Elite Chicago Private School Official Brags About LGBTQ+ Health Center Teaching ‘Queer Sex’ to Minors


Project Veritas released a new video today exposing a high-ranking private school official, Joseph Bruno, who admitted that he teaches underage children about sex with items such as “butt-plugs” and “dildos.” Bruno, who works as the Dean of Students at an elite school in Chicago called Francis W. Parker, said that these were the items brought into the classroom by an LGBTQ+ group.

Here is some of what is revealed in today’s video:

  • Joseph Bruno, Dean of Students, Francis W. Parker School: “So, I’ve been the Dean for four years. During Pride — we do a Pride Week every year — I had our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in [to the classroom]. They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students — talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit.”
  • Bruno: “They’re just, like, passing around dildos and butt-plugs. The kids are just playing with ‘em, looking at ‘em…They’re like, ‘How does this butt-plug work? How do we do – like, how does this work?’ That’s a really cool part of my job.”
  • Bruno: “We had a Drag Queen come in — pass out cookies and brownies and do photos.”

You can watch the full video HERE.

Project Veritas encourages students and parents to reach out to VeritasTips@protonmail.com with any information regarding teacher malfeasance in the classroom.

We will expose all the corrupt school officials and administrators one by one!


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Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent bans CRT

With full acknowledgement and appreciation to Epoch Times for covering the story below. Parents across the country finally have had enough of the indoctrination of their children in the school systems. A newly elected conservative School Board back by “Moms for Liberty,” a conservative activist group supporting parental rights and the solid education for children, not the political indoctrination of children, made serious changes during their first meeting. Moms and parents elsewhere, do NOT give up! Double down if need be but fight the good fight to save your children.

Here in Arizona newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, Esq. (a former Superintendent and Attorney General) will hit the ground running when he assumes office in January. His passion for the welfare of children, their proper education and preparation for higher education will become evident most clearly as he moves into office. The story below is heart warming, and I pray more will follow across America. Prepare Arizona education system for your atmosphere is about to change drastically, and away from the CRT, Woke, and socialist models you have championed.

Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory

By Jackson Elliott

In one meeting, Deon Jackson went from South Carolina’s Berkeley County school superintendent to unemployed.

His firing came at the hand of a newly-elected school board, which appears to have declared a judgment day for woke practices in its district.

In its first meeting after the Nov. 8 election, the board fired superintendent Jackson and school counsel Tiffany Richardson. Then it hired Anthony Dixon as superintendent and retained Brandon Gaskins as counsel. And before the day was over, the board banned teaching critical race theory and created a board to review library books for pornographic content.  Moms for Liberty, an activist group that supports parental rights in education, endorsed six of the board’s nine members. Many Moms for Liberty candidates won school board elections this November, as reported previously. The group’s leaders say more aggressive school management decisions may soon be in order.

In Berkeley, the candidates’ aggressive approach was a response to student discipline policies and slow learning post-COVID-19, said Christi Dixon, the Moms for Liberty chapter chair for Berkeley.  “Parents were seeing that their children weren’t achieving at the levels that they had been previously. And there were a lot of changes,” Dixon said.

Read more.

RELATED LETTER: Berkeley County School District Issues Statement regarding termination of former Superintendent Deon Jackson

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Education as a Battleground

The following is adapted from remarks delivered on November 3, 2022, at a Hillsdale College reception in Santa Clara, California.

If you want to see the problem with American education, look at a chart illustrating the comparative growth in the number of students, teachers, and district administrators in our public schools in the period between 2000 and 2019. (See the chart here.) The number of district administrators grew by a whopping 87.6 percent during these years, far outstripping the growth in the number of students (7.6 percent) and teachers (8.7 percent).

In illustrating the difference in these rates of growth, the chart also illustrates a fundamental change that has come over our nation as a whole during this period—a change in how we govern ourselves and how we live. To say a change is fundamental means that it concerns the foundation of things. If the foundation changes, then the things built on it are changed. Education is fundamental, and it has changed radically. This has changed everything else.

One way of describing the change in education today is that it provides a different answer than we have ever known to the question: who owns American children? Of course, no one actually owns the children. They are human beings, and insofar as they are owned, they own themselves. But by nature, they require a long time to grow up—much longer than most creatures—and someone must act on their behalf until they mature. Who is to do that?

Not many people raise this question explicitly, but implicitly it is everywhere. For example, it is contained in the question: who gets to decide what children learn? It is contained more catastrophically in the question: who decides what we tell children about sex? 

Are these decisions the province of professional educators, who claim to be experts? Or are they the province of parents, who rely on common sense and love to guide them? In other words, is the title to govern children established by expertise or by nature as exhibited in parenthood? The first is available to a professionally educated few. The second is available to any human being who will take the trouble.

The natural answer to this question is contained in the way human beings come to be. Prior to recent scientific “advances,” every child has been the result of a natural process to which people have a natural attraction. “Natural” here does not mean what every single person wants or does—it means the way things work unless we humans intervene. 

In its essence, “nature” means the process of begetting and growth by which a mature, living thing comes to be. Not quite every human being is attracted to the natural process of human reproduction, but nearly all are—and when the process works to produce a baby, it works that way and no other way. 

This process of human reproduction and growth works for two reasons. The first is that human beings, when mature, are capable of so much more than other creatures. Almost from birth we learn to talk, a rational function that indicates decisive differences from other creatures. Because of reason and speech we are moral beings, capable of distinguishing among kinds of things and therefore of knowing and doing right and wrong. Also because of them we are social beings, able to understand and explain things to one another that other creatures do not understand and cannot discuss. This draws us closer together than even herd or swarm animals. 

