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Two days before the election, then-Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris took to Twitter to share a video she narrated that critics say amounted to support for communism.

Harris’s video aimed to identify the difference between equity and equality. The video proposed that citizens should have access to the same resources and advantages in society. The video ended with Harris saying, “It’s about giving people the resources and support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing, and then compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

The support for communism lies in the idea that where people end up should also be static across the board. Ensuring — or forcing — equal outcomes is a byproduct of communist thinking.

Today, a significant subsection of American political leaders are espousing ideas that are often labeled “cultural Marxism,” especially through the promotion of critical race theory.

November 7, the 103rd anniversary of Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia, finds many parents having to confront the challenge of educating their children about the dangers of Marxism and socialism — either to counter the curriculum their children are being exposed to at school or because they have chosen to homeschool their children.

Interest in homeschooling has “exploded” during the COVID pandemic; state-wide statistics vary, but all consistently show a spike in the number of parents pulling their children out of school. (In a typical year, roughly 3 percent of students are homeschooled. That number is expected to jump to 10% this year according to the National Home Educators Research Institute. In Nebraska, for example, homeschooling is up by 21 percent; in Vermont it is up by 75 percent.)

Either way, the challenge posed to parents is daunting. Against a backdrop of extremism on the streets promoting communist and communist-leaning ideologies, parents must teach the historic devastation of this political idea that resulted in communist states killing as many as 100 million of their own people.

As part of our Preventing Violent Extremism program, Clarion Project is now educating about the current glamorization of communism and socialism with articles that cover and explore this topic.

In addition, Clarion is offering a free, 60-minute presentation on extremism in today’s context. The conversation maps what extremism looks like today and how to protect your children.

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We can recommend the following online resources for parents looking to educate their children on communism, including:

If you’re a homeschooling community, a pod or microschool, or simply a parent wanting to protect your child,  we look forward to seeing how we can bring this training to you and collaborate on resources to amplify our best educational solutions to the threat of extremism.

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Shireen Qudosi

Shireen Qudosi is Clarion Project’s National Correspondent.

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VIDEO: The Vortex — Living in a Dream World. Time to wake up.


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

As we stand here today, we still don’t know how things are going to play out in the White House race as well as in the U.S. Senate, but in the current circumstances, you’d rather be in Joe Biden’s shoes than the president’s.

Church Militant is working aggressively behind the scenes on all the issues surrounding these races and bringing you the latest (as well as most trustworthy) information and analysis available.

In the meantime, we need to deal with the reality we are in. Even if a few million votes have been included in the counts that are fraudulent — and that’s still a big if, that number — America still shifted toward embracing socialism.

Remember, it doesn’t take millions and millions of illegal or fraudulent votes to swing an election. It only takes 10,000 or so, here or there (more than that in a handful of big states like Pennsylvania), to swing an election.

But still, given that, even if you take away a couple million votes from the national count, a majority (nationally) of voters checked the box for Biden.

Currently, the numbers are:

  • Biden — 50.4% with 72,297,195 votes
  • Trump — 48% with 68,797,809 votes

You’d have to take away almost 4 million votes from Biden nationally to get to a tie.

Of course, national numbers are not distributed evenly across the country: Some places are decidedly more socialist-embracing than other places that are more American-oriented.

In fact, 13 pro-life Republican women won election to Nancy Pelosi’s Marxist-loving house — a good number of them ousting child-killing Marxists.

This is certainly something to be celebrated and good for those women, a small little red wave of women who will give Nancy or her replacement headaches next year, not to mention egg on her face.

But overall, the national embrace of socialism is certainly trending. What’s behind it? Well, a number of factors, but in this particular election, there is the big elephant in the room: Donald Trump.

According to every exit poll, a majority of voters who voted for Biden voted not for Joe, but against Trump. But why?

What is it that would create such animus for a president who had restored America’s economic might, bolstered U.S. influence around the world, been the first president to not have us involved in a foreign war in many administrations, created historically low unemployment levels across the board (especially for minority groups), delivered the largest tax cut in American history and overall raised the country to heights unseen for decades?

The answer all boils down to his personality and how he is portrayed. The American culture, greatly assisted by the U.S. hierarchy, has become massively emasculated — taught over the past decades to care more about feelings than the truth.

The educational institution was seized control of decades ago, as was the media, and in a combined effort, they embarked on a campaign to switch out the national intellect for a panoply of emotions.

Truth and justice were dropped along the wayside and replaced with emotions. Emotions have become the standard by which everything is measured, and in 2020 especially, Trump’s tone is what has motivated an avalanche of hatred against him.

It’s a classic example of “You can’t handle the truth” writ large. Trump speaks plainly. He speaks directly. But in a culture that has become terrified of truth, because of the consequences of the truth, that is anathema.

And this is where so-called conservatives need to be held up to be shamed. Too many “conservatives” have done next to nothing to prevent this tsunami of evil from engulfing the country.

Life for many conservatives — and in this group, we include Mass-going Catholics — is way too comfortable. They have grown accustomed to watching and wanting other people do something while they themselves just tweet, sign online petitions, belly-ache with friends and then think (having vented) they have actually done something.

The truth is, they have done and accomplished nothing. They sat by while their gay priests manipulated Church teaching, thinking it wouldn’t be cricket to scold him after Mass.

They would not go out, physically get up off their couches, and protest crooked bishops persecuting good and holy priests — priests who are saying the truth and trying to lead their parishioners to Heaven.

For the most part, they clutched their pearls during the scandalous McCarrick revelations, but then most moved on, pretty quickly forgetting all about it.

Too many Catholic men have swallowed the poison of toxic femininity, taking the easy way out whenever possible, betraying their innate masculine virtues of self-sacrifice on behalf of the defenseless and innocent.

The “women’s lib” movement of the 1960s has created a dual enemy of Western civilization: Toxic women and pathetic men. And if you need any proof of that, look no further than the Marxist party ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden is living proof of the degradation of the masculine in the past half-century — a man who has the blood of tens of millions of children on his hands (as opposed to defending them in accord with his natural traits).

And Kamala Harris is the perfect Marxist woman — a woman who sold her soul early in her career through adultery to gain power and ascend to where she is now. Where were the conservative men, Catholic and otherwise, in the political arena, as the scheming and conniving Marxists were engineering their coup?

Why, when republicans had control, did they not pursue an aggressive policy of purging voter rolls over the years or lining up honest citizens to watch and monitor polls in thousands of races where the Marxists kept inching closer to power?

In the Church, where were all the men challenging the hierarchy and its evil, despicable deeds? Even today, why is James Martin allowed to roam freely around the nation’s dioceses, only seldom meeting any resistance from men who, online, present themselves as faithful?

The point of all this is simple: What is playing out before us is the final act in a play begun long ago that was ignored by those who have the intelligence to understand what’s going on but are severely lacking in the will to actually do something about it.

And then, suddenly, when the reality of the consequences of their inaction hits them square in the face, they start issuing calls for prayers.

Why? Because we’ve reached the end — or at least appear to have. Why should our Heavenly Father answer the prayers of a people that did nothing — or next to nothing — for decades as they idly watched a culture falling apart or their Church being overrun Sunday by Sunday?

