Conservative Parents Sweep School Board Elections Across Texas, CRT and Mask Mandates Defeated

It’s happening. It’s happening. The candidates’ sweep shows a large swath of voters across the county responded to their calls to eradicate so-called critical race theory from classrooms and remove books discussing LGBTQ issues, which concerned parents have described as pornographic.

Candidates backed by conservative PAC sweep Tarrant County school board elections

All but one of the 11 Tarrant County conservative school board candidates, who were backed this year by several high-profile donors and big-money PACs, defeated their opponents during Saturday’s local elections, according to unofficial results.

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California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges Are Fake – Costing the State Millions

These fake students get financial aid. And the poor, beleaguered, abused American taxpayer foots the bill for all this graft, corruption and treachery. And no doubt these ‘fake students’ also voted for Biden and Newsome in their last respective elections too.

California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges Are Fake – Costing the State Millions

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, May 7, 2022:

The state agrees that there are 65,000 cases of ghost students in the California community college system but some say there may be as many as 180,000 ghost students.  This is costing the colleges millions in lost dollars while preventing real students from receiving the education they desire.

Professor Kim Rich believes that there may be some classes with 50% of the students who are fake.

Fake bots are now signing up for California community colleges, seemingly to get financial aid dollars for her online courses. That is money that was lost and will never be repaid. A professor of criminal justice at Pierce College, Kim Rich said about a third of her class were fake students. She said some classes had 5% fake students, others 10%, and some had 50%. It’s costing millions of dollars. Rich discovered students were submitting plagiarized work and that led her to search for the students via google. That’s when she discovered they were fake students.

CEO and founder of, Adam Andrzejewski, was on a local news program where he discussed the situation in California.

Once you’re enrolled you’re eligible for federal and state student aid…They’ve [the colleges] have known about this for at least a year and have moved too slow for too long.
Some students have the names of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  These fraudsters are costing the state and country millions.

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In South Dakota schools, ‘Marxist propaganda designed to divide kids from their parents’ and ‘from their country’

That’s exactly what it is.

South Dakotans flame school board meeting over ‘pornographic’ books: ‘This is the Marxist global revolution

by Hannah Grossman, Fox News, May 6, 2022:

South Dakota locals expressed outrage during a school board meeting Tuesday over novels they deemed inappropriate and “pornographic” that were once slated to be taught in Rapid City Area Schools’ (RCAS) 12th-grade English.

For example, a graphic novel called “Fun Home” depicts nudity and sex acts, and “Girl, Woman, Other” follows the journey of women of various sexual and gender identities.

“The pictures in [‘Fun Home’] … are graphic and depict two women performing oral sex, images of masturbation and drug usage. I do apologize if there are children [present],” a local woman said. “There is a difference between teaching what sex is and teaching how to engage in it. And that’s what’s happening in this book.”…

Another speaker at the meeting said the books “have merit in our curriculum” because they highlight marginalized voices such as “Black and brown characters … [and the] LGBTQIA+ community.”

Florence Thomas, the president of South Dakota Parents Involved in Education, said, the overall picture was that of a “Marxist revolution.”

It’s not this little issue. It’s not this little book or this little school or this little district. This is all going on all over. And these books are not here by accident,” she said. “Our education system has been taken over to a large extent from the federal level … and we need to start saying no at the local level. We’re not going to do this to our kids. We’re not going to do this to our community.”

Thomas, who is also a former school psychologist, continued, “Where’s all this coming from?  … This is the Marxist global revolution – it’s the Cultural Revolution – and this is what is coming into our schools. It is Marxist propaganda. It’s designed to divide the kids from their parents, divide the kids from their country, divide the kids from their culture, and even in many cases, divide them from their very selves. So it is very dangerous.”

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Can the Sarasota County School Board fire staff for teaching students dis/mis/mal-information?

“Teachers retain their rights as citizens in a public school environment, but those rights are altered. Public school teachers enjoy, for example, the right to freedom of expression, but they cannot promote a personal political agenda in the classroom. Teachers also enjoy freedom of association, privacy, and a limited right to academic freedom. Finally, teachers not only need to be aware of how the law affects them, they also need to know how the law impacts their students.”Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship

There has been growing concern about what is happening in public school classrooms nationwide. Parents are beginning to take note of what subjects are being taught in public schools, what books are being used by classroom teachers, what books are in school libraries and media centers and what clubs are being promoted by school administrators.

There is also a growing concern that there is a lot of mis, dis and mal-information being promoted in public schools. The most recent examples include:

And on and on and on.

Teachers teaching dis, mis and mal-information

There is a growing concern that dis, mis and mal-information has creeped into public school classrooms. So much so that the Florida legislature passed a bill preventing mis, dis and mal-information in elementary schools.

Parents, grandparents and interested organizations are now focused on having children in public schools be taught only the critical personal skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Only a solid foundation in reading, writing and cyphering will make our next generation successful citizens. However, Florida’s Department of Education recently removed 41% of mathematics books because they contained mis, dis and mal-information.