We are unique in possessing these capacities, and it is in this specific respect that our nation’s founders declared that “all men are created equal.” This equality has nothing to do with the color of anyone. Its source is the unique, immaterial, rational soul of the human being. One of my teachers used to respond to the claims of animal rights advocates that one must not be cruel to any creature, but that only those who can talk are entitled to vote. 

The second reason in nature that makes human reproduction unique is our especially long period of maturation. For months, human babies are simply helpless; without constant attention they will starve. For years afterwards they must develop the skills and knowledge that are uniquely available to the human being. Both the skills and the knowledge are natural, meaning all human beings can obtain them, but both take time. Each child does the work of obtaining them, but each child needs help. Modern educators often mistake the work of helping them to learn for actually doing the learning for them. The second is impossible.

The skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic are direct exercises of the rational faculty. They are in principle the same thing as talking, and in principle every child will learn much of them unassisted. Just watch a child grow up to the age of two. He or she begins very early to respond to things with comprehension. Words soon follow. Children copy adults for the use of words, but they are doing all the work of learning. Little wonder that human beings take a long time to mature: they have so much to learn. 

Raising a child has always been difficult and expensive. With rare exceptions, it has always been true that the parents who conceive the child raise him the best. And throughout American history, it has been thought that the family is the cradle of good citizenship and therefore of free and just politics. Public education is as old as our nation—but only lately has it adopted the purpose of supplanting the family and controlling parents. 

[ *** ]

The political successes of Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, Governor Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, and many other politicians in other states have largely been won on this battleground of education. One can look in history or in literature to see the danger of where the idea of supplanting the family might lead. Study the education practices that existed in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and that exist today in Communist China. Or read the terrifying account in Orwell’s 1984. They tell us that children, by distorting their natural desire to grow up and end their dependence, can be recruited to the purposes of despotic regimes, even to the extent of denouncing their parents to the state.

We do not yet have this in America. But we do have children being turned against their country by being indoctrinated to look on its past—of which all parents, of course, are in some way a part—as a shameful time of irredeemable injustice. We also increasingly have children being encouraged to speak of their sexual proclivities at an age when they can hardly think of them. 

To cite just one example, Christopher Rufo has discovered, on the website of the Michigan Department of Education, detailed instructions for how teachers should open the question with students of their sexual orientation—or maybe I should say sexual direction, since “orientation” implies something constant, whereas children are now being taught that sexuality is “fluid” and can take them anywhere. 

Also on the website are detailed instructions on how to keep this activity from the parents. And as we learned last year, when parents get angry and complain of things like this, the FBI is likely to become interested.

Who “owns” the child, then? The choice is between the parents, who have taken the trouble to have and raise the child—and who, in almost all cases, will give their lives to support the child for as long as it takes and longer—or the educational bureaucracy, which is more likely than a parent to look upon the child as an asset in a social engineering project to rearrange government and society. 

[ *** ]

The revolutionary force behind this social engineering project is a set of ideas installed in just about every university today. Its smiting arm is the administrative state, an element of America’s ruling class. The administrative state has something over 20 million employees, many of them at the federal but most at the state level. Directly and indirectly, they make rules about half the economy, which means they affect all of it. 

Most of the bureaucrats who staff the administrative state have permanent jobs. The idea behind this was that if they do not fear dismissal and have excellent pay and benefits that can’t be reduced, then they will be politically neutral. Today, of course, the public employee unions that represent this administrative state are the largest contributors in politics and give overwhelmingly to one side. They are the very definition of partisanship.

The fiction is that these bureaucrats are highly trained, dispassionate, nonpartisan, and professional, and that therefore they can do a better job, of almost anything, than somebody outside the system can do. They proceed by rules that over time have become ever more hopelessly complex. Only they can read these rules—and, for the most part, they read them as they please. 

Judges have up to now, for the most part, given deference to the bureaucrats’ reading of their own rules. It is a rare happy fact that this judicial practice is under challenge in the courts. If it should ever become settled doctrine that the bureaucracy is constrained by the strict letter of the laws made by elected legislators and enforced by elected executives, that will exercise some restraint upon the administrative state. That explains why, after decades of defending judicial supremacy, progressives are beginning to question the authority of the courts and speak openly about packing the Supreme Court.

[ *** ]

Public education is an important component of the prevailing administrative system. The roots of the system are in Washington, D.C., and the tendrils reach into every town and hamlet that has a public school. These tendrils retain some measure of freedom, especially in red states where legislatures do not go along automatically. In some red states, the growth of administrators has been somewhat slower than average. But this growth has been rapid and large everywhere. In every state, the result has been to remove authority and money away from the schools where the students learn. In every state, the authority and money drained from the schools have flowed toward the bureaucracy. 

The political battle over this issue is fraught with dishonesty. Any criticism of public education is immediately styled as a criticism of teachers. But as the numbers show, the public education system works to the detriment of teachers and for the benefit of bureaucrats. The teachers unions themselves, some of the largest of the public employee unions, claim to be defending teachers and children. That cannot be more than half true, given that they are defending an administrative system that has grown by leaps and bounds while the number of teachers has grown very little.

Worse even than this is the tendency the system sets in all of us. Bureaucracy is a set of processes, a series of prescribed steps not unlike instructions for assembling a toy. First this happens, then that happens, and then the next thing. The processes proceed according to rules. It is a profession unto itself to gain competence in navigating these rules, but nobody is really competent. Today we tend too much to think that this kind of process is the only thing that can give legitimacy to something. A history curriculum is adopted, not because it gives a true account of the unchangeable things that have already happened, but because it has survived a process. The process is dominated by “stakeholders”—mostly people who have a financial or political interest in what is taught. They are mostly not teachers or scholars but advocates. And so we adopt our textbooks, our lesson plans, and our state standardized tests with a view to future political outcomes once the kids grow up. 

