SCOTUS Confirmed in 2019 that the ‘Excessive Fines Clause’ of the 8th Amendment Applies to States—Ruling Could Nullify Trump Fines?

On February 26, 2024 Arjun Singh from the  reported,

Former President Donald Trump has appealed a verdict by the New York Supreme Court that found him guilty of civil fraud and fined hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was ordered to pay the State of New York approximately $355 million on Feb. 16, a figure that was revised to $454 million, according to Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York, whose office sued Trump in the case. On Monday, Trump filed a notice of appeal with the New York Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, seeking to overturn the verdict.

On March 25, 2024 Katelynn Richardson from  reported,

An appeals court agreed Monday to reduce Trump’s civil fraud case bond while he appeals the ruling.

If Trump is able to put up the $175 million bond within 10 days, the court agreed to block collection of the judgement, according to the Associated Press. Trump initially faced a Monday deadline to pay the $454 million bond to cover the judgement issued by Judge Arthur Engoron.

In a February 20, 2019  National Constitution Center column titled “Supreme Court confirms Excessive Fines Clause applies to states” Scott Bomboy reported,

In a unanimous ruling on Tuesday, the Supreme Court overturned an Indiana Supreme Court decision that said that part of federal Constitution’s Eighth Amendment didn’t apply to the states.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the main opinion for the Court in Timbs v. Indiana, which was argued last November.

Link: Read The Decision

“The Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause is an incorporated protection applicable to the States under the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause,” Ginsburg said. Justice Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch agreed with the main ruling, but they said the 14th Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause was the controlling factor in the case.

Tyson Timbs filed the lawsuit after he was convicted in a controlled substance and theft case. The state of Indiana wanted to seize Timbs’ Land Rover under its civil forfeiture laws, arguing it was used to commit a crime. But the Land Rover was valued at $42,000, much more than the $10,000 fine allowed under his drug conviction.

Timbs’ attorneys argued Indiana’s actions violated the Excessive Fines Clause in the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment. After Timbs won his first legal battle, the Indiana Supreme Court said  the Excessive Fines Clause didn’t apply to individual states when they acted. Timbs’ appeal to the United States Supreme Court was only about the incorporation of the Excessive Fines Clause at the state level, and not its application to civil forfeiture cases.

“The historical and logical case for concluding that the Fourteenth Amendment incorporates the Excessive Fines Clause is indeed overwhelming,” Ginsburg said. She also didn’t agree with Indiana’s argument that the nature of the case as a civil forfeiture mattered. “The Excessive Fines Clause is thus incorporated regardless of whether application of the Clause to civil in rem forfeitures is itself fundamental or deeply rooted,” she concluded.

Justice Gorsuch believed the question really involved a different part of the 14th Amendment. “As an original matter, I acknowledge, the appropriate vehicle for incorporation may well be the Fourteenth Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause, rather than, as this Court has long assumed, the Due Process Clause,” he said. Justice Thomas had similar thoughts. “I would hold that the right to be free from excessive fines is one of the ‘privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States’ protected by the Fourteenth Amendment,” he wrote.

Does this SCOTUS decision allow President Donald J. Trump to appeal the $175 million bond to the Supreme Court?

We shall see what happens if he does.

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Declaration of Election Fraud in Arizona

Since November 30, 2020, when a Public Joint Legislative Hearing held in Phoenix, Arizona first made known for the nation various elements and findings that Election Fraud and Election Security Probable Cause did exist, and then a second Public Joint Legislative Hearing in Oro Valley, Arizona where additional testimony and evidence was submitted, there are those to this day who claim there was nothing wrong and the 2020 and 2022 elections were fair, honest and intact – “nothing to see here.”

For three years, with Arizona leading, citizens and a few elected officials have continued investigations into a myriad of issues and complaints clearly presenting that election fraud did occur in both previous elections. still there is denial and smirks, ridicule and even refusal by courts to review tediously gathered evidence demonstrating beyond suspicion election fraud did occur.

In Arizona the evidence is of such a level and nature the top three offices in Arizona government (Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General) are arguably occupied unethically and illegally.

READ ARIZONA TODAY’S SPECIAL REPORT – Official and Sworn Declaration of Benjamin R. Cotton.

Benjamin R. Cotton a nationally recognized subject-matter specialist, Technology and Information Expert and Computer Forensics expert. Mr. Cotton has testified as a sworn expert witness in state courts, federal courts and before the United State Congress. The attached testimony comes from his testimony before the Arizona State Senate on his forensic findings connected to the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 general election.

Mr. Cotton’s formal and professional findings conclude: “…unauthorized programs, databases, configuration settings and actions were present on the voting systems in Maricopa County for the election in both 2020 and 2022.” Further, “an election breach of basic security practices that must be remedied immediately. No election results provided by these voting machines can be trusted given the subjects identified and described in this report.”

A deliberate, most aggressive and heinous denial and deflection of facts and the Rule of Law has been undertaken by elected public officials, key appointed county and state officials, and others refusing to formally review, study, and bring forth the truth. In the course of these findings, many who have stood to fight the good fight have experienced severe hardships, loss of finances and standing in the community. Lives, careers and reputations have been hurt, some beyond repair at this time. Now comes this attached report just released for your review.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.


