North Carolina Student Sues School after Being Suspended for Saying ‘Illegal Aliens’

In early April, 16-year-old high school student Christian McGhee faced severe backlash at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina for using the term “illegal aliens” in his English class. His comment resulted in a three-day suspension and was met with threats and bullying upon his return. On Tuesday, the Liberty Justice Center (LJC) filed a lawsuit against the Davidson County Board of Education.

McGhee’s mention of “illegal aliens” came in the form of a question. After his teacher assigned “alien” as a vocabulary word, the sophomore asked whether she was alluding to “space aliens or illegal aliens who need green cards?” According to LJC, while “there was no substantial disruption to the class,” the administration decided his question was racially motivated.

“I didn’t make a statement directed towards anyone; I asked a question,” McGhee told The Carolina Journal. “I wasn’t speaking of Hispanics, because everyone from other countries needs green cards, and the term ‘illegal alien’ is an actual term that I hear on the news and can find in the dictionary.”

According to The Daily Caller, McGhee’s question allegedly offended one of his classmates who then wanted to fight him, but later admitted he was only joking. In an interview, McGhee’s mother, Leah McGhee, said that she believes the administration were the ones who “insinuated racism,” not the students.

“When lunch was over, the assistant principal came and removed the Hispanic kid from class, took him to his office, and said, ‘Are you sure you didn’t take this as offensive?’” she reported. “That led us to believe that he is the one that insinuated racism.”

Educational Freedom Attorney for LJC, Dean McGee, agreed with Leah’s perspective, blaming the administration that “pushed the narrative” instead of Central Davidson students.

“[We] think we’ve got a strong case under the First Amendment for free speech,” McGee told The Daily Caller. “We’ve got a strong case under the 14th Amendment for due process. They wouldn’t even let him [Christian] appeal this suspension, the branding of racism. So we think we have a strong case. We think the court should actually clear Christian’s record and we’re going to ask for damages.”

The fallout from the controversy led McGhee’s parents to withdraw him from the public school and finish out his year through a homeschool program.

“I have raised our son to reject racism in all its forms, but it is the school, not Christian, that injected race into this incident,” Leah told the LJC. “It appears that this administration would rather destroy its own reputation and the reputation of my son rather than admit they made a mistake.”

In an exclusive interview Tuesday morning with The Center Square, McGee talked about the broader implications of Christian’s situation.

“It impacts every student in the country and their right to speak without fear of aggressive retaliation from their administration,” he said. “In this case, our client, in the context of the conversation, asked a question that on its face was racially neutral. It was earnest in the class discussion.”

Christian’s question comes at a relevant time, as the country’s current border situation heightens. In February, Pew Research Center recently published a poll that looked at how Americans view the current border crisis. Although, “Young adults are far less engaged with news about the U.S.-Mexico border than are older people,” the poll found that 29% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 call the large number of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. a “crisis.”


Abigail Olsson

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Weapons Stashes Found Among Jew Hating Terrorist Students at Columbia, University of Texas at Austin, UCSD

As I have said, this is not just about Jew hatred. It’s about taking down America.

Weapons have been found among anti-Israel activists at Columbia, University of Texas at Austin as well as UCSD

Guns were found by police at student protests at both the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) this week, authorities say. Atah Othman, 39, was one of 10 demonstrators arrested on the USF campus on Tuesday — and he was busted carrying a gun in his waistband, Fox 13 Tampa reports.

Guns confiscated from anti-Israel protesters at UT Austin, University of South Florida

A man at USF was arrested with a weapon while a stash of guns were found at UT Austin

By Michael Dorgan Fox News, Fox, May 1, 2024:

Firearms were confiscated at student protests at both the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) over the last two days, authorities say.

Anti-Israel protester Atah Othman, 39, was one of 10 demonstrators arrested on the USF campus on Tuesday — and he was busted carrying a gun in his waistband, Fox 13 Tampa reports.

Othman faces four charges including possession of a firearm on school property, trespassing, unlawful assembly and resisting arrest, arrest records show. He was released on bond just after midnight on Wednesday, hours after protesters gathered at the Orient Road Jail calling for the ten people arrested to be released.

Guns were found by police at student protests at both the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) this week, authorities say. (Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office)

It is unclear if Othman is part of the school system or an outside agitator. The identities of the remaining nine people arrested are unclear.

USF says that up to 100 people arrived at campus for the protests yesterday and some were not affiliated with the university.

The arrests came after dozens of protesters gathered near Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza on campus for a rally, the same location where three people were arrested on Monday for similar protests.

USF gave a 5 p.m. deadline for protesters to disperse and, after then declaring that the demonstration was no longer lawful, police moved in with tear gas, warding off agitators and making arrests.

Meanwhile, a UT Austin spokesperson says that guns were found on its campus hidden in a breezeway on Monday, Fox 7 Austin reports. Buckets of large rocks, bricks, steel-reinforced wood planks, mallets and chains were all found on campus belonging to protesters.

“University staff found a 5-gallon bucket filled with large chunks of concrete strategically hidden in a breezeway of Calhoun Hall leading to the South Lawn,” the spokesperson told Fox 7.

“An identical bucket was found in a similar location during last Wednesday’s protest. Similar buckets of rocks have been used during past protests in Austin to assault responding officers.”

Nearly 80 people were arrested at UT Austin’s protests on Monday after demonstrators set up tents and a barricade on the South Lawn despite lawmakers banning camping in public areas in 2021.

Most of the protesters were charged with criminal trespass, one person was given an additional charge of obstruction and another was charged with interfering with public duties, Travis County Attorney Delia Garza said.

At the University of California, Los Angeles, on Tuesday night, violent scenes broke out with protesters throwing chairs, using sticks and weapons to beat each other and shoving and kicking one another.

Meanwhile, approximately 300 agitators were arrested by New York City police overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday between protests at Columbia University and the City College of New York.

NYPD officers in riot gear break into a building at Columbia University on April 30, 2024. NYPD sources tell Fox News that about 230 protesters were taken into custody during the incident. (KENA BETANCUR/AFP via Getty Images)

NYPD sources tell Fox News that about 230 protesters were taken into custody at Columbia University and of that number, between 40-50 were arrested in connection to the occupation of Hamilton Hall. The remaining protesters were arrested at City College.

A statement released by a Columbia spokesperson said officers entered the campus after the university requested help. A tent encampment on the school’s grounds began nearly two weeks ago to protest the Israel-Hamas war.

Cotninue reading.



HITLER YOUTH: Pro-Terror Jew Hating Protests on College Campuses Are Getting Worse

This is Islamic Revolution in America: FLOOD THE GATES: ESCALATE

UNRWA Caught Stealing and Then Selling Humanitarian Aid that Came into Gaza, UNRWA Staff “Have Their Homes Full of Aid”

Jew-Hating Terror Mob Calls to BEHEAD College Administrators

Terror-Tied CAIR Official: Our Mission Is to Convert US Jews to Islam

Muslim Leader Praises American Campus Protests, They Will Change US Election, Helps Them In Their Goal to Destroy Israel

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Student Uprising in Amsterdam

Students of the University of Amsterdam, and students of the Free University (Amsterdam-South), have been engaged in a violent uprising.

It is clear that they are inspired by the Barbarism of terrorist group Hamas.

The students want the two universities of Amsterdam to cut ties with universities in Israel. In reality, there are almost no ties. The students are fighting a ghost.

The Dutch police has a hard time to quell the uprising. It seems as if they are under orders of authorities NOT to use sufficient violence.

The Dutch police have arrested hundreds of violent students, but this is by far not enough. There are obviously secret leaders who have not been caught, for the “protests” continue.

There is enormous damage to the old university building in the city center.

Who will pay for that—I ask as a concerned citizen.

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Journalist: Left-Wing Donors Manipulating Students into Campus Protests

In light of recent news that Democrat mega-donors are bankrolling pro-Palestine protests and encampments on college and university campuses, one expert is warning that this is a case of the Left manipulating students.