I have said and written many times that the political contest between parents and people who make an independent living, on the one hand, and the administrative state and all its mighty forces on the other, is the key political contest of our time. Today that seems truer than ever. The lines are clearly formed.

[ *** ]

As long as our representative institutions work in response to the public will, there is thankfully no need for violence. As the Declaration of Independence says, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.”

The Declaration guides us in our peaceful pursuits, too. In naming the causes of the American Revolution, it gives a guide to maintaining free and responsible government. The long middle section of the Declaration accuses the King of interfering with representative government, violating the separation of powers, undermining the independence of the judiciary, and failing to suppress violence. 

And in an apposite phrase, it says of the King: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

So it is today. And so it is our duty to defend our American way of life.


Larry P. Arnn

President, Hillsdale College

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Taxpayer-funded Middle East Studies Centers at U.S. Universities Promote Anti-U.S. Propaganda and ‘Islamophobia’ Myths

It’s good to see the National Association of Scholars acknowledging this and documenting it in detail. Jihad Watch has been warning about and documenting it for years, and as a result has been one of the targets of the scurrilous pro-jihad, pro-Sharia propaganda mills that operate out of these compromised universities today. A whole generation has now been propagandized with the “Islamophobia” myth and much more.

U.S. gives $2.9m to Universities that promote anti-West ideologies

Open The Books, November 14, 2022:

While there are more than 50 Middle East Studies Centers at American universities, training students in the culture and languages of the region, 11 are designated National Resource Centers, which provides federal funds.

According to a new report by the National Association of Scholars, the 11 centers each get $260,000 in Title VI funding through the Department of Education to the tune of $2.9 million a year.

They are at Columbia University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, New York University, University of Arizona, UCLA, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, UNC/Duke University partnership.

The report, Hijacked: The Capture of America’s Middle East Studies Centers, says the centers have veered far afield their purpose, now pushing overtly anti-West ideologies focusing on social issues such as Islamophobia and immigration at the university level, and even push critical race theory to K–12 educators….

Yale University courses are frequently rife with progressive dogmas, including requiring students to read such as, “Islam Today: Jihad and Fundamentalism,” which attempts to reframe the most dangerous aspects of Islam as a “reactive force to Western colonialism,” according to the report.

“By only presenting students with books that advance a pro-immigration agenda, educators sidestep meaningful debate on the issue and bias students toward their own progressive views,” Arnold wrote in the report. “The bias of these centers has been documented for years. It’s time for taxpayers to be taken off the hook for these activist centers.”…



Afghanistan: Supreme leader orders full implementation of Sharia, including public executions, stonings, amputations

Austria: Muslim migrant forces his wife to wear hijab, stabs her 11 times, says ‘I just wanted to scare her’

Australia: Teen converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at home, opts instead to blow himself up in Iraq

Italy: Muslim arrested for torture and abuse of two people, including a teenager, who refused to fight for ISIS

Morocco: Muslims chase and brutally beat LGBT person

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EXPLICIT: Prestigious Connecticut Private School Educator Details Sexual Fantasies with High School Students


Project Veritas released a new video today exposing an educator working at a prestigious Connecticut private school, Iman Rasti, for sexually explicit statements he made about his current high school students.

Rasti, Director of Greens Farms Academy’s Writing Center, teaches Middle School English, and is the Seventh Grade Dean, was recorded fantasizing about young female pupils. He even admits that his thoughts could get him in trouble at work.

Here is some of what is featured in the video:

  • Iman Rasti, Director of Writing Center; Middle School English Teacher; Seventh Grade Dean at Greens Farms Academy: “That possibly means me losing my job, my reputation — it’s way too risky. Like, one thing they [students] do these days, they sit down in front of me, they purposefully sit down somewhere in the class that is literally directly in front of me. They spread their legs wide open and that is just brutal. Brutal.”
  • Rasti: “Every day there is different panties on: green, black, white and they [students] make sure — it’s like they talk to each other, the three of them do that.”
  • Rasti: “They open their legs, and I am teaching, and I see what I see. They make sure that the panties are positioned in a way that I actually see the thing.”
  • Rasti: “Well, how can you concentrate? How can you continue talking with your classroom when you see that? I don’t know for women — if you see, I don’t know, I guess for women it’s sexy to see a man with a hard on. Maybe it’s sexy, I don’t know…They [students] are naughty.”
  • Rasti: “So, you see a 15-year-old girl, and next year they come back to school, and she is a woman. She is a woman. There is no way — she has gained weight, just, doing nothing, so it is clear that she has had sex. A lot of sex.”
  • GREENS FARMS ACADEMY RESPONDS: “We have just been made aware of a report of inappropriate comments allegedly made by a teacher at GFA. We are placing the employee on leave and will be promptly investigating this matter and taking appropriate action.” – Michelle Levi, spokesperson for Greens Farms Academy.

You can watch the full video HERE.

As a result of these statements by Rasti, Project Veritas decided to reach out to retired State Police Officer, Corporal Thomas McAndrew, who spent 25 years on the force leading major crime investigations and profiling offenders in the state of Pennsylvania.

McAndrew said that Rasti’s remarks raise concerns.

“It’s just very concerning that he would lose that judgment — of the difference between what position he is in,” McAndrew said.

