FRANK RICCI: How The Teachers Unions Embed Socialism Into Their Contracts

From Boston to Los Angeles, teachers’ unions and their progressive counterparts have quietly devised an unprecedented method to bypass the legislative process by embedding unrelated policy issues deep within the intricate terms of teacher contracts.

This new, covert strategy, hidden in plain sight, allows state and municipal officials to create sweeping policy changes that evade the scrutiny typically associated with customary legislative procedures, which include publicly available draft legislation, committee hearings, amendments and comprehensive floor debates.

In Boston, teachers’ union president Jessica Tang announced they secured “an unprecedented $50 million to commence bolstering the affordable housing that Boston students and families require.” Similarly, Los Angeles teachers incorporated “housing justice provisions” into their contracts.

Whatever the merits of affordable housing, it’s quite a stretch to argue that the issue is relevant to the matters properly encompassed within a teachers’ contract.

Yet the Boston contract is being utilized as a template by the AFL-CIO to advance housing and environmental “justice.” During the recent Connecticut AFL-CIO biennial convention, during a panel on Labor-Community Partnerships, the President of the New Haven Federation of Teachers stated on film, “Engage in negotiations and address the issues our community cares about, as it’s a win-win situation, and this is how we sustain those relationships and continue to advance our collective agenda.”

Collective bargaining agreements, which can range from dozens to hundreds of pages in length, encompass virtually all aspects of compensation such as wages, working hours, and conditions, in addition to medical and retirement benefits. These agreements are often intentionally drafted in vague terms laden with industry jargon, and require knowledge of local bargaining history for proper interpretation.

Although these agreements are negotiated in the name of taxpayers, in practice, the taxpayers are frequently overlooked in the process. Contracts do receive a vote from a legislative body, but it is typically a binary, up-or-down choice for the elected officials. There’s no open, deliberative process to review individual contract provisions or offer amendments.

Public sector unions have long used their significant political influence to draw attention to social issues that far extend beyond the scope of their work in the public sector, but this strategy takes that advocacy to an entirely new level. A growing trend sees them transitioning from vocal proponents of socialist reforms to using labor agreements negotiated in dimly light backrooms to impose their agenda on an often unwilling public.

This pernicious tactic will be used by unions and unscrupulous state and municipal negotiators to enact a laundry list of far-left social programs that could never win support through the democratic process. It conveniently provides cover for government officials eager to evade political accountability.

By creating an omnibus policy package within a collective bargaining agreement, the political class is able to silence any dissenting views and distract from the merits of reasonable objections. It’s far easier to claim that anyone who votes against the collective bargaining agreement is anti-teacher or anti-worker than to defend expensive (and potentially unpopular) new social programs.

Unions are telling us what they plan to do. We can no longer afford to ignore this reality.

Municipal negotiations, teacher unions and their progressive allies are leveraging the fine print of labor agreements to advance a collective agenda rooted in Marxist ideology, pushing for social programs they could never pass through the typical legislative process. Even if their intentions seem noble, bundling unrelated policy issues into teacher contracts raises concerns about transparency and accountability, and blurs the lines between union advocacy and the public’s interests.

In an era where we have witnessed a decline in student outcomes — the achievement gap has been widening, with students reading, math, science and civics scores falling — teachers’ contracts need to be focused on education.  Yet more and more attention is focused on non-education related distractions.

The union agenda of enacting radical policy change through collective bargaining must be exposed, with negotiators trained to block these proposals. What’s more, reforms are desperately needed to limit the scope of collective bargaining and bring the negotiations into the light, so that the public paying for the contracts can view the entire process. That’s our best hope for bringing the interest of the taxpayers and the well-being of the workforce into a sensible balance.

Frank Ricci is a Labor Fellow at Yankee Institute, Retired Union President for New Haven (CT) Fire Fighters, and Battalion Chief. He was the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Ricci v. DeStefano and has testified before Congress. Frank is the Author of book Command Presence.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.



New Havin Battalion Chief, Union President.


STEPHANIE HOLDEN SMITH: It’s Time To Get America’s Largest Teachers Union Out Of Politics

OCT. 7 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Professors Teaching Hate

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CHAPTER 3: Birdman and the Reality Revolution—Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is

Globalism is a replacement ideology that seeks to reorder the world into one singular, planetary Unistate, ruled by the globalist elite themselves. The globalist war on nation-states cannot succeed without collapsing the United States of America. The long-term strategic attack plan moves America incrementally from constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism. The tactical attack plan uses psychological, informational, asymmetric warfare to destabilize Americans and drive society out of objective reality into the madness of subjective reality. The primary target of the globalist predators is America’s children. 

The ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy is an essential survival skill. If a man believes he can fly and jumps off a twenty-story ledge, he falls to his death because gravity is a fact, an objective truth. Birdman’s fantasy, a subjective reality, cannot compete with the objective reality of gravity.

Let’s break down the process of thinking and doing. Thinking is a private matter and human beings are free to think their thoughts at any time in any place. Birdman is free to think he can fly, without consequence to himself or others. It is the moment he steps off the ledge that his subjective reality collides with objective reality.

Adults and children are evaluated differently in society. The fantasies of children are an accepted part of the growth process. In a sane society, adults who are out of touch with reality are deemed insane. In our example, Birdman would be considered insane.

Civil society and the laws that govern it are based on the acceptance of objective reality by its citizens. What would happen if there was a movement that deliberately rejected the teaching of objective reality and taught subjective reality instead? What would be the purpose of driving a society insane?

Remember, the ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy is a survival skill, because thought precedes action. Birdman thought he could fly and jumped to his death. Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts in order to form a judgment, and is the foundation of rational thought.

Feelings, on the other hand, are the foundation of beliefs. Birdman’s feeling that he is a bird that can fly cannot compete with the fact that he is a human being who cannot. Critical thinking, based on facts, is necessary in an adult society.

An insistence upon objective reality is what made America great, powerful, and undefeatable in World War II. At the end of the war, America’s enemies did not go quietly into the night. They reconstituted themselves to fight another day, in another way.

America’s enemies simply put down their guns, picked up their books, and concentrated on the future. They studied the human mind and decided to exploit the existence of the unconscious to defeat America psychologically. The strategic goal was to infantilize Americans. Children’s psychological growth would be paralyzed with educational indoctrination that interrupts their developing critical-thinking skills. Adults would be pressured out of the adult world of objective reality and regressed back into the childish world of feelings.

Vladimir Lenin infamously said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

The leftists have taken a page out of Lenin’s communist playbook and indoctrinated two generations of Americans toward collectivism using public/private education, along with mainstream media including television programming and movies. The radical leftist/Marxist War on America is a sinister effort to shatter objective reality and destroy critical-thinking skills. When critical thinking is destroyed and a society is reduced to childish emotional thinking, that society is easily exploited.

In order to stop the radical leftists/Marxists, we need a Reality Revolution. This Revolution would restore objective reality by dismantling the infrastructure of subjective reality that has been established since the end of World War II.

In objective reality, the striving to become an adult, with all its attendant responsibilities, is rewarded with the freedom of adulthood. Children are not free in any society—they are dependent upon their parents/caretakers or the government. The choice between the collectivism offered by socialism/communism, and the individualism offered by the constitutional republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers, is the choice between childhood dependence and adult independence. It is the difference between servitude and freedom.

What young people in America need to understand is that the promise of socialism is never the reality of socialism. Cradle-to-grave government care exacts an exorbitant price. When you accept the powerless position of childhood for the rest of your life, the government happily appropriates your freedom and liberty. In socialism/communism you become a permanent ward of the state.

Americans who proudly wear Che Guevara T-shirts display their ignorance. Real people living in actual communist countries risk their lives escaping TO the real freedom of America. No one is trying to escape FROM Miami to Havana. The romanticized version of socialism/communism propagandizing American students is subjective reality.

These young people need to consider the reality of collectivism, but they must be in objective reality in order to do so. Otherwise, like Birdman, they will think they can fly. The death of Birdman is the metaphorical death of freedom.

©2024. Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

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Meet The Activist Academic Bringing Diversity Quotas And Critical Race Theory To Medical Schools

A single activist psychologist has implemented diversity quotas and left-wing policies on race and healthcare across three different medical schools

Dr. Anita Fernander, a trained psychologist and academic, has spread left-wing ideology across three medical schools by overseeing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs and teaching students about “equity” in the medical profession, documents obtained by the Daily Caller show.

Fernander is the executive diversity officer and a professor in the department of family and community medicine at the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) School of Medicine. The UNM medical school is part of its broader Health Sciences Center (HSC) combining academics and research with patient care.

“She has been engaged in leadership, teaching, research, and community engagement to address health inequities, enhance patient advocacy through cultural humility as a de-biasing strategy, and exploring transformational interventions to address historical and contemporary racism embedded in the political and social determinants of health,” her bio states.

She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Miami in 2000 with a focus on clinical health psychology.

Fernander’s annual salary for both positions at UNM is a combined $243,915 and her primary duties are related to her DEI work at UNM, an acceptance letter obtained by the Daily Caller indicates.


“Your effort distribution for the first year of your appointment will be 0.80 FTE Administration as the SOM Executive Diversity Officer (EDO) and 0.20 FTE in the Department of Family and Community Medicine,” the offer letter reads.

FTE refers to Full Time Employment and her total FTE is 1.0. Fernander’s DEI responsibilities cover a wide range of initiatives spanning hiring, education, research, accountability and networking. Her task for each initiative is to address apparent issues concerning a variety of diversity groups.

“Lead DEI strategic, innovative initiatives to address ongoing and emerging issues ( e.g. Native American/Indigenous, Anti-Racism/-Ethnoracism, LGBTQ+, Women’s, Latina/o/x, Hispanic or of Spanish Origin+ (LHS+), Disability, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African-American, DACA) throughout the SO M’s operations. Identify areas of opportunity, develop recommended courses of action, drive implementation, and conduct process and outcome evaluations,” the letter specifies.