On Monday night’s episode of “Washington Watch,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins commented of the ongoing protests, “They kind of all look the same. They have all these indicators of a well-funded, highly coordinated effort.” He continued, “Well, recent reporting has revealed that student groups organizing the protests have received financial backing from many of the largest funders of Democratic election campaigns, including top donors of President Joe Biden’s reelection bid.”

Cheryl Chumley, writer and online opinion editor at The Washington Times, told Perkins, “A lot of people have kept their eyes on how the funding is flowing into some of these student groups, and really it’s your usual suspects.” She explained, “George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund — formerly the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — had some ties to this, too, though they’ve said that they’ve pulled out of funding certain groups that are now funding these pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests.”

She continued, “Susan and Nick Pritzker — they are the heirs of the Hyatt hotel chain — and they not only have their hands in this funding of these groups, but have donated to Joe Biden’s campaign just a couple of years ago to the tune of $300,000.” Chumley added, “So if you start looking at some of these curious ties, there really does seem to be very many links between the funders of these anti-Semitic displays and the Democratic Party.”

Previously, Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on the ties between Democratic Party mega-donors and the funding fueling protests and encampments across college and university campuses. Referring to the anti-Israel and pro-Palestine nature of the protests, Chumley wrote, “But with Democrats — with Biden — it’s clear: They can’t speak too loudly against Jew hatred because too many of their political campaign funders are simultaneously funding the Jew hatred.”

“If you’re looking at whether these protests are just springing up based on student concerns for the poor Palestinian civilians, then I would have to disagree with that,” Chumley commented to Perkins. “I would have to say that it appears to me that this is yet another leftist-type strategy to take advantage of the ignorance of youth that have been purposely dumbed down by Democrats in the public school system for years.” She added, “And now they are using these youthful protesters on college campuses to advance a political agenda that is very anti-Semitic at root.” Chumley explained further:

“But the bigger theme here, the bigger issue that we need to concern ourselves with is: why this is taking place? And it’s not so much about [an] Israel and anti-Israel agenda, which is part and parcel of it. But the bigger idea is to tear down America, to divide and conquer, which is sort of the Democratic Party playbook that we’ve seen since Barack Obama’s day, since the Democratic Party took a turn from being the pro-America, blue-collar working party to really one that is filled with Marxists and communists and collectivists and those who hate America. And one way that they can tear down America from within is to create chaos, division, and violent outbursts.”

Perkins observed that recent polling has shown that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is rated as the lowest issue of importance or concern among American college students. A recent Generation Lab survey found that only 13% of college students named “The conflict in the Middle East” in their top three issues of concern. In comments to The Washington Stand, Perkins explained, “The Left is getting a great return for their investment in these political protests.  A few million dollars and they are getting hundreds of millions in media air time to cover up the failures of the Biden administration.”

As Chumley noted, protests on college campuses are being funded primarily by two organizations: Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow. Both are funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros and previously received funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Jewish Voice for Peace is also supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Pritzkers have funded other pro-Palestine organizations involved in campus protests. All the bankrollers are major Democratic Party donors and have contributed to Biden’s 2020 campaign, his 2024 reelection effort, or both.

According to The Wall Street Journal, campus protestors at Columbia University previously consulted with Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP), former Black Panthers, and other veteran protestors and activists before launching their own protests. NSJP has reportedly been encouraging campus protests since October, when Israel first responded to attacks by Palestine-based Hamas forces. Sueda Polat, a Columbia University graduate student and one of the organizers of the campus protest, explained that students also learned about orchestrating protests from participating in Black Lives Matter events in 2020. At other universities, some pro-Palestine encampments have actually set up “self-defense teams.”

In her remarks to Perkins, Chumley observed, “It’s really time to turn back to God in this nation because we are fighting so many battles in the political realm right now. And if we see these youth emerging to be America’s next leaders, we are in deep, deep trouble and we need God more than ever.”


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.

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Campus Craziness: U.S. Taxpayers fund Palestinians who ‘use it to indoctrinate students’


WATCH the truth! Embattled president of Columbia University Minouche Shafik tried to gaslight the world in a statement she released about the “most difficult” last two weeks at Columbia. We’re not having it! SHE is the one facilitating flagrant antisemitism and violence at the university.


THIS IS INSANE! US taxpayers give money to Palestinians & they use it to indoctrinate students.

Since 1993, the U.S. has given the Palestinian Authority (PA) more than 7.6 billion dollars in “aid.” In turn, the PA is giving millions in “donations” to U.S. universities—since 2018 alone, over 12 million dollars including to Harvard University, Brown University & Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Between 2017 & 2019, the PA gave Harvard $1.575 million. (No surprise that in 2020, Harvard planned to hire PLO exec Saeb Erekat to “mentor students.”)

In 2020, the PA gave Brown $673,000 for a professorship in “Palestinian Studies.”

Since 2019, Indiana University of Pennsylvania received $7.9 million to pay tuition and fees for Palestinian students.


Samer Alatout, arrested University of Wisconsin-Madison professor, “just asked the police to leave the students alone,” according to Al Jazeera “journalist” Sana Saeed. No, here’s why.



Samer Alatout has expressed support for Hamas terrorists and spread anti-Semitism during an Israeli war against Hamas in late 2023. Alatout has also promoted hatred of Israel and America on social media, as well as engaged in anti-Israel activism as a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Alatout wrote his late 2023 statements following a series of Hamas terror atrocities and war crimes against Israeli civilians, including mass murder, torture, rape, beheadings and kidnappings, which were executed on October 7, 2023. The Hamas terror attacks left over 1,200 Israelis dead, hundreds kidnapped and thousands wounded. Israel retaliated with a war called “Swords of Iron.”

Alatout was affiliated with the anti-Israel organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) in 2014.

As of November 2023, Alatout was listed as an associate professor of Community and Environmental Sociology in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM).

Alatout received a Ph.D. from Cornell University (Cornell) in Science and Technology Studies.

As of December 2023, Alatout’s LinkedIn said he was located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Support for Hamas Terrorists

On October 13, 2023, Alatout tweeted: “…Hamas fighters r precisely the kids & grandkids of those who were displaced from Palestine in 1948. They r the Palestinians if one comes to think of it. In refugee camps, they live legacies of that war and hold tight to the right of return (enshrined in international law).”

Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S., Canada, European Union, Israel and other countries. Founded in 1987, it has killed thousands of Israeli civilians through mass shootings and suicide bombings. Hamas has also kidnapped children, families and the elderly and held them hostage in Gaza. It has desecrated [slide 2] dead bodies and launched numerous rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.

The “right of return” is a Palestinian demand discredited as a means to eliminate Israel. International law mandates no absolute right of return and UN Resolution 194, which defined principles for “refugees wishing to return to their homes,” was unanimously rejected by Arab nations following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.


On November 15, 2023, Alatout tweeted: “#Israeli use of #Goebbels’s (the Nazi propaganda guy) approach of ‘lie, lie, and keep lying until people believe you,’ will not work in 2023.”

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) highlights as one possible contemporary example of anti-Semitism: “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.” The U.S. State Department adopted the IHRA’s working definition of anti-Semitism in 2016. Over 40 countries have adopted the definition as well.

On November 17, 2023, Alatout tweeted: “Deniers of the ongoing #Genocide_of_Palestinians should be ashamed. They are made of the same moral depravity of which Holocaust deniers are made of.”

Hatred of Israel and America

On November 25, 2023, Alatout tweeted: “Educational Note (2) a reminder of days past: Is Zionism a form of racism and racial discrimination?… Remember when the UN General Assembly issued its Resolution 3379 in 1975? It said: ‘The General Assembly….Determines that zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.’ / Seeing the way #Israel commits a #genocidal war against Palestinians and the way so many #Zionists… seem to affirm their obvious repugnance towards all non-whites (within Israel or outside, against non-Jews as well as against Jews of color) leads me to wonder about the wisdom of revoking that resolution in 1991!!!…”

Zionism is the belief that Jews have the right to self-determination in their own national home, and the right to develop their national culture.