Victory: Landmark Decision on Voter ID! Time to Take Action and Demand Voter IDs in Every State of the Union!

In a significant win for election integrity, a federal judge has upheld Arizona’s crucial election integrity laws, dismissing unfounded challenges from the Biden DOJ and leftist groups.

This ruling should empower all 50 states to now pass Voter ID laws in time to impact our 2024 election!

At the heart of this victory is HB2492, championed by State Rep. Jake Hoffman, which mandates proof of U.S. citizenship to register for any election. This landmark legislation, signed into law by former Governor Doug Ducey, ensures that only eligible citizens participate in Arizona’s democratic process, guarding against voter fraud and bolstering public trust in our elections.

Watch Must-See Video Warning America on One-Party Takeover Plot.

WATCH: The Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule | Explained in Under Two Minutes

Moreover, HB2243, another vital component of Arizona’s election integrity efforts, focuses on purging voter rolls of individuals who are no longer eligible to vote in the state. This measure aims to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter registration records, further strengthening the integrity of Arizona’s electoral system.

Despite challenges and claims of discrimination from opponents, District Judge Susan Bolton aptly recognized the paramount importance of preserving the integrity of Arizona’s elections. Her ruling affirms that the state’s interest in preventing non-citizens from voting and ensuring public confidence in the electoral process outweighs any minimal burden placed on voters to provide documentary proof of citizenship.

This ruling marks a significant victory for election integrity advocates and underscores Arizona’s commitment to upholding the rule of law in its electoral practices. By safeguarding the integrity of our elections, Arizona sets a standard for transparency, fairness, and accountability in democratic governance.

Let’s celebrate this triumph for democracy and remain steadfast in our efforts to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box!

TAKE ACTION: Voter ID in Every State of the Union

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Nevada Hit With GOP Lawsuit Over ‘Impossibly High’ Voter Registration

Lara Trump is doing the heavy lifting.

Very impressive right out of the gate.

Can real reform come before November?

State Official Faces Lawsuit From GOP Over ‘Impossibly High’ Voter Registration

BY: Daily Caller, March 19, 2024;

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) slapped Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar with a lawsuit on Friday, alleging that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration rolls.

The lawsuit alleges that the state of Nevada is failing to maintain the requirements of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) which mandates that voter rolls must keep “clean and accurate voter registration records.” The RNC is alleging that according to their analysis, five of Nevada’s 17 counties have inflated voter rolls which they say indicates a violation of the NVRA, the lawsuit claims.

“Election integrity starts with clean voter rolls, and that’s why the National Voter Registration Act requires state officials to keep their rolls accurate and up-to-date,” RNC Co-Chair Michael Whatley wrote in a Monday press release. “Nevada has universal mail voting and no voter ID requirement, which makes Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar’s failure to comply with the NVRA and provide accurate voter rolls all the more concerning. Securing clean voter rolls in Nevada is a critical step towards ensuring that it will be easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

“At least three Nevada counties have more registered voters than they have adult citizens who are over the age of 18,” the lawsuit alleges. “That number of voters is impossibly high.”

The lawsuit alleges that two counties in Nevada have active voter registration rates that surpass 90% of adult citizens over the age of 18. That number, the RNC alleges in its lawsuit, “far eclipses” the voter registration rate nationwide and at the state-level in elections recently…

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RNC Fires over 60 Staffers amid Trump Takeover Reshuffle – EVOL

Biden Business Partner Dropping Bombs on House Hearing on Biden Corruption, Exposes Reps. Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman for Lying on Behalf of the Biden Crime Family

REPORT: Electronic Registration Information Center Deemed 168,000 Dead Or Relocated Virginians ‘Eligible But Unregistered’ To Vote

Democrats Forced To Admit How Radical The Party Has Become On Abortion

Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Testifies the Bidens Were Selling “The Brand.” And “The Brand” was Joe Biden

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Comment Taken Out Of Context

Democrats Can’t Even Win On Their Own Made Up Issue

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Google ‘Interfered’ in U.S. Elections over 40 Times Since 2008

A new investigation is revealing that Google has interfered in American elections dozens of times over the past 16 years. According to a Media Research Center (MRC) Special Report compiled by MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider and Assistant Editor Gabriela Pariseau, Google has “interfered in elections” at least 41 times since 2008. “In every case, Google harmed the candidates — regardless of party — who threatened its left-wing candidate of choice,” the report states. “From the mouths of Google executives, the tech giant let slip what was never meant to be made public: That Google uses its ‘great strength and resources and reach’ to advance its leftist values.”

The MRC report notes that, in 2008, Google favored then-senator Barack Obama and his presidential bid, resulting in the tech giant censoring support for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate and “suspending the accounts of writers who wrote blogs critical of Obama during his primary race against Clinton.” Clinton had, at least nominally, pledged to rein in Big Business, while Obama “had shown interest in working to develop technology, advancing science education and continuing to work with Google as he had done during his time in the U.S. Senate.” Thus, Google censored pro-Clinton and anti-Obama blog posts online. Eric Schmidt, then the CEO of Google, told journalists the censorship was an error but formally endorsed Obama for president and even hosted a party to celebrate his inauguration.