Fernander has written academic literature about incorporating critical race theory (CRT) into medicine, including a 2022 paper published in the Journal of the National Medical Association arguing for the necessity of understanding CRT to address “health inequities” and disparities between racial groups.

CRT is a worldview instructing people to view every social interaction through the lens of race and claims America is an irredeemably racist nation. Numerous medical schools across America have implemented CRT into courses and training.


“The application of CRT in academic medicine provides a contextual medium for understanding health disparities and addressing healthcare inequities experienced among racialized populations in the U.S., particularly among Native Americans and Blacks/African Americans,” Fernander’s paper asserts.

She later scheduled a workshop on CRT in medicine with another UNM school of medicine professor covering the topics she addresses in the paper, emails show. The hour-long seminar took place in February 2023 and Fernander gave a lengthy presentation on CRT and applying it to medicine.

“CRT is an analytical and critical approach to understand how racialized historical context influences contemporary society and structures,” Fernander said in her portion addressing supposed myths related to CRT. She claimed it is not being taught in public schools, despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary.

“CRT should be applied within academic medicine to provide context for understanding and addressing racial health disparities,” a slide in her presentation says.

Fernander blamed “racist structures” in a separate paper on why black populations were more likely to die from COVID-19 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is shown to disproportionately harm the elderly and obese people. The obesity rate among black Americans is higher than among white Americans.

Fernander’s other academic work focuses primarily on smoking habits and associated health outcomes within various black populations and how racism purportedly causes stress and bad health outcomes for black Americans. She has authored more than 30 papers and has 800 citations throughout her career, according to ResearchGate.

In January 2023, Fernander emailed a “recruitment roadmap” to Kathleen Reyes, the director of DEI and a professor at the UNM Medical School’s Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.

The UNM HSC office of DEI created “recruitment roadmap” for building an “equitable and inclusive” medical profession by deploying an “equity advisor” to consult on hiring searches and deliver trainings about “microaggressions” and “bias” in the recruitment process, a presentation obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

Search committee members are required to undergo “implicit bias” trainings and advised to bring up potential “bias” in committee meetings. Markers of DEI range from community outreach work to research service and letters of recommendation, the presentation says.


Fernander did not respond to a request for comment. UNM told the Daily Caller it supports DEI unequivocally in response to questions about Fernander’s activism and academic work.

“A key mission of The University of New Mexico Health and Health Sciences is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our clinical, research, and academic units. We believe a health care workforce should reflect the diverse communities it serves. We are proud of UNM‘s commitment to programs, missions, and services that promote equality,” UNM Health and Health Sciences Communications Director Chris Ramirez told the Caller in a statement.

The UNM documents were provided to the Daily Caller by Do No Harm (DNH), a group of medical professionals opposed to the injection of identity politics in medicine. DNH used state level public records requests to obtain the documents from UNM.

“Do No Harm has been sounding the alarm on the infiltration of the medical education system by virulent politicized ideologies since our launch in 2022. The path of a single professor who infused her DEI agenda throughout three public universities in three states demonstrates how these contentious philosophies, which contribute nothing to the development of medical students into competent doctors, infect everything they touch,” DNH Program Manager Laura Morgan told the Caller in a statement.

“Taxpayer funds are better spent on initiatives that advance excellence and ability in caring for patients based on their unique needs instead of ideologically driven programs that seek to drive merit and equality from healthcare. There is still a lot more work to be done to eliminate the DEI virus from medical schools, and we will continue to call out schemes that exist only to indoctrinate students and faculty in discriminatory concepts,” Morgan added.

Prior to her arrival at UNM in November 2022, Fernander helped inaugurate and expand DEI programs to two other medical schools.

She was previously the inaugural chief officer for justice, equity, diversity & inclusion (JEDI) and interim department chair & professor in the department of population health at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine.

She joined FAU in June of 2021 after spending nearly 19 years as a professor at the University of Kentucky (UK) where she was the DEI Director and an Associate Professor in the UK College of Medicine’s Department of Behavioral Science. FAU declined to comment.

She taught annual courses on “health equity” at UK and served as a health equity and advocac leader to bolster the amount of “equity” in the medical school curriculum, according to a farewell press release by the UK medical school.

Fernander launched a White Coats for Black Lives (WCBL) fellowship at UK and became a core faculty member of its Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET) founded in 2018. In 2023, CHET had over $100 million of “health equity” annual grant funding and four “health equity” training programs, according to a report detailing the center’s growth over a five year period.

WCBL is a medical activist organization inspired by Black Lives Matter (BLM) devoted to “transformative change” in medicine by “dismantling dominant, exploitative systems in the United States” and “rebuilding a future that supports the health and well-being of marginalized communities,” its website states.

WCBL previously called for police to be abolished on campuses, in hospitals and broader communities in its 2020-21 report card. In June 2020, WCBL called for medical schools to adopt racial quotes in admissions and sever ties with local law enforcement.

In addition, Fernander founded the UK medical school’s Black Boys and Men in Medicine (BBAMM), a mentorship program intended solely for black males beginning in kindergarten and extending through medical residency. The program started in 2019 and it was resumed in 2022 after the covid-19 pandemic. UK did not respond to a request for comment.


DNH senior fellow Mark Perry filed a civil rights complaint in November 2023 with the Philadelphia Office for Civil Rights (OCR) accusing BBAMM of illegally discriminating based on race and sex.

“In violation of Title IX, the College’s BBAMM program illegally excludes and discriminates against non-female individuals based on their sex and gender identity. In violation of Title VI, the College’s BBAMM program illegally excludes and discriminates against non-Black individuals based on their race, color, or national origin,” the complaint reads.

Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act bans discrimination based on race, color and national origin.

It’s unclear if the Department of Education (DOE) will take action to address Perry’s complaint.



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.


Law School Holds Mandatory Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Session For First-Year Students

DEI/DIE the Virgin Skies: ‘Um… Why Is Our Plane’s Wing Missing All Those Screws?’

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No More Divisive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion ‘Identity Politics’ in Florida’s Colleges

This should apply to all LGBTQ+ Pride proclamations in schools as well.

Florida’s State Board of Education passes rule to ‘permanently prohibit’ DEI at public colleges

Department of Education says decision will ‘ensure that taxpayer funds can no longer be used to promote DEI’

By: Scott Sutton

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s State Board of Education announced Wednesday they have implemented “strict regulations” to limit the use of public funds for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs, activities and policies at the 28 state college campuses.

The board said the rule prohibits Florida College System institutions from using state or federal funds to administer programs that “categorize individuals based on race or sex for the purpose of differential or preferential treatment.”

In a statement from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), the board said the decision will ensure that taxpayer funds can no longer be used to promote DEI.

In addition to the passage of the new rule, the State Board of Education said they also replaced the course “Principles of Sociology” with a course in American History.

“The aim is to provide students with an accurate and factual account of the nation’s past, rather than exposing them to radical woke ideologies, which had become commonplace in the now replaced course,” the FDOE said in a statement.

Targeting DEI has been a key talking point of Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state’s education department during his second term in office.

Read more.

©2024. Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.

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How U.S. Public Schools Teach Jew-Hatred

Government schools are a grave threat to our national security, our national character and fundamental principle of individual rights.

The left has taken the long march into our institutions and destroyed them in the cause of hatred and tyranny.

How U.S. Public Schools Teach Antisemitism

From pre-K lessons on ‘ethnic noses’ to lectures on Israel as an apartheid state, students are learning that Jews are the enemy.

By Francesca Block, The Free Press, December 19, 2023:

Last fall, Siriana Abboud put a new poster on the wall outside her pre-K classroom at a public school in Midtown Manhattan that, she claimed, would teach her four- and five-year-old students about the human body.

The poster showed four sketches of differently shaped noses—two small, one hooked, and another with a nose ring.

“Why do people have different noses?” a headline above the drawings asked.

Underneath, kids posted their answers:

“I think it’s because of your ancestors,” one wrote.

“Where you are from,” scribbled another, with a smiley face and a heart.

Next to these replies Abboud penned her own answer:

“I think it’s based on your ethnic identity. In art, we can often tell ethnicity from the bridge of your nose.”

One senior educator in the district, who is Jewish, told The Free Press she was “appalled” by the poster. “It’s clearly connected to the ethnic tropes of Jews having big noses. Quite frankly, it reminded me of Nazi comics. I had a visceral reaction to it. It was antisemitic.”
The poster Siriana Abboud put up in her pre-K class last year.

But Abboud, a twentysomething who teaches pre-K at PS 59, Beekman Hill International School, wasn’t punished or disciplined by the Department of Education for the poster, a source who knows Abboud told The Free Press. In fact, last December, she won the Big Apple Award, the highest distinction for a city teacher, for being a “liberation-inspired educator” who “raises societal expectations of the critical work of young children.”

Abboud, who did not respond to The Free Press for comment, posts regularly on her Instagram account, which has nearly 7,000 followers and includes a Lebanese flag in her bio, about her education mission statement: “Centering Arab narratives the way my schooling never did.” In it, she shares “collective action guides” on how to “Speak with your child about Palestine” and how to “Decolonize your teaching.”

Many of her posts use cheery pastel infographics while declaring her support for Palestine, including one message she posted two days after the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that left 1,200 dead.

On October 9, Abboud wrote: “we stand with those still tearing down border walls,” and “we show solidarity with those still fighting to free their stolen land.”

Earlier, she had made her philosophy for educating kids clear: “Our work of decolonizing education begins in preschool. It is very much already a political practice.”