Watch Florida Governor DeSantis comments on dis, mis and mal-information in math books:

It would seem obvious that it is not the role of school teachers, or librarians, to:

  1. Lie to students by teaching dis, mis or mal-information.
  2. Use textbooks that promote an ideology versus the truth.
  3. Have books in libraries and media centers that are pornographic, not age appropriate or promote homosexuality.
  4. Push a particular political position in the classroom.
  5. Reject science in favor of global warming disinformation in the classroom.
  6. Fail to teach a child to read, write and cypher.

We decided to look at what the rules are for teachers to not teach dis, mis or mal-information in the classroom because Amber Mercier a gay teacher in Florida said she is willing to break the law and keep hiding sexual information about students from their parents even if she loses her job and gets thrown in jail for it.

We are concerned because PJMedia reported, “There is a disturbing trend of public schools actively keeping secrets from parents, which has led to suicide attempts and harm to children.”

Sarasota County School Board

We decided to look at our local Sarasota County School Board, their Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Sarasota County Schools Employee Handbook for information on holding teachers and administrators accountable for promoting mis, dis and mal-information upon K-12 students.

The only thing we found was in Chapter II – Being a School Employee of the handbook:

Political Activities

Florida Statute 104.31 and School Board policies 2.51 and 6.34 govern political activities of school public employees. Some things to remember are:

(1) Political posters shall not be displayed in schools
(2) Political literature shall not be distributed in schools or on school property
(3) Solicitations for votes or contributions shall not be conducted in schools or on school property
(4) Students shall not be required to distribute campaign literature
(5) Employees shall refrain from participation in partisan politics on school property during the hours school is in session

School Board employees shall not solicit support of any political candidate, partisan or nonpartisan, during regular work hours. A School Board employee who offers him/herself as a candidate for public office shall notify the Superintendent immediately upon qualifying for election. He/she shall conduct his/her campaign so as not to interfere with his/her responsibilities. Personal leave without pay may be taken during the campaign period.

We noted that the Sarasota County School Board uses the word “refrain.” The word refrain is defined as “stop oneself from doing something.” It implies that teachers, librarians and school administrators self-govern themselves when it comes to promoting mis, dis and mal-information.

The following questions came to mind:

  1. Who is ensuring teachers, school staff and administrations are refraining?
  2. What is considered political literature?

We also found this on the Sarasota County School District’s Human Resources website page:

Equity Procedures for Employees/Applicants/Students

The Sarasota County School Board prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, services or activities, or employment conditions or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or national origin, genetic information, marital status, qualified disability defined under the ADAAA, or on the basis of the use of a language other than English, except as provided by law. The Sarasota County School Board also ensures equal access to school facilities for the Boy Scouts of America and other patriotic youth groups. Any person who believes he or she has experienced any such prohibited discrimination may file a complaint with the district Equity Coordinator Al Harayda by calling (941) 927-9000, ext. 31217, or writing him at 1960 Landings Blvd., Sarasota, Florida 34231.

Equity coordinator? Really? When we asked Craig Maniglia, Director Communications and Community Relations, how many non-binary, cis-gender, gender-queer, lesbian, gay or bisexual teachers and staff in the district he wrote, “Dr. Swier, We do not track that information.” Hmmmmm.

Contacting the Superintendent of Sarasota County Schools

We decided to contact Dr. Brennan Asplen the Superintendent of Sarasota County Public Schools. His office referred us to Craig Maniglia, Director Communications and Community Relations. We both called and emailed Mr. Maniglia our questions.

Here are the questions we asked the Sarasota County School District to answer:

  1. What action is taken if these individuals don’t refrain?
  2. What is the policy on teachers lying to their students?
  3. What is the policy on teachers teaching a political agenda in the classroom?
  4. What is the policy on librarians and teachers obtaining recommending or using pornographic materials or age inappropriate material in libraries and the classroom?
  5. What is the policy on librarians ordering pornographic or age inappropriate materials?
  6. What is the policy on suspending or firing teachers for doing any of the above?
  7. What is the policy of suspending or firing librarians for doing any of the above?
  8. What is the role of the school principal and superintendent in supervising these activities and where can I find them in School policies?
  9. Who specifically is responsible for policing the use of age inappropriate or pornographic materials in schools and libraries?
  10. Has the School Board or any school hosted an “Anti-Racism Fight Club” presentation by Doyin Richards? Does the district have in its classrooms or libraries the “Fist Book“?
  11. What after school clubs  approved by staff, are promoting political agendas?

We also asked Mr. Maniglia to provide references to School Board policies and documents to address each of these questions.

We are waiting for Mr. Maniglia’s replies and when we have them we will update this column.

Parents are challenging books in school libraries and classrooms in record numbers.  They’re objecting to sexually explicit content, profanity, anti-police messaging, and other left-wing indoctrination found in schoolbooks. The most-challenged books are “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy”, the latter a gay story normalizing sex acts between 4th-graders which has been criticized for encouraging pedophilia.

Understand that mis, dis and mal-information is propaganda writ large. Those teaching, promoting or ignoring this do so at the risk of harming children. It is child abuse!

