Homosexuals can choose to change their “sexual addiction”

No one is born a homosexual. It is a form a sexual attraction and that leads to a form of behavior that is unnatural and harmful to the individual, their family and the community. Watch this short video on homosexuals changing their behaviors to become normal partners in a traditional man/woman relationship. Change is good and many homosexuals are beginning to understand that.

Jeff Johnson in his column “Childhood Sexual Abuse and Male Homosexuality” reports:

For years, counselors, pastors and lay people who worked with men coming out of homosexuality noted that many of these men suffered from disproportionate rates of sexual abuse. They recognized that sexual abuse seemed to be one of the risk factors that might contribute to the development of same-sex attractions.

Rev. Perdue, for example, has worked in Christian ministry for more than 25 years. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Regeneration, a ministry that helps men and women overcome sexual and relational brokenness – including sexual abuse, sexual addiction and homosexuality. He says:

I have done a lot of counseling with men who struggle with same-sex attraction.  Some have been in the lifestyle, others have battled with lust and pornography.  I would estimate that in three-fourths of the cases, there was some sort of sexual abuse or misconduct that formed a powerful memory which contributed to the struggle.

Johnson goes on to note:

Dr. Dean Byrd has a Ph.D. in psychology, and postdoctorate degrees in Child and Family Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Now in his fourth decade of teaching, research and practice, he has provided psychological care for at least 400 men who have been distressed by their unwanted homosexual attractions. He concurs that childhood sexual abuse is a significant issue for many men with same-sex attractions, and points to even more studies that demonstrate this connection. He also notes that the homosexually-identified men often report earlier ages for their first sexual experience, but often don’t consider this abuse:

There is indeed a clear disparity between homosexual men and heterosexual men and child sexual abuse.  Using a non-clinical population of 465, Tomeo et al. found that 46 percent of the gay men reported being sexually abused as children compared to 7 percent of the matched heterosexual men. What’s intriguing is that 68 percent of the homosexual men did not identify as homosexual until after the abuse. Earlier research by Johnson and Shrier concluded that boys who had been sexually abused are 7 times more likely to identify as homosexual or bisexual than their heterosexual counterparts.  Even more intriguing is that Friedman noted that the boys who later identified as heterosexual had a mean average of 15.7 as the time of their first sexual experience. For the boy who later identified as homosexual, the mean average was 12.7.


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Gunslinger 454 tells it like it is about the Boy Scout situation! We Christians gave into the Homo-mafia and did their bidding. By doing so the Boy Scouts are forever lost boys.




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Homosexuals can change their “sexual addiction”

Liberty: Come Play on the Lawn by Steven Horwitz

We all have to be good stewards of liberty’s intellectual commons.

The directions in which young libertarians are taking the movement seem to have caused a backlash among some of the libertarians of my generation, threatening to turn us into the old guys telling the kids to get off our lawn.

The problem is that it’s not our lawn. It never was.

It wasn’t our predecessors’ lawn when we overran it either. It belongs to hundreds of years of the classical liberal tradition. The libertarian movement has seen significant changes in the last few years, and I believe that those changes have broadened and diversified libertarianism in ways that are the inevitable and desirable products of our growth.

The success of organizations like Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty in bringing more young people into the movement has meant that the issues they are interested in are the ones that are getting increasing attention. Gender, race, and sexuality are part of that, but so are peace and privacy. That this generation of young libertarians wants to talk about all of those things is good, even though I might not personally think that everything they have to say about them is good. For example, I don’t want a libertarianism full of either incessant calls to check my privilege, nor little boy brutalism.

But thinking in terms of what I want, or what any other person wants, is exactly the problem: Those of us in our 40s and 50s (and beyond) simply have to realize that we don’t own the movement and that we can’t centrally plan it. The liberty movement has always been a spontaneous order that has grown and evolved in uncontrollable and unpredictable ways. We all have our views of what that direction should be, and because spontaneous orders emerge from the various intentional actions of those who constitute them, we are perfectly free to keep arguing for our own visions of where we should go. However, we must also simultaneously recognize that we are but one voice in a growing multitude and that our control is limited, despite any leadership roles we might play.

We should also think about the ways in which the growth of the liberty movement affects the production of good and bad work and our perceptions of it. By analogy, consider how the proliferation of new TV networks and falling costs of production have meant there’s just more “stuff” on TV than ever before. Thanks to HBO and Netflix and others, one result is that there’s never been more great TV than there is right now, but Orange is the New Black is competing with tons of terrible reality shows and all the rest. TV’s signal-to-noise ratio might be lower than in the past, but the absolute amount of high-quality programming has never been higher.

I would argue the same is true of libertarianism. As we’ve grown, there’s just a lot more libertarian “stuff” out there, including a lot more nonsense. Our signal-to-noise ratio is lower than when we older folks were young. But there’s also never been more good stuff. Libertarian ideas are being taken seriously in academia, public intellectual circles, and the media because we’ve done good work. And even when our ideas aren’t treated well, it remains true that a lot of smart people seem to think they have to respond to libertarian arguments. That’s a huge sign of growth and of increasing quality.

That increased public presence means that we need to be our own harshest critics. As Bastiat said, there is nothing worse than a good cause ineptly defended. For starters, we should feel no obligation to support, rather than criticize, other libertarian writers because they are libertarians (or because they are women, or gay, or anything else for that matter). We should be seeking out the best work and promoting it from the rooftops. And we should be merciless in our blunt, though civil, criticism of inferior work—including that from our friends.

Young libertarians who write for social media have to realize that they are putting their ideas into the broader public discourse on those topics, and this means they have to do real research and hone their arguments carefully because they will be held accountable for lousy work. They are not helping the cause of liberty by defending it ineptly. You cannot go from an undergraduate degree to serious libertarian pundit without actually knowing something about the history of classical liberal thought and the major contemporary work about which you’re writing. We elders who have a significant public intellectual presence got there because we did the hard work of reading lots of old books as well as plenty of new research. There’s no shortcut from the “collect underpants” of a BA to the “profits” of being taken seriously as a public intellectual.

Young libertarians also need to get used to serious criticism if they wish to compete in the arena of ideas. Whining that you’re being treated unfairly, especially because of gender, age, race, sexuality, or other trait, will simply not cut it. It’s your arguments and evidence that matter. Stop complaining. Revise your work. And try again.

That young libertarians want to talk about issues that previous generations didn’t, or make up lists of the top 20 hottest libertarian women and men, doesn’t mean that the barbarians are at the gate. Focusing on the increasing quantity of weak libertarian writing out there can easily lead us to ignore the unseen: the simultaneous increase in high-quality work. Rather than complaining about silly lists on social media and telling the kids to get off our lawn, we old folks should let the kids do what kids have always done—push the boundaries set by the previous generation. We should, however, also be holding them to the highest standards of argumentation and evidence.