Why should He answer those prayers if there is no firm purpose of amending our ways? The Catholic Church has been allowed to sink into a sea of disgrace, and it’s because over a half-century ago, Catholic men were happy to make a bargain with the bishops.

They would ignore the evil in the hierarchy in exchange for silence on contraception. And that bargain is still in effect, with no end in sight. A huge majority of Catholics and their bishops have been happy to accept a world of gray, have refused or failed to see the world straight on as it is, in terms of black and white.

They live in a dream world. Donald Trump speaks in those terms, and that is what has upset so many people. The president is direct. At the end of the day, it’s not just the tone; it’s the message.

The entire universe is ordered in terms of black and white, including (most importantly) salvation. Anyone who lives outside of this truth is not likely to be saved. That’s why the evil that spews from the mouth of Bp. Barron is so poisonous: The garbage that “We have a reasonable hope that all men are saved” is pernicious.

But evil always shows its true face eventually, and Barron came out cheering for James Martin’s latest book on “spirituality.” Get real, bishop. Another example — among many — of a failed man rising to power in the Church.

Faithful Catholics, political conservatives cannot coexist with these Marxists in the Church and the culture. They must be exposed, battled against and defeated.

And when you look at big-name conservative cultural icons, be careful.  Even though they say something (even many things) that is spot on, they are only talking about the symptoms of the cultural rot.

As long as they fail to recognize that contraception and the worldview that supports it is what has brought us to this point, ultimately, they provide nothing but historical footnotes. They present the symptoms — sometimes very well — but they entirely miss the diagnosis. That scenario will never arrive at a cure, if a cure is even possible anymore, before it all ends fatally.

We are witnessing a euthanizing of Western civilization and can do nothing about it because the “hospital” was long ago taken over by killers while we were allowing ourselves to be put to sleep.

Whether the final call is a Trump come-from-behind victory or a Biden descent-into-even-more-evil, unless men, especially Catholic men, commit to reversing this in whatever circumstances present themselves, expect nothing to change.

Men, are you going to finally throw off the shackles of half a century of toxic femininity, or are you going to be content to watch the lights go out?

As a program note, Church Militant will be live at 6:30 p.m. ET Friday with a post-election update.

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Study finds a ‘Severe lack of Hope Scholarship (HS) awareness’ in all Florida school districts

The following study was provided by the Florida Citizens Alliance:

Good evening Dr Graham- we have completed the assessment of all 67 counties regarding the Hope Scholarship. All 3 recommendations from the interim report several weeks ago are fully substantiated.

Bottom line, the Hope scholarship and it’s intended expansive nature are a best kept secret and 1000’s of students are being negatively impacted by the missed opportunity for a productive future.

These  recommendations from the interim report are confirmed:

Consequently, Florida Citizens Alliance is making this formal request that the FL Department of Education take 3 immediate actions:

  1. Update the FL DOE Hope Scholarship page to explain the expansive nature of the HS program to include a) school districts have an affirmative duty to explain bullying involves additional categories of threat, intimidation and harassment; b) bullying applies to anyone on school property or a school sponsored event including teachers, administrators, contractors , etc. ; c) student eligibility is immediate for any incident a parent “deems” to be bullying, threat, intimidation or harassment. and d) It is the responsibility of every person to report these incidents, not just parents.
  2. We strongly recommend the FL DOE website include an FAQ in English and Spanish ( feel free to use ours as an example) and  it specifically should address  types of new situations that qualify as scholarship eligible such as (but not limited to):– If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by age-inappropriate
    sexual content
  3. If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by advocating socialism and denigrating free markets
  •  If a parents believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by an employee teaching evolution as a fact or denigrating the biblical view of creation
  • If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by the Marxist propaganda of BLM or the 1619 project
  • If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by any form of religious indoctrination
  1. The FL DOE to send a letter to each school superintendent that specifically addresses their affirmative duty to create bullying policies , staff training and a parent awareness program featuring the expansive nature of the Hope Scholarship.
  2. The FL DOE provide formal training to the administrators of all private schools so they understand the Hope Scholarship as a tool they can use to help parents looking to remove their child from a public school “bullying” situation. This is especially needed for the over 800 private schools already certified to accept Hope Scholarship students.

**These actions are fully supported by existing statutes FS1002.40, FS 1003.42, FS 1006.28 , FS 847.012 and 847.001 and 876.01.

Our results: Full Spread sheet attached

  • 42 Counties that have no mention of the Hope Scholarship
  • 4  Counties have a bullying section with no mention of the Hope Scholarship in it.
    Hillsborough  Nassau Orange St. Lucie
  • 7 Counties with links to the FLDOE for the Hope Scholarship without any context
    Charlotte   Clay  Escambia Lee Monroe  Palm Beach Volusia
  • 6 counties that misrepresent the Hope Scholarship as Broward did
    Brevard Broward Indian River Manatee Marion Pinellas
  • 6 Counties that explain the Hope Scholarship as the current FL Doe site does (the DOE site currently fails to explain the expansive nature)
    Hernando Lake Leon Pasco  St. John’s Sarasota
  • 2 counties have a mention of the Hope Scholarship but don’t make it easy to find

We are happy to discuss but aggressive action by the FL DOE and School Districts is required. We understand from an email last week from you Dr Graham that an update to the FL DOE website for the Hope scholarship is in process. We eagerly look forward to it portraying the expansive nature of the Hope Scholarship.


Keith Flaugh Managing
Director, Florida Citizens Alliance


©Florida Citizens Alliance. All rights reserved.

Action Civics Is Teaching Our Kids to Protest

Many young Americans seem to have a growing disdain for our country. According to a Gallup poll, pride in our nation has declined, especially among young adults.

Young adults are taking to the streets and not merely protesting but wreaking havoc, rioting and looting, tearing down statues, and shutting down anyone who doesn’t share their perspective.

One reason this is happening is what our children are being taught in school. And that doesn’t mean only in college. We all know college campuses have become centers of radical indoctrination, but now it is happening in K-12 as well, through something called action civics, a new movement in civic education.

As educator Thomas Lindsay explains, action civics was born in 2010 when six organizations set out to redefine civic education. Dissatisfied with traditional civics, which depended on book learning, they wanted to create a new civics that was more experiential. They wanted kids to engage, get involved, get active.

When the elections end, the work begins. Learn what the election results mean for the future of America now >>

The problem is that without a solid understanding of why the Founders were so deliberate in designing our self-governing republic, with its separation of powers to prevent any one branch from becoming tyrannical, or establishing the rule of law so that we would not be subject to the whims of any one person, we risk falling into the same traps of other, less just regimes.

Indeed it is no accident that today’s protests are looking more like the French Revolution, with its guillotines and beheadings, than the American Revolution, with its debates and deliberations.

>>> To learn more about action civics, watch “How Action Civics Teaches Our Kids to Protest,” the Oct. 28 webinar featuring educator Thomas Lindsay held by The Heritage Foundation. To read his study, published in September by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, go here.

Robert Pondiscio, himself once a proponent and teacher of action civics, wrote that it has grown into “a manipulative and cynical use of children as political props in the service of causes they understand superficially, if at all.”

