PODCAST: I Will Not Forget!

We’re now less than 100 days from our national election. Absentee ballots and early voting is just around the corner. The last four years have been tumultuous to say the least. As I go into the voting booth, here is what I’ll be thinking…


1. The persecution by the Democrats during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh (click to VIEW video).

2. The Mueller Witch Hunt which wasted considerable taxpayer money and found nothing substantial to prove Russian collusion by the Trump administration (click to VIEW video).

3. The Government Shutdown as the Democrats tried to thwart the building of our southern wall (click to VIEW video).

4. The Impeachment Hoax as orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats (click to VIEW video).

5. The FISA investigation which triggered the Mueller Witch Hunt and Impeachment Hoax (click to VIEW video).

6. The Antifa uprising, bringing hatred and anarchy to our country (click to VIEW video).

7. The COVID-19 crisis taking a serious virus and politicizing it (click to VIEW video).

8. How Democrats support Sanctuary Cities, thereby promoting crime and violence (click to VIEW video).

9. The Do-Nothing Democrats in the House of Representatives (click to VIEW video).

10. How Fake News blossomed and misled the American people (click to VIEW video).

11. The destruction of historical icons, including early presidents and patriots (click to VIEW video).

12. How Democrats in major cities are de-funding Law Enforcement, thereby putting public safety at risk (click to VIEW video).

13. The 2020 “Summer of Hate” where protesters, rioters and looters ran amok in the United States (click to VIEW video).

14. The opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, something promised by past presidents, yet failed to implement (click to VIEW video).

15. The elimination of ISIS terrorists (click to VIEW video).

16. Finally achieving Energy Independence, thereby bringing the cost of energy down, as well as inflation (click to VIEW video).

17. The reinvigorated American military (click to VIEW video).

18. New and stronger American trade deals (click to VIEW video).

19. A robust economy, the envy of the world (click to VIEW video).

20. I will particularly not forget the lying, cheating, subversion, deceptive practices, distortions of the truth, character assassinations, and the hateful violence, all by the Democrats. “Enough is Enough!” They have lost all credibility, their actions are treacherous, their moral turpitude is heinous, and this must all stop.

I will not forget. Will you?

Elephants never forget. Independents too. Now on to victory in November.


Keep the Faith!

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Exclusive Video Interview with David Horowitz on the Democrats, Marxists, Biden, Antifa and President Trump

Tom Trento, Director of The United West, interviews David Horowitz, author of “BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.” Horowitz, a former Marxist radical, turned Reagan Republican pulls no punches as he indicts the Democrats and their leaders as anti-American politicians siding with the Marxists, to usher in a cultural revolution.


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VIDEO: Donald J. Trump. Jr. on Twitter’s Dialectical Negation of Conservatives No Matter What They Say

Dialectical negation:

The dialectical movement involves two moments that negate each other, something and its other. As a result of the negation of the negation, “something becomes its other; this other is itself something; therefore it likewise becomes an other, and so on ad infinitum”.

Tucker Carlson speaks with Donald J. Trump, Jr. on Twitter’s dialectical negation of conservatives no matter what they say.

This video published by on the Vlad Tepes Blog is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

6 Big Takeaways From the Attorney General’s Capitol Hill Testimony

Attorney General William Barr announced a new investigation Tuesday while strongly defending the Justice Department’s actions in protecting the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

Barr’s comments came in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, a hearing that not only was partisan as expected but characterized by rudeness by the panel’s Democrats.

A Democrat would ask a question, but when Barr began to answer, he or she would interject, “Reclaiming my time” and continue speaking until the allotted time was up.

Despite this tactic, Barr managed to make several points, though he sometimes had to wait for time reserved for Republicans so that he could answer questions posed by Democrats.

Two regimes are fighting an ideological war in America today. But what side are you on? And how can you sharpen up on how to defend your position? Learn more now >>

Here are six highlights from the testimony of President Dnald Trump’s attorney general.

1. New Probe of ‘Unmasking’

Barr announced that he had tasked a federal prosecutor from Texas with investigating the Obama administration’s “unmasking” of former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and others connected with the Trump campaign in 2016.

Barr told the committee that he assigned U.S. Attorney John Bash of the Western District of Texas to conduct the probe separately from another prosecutor’s ongoing look into the origins of the FBI’s Russia-Trump investigation.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the top Republican on the committee, greeted this as breaking news, as did other Republican members.

In the course of gathering information in surveilling foreign sources, U.S. intelligence agents routinely intercept communications with U.S. citizens.

When that anonymous source is identified at the request of a government official, it’s called unmasking. In and of itself that may not be illegal, but using the person’s identity for political ends could constitute an abuse of power.

Barr previously tasked Bash with this, but apparently that initially was part of the wider probe of the beginnings of the Russia-Trump matter by U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut, rather than a separate investigation.

“Thirty-eight people unmasked Michael Flynn’s name 49 times in a two-month timeframe,” Jordan said. “Seven people at the Treasury Department unmasked Michael Flynn’s name.”

“Is this an issue that Mr. Durham is looking into?” the ranking member then asked.

Barr responded: “I asked another U.S. attorney to look into the issue of unmasking because of the high number of unmaskings and some that do not readily appear to have been in the line of normal business.”

Jordan: “I want to be clear. So, there is another investigation on that issue specifically going on at the Justice Department right now?”

“Yes,” Barr said.

Jordan: “So Mr. Durham is looking at how the whole Trump-Russia thing started. You have another U.S. attorney [investigating]. Can you give us that U.S. attorney’s name? Is that something you’re comfortable with doing?”

Barr: “John Bash of Texas.”

After some back and forth, Jordan said: “I appreciate that. That’s information the committee did not know.”

2. Video of ‘Peaceful Protests’

During his opening remarks, Jordan presented a video showing TV reporters proclaiming the peacefulness of the summer’s protests before cutting to a press conference with the family of David Dorn, 77, a retired St. Louis police captain who was shot and killed by rioters.

The video then went to mass riots in which participants set fires, looted stores, broke windows, and tore down fences.

Jordan played the video days after Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., declared on camera that Antifa, an extremist group believed to be behind much of the violence, was a “myth.”