Come play on the lawn, kids. Bring your new ideas and modes of expression. That lawn belongs to all of us, and it’s yours to help the rest of us landscape as you see fit. We old folks will just keep reminding you how precious an asset it is and that it takes hard work, dedication to quality, and deep knowledge of the fundamental  ideas to keep liberty’s lawn fertilized, beautiful, and productive. That’s how our elders treated us, and it’s the least we can do for the generation in whose hands the future of the liberty movement will soon rest.


Steven Horwitz is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University and the author of Microfoundations and Macroeconomics: An Austrian Perspective, now in paperback.

How large should the population of the U.S. be?


For a larger view click on the image.

The United States is the third most populated country in the world behind India and China and on a path to increase our population from a current estimate by the Census Bureau of 316 million to 458 million by the 2050 and to as much as 1.1 billion by 2100 with all of the growth stemming from immigration. We have 5% of the world’s population but 20% of all immigrants.

Interestingly the greatest number of legal as well as illegal immigrants are from Mexico but the second and third greatest numbers are from China and India. What message should we get when the second and third largest populated countries citizens are leaving their countries to come here?

The rapid growth of the growth primarily fueled by legal and illegal immigrant growth raises major questions about the future of our country. We believe an independent commission be appointed to study immigration. We need questions answered such as:

  1. What is the purpose of mass immigration? Immigration has customarily been used throughout time to settle virgin lands of which we have none. A large part of the immigration population is considered family reunification but that should not be what an immigration policy should be based on and the Jordan Commission in 1996 concluded the same and said it should be eliminated.
  2. What should the maximum ideal population of the country be? Things like traffic congestion, natural resource shortages such as water, overburdened congested cities, loss of open space and a deteriorating quality of life are some of the important considerations that need to be determined.
  3. Refugee, Diversity, and Protected Status Programs all need to be evaluated. We have a cap of 85 thousand refugees to bring into the country every year and there are many organizations vying for the opportunity with the UN basically choosing who does get to come which is a program rife with payoffs and corruption. The refugees are brought and dumped in communities without their knowledge the refugees are arriving. Every refugee we bring in at an initial cost of $20 thousand paid for by the taxpayers amounts to $1.7 Billion a year. The Director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees Roger Winters estimates 500 refugees expenses could be covered for the cost of bringing one refugee here. Simple mathematics of 500 times 85,000 means without a refugee program we could handle the expenses for 42,500,000 refugees overseas for the same amount of money. The Diversity program is an embarrassment. Please find another country in the world with a more diverse population. Likewise the so-called “Temporary” Protected Status Program is anything but temporary. Over 200 thousand El Salvadorans were brought here in 2001 following an earthquake in the country. They are still here and will probably never leave. This is a program that should immediately be terminated.

It is obvious special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce want ever more immigrants coming to satisfy the corporate wants for cheap labor and ever increasing markets but that is not is what is in the best interests of the citizens.

Will you support an independent commission to study immigration and its long term impacts on our quality of life?

Florida Jews and Christians Outraged by Presbyterian Church (USA) vote to Divest Israel

On June 23, 2014 the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to divest from three American companies because of their sales to Israel, by the very narrow margin of 310-303.

“This divestment decision is simply outrageous.  We at The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee are disappointed, hurt and saddened.  But we are not surprised, given the animus that a determined core group of Church officials has demonstrated against both the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” said Howard Tevlowitz, Executive Director of The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee. “This decision will undoubtedly have a devastating impact on the relations between mainstream Jewish groups and the national Presbyterian Church (USA).  We hold their leadership accountable for failing to isolate and repudiate the radical, prejudiced voices of their own denomination.”

“We will continue to show pride in Israel and be grateful for the many amazing products and technological advances that continue to originate in Israel.  And we will focus more and more of our efforts on supporting Israel, regardless of these misguided actions” added Rabbi Howard Simon and Pastor Joey Mimbs, Co-Chairs of the Federation’s Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative.

“The action by PC USA,” continues Rabbi Simon and Pastor Mimbs, “like the BDS movement as a whole, which claims to support a peaceful resolution of the complex conflict, in reality hurts the prospects for peace. It does not promote the goal of creating two states for two peoples that Israel has embraced. Instead, it places exclusive blame on Israel while ignoring the numerous times the Palestinians have refused to negotiate in good faith, oftentimes turning to violence and terror instead.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following statement on “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, “It should trouble all people of conscience and morality because it’s so disgraceful. You know, you look at what’s happening in the Middle East, and I think most Americans understand this: They see this enormous area riveted by religious hatred, by savagery of unimaginable proportions.  Then you come to Israel and you see the one democracy that upholds basic human rights, that guards the rights of all minorities, that protects Christians. Christians are persecuted throughout the Middle East. So most Americans understand that Israel is a beacon of civilization and moderation.  You know, I would suggest to those Presbyterian organizations to fly to the Middle East, come see Israel for the embattled democracy that it is, and then take a bus tour. Go to Libya, go to Syria, go to Iraq, and see the difference. And I would give them two pieces of advice: One is make sure it’s an armor-plated bus. And, second, don’t say that you’re Christians.”

Tevlowitz concludes, “nonetheless, we at JFSM are deeply disappointed that the national leadership of a prominent group has taken such counterproductive measures, but we remain committed to challenging these growing assaults on Israel’s legitimacy and its right to exist as a Jewish state.”

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Florida: Why was Chip LaMarca the only Republican to march in the gay Twilight Parade?

fort lauderdale gay parade participants

Stonewall Pride Street Festival participants. For a larger view click on the photo.

I reported on the The Broward County, FL Twilight Parade was held on June 21st at followed by the Stonewall Pride Street Festival. Well guess who came to the parade? None other than Republican County Commissioner Chip LaMarca of Broward County. LaMarca is up for reelection and is facing a primary race.

According to BrowardBeat.com, “… LaMarca’s redrawn district now contains about 10,500 more Democrats than Republicans.” Is that why LaMarca was the lone Republican marching in a parade that glorifies “sodomy and  debauchery” in Wilton Manors on June 21, 2014. LaMarca was the only one of the nine county commissioners to participate. LaMarca was accompanied by his wife.


For a larger view of the Broward visitor log click on the image.

Red Broward of The Daily Broward in August 2013 wrote:

Broward County Commission Chip LaMarca and Democrat House Leader Perry Thurston discussed a board appointment just minutes before a County Commission meeting. The Broward County Commission visitor log [image on the right] shows LaMarca and Thurston discussed the appointment over the telephone. No further information was provided.