Indeed a study published by the National Association of Scholars found that action civics projects essentially teach students to protest for progressive political causes.

As Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, pointed out, the “new civics” is in fact a form of anti-civics. It does not teach students how our government works or, even more importantly, their critical role as citizens in a self-governing republic. Rather, it simply teaches them how to be activists.

For many today, it feels as if our country never has been more divided and the ideals of our Founders never more at risk. That is due in no small part to what is being taught in our schools.

Parents must step up and take a more active role in their children’s education, carefully watching what their children are being taught. The good news is that with the COVID-19 crisis and the prevalence of online learning, it is easier than ever before for parents to keep an eye on what is being taught to their children.

But what parents do with that information is what really matters. They must engage with schools, school boards, teachers, and principals to ensure that students are taught more than simply how to protest.


Katharine Gorka is director of the Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue at The Heritage Foundation’s Feulner Institute.


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Trump v. Biden: 2 Candidates, 2 Starkly Divergent Stances on Abortion

I Visited DC on Eve of the Election. This Is What I Saw.

ICYMI: Hunter Biden Emails, Texts Raise Questions That Need Answers

A Note for our Readers:

When the election ends, the work begins.

Join Heritage Foundation leadership for a tele-townhall on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 2:00pm ET for an in-depth analysis into what the election results mean for the future of America.


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Discipline Suffers as San Diego Schools Adopt ‘Anti-Racism’ Grading System

Equality is out and “equity” is in.

The San Diego Unified School District has approved a change to their grading system that coincides with broader ideas of restorative justice and “anti-racism.”

They will do this by no longer letting late assignments and bad behavior in the classroom affect grades. Students also won’t be penalized for not showing up to class at all.

Only “mastery” of a subject, whatever that means, will count for grading purposes. Students will also receive a separate grade for “citizenship.”

This change was made, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, because of data showing that there are disparities between the number of white and minority students who receive “D” and “F” grades. The San Diego Tribune reported:

District data have shown that Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander high school students are significantly more likely to be given D and F grades. Black students received D or F grades 20 percent of the time and Hispanic students received them 23 percent of the time, while White students received them 7 percent of the time and Asian students received them 6 percent of the time, according to data from the first semester of the last school year. The district-wide average for D and F grades was 16 percent.

The San Diego School District’s policy change is consistent with the Obama administration’s push to crack down on racial disparities in school discipline through legal threat.

The Trump administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded that policy, but school districts can still choose to follow the policies if they wish to.

The San Diego School District concluded that the disparity in their schools must be a product of racism, or at least insufficient “anti-racism.”

“This is part of our honest reckoning as a school district,” San Diego Unified School District Vice President Richard Barrera said to a local San Diego NBC affiliate. “If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years.”

It must be noted that the ideology of anti-racism, popularized by intellectuals like Ibram X. Kendi, is based strongly on critical race theories and other ideas once consigned to the radical fringe of college campuses.

And anti-racism, ironically enough, often looks like plain old racism, as its adherents—like Kendi—openly promote racial discrimination as a means to creating more equity.

Broad trends in behavior leading to unequal outcomes, according to the anti-racists, must inherently be a product of racism. No other explanation is acceptable.

Behavioral problems are not seen as the impediment to success. Instead, it’s the punishments for behavioral problems that are the problem.

While there may be some justification for treating late assignments and misbehavior in classrooms differently than subject grades, one wonders how better outcomes for minority students are ultimately being promoted by this change?

As Virginia Walden Ford, a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, explained on a Heritage panel in 2018, breakdowns in classroom discipline creates a terrible classroom environment for children who want to learn.

Walden Ford, who was one of the black students chosen to help integrate Arkansas schools in the 1960s and is the subject of the movie “Miss Virginia,” explained how a school program she ran in Arkansas was made worse by the changes to disciple policies.

Students who wanted to learn were made to feel unsafe “because the kids that were creating a lot of the discipline problems” got “a slap on the hand” instead of real punishments.

The result is that misbehaving students kept misbehaving, and other students had a tougher time because classrooms were out of control.

This seems to be a bad way to go about helping students who are struggling in the classroom.

Teaching children that there are no consequences or minimal consequences for not showing up on time or misbehavior will probably have more negative consequences for a person later in life than a bad test score.


Jarrett Stepman is a contributor to The Daily Signal and co-host of The Right Side of History podcast. Send an email to Jarrett. He is also the author of the new book, “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past.”  Twitter: .

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1619: A Date for Disunity

Nicole Hannah-Jones chose the year 1619 for when African slaves were first brought to this country. Many leading historians say this is a false narrative, a version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, yet we are told to reevaluate our supposed racist past and accept the destruction of our values, history, laws, statuary, institutions, and terminology/names.  This is the cancel culture that has overtaken more than 3,500 classrooms across our country, a globalist war being waged against America to destroy America.  To paraphrase a Soviet joke, “We know the future, but it is the past that must be changed.”

I was pleased to be invited to a virtual meeting of the Ohio State Board of Education in early October, to give testimony about the implementation in Ohio schools of The 1619 Project, the reframing of America’s history on slavery.  I prepared the requisite five-minute speech to include the Common Core Standards because they prepared the foundation for destroying our culture and morality.  From the beginning, the children have been divided into groups or tribes, each taught to feel victimized by the others, humiliated, intimidated, and to loathe our country.  With each new idea, they are encouraged to disregard our laws, accept our disintegration, and do the bidding of our leftist enemy.  The Common Core became the propellant for any replacement narrative, and it was all intentional.

The preparation begins as early as Kindergarten, when the very young are prevented from connecting with best friends, inhibiting their natural desire to bond with their peers and, later, with spouses.  The inability to share mutual comfort and security leads to the destruction of family and the tyrannical population control, loneliness and isolation that evolves into a fused ideological group, a group-think mentality dominated by a principle rather than by healthy alliances.  They are made aggressive and destructive, the perfect dupes for conducting today’s riots, a militia-in-waiting to enforce tomorrow’s global socialism.

Keeping children on computers for most of the day has them bonding with “hard objects,” and indoctrinated with academia’s agenda.  Deprived of opportunities to be sociable and conversant, they are unable to think, analyze, and debate – incapable of individual thought.  Interestingly, Islamic jihadis bond with “hard objects” (weapons), rather than with people.

To further demolish our culture, students as young as age four are being sexualized with in-class lessons of masturbation, and exposed to extremely pornographic information.  Syntero, Inc., a self-defined counseling group supported by our tax dollars, is described by Ohio Value Voters as “deeply disturbing, dangerous, even possibly criminal.”  They report that Syntero introduces children to perversions of homosexuality and sex changes, and appears to be “grooming children for the sex trade.”   Deborah DeGroff’s book, Between the Covers, documents the extraordinarily foul language and sexually explicit situations in children’s literature.  My own book, Confronting the Deception, reveals the manipulation and indoctrination of children for political purpose.

Academics shame boys for “toxic masculinity” and coach girls that the boys are robbing them of career opportunities, intruding into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms, and winning their trophies on sports teams.  The boys are shamed with feelings of guilt, disgrace, and lost esteem – mind control and exploitation for outright group adherence.