In 1975, an anti-Israel resolution that branded Zionism as a form of racism was proposed to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN). Although the resolution passed in 1975, it was repealed in 1991, by a much larger majority.

One way that anti-Israel activists spread anti-Semitism is to claim [00:06:46] that Israeli Jews, particularly Ashkenazi Jews, do not descend from the ancient Israelites. This claim alleges that Israeli Jews are white Europeans who lack a connection to the Land of Israel.

On November 23, 2023, Alatout tweeted: “Let’s give thanks on this day by joining and advocating for #indigenous_peoples rights in all #settler_colonial states around the world. Let’s join and advocate for the #LandBack movement in the #US, #Canada, #Australia, #NewZealand, and #Palestine. That’s how we begin to #de_colonise.”

On October 28, 2023, Alatout tweeted in defense of an anti-Israel protest, calling it a response against Israel’s “genocidal war ongoing since 1948.” Israel was founded in 1948.

On October 13, 2023, a week after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, Alatout tweeted: “…It is not about Hamas, not about Gaza, and not about the recent attack by Hamas. Israel has been targeting Palestinians within Israel, in Gaza, in the West Bank, and in the Diaspora. The demand: Die silently, without a whimper.”

On July 17, 2014, Alatout tweeted: “It’s shameful. Liberal for women, GLBT issues, immigration, taxing and poverty, but silent on Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

Alatout wrote his tweet during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge (OPE) against Hamas.

Israel commenced OPE in July 2014 to stop rocket fire targeting Israeli civilians and to destroy Hamas attack tunnels.

On July 3, 2014, Alatout claimed in a tweet that “Israel apartheid” was “abhorrent.”

Anti-Israel Activism (BDS)

Alatout signed an August 21, 2014 petition in defense of fired professor Steven Salaita. The petition was titled: “A Call to People of Conscience Not to Speak at the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Until Chancellor Wise Honor [sic.] the Contract to Hire Professor Steven Salaita.”

In 2014, The University of Illinois withdrew an offer of employment to Salaita after becoming aware of his anti-Semitic tweets. One tweet, posted shortly after Hamas kidnapped three teenage Israeli high school students, read: “You may be too refined to say it, but I’m not: I wish all the f**king West Bank settlers would go missing.” In 2017, Salaita posted to Facebook: “People ask if I would go back in time and change anything. I would not…I will die unapologetic.” In February 2019, Salaita stated that he had become a school bus driver in the Washington, D.C., area.

On August 11, 2014, during OPE, Alatout signed the “Open Letter on Gaza and BDS from the Middle East Caucus of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.”

The letter described “indiscriminate and disproportionate violence that has been waged… by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against the civilian population of Gaza” which it characterized as “the largest ‘open air prison’ in the world.”

The letter went on to endorse the BDS movement and to conclude that “the violence has taken an unprecedented and savage turn, having reached genocidal proportions.”

Alatout also signed his name to a list of endorsers of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI).

On April 17, 2014, Alatout was a featured speaker at an event hosted by the UWM chapter of SJP titled “Academic Freedom and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).”

On January 28, 2014, Alatout signed a petition titled “BOYCOTT ISRAELI CINEMA AND TV STUDIES CONFERENCE AT TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY.”

The petition called for the “boycott Israeli institutions in protest of the US-supported Israeli occupation of Palestine, settlement expansion, the Israeli Wall, and other violations of international law” and provided a link to the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). The mention of the “Israeli Wall” was a reference to Israel’s security barrier.

Israel’s security barrier, 97 percent of which is a low chain-link barrier, was built as a deterrent to Palestinian terror attacks. The concrete portions of the fence were built in response to Palestinian sniper attacks.

In January 2014, Alatout signed a petition in support of an American Studies Association (ASA) resolution singling out Israel for academic boycott.

The petition accused Israel of “settler-colonialism, occupation, and apartheid” and likened BDS to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

On December 26, 2013, Alatout signed the “Campaign to Boycott the Oral History Conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”

Signatories of the campaign charged that “while all Israeli universities are deeply complicit in the occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is particularly noteworthy.”

The petition went on to “call on the international community to honor the 2004 Call of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) to boycott academic and cultural institutions involved in Israel’s system of occupation, colonialism and apartheid.”


SJP is a student organization engaged in anti-Israel activity on North American college and university campuses.

The first chapter of SJP was founded in 2001 at the University of California at Berkeley by Professor Hatem Bazian. Bazian has spread classic anti-Semitism, reportedly promoted religious anti-Semitism and defended the Hamas terror group. In 2004, Bazian called for “intifada” in America.

SJP organizes anti-Israel campaigns, including running annual Israel Apartheid Weeks, often in collaboration with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Muslim Students Association (MSA) campus chapters.

SJP has been a major force in pushing the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement on campuses. Chapters have initiated dozens of BDS resolutions in student governments, which have been proposed on or around Jewish holidays, a time when many Jewish students are off-campus.

SJP activists have reportedly physically assaulted, intimidated and harassed Jewish students, disrupted pro-Israel campus events and demonized pro-Israel campus organizations.

Chapters have often endorsed and campaigned for numerous terrorists and whitewashed terrorism.


The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement was founded by Omar Barghouti in 2005 to challenge “international support for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism.” BDS is an allegedly “Palestinian-led movement,” although leading BDS activists have admitted [00:01:01] this is not true.

One of the demands of BDS includes [point 3] what is generally known as the “right of return,” a demand discredited as a way to eliminate Israel. Barghouti said the “right of return” is a means to “end Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.”

Barghouti has said that BDS “aims to turn Israel into a pariah state, as South Africa once was.”

In his activism, Barghouti has also said [00:05:55] regarding Israel: “Definitely, most definitely, we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. No…rational Palestinian, not a sellout Palestinian, will ever accept a Jewish state in Palestine.”

The movement has been linked to numerous terrorist organizations and received a public endorsement from Hamas in 2017.

BDS initiatives include calling on institutions and individuals to divest from Israeli-affiliated companies, promoting academic and cultural boycotts of Israel, and organizing anti-Israel rallies, protests and campaigns.

The movement’s most notable achievement has been the infiltration of university campuses through lobbying for “BDS resolutions.” In these cases, student governments and student groups, backed by their own anti-Israel members and affiliates, have proposed resolutions on some form of boycott of, or divestment from, Israel and Israeli-affiliated entities.

Boycott resolutions, although non-binding, have been passed by student governments on numerous North American campuses.

BDS activity is often aggressive and disruptive. It has been noted that universities that pass BDS resolutions see a marked increase in anti-Semitic incidents on campus. On one campus, when the student government debated a BDS resolution, reports emerged of violent threats against those opposing it.

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UWM – Uni Wisconsin Madison,
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Infamous Quotes

“#Israeli use of #Goebbels’s (the Nazi propaganda guy) approach of ‘lie, lie, and keep lying until people believe you,’ will not work in 2023.”

Samer Alatout, Twitter, Nov 15 2023

“…Hamas fighters r precisely the kids & grandkids of those who were displaced from Palestine in 1948. They r the Palestinians if one comes to think of it. In refugee camps, they live legacies of that war and hold tight to the right of return (enshrined in international law).”

Samer Alatout, Twitter, Oct 13 2023


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Does the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act ‘Criminalize the Gospel’?

With the heated anti-Semitism protests booming on college campuses, lawmakers, school authorities, and even average citizens are wrestling with how to deal with the chaos, hatred, and slander of Jewish people and the Jewish state. Law enforcement has made their fair share of arrests as pro-Hamas protestors violate policies and incite violence. Many have voiced something must be done to reign in the anti-Jew hostility, and last week the House of Representatives responded by passing the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act (AAA).