Ever since Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel, pro-Palestinian protests have swept U.S. colleges, leading to charges of Jew-hatred and a disastrous congressional hearing where three college presidents failed to offer a clear moral condemnation of rising antisemitism.

But the ideology fueling these demonstrations isn’t limited to the college campus. It now begins in public high schools and even elementary schools as early as pre-K, according to more than 30 public school teachers, administrators, and parents across four states who spoke to The Free Press.

American youths aren’t just encountering the views on TikTok; they’re learning them from teachers and, in some cases, from the mandatory public school curriculum itself. Take California, where a 10th grade history course, approved by the Santa Ana Unified School District, includes readings that call Israel an “extremist illegal Jewish settler population” and accuses the country of “ethnic cleansing.” Or the Jefferson Union High School District near San Francisco, which teaches about the “Palestinian dispossession of lands/identity/culture through Zionist settler colonialism.”

The root of these lessons stems from California’s new “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” (ESMC), which passed in 2021 and mandates lessons on the marginalization of black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian American peoples, emphasizing how they are oppressed by a white oppressor, says Brandy Shufutinsky, the director of education and community engagement for the Jewish Institute of Liberal Values.

“It’s a Trojan horse to institutionalize antisemitism in California schools,” Shufutinsky said.

Keep reading.



Wisconsin Democrat Governor Evers Welcomed Imam Who Called for Killing Jews

Islamic Terror Attacks in Israel, Car Ramming, Stabbings Leaves 1 DEAD, More 17 Injured

CNN Journalists Flout Their Jew Hatred in Social Media Posts


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Elementary School Teacher Sues Hamas Linked-CAIR

One year ago news broke that elementary school teacher Tamar Herman had taken the hijab off one of her students.

Except this was not news. It was a rumor started on social media by Olympic has-been Ibtihaj Muhammed.

This resulted in a torrent of threats against the school where Tamar Herman had taught for 20 years,

Today she is suing the South Orange-Maplewood school district, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and the Council on American Islamic Relations for defamation.

This is an important case for a number reasons.

FIRST, Just how much of this hogwash are we as a society to put up with?

Are we really to believe that Muslims have a divine right to have homicidal conniption fits over: hairs, beauty pageants, the weather, rumors?

If the hijab is that potentially dangerous then why are there not laws requiring them to assume some responsibility in making sure it does not come off? Because right now, outside of a safety pin, they do not do that, at all.

Muslims do not want to be treated like they are a potential public menace. They want to live in a pluralistic society, and mingle with other people. And so, they understand that there might be times when they are asked to take it off, or that it might accidently come off by the hands of a child, for example.

The vast majority of women in America who wear the hijab do so because they want to. And, CAIR knows this. Not long ago they were suing to prevent the state of Illinois from acting against women seen in public not wearing the head covering after they had their ID photo taken while wearing a hijab.

Wearing the hijab is a personal choice, and CAIR knows this. Here is the CAIR honcho in Maryland talking about removing her hijab after 911. And there was no discussion here about walking around “naked”.

All of the incidents listed above are not examples of Muslims spontaneously combusting, but rather individual men, or groups telling Muslims to rage. It is this type of authority that CAIR seeks to arrogate for themselves.

According to the Times article:

“Students at the elementary school were temporarily barred from going outside for gym or recess because of a concern over safety as protesters and network news cameras showed up outside.”

CAIR did nothing to calm things down.

SECONDLY, This case really should spell the end of CARI’s domestic terrorist operation in this country.

CAIR contributed nothing to this story, but incitement. And, they have done this too many times now to ignore.

Whatever good CAIR may do in society is more than offset by the amount of harm they cause on an almost daily basis now.

Good luck to Tamar Herman. We will be watching her case with interest. Something the TV media, who helped create this situation, will not do.

Teacher at Center of Hijab Uproar Sues Olympic Medalist for Defamation

After a New Jersey second-grader told her mother that her teacher had tried to pull off her hijab, the story went viral on social media.

By: NY Times

A seconds-long interaction in a New Jersey classroom unleashed a national firestorm last October as it ricocheted across social media platforms. A 7-year-old girl had come home from school upset, telling her mother that her teacher in Maplewood, N.J., had tried to pull off the hijab the girl wears as an observant Muslim.

Her mother recounted the story on Facebook, and Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympic medalist who fences in a hijab, immediately denounced it as abuse in an Instagram post that went viral. By the next day, Gov. Philip D. Murphy had weighed in on Twitter, and a statewide Islamic organization was calling for the teacher’s “immediate firing.”

One year later, the matter has landed in court. The family sued the school district and the teacher, Tamar Herman. And this month, the teacher filed a defamation suit in New Jersey’s Superior Court that accuses the Olympian and the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Rights and its director of causing “irreparable harm.”

Ms. Herman is also suing the school district, South Orange-Maplewood, in federal court, claiming it was complicit in what she called “relentless discriminatory treatment.”

“What started as a simple misunderstanding between plaintiff, who is Jewish, and one of her second-grade students, who is Muslim, was transformed into defendants’ complicity in a parade of outrageous, false, defamatory and antisemitic statements,” the federal lawsuit, which was filed a day before the state suit, states.

The incident roiled a community known for its liberal values, and tapped into a deep sense of anxiety among many Muslims, who make up roughly 3 percent of the state population and have faced an uptick in bias crime.

And even though many of the facts remained unclear, social media was quickly awash with angry opinions.

“The strong reaction from the local, state and national level is in large part a culmination of two decades of feeling targeted and vulnerable,” said Sahar Aziz, a Rutgers Law School professor and the author of a book about Islamophobia, “The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom.”

The teacher said in the defamation lawsuit that she “brushed” back a hooded garment that was blocking the student’s eyes, believing that the girl was wearing her typical “form-fitting” hijab underneath. She said she immediately replaced the head covering and apologized to the girl once she realized her error.

In her state lawsuit, she claims that Ms. Muhammad, the fencer, and CAIR-NJ were “motivated by a combination of greed and a fierce desire to burnish their brands as fighters against Islamophobia,” and that her reputation was so damaged that she can never be hired by another public school district.

The legal papers also cite Governor Murphy’s social media commentary, but he is not named as a defendant.

Filed on Oct. 5 in Union County Superior Court, the state suit also alleges that Ms. Herman is so afraid for her safety in the community where she taught for 20 years and also lived that she has had to permanently move out of her home.

“She’s been ostracized by her community,” said her lawyer, Erik Dykema.

Messages left for Ms. Muhammad and the agency that represents her, Wasserman, were not returned.

Selaedin Maksut, the executive director of CAIR-NJ, said he and his organization had been unaware of the defamation claim until Monday.

“We cannot yet comment on this filing, which our legal counsel must review,” CAIR-NJ said in statement. “However, we continue to strongly stand by this student, who had the clear constitutional right to cover her hair for religious reasons without physical interference or humiliation.”

The incident occurred on Oct. 6, 2021, about five weeks after classes began in the northern New Jersey school district.

Ms. Herman has said that the girl’s face was almost entirely obscured by the mask she and her classmates were at the time required to wear to slow the spread of Covid-19, and by what the lawsuits describe as a “hood.”

After realizing the girl was not wearing a hijab underneath, Ms. Herman “immediately brushed the hood back to cover all the student’s hair and apologized,” according to the state filing. “The hood never left the student’s head.”

A lawyer for the family, Robert L. Tarver, has said that the child immediately objected, and held onto the head covering.

A lawsuit the family filed in March, which cited religious discrimination, said Ms. Herman also touched the girl’s hair and “told her that her natural hair was beautiful.”

That lawsuit was dismissed last month, court records show. Mr. Tarver said Monday that the parties were “involved in settlement,” but did not elaborate.

He said he had no comment about Ms. Herman’s claim that she had been harmed.

Because the original accusation involved potential bias over a religious item worn to cover hair and maintain modesty, the district quickly referred the case to the Essex County Prosecutors Office, which led an investigation but declined to file criminal charges.

The teacher has not been permitted to return to the classroom and remains on administrative leave, according to the lawsuit. A spokeswoman for the district said she had no immediate information about the teacher’s job status or the federal lawsuit.

The interaction quickly seeped far beyond the school, Seth Boyden Elementary.

Mr. Maksut, who wrote on Twitter that “racist teachers like this cannot be trusted around our children,” appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to discuss his organization’s demand that Ms. Herman be immediately terminated.

Ms. Muhammad is a longtime resident of Maplewood who fenced for the district’s high school team and has written a children’s book about a girl who wears a hijab. The day after the incident at Seth Boyden, Ms. Muhammad, who also has a line of fashion clothing and a Barbie doll made in her image, urged her large social media following to call and email the school.

“Imagine being a child and stripped of your clothing in front of your classmates,” she wrote. “Imagine the humiliation and trauma this experience has caused her. This is abuse.”

Over the next few weeks, the district fielded thousands of angry emails and calls. Students at the elementary school were temporarily barred from going outside for gym or recess because of a concern over safety as protesters and network news cameras showed up outside.

Facebook groups popular with parents from Maplewood and South Orange, N.J., neighboring towns about 30 miles from Manhattan that share a school district, were flooded with opinions that escalated in rancor once Ms. Herman’s Jewish faith was injected into the online discourse.

Ms. Herman, in the suits, said she had been subjected to “antisemitic vitriol and hatred.”

Her defamation lawsuit is funded by The Lawfare Project, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the “civil and human rights of the Jewish people worldwide.”

As a public figure, Ms. Muhammad “should have known better,” Mr. Dykema said.

“And she should have done a little more homework before she started to say the things she said online,” he added.



Jewish Students Sue Harvard University Over Campus Jew-Hatred

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh: Donations to Gaza Are Not “Humanitarian Aid” but “Financial Jihad”

After the 27th Attack since Mid-November, US and UK Carry Out Strikes Against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

Netanyahu: ‘We fight terrorists, and we fight lies. Israel is accused of genocide while it is fighting genocide.’