Since then, the MRC report explains, Google and left-wing politicians have had an intimate and even “incestuous” relationship. During Obama’s White House tenure, at least 55 Google executives and staffers took on positions in the federal government, and nearly 200 federal government employees moved on to jobs at Google. “Ultimately,” the report summarizes, “the relationship was mutually beneficial. Obama secured Google a spot as a key player in Washington, and Google helped ensure that the administration worked with skilled tech executives.” Google also worked to support Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and target Republican presidential primary contenders.

In 2016, Google’s election manipulation kicked into high gear. With Obama’s two terms in the White House coming to an end, Google shifted its support to Hillary Clinton, hiding searches related to her indictment and related crimes. While Yahoo! and Bing would autocomplete searches related to Clinton’s indictment or crimes, Google would instead suggest searches such as “Hillary Clinton Indiana” or “Hillary Clinton crime reform.” Once Clinton squared off against then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Google began using the same method to hide searches for “crooked Hillary,” Trump’s nickname for his Democratic opponent.

Google also overrepresented search results with a left-wing bias. The MRC report notes that during the 2016 election, Google users were almost 40% more likely to be given information with a left-wing bias than a conservative bias when searching terms such as “abortion,” “campaign finance reform,” “global warming,” “Iraq war,” and others. Quoting research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, MRC’s report notes that Google’s efforts on behalf of the Clinton campaign may have impacted “at least 2.5 million votes” in her favor.

Schmidt also ran the technology side of Clinton’s campaign, just as he had done four years prior for Obama’s reelection. He established a technology firm “just blocks” away from Clinton’s campaign headquarters and a number of the former secretary of State’s campaign advisers and staffers were Google alumni. Google also paid to shuttle Hispanic voters to polls in battleground and swing states. Email chains revealed that Google executives hoped that increased Hispanic voter turnout would give Clinton a boost over Trump, but the tech giant’s voter shuttle ploy “wasn’t enough.”

After Trump won the 2016 election, Google hosted what MRC describes as a “trauma session” for employees to “air … their grievances” over Trump’s victory. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said during the meeting that Trump’s win “conflicts with many of [Google’s] values” and derided Trump supporters as “extremists.”

Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Google once again “sprang into action, amping up its election interference efforts,” the MRC report says. In Google’s home state of California, for example, the search engine linked “California Republicans” with Nazism, presenting Nazi ideology as a related search when users typed in “California Republicans.” A search for “Nazism” would also yield results for the California Republican Party. Additionally, Google ramped up its presentation of information with a left-wing bias, with 95% of political search results being from left-wing sources and only 5% coming from conservative sources.

Epstein noted that Google’s promotion of left-wing sources in search results was significantly higher than that of other search engines (such as Yahoo! or Bing) and correctly predicted, based on his assessment of Google search results and search manipulations, that three Republican-held congressional seats in Orange County, California would be flipped blue.

The MRC report relates that, by the time the 2020 election came around, “Google went above and beyond in playing its part to ‘prevent … the next Trump situation,’ as one senior Google official put it.” Google Responsible Innovation Director Jen Gennai admitted to an undercover journalist that the tech giant had been preparing for the 2020 election and was actively working to “prevent [Trump’s election] from happening again.” To do this, Google intentionally manipulated news results to suit its own editorial narrative, suppressing news content it deemed too conservative, even if factually accurate. Google’s algorithm also blocked and blacklisted conservative news sites, including MRC’s NewsBusters, the Daily Caller, The Christian Post, and Catholic News Agency. Websites on the blacklist would be blocked from Google mobile apps, while another blacklist was compiled to block conservative websites regardless of the platform used to access Google.

Other websites (such as Gateway Pundit) were blocked from appearing in news search results and others (including NewsBusters, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, and Human Events) were temporarily blocked, although they still appeared in results generated by other search engines. Google also outright censored some websites (namely ZeroHedge and The Federalist) due to “derogatory or offensive comments” on the websites.

Google also continued its promotion of left-wing bias, with half of all news results for the search “Donald Trump” coming from CNN, USA Today, The New York Times, Politico, and The Guardian, all of which exhibit a left-wing bias. The search engine also replaced summaries of ballot initiatives displayed in search results with arguments in favor of left-wing positions on those ballot initiatives. Google also adjusted its ads policies, suspending Democratic presidential primary candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s Google Ads account, preventing her campaign website from appearing in the top search results. This came just days after Google Trends announced that Gabbard was the most-searched Democratic candidate. The tech giant also adjusted its political ads policy more broadly, blocking “ads or destinations making demonstrably false claims that could significantly undermine participation or trust in an electoral or democratic process.” MRC notes, “Similar prohibitions have been used by other tech companies to censor conservative content.”