Later in the hearing, Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., showed his own video of what he called peaceful protests that followed the police killing of a handcuffed black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

3. ‘Cannot Reasonably Be Called Protest’

Nadler accused Barr and the Justice Department of violating Americans’ civil rights in responding to the violence in some U.S. cities.

“Others have lost sight of the importance of civil rights law, but now we see the full force of the federal government brought to bear against citizens demonstrating for the advancement of their own civil rights,” Nadler said. “There is no precedent for the Department of Justice to actively seek out conflict with American citizens under such flimsy pretext or for such petty purposes.”

Barr replied that the attacks on the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland had no resemblance to peaceful protests.

“In the wake of George Floyd’s death, violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests to wreak senseless havoc and destruction on innocent victims,” the attorney general told the committee. “The current situation in Portland is a telling example. Every night for the past two months, a mob of hundreds of rioters has laid siege to the federal courthouse.”

Barr continued:

The rioters have come equipped for a fight, armed with powerful slingshots, tasers, sledgehammers, saws, knives, rifles, and explosive devices. Inside the courthouse are a relatively small number of federal personnel charged with the defense of mission to protect the courthouse.

What unfolds nightly around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called protest. It is by any objective measure an assault on the government of the United States. As elected officials of the federal government, every member of this committee, regardless of your political views and your feelings about the Trump administration, should condemn violence against federal officers and the destruction of federal property.

3. ‘OK to Try to Burn Down a Federal Court?’

Barr at times showed frustration, at one point asking what would happen if someone attempted to burn down the nearby E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse in Washington, D.C.

“Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it OK to try to burn down a federal court?” Barr said, adding:

If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Courthouse, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill, and started breaking windows and started firing industrial-grade fireworks in to start a fire, [throwing] kerosene balloons in [to] start fires in the court, is that OK?

Is that OK? No, the U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse. And that is what we are doing in Portland. We are at the courthouse defending the courthouse. We are not out looking for trouble.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., asked about the weapons that rioters brought to the courthouse area in Portland.

“As far as the weapons you mentioned, let me get this straight: My understanding is the people attacking the building had—among other things—rifles, explosives, knives, saws, sledgehammers, tasers, slingshots, rocks, bricks, lasers,” Scalise said. “Have I missed anything? Does that cover it?”

Barr filled in some blanks and repeated some wepaons.

“You have missed some things, but that’s a good list. They have these powerful slingshots with ball bearings that they shoot. They’ve used pellet guns,” Barr said. “Those projectiles have penetrated marshals to the bone. They use the lasers to blind the marshals. They do start fires, if they can get the fire inside or through the windows. They start fires along the outside of the courthouse. When the marshals come out to try to deal with a fire, they are assaulted.”

Later in the hearing, Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., asked if the courthouse question would extend to the U.S. Capitol, where Congress goes to work.

“Do you think this body right here would rise up if they decided to go and paint the Capitol building?” Collins sasked.

Barr responded: “This body, I’m not sure.”

Collins: “I think this side would. The other side, I’m not so sure. It may be a ‘peaceful protest’ to burn down the Capitol. Maybe we’re back to 1812 again.”

British troops set fire to the White House, but not the Capitol, during the War of 1812.

4. Impeachment and Jeffrey Epstein

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., has earned a reputation for being a rhetorical bomb thrower, and didn’t disappoint at the hearing. Cohen called both for Barr’s impeachment and for seemingly to blame the attorney general for the jailhouse death of financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Cohen said the word “conveniently” in describing Epstein’s death, as if to question whether it was really a suicide.

“You’ve gone through the Fifth Amendment and just negated it, and the 10th Amendment, which leaves general policing to law enforcement, to the states, has been forgotten,” Cohen said.

“Maybe what happened was your secret police were poorly trained,” he told Barr. “Just like your Bureau of Prisons guards were poorly trained and allowed the most notorious inmate in our nation’s last several years—Jeffrey Epstein—to conveniently commit suicide. Sad.”

Cohen invoked the name of Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a civil rights icon who died July 17 and whose body at the time was lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda.

“Mr. Barr, John Lewis said to us, ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’” Cohen said. “That’s why I introduced [a measure] which would require this committee to investigate your conduct as attorney general and determine whether you should be impeached.”

5. ‘What Enemies Have I Indicted?

Nadler also accused Barr of “aiding and abetting” Trump as head of the Justice Department.

“Your tenure has been marked by a persistent war against the department’s professional corps in an apparent attempt to secure favors for the president,” Nadler said. “In your time at the department, you have aided and abetted the worst failings of the president.”

But Barr pushed back against such claims by Democrats that he is somehow a patsy for Trump.

“The rule of law is, in essence, that we have one rule for everybody,” Barr said. “If you apply one rule to A, the same rule applies to B. I felt we didn’t have this previously at the department. We had strayed.”

This was a gentle reference to the Justice Department during the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Barr added:

I would just ask people: I’m supposedly pushing the president’s enemies and helping his friends. What enemies have I indicted? Can you point to one indictment that has been under the department that you feel is unmerited, that you feel violates the rule of law? One indictment?

No one offered an example.

As for presidential friends, Barr addressed the cases of veteran GOP operative Roger Stone, whose prison sentence was commuted recently by Trump, and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. The Justice Department dropped the case against Flynn that arose from the FBI’s Russia-Trump probe.

“Now, you say I help the president’s friends. The cases that are cited, the Stone case and the Flynn case, were both cases where I determined that some intervention was necessary to rectify the rule of law, to make sure people are treated the same,” Barr said.

The attorney general took a somewhat different approach to Stone than Trump has, saying he wanted to see Stone go to jail, but with a reasonable sentence.

“Stone was prosecuted under me. I said all along, I thought that was a righteous prosecution. I thought he should go to jail and I thought the judge’s sentence was correct,” Barr said. “But, the line prosecutors were trying to advocate for a sentence that was more than twice what anyone else in a similar position had ever served.”

Barr continued:

This is a 67-year-old man, first-time offender, no violence. They were trying to put him in jail for seven to nine years. I wasn’t going to advocate that, because that is not the rule of law. I agree the president’s friends don’t deserve special breaks. But they also don’t deserve to be treated more harshly than other people.

6. Local Law Enforcement ‘Do Their Job’

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., who attended the hearing remotely, complained that the Justice Department wasn’t working with local law enforcement. She also said those demonstrating in Portland were “mostly nonviolent” and mischaracterized which federal personnel are deployed there.