Accusations of “white supremacy” contribute to willing subservience and acceptance of the 1619 narrative, their undermining and emasculation, the hard evidence being a dramatic drop in testosterone levels.  Unable to overcome the constant barrage of denigration, they are engineered into resenting society’s alpha males, and made unsuitable for military and police forces.  Confused and frustrated, they develop a penchant for property demolition and wanton theft, and harming – even killing – those who think differently, whether neighbors or law enforcement.  Socialism demands a disrespect for personal property.  Those who do not lash out this way but still cannot cope with society may become fearful, seek safe spaces, fail in the classroom and escape to drugs and more.  The suicide rate has doubled for boys, tripled for girls.

Multiculturalism is socialism repackaged – the division and victimization of everyone.  Of course, we accept differences in ethnicity, religion, and race, but our culture must be exclusively American in America, governed by American laws.  The children must have a sense of commonality and acceptance, yet white children are made to feel guilty of crimes they did not commit, and children of color are made to feel abused and stateless, a sense of not belonging anywhere. The 1619 Project divides further, the result being that our social cohesion is being ripped to shreds. 

Using race as justification, our children are deprived of reading the classics by “old white men,” which is foundational to improving language skills, reading comprehension, and imagination.
They are reading dystopian stories.  With every new opportunity to wallow in a victimized past, they are consequently robbed of future success in the adult world.  Twenty percent of high school graduates haven’t the basic reading proficiency by graduation.  The average American reads at the 7th– to 8th– grade levels; 4% are nonliterate.

Disguised as a compassionate accommodation, academia is launching a program for children of color that will actually diminish their language skills, keep them unqualified and unsuitable for better employment and success, fulfilling the claims of systemic racism.  This will further disunite and divide them, impede communication between the races and other nationalities, isolate them further and harm them psychologically.  These are American children who must share the same culture and language.  Instead of falsely adjusting grades, teachers must improve their own skills to fulfill their obligations, perhaps through music, returning them to the classics, and inviting parents and neighbors to participate.  Already experiencing ostracism, some children of color are demanding separate dormitories – a very destructive, self-imposed apartheid.

The overall results of this education, further exacerbated by The 1619 Project, have been disappointment, anxiety, depression, increased sexual activity, anger and violence.   They are trained to disrespect the family, their neighbors, their country, and property; they also disrespect themselves.  This is truly devastating.

Against this background, we now have Nicole Hannah-Jones, described as a Marxist-trained, rabid racist, responsible for the implementation of The 1619 Project. She alleges that she does not seek to erase the Declaration of Independence and our constitutional republic, but her followers are further along in their thinking.  The year 1619 is purported to be when the first African slaves were brought here through the Muslim slave trade, but slavery has been humanity’s established institution as far back as 3500 BCE and based primarily on armed conflicts with populations that were vulnerable because of weakness or contiguity.

A nation’s birth is not established because of mere residency or migration – not for the Paleo-Indians who arrived during the last Ice Age, not for the Vikings who came around 985, not for the Portuguese Jews who arrived in 1542, not for the Filipinos who arrived in 1587, not for the Chinese who arrived in the 1850s, and so on.  Rather, our founding fathers created this nation for the good of all, with groundwork that allowed for advancement, and when our laws were declared, agreed, signed, and instituted.  That was 1776.

Hannah-Jones’s imaginative document, eagerly published by The New York Times, awakened the enemies of our treasured freedoms.  It built upon the already existing victimization, violated our laws, and unleashed unbridled crime that resulted in explosive behavior heretofore unseen in America.  It gave the green light to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Marxists/communists, the globalists, Antifa fascists, neo-Nazis, Islamists, and the underinformed group-thinkers, to riot against America, setting fires, causing property destruction in the billions of dollars, harming our police forces.

Instead of learning respect for and allegiance to America and their fellow Americans, children are repeatedly assaulted with negativity, and The 1619 Project belittles the white students with charges of racism, while angering the students of color for what their ancestors may have endured – without explaining that slavery is human history – and based on proximity, weakness, color, religions, wealth, and the ideology of expansionism.  Contrary to the narrative, there are many paintings that verify the Arab enslavement of white women, but this aspect of slavery is not discussed.

Despite all the hardships, opposition, adjustment difficulties encountered by the many new migrant groups by an unwelcoming society, we reject the accusations of “systemic racism.”  Our laws guarantee the freedoms decreed in 1776.  Rather than dwell on the negativity that greatly harms our children, it is best to celebrate the hope and beauty that is America.  The American Dream is alive and well for 41% of Americans, and another 41% who believe they are on their way.

Project 1619 teaches disrespect and hate for America.  Our youth are not only burning flags and destroying statuary that represents American history, but they are now advocating the elimination of the Star-Spangled Banner and changing cities named for the figures we have revered historically.  They will not thrive in their adulthood with this concentration on misery.  They cannot be expected to read, learn, study, and excel in anything if their minds are riveted on victimization, false social justice issues and the unproven climate change hoax. The emphasis on resentment emerges as violence because they are robbed of a decent education, creativity, and other means of expression.

When I completed my five-minute talk, one person asked how I would reverse the damages I cited.  I suggested that we must remove Common Core, the divisiveness and discord, and propagandist textbooks, and return to pre-Obama days, when the children aligned with each other, their school, their state, their country – E Pluribus Unum.  Another member said he hoped people listened and heeded what I had to say.  Nevertheless, within a brief time, another invitee was asked to testify, and I felt as though I had not been challenged sufficiently.  Was I inadequate?  Had I not inspired more questions?

By three o’clock in the morning, I awoke with a realization that the Board members did not challenge me because they were aware and in accord with the points I had made.  These teachers and educationalists did not challenge my accusations because they knew these ills abounded, but they were doing nothing.  I concluded that academia is very aware, but that the teaching staff is obliged to comply with the leftist Board of Education.  Their job is to agree and follow their instructions.

If the parents will not rise in opposition, their children – and our country – will fall.

©Tabitha Korol. All rights reserved.

How Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics Teaches Them to Hate

How Critical Theory and Identity Politics are used to foment intense loathing of the Republican Party and its voters.

With white hot hatred oozing from every fibre of her being, a crazed Democrat bellows into her cell phone, “Wake up, Republicans! They warned us about people like you!”

“Critical theory” is a stratagem through which communist warriors subvert western democracies by constantly challenging the traditional principles, values and institutions that enable those societies to function.

In its most basic form, critical theory calls for tearing away at the social fabric of free nations by relentlessly stigmatizing political opponents as selfish beneficiaries of an evil and oppressive status quo. Under critical theory, opponents are targeted with never-ending criticism of everything they do, and assigned exclusive blame for every real or imagined societal wrong.

The goal of critical theory is to create a constant state of political chaos, to make society so deeply divided, so roiled with bitter controversy that frightened, demoralized citizens will agree to support calls for an entirely new system that is “fair for all.” Critical theory explains the unbridled hatred today’s rank and file Democrats have for Republicans in general, and the current Republican president in particular.

In a free society, socialists can avoid having to sell their failed utopian ideas to a skeptical electorate, provided they can convince enough voters that their opponents are morally abhorrent people. Voters convinced of that will summarily reject 100% of what they hear from the other side. Lenin referred to such easily influenced voters as “useful idiots.”