Thurston is the Broward Democrat under investigation for telling tall tales about where he sleeps at night. Lori Parrish’s investigators said Thurston “violated the law” by taking a homestead exemption on his Plantation home. Thurston is facing another investigation by the Florida Bar.

This is the same Perry Thurston that is trying to embarrass Governor Rick Scott into holding a special session on the Stand Your Ground law. This is the same Perry Thurston rumored to be considering a bid against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. This is the same Perry Thurston that was working for firms involved in the airport financing plan.

So why is “Republican” LaMarca taking Perry’s phone calls?

Read more.


Chip and Eileen LaMarca with His Eminence Giovanni Cardinal Lajolo, President of Vatican City.

LaMarca also considered a Republican primary run for Congress in 2012 against Adam Hasner, a strong conservative. Last year Tom Lauder from MediaTrackers.com reported:

Broward County commissioner Charles “Chip” LaMarca is facing foreclosure on his Broward County home, court records show. In May of 2012, Wells Fargo Bank initiated court proceedings in an attempt to collect more than $385,000 from LaMarca and his wife. A Media Trackers Florida review of court records reveals how lobbyists, professional sports franchises, and the proliferation of campaign cash have played a role in this case.

Court records show LaMarca failed to make payments on a line of credit issued by Wells Fargo bank in June of 2006. Bank statements show LaMarca stopped making payments in August of 2010, just before winning the 2010 county commissioner election. As the lone Republican on the Broward County Commission, LaMarca often touts his fiscal responsibility and business experience. LaMarca is running for re-election in 2014.

BTW, LaMarca represents Broward County on the Florida Association of Counties Board of Directors and Finance and Audit Committee.

So is LaMarca a say one thing and do another Charlie Crist Republican? Is he a sheep in strange clothing? Is he someone who will be loyal to the Republican Party platform and support marriage as between one man and one woman? Does he deserve reelection?

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo of Chip LaMarca and his wife Eileen (right) marching in the homosexual Twilight Parade by Anthony Man/Sun Sentinel.

How President Obama is “Cocking-up” U.S. Foreign Policy

According to Merriam-Webster cock-up means “a situation that is complicated, unpleasant, or difficult to deal with because of someone’s mistake.” This best describes how President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry are dealing with U.S. foreign policy.

What is their collective primary foreign policy objective? To promote homosexuality on a global scale.

That’s right, not addressing the persecution of Christians and Jews, the spread of the Islamic ISIS sword, the existential threat of China and Russia, the illegal alien crisis on America’s Southern border. Job one is spreading the homosexual lifestyle where ever and when ever possible.

Weekly Standard journalist Jeryl Bier reports, “With much of the Obama administration’s foreign policy in tatters, John Kerry is clear on at least one goal he hopes to achieve by the end of his time as secretary of state: having lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors representing the United States.  In remarks to a GLIFAA (formerly Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) Pride event in the Ben Franklin Room at the State Department, the secretary ran through a litany of accomplishments by the Obama administration that benefit the “LGBT/gay community.” During his speech, Kerry said that, if confirmed, Ted Osius (nominated by President Obama for the post in Vietnam) would be the sixth openly gay U.S. ambassador currently in service:

So I am very proud of the progress that we are now making even in appointing LGBT ambassadors. I worked with the committee here at the State Department – with the D Committee, and I worked with the White House. And as a result, Ted Osius, sitting here, whom I’ve known a long time, and his family I know, will be the first openly LGBT officer nominated to serve as an ambassador in Asia. And on confirmation, he’s going to join five openly gay ambassadors who are now serving their country. I’m working hard to ensure that by the end of my tenure, we will have lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors in our ranks as well.

As he began his talk, Kerry recognized GLIFAA event moderator, Robyn McCutcheon, as the “first transgender Foreign Service officer to come out on the job”.

Before Kerry, Hillary Clinton did the same. CNN’s Frida Ghitis reported, “As Hillary Clinton makes a whirlwind round of appearances in her last days as secretary of state, one groundbreaking aspect of her work deserves a moment in the spotlight: In a bold departure with tradition, Clinton made the promotion of equality for gay people a core value of U.S. foreign policy.” [Emphasis mine]

If this is not “cocking-up” (no pun intended) U.S. foreign policy then I don’t know what is. But it gets worse.

In a Huffington Post article titled “John Kerry To Send Homosexuality ‘Experts’ To Tackle Uganda Anti-Gay Law”, Shadee Ashtari reported:

Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Tuesday [March 18, 2014] U.S. plans to send homosexuality “experts” to Uganda to discuss the country’s new Anti-Homosexuality Act with President Yoweri Museveni, according to Buzzfeed.

“I talked personally to President Museveni just a few weeks ago, and he committed to meet with some of our experts so that we could engage him in a dialogue as to why what he did could not be based on any kind of science or fact, which is what he was alleging,” Kerry said during a University Town Hall meeting at the U.S. Department of State. “He welcomed that and said that he was happy to receive them and we can engage in that kind of conversation… maybe we can reach a point of reconsideration.”

The Ugandan president signed the law, which includes up to lifetime imprisonment for homosexuality, in February after a team of Ugandan scientists informed him that there was no genetic basis for homosexuality.

Homosexuality experts? Now if that is not cocked-up, I don’ know what is. It would seem that sending experts on dealing with the many other human tragedies in Africa, and else where, should be Secretary Kerry’s priority.

Perhaps President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Secretary Kerry should look at what diplomat, statesman and former President Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democrat party, thought about homosexuality. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, drafted a bill concerning the criminal laws of Virginia in which he directed that the penalty for sodomy should be castration.

Time to castrate U.S. foreign policy? What do you think?


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Florida — Don’t be Doped, Smoking Pot is NOT medicine

“Why should we care about pot?” by Veora M. Little, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

We sometimes hear kids ask: “Is marijuana really bad for you?  Marijuana is legal in several states, so doesn’t this mean it’s OK to smoke?”  Make no mistake; this push to legalize marijuana is affecting how children view drug use.  As the perceived risk goes down, marijuana use goes up.  Don’t kid yourself, our children are listening and watching!

Anyone who cares about children should know that marijuana use can lower IQ.  Research published by the National Academy of Sciences, shows regular marijuana use that begins in adolescence can have long lasting effects on the brain that may not be reversible.  The more one uses marijuana, the greater the IQ decline. For some, this means a loss of up to 8 points.  Since an IQ of 100 is the average, a decline this large is significant and creates lasting damage that places many individuals at below average or lower intelligence. Furthermore, states having medical marijuana are at the top of the list in terms of drug addiction and usage by 12 to 17-year olds, according to the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services.