“It’s one thing to fight crime with joint task forces. That involves the cooperation of state and local officials,” Lofgren said. “But the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland have asked that the federal troops leave because the reaction has actually been in reverse proportion. People are showing up because the troops are there. So many of them, I would say most of them, are nonviolent.”

The federal government has not sent any military troops into Portland, only civilian law enforcement officers and agents from the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security assigned to protect federal buildings.

Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, asked about local leaders.

“If local elected officials, mayors and city councils and governors, did their jobs and kept the peace, would it even be necessary for federal law enforcement personnel to be there in the first place?” Chabot asked.

“No. That is exactly the point,” Barr said, adding:

Look around the country. Even where there are these kinds of riots occurring, we haven’t had to put in the reinforcements we have in Portland because the state and local law enforcement does their job and won’t allow rioters to just come and physically assault the courthouse.

In Portland, that’s not the case. … If the state would come in and keep peace on the streets in front of the courthouse, we wouldn’t need additional people at the courthouse.


Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal and co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Lucas is also the author of “Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections.” Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH.


What’s Behind ‘The Plot to Change America’

Is Racism Responsible for Today’s Black Problems?

ICYMI: A Brave Baseball Player Stands Up to Black Lives Matter Agenda

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Infiltration and Subversion – Communist-Inspired Insurrection!

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within…” – Cicero

The BBC radio news informed us that a recently released report states that successive governments failed to deal with Russia’s long term infiltration of all areas of Britain’s’ society. Object? To destroy democracy. Sound familiar? I’ve warned you about that for the last thirty-five years. Yes, this chaos we witness in all corners of our society has been primarily caused by the failure of our FBI and Intel. Though Communist China is our immediate military foe in the 21st century, the Marxist, Socialist/Communist ideology spread by Russia in the 20th century laid the blueprint for the chaos, killing, and cultural changes. The infiltration and indoctrination was ignored by the FBI. Both agencies also did nothing to stop the Dems Party’s ideological transformation to Socialist Party and its long-term collaboration with Russia…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a key policy speech on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in which he said “the free world must triumph over this new tyranny.” Everything in the speech absolutely correct, but the last two words in the mentioned quotation. It is not a “new tyranny,” but the well-known tyranny of Socialist/Communist ideology implemented in the USSR and aggressively spread across the globe in the 20th century. The annexation of Hong Kong by China in the 21st century is a carbon copy of the Soviet occupation of the Eastern Europe in the 20th century. The Soviet Bloc occupied Eastern Europe and established the Warsaw Military Pact. Expansionist and aggressive Communist regimes in Asia followed the Soviet order and the bloody Vietnam War began, involving Kampuchea, Laos and others…

Infiltration: The Features of Socialism on American Soil

History is the Mother of all Sciences and Knowledge of the past will open your eyes to the future. I’ve been writing and warning you about Soviet Socialism, describing the Concentration camps and the menace of the Gulag in Russia. China has established a system quadruple the size of the Gulag and those Concentration camps—an unavoidable indication of China’s Socialist/Communist regime in 2020. The spying and theft of secrets and intellectual property is the lifeblood of the criminal regime. You can see another feature of the ideology: the spread of violence on our streets in New York, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington D.C. and others. “We are at war, an ongoing asymmetrical war with many different fronts, using a variety of tools, devices, methods, and tricks unknown before. Seemingly unrelated events, in fact, are inextricably connected—all geopolitical events coordinated and directed from the Kremlin.” Read here my column Revelation, April 26, 2018.

It is not a spontaneous movement: the crusade was designed and calculated by Marxist, Socialist/Communist Charlatans in 20th century Russia, where Soviet Socialism was born, practiced, and spread throughout the globe including China. Though the USSR’s Socialist economy is dead, it collapsed in 1991, nothing substantially has changed in Russia and instead of failed Socialism it is now Crony capitalism. Yet, Russia still is being run by Putin’s KGB using the old and fraudulent terminology of Socialism. If you do not know Soviet Socialism, you can’t see its infection around you. I have lived through such a regime a half of my life. I see all the familiar features of the Socialist regime in America today. Judge for yourself…

For the most visual example of the Socialist/Communist infiltration and violence I present – the clans of Antifa, BLM, and the Squad—a militant face of the protest, promoted by the Dems. They are openly calling for the destruction of our political and economic systems—their goal is changing America, they want Communism. They are the armed forces of a so-called Democrat Party and America’s Socialist mafia, creating the chaos, killings, and vandalizing our history: the Squad in the Congress is agitating for the same destruction of the political system, designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. Please, read Black Lives Matter” and the Camouflage for American Marxism, by Gary Gindler, the FrontPage Magazine, 7, 22, 2020.

At every level of government in the Dems’ states, they are stripping away freedoms and rights from the people. COVID-19 was not a surprise for them, it had brought what the Democrats needed—OPPORTUNITY – power to cement their control over the people as they forced them into a lockdown that has now been months long. It wasn’t an instantaneous transformation of the Dems Party to a Socialist Party, it took decades of Socialist infiltration and spying. A major role in that was played by Bill Clinton and his mafia. When I saw the name Strobe Talbot President of Brooking Institution, my antenna went up I knew that the Russian connection is there, and the famous Trump/Dossier could’ve been concocted under prestigious name of the Institution.

Subversion – Socialist Media-Mob

Commenting on the highly publicized resignation of New York Times editor Bari Weiss, evangelist Franklin Graham is warning Americans not to let the far left sway this year’s election. Her resignation letter, Graham wrote Thursday on Facebook, “confirms what many people already have known – the New York Times is biased to the left, socialist, radical agenda of the Democratic Party.” Franklin Graham warns Americans not to let socialists sway election, By WND Staff Published July 16, 2020. ‘Media powers are putting forth every effort to spin the story.’

I agree with every word written above, and in my writings I was warning you to learn the enemy, because Socialism/Communism is our mortal enemy with one agenda—destruction of American capitalism and implementation of Socialism. I was stunned reading Weiss’ description about publishing in the New York Times, it was a carbon copy of the Soviet newspapers business’ in Pravda. The only difference was the name of the beneficiary party. I lived under one-party system of Communist Party in Russia, writing today in America Weiss was mentioning ‘progressive causes’ of the Democrat Party. She wrote:

“It was very difficult to get anything published that did not ‘explicitly promote progressive causes’ and if something was published, it could happen only ‘after every line is carefully massaged, negotiated and caveated.” She just described the operation within the media in the government of the one-party system, like it was in Soviet Russia.

