1.16 million students in the United States were homeless last year, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Education. These were students from K-12 for the school year 2011-12, the latest numbers are available. This was a 10 percent increase from the previous school year. According to the federal government, there were 55.5 million students enrolled in school during this period, meaning about 2 percent of all students were homeless.

The states with the largest increases of homeless students were: California, New York, Texas, and Florida. What is interesting about those states is they are the same states with the largest population of people in the U.S. illegally.

The Obama administration has actually encouraged a flood of illegal children to trek across Central America through Mexico into the U.S. because they have made it perfectly clear that they will not enforce our immigration laws. This public declaration has put our own kids at dire risk.

According to Reuters, “An estimated 60,000 such children will pour into the United States this year, according to the [Obama] administration, up from about 6,000 in 2011. Now, Washington is trying to figure out how to pay for their food, housing and transportation once they are taken into custody.

The flow is expected to grow. The number of unaccompanied, undocumented immigrants who are under 18 will likely double in 2015 to nearly 130,000 and cost U.S. taxpayers $2 billion, up from $868 million this year, according to administration estimates.”

So, if these are the numbers the Obama administration is using, they are probably conservative.

We are already more than $17 trillion in debt and you want to take money (that could be used for citizens) away from our homeless children to take care of those noncitizens who are in the country illegally? Really? I am totally with humanitarian aid, but not at the expense of my own U.S.-born children.

The problem has gotten so bad that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set up an emergency shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas that can hold 1,000 illegals. That’s right, we are housing illegals on military bases; but our own children are living on the street or in a homeless shelter. We Americans are the most generous, kind, giving people on the face of the earth; but enough is enough. Let’s take care of our own first.

America doesn’t have an immigration problem. We have an enforcement problem. There is nothing wrong with the laws on the books; we need to simply enforce them. The interesting thing that my open borders and pro-amnesty friends will never discuss publicly is this: America accepts more legal immigrants into the U.S. annually than the total of all the other nations of the world combined.

So, I will not allow those who disagree with me to dismiss me as xenophobic, heartless, without compassion, etc. Show me a parent who will take away from his family to give to a total stranger and I will show you an unfit parent. Because you are in my house does not make it your home.

“Separation of powers” useless to stop crimes against the Constitution

When the U.S. Constitution was adopted and the signatories agreed that the powers of the federal government would be divided among the executive, legislative and judicial branches, it was assumed that those running our government were honorable patriots who would faithfully abide by Constitutional law. But that was then when political parties were not around to pervert our leaders and turn government into a struggle for power, wealth and control over the people of the United States.

Back in 1787, few if any thought that elected officials would ever have the audacity to challenge the concept of separation of powers, and so no method of enforcement was ever set in place to compel the three branches to behave, live in peace, and honor their pledge to share power and faithfully support all of the Constitution … not just the parts they liked and that favored their selfish objectives.

Today, the form of Progressivism/Socialism being implemented by the Obama White House holds no respect for the concept of separation of powers. For our president, it doesn’t exist, perhaps because there are no provisions for its enforcement.

The Supreme Court must remain silent regarding executive abuse until someone or some group with “standing” files a suit against the president in response to a particular grievance. But who has standing to sue the president? No one seems to know; not even some in Congress who are reported to believe it has no standing to sue the president for overreaching his executive power.

In a 1999 Hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules, it was stipulated that “Congress may seek to nullify, repeal, revoke, terminate or de-fund an executive order, but each such action requires the eventual concurrence of the President (most likely the same President that issued the order in the first place).”

No wonder Congress, itself, doesn’t want to challenge executive orders.

Even if someone were bold enough to claim to be personally aggrieved by a presidential act or executive order, unfortunately, it might take years to establish standing in the courts, especially when the case would have to reach the Supreme Court for a final irrevocable ruling. This would give the Obama White House an extraordinary amount of time for its abuse of power to “fundamentally change” or weaken the freedoms we enjoy today.