The bill’s definition of “anti-Semitism” is not new, but one of the examples it includes is drawing greater scrutiny. Back in May 2016, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), a coalition of all of the largest Jewish organizations (conservative and liberal), agreed on a working definition of anti-Semitism that has since been widely adopted, including by the U.S. State Department in 2016 and by the Trump administration (by executive order) in 2019. The definition states, “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities,” and includes concrete examples (which both the Trump executive order and the current bill included).

While most of the examples have drawn little commentary, there’s one that this time around has sparked concern and controversy, even though it was included in the 2019 Trump executive order: “Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.” The words within the parenthesis are drawing all of the attention.

The second phrase in the parentheses, “blood libel,” is not. Blood libel is defined as the “accusation that Jewish people used the blood of Christians in religious rituals,” and this is a form of anti-Semitism widely acknowledged. But the first part has stirred immense tension, causing many to interpret it as a hinderance to the gospel, which teaches that Jesus was hung on a cross by some hateful Jewish leaders. However, what experts want to point out, including the lead sponsor of AAA, is that this section of the legislation has been heavily misinterpreted.

On Thursday’s episode of “Washington Watch,” Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.), the sponsor of the legislation, discussed with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins the details of AAA in order to clear the air of what the law is really saying. But before addressing the controversy, the congressman took the time to explain why the legislation matters, and the importance of getting it right.

Considering the anti-Semitism on college campuses, Lawler said, “[T]hese protests are so overwhelmingly anti-Semitic and need to be rooted out at every turn.” He emphasized how out-of-hand they have become, and how they’re “not a function of free speech,” they’re “not a function of … protesting against decisions made by the Israeli government or the United States government. That’s constitutionally protected. This is anti-Semitic hate at its worst.” As such, sharper definitions are needed to crack down.

Perkins re-emphasized how “the main thrust” of the Act “is to adopt a standardized definition of anti-Semitism, which actually takes a definition that’s already in existence.” But “there’s been some opposition raised about this,” he added, specifically when it comes to that one example. As Perkins explained, some are concerned it “would criminalize the gospel.” But according to Lawler, that’s simply not true.

“I’m a practicing Catholic,” Lawler stated. “[B]orn and raised. [I] go to church. I believe very deeply in the gospel and in Jesus Christ.” And so, when people suggest that the claim of “Jews killing Jesus” is somehow a symbol of anti-Semitism, it’s crucial to understand the context of that kind of statement. Lawler insisted, “[N]obody is saying that the Bible should be criminalized. Nobody is saying that anybody who believes in the context of the Bible is somehow wrong.” What it is saying, he continued, “is if you are trying to use something for the purpose of attacking an entire group of people and trying to associate them with some action that someone else may have taken for the purpose of discriminating against them, then that can be considered anti-Semitic.”

Ultimately, “[I]n no way is anybody objecting to or trying to target Christians with this bill. This is about putting in place protections on college campuses for Jewish students.” And, as he went on to highlight, the legislation specifically states individuals have a right to “criticize the State of Israel as you would any other government.” He insisted, “We want robust public debate. People should be free to voice their opinions, their objections to decisions made by the government. Nobody is disputing that.” What the legislation has in mind is the violent protests that have emerged. “[T]he moment those protests turned violent,” Lawler asserted, is the moment “you lose that right” to protest.

Perkins agreed that clear definitions are necessary. Currently, “it’s like silly putty. It’s stretched to accomplish whatever someone wants [it] to do.” Perkins also emphasized that the legislation addressed constitutional protections, stating, “Nothing in this act shall be construed to diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” As such, Perkins said, “[R]eligious freedom is not affected by this.”

Lawler also noted that this bill, which passed in the House Wednesday, has “broad bipartisan support.” As he said, “You saw 320 members of Congress vote for this bill. None of us would put forth something that would curtail free speech and First Amendment rights or violate someone’s constitutional freedoms. … [W]e’re trying to provide … a clear path forward on how to deal with these instances of anti-Semitism.”

In comment to The Washington Stand, Quena Gonzalez, senior director of FRC’s Government Affairs, took the time to detail why the misinterpretation of AAA is vital to rectify. While there still may be parts of the legislation some disagree with, Gonzalez carefully addressed the main controversy at hand:

“The example in question only applies to ‘using … claims of Jews killing Jesus … to characterize Israel or Israelis.’ No biblical Christian preaches that Israelis or the Israeli state is responsible for Christ’s death. All of Jesus’s first followers were, in fact, Jews. To be subject to the Education Department ‘reviewing, investigating, or deciding whether there has been a violation of … the Civil Rights Act,’ a covered entity would have to blame Israel or Israelis for Christ’s death, which no orthodox Christian entity does (or really can).

“The language of this bill has applied to all federal agencies since 2019. It was issued as an executive order by President Trump and retained by President Biden. No one objected then, and for the past four and a half years no one has been harassed for preaching the gospel as a result. But as we can see on the news, the Biden Department of Education is not enforcing this long-standing policy, so Congress is acting to enforce it by making it statute.”


Sarah Holliday

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.


United Methodist Church Caves and Embraces LGBT Ideology

University of Utah Approves Trans Flags, but Not American Flags


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The United States Constitution for Kids: A Guide for Young Explorers and their Moms & Dads

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Columbia Cancels Main Commencement Ceremony Amid Anti-Israel Protests

Columbia University announced on Monday the cancellation of its main commencement ceremony following weeks of anti-Israel protests and encampments on campus.

Protestors — who are demanding the school boycott, divest and sanction Israel over its counteroffensive in Gaza following the Hamas terrorist attack — were threatened with suspensions last week if they did not remove themselves from the encampments. The Ivy League’s administration told students in a press release that it would forgo its university-wide commencement on May 15 to instead celebrate them “individually alongside their peers” via “Class Days and school-level ceremonies.”

“Our students emphasized that these smaller-scale, school-based celebrations are most meaningful to them and their families,” the press release reads. “They are eager to cross the stage to applause and family pride and hear from their school’s invited guest speakers. As a result, we will focus our resources on those school ceremonies and on keeping them safe, respectful, and running smoothly. A great deal of effort is already underway to reach that goal, and we understand the Deans and school teams are looking forward to working with their students to incorporate the most creative and meaningful ideas to celebrate this extraordinary moment.”

Pro-Palestinian protestors seized Columbia’s Hamilton Hall on Tuesday, with one employee reportedly claiming to have been held hostage inside the building. The New York Police Department made over 44 arrests, according to the New York Post.

The administration also announced that its remaining ceremonies will be relocated from Morningside campus, which is where Hamilton Hall is located.

“These past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for our community,” the press release reads. “Just as we are focused on making our graduation experience truly special, we continue to solicit student feedback and are looking at the possibility of a festive event on May 15 to take the place of the large, formal ceremony. We are eager to all come together for our graduates and celebrate our fellow Columbians as they, and we, look ahead to the future. We will share more in the coming days.”

Anti-Israel protests have popped up on college campuses across the country in recent weeks, including at Yale UniversityEmerson CollegeUniversity of California, Los Angeles and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.




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The Issue is Never the Issue. The Issue is Always the Revolution!

“The Issue is Never the Issue. The Issue is Always the Revolution.” — Sol Alinsky

I was shocked to hear so many say about the demonstrations on campus. This is unprecedented. It never happened in America.  As a college student in the 60’s we learned Sol Alinsky’s Rules.  We followed them to a tee. We organized and demonstrated.

David Horowitz writes,” This focus on power was illustrated by an anecdote recounted in a New Republic article that appeared during Obama’s presidential campaign: “When Alinsky would ask new students why they wanted to organize, they would invariably respond with selfless bromides about wanting to help others. Alinsky would then scream back at them that there was a one-word answer: ‘You want to organize for power!’ In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote: “From the moment an organizer enters a community, he lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only one thing, and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army.” The issue is never the issue. The issue is always building the army. The issue is always the revolution.”

There was one major difference from our marches and demonstrations today. We knew what we were fighting for. Our demand was simple. END THE DRAFT. If a reporter asked our answer was the same, END THE DRAFT.  ( for the Vietnam War.) We could also find Vietnam on a map. In the end of the era, many of us learned that we were being misguided into a place where the ends justified the means, lies became the new truth. This group was a morality free society that would say or do anything to maintain power.