Conservative writer Andrew Sullivan announces resignation from New York magazine July 15, 2020. Sullivan subsequently expressed support for Weiss on Twitter. “The mob bullied and harassed a young woman for thoughtcrimes,” he wrote. “And her editors stood by and watched. I’d say Bari’s future is a lot more promising than the NYT’s.” He is absolutely right, considering NYT’s systemic anti-Trump publications confirm the ideological Marxist, Socialist/Communist brainwashing of America’s media …

Guard your Freedom: The Enemies Within

At the same time Queen-of-Lies Nancy Pelosi called our law enforcement agents—“Nazis.”  What a shameful statement! Her words forces me to remind you the main Stalin’s postulate of the 20th century: “Never admit crime committed, instead accuse the opposition in that exact crime.”  As a matter of fact, the ideology of Socialism/Communism is based on lies and deceit, treachery and fraud, intimidation and disinformation. Knowing the Russian methods, agenda, and a proclivity to mold Socialist style charlatan-leaders around the world to engineer the cadres of a fifth column, I was stunned when seeing them on America’s soil. Pelosi’s behavior calling China-Covid-19, the “Trump-virus” has stunned me again, driving my memory to the past. It was a Red Flag.

Do you remember the Christmas Season on 2019? The Christmas Season is a wonderful time in America—with charming music, people are happily busy with preparations for Christmas. I have always enjoyed those several weeks in America: they were time of celebration, delight, pleasure, and happiness. The Christmas Season in 2019 was the opposite of that—Nancy Pelosi brought Impeachment against President Trump to Christmas 2019. It was an awkward and very unusual Christmas time in America. Moreover, she was in a hurry doing that, in real hurry as if she was afraid to be late to something extremely important. The inquiry was so flimsy that even Stenny Hoyer, the Democrat House Majority Leader, cautioned against the impeachment. In December 2019 nobody knew what was coming and why Pelosi was in such urgency. Do you have an idea why Pelosi was in such a hurry?

I believe that the puzzle can be solved if you are familiar with the global network of Socialism, its methods, and general agenda, which is the destruction of capitalism. The Dems’ anti-Trump war had several phases and steps. It started with Obama’s weaponized Intel and FBI to go after the president. Both had known that there was no Trump/Russia collusion, so they invented it, to cover-up the real Dems’ collusion with Russia—a treasonous one. Then the farce of Mueller Investigation, the Christmas Season Impeachment, and so on. Though all that ended in fiasco, the subsequent coronavirus changed the predicament by freezing and crippling people’s lives in our country.

I presented at the beginning of this column the Global Network of Socialism for a reason, its methods, and dirty tricks so you could grasp the monumental implication and significance of the events going on before your eyes. In my opinion Nancy Pelosi was in a hurry to Impeach Trump because she knew that Covid-19 way on its way to America from its home in China. She and America’s Socialist mafia were ready to use it as the next step of the anti-Trump war. Look at Dems officials – they are intentionally caving to the mob. Marxist, Socialist, Charlatans are devouring Democrat-led cities. The events in the Blue states indicate a long-term preparation with the calculation of unified actions against Trump and America’s interests. In fact, the Democrats are engaged in a counter-revolutionary putsch against the American Constitutional Republic and against you!

My fellow Americans!

Before your eyes, it is an ideological confrontation waged by global Socialist forces against American Capitalism, Western civilization, and your way of life. That Socialist-aggressive force will fight until a total destruction of our country. The Republican Party is the only political force pursuing American interests and defending a political system designed by our Founding Fathers. In this warfare, there is no choice for us-“we the people” and Republican Party, but to win this war…

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com and on www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/


What’s Behind ‘The Plot to Change America’

Is Racism Responsible for Today’s Black Problems?

ICYMI: A Brave Baseball Player Stands Up to Black Lives Matter Agenda

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VIDEO: President Trump Strips Liability Protection from Social Media Platforms that Remove Content for Political Reasons

The National Center for Public Policy Research reports, “Facebook and Twitter were apoplectic over President Trump’s Executive Order stripping social media platforms that remove content for political reasons. The third edition of ScoopTV explains why their charges of ‘censorship’ are nonsense.”



The National Center for Public Policy Research is a communications and research foundation supportive of a strong national defense and dedicated to providing free market solutions to today’s public policy problems. We believe that the principles of a free market, individual liberty and personal responsibility provide the greatest hope for meeting the challenges facing America in the 21st century.

A gift to The National Center will be used to fund critically-important programs not offered by any other group, including:

  • The Free Enterprise Project (FEP), the liberty movement’s only full-service shareholder and activism group that’s effective in pushing corporate America to the right;
  • Project 21, the liberty movement’s only public relations agency for black conservatives and libertarians that has already created over 40,000 media opportunities;
  • The Environment and Enterprise Institute (EEI), which counters misinformation being spread by the environmental left.


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Long Arm of Hamas Extends to Dallas-Fort Worth Black Extremist Groups

As the four-year anniversary of the mass shooting of Dallas police officers passes, a lawsuit has been reopened which alleges that social media outlets allowed the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas to radicalize Micah Johnson, leading the former U.S. Army reservist to take the lives of five police officers while injuring nine others.

Plaintiffs in Retana v. Twitter, Inc. allege that about two years before the attack, Johnson – a black nationalist – began sympathizing with Hamas. According to court documents, Johnson told a woman that he had just returned from Afghanistan and that “he was very much pro-Gaza,” leading her “to believe that he had been radicalized to the Palestinian cause supporting violence against Israel.”

Although three separate lawsuits have yet to present conclusive evidence of connections between Hamas and the Dallas shooting, black identity extremists from Dallas have expressed appreciation for the terrorist group’s violent revolutionary tactics, while Hamas’s local Islamist proxies have co-opted black civil rights causes to bring attention to their own radical agenda.