We hope that the Sarasota County School Board, the Superintendent, principals, assistant principals, district staff all take notice.

©Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.


Teachers and the Law: Evolving Legal Issues

Legal Issues in Teaching

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All Oregon Public Schools Must Declare the Right to ‘Menstrual Dignity, Sanitary Protection’ In Boys Bathrooms

Democrat Governor Brown thinks its crucial to have tampons available in elementary boys’ bathrooms. Insane.

Oregon forces all schools — elementary and up — to put ‘menstrual products’ in boys’ bathrooms with ‘instructions on how to use’ them

The law aims to ‘affirm the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two-spirit students.’

By: Phil Shiver, The Blaze, May 04, 2022

Every public school in Oregon — including elementary institutions — will soon be required to provide tampons and other feminine products in boys’ bathrooms with “instructions on how to use” them.

The controversial requirement is in accordance with the state’s new Menstrual Dignity Act, signed into law by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown last year, which mandates that menstrual products be made available in “every student bathroom.”

Following the bill’s passage, the Oregon Department of Education developed and distributed a “Medical Dignity for Students” toolkit to aid local districts and set forth a phased plan for districts to meet the law’s standards and requirements.

Read the full article.

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GOP Sen. Braun to Becerra: Govt Shouldn’t Push Gender Surgery for Kids

At a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies hearing, Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) confronted Health and Human Services (HHS) Sec. Xavier Becerra over how the Biden administration is promoting life-altering surgeries for children — including breast and genital surgeries.

“Could you explain what irreversible top and bottom sex-change surgeries are and why that is on the portal as well?” Braun asked.

“Senator there as you’ve just indicated, there are many different types of procedures that can be deployed,” Becerra said. “What I will say to you is again, in any case, no individual, no patient, will proceed forward unless his or her doctor has advised of the procedure. And it is considered by the FDA and others who have to go ahead and certify a medicine or procedure to be safe and effective.”

“So, I’ll try to distill it into a more simple form. In what case would it be appropriate to perform irreversible sex-change surgery on kids?” Braun said.

“Those decisions are made by that individual in consultation with physician and caregivers, and no decision would be made without having consulted appropriately,” Becerra said.

“You know, I think the government shouldn’t be pushing or have an out there on a portal that moves you towards irreversible sex change therapy, and I think we just need to think about it carefully,” Braun, who called the surgeries “almost grotesque.” “Because we’re navigating into territory that we’ve never done before as a government.”

Xavier Becerra

40 Known Connections

Becerra Identifies “Health Equity” As Top HHS Priority 

During a March 18, 2022 address marking his first year in office as HHS Secretary, Becerra said: “Health equity has to be part of everything we do. You will see health equity pervades everything we do.”

On March 19, Breccan Thies of provided the following context for Becerra’s remarks: “For the left, ‘equity’ means rationing and redistributing resources based on perceived oppression, privilege, and social status — typically based on race or gender identity. Becerra’s commitment to the ideology marks an important milestone for a movement that has been proliferating among medical schools and professionals.” (Click here for details about this movement and the ideology that drives it.)

To learn more about Xavier Becerra, click here.

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FLORIDA: Textbook Publishers Surrender To DeSantis, Scrub Woke Propaganda

Great American hero saving our children’s minds.

Florida Textbook Publishers Surrender To DeSantis, Scrub Woke Content

By: Kendall Tietz , Daily Caller, 

Textbook publishers are surrendering to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ demands that math instructional materials get in line with state standards, allowing more books to be added to the approved list, according to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).

“Publishers are aligning their instructional materials to state standards and removing woke content allowing the department of education to add 19 more books to the state adoption list over the past 17 days,” the FLDOE announced on its website.

The FLDOE announced on April 15 that it had rejected 41% of math textbooks proposed by publishers for public instruction because they contained “indoctrinating concepts” such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Common Core, which are prohibited by the state according to the Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) Standards.

The FLDOE explained that publishers could substitute or revise their submitted bids to meet Florida’s specifications or appeal the decision.

Additional books have been added to the adoption list “because they removed woke content and made other changes to meet state standards,” FLDOE Press Secretary Cassie Palelis told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday.

“We have high standards and reject books with unacceptable content because we know that publishers can easily adjust their materials to meet our guidelines, as displayed by the fact that it took less than two weeks for additional publishers to amend entire books, resubmit them and get put on the adoption list,” Palelis told the DCNF.

After initially declining to provide examples of rejected textbooks over copyright concerns, the FLDOE published a few examples of the materials in question on April 21.

Examples included a graph that measured racial prejudice according to political identification that showed conservatives are reportedly more racist than liberals and multiple “social-emotional learning,” activities, which critics have argued is a loophole to repackage CRT and disseminate the material throughout public schools……..

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War on Parents: Fighting Back Update

Others more clever than me have observed ‘never get between a Mama Bear and her cubs.’  Parents around the country are fighting back against the hard-Left takeover of public schools, using the courts, state legislatures, and several other means.

Parents are challenging books in school libraries and classrooms in record numbers.  They’re objecting to sexually explicit content, profanity, anti-police messaging, and other left-wing indoctrination found in schoolbooks. The most-challenged books are “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy”, the latter a gay story normalizing sex acts between 4th-graders which has been criticized for encouraging pedophilia.