Separation of powers has no muscle and no teeth, and Barack Obama knows it. We live in a time when Constitutional amendments are necessary simply to save and uphold Constitutional law … I mean its very existence. But to introduce and pass a new amendment that can enforce separation of powers is doomed to failure by the fact that the major political parties–as they exist and operate completely at odds with one another–will never vote in concert to serve the best interests of the American people by passing such an amendment.

Our Constitution is at an impasse, powerless to provide a means to deliver control of the nation back to the people. Americans are in grave need of an act of God to produce a leader who can show us how Constitutional law can be empowered to deliver us from the Socialist dictatorship that is quickly descending upon us like a cold, dark night. Who will stand against the fall of night?

Pray that there is such a person somewhere out there with the courage to confront dictatorship and preserve our Republic.

Florida: A Victory for Human Rights – “Yasmeen’s Law” signed by Governor Scott

May 12, 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill to protect the human rights of women and children in the Sunshine State from the intrusion of foreign laws and doctrines undermining fundamental Constitutional rights. There is nothing in the law that Governor Scott signed that mentions Muslims, Sharia, Islam or any other religious or ecclesiastical law. It is facially neutral.

However, the legislation, while based on the American Law for American Courts model law adopted in various forms by six other states, offers in  the Florida version relief to women and children against predatory practices often in violation of federal, state and even international law. One of those foreign laws is Sharia, Islamic law, which controls every aspect of a Muslim’s life, and in all too many cases, the lives of non-Muslim wives and the children of those unions. Under Sharia, a husband, a son and male relatives are deemed to have  absolute control over their wives and children.

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Research conducted by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and its affiliate the American Public Policy Alliance (APPA) found over two dozen instances in which foreign laws had intruded in family and other matters in both lower and appellate court decisions in Florida. The law signed by Governor Scott, diverged from the American Law for American Courts model developed by incorporating applicable Florida case law to preserve those rights in family law and other matters. This enabled passage and ultimate enactment in the 2014 Tallahassee legislative session.

Yasmeen A. Davis

Video Testimonies about American Child Abductions under Foreign Law

Key to the 2014 legislative success was a graphic message about Shariah’s war on American women and children conveyed in two video interviews we conducted. One was with Margaret McLain, a retired Arkansas State University professor who lost her five-year-old daughter, Heidi, now 16, years earlier to an abduction and removal to Saudi Arabia by her Saudi ex- husband. We had chanced to meet Professor McClain at a Jonesboro ACT! For America Chapter presentation in September 2013. Through Professor McClain, we were introduced to a 28 year old South Florida woman, Yasmeen A. Davis. Ms. Davis had been abducted at age 11 by her mother’s Saudi ex-husband and removed to Saudi Arabia. Yasmeen was mistreated at her father’s residence in the Kingdom because of her refusal to convert to Islam and still bears the effects. Her Saudi father still keeps tabs on her through periodic calls to her from his American lawyers and an ex-FBI agent hired by him. She suffers from the equivalent of PTSD as a result of her experience. Ms. Davis was rescued through the resources of her family at age 13.  Both Professor McClain and Ms. Davis had testified in a series of US House of Representative hearings in 2002 along with a panel of other similarly victimized American parents and children. The hearings were held before the US House of Representatives Government Reform Committee chaired by former Indiana Republican Representative Dan Burton and was televised.

It is our contention that the ALAC legislation enacted in Florida in 2014 might be called Yasmeen’s Law. It is a testament  to the courage and resolve by Ms. Davis and her family to secure her rescue. During our interview with her, she hoped that ALAC might protect other similarly importuned American families in Florida from what she experienced 17 years ago.