“Concern with the fact that this is where his mindset is. His mindset is not in welcoming back a teenager who is a student, but instead, he’s obsessed with a sexual connotation or the sexual aspect of that student. Why his mind would go there is very concerning. Again, fantasy is one thing, thinking it is another thing. But when he has blurred the lines and started to justify all of his behavior, it is certainly a concern to us,” he said.

“It is predatory. When somebody is this obsessed with a fantasy, it starts to rule their life. They start to move in a direction of losing the concept of reality. The reality is he’s a teacher. He’s in a power position. He should be worried about educating these children. Instead, his focus is more on constantly — it seems, constantly obsessed with sexual aspects of these children.”


EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

MSNBC claims that efforts to remove pornography from public schools are ‘book banning’

“Book banning is much more than just the removal of books from school libraries.” — Reza Aslan

Actually, that’s all it is: an effort to remove explicitly pornographic material such as Gender Queer from public libraries and public schools. But Ali Velshi and Reza Aslan are in the business of stoking Leftist hysteria, and they love posturing as the courageous enlightened against the benighted, willfully stupid bigots.

If Velshi is serious about his “Banned Book Club,” however, let him feature an author whose books are not subject to an official ban, but to the de facto ban of Leftist conformism. Let him discuss a book that cuts against the Left’s authoritarian agenda. Don’t hold your breath.

Velshi Banned Book Club: The Concerted Effort to Ban Books

NBCUniversal, November 5, 2022:

Book banning is much more than just the removal of books from school libraries. It has become a rallying cry for the Christian Right, and a wedge issue for these upcoming midterm elections. So how do you speak to religious fundamentalists about an issue like book banning? Reza Aslan, author of “Beyond Fundamentalism” has an answer, “The way that you defeat religiously-inspired hate is with religiously-inspired love….




Nigeria: Muslims enter villages on market day, open fire, murder at least 18 children

Iran: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps using Afghan Shia militia to quell protests

Italy: Muslim migrant viciously assaults two female cops, demands to speak to a male cop

Albanian man arrives in UK, reveals he is a convicted murderer, is allowed to apply for asylum

‘Palestinian’ girl: ‘Daddy gave me a machine gun and a rifle. We will achieve victory over America and Israel.’

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Federal Judge Orders School to Announce Conservative Student’s Statement on Proposal 3

ANN ARBOR, MI — Finding that Skyline High School sought “to silence Plaintiffs’ appropriate speech as to Proposal 3,” Federal District Court Judge, Paul D. Borman, on November 4, ordered the school to read the conservative senior and Republican Club President’s statement “over the Skyline High School’s public address service during ordinary announcements on Monday, November 7, 2022.”  The Court granted the Plaintiffs’ request for a Temporary Restraining Order once the announcement was modified to meet the Court’s concern.  Nevertheless, despite Skyline’s continued objection to the modified announcement, the Court ordered the following announcement to be read:

Attention Students

Are you interested in joining our efforts to protect the health of women and children.

If proposal 3 is passed it would eliminate health and safety regulations, legalize late term and partial birth abortion, no longer require physicians to perform abortions, and eliminate informed consent laws.

If so, email us at skylinerepublicanclub@gmail. com

On November 1, the Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed the federal lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan against the Ann Arbor Public Schools and officials of Skyline High School located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The lawsuit, claiming blatant discrimination, alleging several violations of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Equal Access Act, was filed on behalf of David Nielsen and his minor son, (“Plaintiff”), a senior and president of the Republican Club and the Republican Club as a separate plaintiff.

Erin Mersino, TMLC’s Chief of Supreme Court and Appellate Practice is handling the case.  She commented, “The Constitution protects a student’s right to have a different viewpoint from others and share it within the walls of a public school.  How else will students learn tolerance toward opinions to which they disagree or how to thrive in our pluralistic society?”  The Supreme Court cautioned against viewpoint discrimination in the schools, warning it creates “enclaves of totalitarianism.”

Richard Thompson, TMLC President, stressed that one of TMLC’s main goals is defending students’ rights: “Public schools across our nation are stifling the free speech of conservative students and organizations.  We are working to defend their constitutional rights — rights which the Supreme Court so famously said, they do not lose by merely entering the schoolhouse gate.”

Skyline High School officials routinely have allowed students and student groups to share pro-choice and left leaning viewpoints over its public address system to promote abortion, Roe v. Wade, and Planned Parenthood.  The school has also allowed student clubs to promote the Black Lives Matter movement, express views on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, promote the idea of climate change, and promote the visit of a democratic congresswoman seeking re-election.  In short, Skyline High School’s record shows it does not hesitate to share certain viewpoints over the morning announcements.

After Plaintiffs submitted their announcement, they received an email from the school stating that “your announcement is not going to be read or posted due to its political nature.”  That same day, Plaintiffs met with the principal’s secretary who rejected the announcement and confirmed that the announcement was not read because, in his opinion, it was “political.”  Given the school’s history of allowing other viewpoints to be shared freely, the school’s process and decision did not appear fair.

TMLC then sent a letter to the Ann Arbor Public Schools on behalf of Plaintiffs, requesting that the announcement be read.  A few days later, they responded to TMLC but denied wrongdoing, while continuing to censor Plaintiffs’ speech.  The next day, on November 1, TMLC filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.  The lawsuit, which claims blatant discrimination, alleges that the school violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and the Equal Access Act.