When asked how the Bolsheviks planned to keep the Russian people from listening to counterrevolutionaries, the father of Soviet Communism said in so many words, “We must speak in a language that teaches our followers to direct hate and revulsion toward those who oppose us.”

Half-a-century later, a Marxist community organizer in Chicago named Saul Alinsky incorporated Lenin’s teach-them-to-hate strategy in his revolutionary book, “Rules for Radicals.” When “Rules” was published in 1971, the post-1960s Democratic Party adopted the book as its political bible.

Believing that communism is so morally and intellectually superior that its advocates must prevail at all costs, Alinsky taught Democrats that the most effective way to defeat Republicans is to relentlessly accuse them of being racists.

Sensing that Alinsky’s tactics could be the means to fulfill her insatiable thirst for political power, a young Goldwater Republican became so infatuated with Alinsky that she switched her party affiliation. As the Democrat presidential nominee five decades later, Hillary Clinton would put Alinsky’s teach-them-to-hate strategy to practice by demonizing millions of Trump supporters as morally disgusting people: “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call a basket of deplorables. They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.”

Like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is one of Alinsky’s most loyal disciples. Having taught classes about the Marxist community organizer at the University of Chicago, Obama used Alinsky’s “ends justify the means” tactics in ascending to the most powerful job in the world.

Identity politics: How Democrats win elections

To overthrow a capitalist society, The Communist Manifesto calls for inciting a titanic class struggle by pitting a victim class against an oppressor class. In the bloody Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks rose to power by pitting the proletariat against the bourgeois. Over the last half-century, the post-JFK Democratic Party has refined the concept of Marxist/Leninist class struggle into a polarizing political weapon known as identity politics.

The term refers to politically subdividing the electorate into multiple factions (voting blocs), the members of which are indoctrinated to believe they’ve been singled out for oppression due to societal prejudice against the identity group to which they belong. To wit: People of color are oppressed by “systemic racism,” women by sexists and misogynists, refugees and illegal immigrants by xenophobes, Muslims by Islamophobes; gays and lesbians by religious bigots, and so on. The self-serving narrative of identity politics is that tolerant, inclusive and morally virtuous Democrats will righteously defend the members (voters) of each identity group from constant outrages intentionally inflicted on them by intolerant and morally bereft Republicans.

Through the use of identity politics vilification campaigns, the post-JFK Democratic Party has religiously adhered to Alinsky’s teach-them-to-hate strategy by indoctrinating its followers to not just disagree with Republicans, but to loathe them as well.

How free nations are felled from within

Generating political hatred is how totalitarians take over a country. That’s what happened in 1930s Germany, where a cheerleading press helped Hitler convince the German people that Jews were the cause of the country’s problems. By the time decent Germans realized what was happening, it was too late.

Political hatred is un-American in the most poisonous meaning of the term. When an entire party self-righteously wraps itself in a delusional cloak of moral superiority, there’s not much it won’t do to obliterate its opposition; when that party teaches its followers to direct seething hatred toward the opposition, things are unlikely to end well.

©John Edison. All rights reserved.

Suicides Up Nearly 100% Among Young People in Wisconsin’s Second Largest County, as Medical Experts Cite Perils of Social Isolation

New mental health data from Dane County, Wisconsin offer a dark glimpse at the costs of stay-at-home orders.

This summer, a relative reached out to me regarding the sad story of Kodie Dutcher, a 10-year-old from Baraboo, Wisconsin who was reported missing in July.

Law enforcement officials put out an Amber Alert, and a volunteer search party was organized. Kodie’s body was found the following morning—July 7, a Tuesday—near her home. Her death was ruled a suicide by the Baraboo Police Department.

Kodie’s death shook me. I grew up in a small town not far from Baraboo and know people who live there today. It occurred to me that my own little girl, whom I still think of as a baby, is roughly the same age Kodie was when she took her life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but evidence suggests that few demographics are suffering more than young people. Data show they’re suffering more economically, and emerging evidence shows that many are less equipped to deal with the “collateral damage” of forced lockdowns mentally.

new report from the Wisconsin State Journal examining mental health trends in Dane County, the second most populous county in Wisconsin, shows that many are struggling to cope with the mental toll of social isolation precipitated by the economic lockdowns.

Hannah Flanagan, the Director of Emergency Services at Journey Mental Health Center, said calls to the center’s crisis hotline are up more than 15 percent since the beginning of the pandemic, with many people suffering not from severe mental illness but situational stress. Preliminary data collected by the center show that Dane County passed its 2019 suicide count in early October.

Flanagan said Dane County had experienced 57 suicides as of early October, more than the total of 54 it had experienced the entire calendar year in 2019. She indicated that the excess deaths largely stem from stay-at-home orders.

“When people are lonely, it’s really hard to cope,” Flanagan said. “The specificity about COVID social distancing and isolation that we’ve come across as contributing factors to the suicides are really new to us this year.”

It’s alarming to see a large county eclipse its previous suicide total with nearly three months remaining in the calendar year, but the numbers become even more troubling when you drill into them a little further. The center’s figures show that 15 of these suicides were committed by people under the age of 25. That’s nearly double the total in 2019 (eight)—and we still have nearly three months until the year is over.

One could dismiss these figures as anecdotal evidence or a strange outlier. The problem is it fits with other mental health trends around the country. The CDC recently reported that one out of four young people have contemplated suicide during the pandemic, about two and a half times the overall rate.

Though national data on youth suicide during the pandemic is not yet available, trends reported from suicide hotline centers across the country show that many young people are crying out for help.

Flanagan’s explanation that the spike in suicide in Dane County is tied to COVID-19 lockdowns dovetails with years of science that shows social isolation isn’t just psychologically harmful to humans, but deadly.

An abundance of scientific evidence shows social isolation “is one of the main risk factors associated with suicidal outcomes.” The dangers are particularly acute in women, research suggests.

This is why from the beginning of the pandemic there has been a small but consistent chorus of researchers warning that forced isolation could prove to be “a perfect storm” for suicide.

“Secondary consequences of social distancing may increase the risk of suicide,” researchers wrote in an April 10 paper published by the American Medical Association. “It is important to consider changes in a variety of economic, psycho-social, and health-associated risk factors.”

It should be noted that suicide is just one of the deadly effects of social isolation. Dr. Dhruv Khullar, a physician and assistant professor of healthcare policy at Weill Cornell Medical College, detailed numerous other deadly effects of social isolation in a popular 2016 article in the New York Times:

“A wave of new research suggests social separation is bad for us. Individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, more inflammation and higher levels of stress hormones. One recent study found that isolation increases the risk of heart disease by 29 percent and stroke by 32 percent.

Another analysis that pooled data from 70 studies and 3.4 million people found that socially isolated individuals had a 30 percent higher risk of dying in the next seven years, and that this effect was largest in middle age.

Loneliness can accelerate cognitive decline in older adults, and isolated individuals are twice as likely to die prematurely as those with more robust social interactions. These effects start early: Socially isolated children have significantly poorer health 20 years later, even after controlling for other factors. All told, loneliness is as important a risk factor for early death as obesity and smoking.”