Florida Senator Alan Hays

The Phone call that began the battle for enactment of Florida ALAC

Introduction of the model ALAC legislation in the 2011 session was facilitated by Christopher Holton, then VP for Outreach at the CSP and New Orleans lawyer, Stephen M. Gelé, Esq., who headed the APPA.  The sponsors of the model ALAC legislation in the 2011 legislative session in Tallahassee were  Sen. Alan Hays (R- Senate District – 11 Umatilla) in the Senate and Rep. Larry Metz (R-House District- 32 Groveland).  The fact that it took four years after the introduction of the model law in the 2011 Florida legislative session indicated that its fundamental merits survived the deliberative process.

Joseph Sabag, Esq.

A volunteer advisory team that supported this effort resulted from a phone call in January 2012 from Joseph Sabag, Esq.  a politically astute young Southern Florida lawyer who contacted this writer on an unrelated matter.

Florida Christian Coalition Citizen Lobbyists in the State Capitol Rotunda on March 13, 2014

Enter Anthony Verdugo and the Citizen-Lobbyists of the Florida Christian Coalition

The Sabag phone call led to discovery of the citizen lobbying prowess of the Florida Christian Family Coalition (CFC) led by Anthony “Tony” Verdugo. Verdugo had an amazing grasp of the nuances in the Florida legislative process. That was evident his ability to invite Florida Senate and House leaders and a Presidential candidate to the January 2012 CFC Annual Legislative Prayer Breakfast. Former US Senate Republican majority leader, Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum spoke at the 2012 CFC event before an audience of more than 120 citizen – lobbyists. Verdugo’s group represents 5,000 members in the Sunshine State. His leadership of CFC’s diverse members has successfully obtained passage on a number of social issues.

Anthony Verdugo, Florida Christian Family Coalition

Enter Florida Senator Hays and the Volunteer Advisory Team

Sabag introduced me to Sen. Hays who was the sponsor of the Stand With Israel resolution. At that initial encounter in his Senate office in 2012 we briefly discussed the ALAC bill and underlying issues. The Stand with Israel resolution was passed by the Florida Senate on February 1, 2012 by a resounding bipartisan Senate vote, 39 to 0, while the House version passed on February 29th by 108 to 0.

Out of that success emerged the voluntary advisory team that included Sabag, Christopher Holton,  now with Act! for America, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Verdugo of CFC and this writer. The volunteer team worked closely with Sen. Hays and other legislators to conduct research and develop FAQs, training aides, media op-eds, and video presentations.

Although the bill stalled in the 2013 legislative session in Tallahassee, Sen. Alan Hays held a conference call with the advisory team. He noted there was no longer a super majority of Republicans in both chambers, but nevertheless asked, why not make another try in 2014? In 2013, the ALAC bill had once again passed all the House committee referrals and a full chamber vote. On the Senate side under the leadership of Senate President Don Gaetz (R. Senate Dist. 1 – Destin) the bill was referred to four committees, but was prevented from going forward to a final hearing by the Senate Rules Committee, the penultimate stop before a floor vote. The advisory team suggested that to start the process in the 2014 session earlier than normal with legislative planning sessions in the summer of 2013. This was to be followed by bill enrollment and securing a reduced number of committee referrals from the leadership preceding the start of the 60 day legislative session in March 2014.

Christopher Holton, Esq., Act! for America

Overcoming the Opposition to Florida ALAC.

It is said that the legislative process is equivalent to making sausage. Perhaps that analogy may be the pragmatic reality. In 2014 the core message of protection of women and children coupled with research in foreign family laws matters contributed to overcoming vocal opposition from the strange alliance of Muslim advocacy groups and Jewish Defense groups. The  Muslim Advocacy groups  included the Florida and national Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Emerge USAUnited Voices for America, while Jewish defense groups included the Anti-Defamation League and the National Council of Jewish Women. They were bolstered by representatives from  both Family and International Law sections of the Florida bar association. The opponents frequently voiced the opinion that the legislation was “unnecessary,” “duplicative,” “ didn’t recognize the competency of the state’s judiciary,” and “prevented foreign investment” in Florida.  At its worst the Muslim opponents resorted to ad hominem attacks accusing bill sponsors of being “Islamophobes,” “racists,” and “bullies.”