On November 2, TMLC filed a motion for a temporary restraining order, asking the Court to require that the announcement be shared over the school’s public address system at the earliest possible time.  The Court held a hearing on November 4.  The hearing lasted approximately 1.5 hours.  At the end of the hearing, Judge Borman announced that the motion would be granted and published his ruling shortly afterward.

In his ruling, Judge Borman found that the “Plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success on the merits of their First Amendment claim” and further that “Defendants seek to silence Plaintiffs’ appropriate speech by refusing to broadcast it with their morning announcements.” 

Judge Borman’s order respects the idea that all students and student clubs should be treated equally, and none favored.

©Thomas More Law Center. All rights reserved.

Colorado elementary school officials hid student gender transition from parents, emails show

There was a time, not too long ago, when the school nurse couldn’t give your child an aspirin or Tylenol without parental permission. This cannot stand. Whatever it takes to take back our children, regain our freedom must be done.

Colorado elementary school officials hid student gender transition from parents, emails show

By Jeremiah Poff, Washington Examiner, November 04, 2022:

Officials at an elementary school in Colorado discussed how to defy the wishes of parents who did not want the school to accommodate their child’s request to transition to a different gender socially.

According to internal emails obtained through a public-records request by the parent activist group Parents Defending Education, an official at Laurel Elementary School in Fort Collins, Colorado, asked administrators if they should disregard a parent’s request that their child be addressed by their legal name and pronouns corresponding to their biological sex.

“I’m wondering about what to do when an elementary school student has expressed their pronouns and chosen name but their parents directly tell school staff not to call the student by those pronouns,” the unnamed official said in an email dated April 4, 2022. “I feel very strongly about supporting the student but have heard that we legally have to follow the parents’ direction due to the age of the child (elementary school).”

The Laurel Elementary School administrator’s request for information was forwarded to a Poudre School District official, who directed the administrator to follow the student’s wishes for what name to be called but use the student’s legal name in conversations with the child’s parents.

“The school should use the student’s affirming name and pronouns at school and use their legal name and corresponding pronouns when talking with the family until they are supportive of the student’s new name and pronouns,” the email says.

Poudre School District did not respond to a request for comment.

Over the past year, school districts across the country have faced the ire of parents for facilitating so-called “social gender transitions” for students of all ages without the permission or knowledge of the child’s parent. The practice has led to several lawsuits and has prompted some elected officials to explore ways to ban the practice.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Parents Defending Education’s director of outreach, Erika Sanzi, blasted the school officials’ discussions as “unconscionable.”

Keep reading.



The Left Destroyed Everything, and Now They Want A Free Pass

Watch these videos calling out Democrats as Racists, Pornographers, Groomers of Children and Unhinged

If You’re White and Fork Over $85,000, This Prestigious University Will Teach You to Hate Yourself

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School Official Removes Student’s American Flag Despite Pride Flag Displays Across Campus

School officials at Trinity College in Connecticut removed two patriotic flags hanging from a student’s dorm room while seemingly allowing other students to hang Pride flags, according to viral video footage posted to TikTok.

Two students hung a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag and an American flag with a blue, red, and green line representing law enforcement, firefighters, and federal agents. Under the supervision of the self-described Director of Housing Operations, an alleged school administrator removed the flags from the dorm. Students protested the removal of the flags, according to a video of the interaction.

“Who are you touching our flags? You have no right to do this,” said one student who claimed ownership of the flags.

“You were directed to take it down,” an alleged school official responded. “The dean’s office has requested — put your phone away.”

“Absolutely not,” the student said. “I have every right to record and you know that. This is America. We have the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression. I don’t know why you’re taking our flags down.”

The alleged administrator directed the two students recording the interaction to visit the dean’s office. The duo alleged in the video that while other students were directed to remove their flags, only the American flag and the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag were physically removed.

“Why are you targeting us specifically,” one student asked.

“[Other students are] being asked, but ours are being ripped off,” another student said.


An online commentator noted that the college previously displayed Pride flags around campus.

Kristen Cole, a senior director of media relations at Trinity College, told the Daily Caller that the dean was enforcing the Student Handbook.

“The Trinity College Student Handbook states that objects are not allowed to be placed outside of residence hall windows for safety reasons,” Cole said.

The handbook states that “no objects of any type (including liquid), may be thrown, dropped, pushed out of, placed outside of, or allowed to fall from any residential building window. Students found responsible for such actions will face residential censure.”

Cole admitted that the event showcased how the rules are applied inconsistently on campus.

“The event has highlighted the need for more consistent enforcement of handbook rules, and the college is working with the student body to create awareness and compliance,” Cole said. “The dean’s office will directly work with students for more consistent enforcement.”

The Daily Caller was unable to contact the two students in the video.



Education reporter.


Ithaca College Allegedly Requests Faculty Members Add Their Race To School’s Database

Ohio Teacher Arrested, Charged For Alleged Involvement In Prostitution Sting

Jewish Community Center to Host Drag Queen Story Hour As Part Of ‘Family Fun’ Day

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What Some Schools Are Teaching Kids Is So Obscene, Parental Rights Activists Can’t Even Read It On TV

  • Under federal guidelines, TV and radio stations cannot air obscene content, some which parental rights in education advocates say are in school curriculums.
  • “When my kids were younger or just in my earlier life, I can’t think of a time that I would be talking about a children’s book, and I couldn’t discuss it on the radio. This is a new phenomenon where you cannot discuss what is in a book used for children,” Erika Sanzi, Parents Defending Education director of outreach, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Parental rights in education advocates have been told to avoid talking about different types of sex and images which appear in several school districts’ sexual education curriculums.