Plaintiffs in these cases discuss the long-standing connections between Hamas and national black separatist organizations. They point to Hamas sympathizers who furnished advice and support in 2014 to police protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, and they refer to “black separatist hate groups” which took a 10-day trip  in 2015 to the Palestinian Territories and Israel. Led by a guide from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, activists from the black civil rights group Dream Defenders participated in a riot against Israeli soldiers and law enforcement.

In Dallas, black identity extremists continue to sympathize with Hamas while lauding its violent tactics.

Founded in 1989 in Dallas, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) advocates an anti-white, anti-Semitic message of “black unity, collective action and cooperative economics.” Its leaders openly sympathize with the Palestinian resistance while demonizing the “crackers over in Israel” who oversee a “Synagogue of Satan.”

In 2014, NBPP Chief of Staff Chawn Kweli praised the insurgent tactics employed by Hamas and said that African Americans should “learn to fight for [their] land” from the Palestinians. “They don’t have all them tanks … but they got heart. They got will. They got guerilla tactics,” he said.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club is a black nationalist militia that made headlines in 2014 for carrying out armed community patrols in predominantly African American neighborhoods of South Dallas. Johnson was reportedly affiliated with this racist hate group, and after his death HPNGC co-founder Yafeuh Balogun praised the cop killer and predicted that, “He will be celebrated one day.”

In 2018, Michael Thervil of Voda Consulting trained HPNGC members in marksmanship, community patrolling, and counter protests.  As with NBPP members, Thervil praised Hamas as a model for African American insurrectionists to emulate “in terms of combat,” professing his “deepest love for Hamas and those fearless fighters in Hezbollah.”

Just one month after HPNGC members were drilled in “counter protesting,” the black militia put its training to the test when it appeared alongside NBPP members at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. Armed with assault rifles, the black nationalists provided security for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) during its annual conference.

As recently as the early 1990s, ISNA sent checks to the “Palestinian Mujahideen,” the former name for Hamas’s military wing, and in 2009 a federal judge ruled that there is “ample evidence” tying ISNA to Hamas.

Hamas also has deep roots in the non-black Dallas Islamic community. The most well-known and earliest connection is documented in USA v. Holy Land Foundation (HLF), the largest terrorism finance case in U.S. history  In 2008, the founders of the Richardson, Texas, charity were convicted of numerous charges related to financing Hamas, including conspiracy, money laundering, providing material support for terrorism, and tax evasion.

Ghassan Elashi, a founding board member of the Dallas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was sentenced to 65 years in prison for his role in funneling $12 million to Hamas after 1995, when the U.S. Department designated it as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. CAIR is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the same Hamas financing trial, a label that was subsequently upheld in federal appellate court.

Does Hamas now depend on its U.S. proxies to influence black nationalists?

As with CAIR and ISNA, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is an outgrowth of the now-defunct Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), a Hamas propaganda front group that was dissolved in 2004 for funding terrorism, and several AMP board members were members of IAP before its dissolution.

On June 12, AMP-Texas organized a Black Lives Matter rally with local mosques, including Dallas’s Nation of Islam chapter, a black separatist, quasi-Sunni religious movement commonly rejected by mainstream Muslims. During a similar protest one week earlier, AMP-Dallas Director Fadya Risheq repeated an anti-Semitic smear that effectively holds Israeli Jews responsible for police violence against African Americans.

Risheq was merely parroting views expressed on Hamas’s English-language website, which dismissed racial animosity as the primary cause of police brutality, pointing out that the “militarization of the US police and its use of deadly violence … is a relatively new phenomenon that has been largely imported from Israel.”

Celebrity Imam Omar Suleiman, the founder and president of the Irving-based Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, is perhaps the most celebrated Muslim cleric in Texas – if not the U.S. Suleiman has been a vocal advocate of Hamas proxies such as AMP, and he is featured on its website soliciting donations. He headlined a 2017 AMP rally in Washington D.C., before appearing one year later as a guest speaker at AMP’s annual conference.

Suleiman is also a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter, and he has tweeted his support for violent Palestinian resistance. On July 14, 2014, he gave this prayer on Twitter:

“God willing on this blessed night as the 3rd Intifada begins, the beginning of the end of Zionism is here. May Allah help us overcome this monster, protect the innocent of the world, and accept the murdered as martyrs. ameen.”

On May 14, 2018, Suleiman posted a Facebook post in support of the Hamas-led Hamas-endorsed March of Return riots, claiming that Israel wanted to “kill off” Palestinians and encouraging resistance “by any means necessary.”

Historically, Dallas has been an incubator for both Islamic extremism and black supremacism. These two movements may not share the same aspirations, but they certainly share many of the same hatreds. Their alliance is an abstract one, drawn together through the demonization of both the Israeli military and American law enforcement, under whose jackboots Palestinians and African-Americans are, ostensibly, jointly oppressed. This conspiracy would link Gaza and Minneapolis as two battlefields in a single war.

And yet black supremacists are largely not Islamist; and Islamists are certainly not truly committed to the idea of black supremacism. One is exploiting the other, using African American grievances to deflect criticism of radical Islam. And Micah Johnson may not be the last radical to be drawn in.


Anne-Christine Hoff is the Dallas Counter-Islamist Grid Research Fellow of Middle East Forum. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


Muslims Scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ as Hagia Sophia Officially Becomes a Mosque

Ilhan Omar campaign mailer singles out Jewish donors to her opponent

U.K. Lecturer Fired For Making Admiring Comments About Jews

Nation of Islam official: Jews sold sheets and ropes to KKK, were slave brokers, but ‘Allah is the best of planners’

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VIDEOS: White Antifa Anarchist Stabs Black Trump Supporter Drew Duncomb In Portland



Here’s the Trump supporter who was stabbed:

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RELATED VIDEO: Media Silence on the Truth of Black Lives Matter | Scott Walter on the Bill O’Reilly Show

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: 98 Minutes of Riot Footage

WATCH: Protests in Seattle Saturday, July 25, 2020 published by KING 5 on YouTube.

A group set fire to portable trailers near the King County Juvenile Detention Facility.


‘WARZONE!’ Portland Rioters Toss ‘Explosives’ & ‘Mortars’ At Police Officers, Several Injured

Liberal Activist Demands Wives & Family of DHS ‘Storm Troopers’ Be Identified Publicly

White Antifa Liberal Stabs Black Trump Supporter In Portland Mayhem — Videos

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WATCH: Antisemitic Black Attackers Shouting ‘You F*cking Jew’ Beat Jewish Man in Brooklyn, NY

What if three white men screamed “you f**king n***’ and beat a black man to a pulp. The Democrat media complex would scream bloody murder and set fire to the country.