If you care about our public safety, you should also know that marijuana is the most detected illicit drug in auto fatalities.  Colorado, in particular, has seen double the number of drivers involved in traffic fatalities who tested positive for marijuana in recent years.

In your work environment, you should know that employees who use drugs impact the bottom line by increasing absenteeism, workplace accidents and higher healthcare costs.

Too many Floridians are unaware that Amendment 2 will legalize smoked marijuana as medicine and also creates other concerns for our state.  For example, the process to obtain medical marijuana is done by “recommendation” rather than a prescription by a physician. Only FDA approved medications demand a prescription.

In addition, none of the symptoms that marijuana claims to cure or help have the support of any major medical associations.  The Florida Medical Association; American Pediatrics Association; American Medical Association; American Cancer Society; American Academy of Ophthalmology; National Multiple Sclerosis Society; Glaucoma Foundation are among the growing number of professional organizations opposed to legalizing marijuana.  The Florida Sheriff’s Association and Drug Enforcement Administration also do not support marijuana as medicine.

There are strict standards for what constitutes a medicine in this country.  It must be deliverable in exact doses, and must be made up of measureable amounts of compounds so it can be produced and controlled in its impact.  Marijuana potency and purity varies from plant to plant. It often contains harmful contaminants and when it is smoked or ingested in foods and beverages as is permitted in states with medical marijuana, the dosage can vary greatly.  Marijuana simply does not fit the basic definition of medicine. When it is self-delivered, the dosages frequently are random and inconsistent, as are the effects on the human body.

Current “evidence” supporting smoked/home grown pot, as medicine is self-reported and not scientifically or medically verified.  In an article published by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), “The Role of the Physician in ‘Medical’ Marijuana,” and its companion Public Policy Statement concluded that smoked marijuana is not, and cannot be, a medicine.  ASAM explains that any chemicals in marijuana shown to be effective and recognized as safe for use as treatments for any illness, have already been available for over 20 years. These are standardized and characterized products in the U.S., approved by the FDA, dispensed by professional pharmacies like all other medicines.

All Florida voters should carefully consider the following issues with Amendment 2:

  1. No age limit- No parental consent required.
  2. No background check or training for personal caregivers.
  3. Pot shops – Marijuana will only be sold by storefront dispensaries, not in medically controlled facilities, and will not be monitored by pharmacists.
  4. Medical marijuana laws only require a physician recommendation, not a legitimate prescription (since it is not FDA approved, a physician can not write a prescription.)
  5. There is no consumer protection when it comes to quality, purity or dosage.

Let’s do it right! We are all compassionate and caring about our loved ones’ pain and suffering, but there are far too many unintended consequences with this current proposal.  Let’s move forward with continued research. Let’s keep our kids safe and let’s keep working to keep drugged drivers off our roads.

As a parent, grandparent, I take this issue very seriously, I remember the pill mills! Please know the facts about the dangers of marijuana and what the proponents of this measure ask you to consider. I ask you to consider voting No to Amendment 2.

Veora M. Little, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, veoralittle@gmail.com.

Additional sources: NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), www.drugabuse.gov, ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy, The White House), Kevin Sabet, Ph.D., Director, Drug Policy Institute and Assistant Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine, Division of Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of Drug Addiction Treatment California.

Broward County, FL: Twenty-Two Hour Festival “Glorifying Sodomy and Debauchery”

The Broward County, FL Twilight Parade was held on Saturday, June 21st at 7:00 p.m.  Following the parade was the Stonewall Pride Street Festival held from noon to 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. on Sunday June 22nd.

Festival organizers in an email wrote:

CALLING ALL DRAG QUEENS & KINGS, TRANSGENDERS & CROSS DRESSERS !! Get International Publicity in the Guiness Book of World Records. TOMORROW, Sat. June 21st At Stonewall In Wilton Manors. 4 pm Registration behend [sic] Main Center Stage and a 5 min. dance to the Cupid Shuffle at 7:30 at same location.

The below poster was attached to the email:


For a large view click on the poster.


Commissioner Bruce G. Roberts – District 1.

Organizers stated, “We look forward to our members and friends staffing the booth and volunteering some of the time to spread the word about Log Cabin Republicans and how we are movers and shakers and can continue to create positive change in the community. Our involvement in the Republican Party bore fruit this week past when one Ft. Lauderdale City Commissioner voted to pass a resolution that endorsed equality for all Americans in Broward County regardless of sexual orientation. Without his vote the resolve would have failed to pass even though the majority of Commissioners were registered Democrats. We have a right to celebrate our effort to make the Party of Lincoln inclusive and challenge those who make our party one that enables exclusion based on any minority status.” [Emphasis added]

The resolution passed by a 3-2 vote. So who was the Republican who cast the swing vote? Commissioner Bruce G. Roberts – District 1, City of Fort Lauderdale.

According to a member of the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club (LBRC), “Bruce Roberts, Republican, was the featured speaker at the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, 17th.  It turned out that he voted YES for a same-sex marriage resolution, while two Democrats — Romney Rogers and Mayor Jack Seiler voted NO! Knowing that Roberts was speaking at our local club, a few of us climbed atop our war horses.  There were seven of us in a room of approximately twenty people. Bob Wolfe, founder and former Chair of that LBRC met us at our table to let us know he knew why we were there, but to please keep it ‘professional.’  He asked me not to throw anything at the commissioner.”

Some asked Commissioner Roberts, who is the only Republican representative on the city commission, “why he voted against Republican family values while two Democrats voted for family values.”  According to attendees reasons were “appalling”, and “included… ‘a high divorce rate among heterosexuals” Roberts was asked if he happened to know the divorce rate among homosexual marriages.  He had no answer.

Jack Gilles then stood and asked Roberts, “As a purported Christian, how do you feel about casting a vote against God?” To which he insisted he had not, and Gilles insisted that, “indeed he had gone against God.”  Roberts then used the excuse of the separation of church and state to explain his vote for gay marriage. Another attendee named Ed then took out his pocket Constitution, walked toward Roberts, and said, “Sir, this is a copy of the United States Constitution.  Please show me in here where it says there must be separation of Church and State.”  By this time the Chairman was calling for the questions to stop. According to attendees the chairman was literally drenched in sweat.

One attendee noted, “It’s what we Republicans continue to do.  Elect candidates and vet them afterwards.”

The Metropalistan Opera

This column is a follow up to my recent article “We have MET the Enemy“.


Scene from “The Death of Klinghoffer”.