Parents and parental rights advocates seeking to shed light on what is being taught in schools say television stations won’t even broadcast what’s in their school curriculums because it’s too obscene.

It is against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to describe sexual conduct or feature any “grossly offensive” language on a radio or television broadcast. Parental rights in education advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation that television and radio stations do not allow them to talk about the obscene curriculums and books allowed in schools.

“When my kids were younger or just in my earlier life, I can’t think of a time that I would be talking about a children’s book, and I couldn’t discuss it on the radio,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education, told the DCNF. “This is a new phenomenon where you cannot discuss what is in a book used for children.”

Sanzi told the DCNF that a producer at a television station told her she could not discuss the different types of sex that 10-year-olds learn in the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum of a Wisconsin school district due to FCC regulations.

“There was anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sex,” Sanzi told the DCNF. “She was like, ‘oh, my God, like you can’t say that.’ The main thing that she was telling me was that I couldn’t use explicit terms for body parts and I couldn’t describe these different types of sex that that the kids learn about.”

Sanzi said other television stations and radio stations have made similar requests, citing FCC guidelines.

Schools around the country often feature sexually explicit content in their curriculums; the New Jersey Department of Education’s sexual education standards teaches fifth graders all the ways “pregnancy can be achieved” and introduces eighth graders to all the types of sex, including anal sex.

Some school districts feature books such as “Gender Queer,” which depicts illustrations of the main characters masturbating and receiving oral sex, and “This Book Is Gay,” which teaches “boy-on-boy sex” and is described as an instruction manual for LGBTQ students.

Scarlett Johnson, head of Ozaukee, Wisconsin’s Moms For Liberty chapter, was told by a cameraman for WISN 12 News that the station could not air footage of her signs featuring images and language used in a Wauwatosa School District’s sexual education curriculum because it was too obscene, she told the DCNF.

“He said ‘I am going to have to blur the images so much that no one will be able to tell what they’re looking at.’ The language on there, there was anal sex, there was erection, wet dreams,” Johnson told the DCNF. “There were the graphic images of the condoms and then the images of the vulva, vagina, penis. And they all came straight from the curriculum.”

Johnson said to that because she cannot talk about the graphic images and material in schools, she is forced to talk about different aspects of sexual education curriculums that do not give the entire picture.

“Because of that, we never talked about the real issues. I’m just getting upset about it and upset that it’s always ‘oh, you just don’t want to read some some kindergarten book about gay parents or princess boys,” Johnson told the DCNF. “It’s so much more than that.”

Under FCC guidelines, obscene content is always prohibited, while indecent and profane content is not allowed to be aired between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when “there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience.” Sanzi said she understands parents who raise concerns that the content not appropriate for public broadcast is in school curriculums.

“I certainly can understand why a parent would say if you can’t say it on the radio, and you can’t say it on TV and you can’t read it in a public board meeting, perhaps it’s not appropriate for our eight-year-olds,” Sanzi told the DCNF.

The FCC, New Jersey Department of Education, Hillsborough School District, Wauwatosa School District and WISN 12 did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Idaho Library Director resigns after relentless pressure from local MassResistance citizens over graphic children’s books.

‘What Does Semen Taste Like?’: California School Uses Planned Parenthood Lesson To Teach Sexual Health

Drag Queens Take Center Stage In Midterm Battle Over Children’s Education

ADORNEY: The Woke Mob Is Like A Spoiled Child — It Won’t Stop Unless It’s Told “No!”

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NEW YORK: High School Teacher Accused Of Possessing Thousands Of Images, Videos Of Child Pornography

The Department Of Justice (DOJ) arrested and charged a New York high school teacher with possession of child pornography on Thursday.

Louis Carusone, a teacher at Brighton High School in Rochester, New York, has been accused of obtaining and distributing thousands of pictures and videos of child pornography, according to a DOJ press release. The investigation into Carusone began after an undercover officer allegedly found Carusone distributing child pornography through a peer-to-peer online sharing network.

“Law enforcement officials informed us last Friday night that they had just completed a search of Mr. Carusone’s home,” Brighton Central Schools Superintendent Kevin McGowan wrote in a statement. “We were told that devices belonging to Mr. Carusone had been seized and what the nature of their investigation was. We immediately placed Mr. Carusone on leave, froze his access to all electronic resources, and directed him to not be anywhere near BCSD property or to have contact with anyone at BCSD other than those who he would need to discuss his employment status with.”

Law enforcement found Carusone in possession of 2,030 pictures and 21 videos of child pornography after a search of his house, the DOJ reported. Carusone allegedly took photos and videos of his female students and also allegedly recorded children and adults in bathing suits at a waterpark.

Carusone will not be returning to work in the school district, the school’s statement said. The district is working to have Carusone’s teaching license revoked. (

Students will be able to meet with counseling staff from a local children’s advocacy center and the school will meet with all students in Carusone’s classes to address their questions and concerns, according to the school’s statement.

“We often talk about the trust placed in us and the need to care for and support each child as if they were our own children,” McGowan wrote. “This ethic of care can be seen throughout each day. However, the behavior and betrayal of one person in this incident was a failure in our obligation in every way. Our response now and in the coming days will be the first steps in reinforcing the great good that is done by so many in this organization and our commitment to a trusting relationship with all of you.”

The DOJ and Brighton High School did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Fifth-Grade Teacher Accused With Sex Crimes Against 13-Year-Old Student

School District Pulls Nearly 100 Books From Library Shelves Following Parent Complaints

Parents Mobilize as Culture War Rages

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Biden Wants Kids to Be ‘Gender-Transitioned’ Whether Parents Like It or Not

Medical experts tell us that a person’s brain is not fully developed until they reach age 25.