Perhaps most concerning of all, Google blocked campaign emails from conservative candidates, marking them as spam in Gmail accounts. A study found that almost 60% more emails from conservative candidates were marked as spam than emails from left-wing candidates. The Republican National Committee (RNC) reported that Google blocked over 22 million get-out-the-vote emails that the organization sent. Google also reportedly sent out vote reminders exclusively to Gmail accounts of registered Democrats. Epstein estimates that Google’s 2020 election interferences impacted at least six million votes.

Google’s meddling continued into the 2022 midterm elections, with Epstein alleging that the tech giant’s interference cost the GOP a majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. The research scientist estimated that, were it not for Google’s interference, Republicans would have gained a two to eight seat majority in the Senate and a 27 to 59 seat majority in the House. Additionally, he posits that Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake would have been elected governor if Google had not interfered.

Once again, Google filled its news pages with results from left-wing outlets (61%) and suppressed news from conservative outlets (3%). “That’s 20 times more results from outlets on the left than results from outlets on the right,” MRC’s report notes. Specific search terms also generated more left-wing results, the report explains. Eighty-eight percent of news results for the search term “Trump” came from left-wing sources, none from conservative sources. Ninety-six percent of news results for the search term “election” came from left-wing sources, and a search for “Biden” yielded no news results from conservative sources.

Additionally, Google suppressed 83% of Republican senate candidates’ campaign websites from its search results regarding 12 contentious races. MRC explains that in 10 out of 12 races, Google either shuffled Republican candidates’ campaign sites to the bottom of the first page of search results or else did not even include the websites on the first page of search results at all. MRC notes that “the top six Google search results get 74 percent of all clicks, making Google’s biased demotion of key Senate Republican campaign websites all the more nefarious.” Google also targeted specific locations in Georgia’s senate runoff election where more “undecided” voters resided, promoting incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock over his Republican opponent Herschel Walker.

Ahead of the 2024 election, Google has reportedly weaponized its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Gemini (formerly called Bard) to promote left-wing politicians and candidates and “disparage” conservative politicians and candidates. In one instance, Bard was asked why Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and President Joe Biden are “so clever.” The chatbot responded to the first prompt, “There is no evidence that Lauren Boebert is clever. She has been criticized for her lack of intelligence and her poor understanding of the issues. She has also been accused of plagiarism and of making false claims.” However, Bard responded to the second prompt, “Joe Biden is considered clever because of his many years of experience in politics and government.”

Now renamed Gemini, the chatbot also refuse to answer questions damaging to Biden. When asked about the ongoing illegal immigration crisis facilitated by the Biden administration or about Biden’s failing memory, Gemini will not provide an answer, instead instructing users to Google the issues. The chatbot also downplayed scandals involving Biden and his family. When asked about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell,” the Google A.I. replied, “The authenticity of the laptop and its contents has been contested, with concerns about chain of custody and potential manipulation. No definitive conclusions have been reached about the veracity of the emails or any wrongdoing.” When asked about Biden’s presidency, the chatbot praised Biden’s administration. Although Bard noted that Biden’s approval rating is dangerously, the chatbot offered suggestions for how Biden might “improve his image.”

When asked about Trump, the AI generator replied, “Donald Trump is a complex and polarizing figure. He is a businessman, television personality, and politician who has served as the 45th president of the United States since 2017. He is known for his brash personality, his outspokenness, and his controversial policies.” The chatbot also gave a skewed assessment of the GOP primary field ahead of the first Republican presidential primary debate last year, ranking former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley higher than she was polling and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy lower than he was polling at the time.

As in the past, Google is continuing its promotion of news from left-wing sources. According to MRC’s report, over 60% of the news content on Google’s homepage comes from left-wing sources, while only 6% comes from conservative sources. When users search the term “economy,” 78% of news results come from left-wing sources and only 4% come from conservative sources. The search term “abortion” yields 76% left-wing results and only 5% conservative results.

Of particular concern is Google’s updated “sensitive events” policy. Although Google has had a “sensitive events” policy in place for at least the past five years, it recently updated its policy to define a “sensitive event” as “an unforeseen event or development that creates significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality, relevant information and ground truth, and reduce insensitive or exploitative content in prominent and monetized features.” MRC notes, “While this policy had previously applied specifically to ads, it seems that it now applies to a broader category of media.” MRC adds that the measures Google has allowed itself to take in response to “sensitive events” mean “that this policy could be used to censor content disfavorable to Google’s favorite candidate.”

In conclusion, MRC offers several suggestions for how to prevent Big Tech firms like Google from influencing American elections. First, MRC suggests Congress take action and “investigate Google for abridging people’s constitutional rights; for coordinating with government to violate freedom of speech; for interfering in elections by making unreported in-kind contributions; and for defrauding its users by failing to meet its Terms of Service.”

Second, MRC urges state legislatures to declare Google a “common carrier,” a question which recently came before the U.S. Supreme Court. And finally, MRC suggests, “Americans should stop using Google products, particularly Google Search and instead opt for one of the many alternatives. From our research, alternatives appear to produce better, less biased results.”


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.