Germany To Intervene In Support Of Israel In Racist International Court of Justice Trial Against Jewish State

International Ice Hockey Federation Bans Jewish Team

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NYC: Students Forced to Go Remote as City Houses Migrants in Schools

Democrat rule.

NYC students forced to go remote as city houses nearly 2K migrants at their school — one mom goes off: ‘Does it feel good?’

By NY Post, Jan. 9, 2024:

Students at a Brooklyn high school were kicked out of the classroom to make room for nearly 2,000 migrants who were evacuated from a controversial tent shelter due to a monster storm closing in on the Big Apple.

The city made the move amid concerns that a massive migrant tent at Floyd Bennett Field would collapse from torrential rains and gusting winds — packing them instead into the second-floor gym at James Madison High School five miles away.

The school’s neighbors were not keen on the last-minute decision.

“This is f—ed up,” said a local resident who identified himself only as Rob. “It’s a litmus test. They are using a storm, a legitimate situation, where they are testing this out. I guarantee you they’ll be here for the entire summer.

“There’s 1,900 people getting thrown into my neighborhood, half a block from where I live and we don’t know who they are,” he said.

“They’re not vetted. A lot of them have criminal records and backgrounds and we don’t even know.”
The decision to clear the migrants out of the field came as city officials feared for the safety of the tent city at the field with heavy rains and winds gusting up to 70 mph. 10
The decision to clear the migrants out of the field came as city officials feared for the safety of the tent city at the field with heavy rains and winds gusting up to 70 mph.
Mom angry about migrants 10
One mother went off on the migrants as their bus pulled up to the school Tuesday evening. Steven Vago

One irate mom even went off on the migrants as they pulled up inside a line of school buses in the pouring rain shortly before 6 p.m.

“How do you feel? Does it feel good?” the woman, who only identified herself as Michelle, screamed at the buses.

“How does it feel that you kicked all the kids out of school tomorrow? Does it feel good? I hope you feel good. I hope you will sleep very well tonight!”

Read more.



Trump Is Starting To Win Over Some Of His Harshest Critics

‘What’s Next?’: Dem Assemblywoman Rips Biden, Adams Over NYC School’s Use For Illegal Aliens

HALL: Black Voters Are Embracing The GOP’s Promise Of Progress

Editor Daily Rundown: Students Kicked Out Of High School To House Illegal Immigrants


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Hire Teachers Based on Subject-Matter Expertise, Not Certification

Twenty years ago, when I was hiring teachers for the private K-12 school I founded, I knew better than to recruit certified teachers.

From my previous work as a college history professor, I know that the people least prepared to teach a subject are education majors. Requiring an embarrassingly low minimum of credit hours to be certified to teach a subject—just four courses in some states—education majors encounter the least substance and rigor, but the maximum of racialist theory and left-wing ideology in their program.

If my new school was going to succeed in teaching at the highest levels, then I would have to find subject-matter experts with a heart for teaching. That’s what we did—and what thousands of schools across this country do, because of the humiliating, yet expensive, reality of teacher licensure.

But don’t just take my word for it; the evidence is unequivocal: Traditional public schools have an abysmal education record. Not only are scores as low as ever on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, but internationally, our math scores remain poor and uncompetitive.

Much of the blame lies with teacher education programs and state certification mandates that bolster education schools’ enrollment and subject teachers to radical activist ideology.

Education schools are besieged by critical race theory and identity politics, stereotyping everyone as part of oppressor groups or oppressed groups. They prefer ethnic studies and historical studies that denigrate America or anything patriotic.

And while states have been offering alternative routes to teacher certification, the vast majority of teachers are educated and certified through university-based colleges of education. This ought to stop.

States should end requirements for prospective teachers to be certified, and instead empower schools to hire based on subject-matter expertise. At the same time, on the national level, we can take the Trump administration’s reform of college accreditation as a model.

In higher education, accreditation is a de facto federal system of regulating the quality of colleges. And it has a poor track record of quality assurance, a problem exacerbated by a cartel-like group of regional accreditors that split the country into regions and conspired not to encroach on each other’s territory. There was no competition, so accreditors began abusing their power, which included requiring leftist ideology in their standards.

The Trump administration changed all that. Suddenly, any college could choose any accreditor, and states began introducing market competition into accreditation.

The next administration could follow this model for teacher certification.

Congress should also rescind the federal charter of the National Education Association. It’s a teachers union that voted to promote critical race theory nationwide and advocated to keep schools closed during the pandemic.

The organization’s charter should be reviewed and revoked. In its place, Congress could shift that charter to one of the many private, parent-focused groups fighting to right the ship in K-12 education.

Meanwhile, in states that lack the political support to eliminate teacher certification altogether, states should recognize or charter additional private organizations to certify which teachers are ready to teach, outside of the broken system of college of education certification.

Introducing market competition in the validation of teachers will have untold benefits. Some certifiers may focus on patriotism, while others may focus on classical education or the ability to train students for the workforce, science careers, music careers, or a variety of life pursuits.

American teachers are almost as vital as parents in educating the next generation. Let’s stop facilitating anti-American activism and instead ensure we recognize the teachers who are best for America.

Originally published by The Detroit News


Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., is president of The Heritage Foundation. On X: .

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Are Children Really Our Future?

As a retired teacher, I was really pleased when I read the article in the Jackson Times about how well our students are doing in the Jackson County Schools. Several schools moved up a grade. That was wonderful but did not make sense according to the statistics from US News and World Report, NAEP, or Axios that say 47% of our kids can’t read write or do simple math. According to AXIOS Florida had some of the worst ACT scores in the nation.  I started digging to find out what those letter grades actually mean.

My organization, The Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA), has been laser focused on improving education since its inception.  We were able to help legislators recognize that using Common Core standards was a guarantee that FL students would be 2 years behind and they are. Common Core is still in Florida schools under the name of “Florida Sunshine Standards”. Just like Common Core, Florida Sunshine Standards  eliminates and/or minimizes phonics, cursive writing, logic, reason and critical thinking. It shifts the focus from facts to values. Why is dumbing down our kids be the new goal of education?

The FLAC sponsored Microschool program and the variety of Florida scholarships provide support for homeschool parents who recognize public schools have failed our children.

FACT: Homeschooled students average 30% higher than public school students. Parents, Grandparents: When was the last time you asked your child to read to you? Can they do a simple math calculation manually? Do they know how money works?

Public school literature uses SEL (Social Emotional Learning) which is nothing more than CRT (Critical Race Theory) in disguise. SEL is a bastion for learning hatred of family, G-d and country. Using the DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) approach students  learn:

  • Diversity – skin color is more important than knowledge
  • Inclusion – As long as you agree with the group you will be allowed to participate, disagree and you will be cancelled.
  • Equity – Students learn: White people are the oppressors and black and brown people are oppressed. Since that can never change it is OK for Black and Brown people to steal from or kill white people as there are no consequences for their actions. The government should own everything to make it equal. Why use contraception when you can Kill your baby? Single parent households can live off government money. Blame white people for all your troubles.

Students today are indoctrinated not educated. Schools fail on so many fronts like:

  • Failure to teach English – the language of America and business
  • Failure to teach Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, fundamental skills
  • Failure to teach the real meaning of Equality and Opportunity
  • Failure to teach personal responsibility
  • Failure to teach Individuality – freedom of thought/opinion/speech/Bill of Rights
  • Failure to teach the difference between Freedom and Communism, the purpose of America

Students who graduate under Affirmative Action programs, have lowered standards as excellence is repelled. It is more important to use the right pronoun (for a protected class of less than 3% of the population) than it is to produce a quality product. End Result: 95% of the population is being sacrificed by lowered standards. Fact: In the 1800’s America’s average IQ was around 125+ . By the 1950’s,  the average IQ was around 110. Today the average IQ is under 100 and almost half the nation is functionally illiterate. Mission Accomplished. Dumbed Down Illiterate people require less from their government. They are willing to give up liberty for a government hand out. Those that can’t cope take drugs. More than 47% of students graduate and can’t read write or do simple math, or finance. But they will know every sexual position known to humans. At the same time they do not know the difference between a man or woman. How are these schools rated A or B?

By using the statistics on I discovered that out of a top score of 500, Florida scored 241. This score was on the high side for the nation but LESS THAN HALF in the real world.  When I went to school, less that half on a test was an F or FAIL. So how do schools in Florida score A’s and B’s?   Easy answer: Florida grades on a curve. This way the highest score regardless of actual value is always an A.  Using the scores for Jackson county on the US News and World report or here,  the schools scored an average 50% in reading and 33% in math.  Yet they were rated as B’s and C schools.  Yes, it is great that the schools improved but over 88% of the students graduated, can not read write or do simple math. Hw does this impact their quality of life and opportunities? How does this impact America’s future?   What life career will they have?  When was the last time you heard, “Think outside the box?” or “Be the best you can Be.” or “Actions have consequences?” Where we get the next innovator, inventor, creator? Not America!

On the Florida Citizen Alliance website you will find, ” Comparing Ranking Data (proficiencies & college-ready index) with Florida DOE school grades (see “District Grades” Excel file for county grades) The main purpose for sharing this data is to point out the obvious disconnect when you compare nationally-normed high school ranking data (reading proficiency, math proficiency and college-ready index) with the Florida DOE “report card” grades which are calculated using a FL DOE proprietary formula. This proprietary grading formula was created by and can be manipulated by the FL DOE. By grading on the low “curve”, the school grades can be made to look much better than is actually the case. So don’t take it at face value when your school claims to be an “A” school (for example). Look at the U.S. News and World Report data and see if it supports the claim. We need visibility into the TRUE academic performance of Florida schools. Moving away from the highly manipulated FL DOE proprietary grading system is a MUST if we’re to effectively judge the efficiency of Florida Schools.”