Jewish defense groups contended that the legislation would bar recognition of Israeli Rabbinic family law decrees recognized under Florida practice. It was research by a Family Law expert at Tel Aviv University Prof. Daphna Hackner published in a peer reviewed international legal journal that put that to rest. Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, educated in bothJewish Halacha and Sharia Islamic law, with US law degrees and education at the American University in Cairo, enabled him to interpret both religious laws. An Israeli  lawyer and family relation of Rabbi Hausman’s facilitated the connections with Professor Hackner. Rabbi Hausman drafted op-eds and letters to legislators explaining why the change in laws was necessary.

Rabbi  Hausman’s video interview on the legislation and those of Professor McClain and Ms. Davis were loaded into Sen. Hays’  iPad so that he could take them around to show Committee chairs and members during hearings on the measure. The advisory team prepared training presentations, revised FAQs to be used in sessions organized for the 2014 CFC citizen lobbyist day on March 13, 2014. The approximately 100 CFC citizen lobbyists who were bused in to the Tallahassee Doubletree Hotel listened attentively to presentations by Sen. Hays, House sponsor of ALAC, Neil Combee (R. House District 39, Auburndale), and guest speaker Professor McClain. By the end of the day, they secured commitments from 39 Florida legislators.

The Victory for Florida ALAC

After four years of effort in the face of misinformed opposition, an amended version of ALAC passed the Florida Legislature. The Senate sponsor, Senator Alan Hays, said on April 28th when the Senate passed  the measure by a partisan vote of 24 Republicans to 14 Democrats:

I am delighted that my colleagues in the Florida Senate passed SB 386 – The Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.

It is my fervent desire to make sure everyone in a Florida courtroom is protected from the imposition of any foreign law that may diminish the rights of that person which are afforded by our US and Florida Constitutions. This bill codifies case law to offer those protections and is a welcome addition to the statutes of our state.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of many others who assisted in the passage of this landmark legislation.

Florida Representative Mike Hill

House Rep. Mike Hill, (R. House District -2 Pensacola), a member of the Subcommittee on Civil Justice, following House passage on April 30th of HB 903 by a vote of 78 Republicans to 40 Democrats, said:

I am honored to join my colleagues and vote ‘yes’ on the bill that passed the Florida House codifying that American law only will be used in Florida courts. It is our duty to do so as I took an oath to protect the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Florida.

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and I were in the Florida House Public Gallery on Tuesday, April 29th and witnessed the floor debate with questions from opposition Democrats to House bill sponsor Rep. Neil Combee. Misinformed, they persisted in asking why the measure was necessary. Rep. Combee cited both lower court and appellate level cases in which foreign law had been recognized that did not comply with the comity principles under Florida practice as justification for passing the measure.

Stephen M. Gelé, Esq. of the New Orleans law firm of Smith Fawer LLC

Prior to the Senate and House deliberations on  ALAC we suggested to the bill sponsors that the amended version be reviewed by Stephen M. Gelé, Esq. of the New Orleans law firm of Smith Fawer LLC, former Chair of the APPA. Despite his being on vacation, Gelé sent his assessment of the legislation that we received via Christopher Holton of ACT! Gelé wrote:

The Florida Legislature recently passed and Gov. Scott signed into law SB 386, a bill that will help protect Floridians from foreign law that is inconsistent with American values, such as Islamic Sharia law. The law will help protect Florida parents who face loss of their children to a foreign custody judgment; help protect spouses who face unfair foreign judgments of divorce, spousal support, or marital property distributions; help protect parents and spouses from marital contracts (including Islamic marital contracts often named mahrs) that would force decisions regarding child custody, spousal support and marital property distributions to be decided in foreign courts or under foreign law in American courts; and, help protect parents and spouses from having disputes regarding child custody, spousal support and marital property distributions from being dismissed by Florida courts in favor of being decided in foreign courts.