MRC: Google Caught Interfering in U.S. Elections 41 Times Since 2008 | TIPPING POINT

Deep State PLOT to REMOVE TRUMP Happening NOW

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Judge Allows Trump And Co-Defendants To Appeal Fani Willis Ruling

Judge Scott McAfee ruled Wednesday that former President Donald Trump and eight other co-defendants can seek review of his decision not to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

McAfee granted the certificate of immediate review sought by defendants, finding it “of such importance to the case that immediate review should be had.” The decision means defendants can appeal McAfee’s decision, which allowed Willis to stay on the case against Trump after special prosecutor Nathan Wade stepped down, despite finding an “appearance of impropriety” in their actions.

“The challenged order is not one of final judgment, and the State has informed the Court that it has complied with the order’s demands,” McAfee wrote. “Thus, unless directed otherwise by an appellate court, supersedeas shall only apply to the order being appealed.”

“The Court intends to continue addressing the many other unrelated pending pretrial motions, regardless of whether the petition is granted within 45 days of filing, and even if any subsequent appeal is expedited by the appellate court,” he continued.

Trump co-defendant Michael Roman filed the initial motion to disqualify Willis in January, alleging she financially benefited from appointing Wade, her romantic partner, when he took her vacations.

McAfee wrote in his ruling last week that there were “reasonable questions” about “whether the District Attorney and her hand-selected lead SADA testified untruthfully about the timing of their relationship.”

Wade and Willis maintained in their testimony that the relationship did not begin until after he was hired, though a long-time friend of Willis contradicted this, stating it began in 2019. They maintained Willis repaid Wade for vacation expenses in cash.

Wade’s former law partner Terrence Bradley also told Ashleigh Merchant, Roman’s attorney, that the relationship began before Wade was hired, according to text messages.

Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead defense counsel, said in a statement that McAfee’s decision to grant the certificate of immediate review was “highly significant.”

“It means the defense is permitted to apply to the Georgia Court of Appeals for pretrial review of the Judge’s order refusing to dismiss the case or disqualify Fulton County DA Willis,” Sadow said. “The defense is optimistic that appellate review will lead to the case being dismissed and the DA being disqualified.”





Judge Says Fani Willis Must Ditch Nathan Wade Or Step Aside From Trump Case

Never-Trump Group Paid Millions To Firm Run By Its Executive Director, Records Show

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‘Almost Unhinged’: Victor Davis Hanson Lays Out Issues With Media’s Coverage On Out-Of-Context ‘Bloodbath’ Remarks

Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson detailed issues Monday on Fox News with the media’s out-of-context coverage of former President Donald Trump’s “bloodbath” remarks.

Hanson appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the coverage of Trump’s remarks made over the weekend that it would be a “bloodbath for the country” if Biden was reelected in reference to the threat he believes the Biden Administration poses to the auto industry. Fox host Laura Ingraham asked Hanson about the “seriousness” of the issues, adding that the media has continuously taken the former president’s words out of context and claimed that he was escalating violence. 

“It’s serious because it shows you that these people are in free fall,” Hanson said. “They are almost unhinged because they have tried to destroy Donald Trump through lawfare and indictments are not working. They tried to get him off the ballot. They tried to bankrupt him and ruin him psychologically, physically, and financially – that hasn’t worked. They look at the issues that are important to all of us, Laura, the border, crime, inflation, what happened in Afghanistan, two wars that broke out on the Biden watch, energy, and they can’t run on any of them because they have been an ungodly disaster.”

“Then they look at the candidate themselves, and he is not able to function as a normal 21st-century candidate,” he added. “They look at the vice president. So this frustration builds up. And they just lash out and they – they make it worse. They are like an addict – they don’t understand that the fixation is destroying them and destroying their popularity, their theme, and message. But they can’t stop, they’re so obsessed. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Following Trump’s remarks on Saturday at an Ohio campaign rally, coverage of the former president’s “bloodbath” line circulated online. Alongside the corporate media’s coverage, Biden’s campaign team posted a nine-second clip of the remark without providing context to viewers that the former president was referring to the auto industry.

Trump took to social media Monday to hit back against the backlash he received, clarifying the context of the comment.

“I was simply referring to imports allowed by Crooked Joe Biden, which are killing the automobile industry,” Trump wrote. “The United Auto Workers, but not their leadership, fully understand what I mean.”



General assignment reporter.


Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax Shows Just How Pathetic The Media Has Become

Corporate Media Parrots Biden Campaign’s Talking Point On Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Remarks

Trump Rips Media Coverage Of ‘Bloodbath’ Remarks: ‘Pretended To Be Shocked’

‘Obama Would Be Jealous’: Biden Reportedly Loves Comparing Himself To Former President Barack Obama

‘Excuse Me?’: Peter Doocy Gets Defensive As Biden Admin Official Pushes Back About Biden’s Alleged Anger

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A ‘Bloodbath’ of Journalistic Ethics

The legacy media got caught over the weekend twisting President Donald Trump’s use of the mundane economic phrase “bloodbath” into an instigation of violence — an act of yellow journalism that one media expert told The Washington Stand will only “further damage their credibility as self-appointed guardians of democracy and truth.”