Yet these evil transgender proponents have no problem with mutilation/perversion of children and adults younger than 25 in order to change the gender given to them by God at birth. This “gender affirmation” as the left calls it, is lunacy yet the estimated $2.5 billion medical industry which has arisen around transgender transformation has no problem with it because it will make them billions more.

Watch this video report of the Florida Department of Health advising against gender transition surgery, puberty blockers for transgender youth.

What gender affirming procedures both surgical and other could be applied in order to be transformed to a different person even before their brains are fully formed including the ability to think and reason? Following is a list for those seeking gender transformation to choose from.

There is plenty of evidence that Transgenderism stems from untreated mental illness and treatment for these illnesses should be applied before the perversion of surgical and other procedures to transform and offer to mutilate (especially the young) people.

Please read: Transgenders, 4 Studies Say It’s Mental Disorders | Walt Heyer Ministries

One of the many major failures of the Obama 3/puppet Biden as Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces is to allow transgenders to enlist or be commissioned and then to even pay for their surgical transitions with taxpayer funds.

WATCH: Joseph Robinette Biden embraces this highly questionable lifestyle in this queer interview, no pun intended, with Dylan Mulvaney.

Have you ever wondered why when the LGBTQIE+ community represents only 2-3 % of registered voters they wield so much political power?   In addition to their supporters being deranged, follow the money trail.

Biden Wants Your Kids to Be Gender-Transitioned Whether You Like It or Not

By Jarrett Stepman 

President Joe Biden wants your children to make life-changing gender transitions, and the only reason you want to stop him is bigotry and fear. At least, so he says.

In a NowThis media roundtable aired Sunday, Biden discussed issues of the day with progressive activists and social media personalities. Most notable was his interview with transgender TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who is transitioning to “girlhood.”

In the interview, Biden said state attempts to restrict gender transitions are immoral and based on “fear.” He was asked if states had the right to place restrictions on “gender-affirming care,” as the Left likes to call hormone therapy and reconstructive surgeries.

“I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that. As a moral question or as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong,” the president said in response.

Though Biden didn’t make a distinction in these procedures between adults and minors, his actions suggest he’s referring to both. Some states have placed limitations on gender treatments and surgeries for minors in the past few years. Biden made it a priority to stop them.

In April, the Biden administration issued guidance through the Department of Health and Human Services saying that the federal government will ensure that “transgender youth receive the care they need.”

What administration officials mean is that the federal government is committed to assuring that children will be gender transitioned, whether you like it or not.

The Justice Department released a memo alongside the HHS statement, saying in part:

Intentionally erecting discriminatory barriers to prevent individuals from receiving gender-affirming care implicates a number of federal legal guarantees. State laws and policies that prevent parents or guardians from following the advice of a health care professional regarding what may be medically necessary or otherwise appropriate care for transgender minors may infringe on rights protected by both the Equal Protection and the Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Read the full article.

The most common vaginoplasty technique is some variation of the penile inversion procedure. In this technique, a vaginal vault is created between the rectum and the urethra, in the same location as a non-transgender female between the pelvic floor (Kegel) muscles, and the vaginal lining is created from penile skin. An orchiectomy is performed, the labia majora are created using scrotal skin, and the clitoris is created from a portion of the glans penis. The prostate is left in place to avoid complications such as incontinence and urethral strictures. Furthermore, the prostate has erogenous sensation and is the anatomic equivalent to the “g-spot.” Great care is taken to limit the external scars from a vaginoplasty by locating the incisions appropriately and with meticulous closure. Typical depth is 15 cm (6 inches), with a range of 12-16cm (5-6.5 inches); in comparison, typical vaginal depth in non-transgender females is between 9-12cm (3.5 to 5 inches).

[ … ]

Because the penile inversion approach does not create a vaginal mucosa, the vagina does not self-lubricate and requires the use of an external lubricant for dilation or penetrative sex.

Read more

Risks associated with phalloplasty

There are general risks associated with any surgery, including infection, bleeding, damage to surrounding tissues, and pain. Specific to phalloplasty in transgender men, there is risk of flap loss, urethral complications, wound breakdown, pelvic bleeding or pain, bladder or rectal injury, lack of sensation, prolonged need for drainage, or need for further procedures. Donor site risks include unsightly scarring, wound breakdown, granulation tissue formation, decreased mobility, hematoma, pain and decreased sensation. If patients are discharged from their surgeon’s care and are not local, they should see their primary care provider every three months during the first year.

Some of the most common complications are listed below. Different techniques and approaches can have varying levels of complexity. Different surgeons may also have different complications rates; understanding what procedures different surgeons perform, their experience, frequency with which they perform these procedures, and complication rates is helpful.


©Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.

POLL: Most Americans, Including Even Some Democrats, Think Trans Madness Has Gone Too Far

Here yet again we see how far the insane far-left agenda of the Democrats really is from the genuine concerns and actual perspective of the American people.

The American people, or at least the ones who still have a healthy sense of reality, are thoroughly sickened by what leftists are pushing on children with their trans madness.

Even many Democrats, as you can see from the results of this poll, have had enough. The Democrats and the left have failed the American people in every possible way. They have rendered us poorer, more unsafe, more vulnerable, and more uncertain than ever before. And they’re even trying to steal our children. But people are seeing through them.