Although American and Florida courts have held in the past that foreign law should not be applied when the foreign law offends public policy, this concept has not previously been strengthened by statute. Further, under current Florida child custody statutes a judge can refuse to enforce a foreign custody judgment only “if the child custody law of a foreign country violates fundamental principles of human rights.” Unfortunately, statements by the U.S. State Department suggest that “fundamental principles of human rights” should be interpreted more narrowly than most Americans would interpret the phrase. However, ALAC  allows a Florida judge to refuse to enforce a foreign custody judgment under the much broader standard of whether the judgment offends the public policy of Florida.

Therefore, the most important effect of  the law will be to protect parents from losing their children to foreign custody decrees, which has happened before.

Gele’s comments are reflective of a new theme based on the recommendation of Kansas House Speaker Pro TemporeRep. Peg Mast. Mast successfully secured bi-partisan support for passage of ALAC in the 2012 session in Topeka. She suggested emphasizing protection of “fundamental Constitutional rights” for Florida women and children. That meant putting a human face to the theme of the foreign law war on women and children. This was reflected in interviews women, Professor Margaret McClain and Ms. Yasmeen Davis.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz (R. House District 4 – Shalimar)

Without the dogged determination of the legislation’s sponsors like Sen. Hays and Rep. Combee with the support of advocates in the House Reps. Mike Hill, Larry Metz and Matt Gaetz, what occurred in the final week of the 2014 Florida legislative session might not have happened.

Other important legislation was passed in Tallahassee in the final week of the 2014 session


Sen. Hays had also deftly maneuvered another measure directed at text book review, SB 864, which passed the Senate with a tally of 21 Republicans to 19 Democrats. The measure reversed State Department of Education control over selection of textbooks returning that role to Florida’s 67 school districts, requiring open public hearing on texts used in courses. SB 864 was largely prompted by objections of parental groups in several Florida counties about the treatment of Islam and Muslim culture in world history textbooks that are on the Florida State Department of Education list of approved texts.

The House passed the amended SB864/HB 921 by a resounding bi-partisan vote.

Florida Representative Larry Metz

Like the experience with ALAC SB 864/HB 921: “on K to 12 instruction materials,” was amended following a conference with both Senate and House sponsors in consultation with the Governor’s office. While it requires clarification that standards of fact-based accurate in world history texts should be adhered to, it also creates a process giving parents an opportunity at school district level to trigger a public hearing. The laws also adds requirements that instructional materials “accurately portray the religious and physical diversity of our society.” Further, it makes the school district boards responsible for the content of all instructional materials used in the classroom. One important requirement is that the amended law would add a new topic in the curriculum specified in 1003.42, F.S. –“the events surrounding the terrorist attacks occurring on 9/11/01 and the impacts of those events on the nation.”

Those of us who have been involved with the support of both measures consider them landmarks for possible consideration in other US states. This might not satisfy all of the concerns in certain quarters; however, they reflect two well turned precepts. Voltaire wrote: “a wise Italian says that the best is the enemy of the good.” German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck said: “politics is the art of the possible.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The New English Review.

The true meaning of the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause

The Commerce Clause refers to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.”

The Constitution enumerates certain powers for the federal government; the Tenth Amendment provides that any powers that are not enumerated in the Constitution are reserved for the states. Congress has often used the Commerce Clause to justify exercising legislative power over the activities of states and their citizens, leading to significant and ongoing controversy regarding the balance of power between the federal government and the states.

Judge Andrew Napolitano gives a speech from the heart about freedom and from where our rights come. The Judge explains the hard core truth about the Constitution and why we must fight to regain and retain our freedoms.


Video courtesy of Edited by

Libertarians As Seen from the “Other Side” by Sandy Ikeda

I think it’s good to try to see an issue from the side of one’s ideological opponent, but it’s very hard to do. Sometimes, though, I see or read something that hits me in a way that really gets through.

This time it was a clever cartoon from a left-leaning blogger.