Members of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) have inundated Disney executives with almost 150,000 thousand phone calls and emails objecting to the company’s self-described ‘not-so-secret’ gay agenda. There’s a website where you can join this national campaign.

Parents in North Carolina protested an elementary school’s Satan Club which is an organized effort now pushing hard in several states.  An elementary school in Pennsylvania refused to allow such a club.

The America First Legal Group has a website showing parents how they can assert the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (20 U.S.C. § 1232h) which allows parents to review curriculum and opt their children out of school surveys that pry into students’ sex lives, drug use, and attitudes.

In the courts, parents sued the Baltimore City Public Schools – where kids graduate from high school without being able to read – for failing children and wasting taxpayer money.

In Florida, a conservative legal foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of two parents against a school district for hiding the transgender counseling the school was giving their 12-year-old daughter who attempted suicide twice. Similar suits against schools for secret gender transitioning have also been filed in MassachusettsWisconsin, and Maryland.  One attorney for parents pointed out schools have parents sign forms for field trips and require parental consent before a school can give a child ibuprofen but somehow, magically, schools claim harmful gender transitioning is exempt from disclosure.

As for legislation, the Iowa House passed a bill to require schools to post their curriculum and materials online for parental review.  A curriculum transparency bill is also pending in Arizona.  Another bill in Arizona would prohibit schools from exposing kids to sexually explicit content without parental consent.

Which brings us to the new law in Florida that prohibits the early sexualization of young children third-grade and below in public schools, the law that made Disney throw a hissy fit.  It’s already having results.  At least two teachers are planning to leave the profession because they feel they are no longer free to talk to their students about their gay proclivities or their gay marriage.  What’s odd about these two is that they both teach above the third grade, so the law doesn’t even apply to them.  Be that as it may, I say good riddance if you were only there to indoctrinate kids into the gay agenda.  Private sexual activity between consenting adults is one thing, but it’s quite another to claim the right to promote left-wing agendas in the classroom and interfere in your young charges’ sexual development.  Unfortunately, left-wing agitators no longer distinguish between the two. Being forced under penalty of law to shut your mouth about your sex life is what you get for coming between Mama Bears and their cubs.

I mentioned the “Transition Closet”, a group in Arkansas pushing the availability of opposite-sex clothing for kids being pushed into transgenderism in schools across the country.  Not content with operating at the college level, the group is now going after young children in public schools.  The founder of the group supports keeping the activity secret from parents.

Another far-Left group,, pushes sex education for young adolescents, producing videos some call pornographic.  Its website bears all the hallmarks of a well-funded, well-oiled machine of the Left, starting with a couple dozen staffers.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  That takes money.  The group’s managing partner is Advocates for Youth, another well-oiled machine that pushes wider access to abortion, free menstrual products, free condoms, and gender neutral restrooms.  The group has assets of $10 million [p.1] and won’t disclose its donors on its tax forms. [p.24]  They also get government grants [p. 9], which means you are paying for some of their activities.

We also encountered after-school Satan Clubs along the way.  They are run by the Satanic Temple which is now bringing lawsuits to try to get its way in the schools.   They also litigate to promote abortion as part of their religion, to give Satanic invocations at public meetings, and to remove Christianity from the public square.  Overall, they are trying to foment “social change”, a dead giveaway placing them squarely on the Left.

One group I haven’t mentioned yet is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).  They oppose the new Florida law preventing the early sexualization of children and call for more LGBT content in children’s programming.  They are agitating in Hollywood to bring it about.  Like the Satanic Temple, this group is up front about working for “cultural change”.

Another gay group, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, said last year, “We’ll convert your children….We’re coming for your children.”  I take them at face value, but here’s what you need to understand:  This isn’t about transgender rights or the gay agenda.  Those are merely weapons to get to where the leaders of these groups want to go: socialism.  I’ve documented that ultimate aim in previous commentaries, including the communist theorist who came up with the idea of destroying society with sex and the transgender activists caught on video late last year saying their goal is communism and they are merely using transgenderism to get there.   These leaders are hardcore committed Leftists, first and foremost.  Their sexual agendas are for the useful idiots.  The real goal is to weaken and destabilize society so Leftist leaders can seize power.  The issue is never the issue; the issue is always wealth and power for a tiny elite.

This set of Leftist leaders has been called the ‘Gay Gestapo’ and their methods go beyond sexual indoctrination in schools.  They also want to destroy religion by denying tax exemptions to churches that oppose gay marriage.  These people are deadly serious and playing for all the marbles.  If you want to see society destroyed and a tiny communist elite take over, throw in with them.  For the rest of us, take what they say about taking over at face value and respond accordingly.

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LA High School Promotes Abortion Resources to Students, Parent Permission ‘Not Required’

Google owned YouTube Hosts Kids’ Channel Promoting Pornography, Abortion

School Board Says NO to Satan Club in Elementary School

Dispute ignites over transgender students’ bathroom use in Lincoln County, Missouri

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Biden’s claim about children: I WISH it were a gaffe

President Biden has more than his share of gaffes. But he made a remark last week on education, as he and his wife Jill hosted a Teacher of the Year event at the White House.  It was not a gaffe.