Speaking at a Dayton rally to endorse Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, President Trump warned Ohio voters that China hopes to destroy the U.S. auto market during a second Biden term — something he plans to stop by imposing robust tariffs against the Beijing electric vehicle market. He addressed his remarked specifically “to China” concerning “those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now.” China’s largest electric vehicle producer, BYD, plans to expand into the U.S. automobile market by opening manufacturing plants in Mexico. China has funneled many of its products into the U.S. through China, as the U.S. removed all tariffs with Mexico when it adopted NAFTA in 1993.

“If you’re listening, President Xi,” if you think “you’re going to get that, you’re going to not hire Americans, and you’re going to sell the cars to us? No. We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected. Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s gonna be the least of it.”

The term “bloodbath” is regularly used in the financial sector to describe an industrial contraction. The Merriam-Webster dictionary lists one of the definitions of “bloodbath” as “a major economic disaster.” They held special resonance in Ohio, home to 86,000 auto manufacturing jobs, the third largest auto-producing state in the nation behind Michigan and Indiana. Ohio has lost 276,474 manufacturing jobs, many to Mexico or China, between the adoption of NAFTA in 1993 and 2018, according to Public Citizen. Business Insider noted last December that China’s aggressive expansion into the Mexican auto market “is alarming U.S. officials.”

Democratic campaign operatives pounced on Trump’s use of the term “bloodbath” to insinuate he wanted to foment a blood-drenched revolution if he lost the election. The same operatives have said he will foment a blood-drenched revolution if he is elected. The Biden campaign promptly wrenched the president’s remarks out of context to create a digital campaign ad titled “Bloodbath,” which recycles other erroneous statements, such as falsely claiming Trump praised rioters at the Charlottesville and January 6 D.C. riots.

The legacy media followed the Democratic Party’s lead, producing such headlines as:

  • CBS News: “In Ohio campaign rally, Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses November election.”
  • NBC News:“Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses the election.”
  • Politico: “Trump says country faces ‘bloodbath’ if Biden wins in November.”
  • Rolling Stone“Trump Says There Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’ and Elections Will End if He Isn’t Reelected.”
  • New York Times: “Trump Defends His Warning of a ‘Blood Bath for the Country.’”

“Its hard to avoid that the so-called objective media uses a lot of the same language in their Trump stories as Biden-Harris press releases, in addition to quoting the Biden-Harris press releases,” Tim Graham, executive editor of the Media Research Center, told The Washington Stand. MRC has long documented the bias, misinformation, and political collusion the legacy media provide to secular-progressive causes in general and the Democratic Party in particular.

The headlines alone may mislead an untold number of individuals. Only 41% of people read beyond a headline, according to a 2014 study from the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute.

Even well-informed sources inside the Beltway sometimes fall under the sway of legacy media misinformation. “I didn’t realize this until I went to do the research: It’s a conversation about Chinese automakers trying to use Mexico to get cars into the United States,” admitted former Trump chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney on “NewsNation Prime” Sunday.

In some cases, the reporters have walked through the revolving door between politics and journalism, serving in partisan roles in the Democratic Party before taking on the mantle of putatively neutral (and certainly well-compensated) journalists on major networks. On ABC’s “Good Morning America” Monday, former Clinton aide and Democratic campaign operative George Stephanopoulos told his viewers that President Trump had delivered an “incendiary speech … warning of a bloodbath for the country if he’s defeated.” At NBC’s “Today,” Trump’s remarks were reported by another individual connected to a Democratic administration: Laura Jarrett, the daughter of President Barack Obama’s most intimate adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

Experts warn that cherry-picking words and phrases, and placing them into a false context, is the antithesis of journalism. “If you’ve stripped enough context away, any piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation,” said Jaime Settle of the College of William & Mary in NPR article attacking The Daily Wire.

When former Vice President Mike Pence went on “Face the Nation” Sunday to announce he would not endorse President Donald Trump in the general election, he thanked host Margaret Brennan for playing the full clip of Trump speaking about the Chinese auto manufacturing sector. “I want to commend you for putting that into context,” said Pence.

Some media talking heads seemed to cling to the left-wing, anti-Trump narrative despite the facts. Kristen Welker, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” and moderator of the 2020 presidential debate, asked Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.), a Republican who voted to impeach Trump, “Even in the context of talking about the auto industry, does it cross a line for you?”

Others simply encouraged journalists to ignore the context and use any word or phrase as a cudgel against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Ana Marie Cox of The New Republic confessed on MSNBC, “We can’t look at what he is saying and think, ‘Oh, well, we’re going to be accurate for this. We’re going to say he was referring to the auto industry.’” Media Research Center journalist Jorge Bonilla said Cox appeared “the most forthright” by admitting the left-leaning media willfully ignored accuracy in order to demonize the 45th president.

The legacy media have a long history of twisting, seizing, and pouncing on Republicans, especially Trump, said his colleague at the media watchdog MRC. “The bloodbath freakout is just the latest in a long string of freakouts stretching back to 2015,” Graham told TWS.

He believes President “Trump has a freakout strategy: He goads the press into wild overreactions that further damage their credibility as self-appointed guardians of democracy and truth.”


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.