This is second such attack this week.

No mainstream media coverage.

This is not OK.

The silence is not OK.

The Democrats sanction of Black antisemitism is not OK. It’s demonic.’

WATCH: Anti-Semitic attackers beat Orthodox man in Brooklyn
By: World Israel News, July 25, 2020

Authorities announced on Thursday the details of a July 11 attack launched by three men on a 51-year-old Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn.



All-Black Armed “Not F**king Around Coalition” Holds Rally in Memphis — Member Gets Shot When Other Members Start F**king Around

Judge denies Oregon’s request to stop arrests by federal officers during protests

American Jihadi Tweets Poll On Most ‘Satisfying’ Way To Destroy Lincoln Memorial – Explosives Or Sledgehammer?

Republican Introduces Resolution That Would Ban Groups With Ties To Slavery – Like The Democrats (VIDEO)

A&E’s Ratings Nose-Dive After Network Caves to Cancel Culture To Ax ‘Live PD’

Washington, D.C., mandates face masks for the public ($1,000 fines), but exempts all lawmakers and government employees

Prominent Black Trump Supporter Murdered in Milwaukee

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VIDEO: Roger Stone Tells All in our Exclusive Interview


Roger Stone: Stone’s trial reminiscent of a Soviet style show trial.

John R. Lott, Jr.: Gun Control Myths.

Ross Marchand: Schummer Pelosi plan: Bailout money to the Postal Service as part of Chinese COVID bailout.

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VIDEO: The Problem in Portland Isn’t the Law—It’s the Lawlessness

Despite the occasional looting, chaos, property damage, trespassing, rioting, graffiti, assaults, arson, and general mayhem, the media consistently assure us that Antifa “protesters” are “largely peaceful.” And since the majority of buildings in Portland, Seattle, and Denver haven’t been looted yet, who am I to argue?

Of course, it takes only a sliver of the population to transform downtowns into a mess and create quality-of-life issues for thousands of law-abiding citizens. And the mayors who surrender parts of their cities to left-wing “protesters” are tacitly endorsing lawlessness themselves.

There’s little doubt that if alt-right activists had occupied a few city blocks in Seattle or tried to firebomb a federal courthouse in Portland, we’d be in for feverish wall-to-wall media coverage, engulfed in a national conversation about the perils of right-wing radicalism. Every elected Republican would be asked to personally denounce the extremists to make sure they take implicit ownership of the problem.

When a few hundred angry tiki torch-carrying Nazis marched in Charlottesville, you would have thought the Republican National Committee had deployed the Wehrmacht. Those who led the riot were even asked to opine on CNN.

Two regimes are fighting an ideological war in America today. But what side are you on? And how can you sharpen up on how to defend your position? Learn more now >>

On the other hand, left-wing rioters—the people Chris Cuomo and other journalists compared to GIs landing on Normandy—are immediately transformed into apolitical actors, rogue “anarchists,” as soon as any violence starts.

Who knows? Perhaps the majority of citizens and businesses in Portland, Seattle, and Denver want their elected officials to let Antifa act with impunity. Or maybe some of those citizens and businesses will begin fleeing those cities. Whatever the case, it’s a local concern.

WATCH: Journalist Andy Ngo exposes the violence of the left:

To a point. If mayors do nothing to stop anarchists from tearing down federal monuments or from defacing, vandalizing, and attempting to burn down federal buildings, the feds have every right to dispatch teams of agents to restore order.

None of which is to deny that there are legitimate concerns about how law enforcement is conducting itself. I’m sympathetic to criticisms of the federal officers who operate in camouflage and in unmarked vans. Cops should display badge numbers and identification—if they truly aren’t doing so right now—otherwise civilians have no real way to hold those in authority accountable for their actions.

But the claim that Pinochet-like secret police have begun snatching Portland protesters off the street and making them disappear amounts to the arrest of one man, who refused to speak without his lawyer and was released a little more than an hour later without any charges.

If it were up to me, I’d leave Portland to the anarchists and their political accomplices. But federal law enforcement—including agencies such as the FBI; the Drug Enforcement Administration; Immigration and Customs Enforcement; the Department of Homeland Security; the Marshal Service; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives—regularly operate across the country. Sometimes they make arrests, and sometimes they do so after going undercover.

This happens under every administration, every day, and it often happens for far less compelling reasons. As far as we know, cops haven’t broken any laws in the streets of Portland. The protesters who cover their faces have broken tons.

With this in mind, it’s been instructive watching many of the same characters who cheer on governors who take undemocratic emergency powers and shut down houses of worship without the consent of the people—and who sometimes arrest Americans for playing whiffle ball, attending church, or cutting hair—act as if policing portends the end of democracy.

The same people who incessantly clamor to empower the federal government when it suits their purposes now act as if protecting a federal courthouse is the Reichstag fire.

MSNBC’s John Heilemann says that President Donald Trump sending federal police into Portland is a “trial run” for using “force” to “steal this election.”

In a piece titled “Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” Michelle Goldberg, somehow still allowed to freely opine at The New York Times, says that “fascism” is already here.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls the police “stormtroopers” who are “kidnapping protesters.”

All of these contentions are ugly conspiracy theories, hyperbolic allegations meant to fuel partisan paranoia before an election. Even if we accept the criticisms of law enforcement, the driving problem, and it’s been happening to various degrees in a number of major cities, is that mayors are allowing “protesters” to trample on public and private property. They allow it because they share the same left-wing sensibilities.

But protesting should never be a license for anarchy.


David Harsanyi is a senior writer at National Review and the author of “First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History With the Gun, From the Revolution to Today.” Twitter: .


A Note for our Readers:

These are trying times in our nation’s history. Two regimes are fighting an ideological war in America today, with polar opposite viewpoints on public policy and the government’s role in our lives.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation asked world-class speaker, educator, and researcher David Azerrad to walk you through his research and outline the differences between the “two regimes” in our society today—conservatism and progressivism—and their primary differences.

When you get access to this course today, you’ll learn key takeaways like what it means to be a conservative, what “modern progressivism” is, how a conservative worldview differs from a progressive one, and much, much more.