Canceling the simulcast of ‘The Death of Klinghoffer” does not exculpate any of the personnel affiliated with the opera if the show will be presented on stage as scheduled.  Because Peter  Gelb acknowledged the “genuine concern in the international Jewish community,” he is not oblivious to the impropriety, yet he continues unimpeded.  He may well be an active partner to the insult, an accomplice to Alice Goodman’s rejection of their mutual heritage, or he lacks the capacity to see that this production should also be of enormous concern to the greater American community.  It would appear that this may well rank with the Bavarian Oberammergau that continues to inspire antisemitism – but not only antisemitism.  This perverted story is an act of jihad.

For the still uninformed, Jihad is “holy war,” or it would be a holy war if Islam were a bona fide religion. However, Islam is political ideology, a movement of conquest that is presented as a religion (a religion of peace, no less!),  a duty for all Muslims to wage war against the non-Islamic world on behalf of their prophet, Mohammed.  In the 7th century, after 13 years of futile attempts at converting Meccan and Medinan Jews, Christians and idol worshipers to his new religion, Mohammed began torturing, looting and destroying those who would not accept his “religion” or him as prophet. He beheaded (Jewish) men, enslaved women and children, and killed until both cities were inhabited by Muslims only.  Thus he acquired land and converts to Islam. To this day, his followers must obey the same Qur’anic decrees. Eighty percent of the Qur’an is devoted to dealing with the unbeliever. Mohammed converted about 10,000 to Islam every year, committing violence until the end of his life.  Islam is a detailed political system, a demonic doctrine of jihad and the implementation of Islamic laws, Sharia, everywhere.

9:29  Make war on those who have received the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day.  They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax (jizya) and they are humiliated.

Over these 1400 years, Jihad has been responsible for the death of 270 million people worldwide. Known as “The Tears of Jihad,” they include 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, 120 million Africans, the number increases with each attack throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, India and China.  To assume that we Americans are not included in their vision is, at the least, foolish.  To paint the jihadists as though they might be justified or in need of compassion is reckless.  We cannot turn a blind eye and portray the terrorists with humanity, or we will not be able to defend ourselves as they change our culture and mindset in this slow, methodical onslaught. These cold-blooded killers who are meticulously trained since childhood to revel and celebrate death have been robbed of all humanity.

The opera’s purpose is to prime us to be insensitive to the death of a wheelchair-bound American, a veteran of World War II, an inventor and appliance manufacturer, a husband and father, with the smokescreen that he is Jewish and, therefore, responsible for every misfortune known to the Muslim world.  It is also preparing us to slowly lose our moral compass, take on their Qur’anic mission of hate and death, and tolerate their violence, evil, and bloodlust as “acceptable under the circumstances.” It is enhanced with the accusation of “Islamophobia,” to prevent us from naming and discussing the enemy.

Raymond Ibrahim, Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum and author, has exposed Islam’s war on Christians. There are news reports daily of Muslim killings according to Muhammad’s commands – oppressing their women, honor killings, hunting down apostates, kidnapping children into sexual slavery, and converting or killing Christians in Afghanistan, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Iran, Krygyz, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tanzania, and into Europe.  You need  only turn on the few TV channels that are still dedicated to reporting the truth.

The opera is an insult to the memory of Leon Klinghoffer and his family and an assault on us and our humanity.  We must not be manipulated into this gradual acceptance of the Islamic viewpoint. We must understand that this is yet another jihad war strategy with the purpose of destroying us – nihilism – to establish an Islamic caliphate in the Western world.  There is no greater threat to mankind today than Islam and this opera must not be staged.


The Met’s senseless ‘Klinghoffer’ cop-out
Presbyterian Church (USA) Makes Controversial Divestment Move Against Israel

Dr. Duke Pesta on the Shocking K-12 Common Core Sexual Education Standards

dr duke pesta

Dr. Duke Pesta

If you have young children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, are an educator, are a therapist, are a religious leader, are an elected official of any party, or care about very young children getting an excellent education in grades K-12, you should take time to listen to the below videos by Dr. Duke Pesta.  Dr. Pesta’s discussion is about the indoctrination of students in the Common Core curriculum.  Common Core does not encourage students to read the greatest novels in history, it’s not about teaching students to think outside of the box, nor is it about teaching students to excel beyond the capability of their fellow students in their grade, and it is not about mentoring gifted students.

Common Core teaches students it is not fair for some students to highly achieve beyond the ability of their fellow students—it is about teaching students that everyone should achieve equally and collectively together, resulting in that students’ progress in learning at the lowest possible common denominator so no one is left behind.  Common Core is the plan by the federal government to take over the control of local school board’s education programs and what is taught in the local schools, it pushes an agenda controlled and tested by the Department of Health Education and Welfare and results in recording specific details on “each student’s” thinking, religious beliefs, patriotic beliefs, and family beliefs, in violation of privacy laws.

Common Core is much more than the new math. For quite some time, I seriously tried to understand the new math without success (my math skills are excellent, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Operation Research, and an MBA in Finance).  All my grades in math were always straight “A” as I excelled in math in grammar school, in high school, in college, and in graduate school.  Common Core math is the worst thing that has ever happened to the math curriculum in grammar schools in the nation; that terrible debilitating math curriculum has now been in the public schools for 2 years, and parents do not know how to help their children with the new math.

David Zimba who was responsible for developing the new math curriculum in Common Core, said Common Core math “will not” prepare students for college.  Common Core math is not about the right answer, it is about making the student comfortable with this new math—the teachers do not teach math any longer; the new math is programed and tested by Washington bureaucrats.  Students “do not” know how to add and subtract in the 4th grade.  The students are taught that they “must” agree collectively on an answer with the students in their new teaching group (they must be in learning groups and even must sit together—no longer are there individual desks), even if it is the answer is wrong it must be agreed to.   For instance, because the analytical mathematical thinking in students is not developed in students in early grades with this debilitating new math, algebra has been pushed into 9th grade, while the student is China, India, Europe, etc. begin algebra in the 5th grade—the Common Core curriculum is forcing students in the United States to be left in the dust bin of history, far behind students in countries with much higher math and science achievement records.  Please watch this short video with Dr. Pesta:

This opposition to Common Core is not political, it is not Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Conservative opposition; all members of the previous groups have been expressing very of serious opposition to Common Core, it is an American problem where we are all concerned about our young school children.  The most liberal teachers union in the nation, the NY States Teachers Union, and the most conservative organizations in Texas, Virginia, and in the nation oppose Common Core. None of the educators in any state, nor any of the famous educational organization, or varied groups of well-known educators who are experts in certain subjects being taught by Common Core, were involved in scientifically developing the curriculum, nor was the curriculum tested by trial and error to determine the best educational curriculums to be taught for grades K thru 12—only 5 people wrote the entire Common Core curriculum.