Biden said to teachers: “They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.”

Excuse me? Teachers suddenly supplant the children’s parents when the school bell rings?

The left doesn’t get it. They really do think the state owns the children.

In his End of Day Report (4/28/22), Gary Bauer notes: “The left thinks America is evil, ‘systemically racist’ and riddled with white supremacy. They think half the country is made up of ‘deplorables’ and ‘irredeemables.’ So, of course, they can’t let that half of the country teach their children about values. They must ‘counterprogram’ them.”

One silver lining of COVID-19 came in reference to education. In many cases parents were forced to hear what their children were learning in school for the first time. And they didn’t like it.

This gave rise to the “mama bear” phenomenon. As we all saw, it cost the left the elections in Virginia last year.

One of the groups fighting for parental rights in education is the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), co-founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. James Dobson, Bill Bright, Larry Burkett, and others.

I spoke with Emilie Kao, senior counsel of the ADF, recently on a radio segment and asked her about some of their parental rights in education cases.

She told me: “Parental rights do not end at the schoolhouse gate. Parents have the right to direct the upbringing, the education, the character of their children. And this has become particularly important in light of the toxic ideologies, like critical race theory and transgender ideology.”

Kao explained some of ADF’s work to protect families from these “toxic ideologies”: “The Alliance Defending Freedom has multiple lawsuits on behalf of parents. The first one is Albermarle, Virginia litigation on behalf of five families who are challenging a policy that indoctrinates children of different races with the tenets of critical race theory.”

I think most Americans would agree that fighting racism and striving toward a color-blind society, is a worthy goal. But what if the attempts to achieve that goal actually promote the very thing they say they are fighting?

Kao comments on the Albemarle curriculum: “The school district has implemented what they call an ‘anti-racist policy,’ but their ‘anti-racist policy’ actually divides students by race and assigns them into an ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’ category, and it tells white students that they have to fight against white culture.”

She adds, “It tells minority students that their ambitions in life are limited by their race.” This indoctrination could inflict damage on a whole generation of children.

Kao speaks of one student who comes from a multi-racial background: “He began to see himself as disadvantaged because of his race. He has started to attribute negative associations to his ethnic heritage. It is very damaging to students’ self-perception, as well as their perceptions of others.”

In a similar vein, recently a concerned father wrote an op-ed at Fox News with the simple title: “I’m a dad who wants schools to teach kids how to read—not how to be gender fluid.”

In that article, Brandon Michon notes, “Parents don’t want gender ideology and critical race theory taught to their children. We want our children to learn how to read and write. The single biggest equalizer in history is literacy. Teach any child from any socio-economic background how to read and comprehend what they read and empower them to take control of their futures.”

Michon adds, “We need politicians to expressly state that children, who are the most easily influenced and innocent part of the population, need to be protected. They shouldn’t be taught about sexual orientation or gender ideology. Our children need to keep their innocence in childhood and in their youth.”

In the first 200 years of American history (dating to the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620), the schools were run by churches generally. Also, many parents either taught their children at home or hired an instructor.

Back then the Bible was the main textbook in one way or another, and the literacy rates, especially in New England, were very high. John Adams said to find an illiterate man in New England was as rare as a comet.

The Bible teaches that parents, fathers in particular, are responsible for the education of their children—not the state (Deut. 6:6-9). Even if the parents delegate that authority to teachers, God still holds the parents responsible for the children and their education.

The idea expressed by Biden that the teachers should have more authority than parents when the children are in school is wrong-headed in every way.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.


D.C. School Gives 4-Year-Olds ‘Anti-Racism’ Instruction Telling Them To Identify Racist Family Members

Condemning, turning in family members is employed by Nazis, Stalinist, Communists — vicious totalitarians. The Democrats mean to get our children when they are young and groom them in the style of Hitler Youth.

DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family

By Jessica Chasmar , Kelly Laco, Fox News

The book provides students a step-by-step process on how to address racism in their home and within themselves.

A public elementary school in Washington, DC, gave children as young as 4 a lesson on “anti-racism” that asked them to identify racist members of their family.

According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an “Anti-Racism Fight Club” presentation by speaker Doyin Richards.

“As part of this work, each student has a fist book to help continue the dialogue at school and home,” Singh’s letter stated, linking to Richards’ presentation. “We recognize that any time we engage topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. This is a normal part of the learning and growing process. As a school community we want to continue the dialogue with our students and understand this is just the beginning.”

Richards’ “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids” explains that “white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance,” and that “it’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America.”

“If you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with and it simply means that your life is not more difficult due to the color of your skin,” the “Fistbook for Kids” explains. “Put differently, it’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it.”

The “Fistbook for Kids” says anti-racism “isn’t a spectator sport” but requires “being loud, uncomfortable, confrontational and visible to ensure change is made.”