Majority Of American Voters, Including Many Democrats, Oppose Sex-Change Surgeries For Minors: POLL

by Sarah Weaver, Daily Caller, October 25, 2022:

A majority of American voters believe the transgender movement has gone too far in recommending that underage children transition to the opposite sex via drugs and surgery, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

The poll, put out by Summit Ministries in conjunction with McLaughlin and Associates, was conducted between October 12 and 17 and surveyed 1,000 likely general election voters by political affiliation, race/ethnicity, age, and place of residence.

According to the poll, 65% of respondents believed the transgender movement had gone too far in recommending sex change surgeries and drugs to minors, while only 21% did not. Interestingly, 44% of Biden voters in 2020 agreed with the majority, while only 34% said transgenderism has not gone too far. Along racial and ethnic lines, 48% of African-Americans and 56% of Hispanics agreed with the majority of respondents….

Fifty-seven percent believed financial gain motivated the medical industry to provide gender transition services to children, while only 24% thought it wanted to help children. A significantly higher percentage of Trump 2020 voters than Biden 2020 voters believed the medical industry was motivated by financial gain. Of Trump voters, 76% said they were motivated by greed. Nevertheless, a still-sizable 39% of Biden voters shared this view….

Read more.



Biden Regime Spends Large Sum Of Taxpayer Money Hosting Drag Shows In Ecuador

Tired: Iowa Dem Congresswoman calls GOP challenger ‘racist’ for wanting to secure the border

Confused Biden calls VP Kamala Harris a ‘great president’ during White House event

Rubio Campaign Canvasser Seriously Injured After Violent Attack For Wearing DeSantis Hat, Rubio Shirt, Campaign Says

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MICHIGAN: Watch Leftists excoriate Muslims for opposing sexually explicit LGBTQ propaganda in schoolbooks

This is a bit surprising, as previously Islam has always trumped other “progressive” causes. Feminists went mute about Islamic misogyny, race activists said nothing about the persistence of slavery in some Muslim countries, etc. But now the Leftist-Islamic alliance is being seriously strained, at least in Dearborn. Note the pain of one Leftist at the ingratitude of the Muslims: “we fought the right to allow you to come here & now you dare go against us.”

Samira Khan says: “It’s only a matter of time before American Muslims are branded terrorists again and hunted down by the government, but it will be done by the left this time around, not the right.” Islamic groups in the U.S. were always hysterical about any and all counterterror measures, far beyond any proportionality, leading to suspicions that they just didn’t want any counterterror activity at all. But Samira Khan is correct that the Left is ruthless and authoritarian, and will hunt down its enemies. It’s very clear that’s what the groundwork is being prepared for now, with Biden’s handlers’ attempt to portray half the electorate as dangerous criminals who are a threat to the very survival of the republic.



Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 Voters against Transgender Procedures for Minors

Biden interviews ‘Days of Girlhood’ trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in Oval Office, president pledges support for ‘gender-affirming care’ for children

‘Rural School Killer’: Here’s Why Educational Freedom Became An Election Flashpoint In Oklahoma

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PHILADELPHIA: Gender Clinic Trained Employees At Schools To Hide Students’ Gender Identities From Parents

This is pure evil. The country has lost its way.

The left’s war on the family, the basic building block of civilization, is part of their war on G-d. This is a culture that is embracing degeneracy, depression and death.

Eliminating parental authority paves their way to absolute control and autocracy.

The case against this horrendous surgery is a whole other matter. Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.

EXCLUSIVE: Philadelphia Gender Clinic Trained Employees At School That Hides Students’ Gender Identities From Parents

by Chrissy Clark, Daily Caller, October 19, 2022:

A Philadelphia gender clinic provided training materials to public school employees in a Pennsylvania district that asks educators to use students’ preferred names and pronouns without informing parents, according to training slides and emails obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

A Southern Lehigh School District guidance counselor emailed the training materials from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to several educators on Sept. 15, 2021. Several district employees attended the CHOP training off-site, and one disseminated the information to colleagues.

Approximately three weeks later, the district’s intermediate school principal sent an email to educators stating that they should not inform parents about a child’s perceived gender identity. The intermediate school’s vice principal was a direct recipient of the CHOP training materials.

The presentation obtained by the Caller called for schools to be “affirming” of a children’s perceived gender identities. Educators are encouraged to use the word “students” instead of “boys and girls” when referring to the classroom. CHOP also urged educators to include “examples of LGBTQ people in lessons,” beginning in elementary school.

CHOP recommends that elementary schoolers read books about pronouns, such as “They, She, He Easy As ABC,” and books about young boys dressing in drag, such as “Julian Is A Mermaid.” The materials also call on middle and high school classrooms to “critically examine roles and messages (now and throughout history)” and to “build allies and advocacy.”

The training goes on to encourage educators to “follow [a] child’s lead” and to “allow room for exploration” of his or her gender.

In separate training sessions provided by CHOP to school districts throughout Pennsylvania in 2020, the gender clinic told educators to keep students’ gender identities secret from parents.

“If we disclose this information without someone’s involvement, without them giving us permission, we are setting them up for a negative, potentially harmful, unsafe experience,” the training video says. “So when we get this information, we keep it private from other students, from other staff members and from parents.”…



Teach ‘Gender Identity’ and You Could See Your Teaching License Revoked in This State

Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 Voters against Transgender Procedures for Minors



‘Only Two F*cking Genders’: Ocasio-Cortez Townhall Goes Completely Haywire As Protesters Shout Her Down

RINO Former RNC Chief Michael Steele Calls MAGA Republicans ‘Lice,’ ‘Fleas’ and ‘Blood-Sucking Ticks’

Democrat El Paso mayor LIES, denies he was pressured by Biden regime to avoid declaring migrant crisis an emergency

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