Although I do not have children in school and I no longer teach, I never stopped paying attention to our schools. Striving for mediocrity breeds mediocre people in a mediocre country. America was designed for Americans to strive for excellence. So what can parents, grandparents and members of the community do? Here ae some suggestions:

First Action:  and foremost, get your students out of public indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.  Florida has many wonderful scholarships; check them out. Join a Microschool, a co-op or a private school that focuses on the 3R’s.  Yes, sports are important but if your child can’t read the play book…  Can you mentor a student?

Second Action: Check out the authors of the texts and supplemental materials students read.  Many authors are foreign and focus on social values not facts. We are the taxpayers, in Florida we have the right to review texts. Example: why are we paying for supplemental learning materials like whose goal is to advance SEL when the goal should be to teach the students to read?

Third Action: Go to school board meetings and voice your opinion. Be prepared with facts and never let the public-school board forget who is paying the bills. Be polite but never forget, you are the ones paying the bills. The purpose of school is to teach skill sets for life not indoctrinate children into a life dependent upon the government. Our students must learn what it means to be an American. They must learn English, civics, history, facts and “One Nation Under G-d”.

Fourth Action: Check your media center. Are there porn books for underage children?  That is not censorship, that is good parenting. Check out the porn report compiled by volunteers throughout Florida on

Fifth Action: Most important, get involved. Can you share with 5 people and tell them to share with 5 people and so on?  If you believe as I do that children are our future, let’s stop the destructive path they are on.  Is America worth saving?  It is up to us.

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.


This is a real book for toddlers

This is what EVIL looks like

Critical Thinking Is THE Answer

Let’s start the New Year by reviewing America’s Number One problem. Although it affects EVERYTHING — it is rarely discussed!

Literally every day we are bombarded by non-sensical words and actions by many of our representatives, our government agencies, the news media, organizations, businesses, celebrities, etc., as well as family and friends! Is it possible that all these people have the same disease? YES, it’s not only possible, it was 100% predictable.

They all have Adult Critical Thinking Deficiency (ACTD), which is infectious (then known as groupthink). So far the FDA, CDC, AMA, Dr. Fauci, Pfizer, etc. have not promoted a vaccine. As with many medical issues, the optimal solution is not to get it in the first place. This can be easily accomplished in the K-12 education system.

Properly teaching Critical Thinking in K-12, is the single, most impactful societal change that needs to be made. Other than having a reasonable proficiency in the Three Rs, assuring that High School graduates have the ability to do (and interest in) Critical Thinking is the most consequential part of the education process — yet despite a lot of assurances and platitudes, it is NOT being done!

“Education is not the Learning of Facts, but Training of the Mind to Think” is really about Critical Thinking, and it comes from Einstein, not me.

Critical Thinking is a skill set, not something that can be learned and perfected by osmosis. It’s like cooking — with the proper training anyone can be a good cook.

Yet the same state education departments that have special Social Emotional Learning (SEL) emphasis, training for teachers, and weekly SEL classes for students, have nothing remotely similar for the FAR more important Critical Thinking! By and large, the claim that “we are teaching your children how to be critical thinkers” is arguably the biggest con ever inflicted on the American public…

Just some of the numerous personal benefits that K-12 students could profit from by being properly taught Critical Thinking are:

  1. Critical Thinking students would absorb all of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) stated objectives — but without the downsides of how SEL is normally taught!,
  2. Critical Thinking students would make more informed personal medical decisions,
  3. Critical Thinking students are more motivated across the board,
  4. Critical Thinking students are more creative (which is a superpower),
  5. Critical Thinking students are more independent (a key part of maturity),
  6. Critical Thinking students have better interpersonal relationships,
  7. Critical Thinking minorities would have a more level playing field,
  8. graduates who went on to college would be less susceptible to propaganda,
  9. economically deprived graduates would have the tools to succeed financially,
  10. all graduates could easily adapt to rapidly changing employment situations,
  11. graduates would more effectively manage their financial resources,
  12. graduates would be much better at managing their time,
  13. graduates would be much better at maintaining their health,
  14. graduates would more likely choose a superior spiritual path,
  15. graduates would be much better at picking a compatible spouse,
  16. graduates would be more effective at parenting their children (per a private communication with parenting guru, John Rosemond),
  17. graduates would make more informed voting choices,
  18. 18) graduates would be more actively participating citizens and be less likely to have their rights and freedoms extracted by government over-reach,
  19. 19) graduates would be less susceptible to being tricked by AI perversions or scams by bad actors,
  20. 20) graduates would be happier (e.g., as they have more control over their lives),


Additionally, there would be numerous societal benefits from having more Critical Thinking citizens. For example, Critical Thinking has been called “the basis for science and democracy.” Other examples are:

  1. more meaningful and productive citizen discussions of societal issues,
  2. more cooperation on national issues like energy policy, etc,
  3. less societal discord and confrontation,
  4. more competent and responsible representatives would be elected,
  5. a much better chance of America maintaining its position of leadership,


All-in-all, the personal and societal benefits are unparalleled!

Critical Thinking is the Most Powerful, Least Expensive, Widest Impact solution to an extraordinary collection of personal and societal issues — with NO DOWNSIDE!

Some have given up on the public school system, for understandable reasons. One of common refrains is: “There are too many problems to fix.” However, astounding improvements can be made to our K-12 system by just properly addressing ONE thing: Critical Thinking.

Another huge benefit is that this is essentially a no-financial-cost solution. Existing K-12 school resources and priorities simply need to be redirected and modified. It can (and should) start immediately.

All that’s needed is a commitment (from educators, legislators, parents, citizens, etc.) to focus on this one phenomenally powerful solution.

What’s stopping us — other than us?

PS – Some sample worthwhile reading on this topic:

©2024. John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.


Veteran’s Guide to Vocational Schools and Apprenticeship Programs

If you’re a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you may have access to educational benefits through the GI Bill and similar programs. In addition to helping veterans attend traditional four-year colleges, these benefits can also be applied to vocational schools and apprenticeships.

Below, we break down the different benefits available to veterans for non-traditional postsecondary education and review other important details such as eligibility, costs, and making the transition from soldier to working civilian.

GI Bill® Benefits and Eligibility

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

The GI Bill is the most significant educational benefit that’s available to veterans. Every year, this federal program pays for over $10 billion in higher education expenses.

There are currently two active laws known as “the GI Bill” — the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill. These pieces of legislation help veterans cover the costs of educational programs and degrees, including the following:

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Vocational/technical training and non-college degree programs
  • Veterans technology education courses (VET TEC)
  • On-the-job training and apprenticeships
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Flight training
  • Test fees
  • Co-op training
  • Work study
  • Correspondence training
  • Independent and distance learning

Below we take a closer look at each of the laws that make up the GI Bill benefit program, starting with the most recent.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill went into effect on August 1, 2009. It provides benefits to veterans who served after September 10, 2001.

Who’s eligible: 

  • Veterans who served at least 90 aggregate days on active duty after September 10, 2001 and remain on active duty or have been honorably discharged. (Note: Active duty includes active service performed by National Guard members under title 32 U.S.C or section 502(f).)
  • Veterans who were honorably discharged from active duty for a service-connected disability after serving 30 continuous days after September 10, 2001.
  • Purple Heart recipients whose award was earned during service on or after September 11, 2001 and remain on active duty or have been honorably discharged.

Post-9/11 GI Bill Service Requirements (After September 10, 2001)

A servicemember must serve an aggregate of: Payment percentage
At least 36 months 100%
At least 30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to a service-connected disability 100%
At least 30 months, but less than 36 Months 90%
At least 24 months, but less than 30 Months 80%
**At least 18 months, but less than 24 Months 70%
**At least 12 months, but less than 18 Months 60%
**At least 6 months, but less than 12 Months*** 50%
**At least 90 days, but less than 6 Months*** 40%

**Excludes time in basic military training and/or skill training.
***Effective August 8, 2020, The Colmery Act changes the required amount of service noted above resulting in a more generous percentage of eligibility for service less than 12 months.

Benefits breakdown: You can receive up to 36 months of Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, which cover tuition and fees as well as books and supplies. Money for housing is available if you attend school more than half-time, but the amount of housing assistance depends on the cost of living in the area where your school is located. These benefits apply to vocational schools as well as apprenticeships.

Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill (named after its sponsor, Mississippi Rep. “Sonny” Montgomery) was initially passed in 1984 to help support Vietnam War veterans. There are two enrollment options: the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (MGIB-AD) and the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR).


The MGIB-AD helps veterans who served for at least two years pay for higher education programs, including vocational schools and apprenticeships.

Who’s eligible: In addition to service length, eligibility for the MGIB-AD is determined by factors such as when you entered active duty and your current level of education.

Benefits breakdown: You can get up to 36 months of benefits through the MGIB-AD. These benefits are paid monthly, and the exact amount depends on factors such as your length of service and the type of educational program you choose.


While the MGIB-AD is designed for veterans who maintained full-time active-duty status, the MGIB-SR is for members of the Selected Reserve.

Who’s eligible: Eligibility for the MGIB-SR depends on factors such as the length of your service obligation and your current level of education.