In it the following thought bubbles float above an increasingly a beleaguered character:

“A corporation laid me off…

… a corporation took my house …

… a corporation is corrupting democracy …

… a corporation denied my [insurance] claim …

… corporations track my every move …

I hate the GOVERNMENT!”

Unlike a lot of blasts from the left aimed at libertarians, I found this one clever and thoughtful. I didn’t feel exasperation; it was more like getting jabbed in the ribs. Ah, I thought, here’s one reason the left finds libertarianism silly! I had to work through to get my bearings back, but I think the entire experience was worthwhile.

There are two possibilities

Despite the American law that gives a corporation the legal status of a person that can make and enforce contracts, the first thing to note is that it’s a flesh-and-blood person who lays someone off, repossesses a house, bribes government officials, etc. The question then is, “For whom is that person acting?”

It’s natural in such circumstances to try to find someone other than oneself to blame. If you’re laid off, it’s hard to blame that on the fact that your boss, if she’s doing her job right, is only conveying the wishes of consumers. The final consumer may be very far away from you in the production process, while your boss and the corporation are right there.

If the layoffs and the rest occur in a free market, then ultimately it’s the consumer who is doing the laying off. To use William H. Hutt’s famous phrase, “The consumer is sovereign,” or as Ludwig von Mises (quoted by Robert Murphy) put it, “The real boss is the consumer.” So General Motors hires or fires you, MetLife grants or denies your application, or tracks your spending habits because they are doing the bidding of those who ultimately pay their salaries and are the source of losses and profits: consumers.

A free market works because the rivalry among entrepreneurial competitors keeps them from charging prices that are too high, producing goods that are shoddy, or selling on terms that are unfair from the viewpoint of the consumer. If a seller charges a higher price for hiking boots that in the eyes of the consumer are of no better quality than what another seller offers, competition (on the part of profit-seeking rivals and bargain-seeking buyers) pressures her to lower the price, raise quality, or both. That could mean someone getting fired or getting hired at that company. So while it’s true that a specific person makes the immediate decision, she is only doing the bidding of consumers as a whole, who are the ultimate decision-makers.

But if you live in a system in which government habitually regulates people and redistributes wealth and income, then your woes may indeed be the fault of a specific and identifiable agent: namely, the government. Recessionary layoffs, housing crises, crony capitalism, the healthcare mess, and especially the surveillance state can more and more these days be traced to specific government interventions. (For examples and analyses you need look no further than the archives of The Freeman.) So if these unpleasant things happen to people in a mixed economy, we shouldn’t simply assume that they had it coming to them or that they have only themselves to blame.  (We ought not to assume that in a free market, either, because businesses and consumers and everyone else do make mistakes.)

The naive view of the free market

There are thus two false starting points in that cartoon. The first is to assume that the nasty experiences depicted are taking place in a free market. In a free market operating under the rule of law, people and businesses should receive no special privileges from the government. Of course, the United States economy is no pure free market.

To take but one example, General Motors has issued its 30th recall so far this year. So far it’s recalled something like 14 million vehicles for manufacturing defects, some of them quite serious. That’s more cars and trucks than it manufactured in all of 2013.

The irony of course is that GM had been initially touted as a bailout poster child. President Obama went so far as to declare, “In exchange for rescuing and retooling GM and Chrysler with taxpayer dollars, we demanded responsibility and results. In 2011, we marked the end of an important chapter as Chrysler repaid every dime and more of what it owed the American taxpayers from the investment we made under my Administration’s watch.” Then of course we learned taxpayers actually lost over $11 billion on the deal.

The other false premise ignores the concept of consumer sovereignty altogether. It is that a private company can use its wealth to trample on the rights of both consumers and its employees. Big government is necessary then to offset the “power” of big business, so big government is good.

Whenever I hear people compare the power of private wealth with the power of government coercion, I think of a line from the Netflix series House of Cards that I’ve used before. It’s in the scene where a rich businessman threatens to use his influence with the President of the United States to topple the vice president. The VP cooly responds, “You may have all the money, but I have all the men with all the guns.”