You will come away from this online course with a better understanding of the differing points of view, how they align with your principles, and how to defend your beliefs.

Don’t wait—start taking “The Case for Conservatism” course online now.


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Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre’s defamation case within a week

This is getting interesting.

Bill is hiding under Hillary’s immense pantsuit. Move over, Huma!

  • Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan ruled on Thursday to unseal more than 80 documents that Ghislaine Maxwell had wanted to keep under wraps
  • Preska said the documents – which will run to hundreds of pages – should be made public within a week
  • They include flight logs from Epstein’s jets, a deposition in 2016 in which Maxwell’s lawyers said she was asked ‘intrusive’ questions about her sex life
  • The documents also include police reports from Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein had a home
  • It will include communications between Maxwell and Epstein from January 2015 when Virginia Roberts Giuffre made allegations about them in court papers
  • In the papers Giuffre claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was just 17 at Epstein’s command
  • The documents were part of a defamation lawsuit brought by Giuffre against Maxwell, which was confidentially settled in 2017
  • The case is separate from the criminal proceedings against Maxwell, who is accused of procuring girls as young as 14 for Epstein to abuse

By Daniel Bates For Dailymail.com, 23 July 2020

A judge today has ordered the unsealing of a vast tranche of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, which could shed light on his friendship with powerful men accused of having sex with his victims.

Judge Loretta Preska said that 80 documents – which will run to hundreds of pages – should be made public within a week.

The documents will include depositions from Ghislaine Maxwell, which could explain her alleged role in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

They could include details about Maxwell’s sex life that her lawyers have previously tried to stop from being released, relating to a seven-hour, 418-page deposition Maxwell gave which her legal team said was ‘extremely personal, confidential’.

In filings Maxwell’s lawyers have called the depositions a ‘series of (efforts) to compel Maxwell to answer intrusive questions about her sex life’.

The documents will also include communications between Maxwell and Epstein from January 2015 when Virginia Roberts made explosive allegations about them in court papers.

In the papers Roberts claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was just 17 at Epstein’s command.

The case is separate from the criminal proceedings against Maxwell, 58, who is accused by federal prosecutors of procuring girls as young as 14 for Epstein to abuse. She has pleaded not guilty and is due to stand trial next year.

A judge today has ordered the unsealing of a vast tranche of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein , which could shed light on his friendship with powerful men accused of having sex with his victims. The documents will include depositions from Ghislaine Maxwell , which could explain her alleged role in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation

They include flight logs from Epstein’s jets, a deposition in 2016 in which Maxwell’s lawyers said she was asked ‘intrusive’ questions about her sex life. The documents also include police reports from Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein had a home

Although the case is separate from Maxwell’s criminal case, one of the unsealed deposition documents is linked to her perjury charge.

The case ruled on Thursday was originally brought by Roberts, now a 36-year-old mother-of-three who lives in Australia and goes by her married name Virginia Giuffre.

She sued Maxwell in 2015 for defamation because Maxwell accused her of lying.

Roberts said in court filings that Maxwell recruited her and other girls into a sex trafficking ring for ‘politically connected and financially powerful people’.

The case was settled in 2017 for an undisclosed sum but media organizations sued for documents in the case to be made public.

Judge Loretta Preska said that 80 documents – which will run to hundreds of pages – should be made public within a week

During the hearing at Manhattan’s federal court, Judge Preska said Maxwell’s right to privacy was outweighed by the need for the documents to become public.

She went through the dozens of documents, which included Giuffre’s depositions and various dull-sounding legal papers.

The contents however could be explosive and may contain fresh evidence against the wealthy elite who socialized with Epstein.

After the ruling Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger asked for a two week delay in the unsealing so they could file an appeal in the Second Circuit in New York.

Menninger said: ‘There have been some significant changes with respect to my client’s positions and perhaps known to everyone listening to this, while we were speaking about a potential ongoing criminal investigation (before), since that time Miss Maxwell has been indicted and a trial has been scheduled.

‘Now we are in a vastly different position and have grave concerns about our clients ability to receive a fair trial given the intense media scrutiny around anything that is unsealed’.

Giuffre’s lawyer Sigrid McCawley said she wanted the documents made public ‘as swiftly as possible’.

Judge Preska said if the Second Circuit had not ruled within a week then the files should be made public.



Family of Judge in Jeffrey Epstein Case Is Shot, Killed At Home By Gunman Dressed As a FedEx Driver

Killer Who Dressed as FedEx Driver and Shot Family of Epstein-Linked Judge Dies by SUICIDE: Reports

Jihad Jew-hating Rep. Ilhan Omar Comes Under Fire for Mailer That Names 3 Donors to Her Challenger, All Jewish

Portland bans police from working with federal law enforcement

President Trump cancels the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville Florida Over Chinese Virus Concerns

WATCH LIVE: President Trump holds press briefing at 5pm

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The Great Progressive Propaganda Machine

David Carlin: Leftist propaganda is so well-coordinated that some believe a command-and-control apparatus lies behind the whole system.

A stable society is made up of people who largely agree on certain “self-evident truths.”  Now, it may be that these common beliefs are not truly self-evident, the way for example the proposition “the whole is greater than any of its parts” is self-evident.  But they are felt to be self-evident.  Almost nobody doubts them.  And if you are one of those rare persons who do doubt them, people will think you’re at least very odd and perhaps even dangerous.  They may wish to punish you for your dissent.  They may even wish to put you to death.

For most of human history these taken-for-granted beliefs have been the result of a slow and largely spontaneous growth.  But in the twentieth century the Communist Party (CP) in the Soviet Union demonstrated that it was possible to manufacture a social consensus suddenly and intentionally.  (Something very similar happened in Nazi Germany).  In the USSR, all organs of propaganda – newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, movies, radio, TV, schools, colleges, universities, and more – were controlled by either by the CP or by the state, which was in turn totally controlled by the CP.  Only messages approved by the CP got access to the general public; all political dissent was effectively silenced.

Of course the official propaganda didn’t persuade everybody.  But in the absence of counter-propaganda it persuaded vast numbers of people.  As for the unpersuaded, they were usually prudent enough to shut their mouths.  And if they were so imprudent as not to, they were either shot or sent to the Gulag.