Benefits breakdown: MGIB-SR and MGIB-AD benefits are distributed in the same way and can be used to cover the same expenses. But much like other Selected Reserve benefits, veterans receive less funding through MGIB-SR than they would through MGIB-AD.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill and the MGIB each provide benefits for 36 months. If you are eligible for both programs, you can receive benefits for a total of 48 months. However, you can only use one GI Bill program at a time — veterans who qualify for both programs would be eligible to use one year of benefits from the MGIB program in addition to the three years of tuition and housing assistance available through the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Additional Benefits for Veterans

The GI Bill is far from the only program that helps veterans access vocational schools and apprenticeships. Many other benefits are available, especially if you have a service-connected disability. The following programs stand out as being particularly helpful:

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) helps veterans with a service-connected disability prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. To be eligible, veterans must have a VA service-connected disability rating of at least 20% with an employment handicap or at least 10% with a serious employment handicap.

The services offered by VR&E include skills training, resume development, and job interview practice. VR&E also partners with federal, state, and private agencies in order to provide direct job placement.

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Program can help you pay for out-of-state, private, foreign, or graduate school, which often isn’t fully covered by the GI Bill. You must qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s maximum benefit level to be eligible, and you’ll need to go to one of the schools that participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program as well.

This program covers tuition and fees —  it does not cover expenses that aren’t mandatory, such as room and board, study abroad, and late registration fees.

Why Choose a Vocational School or Apprenticeship?

Now that you know about the various educational benefits available through the GI Bill, it’s important to consider whether a vocational school or apprenticeship is right for you.

Vocational schools and apprenticeships are an attractive option for veterans who intend to further their education — these programs are generally more affordable than traditional college, and yet they often offer even better career opportunities than many jobs that require a four-year degree.

Occupations that only require a certificate from a vocational school include captain of water vessels, ship engineer, and aircraft mechanic, which all have a median yearly salary of $60,000 to $79,999. In addition to these relatively high-paying jobs, many certificate-level careers are fast-growing as well. Certificate-level occupations like medical assistant and nursing assistant are projected to add 50,000 new job openings from 2020 to 2030.

Occupations that only require an apprenticeship also offer high-paying job opportunities. For example, elevator and escalator maintenance workers earn an average yearly salary of $80,000 or more.

Covering the Costs of Vocational Schools or Apprenticeships

If you decide to attend a vocational school or pursue an apprenticeship, you’ll need to figure out how much of the cost is covered by your GI Bill benefits. Depending on your situation, the cost might be completely covered, or you may still need to pay thousands of dollars per year out of pocket.

There are several different benefit levels for both versions of the GI Bill. For example, unless you were awarded a Purple Heart or discharged due to a service-connected disability, you will need to have served on active duty for at least 36 months to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s maximum benefit.

The benefit level for MGIB-AD depends on whether you served for at least 36 months as well as your training schedule (full-time, half-time, etc.) The benefit level for MGIB-SR is solely based on your training schedule.

One key difference between the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the MGIB is how they distribute their funds. With the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the money for your tuition and fees is sent directly to your school, while the housing allowance and stipend for books and supplies is sent to you. With the MGIB, all the money is sent to you rather than the school.

There’s also an important similarity between these two bills that you should be aware of — for apprenticeships, both the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the MGIB begin reducing your benefits after your first six months of training.

Below, we’ve provided details on the maximum benefits offered by both active versions of the GI Bill for vocational schools and apprenticeship programs. This information will allow you to calculate how much funding you can receive in your specific situation.

Non-college vocational programs

The following table breaks down the maximum GI Bill benefits for vocational schools (also known as “non-college degree granting institutions”) as of August 2022. To determine your monthly housing allowance (MHA), use the VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool.

GI Bill Type Tuition & Fees MHA Books & Supplies
Post-9/11 $26,381.37 per year Generally, the same as BAH for an E-5 with dependents. $1,000
MGIB-AD $2,150 per month N/A N/A
MGIB-SR $407 per month N/A N/A


This table breaks down the maximum GI Bill benefits for apprenticeships as of August 2022:

GI Bill Type Tuition & Fees MHA Books & Supplies
Post-9/11 N/A 100% of MHA (first six months) $1,000
MGIB-AD $1,612.50 per month N/A N/A
MGIB-SR $305.25 per month N/A N/A

From Soldier to Civilian: Choosing a New Career

Veterans learn a whole host of valuable skills over the course of their service that transfer to the civilian workforce. To demonstrate that fact, we used CareerOnestop’s Veterans Job Matcher tool to pair common military jobs from every service branch with civilian occupations that require similar skills and knowledge. All of the civilian jobs we found require only a vocational degree or apprenticeship.

Air Force

Flight Engineer (1A1X1)

Flight engineers are responsible for diagnosing and repairing issues with military aircraft as well as monitoring performance before, during, and after flights.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Aircraft Mechanic Diagnose and repair aircraft issues, adjust engines and other parts for optimal performance. Lewis University – Aviation Maintenance Technician License
Electronics Installer and Repairer, Transportation Equipment Install, adjust, and maintain electronics on trains, aircraft, and other mobile equipment. Pittsburg State University – Electrical Technology Certificate

Pararescue Specialist (1Z1X1)

When an injured pilot is in need of medical attention in a hostile or otherwise unreachable area, pararescue specialists are responsible for extracting them and treating their injuries.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Assess injuries and provide basic emergency medical care. Eastern Kentucky University – Basic Emergency Medical Technician Certification
Paramedic Assess injuries and provide medical care, including advanced procedures such as inserting IV lines and applying pacemakers. UCLA Center for Prehospital Care – Paramedic Program

Cable and Antenna Systems Specialist (3D1X7)

Responsible for installing and maintaining the systems that allow operations teams to communicate with pilots from anywhere in the world.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Telecommunications Equipment Installer and Repairer Install and maintain the communications equipment that is used to support telephone, television, and internet networks. University of Denver – Telecommunications Technology Certificate
Electronics Installer and Repairer, Commercial and Industrial Equipment Install and repair electronic equipment such as  transmitters and antennas. Northwood Technical College – Industrial Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma


Combat Engineer (12B)

Responsible for building fighting positions, clearing obstacles, and developing other creative engineering solutions to support combat missions.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Brickmason Use materials such as brick, structural tile, and concrete block to build and repair structures. Hinds Community College – Brick, Block & Stonemasonry Program
First-Line Supervisor of Firefighting and Prevention Workers Coordinate the activities of firefighters and fire prevention workers. American Public University – Certificate in Fire Science

Combat Medic (68W)

Responsible for administering emergency medical care in the field and training other soldiers in first aid courses.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Surgical Assistant Assist with medical operations under the supervision of surgeons — depending on state law, this may include making incisions, manipulating tissues, and closing surgical sites. Bevill State Community College – Surgical Technology Certificate
Licensed Practical Nurse Care for patients in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private homes. Idaho State University – Practical Nursing Program

Army Firefighter (12M)

Responsible for protecting lives and property from fire as well as performing emergency response duties during hazardous material spills.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Firefighter Extinguish fires and respond to other emergency situations. Eastern Kentucky University – Industrial Fire Protection Certificate
Fire Investigator Inspect buildings to identify fire hazards, gather facts to determine the cause of fires. St. Petersburg College – Fire Inservice Training

Army National Guard

Motor Transport Operator (88M)

Responsible for transporting cargo and troops, loading and unloading vehicles, and reporting issues with vehicles.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Heavy Truck Driver Drive a tractor-trailer or a truck with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds. Vincennes University – Tractor Trailer Driver Training
Automotive Service Technician Diagnose and repair issues with vehicles. Pittsburg State University – Automotive Service Technology Certificate

Psychiatric/Behavioral Health Nurse (66C)

Responsible for providing mental healthcare services to soldiers and their families.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Psychiatric Technician Provide care for patients with mental or emotional conditions. Cypress College – Psychiatric Technician Certificate
Nursing Assistant Provide basic care, such as monitoring health status and feeding patients, under the direction of licensed nursing staff. Dixie State University – Nurse Assistant Program

Carpentry and Masonry Specialist (12W)

Under the direction of combat engineers, carpentry and masonry specialists are responsible for building structures using lumber, concrete, stones, and bricks.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Carpenter Build and repair structures using wood and comparable materials. University of Montana – Carpentry Certificate
Stonemason Build stone structures such as piers, walls, and abutments. Big Sandy College – Stonemason Certificate

Coast Guard

Diver (DV)

Responsible for sweeping waterways during security missions, conducting salvage operations, and inspecting hulls.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Motorboat Operator Operate small motor-driven boats and assist with navigational activities. SUNY Maritime College – U.S. Powerboat Handling Certification

Health Services Technician (HS)

Responsible for providing daily medical care to Coast Guard personnel and their families.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Medical Assistant Perform clinical duties, such as recording vital signs and drawing blood, under the direction of a physician. Concordia University Wisconsin – Medical Assistant Certificate

Damage Controlman (DC)

Responsible for installing and repairing shipboard structures as well as operating defensive equipment.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Plumber Install and repair pipe systems that carry liquids and gasses such as water, steam, and air. Hinds Community College – Plumbing & Construction Program
Boilermaker Build and maintain steam boilers and related equipment. Ivy Tech Community College – Boilermaker Apprenticeship Program

Marine Corps

Electrical Equipment Repair Specialist (1142)

Responsible for maintaining various electrical systems, including electric motors, motor control circuits, and power generation equipment.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Electrician Install and maintain electrical wiring and equipment. Hinds Community College – Electrical Technology Certificate
Electrical Installer and Repairer, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay Install and maintain electrical equipment at generating stations, substations, and in-service relays. Pittsburg State University – Electrical Technology Certificate

Metal Worker (1316)

Responsible for using welding tools to repair equipment.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Sheet Metal Worker Build and install sheet metal products such as ducts, control boxes, drainpipes, and furnace casings. Bates Technical College – Sheet Metal Technology Program
Structural Iron and Steel Worker Build structures using iron or steel materials. Ivy Tech Community College – Ironworker Apprenticeship Program

Signals Intelligence (21)

Responsible for collecting information such as email, text, and voice communications through the interception of electronic signals.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Audio and Video Technician Manage equipment such as microphones, video cameras, and connecting cables. Wilmington University – Undergraduate Certificate in Video Production
Sound Engineering Technician Manage equipment for recording and editing audio. Berklee Online – Music Production Programs


Machinist’s Mate (MM)

Responsible for ensuring the operation of a ship’s engines, compressors, refrigeration equipment, and air conditioning equipment.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Ship Engineer Operate and maintain engines, boilers, deck machinery, and refrigeration equipment aboard ships. The University of New Orleans – Coastal Engineering and Sciences Certificate Program
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanic Install and maintain equipment such as air conditioning units, hot-air furnaces, and heating stoves. Indian State River College – HVAC Technical Certificate

Builder (BU)

Responsible for building structures such as piers, bridges, and towers.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Worker Install iron bars and rebar mesh in order to help reinforce concrete. Gateway Community College – Certificate of Completion in Construction Trades, Ironworking
Insulation Worker Install insulating materials to help control and maintain temperature. American River College – Insulator Apprenticeship Certificate

Hospital Corpsman (HM)

Responsible for providing medical services such as first aid, minor surgery, laboratory work, and prescriptions.