Unfortunately, nations around the world and many US states have failed to assess these risks. Policymakers, perhaps incentivized by a 24-hour media that tracked and reported COVID-19 deaths like a sporting event, have adopted empty slogans such as “if it saves just one life.”

It rarely occurs to lawmakers to also look at the lives lost as a result of their policies.

“There are no solutions, there are only trade-offs,” the famous economist Thomas Sowell once observed, “and you try to get the best trade-off you can get, that’s all you can hope for.”

Tradeoffs are a simple economic reality, but one humans often overlook. The idea was perhaps best described by economist Russ Roberts, who noted that every choice also means giving something up.

In many ways, the pandemic is a perfect example of ignoring the reality of tradeoffs. Lawmakers saw that by enforcing social distancing, they were (in theory) limiting the spread of the virus. What they didn’t see was the tradeoffs: lost social interaction that is crucial for humans, cancer screenings abandoned, jobs lost, AA meetings canceled, babies denied heart surgery, and so on.

As economist Antony Davies and political scientist James Harrigan noted early in the pandemic, across the country we saw the leaders of America’s institutions—county councils to mayors to school boards to police to clergy—simply ignore the realities of tradeoffs:

“Rational people understand this isn’t how the world works. Regardless of whether we acknowledge them, tradeoffs exist. And acknowledging tradeoffs is an important part of constructing sound policy. Unfortunately, even mentioning tradeoffs in a time of crisis brings the accusation that only heartless beasts would balance human lives against dollars. But each one of us balances human lives against dollars, and any number of other things, every day.”

Americans, particularly those with influence and those in leadership positions, should recognize that lockdowns—and indeed all sweeping government-mandates—come with a host of unintended consequences.

The failure to acknowledge or adequately consider them is why so many people today are in pain—and why more young Americans are seeking to throw away their most precious gift.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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STUDY: Who’s Shaping Our Kids’ Political Views? Teachers, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — The future of the electorate is watching, and it’s teachers and social media that are influencing young peoples’ political views, according to a new survey on election knowledge from

Students are learning the most about the election process from teachers

  • More than a third of students in grades 7-12 say they’ve learned the most about the election from their teachers.
  • 20 percent of students in grades 7-12 say they’ve learned the most about the election from social media.
  • Less than 20 percent of students in grades 7-12 report their family has taught them the most about the election process in the United States.

Social media is influencing everyone’s political beliefs:

  • 30 percent of students in grades 7-12 report that Instagram is the most influential social media platform on their political point of view, followed by TikTok (25 percent), Facebook (16 percent), and YouTube (15 percent)
  • 33 percent of college students say Facebook is the most influential social media platform on their political point of view, trailed by Instagram (25 percent), Twitter (17 percent) and YouTube (12 percent)
  • The majority of  teachers (60 percent) and parents (80 percent) point to Facebook as the social media platform with the most influence on their political point of view.

For the month of October, is offering a free Teacher’s Guide to The U.S. Election, which includes videos, lesson plans and discussion questions. Survey Says is a monthly research project conducted by to provide regular snapshots of teachers, parents and students’ perspectives on the world of learning. surveyed 231 K-12 teachers, 201 K-12 students and 146 parents from October 1-5, 2020 to examine topical issues related to education, election knowledge and the COVID Learning Cliff. Click here for all of the findings from the study.

About is a leading online education platform helping learners of all ages excel academically and close skills gaps.’s online courses, short animated video lessons, and study tools make learning simple for over 30 million students, teachers, and working professionals. was founded in 2002 and is a privately held company located in Mountain View, Calif. Learn more at or download the mobile app from the iOS app store or Google Play.

©All rights reserved.

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The Civil Rights Legend Who Opposed Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is in the news these days, but many people still may not know what it really means. They think critical race theory is part of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights efforts. In truth, it is directly opposed to the central concept and vision he most stood for.

One of the last and greatest civil rights leaders of our time—and one of King’s closest friends and advisers—did understand critical race theory, and explicitly rejected it.

Wyatt Tee Walker was a legend in the American civil rights movement. Executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the critical years of 1960-1964, he was a co-founder of the Congress of Racial Equality, chief of staff to King, and King’s “field general” in the organized resistance against notorious Birmingham safety commissioner “Bull” Connor.

Walker compiled and named King’s “The Letter From Birmingham Jail.” He was with King for the March on Washington that produced the “I Have a Dream” speech, and in Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? Learn more now >>

Afterward, Walker came north to New York City to serve as minister of the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem. He was one of the nation’s most respected ministers until his death in 2018. In his book “David and Goliath,” Malcolm Gladwell dedicated a chapter to Walker and his work in Birmingham. The cover of Ebony magazine called Walker “The Man Behind Martin Luther King.”

In short, no one may have known King’s thoughts better or been closer to them than Walker.

Even as he aged, Walker never backed down from the passionate pursuit of civil rights for all. Later in his life, he was chairman of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and a supporter of reparations for African Americans.

I got to know him soon after Amadou Diallo had been horribly gunned down in New York City in 1999. We joined together to form New York’s first and longest-surviving charter school, now named the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem. We stayed friends from that time until he died.

In 2015, Walker and I co-authored an essay about education reform and race relations, where we wrote:

Today, too many ‘remedies’—such as Critical Race Theory, the increasingly fashionable post-Marxist/postmodernist approach that analyzes society as institutional group power structures rather than on a spiritual or one-to-one human level—are taking us in the wrong direction: separating even elementary school children into explicit racial groups, and emphasizing differences instead of similarities.

The answer is to go deeper than race, deeper than wealth, deeper than ethnic identity, deeper than gender. To teach ourselves to comprehend each person, not as a symbol of a group, but as a unique and special individual within a common context of shared humanity. To go to that fundamental place where we are all simply mortal creatures, seeking to create order, beauty, family, and connection to the world that—on its own—seems to bend too often towards randomness and entropy.

Before publishing this essay, I questioned Walker to make sure he really wanted to be on record with this opposition to critical race theory. I was worried this might put him in a bad way with other civil rights leaders. But he had never backed down in his life, and he reiterated that this was his position.

In hindsight, I believe that Walker was not so much against anything, as for something. He was for what King was for, and for what so many well-intended people are for who may misunderstand the difference between critical race theory and traditional (i.e., King-style) civil rights.

Walker was for a fundamental respect for all people, without regard to their ethnic group or religion or the color of their skin. Walker’s civil rights views tie back to religious values, to humanism, to rationalism, to the Enlightenment.

The roots of critical race theory are planted in entirely different intellectual soil. It begins with “blocs” (with each person assigned to an identity or economic bloc, as in Marxism). Human-to-human interactions are replaced with bloc-to-bloc interactions.

As Walker tried to make clear, thinking in terms of blocs of people, rather than of people as individuals, leads to a whole set of insidious results.

How can two people bind together in friendship if they are members of power blocs that are presumed to be inherently opposed?

How can a person prove his innocence if he is branded as inevitably a part of a guilty group?

Why should an individual strive to succeed by individual merit if group dynamics are presumed to be overwhelming and inescapable?

How can we ever find peace among the races and religions if we won’t look to each other, person by person, based on actual facts and actual intentions?