This exact thing cannot happen in the United States since we are not a one-party state and we value freedom of speech, thought, press, and religion.  Largely on account of our Protestant heritage, we value the right of private judgment; in other words, the right to dissent, to think for ourselves.

But if the Soviet (or Nazi) model cannot exist here, something very like it can – and does. Let me call it the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM).  It is made up of a number of apparently independent elements: (1) the mainstream journalistic media, both print and electronic; (2) the entertainment industry: movies, TV, popular music; (3) our leading colleges, universities, and law schools; (4) most of our public schools; (5) liberal Protestant and Jewish denominations; (6) the Democratic Party.

The propaganda message put out by this GPPM is so well co-ordinated that some people believe there is a conspiratorial command-and-control apparatus lying behind the whole system.  I myself don’t believe this, but I’m not surprised that many do.  It certainly gives the appearance of being controlled from behind the scenes.

And what is the content of the propaganda that the GPPM disseminates among the American public, especially among the younger generations thereof?

  1. That, with the exception of adultery (or equivalent kinds of infidelity), there is nothing morally wrong with sexual relations between (or among) two (or more) consenting adults provided they take reasonable precautions against disease and unwanted pregnancy.
  2. As for adultery, it is not intrinsically wrong; it is wrong only insofar as it involves deception and promise-breaking. Provided it is done with the express or tacit consent of the cheated-upon spouse, it is quite unobjectionable.
  3. That abortion is morally unobjectionable, and often admirable.
  4. That homosexual conduct is natural for many persons – those who are “born that way.” Hence homosexual conduct is not only morally permissible for such persons, it is virtually obligatory; for it would be a perversion of nature for a person having a nature-given (or God-given) homosexual orientation to abstain from conduct consistent with this orientation.
  5. That same-sex marriage is a splendid thing, fully as splendid as opposite-sex marriage.
  6. That if you object to homosexuality or same-sex marriage you are a hater.
  7. And if you object, not because you personally feel hatred, but because your religion tells you to object, then you have a religion of hatred.
  8. That a trans man/boy is a man/boy, and a trans woman/girl is a woman/girl.
  9. That voluntary euthanasia is morally unobjectionable, often admirable.
  10. That involuntary euthanasia is morally unobjectionable in many instances.
  11. That all conduct is morally permissible that does no direct and evident harm to others.
  12. That the USA is – not just in the remote past but even today – a profoundly racist country; it is and always has been a “systemically” racist society.
  13. That if you disagree with proposition #12 you are yourself a racist.
  14. That the typical white police officer is strongly prejudiced against black males, especially young black males, and is psychologically prepared to harass such males and even to inflict bodily harm on them.
  15. That the typical Donald Trump supporter is at a minimum deplorable and at a maximum a barbarian or fascist.
  16. That Christianity – at least in its ancient forms, e.g., Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism – is an outdated and wicked religion (as implied by items #1 through #11 above).

How many Americans actually believe the items on this list of GPPM doctrines?  Well, most persons who earn their living within the GPPM are believers, or at least half-believers – though no doubt a few merely pretend to believe in order to keep their jobs.

Further, most young persons (ages 17-29) believe, especially young persons who aspire to being “cool.”  Many corporate executives, especially executives of really big corporations, either believe the items or have no objection to them; for if they were to object their businesses would be subject to public denunciation and perhaps even boycotts.  Better to “buy protection” by agreeing with the doctrines and contributing money to the cause.

As for the remainder of the American population – most of us are intimidated.  Like anti-Communists in Russia (and anti-Nazis in Germany), we have decided that discretion is the better part of valor.  We’ve decided to shut up and mind our own business.

But as millions learned under Communism and Nazism, cowardice – sooner or later – won’t protect you.


David Carlin

David Carlin is a retired professor of sociology and philosophy at the Community College of Rhode Island, and the author of The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America.

EDITORS NOTE: This The Catholic Thing column is republished with permission. © 2020 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: info@frinstitute.org. The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

VIDEO: ‘This Operation Is Personal To Us.’ LeGend Taliferro’s Mother Asks Communities To Support Operation Legend

The mother of a four-year-old boy who was shot and killed while he slept in a Kansas City, Missouri, apartment in June spoke in support of the Justice Department’s program to send federal officers to aid local law enforcement Wednesday.

LeGend Taliferro was shot on June 29, KSHB Kansas City reported. Shortly after his death, President Donald Trump launched a federal law enforcement operation called “Operation Legend” in Kansas City, and on Wednesday, Trump announced an expansion of Operation Legend to cities hardest hit by violent crime.

“Operation Legend is not to harass, it’s not to harm, or to hurt. It is to help investigate unsolved murders,” said Taliferro’s mother, Charron Powell. “This operation is personal to us. We want justice for our son and others. We have to take a stand in our communities and speak up to help this operation be successful.


As part of the expanded program, Trump said the Department of Justice will send hundreds of federal law enforcement officers from agencies including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals Service, Homeland Security, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to combat violent crime in Chicago, Illinois.

Trump said “we have no choice but to get involved,” after noting that local leadership is responsible for policing neighborhoods.

“In recent weeks, there has been a radical movement to defund, dismantle, and dissolve our police departments. Extreme politicians have joined this anti-police crusade and relentlessly vilified our law enforcement heroes,” Trump said.

“To look at it from any standpoint, the effort to shut down policing in their own communities has led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders, and heinous crimes of violence. This bloodshed must end, this bloodshed will end,” Trump said. “Today I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime.”

The DOJ will contribute more than $61 million in grants towards hiring “hundreds” of new police officers in cities that are the target of Operation Legend, the White House announced Wednesday.

“We will never defund the police. We will hire more great police,” Trump said.

Nationwide calls to defund the police followed George Floyd’s death after a Minneapolis police offer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, video of the incident shows.





‘Police Officers Are Jumping From The Sinking Ship’: Dean Cain Lays Out The Impact Of Defunding Police

Democratic Oakland Mayor Votes Down Further Police Budget Cuts After Vandals Defaced Her House

Oregon AG Demands Restraining Order Against Feds Deployed In Portland

‘Disturb The Peace Every Night’: Thousands Gather In Portland For Another Night Of Protests

Portland Mayor tear gassed during protests, says ‘nothing’ provoked officers

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