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Interview with Ronald Reagan Leadership Award winner Dena DeCamp & Polk County, FL Executive Committee Member in Dissent TV

Dena DeCamp gives her wide ranging views on women, the Presidential Primary in Florida, her thoughts about the 2024 Presidential, and who will succeed President Donald J. Trump after serving as the 47th POTUS.

Dena provides a woman’s perspective on the economy, to the border crisis, to those issues near and dear to all American patriots.

Dena is a business woman and understands how this economy is harming her, her customers and her employees.

WATCH: Interview with Ronald Reagan Leadership Award winner Dena DeCamp and Polk County, FL Executive Committee Member in Dissent TV


Dena Decamp has a reputation for working hard. Dena had her first job at 14 and her first business, Helen’s Uniform Store, when she was 23. Dena has been building a custom embroidery business in S. Lakeland, for the last 20 years.

Dena joined the Polk County Republican Executive Committee in 2006, became Vice Chairman in 2008 under Chairman Gene Roberts. Since then, she has held duties within the REC as Voter Registration chair, EventsChairandhas run the Polk County campaign HQ from 2010until 2020.

Dena joined the local Republican Women’s Clubin1996 and was elected President of the RWC. From2009-2014, she was president of Republican Women Federated of Lakeland served as volunteer, team leader and field director for several campaigns. In 2014, Florida Gov. Rick Scott presented DeCamp with the Republican Party of Florida Volunteer of the Year Award.

Decamp was elected president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women after serving as 1st and 2nd vice presidents and in several other states. In 2016, the Trump campaign asked FFRW President Dena DeCamp to help rally women to the Trump ticket. Dena gave speeches at 4of the central Florida Trump rallies – Tampa, Kissimmee, Daytona and Lakeland in addition to being on various live radio shows, encouraging women to vote for Donald Trump. Dena was honored to be an Elector for Donald Trump and attended the RNC Convention for Presidential candidate Donald J Trump in Cleveland, OH in 2016.

Florida Republican leader Dena Stebbins Decamp was awarded the prestigious Ronald Reagan Leadership Award in 2017 during the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) 39th Biennial Convention

The award was established by the NFRW in 2005 to recognize the outstanding leadership of one state president and is presented every two years at the biennial convention.

Decamp and four other state presidents were selected as nominees based on overall leadership and initiation of new programs, increases in membership, participation in national programs, and excellence in public relations and campaign e orts.

Dena DeCamp currently serves on the POLK REC as Chair of the Events Committee, Fundraising committee and assists the Membership Committee chairman.

©2024. The Dissent Television Channel and host . All rights reserved.

Media “Bloodbath”

The latest media hoax is a proverbial bloodbath for their reliability, objectivity and trustworthiness. After President Trump warned that Biden’s re-election would be a bloodbath for the automotive industry, the media, in lockstep, shrieked that Trump was inciting a bloody insurrection, a bloodbath!, if he didn’t win the election.

Discussing the auto industry industry, Trump said:

“If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s going to be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country,” Trump said, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Once again, a naked hoax exposes the media’s malevolent perfidy. Their latest one is a bloody mess.

Trump Rips Media for Exploiting ‘Bloodbath’ Comment

By Charlie McCarthy, Newsmax, 18 March 2024:

Former President Donald Trump on Monday morning slammed Democrats and the mainstream media for exploiting his “bloodbath” comment about the U.S. auto industry and for taking his words out of context.

At an Ohio rally on Saturday, Trump spoke about the danger facing the U.S car industry from imports.

“If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s going to be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country,” Trump said, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Although the former president clearly was discussing the auto industry, mainstream media outlets took the word “bloodbath” and ran with it. ran a story with the headline “Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses the election” and posted a story with the headline, “In Ohio campaign rally, Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses November election.”

The former president responded Monday morning on Truth Social.

“The Fake News Media, and their Democrat Partners in the destruction of our Nation, pretended to be shocked at my use of the word BLOODBATH, even though they fully understood that I was simply referring to imports allowed by Crooked Joe Biden, which are killing the automobile industry,” Trump posted.

“The United Auto Workers, but not their leadership, fully understand what I mean. With the Electric Car Mandate being pushed by Biden, there soon won’t be any cars made in the USA – UNLESS I’M ELECTED PRESIDENT, IN WHICH CASE AUTO MANUFACTURING WILL THRIVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!! MAGA2024.”

Keep reading.



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Biden Moves to Erase Voter ID Requirements That Are Backed By 85% of Voters

85% of people across all demographics support voter ID (the same 85% that didn’t vote for him.)

Biden pushing to erase voter ID requirements that are backed by 85% of voters

By: The Washington Times, March 15, 2024:

Recent comments from Biden administration officials have stirred a debate about the role of federal agencies in supporting citizen participation in elections and the validity of voter ID laws.

Story continues below advertisement

Concerns have been raised by House Republicans over a lack of transparency regarding the implementation of an executive order by President Biden aimed at encouraging federal agencies to assist in voter registration efforts. This is in addition to statements made by Attorney General Merrick Garland questioning the effectiveness of voter ID laws.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, New York Republican and co-chairwoman of the Election Integrity Caucus, disputes claims that voter ID laws disenfranchise voters. “The statistics don’t bear that out. It’s like 85% of people across all demographics support voter ID,” she said, according to The Daily Signal.