In the 70’s I learned that there was not any difference between the Democrat or Republican party. It didn’t matter who was in office, nothing changed. I knew it was happening but I didn’t know who was involved. Then I read this from Richard Nixon:

The press is the enemy

The press is the enemy

The press is the enemy

The establishment is the enemy

The professors are the enemy

The professors are the enemy

Write that on the blackboard 100 times and never forget it.

Richard Nixon, Dec 14, 1972

I was attending the New School at that time and I learned all about subliminal message, the place of the press in society and the real purpose of marketing. Marketing was used to create division.  Like: Keeping up with the Jone’s pitted neighbor against neighbor.

Planned obsolescence of products made sure there would always be a sale. Creating the desire that the people want it so much they throw all logic and reason out and replace that with impulse buying.  In order to create that desire, you must destroy the old. Out with the old, in with the new. The issue then became one thought, one goal, everyone on the same page. No one being better than another, except the leaders who determined everything. These leaders never look back to see the results of their mandates, They don’t care because the goal is not greatness, the goal is destruction by any means necessary,

How do you get millions of people to follow you? You lie. You use school to educate in mediocrity not excellence. You create followers, not leaders.  And so I learned that everything I though I knew was a lie.  Nixon was right. I as teaching then. I noticed that the text were changing. Everything had to relate to climate/environment. Everything had to be sustainable and follow a United Nations plan that no one talked about because it didn’t make sense.  Sustainability meant no growth. That didn’t make sense. Until now.

For a long time I thought I was the only one who thinks like this. But technology and the multiple ways we can communicate has changed my opinion. We are many, they are few.  I thought Cherie Currie – Lead singer for band The Runaways said it best:

“It used to be PUNK, R&R to vote Democrat. I fell for it. But when your party demands you live in fear, squallier, beyond your means by just buying groceries, gasoline, disrespecting our veterans, our police, our elderly, supporting CRIMINALS, chaos, riots, Hamas, FAILING Israel, demeaning us at every turn! HURTING our CHILDREN! Wasting OUR MONEY. Ineptitude with every policy! Lies and more lies.. NO MORE! The Democrat Party can KISS MY A$$. They don’t give a damn. That’s true. Voting Dem used to be cool. But now, it just makes you a FOOL.”

Sadly Cherrie is right. The demonstrations at the universities are a perfect example of the damage we have done to our children by giving them no boundaries, no competition, no morality, no truth, no value and not holding them accountable. We have totally destroyed a generation. They can never be leaders. If it wasn’t so sad it it would be funny. Look at some of their demands:

  1. Gluten-free meals
  2. Voxx bottled water
  3. Total dismantling of Western Civilization
  4. All toxic men transition to female
  5. All attractive women transitioned to male
  6. All college campuses are gun free, meat free, Jew free zones
  7. Unlimited Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
  8. Donald Trump admits to guilty to all charges
  9. US government funds relocations to Hamas controlled Gaza

Victor Davis Hanson asks, “Are the universities worth saving?”

I pray that this is not the best America has to offer. But I have hope that the American people will not be fooled and sucked into the lies. We the people are in control of term limits. Simply stop voting for the same trash over and over. America is on a path of failure. If you want change, make it happen.

We can not forget the past. Bill Federer is my guest this week and he will tell us about the past riots of America. I have hope because many grass roots candidates are stepping up.  Gerry James will be this week’s grass roots candidate. If you know a candidate running for any office in Florida, tell them to contact me for an interview.

This is important so I am repeating it.

The W.H.O. the Globalist UN World Health Organization is setting this policy and the RINOS in the House  made it possible by giving our borrowed tax dollars to the WHO. . The WHO decided they should control world health under any emergency they declare like climate change. I do not want our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators. Communicate with congress, join the Sovereignty Coalition today. 

Globalists want Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.  Share with your 5.   So join me on the radio with guest  and you will learn about some of the riots of America.

Podcast of the week: Glenn Beck interviews Alex Newman

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Every now and then you see a headline that makes you smile. This one made me laugh out loud:

“Iranian university offers scholarships to U.S. students expelled over protests.”

The president of Shiraz University, a major religious center in Iran, is offering all-expenses paid scholarships to U.S. students expelled for anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist protests, so they can “pursue their studies” in Iran. The Shirazis are so generous they are offering similar stipends to college professors fired for taking part in the same protests.

So now those students and professors who have been chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” can go home to the regime that invented the slogans.

What a wonderful opportunity for all those screaming and incoherent female pro-Hamas supporters to go home again to the birthplace of female liberty! I bet they must be lining up right now!

I imagine every gay, lesbian, and trans pro-Hamas fruitcake is scouring the Internet, trying to find out where they can get their free ticket to the Iran. This great new offer from Shiraz University comes as a relief to my fellow conservatives who have been offering free tickets to Iran to these folks in recent weeks.

Going to Iran shouldn’t be much of a culture shock, either. They will just have to trade the masks they have been wearing to hide from the police and their black bloc tactical gear for the full-length Islamic hijab.  (Sorry, ladies: you can’t wear a facemask with the hijab in Iran, because the regime wants to track your movements).

We learned recently from the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal that George Soros’s Open Society Foundation has been funneling millions of dollars to pro-Palestinian groups in the United States, both directly and through the Tides Foundation of Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

These Soros and Heinz-Kerry funded groups have names like Students for Justice in Palestine, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and Education for Just Peace in the Middle East. Several of them pay stipends between $2000 to $3000 per week to student activists who spend eight hours a week organizing pro-Hamas protests.

Democrats in Congress are whining that anyone suggesting George Soros is funding anti-Israel protests is an anti-Semite, since Soros was born Jewish.

Soros admitted in a now-famous interview with CBS Sixty Minutes that during the Holocaust in Budapest, he helped the pro-Nazi regime identify Jews living in hiding with Christian families and feels absolutely no remorse for helping send them to the death camps.

The Open Society Foundation is now run by his oldest son, Alexander Soros, whose domestic partner is Huma Abedin, the former chief of staff to Hillary Clinton who separated from husband Anthony Wiener after he was caught sexting an underage girl.

Huma and her family have long-standing ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is the Palestinian emanation. As I wrote in the Hill during the 2016 presidential campaign, Huma is “nothing short of a Muslim Brotherhood princess, born into an illustrious family of Brotherhood leaders.”

And Soros and Heinz are not alone in funding these anti-American, anti-Semitic groups. The Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation have given them grants as well.

President Biden this week condemned the anti-Israel protests, and in the very next sentence equated them to Islamophobia, an invention of the anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist Left.

Congress established an office in the State Department to track anti-Semitism abroad. It’s time federal and local prosecutors enforced existing hate-crimes legislation to prosecute the anti-Semitic and anti-American campus hooligans, some of whom are professional agitators and not even students.

But for the rest of them, I say: bon voyage! Next year in Shiraz.

I discuss this, as well as Chinese President Xi’s upcoming trip to Europe, allegations that China is preparing to hack the 2024 election, and Putin’s long and murderous reach against Russian dissidents living abroad in this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend.

As always, you can listen live at 1 PM on Saturday on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Fl, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. If you miss us live, tune in later to the podcast here.

Yours in freedom.

©2024. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.


Students for Justice in Palestine Grooming American Students for Intifada: A First Person Account

To Commemorate 13th Anniversary Of Osama Bin Laden’s Killing, Afghan Taliban Republish His Speech In Support Of Them, Publish Article Defending Him

Orange County, California Imam Tarik Ata Addresses Muslim Students In Campus Encampments: Allah Will Reward You For The Fear, Anger, Pain You Inflict On These Cruel People, Enemies Of Humanity

Today’s campus chaos channels the revolutionary zeal of 1968

More Than 1,600 Pro-Hamas Activists at 33 Schools Arrested Since Gaza Encampments Began

College campuses escalated their efforts to root out pro-Hamas occupations on Tuesday, with police arresting more than 430 people on nine different college campuses. Police have made more than 1,600 arrests in connection with the disruptive, illegal campus occupations since the first one began at Columbia University on April 19, according to an investigation by The Washington Stand. Disturbingly, some universities are beginning to cave to protestors’ demands to restore order to campus, even as campus protests become increasingly dominated by non-students.