That’s ultimately what separates a big business in a free market from the government. In the free market you get wealthy by serving consumers well; under interventionism you get wealthy by accessing coercion. I often tell my students that if you put a greedy Bill Gates and all his billions in a room with some greedy guy with a 22-caliber pistol, who do you think is going leave richer?

Out of our comfort zones and back—sort of

My overall point here, however, is that each side of an issue begins with certain premises that need to be checked, both our own and those of our opponents. There are things seen and unseen by all and it’s important to try to see as much as we can. That can sometimes be uncomfortable. But find something you’re not comfortable with, then see if you can work you way logically, step by step, back to your comfort zone. If you do it right and you do make it back, it probably won’t be the same comfort zone that you left. At least, I hope it isn’t.


Sandy Ikeda is an associate professor of economics at Purchase College, SUNY, and the author of The Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism. He will be speaking at the FEE summer seminars “People Aren’t Pawns” and “Are Markets Just?

Disarming Americans 1-2-3: The Relentless Attacks on the Second Amendment

There is growing concern that law abiding gun owning Americans are under attack by every level of government.

In our public schools children are taught under Common Core that guns are evil and the Second Amendment is invalid. Joe Wolverton II, J.D. in The New American reports, “In a textbook approved by Common Core for use by students studying for the Advanced Placement (AP) history exam, the Second Amendment is defined this way: “The Second Amendment: The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

Anti-gun federal judges, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, are using the bench to help disarm law abiding citizens. Some governors, notably Mario Cuomo (D-NY), and a growing number of state legislators are joining with members of Congress, like Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), to disarm the law abiding American gun owner.

Finally, gun manufacturers are either moving out of anti-gun states or have stopped selling their products in anti-gun states like California.

All of these efforts are leading to a national crisis, for whenever law abiding citizens are disarmed, violent crime increases. Both the U.S. Department of Justice and Pew Research have reported that when gun sales increase crime plummets.

The latest tactic used by anti-gun advocates and the U.S. Department of Justice is “Operation Choke Point.”

On May 29th The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) today issued the following statement:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has been investigating the possible role of the federal government in influencing banks in their lending and business banking relationship decisions regarding companies in our industry. We have heard from several industry members that they had banking relationships terminated by their lending institutions.

We respect the right of financial institutions to make business decisions based on objective criteria. It is unacceptable, however, to discriminate against businesses simply because they are engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms, an activity protected by the Second Amendment.

Another effort to disarm law abiding Americans is gun registration. James W. Porter, President of the National Rifle Association, in his special report “Registered Firearms Today – Confiscated Firearms Tomorrow” states:

The long, sordid history of “gun control” tells us that losses of our rights have come a step at a time, always with assurances—lies—from the gun-ban crowd that law-abiding gun owners have nothing more to fear.

Today, in long-ago free states like New York, Connecticut, Maryland and California, peaceable citizens are in grave danger of being transformed into criminals for failing to waive the exercise of their right to keep and bear arms.

Read more.

In the article “California’s Most Ambitious Handgun Ban Now Underway” the NRA-ILA reports:

In 1976, the Brady Campaign, then known as the National Council to Control Handguns, said that the first part of its three-part plan to get handguns and handgun ammunition made “totally illegal” was to “slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced and sold in this country.”  This month, anti-gunners finally got that wish in California.

America’s two largest handgun manufacturers–Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger–have announced that they will stop selling new semi-automatic handguns in California, rather than comply with the state’s “microstamping” law.  The law applies not only to entirely new models of handguns, but also to any current-production handgun approved by the state’s Roster Board, if such handgun is modified with any new feature or characteristic, however minor or superficial.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the law was “intended to help police investigators link shell casings found at crime scenes to a specific gun.”  That’s pure spin, however. In reality, the law, signed in 2007 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is intended to terminate semi-automatic handgun sales and, over time, semi-automatic handgun ownership in the state. “Microstamping” will solve few, if any crimes and it is only a matter of time before a proposal to expand the law to include other firearms will follow.