Similar Civilian Career Job Description Top Educational Program
Health Information Technologist Help design, develop, and modify computerized healthcare systems. University of Utah – Healthcare Information Technician Program
Phlebotomist Draw blood for testing, transfusions, and donations. Ultimate Medical Academy – Phlebotomy Technician Program

Scholarships for Veterans

Scholarships are another option for funding your education. While there are many scholarships available exclusively for veterans, not all of these awards can be used for vocational schools or apprenticeships. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best scholarships for veterans that can apply to vocational schools and apprenticeships:

Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship

Since 2013, Sport Clips has provided over 2,000 “Help A Hero” scholarships (worth a total of more than $9 million) through their partnership with the VFW. Most veterans of the National Guard or Selected Reserve who can demonstrate financial need will qualify for this scholarship, which awards up to $5,000.

Deadline to apply: April 30, 2023

Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship

Female veterans can receive $1,000 to help pay for a certificate program with this scholarship. To qualify, you will also need to have a high school GPA of at least 2.5 and be enrolled in an accredited certificate-granting institution.

Deadline to apply: January 21, 2023

American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

Every year, the American Legion Auxiliary provides a $2,000 Non-Traditional Student Scholarship to one dues-paying member in each of their five geographic divisions. This award can be applied to certificate-level programs.

Deadline to apply: March 1, 2023

Imagine America Foundation Military Award Program

Veterans of any military service branch who can demonstrate financial need will qualify for this $1,000 scholarship. This award can be applied to the 500+ vocational schools that are partnered with the Imagine America Foundation.

Deadline to apply: Varies by school

Fleet Reserve Association Education Foundation Scholarships

The Fleet Reserve Association distributes over $90,000 in total scholarships every year. Awards of up to $5,000 are available, and the only qualification is that you must be affiliated with the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

Deadline to apply: April 15, 2023

Additional Resources for Veterans

There are some other helpful resources for veterans who are interested in vocational school or an apprenticeship that we haven’t yet mentioned in this guide. Take a look at them below:

  • eBenefits. This service, which is maintained by both the DOD and the VA, provides you with all the tools you need to apply for and manage your military benefits.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics collects information, such as the average compensation and growth outlook, for hundreds of different occupations. Few decisions are more important than choosing your career — this resource will help you make the most informed decision possible.
  • Veterans Upward Bound. This organization helps veterans prepare for postsecondary education programs through their counseling, mentoring, and tutoring services.
  • VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC). The goal of this program is to help Veterans, servicemembers, and eligible dependents succeed at completing their education and preparing for the labor market. It does this by offering a coordinated delivery of on-campus benefits assistance and counseling services.
  • VetJobs. Once you’ve completed your education, this job board for veterans can help you find employment quickly.

Ask an Expert: Educational Advice From the Field

Jim Bivens

Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Advisor and retired Master Sergeant of the Marines

What advice do you have for a veteran going back to school?

It’s important to explore all of your options. Seek advice and information on potential career paths or employment opportunities from a subject matter expert in Veteran’s benefits. You should be able to find someone at your local VA office. Then, apply for all of the benefits that apply to the field you want to go into. This ensures that you’re not only making the right choice for you and your family, but maximizing your earned benefits as well.

How should a member of the armed forces go about choosing which version of the GI Bill to use?

Do GI Bill benefits ever expire?

Will GI Bill benefits cover most vocational degree or apprenticeship expenses?

Interested in a degree instead?

Learn more about online degrees, their start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.


For 75+ years, UMGC has transformed lives by offering adults the opportunity to expand their skills and earn the credentials they need to succeed again. UMGC offers 125+ degrees and certificates, financial resources and lifetime career services.


Recognized both nationally and internationally for its high standard of excellence, Northwestern University is a leading private research and teaching university located in Evanston, Illinois. The Family Institute (TFI) operates the MA in Counseling Program in collaboration with Northwestern’s Graduate School. TFI is a not-for-profit affiliate organization of Northwestern that provides direct care to individuals, couples, and families; fosters intensive learning for future counselors; and facilitates innovative research in the field of mental health counseling.


Earn your CSWE-accredited MSW online from Denver’s GSSW, a top-15 school of social work. GRE scores are not required. Students with a BSW can earn their MSW in as few as 12 months in the online advanced-standing track. Gain a strong foundation for social work practice with a concentration in Mental Health and Trauma or Health, Equity and Wellness.

EDITORS NOTE: This Intelligent column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Claudine Gay Resigns From Harvard

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned from her position Tuesday after facing backlash over her response to antisemitism on campus and a plagiarism scandal.

Gay announced her resignation “with a heavy heart,” and said her stepping down is in the “best interest” of the university.

“It is with a heavy heart but a deep love for Harvard that I write to share that I will be stepping down as president,” Gay wrote in a statement. “This is not a decision I came to easily. Indeed, it has been difficult beyond words because I have looked forward to working with so many of you to advance the commitment to academic excellence that has propelled this great university across centuries.”

Gay’s resignation makes her tenure the shortest in the Ivy League university’s history, only serving six months and two days in her position, according to The Harvard Crimson, the university’s school paper. It is currently unknown who will be appointed to serve as an interim president in Gay’s place.

The now-former president faced intense scrutiny after attending a congressional hearing over the response to the growing antisemitism on the campus following the barbarous Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel. She refused to answer Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik’s repeated questioning on whether actions would be taken to counter antisemitism on the campus.

“Will admissions offers be rescinded or any disciplinary action be taken against students or applicants who say ‘From the river to the sea’ or ‘intifada’ advocating for the murder of Jews?” Stefanik asked during a Dec. 5 hearing.

“As I have said, that type of hateful, reckless, offensive speech is personally abhorrent to me,” Gay said in response.

“What action will be taken?” Stefanik questioned, to which Gay said actions would not be taken against students’ free speech.

She later clarified that students calling for violence against Jewish students “will be held to account” in a Dec. 6 statement, which caused major backlash from the public.

“There are some who have confused a right to free expression with the idea that Harvard will condone calls for violence against Jewish students,” Gay said. “Let me be clear: Calls for violence or genocide against the Jewish community, or any religious or ethnic group are vile, they have no place at Harvard, and those who threaten our Jewish students will be held to account.”

Gay apologized for remarks during the congressional hearing in a Dec. 9 statement to The Harvard Crimson.

“I am sorry,” Gay told The Crimson. “Words matter. What I should have had the presence of mind to do in that moment was return to my guiding truth, which is that calls for violence against our Jewish community — threats to our Jewish students — have no place at Harvard, and will never go unchallenged.”

Over 30 student groups signed a letter placing blame on Israel for the deadly attack carried out by Hamas, and over 100 Harvard faculty signed a letter defending the antisemitic phrase, “From the river to the sea.” Gay released a statement saying the letter does not reflect the stance taken by the university.

The university is currently under investigation by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights due to the rise in antisemitism, according to The Harvard Crimson. The investigation launched in response to a compliant accusing Harvard of inadequately responding to reports of rising antisemitism across campus.

Gay additionally faced allegations of plagiarizing in her publications and dissertation more than 40 times. The first complaint, published Dec. 19 by the Washington Free Beacon, brought forth charges against seven of her works. A second complaint brought forth an eighth work, a 2001 article that allegedly lifts almost half a page from University of Wisconsin political science professor David Cannon.



Media reporter. Follow Nicole Silverio on Twitter @NicoleMSilverio.

RELATED ARTICLE: Harvard President Accused Of Plagiarism Issues Corrections To Articles Involving ‘Quotation Marks And Citations’

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Netherlands: What They Teach in Islamic Schools

To be clear, any Islamic school teaches Islamic scripture. Islamic scripture is in essence, jingoism against the unbeliever. Motivating pep talks to kill, conquer and impose sharia law. So these kinds of videos are problematic only in that it allows people to think they are “extremist” or in some way an outlier. This is Islam in the Netherlands, and everywhere.

Netherlands: Islamic Schools Ban Muslim Children From Befriending Jews and Christians, Teach Non-Believers Should Be Killed (Video)

The impact of these violent and dangerous Islamic teachings is not confined to the walls of these schools. It spills over into society, contributing to a troubling rise in Islamic-driven antisemitic and anti-Christian incidents and threats against public figures critical of Islam.

In a concerning report from 2019, primarily overlooked by Western media, investigations by Nieuwsuur and NRC Handelsblad have brought to light a disturbing trend in Islamic “schools” across the Netherlands. This report unveils a scenario where young Muslim minds are being steeped in Islamic doctrines of violence, hate, and intolerance, deceptively presented to Westerners under the guise of “peaceful” religious education.