The sheer number of campus protests and arrests can be a bit bewildering to keep track of them all. As of Wednesday, there were at least 1,641 arrests and counting at 33 colleges and universities in 23 states, with at least three more schools threatening to make arrests and more pro-Hamas encampments cropping up daily.

Since so much media coverage obscures this point, it bears repeating that universities have not called in police to arrest protestors simply for exercising their right to free speech, or even for the vile, anti-Semitic content of that speech. After asking law enforcement to intervene on two separate occasions, the University of Texas at Austin on Monday issued this representative statement: “Protests are allowed at the University of Texas. Since October and prior to April 24, no fewer than 13 pro-Palestinian free speech events were held on the UT campus, and four more demonstrations have been held since Thursday, largely without incident.”

No, protestors were arrested for deliberately breaking the rules: flouting curfews, setting up tents where no tents were allowed, intimidating other students and impeding their free access and education on campus, and defying orders from law enforcement. In some instances, protestors broke into campus buildings and then barricaded them against campus authorities, declaring that the buildings had been “liberated.” Thus, when protestors were arrested for trespassing, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, they had no one to blame but themselves.

If anything, universities have been reluctant to arrest demonstrators, often waiting days before calling in police, repeatedly pleading with the lawless mob before authorizing arrests, and only arresting a fraction of those involved in the illegal encampments. Thus, the 40 incidents in which campus demonstrators have been arrested represent only the small fraction of anti-Semitic activity on college campuses that has been met by a law enforcement response. With that said, here is a timeline of campus arrests since April 19:

Friday, April 19:

  • 108 activists were arrested at Columbia University after erecting a pre-dawn tent encampment. Several were suspended. Several student organizers were briefly suspended, including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) daughter. However, the encampment returned on April 21.

Monday, April 22:

  • 133 activists were arrested at New York University after a large group, including non-students, illegally crossed police barricades.
  • 48 activists were arrested at Yale University, where pro-Hamas demonstrators intimidated Jewish students and struck one in the eye. The activists resisted a lawful order to disperse.
  • Three activists were arrested at California State Polytechnic University at Humboldt (Cal Poly Humboldt) in a scuffle with police after protestors illegally occupied a campus academic building and barricaded it against police.

Tuesday, April 23:

  • Nine activists were arrested at the University of Minnesota when police cleared another encampment at the Minneapolis campus.
  • Two activists were arrested at the University of South Carolina for creating a disturbance after hours and then refusing a lawful order to disperse.

Wednesday, April 24:

  • 93 activists were arrested at the University of Southern California as police cleared an encampment there. Activists, including many who were not students, struggled against police, at one point surrounding a police vehicle until the police let someone they had arrested go free.
  • 57 activists were arrested at the University of Texas at Austin after they refused to disperse and attempted to unlawfully erect an encampment there. Nearly half (26) of those arrested were not affiliated with the university. The progressive local prosecutor subsequently dropped all charges against those arrested.

Thursday, April 25:

  • 108 activists were arrested at Emerson College in Boston when police cleared an illegal encampment.
  • 36 activists were arrested at Ohio State University when police cleared an illegal encampment. Only 16 of those arrested were students, while 20 were not affiliated with the university.
  • 33 activists were arrested at Indiana University at Bloomington when police cleared an illegal encampment.
  • 28 activists were arrested at Emory University in Atlanta when police cleared an illegal encampment.
  • Two activists were arrested at Princeton University when police arrived to clear an illegal encampment. After the police began making arrests, the rest of the occupiers voluntarily packed up their tents to avoid arrest.
  • One activist, a grad student, was arrested at the University of Connecticut for assaulting an officer who was attempting to detain another student.

Friday, April 26:

  • 44 activists were arrested at the Auraria Higher Education Center, where activists had illegally occupied campus buildings and damaged campus property. Auraria serves as a campus for the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver.
  • Three activists were arrested at Arizona State University in connection with an illegal encampment that would not be cleared until the next day.
  • Two activists were arrested at the University of Illinois when police cleared an illegal encampment. The two men, who were not students, were charged with “mob action” along with obstructing a peace officer for one aggravated battery to a peace officer for the other.

Saturday, April 27:

  • 100 activists were arrested at the University of Washington, St. Louis when police cleared an illegal encampment. (This number seems suspiciously round, but efforts to obtain a more precise total bore no fruit; therefore, I will proceed as if this was the total.) Among those arrested were 23 students and four school employees, leaving approximately 73 people not affiliated with the school. Jill Stein, 2024 presidential candidate for the Green Party, was one of those arrested.
  • 98 activists were arrested at Northeastern University in Boston at a demonstration that evidently crossed some lines. The demonstration was “infiltrated by professional organizers,” according to a school spokeswoman, which led the school to shut it down. Anyone who could produce a valid school ID card was not arrested. Among the 98 protestors who could not, 29 were students, and six were school employees, leaving 63 people not affiliated with the school.
  • 69 activists were arrested at Arizona State University when police cleared an illegal encampment. Of the 72 total people arrested at ASU between Friday and Saturday, only 15 were students, meaning that 57 were unaffiliated with the school.
  • 12 activists were arrested at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. when police cleared an illegal encampment and they refused to leave. The university expressed safety concerns over unaffiliated individuals joining the demonstration. Of those arrested, nine were students, and three were unaffiliated with the school.

Sunday, April 28:

  • Two activists were arrested at the University of Pittsburgh for illegally trespassing on a lawn.

Monday, April 29:

  • 82 activists were arrested at Virginia Tech University after students illegally occupied a lawn. Fifty-three of those arrested were students, leaving 29 who were not affiliated with the school.
  • 79 activists were arrested at the University of Texas at Austin after they again attempted to erect an illegal encampment. Only 34 of those arrested were students, while 45 were not affiliated with the school.
  • 20 activists were arrested at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland after students illegally erected tents during a protest.
  • 19 activists were arrested at the University of Utah when police cleared an illegal encampment. Four students, one school employee, and 14 unaffiliated individuals were among those arrested.
  • 16 activists were arrested at the University of Georgia when police cleared an illegal encampment. Those arrested included 11 students and five unaffiliated individuals. The university subsequently suspended some of those arrested. “Personally, I did not expect to be suspended,” complained one suspended student, Zeena Mohamed. College is supposed to be a place where students learn new things, after all.
  • 13 activists were arrested at Princeton after protestors illegally occupied a campus building.
  • 13 activists were arrested at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond when police cleared an illegal encampment. While six were students, seven were not affiliated with the school.
  • Six students were arrested at Tulane University in connection with an illegal encampment. Only one was a student; the other five were not affiliated with the university.
  • Three activists were arrested at the University of South Florida when the Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held an unauthorized rally. The school’s SDS chapter had been suspended for causing a disruption on campus at a previous event.