Meanwhile, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has announced that it and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute have filed suit against the law in Fresno Superior Court “seeking both declaratory and injunctive relief against this back-door attempt to prevent the sale of new semiautomatic handguns to law-abiding citizens in California.”

Anti-gun activists often refer to California as the test bed for gun control laws they would like to have imposed throughout the country.  Thus, it goes without saying that gun owners outside California should anticipate “microstamping” efforts in their states, and do what it takes to elect pro-Second Amendment governors and state legislators to deny the anti-gunners additional victories.

The disarming of law abiding Americans is the goal, and any means are justified to achieve that end. A disarmed citizen is after all a dependent citizen. Unable to defend him or herself from criminals, including the government, is necessary for a totalitarian state to thrive and survive. History tells us so.

Beware of those bearing anti-gun gifts.


Operation Choke Point: Congressman Proposes Cutting Off Funding For DOJ Program Targeting Gun Dealers
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Continues Crusade: Wants Gun Purchases Restricted to Once A Month, Recorded, and Not Allowed Near Schools

Bastiat for Younguns: There’s a new children’s book about “The Law”

Connor Boyack has joined forces with illustrator Elijah Stanfield to create a children’s book about Frederic Bastiat’s The Law. It’s called The Tuttle Twins Learn about The Law.

The Tuttle Twins—a brother and a sister—are curious about life and the world. Luckily they have a wise older neighbor, Fred, who can drop some wisdom about morality and the role of government.

Channeling the ideas of Bastiat himself, Boyack uses Fred to offer the twins—and young readers—precious nuggets like, “In many cases, the bad guys can become part of the government!” Not to mention, “Bad guys in government don’t wear capes or look like villains,” Fred said. “They look normal and say things that a lot of people like,” he explained.

Fred goes on to describe the familiar processes of legal plunder.

Readers will find that the authors play up Bastiat’s theological justification for rights. But any fans of The Law, secular or religious, will find the book does justice to Bastiat’s ideas.

IN FOCUS: The Conviction of Abu Hamza by Douglas Murray

Pictured: Abu Hamza al-Masri

The conviction of Abu Hamza in a US court brings one of Britain’s most embarrassing security problems to an end.  Likely to spend the rest of his life in a US prison, the fact that the British courts could not do the job the American courts have just done is a subject worth pausing over for a moment.

There are two reasons generally given as to why Hamza was allowed to get away with years of open incitement.  The first – claimed by many inside the intelligence and security establishment – is that during the 1990s and up until the post-9/11 terrorism acts, the laws were not in place to round up people like Hamza.  Like Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary, Hamza knew exactly where the law stood and tended to keep just inside of it. During this period the legislation for crimes of incitement and facilitation of terrorism were not as strong as they have since been made.

The other reason given – generally by people outside the security community – is that there was some kind of deal done.  This idea came up during Hamza’s US trial.  This alleged deal is that, so long as radicals like Hamza did not blow up things in the UK, the security services and police would not take an interest in their involvement in terrorist operations abroad (such as the attacks in Yemen which Hamza and his family were involved in).

Whichever of these explanations is true – and it is most likely that both partly are – they point to the most catastrophic and short-sighted security policy of the last generation.  The idea that it was ever in our security interests, let alone our moral interests, to become some kind of Argentina for global jihad, must be one of the most back-firing policies any political or security official has ever conjured.  And yet of course, despite looking back with incredulity at the period in which Hamza & Co. ran riot in the 1990s, are we actually any better today?  I would say not.  In a house in East London right now sits one of the militant heads of the designated terrorist group Hamas.  I think it can be said with some certainty that in another ten years we will look back at this situation too, smack our heads again, and say ‘What were we thinking?’


Douglas Murray is an Associate Director at The Henry Jackson Society. Follow Douglas on Twitter @DouglasKMurray.