A series of questions in the book asks children, “Where do you see racism in yourself? This requires true soul-searching. Be real with yourself, don’t feel guilt/shame and own it. It’s the first step in becoming an anti-racist.”


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7th Grade Science Should Not Include Climate Indoctrination

In my last article I exposed the outrageously alarmist 7th grade lessons on climate change just published under the so-called Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

There are now two fundamentally different systems of science education in American schools. The radical NGSS have been adopted by 20 States and so govern what about a third of our children learn in public schools. The other two thirds of America’s public school students are still under the regular standards, which have been developed over many years of practice.

To understand this strange situation it is useful to know what is taught to 7th graders under the regular standards. Several years ago I led a project that cataloged the average content of these standards for all grades. My sponsor was the US Energy Department’s Office of Science, the world’s biggest funder of research in the physical sciences.

Below are the topics that middle school students (grades 7, 8 & 9) typically cover. There is some variation from State to State but this list is a good indicator, especially because it is very different from what NGSS teaches. There is nothing at all about climate, much less scary made-up climate change.

A lot of important topics are covered, from a wide range of sciences. This is typical of every grade. There is a lot of real science to learn, without wasting time on climate alarmism.

Note that there is some redundancy because this list is used for a computer search algorithm that estimates the grade level of a science education document based on the terms used. Stemming is not used because in some cases the singular and plural occur at different grade levels. For example, moon versus moons. In many cases the singular and plural actually refer to slightly different things, so both occur frequently in the list.

Middle school topics typically taught in science education

nuclear reactions
nuclear reaction
nuclear reactor
nuclear reactors
nuclear fuel
nuclear fuels
nuclear waste
nuclear physics
nuclear physicist
alpha particle
alpha particles
magnetic fields
magnetic field
magnetic force
magnetic forces
magnetic induction
magnetic storm
electromotive force
elliptical galaxies
spiral galaxies
elliptical galaxY
spiral galaxY
spiral arms
irregular GALAXY
Milky Way galaxy
light years
solar nebula
solar system formation
solar nebular theory
planets formed
condensing GAS
planetary nebula
Theory of Gravity
gravitational pull
gravitational force
tidal pull
high tides
spring tide
neap tide
radio astronomer
radio telescope
radio astronomY

There is nothing about climate, much less alarming human caused climate change. The topic of climate is taught in high school, plus I know of no regular State standards that include alarmism when climate is taught. The NGSS are truly radical in this regard.

In addition, given that class time is very limited the NGSS must have dropped a lot of the real science that this regular standards list includes, to make room for the 18 extensive new alarmist lessons. I do not know what has been dropped but my impression is that the NGSS teach a lot less science in every grade.

The newly published alarmist lessons have yet to go into effect. We must try to stop them wherever possible.


David Wojick

David Wojick, Ph.D. is an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology and policy. For origins see For over 100 prior articles for CFACT see Available for confidential research and consulting.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

War on Parents: Federal Government Update

Yesterday, I told you how public schools across the country are violating parental rights by indoctrinating very young children, including preschoolers, in the radical gay and transgender agendas.  Today, unfortunately, I have to report to you that our federal government under the Biden administration has taken up these radical left-wing causes and is now a big part of the problem.

We start with Rachel Levine, a biological male transgender, who is Assistant Secretary of Health in Biden’s HHS.   Levine was pressed on transgender surgery and drugs for young children during confirmation hearings, but deflected the question. It’s no surprise Levine now talks openly about the “value and the importance of gender-affirming care” for young children.  Levine recently made the astounding claim “there is no argument among medical professionals” – including pediatricians – about this.  The fact of the matter is there is a great deal of argument.  A group of physicians called the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine argues “the growing number of detransitioners” shows gender-affirming pediatricians don’t really know what they’re doing.  Moreover, the psychiatric profession does not agree with Levine.  The psychiatric manual DSM-5 recognizes a diagnosis for “gender dysphoria” in children calling for treatment as a sexual development disorder.  Rachel Levine is a far-left political hack and, indisputably, a colossal liar.

Levine’s boss, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra told Congress last month he absolutely supports the use of federal funds to pay for mutilating, irreversible sex change surgery for minors.  He said he will defend the rights of children to undergo these gruesome procedures. This man is sick. Children cannot even consent to a car loan, and you’re telling me they possess the legal capacity to sign up for irreversible body-mutilating surgery and a lifetime of drugs and doctor visits to maintain the fiction they are now the opposite sex? If that’s what you think, YOU’RE sick, sick in the head. There’s lots of things children cannot legally consent to, like tattoos, and they need to be protected from the consequences of making choices when they can’t understand the ramifications.

The Biden White House doesn’t like the fact that Florida passed a law prohibiting the early sexualization of young children third-grade and below in Florida’s public schools.  The Biden administration is even investigating the new law as a federal civil rights violation.  Biden himself said last month the law will have a “tragic impact” and targets vulnerable students.  He dismissed parental rights with the wave of a hand.  That’s ironic.  Here’s who is targeting vulnerable students – far-Left school administrators across the country steeped in Marxist doctrine (I’ll get to that in a future commentary), teachers who pester kids to change gender while keeping it all secret from parents, and the transgender-industrial complex – the psychologists, surgeons, and drug companies who are all for artificially inducing gender dysphoria in young children so they can make a buck off of it.