Tuesday, April 30:

  • 173 activists were arrested at the City College in New York (CCNY) when police were called due to “specific and repeated acts of violence and vandalism.” Both students and “un-affiliated external individuals” refused to leave. The New York Police Department cleared CCNY around the same time that they cleared protestors at Columbia University for the second time.
  • 119 activists were arrested at Columbia University. Activists had illegally occupied the campus for more than a week, causing the campus to be closed. They recently broke into and barricaded a campus building, which they renamed and declared to be “liberated.” Police used a large truck to enter the building through a second-floor window.
  • 36 activists were arrested at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after they refused to obey a lawful order to disperse. The demonstrators had taken down an American flag and replaced it with a Palestinian flag. Of those arrested, 13 were students, and 23 were not affiliated with the university.
  • 32 activists were arrested at Cal Poly Humboldt after they had illegally occupied a campus building for more than a week. Those arrested included 13 students, one faculty member, and 18 unaffiliated individuals.
  • 25 activists were arrested at the University of Connecticut when police cleared an illegal encampment.
  • 16 activists were arrested at the University of New Mexico after they illegally occupied a campus building. Five of those arrested were students, while 11 of them were not affiliated with the university.
  • 14 activists were arrested at Tulane University when police cleared an illegal encampment. Two of those arrested were students, while 12 of them were not affiliated with the university.
  • 10 activists were arrested at the University of South Florida after the SDS, a suspended student group, tried to stage another illegal encampment. Seventy-five to 100 protestors came equipped with wooden shields and umbrellas in an attempt to counter law enforcement’s anti-riot tactics, but they were ultimately unsuccessful.
  • Nine activists were arrested at the University of Florida when police cleared an illegal encampment. One person was charged with battery to a police officer.

Wednesday, May 1:

  • 34 activists were arrested at the University of Wisconsin at Madison when police cleared an illegal encampment. Four of the demonstrators were charged with resisting arrest and/or battery to a police officer.
  • Activists were arrested overnight at the University of Arizona when police cleared an illegal encampment. At publishing time, it was not known how many activists were arrested.

There are several noteworthy trends in this progression: 1) universities are acting more quickly to disperse illegal encampments; 2) more universities are calling in police to make arrests; 3) the numbers of those arrested is dwindling; and 4) increasing attention is being drawn to the presence of outside agitators.

These trends suggest a number of developments. First, university administrators are watching what is happening at other universities. They are witnessing the recalcitrance of pro-Hamas activists, as well as the headaches and monetary damages they have caused at places like Columbia or Cal Poly Humboldt where they were not dealt with quickly. They have also witnessed the example of the University of Texas at Austin and other schools that have successfully prevented a campus occupation through vigilant policing. These factors motivate university administrators to put an end to the illegal occupation tactics.

Second, the force of the pro-Hamas wave has dwindled as it has expanded. Protests at elite, radically progressive schools had high energy and significant student involvement. But protests at smaller or less elite schools have seen less student enthusiasm. Arrests have been in higher numbers, and there has been a larger proportion of unaffiliated agitators.

Third, even the most radical protestors can behave rationally. Essentially, they would rather not face consequences for their actions — to the point that they are now begging for amnesty from the same administrators they just poked in the eye. It seems that students are making a risk calculation based upon how they believe law enforcement will respond. Police have made the most arrests in progressive (that is, anti-law-enforcement) jurisdictions such as New York, Massachusetts, and California. But protests have been smaller across the South and Midwest, suggesting that fewer students are willing to risk arrest and prosecution for the thrill of camping on the university lawn. This suggests that government officials should consider the incentives they create in how they respond to protests.

Fourth, outside agitators have become involved to an alarming extent. Police made arrests at 22 universities from Saturday to Tuesday; and, in 11 out of 12 instances where the numbers are known, they arrested more outsiders than students. In multiple instances, these outside agitators even participated in illegally occupying campus buildings. It is unacceptable that a handful of activists, with no connection to a university, can seize its property and hold it hostage to absurd demands.

Circumstances on many universities are developing rapidly, and more arrests could follow at any time. Johns Hopkins University has threatened police action against an illegal encampment on its Baltimore campus. Purdue University has threatened ringleaders of an illegal encampment there with disciplinary action. Portland State University in Oregon has closed its campus due to protestors illegally occupying the campus library for two straight days.

As these will not be the last campus arrests related to pro-Hamas protests, neither were they the first. At Brown University, 41 students were arrested in December when they refused to leave a campus building. In March, four students at Vanderbilt University and 22 students and two faculty at Cornell University were also arrested for refusing to leave campus buildings.

But pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic protests on campus exploded in mid-April around Passover. The illegal occupation at Columbia gained the most attention, and campus occupations have expanded ever since. But the activists have gone too far, and universities are fighting back with mass arrests, which have now reached more than 1,600 and counting.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Campus Encampments Only a Warm-Up for Summer of Protests

Illegal campus occupations have entered their second week while hapless administrators at supposedly elite universities squirm like four-year-olds trying to gain control of a runaway tractor. The protests “don’t appear to be dying down at all,” Family Research Council Action President Jody Hice noted on “Washington Watch” Friday. As finals and then elections loom, “many people are asking and wondering if the violence is going to spill over into the summer months.”

“These protests are going to continue into the summer,” answered Rep. Ben Cline (R-Va.) in the same interview. “And, as it gets hotter, and tempers flare, the potential for more disruption is evident. And it’s going to be very unsettling as the summer goes on.” The campus encampments are “just uncovering the truth,” he added, “which is that the radical Left — supported by and endorsed by terrorist groups around the world — are doing what they can to stoke unrest across the country.”

The cause doesn’t matter to left-wing direct action. Sometimes, the activists don’t even know what the cause is. “I’ve seen interviews with students chanting, ‘From the river to the sea,’ and [they] don’t even know what river or what sea they’re talking about,” said Cline. A viral video clip showed two college students at an NYU protest last week who admitted they didn’t know what they were protesting. “Any student in late April is generally looking for any pretext to get out of class,” suggested Owen Strachan, senior fellow for Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview, on “Washington Watch.”

Whatever the cause, the Left has cultivated a culture of protest, where students and others gather simply for the excitement, the thrill of sticking it to the man, the rush of power from inhibiting other people’s lives, or the feeling of invincibility reinforced by the inexplicable reluctance of law enforcement agencies to enforce the laws these protestors break.

The protest counter-culture has been growing for some time. As early as 2011, protestors cut their teeth at illegal encampments during Occupy Wall Street. From April 2016 to February 2017, protestors camped out in the Dakotas to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In 2020, left-wing activists inflated a single incident of bad policing into a nationwide summer of racial division. The BLM movement perpetrated more than 500 violent riots, causing $1 to $2 billion in damages. The well-organized and relentless rioters staged nearly-nightly standoffs with law enforcement at the Portland, Ore. federal courthouse, the White House, and in New York City — not to mention other cities.

Since late 2021, left-wing activists participating in “Stop Cop City” have camped out near Atlanta, seeking to prevent the construction of a police training facility. In March 2023, Atlanta police detained dozens of activists, including a lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after more than 100 masked individuals in black clothing “entered the construction area and began to throw large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers,” ultimately vandalizing and destroying construction equipment. Later that year, local officials indicted 61 individuals on racketeering charges.

The violence continued in 2022, when left-wing activists resorted to violence and intimidation in support of abortion-on-demand. The militant leftists not only targeted the homes of Supreme Court justices but even churches, academic appearances by constitutional lawyers, and everything in between.

This lifestyle of protest has created a need to protest, which in turn creates a demand for overhyped controversies. “Whether it’s environmental rhetoric or whether it’s international support for Hamas,” Cline pointed out, “we’ve seen a liberal indoctrination of college students and young people.” The education system is “being abused by the Left to infiltrate and indoctrinate young minds.”

One of the key words there is “young.” Left-wing radicals have even created summer camps to indoctrinate 4th through 8th graders into their activist lifestyle, teaching them the sort of escalatory tactics that necessitates instruction about how to deal with tear gas.

Now, as other causes apparently lose their luster, college activists with far more zeal than knowledge have happily adopted the cause of anti-Semitism as their reason to get out of bed in the morning — or perhaps I should say, get out of their pup tents.

Commentators on both sides of the political aisle have drawn comparisons between the student protests taking place today and anti-war protests from the late-1960s. At Columbia University, students appear to be consciously reenacting a university occupation that took place there in 1968. Establishment Democrats, having selected Chicago for their 2024 convention, have expressed concerns that this summer could see a repeat of the Democratic National Convention in 1968, when young radicals clashed violently with police. The summer riots of 1968 prompted disturbed Americans to elect Republican Richard Nixon that fall on a platform of restoring law and order.