A World Apart: The Rise of Salafism in Dutch Education

In a parallel educational universe, thousands of Muslim children in the Netherlands attend Islamic lessons outside the regular educational system. These institutions, deeply influenced by Salafism—a fundamentalist Islamic movement—are propagating Islamic teachings utterly incompatible with Western values and principles. Salafists — who follow what they say was the original Islam practiced in the 7th and 8th centuries — openly state that they want to replace democracy in the West (and the rest of the world) with an Islamic government based on Sharia law. Nieuwsuur and NRC’s investigation found that at least 50 schools exhibit strong Salafist Islamic influences, shaping the outlook and beliefs of the young Muslim students enrolled.

The Dangerous Curriculum: From Isolation to Extremism

The curriculum in these Salafist schools is deeply concerning. Muslim students are taught to distance themselves from non-Muslims, receiving explicit instructions against befriending Jews or Christians. This divisive approach is not just theoretical; it’s ingrained in the educational material. For instance, in a religious textbook for 15-year-olds, students encounter a question about the response to someone who denies one of the Islamic pillars. The prescribed answer is execution for being a non-believer.

These teachings extend beyond social isolation. Students are indoctrinated with strict guidelines on interacting with non-Muslims, emphasizing an ideology of separation and superiority. They are instructed against basic acts like feeding non-Muslims or extending greetings during Christian festivals. Acknowledging these holidays is depicted as a more severe sin than congratulating someone who drinks alcohol.

The explicitness and depth of these Islamic teachings are alarming, focusing on instilling avoidance of any form of friendship or interaction with non-Muslims. This extensive emphasis on divisiveness highlights the insidious nature of Islamic teachings.

Furthermore, the worldview instilled in these Muslim students contrasts sharply with Western society’s principles of tolerance, equality, and freedom. Stemming from Islamic doctrine, these teachings promote a sense of Islamic supremacy and intolerance. Children are also taught to distinguish themselves from non-Muslims in aspects like clothing, further avoiding any interaction with Western culture or its people.

Read full article.


EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘Happy New Queer’: Public Library Set To Kick Off New Year With 6 Drag Performances

A public library in Alaska will hold a winter celebration of all things LGBTQ on January 6th featuring a drag queen story hour for children billed as “Happy New Queer,” the Alaska Watchman reported.

The event, scheduled to be held at the Soldotna Public Library, will feature six “guest drag performers,” including one openly gay man whose drag stage name is “Ivanna Kischacok,” according to the Alaska Watchman.

“Ivanna Kischacok,” otherwise known as Andrew Castelli, wears a blonde wig and has jewels falling into his dress’s fake cleavage, according to He also dons ball gowns, feathers, corsets and thigh-high boots, the website reported.

The drag queen story hour is being organized by an LGBTQ activist group called Soldotna Pride and will be part of a day-long celebration including a performance at a local grocery store and a “Queer Karaoke” event at a bar, the Alaska Watchman reported.

Although the library included a disclaimer in the event announcement that reads the library “does not endorse these materials or viewpoints expressed in them,” it also encourages residents to “Bring the whole family to Soldotna Library from 11-12 pm for Drag Story Hour featuring stories read by Joe Royal Spady, local author: W.B. Clark and our incredible guest drag readers!” according to the Alaska Watchman.

Soldotna Pride has targeted youth in the past, including an event last year that ignited controversy after a video of an Anchorage drag queen apparently showing a man in a miniskirt and thong twerking in front of young children went viral, the newspaper reported. Another video shows the same drag queen gyrating in a leather miniskirt in front of minors, according to the publication.

Must Read Alaska claims the Soldotna Library event is “misogynistic-themed” and reports that “parents who want to steer clear” of the drag event can attend more traditional read-aloud story hours at a local hardware store on Saturday mornings.





Protestors Shut Down Drag Queen Story Hour Event At Library

Sporting Associations Start To Crack Down On Men In Women’s Sports

RELATED VIDEO: Trans Activists Want Genderless Society

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Hamas-linked CAIR wants Chicago public school substitute teacher fired for disrespecting Hamas

In this WBBM report, we learn that a third grader is accusing a Chicago Public School substitute teacher of threatening to strike him with an open upraised hand. The conduct of teachers in public schools is so outrageous these days that this might be true. But we just don’t know for sure. That is why an investigation is necessary.

However, certain people, including the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the TV stations that pander to it don’t want to wait for the outcome of an investigation. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is handling the publicity for this story, will frequently get on TV to try its case in the court of public opinion. Network affiliates around the country help them do this.

For instance, it says on the WBBM website that Jermont Terry is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Jermont is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Investigative Reporters and Editors.

NABJ reporters function as activists in newsrooms around the country, protecting the image of black Americans in the news. They also frequently assist CAIR in manipulating the media. That is what is going on in this case.

In his summation, reporter Terry says:

And while Hamas is, in fact, listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization, CAIR Chicago and the Ihmud family say it is unreasonable for the substitute, or anyone, constantly to try connecting all Palestinians to Hamas. That is why they want the employee terminated for targeting the third-grader.

Is this reporting or apologetics? Repeatedly, the little boy defied the teacher by saying that Hamas jihadis are not terrorists, and that the teacher was disrespecting his culture. There is little doubt that this is what his family taught him.

One might get the impression that the family wants the teacher terminated more because she disrespected Hamas than because she allegedly raised her hand to their child.

It is no surprise that the Council on American-Islamic Relations would bring a story such as this one to the newsroom. CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, has said publicly that the events on October 7 made him “happy.”

There are numerous examples of CAIR broadcasting its version of events during an ongoing investigation, knowing full well that the other side cannot respond.

CAIR has weaponized the testimony of a child more than once. In one case, CAIR used the accusation of a child to get on TV and claim that a teacher disciplined a student by saying he would have to watch others eat while he fasted for Ramadan. A subsequent investigation found this to have no basis in fact.

In another case, CAIR got on TV four times or more, rumor-mongering about a teacher who was accused of mishandling a hijab. Now that this teacher is suing CAIR for defamation in New Jersey, no TV station will touch this story.

Of particular interest in this case is CAIR’s motion to dismiss the defamation suit against the organization.

CAIR’s lawyers state in CAIR’s Motion to Dismiss that everybody knows that CAIR does not really mean what it says. They are just posturing.

Context is key here. CAIR Foundation’s role as a staunch advocate for Muslim-Americans signals to readers that these underlined statements are not an assertion of objective fact, but as expressions of subjective belief and opinion from an advocate’s point of view.

CAIR is constantly manipulating the TV newscasts in which its representatives appear.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Olympia, Washington.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Georgia.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Missouri.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Minnesota.

CAIR’s call for the teacher’s termination is one manifestation of what has now become a weekly event. CAIR uses its astonishing media access to force terminations, threaten livelihoods, defame reputations, charge people with hate crimes, and more.

There are close to 50 examples of this in 2023, and over 160 total examples in the past six years. All with the willing help of TV stations such as WBBM, and reporters such as Jermont Terry.

“Family says Chicago substitute teacher targeted 3rd-grader for being Palestinian,” by Jermont Terry, CBS, December 27, 2023:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A call has been issued for a quick investigation after an 8-year-old boy said a substitute teacher made offensive and inappropriate remarks to him in class.

The boy is of Palestinian heritage. As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported Wednesday night, local Islamic leaders want the Chicago Public Schools to take action now.

As CPS students finish up their winter break, the father of 8-year-old Mahmoud Ihmud said his son is scared to go back to class – with a substitute teacher accused of targeting him for being Palestinian.

“She said that Hamas are terrorists,” said Mahmoud.

Those are the words Mahmoud said his substitute teacher at Chicago Academy Elementary School, at 3400 N. Austin Ave., told him. Students were in art class when he said the sub started randomly asking their nationality.

“I was the last person. I said I was from Palestine. She said, ‘Hamas are terrorists.’ I was like, ‘That’s not true.’ She was like, ‘Yes it is,’ I was like, ‘That’s not true.’ She goes, ‘No, it’s true – and it’s true, I’m going to hit you,’” said Mahmoud.

Mahmoud said the substitute insisted on telling him, and the entire third grade class, that he Hamas was killing children.

“And then I pushed her away, and then I ran back to my desk,” said Mahmoud. “Then she raised her hand at me.”

CBS 2’s Terry asked Mahmoud to show him what the teacher did. Mahmoud demonstrated to claim the teacher raised her hand with an open palm at him.

Terry asked Mahmoud what was going through his mind when this happened.

Mahmoud: “What was going through my mind? I wanted to hit her.”

Terry: “You were mad? Why were you so mad?”

Mahmoud: “She disrespected my culture.”

“I was so mad,” said Mahmoud’s father, Tawfiq Ihmud. “For an 8-year-old boy and a teacher tell him that he knows nothing about what’s going on back home – ‘What’s Hamas? What’s terrorist.’”

Mahmoud’s father set up a meeting. He met with school administrators the Wednesday before break.

“I went to the principal, and I told him, he said, ‘I’m making a report on her right now,’” said Ihmud. “But I said, ‘What’s the reason she said to my son that?’ He said, ‘I have no answer for you right now.’”

The father said CPS launched an investigation.

“They told me they stopped her from going to that school, which is the Chicago Academy,” said Ihmud.

Yet it is unclear if the substitute teacher has been banned entirely from working within CPS while they investigate.

“She can be in other schools. There are a lot of Palestinians, Muslims all over in different schools,” said Ihmud. “They way she treated my kids – she could treat other kids the same way.”

“This is not someone that should be working with children,” said Maggie Slavin of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Chicago….



Jihad on campus:How the Muslim Brotherhood has subverted the universities

Chicago mayor calls for reparations to compensate descendants of slaves and help reduce violent crime

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.