All of this begs the question, “Whose Children Are They?” In previous commentaries, I’ve told you about a parade of Democrats, school administrators, and others who fervently believe children are state property and parents have no rights – including Democrat Terry McAuliffe who lost the governor’s race in Virginia last year because he said in a debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The latest to join this parade is Joe Biden himself who told teachers just last week, “they are not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.” Too bad somebody didn’t take Hunter Biden away from Joe Biden so Hunter could be raised properly.

There’s a powerful new documentary discussing the question “Whose Children Are They?”  The documentary contains compelling testimony from parents and educators about what the public schools are up to – no good.  It’s a powerful film and I highly recommend it to you.

Fortunately, most people don’t believe the far-left propaganda coming from Rachel Levine and Joe Biden.  Most people believe children are not property of the state and parents have rights and the say-so in the raising of their children.  But it’s not enough just to shake your head and say, ‘isn’t it a shame.’  People need to fight back and tomorrow, I will tell you about some parents who are doing exactly that.

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©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

PORNOGRAPHICALLY-ABUSED CHILDREN: The Negative Effects of Grooming Children in Public Schools

Early exposures to pornographic images and verbiage are amongst the very best ways to facilitate lifelong sexual, emotional, educational, social, and mental health problems.  Here’s how pornographically-sexualized children can become dysfunctional, suicidal, and homicidal:

  1. Bisexual violence is greatly promoted via pornography in which the human body is objectified as a source of entertainment for adult pleasure.  Children used for such entertainment and/or exposed to it live, on the screen, in printed images, and text are cast into a world in which they are lost and cannot escape.  For instance, here’s an example of a story by a 10-year-old boy, sexually abused since age 3, that he wrote for school, reflecting his horrifying worldview of “Terror Island,” where we find in accompanying maps he drew such prominent features as “Mountains of Horror,” “Desert of Death,” “Lake of Doom,” and “Bottomless Lake”: “the lava burst into the air…. Only a few people and me lived.  It was kind of scary seeing all the corpses everywhere.” In the true worldview of sexualized children, such features are frighteningly real to them as they are horrors, terrors, death, and doom inescapably surrounding them.  In this case, the family consisted of professional parents living in a suburban home in which unrelated sexual predators repeatedly victimized children while the parents were home.
  2. Children exposed to pornography are likely to flounder all of their lives and never fully recover from their emotional problems emanating from pornography abuse.  Many become depressed, anxious, tense, angry, withdrawn, suicidal, and harm themselves through self-mutilations.  Some become homicidal, as their anger intensifies over the years.  Some become arsonists, sadists, or sexually- aggressive, especially to females.  As marriage partners, they may delight in withholding sex and/or inflicting pain during sex, even to the point of drawing blood.
  3. Children and teens preoccupied with pornographic images in their minds do not focus or concentrate on their studies.  They may make sketches in class of the images in their heads. They are distractible, irritable, and often unteachable. Their grades may plummet, as they are too afraid, too embarrassed, or too ashamed and guilt-ridden to confront their experiences openly. They retreat into silence about their terrors.  Their predators are ever-looming terrorists.
  4. Socially, children abused with pornography are likely to function at the extremes of anti-social behaviors – loners or youths constantly needing others around them.  The loners can become homicidal or fiercely entombed in themselves.  The attention-seekers may have early pregnancies, multiple early sexual partners, extreme trust/mistrust issues, deep insecurities, and drug addictions.
  5. In terms of mental health problems, children sexualized via pornography are at least as sexually-abused as children who are molested. Violence inherent in pornography becomes normalized in the course of human development, and sexualized children can present without conscience or compassion.  Contrarily, some sexualized youths rise to the heights of humanity’s best, through life-long struggles to overcome their early childhood traumas.

Often, sexualized children make terrible spouses, especially men whose ideals of womanhood can never be met by women practicing natural sex; for pornography is unnatural, unhealthy sexuality – not loving monogamous intimacy intended for a lifetime.  Rather, it is the objectification of the female body and dehumanization of women as sexual toys, to be used and discarded at will.

In the case of males, they may never have a healthy relationship with a woman. On his honeymoon night, a successful professional man, exposed to pornography from his youth, pled to his bride, “Do we have to have sex?” and continued to complain about sex for decades thereafter, as no woman could ever match his pornographic sexual fantasies.

Can children suffering pornography abuse overcome the terrors of their childhoods?  Thank goodness!  Can a society that permits children to be pornographically-abused overcome these crimes?  Let’s pray we fully and immediately repent our societal sins against children.

©Dr. Beverly Newman, Ed.D.  All rights reserved.


‘Menstrual Equity’ Kicks off a Period of Confusion in Schools

North Carolina parents outraged over school’s ‘Satan Club’

DeSantis Supports Ban On Child Sex Change Operations In Florida

War on Parents: Schools Update

Today I continue my commentary on the War on Parents with reports of outrageous actions by schools across the county.  These are not isolated incidents; reports are pouring in from everywhere about how schools are taking a jackhammer to parental rights. The destruction is starting just as soon as public schools can get their hands on kids.