The saddest thing is to see well-intentioned people, trying to achieve Martin Luther King’s dream by employing critical race theory methods, that are the opposite of King’s dream. King asked for everyone to be judged by the content of their own individual character, not by their inescapable genetic links to post-Marxist-style analytical power groups.

Supporters of civil rights should follow the example of Walker, and not allow the two incompatible definitions of civil rights—King’s and critical race theory—to be confused with one another.

Originally published by RealClearPolitics


Steve Klinsky is chairman of the American Investment Council and founder and CEO of New Mountain Capital.

A Note for our Readers:

Democratic Socialists say, “America should be more like socialist countries such as Sweden and Denmark.” And millions of young people believe them…

For years, “Democratic Socialists” have been growing a crop of followers that include students and young professionals. America’s future will be in their hands.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? One of their most effective arguments is that “democratic socialism” is working in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. They claim these countries are “proof” that socialism will work for America. But they’re wrong. And it’s easy to explain why.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation just published a new guide that provides three irrefutable facts that debunks these myths. For a limited time, they’re offering it to readers of The Daily Signal for free.

Get your free copy of “Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden and Denmark as Success Stories” today and equip yourself with the facts you need to debunk these myths once and for all.


EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Signal column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Who is the Florida Citizen’s Alliance? We care about Education in America!

We are the Florida Citizen’s Alliance and we monitor what it happening in public, private and perocial schools in the Sunshine State.


WATCH: Education in America

©Florida Citizens Alliance. All rights reserved.

Critical Race Theory in Action in Education

Time to hear the truth.  Time to throw the wrench in their talking points. Time to expose the lefty lies. This is not just up to President Trump. This is up to us.

Time to apply knowledge.  Time to stop playing their game.  Time to get out in front of the issue. You know what the issue is: RACISM.   No one wants to be called a racist. It’s time to challenge and ask questions like:  If America is such a racist country and everything is racist then how do mixed marriages exist?  How come any deserving couple can choose any child of any race for adoption?

Can Michelle Obama explain how she, a black woman, is living in a $12 million  mansion is lecturing me on how awful, privilege and racist I am? If America is racist country, shouldn’t she be on a plantation someplace. What about Oprah?  Why is she a billionaire? They ignore the accomplishment of American Blacks instead they are busy yelling at me while telling minorities they are victims. Instead of being proud of the accomplishments of the American Blacks during the Revolutionary War, they teach hatred.

What the left is saying is absurd and what we are doing is even worse because we’re not speaking out.   If we don’t speak out who will speak for us?  We are allowing the left to get away with this hatred. In addition we are expected to hand over our most prized possession; our children to people who tell us every day they hate us, think we are deplorable; think we are stupid.  Hillary says we are deplorable.  Camilla thinks we are stupid.  Joe thinks Voters have no right to know how he will represent them as president. In the communist plan, when they have no working policy they pick on the individual. We know that so is it not time to get out in front?   The left has nothing.  The only thing they have left is race.

I did some digging on critical race theory.   From what I gather it is the theory that since only American white men and that’s wrong had input into the Constitution everything in America is slanted for American white men.  They believe   everything in America is racist. Students do not read the Constitution they have no idea what it means because it has been taught to them that it is a racist document.   All this will do is keep minorities down.  English is the language of business. 47% of America’s children can’t read write or do simple math. But they can riot and be activists victims.


The students learn hatred in school, then they grow up and become our legislators.  Quite interesting to hear Ben Sasse give a much needed civics lesson to our legislators. School shutdowns gave us the chance to take a closer look at what’s being taught — or not taught — in many American schools. Did you look? You will discover   God is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. 

So my friends we have to correct and start bombarding these people by asking questions.  Stop being silent.  When they say something stupid like the American people are deplorable, let us bombard them asking questions. Making them support their talking points.  After calling Trump a racists, I ask them to support what they said by asking them to give examples.

I have stopped using their stuff. I look to see where things are made.  I research to see who is the company behind the product? Where do they donate?  I was out in the little mall by our house picking up a few things.  I stopped by the gas station and I overheard two women talking.  One woman said to the other,  “I would rather spend a few dollars more and be able to say it’s made in America than give another dime to Walmart or Amazon or anything else.” Will you do the same?

We have a really short window to do something about it and one of the things that we can do about it is follow where they spend their money. Tell your legislator:  George Soros and Mike Bloomberg got together. These are an example of two billionaires who made their money in the American capitalist system. You know the same system they want destroyed so they will have no competition.  They fund things like riots, education programs, health programs and green programs.  Soon all of a sudden the only choice we are allowed is made by them, those who hate us and want to control our destiny. Why are they not being investigated for sedition?

Right now we should be demanding our legislators get the documents and DOJ prosecute.  How can we let 3 years of lies with all of this information about what the Obama administration did to the American people including spending $40 million on a bogus investigation go unpunished? Will the left pay that back to the American people for their lies and deceptions. $40 million plus all their salaries and pensions.  Why are we still paying them to lie to us? Are we stupid?  If we do nothing, yes we are.

Now is the time as they are running for office get them on the record.  I will guarantee if the Democrats win, they will not prosecute and this hoax, this fraud will die as fast death. So if prosecuting means something to you and if having people on the Supreme Court who actually know what the Constitution means, know how to apply it and do not wish to go and write new laws is that important to you we have only one choice and that choice is President Trump.

Trump with 90% opposition still managed to do an amazing job.   Can you imagine the amount of people that would be CCP dead if Joe Biden and Hillary were in office? The left wants the population reduced. This is one way to do so.  The American people would lose big time period but that was their plan all along.  These people don’t deviate from their plan.  They are out to get us and they don’t care how.   Remember we must look at their own words and deeds before we vote.

We have to get President Trump elected and get as many Republicans elected as possible.  Then we have to hold those people accountable while we work in our local communities.  Remember I say follow their plan.  Well what did George Soros and Bloomberg do?  They funded local elections like the prosecutors who have been taught that police are evil.  They funded Secretary of State to control elections.  Then they hope to control the vote.  According to them everybody is just going to live with no policing and no guns for protection because rioters don’t need policing they’re just misunderstood.  Do you believe that?  We must follow their plan.  Think local.

Everything you see or hear from the Dems is for the sole purpose of Money, Power, Control.

First they came for the climate deniers, and I did not speak out—because I was not a meteorologist.

Then they came for the city merchants, and I did not speak out— because I lived in the country.

Then they came for the police, and I did not speak out— because I followed the law.

Then they came for the school children and I did not speak out— because I don’t have children in school.

Then they came for the Jews and Christians, and I did not speak out—because Jews and Christians don’t hate.

Then they came for our guns and I did not speak out — because my gun is legal.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Is America Worth Saving?

If we don’t speak out then WHO will?  If not now, WHEN?

©Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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FLORIDA: School Districts Don’t want Parents to Know About the ‘HOPE Scholarship’

Have you, as a parent living in Florida, ever heard about the “Hope Scholarship?”


If you, as a parent of a public school student, believes your child is being harassed, intimidated or threatened by a teacher, administrator or another student then you are eligible for an up to $8,000 HOPE Scholarship to attend a private school. All you have to do is fill out a short online form available here.