Conservatives have also drawn the connection. “This reminds us of 1968 and the anti-war protesters. They were violent, violent extremists. They called for the violent overthrow of the United States government,” Regent University Dean of Government Michele Bachmann said on “Washington Watch.” Once again, she said, “We’re seeing calls for the overthrow of the United States government when they call for ‘death to America,’ ‘death to Israel.’”

The parallels to riots of the 1960s are more than superficial, suggested Rabbi Yaakov Menken on “Washington Watch.” “These folks who were students with … the long haircuts and the bandanas are now professors, tenured professors, in some cases even deans of students.” In other words, the student rioters of the 1960s are now the ones teaching university students today. Is it any wonder that they taught their proteges to follow in their footsteps?

“Hopefully they go back to class,” Cline said about the protestors, “and then go get jobs for the summer because … it would avoid the kind of summer unrest that we saw across the country in 2020.” Cline added that he hopes “cooler heads prevail.” If they don’t, Americans could be in for a “long, hot summer” of protesting and riots.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.


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The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Columbia U Encampment Leader Can’t Stop Talking About Killing Jews

“I feel very comfortable, very comfortable, calling for those people to die.”

Let’s conduct a little thought experiment.

Suppose local chapters of the KKK had established a presence on campuses across America while one of their leaders explained that black people shouldn’t live, they would have all been rounded up long ago. Not to mention expelled, canceled, and rendered permanently unemployable, put on no-fly-lists, and banned from Uber, Lyft, and every form of private and public transportation imaginable.

But we know that. Just as we know that the media deliberately ignores the ugliness, the hate, and the chants of, “kill another soldier” or “go back to Poland” in the same city where a Jewish guy screaming at a Muslim Halal vendor became a national story and led to his immediate arrest.

The media is still busy trying to sell the Hamas supporters of Columbia U as peaceful protesters and that makes videos like this by Khymani James, one of the encampment leaders, a little inconvenient.

So the media just won’t report on James talking about how Jews should not live and a meeting with school officials in which he explains the circumstances under which he might be moved to kill Jews.

“He continues to defend his position, that all Zionists ‘don’t deserve to live,’ sprinkling cackles and tone shifts throughout the video.

For not the only time in the video, James then compares Zionists to Hitler and Nazi soldiers, as well as Haitian slave owners, whose slaves had to kill them ‘in order to gain their independence.

‘These were masters who were white supremacists. What is a Zionist? A white supremacist. So let’s be very clear here, I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and start killing Zionists.

‘What I am saying is that if an individual who identifies as a Zionist threatens my physical safety in person, i.e., puts their hands on me, I am going to defend myself and in that case scenario, it may come to a point where I don’t know when to stop,’ he added, narrating the logic he would apply to a situation in which he might, potentially kill a Zionist.

‘Zionists don’t deserve to live comfortably, let alone Zionists don’t deserve to live.

‘The same way we are very comfortable accepting Nazis don’t deserve to live, fascists don’t deserve to live, racists don’t deserve to live. Zionists, they shouldn’t live in this world,’ he said, after calling the meeting both ‘institutional violence’ and ‘a joke.’

‘I feel very comfortable, very comfortable, calling for those people to die,’ he said just before the stream ends.

A normal student saying these sorts of things would be banned from campus, but leftist terrorists enjoy an ideological privilege that allows them to talk about killing people, and student services are just fine with it.

The media will go on reporting that the students are peaceful and upset at being manhandled by the cops. And lefty politicians will keep claiming that they’re “protesting joyously.”

And what’s more joyous than murder?



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More Bad News from Iran on the Weapons Front

US warns of sanctions risk as Pakistan strengthens relations with Iran with new multibillion-dollar deal


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Police Arrest Over 100 Protesters At Emerson College As Pro-Palestinian Protests Flare Across Country

Boston Police Department (BPD) arrested over 100 pro-Palestinian protesters Wednesday evening at Emerson College, the Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed.

Students have been protesting since Sunday and created an encampment in an alleyway partially owned by the college despite being warned that they were in violation of city ordinances, according to CBS News Boston. Police made a total of 108 arrests and broke up the encampment after warning protesters again to leave the area, a BPD spokesperson told the DCNF.

“108 arrests, 4 injured officers, 3 minor, 1 more serious. All non-life threatening,” the spokesperson said. “No protestors in custody have reported injuries at this time. Protestors will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court.”

The department did not elaborate on whether the protesters had been released or what they were being charged with. The school has not made a statement on the arrests but classes were canceled Thursday, according to CBS News Boston.

The administration urged protesters in a statement Wednesday to abide by city laws and clear out the encampment, according to an announcement to the school.

“Most notably, the Commissioners expressed that the tents occupying Boylston Place Alley violate city ordinances prohibiting tents in a public right-of-way,” the announcement reads. “They also noted alleged violations involving blocking pedestrian access to the alley, public noise violations, and ongoing reports of fire hazards posed by blocking doors and hydrants. These are not Emerson College rules but laws and ordinances enforced by the city and the commonwealth.”

The college also noted that it had received reports that there had been “targeted harassment and intimidation of Jewish supporters of Israel and students, staff, faculty, and neighbors seeking to pass through the alley” from protesters and that this behavior was “unacceptable,” according to the school’s announcement.

Pro-Palestinian protests have been erupting across the country following the arrest of nearly 100 students at Columbia University who were protesting the school’s ties to Israel. Multiple groups at Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, among others, have started encampments, calling for the universities to meet their demands to boycott, divest and sanction Israel over its war with Hamas.

Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Oct. 7 killing over 1,200 people and taking over 250 hostages, including Americans.

Emerson did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





Harvard Suspends Student ‘Palestine Solidarity Committee’ As Campuses Work To Rein In Protests

NPR’s Old CEO Was Accused Of ‘Racism’ For Asking Employees For ‘Civility’: REPORT

Half Of Americans Would Support Mass Deportation Of Illegal Migrants: POLL

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Prime Minister Netanyahu: ‘Campus Antisemitism Reminiscent of 1930s Germany’

“What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific.” — Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

Netanyahu: ‘Campus antisemitism reminiscent of 1930s Germany’

The Prime Minister condemned the antisemitic incidents and protests currently occurring on university campuses in the US and called on administrators to stop them.

By: Israel National News, Apr 24, 2024:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video in English on Wednesday in which he condemned the anti-Israel and antisemitic rallies currently being held in universities in the United States.

“What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific. Antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities. They call for the annihilation of Israel. They attack Jewish students. They attack Jewish faculty. This is reminiscent of what happened in German universities in the 1930s. It’s unconscionable. It has to be stopped. It has to be condemned and condemned unequivocally. But that’s not what happened. The response of several university presidents was shameful,” the Prime Minister stated.

With this, he noted that “fortunately, state, local, and federal officials, many of them have responded differently but there has to be more. More has to be done. It has to be done not only because they attack Israel, that’s bad enough, not only because they want to kill Jews wherever they are, that’s bad enough, it’s also when you listen to them, it’s also because they say not only, ‘Death to Israel. Death to the Jews,” but “death to America.’ And this tells us that there is an antisemitic surge here that has terrible consequences.

“We see this exponential rise of antisemitism throughout America and throughout Western societies as Israel tries to defend itself against genocidal terrorists, genocidal terrorists who hide behind civilians. Yet it is Israel that is falsely accused of genocide, Israel that is falsely accused of starvation, and all sundry war crimes. It’s all one big libel. But that’s not new. We’ve seen in history that antisemitic attacks were always preceded by vilification and slander, lies that were cast against the Jewish people that are unbelievable yet people believed them.”

Netanyahu added: “Now, what is important now is for all of us, all of us who are interested and cherish our values and our civilization, to stand up together and to say enough is enough. We have to stop antisemitism because antisemitism is the canary in the coal mine. It always precedes larger conflagrations that engulf the entire world.

“So I ask all of you, Jews and non-Jews alike, who are concerned with our common future and our common values to do one thing: stand up, speak up, be counted. Stop antisemitism now,” he concluded.

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