A teacher – I don’t know where – made a video advocating three-year-olds be taught about gender identity, sexual orientation, and preferred pronouns.

A transgender teacher in Massachusetts told kindergartners and first- and second graders that doctors only guess whether new-born babies are boys or girls and, sometimes, they’re wrong.

The Maryland Department of Education is telling schools to teach alternative LGBT family structures and gender fluidity to preschoolers.

A suburban school official in Kansas City claimed kindergartners are identifying as transgender and should be taught be taught all about it.

Schools in Evanston, Illinois are teaching preschoolers to break the ‘gender binary’ established by ‘white colonizers’, to celebrate the transgender flag, and to experiment with made-up pronouns like ‘ze’ and ‘zir’.

A school district in Washington state is teaching gender fluidity to first-graders.  They are being told, sometimes, gender does not exist and they can have two genders.  They are also being taught transgender pronouns.  The district defended its curriculum by saying it’s required by state law, but it’s not true.

First- and second-graders in New Jersey are being given explicit instruction on private body parts and gender identity.  One of the lessons – ‘Pink, Blue and Purple’ – tells kids they can feel like a boy even if they have girl parts.

I’ve mentioned secret ‘gender transition closets’ in schools before, but now they’re popping up in more places.  Children are being encouraged to change their clothes and their gender identity without their parents’ knowledge in California, Colorado, and elsewhere.  A radical nonprofit advocacy group called ‘The Transition Closet’ in Arkansas is pushing the idea all over the country.

A fifth-grade lesson plan in New Jersey calls for pushing masturbation and puberty blockers on kids.

A school in Missouri handed out a math worksheet that asked questions about Maya Angelou being sexually abused at age 8 and a single mother working as a pimp and prostitute.  Is this math or indoctrination?

Two teachers in California are accused of secretly facilitating the gender transition of a 12-year-old and calling Child Protective Services on the parents when the parents found out about it and objected.

Not telling the parents about their child’s gender identity issues is official school policy in Loudon County, Virginia.

A gay teacher in Florida said she is willing to break the law and keep hiding sexual information about students from their parents even if she loses her job and gets thrown in jail for it.

At a school board meeting – I don’t know where – a dad read graphic descriptions about b-jobs and vagina-tasting straight from high school materials.  Filth is filth, he said, and it has no place in school.  He doesn’t buy the argument, ‘the kids are going to see pornography anyway’ because it would be unthinkable to sell beer and marijuana in the school cafeteria just because kids are able to obtain intoxicants outside of school.

There’s more, but this is enough to show you the extent of the problem.  I’ll get into LGBTQ indoctrination coming from other directions and what this all means later this week.

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©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.



Florida releases examples of Critical Race Theory in textbooks

Florida professors don’t want to be held ‘accountable’

Report: Remote Learning led to many student absences

Woke School Principal CANCELS 4th Grade Play Of ‘Lewis and Clark’ Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Children punished by these psychos with power. Does this illiterate POS even understand who Lew and Clark were?

Get your children out of government schools. They are destroying their minds.

Rantz: School cancels 4th grade play over ‘cultural appropriation’ complaints with little notice

By: 770 KKTH, Apr 27, 2022

An elementary school in Tacoma canceled a 4th grade performance of Lewis and Clark with just over a week’s notice because of two complaints.

Lowell Elementary principal Renee Rossman informed parents on Tuesday, April 26th, that she was pulling the plug on the play. She said it depicted stereotypes and engaged in cultural appropriation.

The decision caught parents and children by surprise. The performance was set for May 5th.

Rantz: Bethel School District teachers, staff are using students to pass school levy
‘Cultural appropriation’

After receiving two complaints from parents, Rossman made the surprise announcement claiming the play is inappropriate.

“It is essential that our school promote respect for all cultures and people. We must not perpetuate stereotypes or engage in cultural appropriation. After thoughtful consideration along with Racial Justice training at Lowell for all staff, I have decided to cancel the 4th grade performance of Lewis and Clark,” Rossman wrote in a letter obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

Lewis and Clark follow Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they “discover the Great Unknown West.” It reportedly involves a “hostile encounter” with the Teton Sioux and depicts Sacagawea as she helped the two explore the land.

“I know students have been preparing and may feel disappointed, but we ask for your support as we take this time to reflect, learn and revise our practices,” Rossman wrote.

Due to the short time frame between the letter and the play’s scheduled performance, the principal said she would not schedule another play this school year.

Beyond the letter, there was no detailed explanation as to what was offensive about a play written for children. Rossman also does not explain the concern about cultural appropriation, though one parent suspects it’s because the students who depict Native Americans are white.

A school spokesperson says the decision was made in consultation with district officials.

“After receiving complaints from parents about the play, the school and district reviewed the script. The script contains cultural stereotypes that misrepresent the customs and traditions of Native Americans. We initially sought to revise the script but determined given the timeline it was not possible,” the spokesperson explained via email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

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