WATCH: The Florida Commissioner of Education explains the HOPE Scholarship.

According to the Florida Citizens Alliance website:

Every parent wants a rewarding, effective and safe learning environment for the children. Sadly, bullying happens and every incidence of bullying matters. Florida Statute 1002.40 recognizes that no student should suffer from bullying! Get help for your student by immediately reporting the incident to the principal. Any incidence of ‘battery, harassment, hazing, bullying, kidnapping, physical attack, robbery, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual battery, threat or intimidation, or fighting at school, at a school sponsored activity, riding on the school bus or waiting at the bus stop should be reported right away.’

WATCH: HOPE Scholarship Helps Victims of School Bullying in Florida.

NOTE: “harassment”, “threat” and “intimidation” are very expansive in terms of their defined scope!

Once a parent reports the incident, it becomes the school’s responsibility to solve the problem to their satisfaction. At the same time, the school must notify the parent of the 2 Hope Scholarship options: a transportation stipend to move their student to another public school or a scholarship to move their child to a private school. The school will likely investigate the incident, but the student’s eligibility for a Hope Scholarship is absolute and does not depend on the outcome of any investigation. Additionally, Chancellor Oliva’s March 1, 2019 letter sent to every superintendent makes it very clear that that the student is eligible simply by reporting the incident.

Quote “PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAW DOES NOT REQUIRE SUBSTANTIATION IN ORDER FOR THE DISTRICT TO NOTIFY THE PARENT OF THE PROGRAM, and any district that is adding this requirement is in violation of the statute and administrative rule and will be dealt with according to the law.”


©Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.

FLORIDA: Lee County School Board Withdraws LGBT History Resolution under Pressure

Last week the Lee County (FL) School Board planned to pass a resolution proclaiming October as LGBT History Month throughout the school district.

Florida Citizens Alliance responded by notifying the school board that the moment they approved the resolution every student in Lee County would become eligible for a Hope Scholarship. Many families believe such a resolution creates an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening school environment. Any one of those factors creates a Hope Scholarship qualifying incident under Florida law.

Further the Hope Scholarship law assigns the school board an affirmative duty to notify parents of their Hope Scholarship opportunities. By approving the resolution they would have created an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening environment for students whose parents have sincerely held convictions regarding the LGBT agenda.  The law then requires the school district to notify any and all parents that the State of Florida provides a scholarship that will help them transfer their child to a safer school environment.

Fortunately, in this case, the school board pulled the resolution from their agenda. Apparently, they did not want a massive number of students to transfer out of Lee public schools.

What remains is the Hope Scholarship.

Florida Citizens Alliance continues to remind parents that when their child encounters an intimidating, harassing, bullying or threatening school environment, that child immediately becomes eligible for a Hope Scholarship. Further the offense can originate in instructional materials, a book in the media center, an action by a school staff or faculty member, student behavior or any other source.

The Hope Scholarship is a gift to Florida parents to empower them to find a safer school environment for their children. We encourage them to know and exercise their scholarship opportunities.

Keith Flaugh
Managing Director
Florida Citizens Alliance


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Want to Be Rich, Powerful, and Influential Today? Play the Victim.

Has there ever been another time in history when the powerful, moneyed, cosseted elites achieved and maintained that elite status by claiming to be despised, discriminated against and marginalized? The latest example of this fetishization of outcast status came from Yale University’s Council on Middle East Studies last Thursday, when it presented a discussion by associate professor Zareena Grewal on her book Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority.

“At the talk,” reported the Yale Daily News, “Grewal spoke about her first book — which will soon have a second edition — and her next book.” So it appears that Grewal has done quite well: she holds a professorship at Yale, her first book was successful enough to warrant a second edition, and to make her writing attractive enough to publishers that she was able to sign a contract for a second book.

Zareena Grewal has, in short, been successful and prosperous. Her work has received accolades. She got a plum job at an Ivy League university. But to hear her tell it, she lives a terrifying life cowering in fear of the racist, redneck yahoos who are bent on denying her and others like her their just rewards for their labors. Grewal complains that “the pandemic impacts us in such uneven ways reflective of structural racism and disenfranchisement.” On top of that, “we have the escalation of state violence against Black and indigenous people, the climate crisis, the fascist suppression of protestors and voters, a rise in white supremacist movements, the collapsing of institutions, and the very threat of a coup.”

Wait, which side was doing the coup again? Never mind. You’ll be happy to learn that Grewal has learned to cope with all the many, many ways in which she has been victimized: “In these dark times, I rely on what I learned about the nature of crises in writing that book over ten years ago to help me slow down and metabolize all the things we are hit with every day.” Yes, metabolize. That’s how academics these days talk, you unwashed rube.

Grewal is an experienced player of the victimhood game. “During the talk,” says the Yale Daily News, “Grewal emphasized that she wrote her first book in the context of how the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the Arab Spring Revolution affected Gen X Muslim youth.” The 9/11 attacks affected many people other than Muslims, but it has been commonplace for victimhood propagandists to claim that Muslims were the primary victims of the attacks. Several weeks ago, on the nineteenth anniversary of the attacks, the Los Angeles chapter Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a press release to complain of supposed bias against Muslims in the teaching about 9/11 in schools. CAIR-LA Civil Rights Managing Attorney Amr Shabaik wrote that those biases primarily involved conflating “the entire religion of Islam with the tragic events of 9/11.”

Never mind that the 9/11 hijackers and plotters repeatedly conflated their actions with the religion of Islam. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and the other 9/11 plotters several years ago penned a lengthy Islamic defense for their actions, which included a closely reasoned explanation of why the 9/11 attacks were justified from the standpoint of Islamic doctrine and belief.

As far as Grewal, as well as CAIR is concerned, such material doesn’t exist. What we have instead is “the Trump Presidency, the possibility of a second term of the Trump Presidency, the transformation of a series of policies in the Middle East, the brutal suppression of those revolutionary movements that I am describing at the end of the book, and how has that impacted American Muslim communities.”

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Travis Zadeh, who hosted the event, highlighted the importance of Grewal’s work in light of efforts to police the borders and control who enters the United States. Zadeh noted that Grewal’s “writing on the containment and exclusion of Muslims takes on heightened meaning in the current context of ultranationalism. In this paramedic state of closed borders, the debate over who belongs where is all the more pressing.”

Who belongs where – that’s a good question. For all their talk of marginalization and exclusion, Zareena Grewal and Travis Zadeh are in the in-crowd, and their talk of how much they are victims is the ticket to success and adulation in today’s academic world and among the intelligentsia in general. In contrast, what about an academic who is not Marxist, anti-American, and obsessed with imagined racism and victimhood? Would such an academic get featured at Yale University’s Council on Middle East Studies? Would such an academic even get hired at Yale in the first place?

The answers are clear. And so in their most inmost of inner circles, Grewal, Zadeh and their ilk will continue whining about how they’re discriminated against, and will be rewarded with prestige, positions, money, fame, and influence for doing so, while genuine academics are genuinely excluded, and must hunt for jobs far outside the academic world. Today, if you can play the victim convincingly enough, how far can you advance? The sky’s the limit.


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