Common Core was developed by David Coleman, and four of his associates; the development was funded by Bill Gates who spent $2.5 billion to sell it.

Each state was provided with millions of dollars for their state education department, long before the curriculum was written, they received with the funds under the condition that they must incorporate Common Core into their educational system.  This Common Core curriculum has come about and has been driven by the Obama administration, and the Department of Health Education and Welfare who also is now controlling Common Core testing for each state.  The education of students should be controlled at the state and local levels, not by Washington bureaucrats.  Four states have opted out of Common core with 12 states developing initiatives to get out of Common Core, including New York.  Please click on the below listed link to view and listed to a child psychologist who explains how students are reacting to Common Core and have been hurt mentally by the curriculum; they are also self-hurting their bodies:

Common Core has eliminated the US history students once were taught in grammar and high schools.  Students once learned about the Pilgrims and how they came to the new world to seek religious freedom.  Students were once taught how the Founding Fathers religious beliefs provided the foundation on which the Republic was founded on.  Students were once taught the value of US Constitution, the Bill of Rights & the value of each Amendment, and the value of the rights of individual, and the importance of religious freedom.   They are no longer taught why the Revolutionary War was fought, the reasons for the Civil War, how the US saved the world by mobilizing to fight in WWI & WWII, how the US saved the South Korean democracy from Communism, and how the United States preserved the freedom of the people in Kuwait from the dictator, Hussein Saddam.  The students were once taught to study the background of each of the US Presidents and their achievements.  They are not taught about the dangers of Communism and its demise, or how Socialism has never worked in any country it was ever tried in for the last 150 years, etc.  All those teachings were eliminated by the 5 peoples who developed the Common Core curriculum to the detriment of our Republic.  Those teachings must be reinstated without exception.

Common Core is not only the development of national standards for math, English, biology, and science it also includes teaching shocking sexual education courses for students in grades, kindergarten thru 12.  What is taught includes teaching inappropriate sexuality skills, that shouldn’t even be taught in college. According to child psychologists, the children are not mentally equipped to understand the detailed sexual indoctrination starting in kindergarten, they are indoctrinated in sexual practices that they should never be exposed to.  Students are tested on their understanding of sex issues every year for the 12 years they are school, and the views for each student on sex issues are being tested, recorded, and retained by Washington bureaucrats.

There is a heavy socio political content of sex throughout Common Core curriculum being taught in every grade and in every subject, the student is taught that there is a sameness of gender, there is no longer simply boys and girls according to Common Core.  The sexual content of Common Core crosses into every curriculum taught, from teaching sexuality skills in sex education courses by specially skilled and trained sex education teachers.  Sexual activities and content in included in every subject taught.  Sex is taught in the English curriculum, is included in the language curriculum, sex is woven into the science curriculum, in the math curriculum, in the social studies curriculum, and of course in biology.

Since sex practices are included in every subject taught, parents will no longer be able to opt out of sex education being taught to their children in city schools, and by opting out assuming that only they would be able to teach their children sex education at home, and  in accordance with their personal and religious beliefs.  Children are taught holding hands, hugging, kissing, is the same as every other deviate sex acts—they are taught there is a sameness to “all” sex—there is no such thing as normal sex in Common Core, wide open sex of every weird type is taught to be acceptable in Common Core.  Pornography is no longer looked down upon in the Common Core curriculum. Very young students can’t even comprehend those teachings and understand that if someone does something to their little bodies, that they were told about in the Common Core sex curriculum, that it is wrong and shouldn’t be done to them.

The Core Curriculum states the students must be taught cooperative and active sex, working together in lab sessions with each other. Students can’t opt out on their own, because sex crosses into all the Common Core courses and all the testing—if they opt out they would fail the testing.  They are being taught by specially sex skilled teachers, and the students are tested on sexual skills and concepts being taught.  Every imaginable inappropriate sexual skill is being taught to students in kindergarten thru grade 12.  These inappropriate sexual skills are being driven into the Common Core curriculum and are being tested by the Department of Health Education and Welfare.

Teachers and parents will lose the ability to mentor the thousands of gifted children, that the nation used to develops each year, because Common Core dumbs down all students to the lowest leaning denominator.  Common Core is not good for the nation, for families, for children, for religious teachings, for colleges, for graduates schools, for research, for science, for States Rights, for teachers unions, and for the foundation upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic.   The single biggest enemies of the Common Core curriculum are the Judeo Christian teachings student are taught at home, in their houses of worship, and in religious books (the Old Testament, the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, etc.).  Please watch to the below listed video with Dr. Pesta, although it is long it is an extremely important tape that is designed to save countless generations of students and the Republic, and should be listened to if you care about the education of future generations of young people.  Please pass this E-mail on to all Americans who care about the future education of our youth.


Common Core Pornography

People in Bradford arrested in historic child sex abuse investigation

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Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

Florida Event Alert: Aaron Vaughn FrogMan Swim – June 28, 2014

Come One,Come All! It is the Third Annual Memorial FrogMan Swim Honoring Fallen American Hero Aaron Carson Vaughn. OPERATION 300, a camp for the children of our foreign Warriors will receive all proceeds. Come swim for a great cause, 1k, 5k, 200m, and even a tadpole course for the kids. Food, fun, heroes and more!


The Obama Administration’s Growing Assault on Religious Liberty: Wake up Catholic Church!

Hope all is well as we are two days away from the official start of summer…and, friends, it is getting hot as hell out here. And, if you think it’s hot now, wait until you see what the liberal Obama administration is fixing to do this up-coming week. As if the attack on our beloved Catholic Church on January 20th, 2012 with Sebelius and the H.H.S. Mandate wasn’t bad enough, wait till you see what “Mr. Executive Order” is setting up to do. And, mind you, the Holy Catholic Church did not do a damn thing back then to fight that unethical & immoral mandate that knocks the First Amendment out of the U.S. Constitution books, while crippling our religious freedoms to a complete standstill. Shame on Cardinal Dolan. Shame on the Catholic Church. Shame on the 51% of Catholics who voted for this egomaniac whose ego is almost as big as his ears.

I have written about this religious freedom fiasco way too many times and way too many times, nothing has been done. Running two “Fortnight for Freedoms” was like the captain of the Titanic asking his first mate to use a half gallon bucket to take some water out of their sinking ship. The state of our Catholic Church today does not look like the Catholic Church that I signed up for 56 years ago. The one that I did my Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and Holy Matrimony at. The one that I love with my entire being and call “my home away from home”. This does not look like the Holy Church that is headquartered out of the Vatican in Rome. The one that Jesus built upon the rock of Peter. It almost feels like it is the Catholic Church that is being run up on the Hill at the liberal White House in Washington D.C. They have had a lot more input these past 5 & a half years than what is coming out of the Holy See in the Vatican…or the USCCB, which is just a few blocks away from the Obama mansion.

Come on now, let’s get serious for a minute here. As of today, only a measly “80” law suits have been filed against the Obama administration & the H.H.S. Mandate. “80” – not “8,000”!!! Like I have said from January 21st, 2012 up until yesterday – “The day that the the Vatican and the USCCB get enough guts and courage to stand up to this wanna-be dictator in our White House and order every single Catholic institution in our country to file a law suit against this administration & the H.H.S. that is making a complete mockery of the Holy Catholic Church – is the day that the Catholic Church will be the Church Triumphant”…Right now and for many decades to come, we will remain the Church Suffering…so, we better get used to it.

If the small but powerful Ave Maria University in tiny Immokalee, Florida can file a law suit – the rest of our Catholic institutions can. If the ever-Catholic Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio can do it – the rest of us can. It is beyond my comprehension that then-President of the USCCB, Cardinal Dolan, did not do anything to combat these intrinsic evils and at least, order every Catholic institution in the U.S. to file a law suit against the H.H.S. It is even more painful to see incoming President of the USCCB, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, clumsily take the baton from Cardinal Dolan…and let it hit the ground without even trying to pick it up. He fumbled it badly and now every Catholic in this country is paying a dear price for it. More than 30 pieces of silver. Beyond me, folks…Gutless. And, this is supposed to be the “Year of Boldness”.

In these first 6 months of our proclaimed “Year of Boldness”, I can count on one hand – actually, on one finger – how many times the leaders of our beloved Catholic Church have been bold. It’s more like “being told”instead of “being bold” – as in being told what to do by Sebelius, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Reid and the rest of the cast of clowns. The Catholic Church is being told what to do every day of the year and not one of our church leaders has the guts to stand up to this unfair assault. A “live” Puppet show at the USCCB. The White House controls the strings. Beyond excruciating. And, now with this new Executive Order coming from King Kenya, the Catholic Church better brace itself and get ready to take it again on the backside one more time.

Executive Order Number what…Who can keep track? This nifty one coming from our avid golfer in the White House “bars federal contractors from discriminating against anyone on gender identity and/or sexual orientation”. Obama is moving on the issue a week after talking about the important role that administrative action can play in advancing LGBT rights. (I am not certain, but I think LGBT stands for Lesbian/Gay/ Bi-sexual & Trans-sexual) I cannot believe I even had to elaborate on this appalling type of lifestyle. I know it sounds a bit “queer”, but that is what this liberal socialist is pushing in “our” country and what the Holy Catholic Church is going to get hit once again with – like a ton of condoms.

 Yes, Obama’s team is gearing up to place unfair pressure on Catholic charitable social services to conform to its progressive & leftist agenda. Church services – like adoption agencies – will have to face a choice. Either conform to that agenda or shut their doors for the lack of federal financial support. The choices are bleak. The fault is our own. The Catholic Church should have never allowed herself to be put into this compromising position. Had we stood up “Two-Gether” as One Body in Christ back on January 20th, 2012, we would not be even talking about this issue and I would not be writing my fingers off this late at night.

We have two choices: Bow down to King Kenya and to all of his immoral and unconstitutional atrocities he has forced upon us, or stand up as One Body in Christ and fight it with all we have. Let’s see, on last count, there were about 68 million Catholics in this country. If an army this big – supposedly “Soldiers of Christ” – cannot defend our Catholic Church, our Catholic institutions and our religious freedoms – and we are not willing to take a bullet for our beloved Faith like in the movie “For Greater Glory” – then, we are not worthy to call ourselves Catholics, Christians or followers of Christ. It’s a slap in His face and a mockery to the One who died for us.

Thank GOD that Jesus is not coming down any time soon to see this debacle…then, again, He just may be coming before we even know it…and, he will be knocking over every damn tax collectors’ tables not only at the Temples but, also at the White House, Planned Parenthood, Bill & Melinda Gates’ offices and at every single place that attacks what He set out to do 2,000 years ago. He did not die in vain.

The H.H.S. Mandate, the countless Scandals, the skyrocketing Federal debt, the “Curse of Common Core”, the Promotion of  “same-sex marriage” and now yet, another powerful gutting of the First Amendment’s “Guarantee” of Religious Freedom being prepared for implementation by the fiat of Executive Order – the government is steadily crushing liberty.

action institute logo

Religious Liberty? Obama’s Not Done Yet

Elise Hiltonby ELISE HILTON on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2014

If you thought the Obama Administration had taken its final swipe at religious liberty with the HHS mandate, think again. At Catholic Vote, John flag broken cross jewish star gavelShimek tells us that there is a new attack on American’s religious liberty, and it won’t affect just Catholics.

According to Shimek, the social media website Buzzfeed announced that the White House is drafting an executive order that will bar federal contractors from discriminating against anyone based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

President Obama is moving on the issue a week after talking about the important role that administrative action can play in advancing LGBT rights.

At a question-and-answer session at the White House last week, Obama spoke about how transgender students can now “assert their rights” following recent Education Department action laying out an expanded view of sex discrimination protections under Title IX.

Shimek asks, “So what? What does this have to do with religious liberty?” As it turns out, quite a bit.

Fr. Thomas Reese claims that “Depending on what exemptions [the executive order provides], the new requirement may affect Catholic Relief Services, Catholic hospitals, Catholic education, and other Catholic charities that received Federal funds.”

Bottom line: The HHS Mandate hit health care workers and institutions. This new assault? Basically, it hits all the rest of the Church’s charitable social services. In other words, the Obama White House is casting the net of its progressive agenda much further and wider this time.

What practical impact could this executive order have? Picture this. A Catholic archdiocesan or diocesan adoption service, that needs federal monies in order to function, announces plans to place children in traditional families comprised of one father and one mother. Such a plan would violate the new executive order being drafted. What happens next? A phone call from the Feds? Burdensome fines? At this juncture, we don’t know. But, perhaps history is prologue.

Of course, Catholic social service agencies have closed their doors in several states, rather than violating Church teaching and being forced to place children with homosexual couples. Shimek says.

Obama’s team is gearing up to place pressure on Catholic charitable social services to conform to its progressive agenda. Church services – like adoption agencies – will have to face a choice: Either conform to that agenda or shut their doors for lack of federal financial support. The choices are bleak.

This is another case where the Obama Administration may “win,” but children and other vulnerable groups will lose – lose much-needed services, hope, and compassionate care from organizations with (in some cases) a century or more experience in delivery of care. Yet, Tico Almeida, president of Freedom to Work says that this move by the White House “is a tremendous step forward in the campaign to give LGBT Americans a fair shot to build a successful career being judged on their talent and hard work – nothing more and nothing less.” However, it’s clear that the administration is not interested in giving religious liberty any type of fair shot.

Read HHS Mandate was just the first step. Here comes a new attack on religious liberty at CatholicVote.org.

Florida: Father Launches Foundation to Honor his Fallen Navy SEAL Son


Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Brian Bill.

I had an opportunity to meet with Scott Bill, a Sarasota, Florida developer. Scott is the father of Brian, who decided he was going to serve the nation. Like all fathers Scott supported fully his son’s decision to join the Navy and enter the highly competitive Navy SEAL program. Throughout Brian’s military career Scott did everything he could to make sure his son and later his son’s family felt the love and received the respect they deserved.

Brian was no ordinary young man. Brian was a skilled fly-fisherman, skier and skydiver. He was an accomplished mountaineer with successful summits of Aconcagua in Argentina and Mount Elbrus in Russia. He had completed several marathons and obtained his commercial pilot’s license. He independently studied Russian and became fluent in French. He taught himself to play the piano and guitar.

Brain was different from most of us – he was a man of dreams and he made his dreams reality.

Brian was also a highly decorated combat veteran with numerous awards, including the Bronze Star Medal with Valor (4), including one for extraordinary heroism, Purple Heart Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor, and numerous other personal and unit decorations.

Then on August 6, 2011 everything changed for Scott Bill.

His son Brian was on the fatal rescue mission in Afghanistan forever known as Extortion 17, the call sign of the helicopter Brian was on with 30 of his fellow Navy SEALs, special operations support personnel and National Guard flight crew. The saga of Extortion 17 goes on. However, for Scott Bill the real story is that of his son Brian and the families left behind.

Initially Scott reached out to the Navy SEAL community to see what he could do to help others like him who lost a loved one in service to the nation. He eventually became a spokesperson for the Navy SEAL Foundation and help them raise funds to support the families and orphaned children of fallen Navy SEALs. After doing this for over a year and a half, Scott decided that his mission was to help the families and orphaned children of Navy special operators and do so in his son Brian’s name.

Scott Bill’s vision is to open a home for these families in Key West, FL. To help do this he has launched the Brian Bill Foundation website. He applied nearly two years ago with the IRS for tax exempt status. He hopes to have his 501(c)3 soon. In the mean time he has already lined up friends in the Florida construction business who will donate their services to build this home, which will hold up to five families at one time.

All Scott needs are the funds to buy the land and set up a trust to maintain the home in perpetuity.

Scott is not letting grass grow under his feet. Like his son, Scott is mission oriented and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

We wish Scott well and hope this column and his efforts will gain the notoriety it deserves. For you see Brian is a real America hero.

As John 15:13 reads:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

God speed Scott. God bless to all the families of our fallen.

About The Brian Bill Foundation

The Brian Bill Foundation honors the legacy and service of fallen Navy SEAL Brian Robert Bill and his SEAL Teammates killed in action August 6, 2011 on Extortion 17 in the Tangi Valley, Afghanistan.The Foundation through its work and programs will support families of Navy Special Warfare.

Navy Special Warfare families can find comfort, support and healing at Brian’s House, the Foundation’s retreat house in the peaceful Florida Keys. Brian’s House programs allow families the space and freedom to connect with nature, forge relationships and learn the skills that their fallen fathers would have passed down to their children. Brian’s House can accommodate up to five families for swimming, diving, fishing, boating, sailing, camping, navigation, and other outdoor activities that foster independence, growth and the inter-connectedness of family and community.

The Brian Bill Foundation continues SOC/ SEAL Bill’s legacy by providing people from all walks of life with the opportunity to tap their own inner warriors: participate in a triathlon, scale Mount Everest, ride a bicycle 100 miles.

The Brian Bill Foundation is committed to helping others in their pursuit of spirit, courage, heart and tenacity. We’re looking for men and women who want to become a part of Brian’s story. Please help us continue Brian’s legacy by donating to the Brian Bill Foundation. Every donation helps us grow strong, confident people to change the world!

Tribute video to those on Extortion 17:


Florida Congressman Walks In Gay Pride Parade, Pushes Same-Sex Marriage

Not only does he pick his earwax and eats it, as well as believing that “communism works,” Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia (picture sporting gay pride flag) also walks in gay pride parades.

The South Florida Congressman recently took a stroll down Duval St. in Key West, Florida, to show his support for same-sex marriage, or as the gay lobby likes to call it, marriage equality. To go along with his little stroll in Key West, Garcia put out this “marriage equality” statement:

A New Dawn for Marriage Equality in Florida – Congressman Joe Garcia It’s a historic time for marriage equality in the United States.

In the past few weeks, federal judges in deeply conservative states, like Arkansas and Idaho, have ruled that the Constitution cannot bar same-sex couples from the freedom to marry. Since the Supreme Court’s refusal to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) last summer, 17 different state and federal judges have ruled in favor of marriage – and zero have ruled that same-sex couples should continue to be excluded from marriage.

While last year’s DOMA ruling was a step in the right direction, by no means does the fight for marriage equality end there. That decision was just the tipping point. We must continue to both celebrate and double down our efforts to make sure that all people are treated with dignity, respect and equality.”

Right here in Florida, numerous legal challenges are making their way through state and federal courts as loving, deserving couples fight to protect their families and the basic freedom to marry who they love.

Famila es Famila, a national advocacy group, is one of the organizations dedicated to educating the public about this issue and is working to create strong allies with Hispanic communities across the country. Here in Florida, their goal is to ensure that our LGBT Floridians feel welcomed and accepted, regardless of their sexual preference and orientation.

Recent polls show that this work is paying off, as a full 57% of Florida voters support marriage for same-sex couples. As Hispanics, as Southerners, and as Floridians, we represent the national trend that recognizes that it is wrong to exclude people from marriage just because of whom they love. We must continue to foster that support and the LGBT community.

We Floridians care deeply about our families, our loved ones, and our friends. No matter who we are, where we came from, or whom we love, we all have a home in this great state. We are part of the greater American family – all deserving of the same liberty and justice that our nation was founded upon. Together, let’s make sure that all Floridians feel at home by bringing the freedom to marry to our great state.

EDITORS NOTE: The column originally appeared on The Shark Tank.


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