Ms. Tenney’s comments were in response to Mr. Garland, who has criticized these laws as “discriminatory, burdensome and unnecessary.”

In a recent speech in Selma, Alabama, the attorney general said he’s committed to election access, noting that he has bolstered the legal team in the Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section to challenge what he calls restrictive measures enacted by various states, “including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes and voter ID requirements.”

Read the whole thing.



Should Voting Machines be Scrapped?

No Better Endorsement: Disgraced Mike Pence Won’t Endorse President Trump

Here is How the Sausage of Election Fraud is Made in New York City


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VIDEO: October Surprise Coming — Biden Executive Order to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue.

WATCH: Biden to issue Executive Order to allowing illegal aliens to vote before election day!

©2024. . All rights reserved.

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Foregone Conclusion

The biggest news story that the media, let alone the Democrat media axis – the most powerful propaganda apparatus in the world, is not covering, has not covered and will not cover is that the 2024 election is a forgone conclusion. The Democrats stole 2020. They stole it right before our eyes. They stopped counting in the battleground states in the middle of the night when Trump was all but declared the winner. Yes, he was that far ahead, and then, when the machines came back online hours later, the coup was complete and what followed was a revolution, an overthrow of we the people culminating in the prosecution and imprisonment of those who protested against the steal on January 6. I don’t think they will be as messy this time. The election system itself in blue/purple states, the infrastructure is a Democrat apparatus. They have a good deal of practice under their belts. There is nothing they love more than the constant drone of nonsensical flapping tongues talk, talk, talking about the election on TV, in social media, anywhere and everywhere. “The polls show…..” As if.

How does anyone believe the Republicans will be able to win in November? It’s not possible. Why is everyone talking about the race like it’s viable or fair or possible? It’s mass delusion. The election machinery is immense, meticulous, tentacles everywhere even in the GOP. And the enemy of the people controls it.  If I’m wrong, tell me what I ain’t seeing.

The reason why they are keeping a rotting, demented corpse who sniffs, fondles little children and walks into walls on the ticket, is because it’s in the bag. It doesn’t matter who they put on the ticket. He’s not running the country anyway.

The Republicans are useless. They have done nothing for four years. Controlled opposition.

The answer is simple. Paper ballots. One day voting. And that will not happen.

‘They Are Miles Ahead’: Despite ‘Election Integrity’ Hype, GOP Could Be Walking Into 2024 Legal Buzzsaw

By: Reagan Reese, Daily Caller, March 14, 2024:

Republicans are walking a tightrope heading into the 2024 election.

They must show their base that they are fighting hard on the issue of election integrity, which many conservatives believe cost former President Donald Trump his 2020 re-election bid.

Simultaneously, they must operate in the reality that they now live in the world of ballot harvesting and drop-boxes.

That dichotomy is why the Republican National Committee (RNC) told the Daily Caller they are committed to prioritizing election integrity efforts between now and November. They are waging lawsuits on issues ranging from ballot access to voting rules. Yet the party is also heavily pushing its “Bank Your Vote” initiative, encouraging Republicans to vote early.

Other elements of the party seem more resigned to playing by Democrats’ rules rather than trying to change them. The Caller also reached out to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which the RNC said is helping bankroll the party’s legal fights.

After sending the Daily Caller a link to an Axios article about get out the vote efforts, and then ignoring multiple follow-up requests for an interview about election integrity, NRCC spokesperson Will Reinert sent the Caller the following: “We’ve complained about your coverage several times to editors, so to tell you the truth, we really don’t care to engage on pieces we don’t care about to help you guys out.”

A prominent conservative pundit read the Reinert email and told the Daily Caller, “‘pieces we don’t care about’ is the giveaway. They’re mailing it in on election prep, in other words.”

Election integrity is, however, an issue Republican voters care deeply about: coming out of the last presidential election, nearly two-thirds of Republicans and Trump voters said they had little faith votes were counted accurately, according to one poll.

In 2020, a number of election laws were changed, and others were straight up ignored, in key states due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, voters had expanded access to methods of voting including ballot drop-boxes, mail-in voting and early voting thanks to Democratic Party legal efforts led by Marc Elias. (RELATED: Key Swing State Election Laws Under Fire Over Voter Integrity Provisions)

Elias is a high-powered attorney who has played a leading role in hundreds of lawsuits seeking to make it easier to vote and undo Republican efforts to make elections more secure.

A Daily Caller review of current election laws found that the situation on the ground remains dire for election integrity hawks. A number of key battleground states, including those that delivered Biden the presidency, are still slated to use many of the election procedures in 2024 that outraged Republicans in 2020.

At least seven are slated to deploy ballot drop-boxes. Nearly all are likely to have no-excuse absentee voting. Five are on track to have more than two weeks of early voting, and Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina will mail out absentee ballots more than six weeks before election day.

“As we’ve talked about, the damage done by Democrats to change laws during COVID was unprecedented. There’s still a lot of work to do, not everything is where we want to be right now. But that’s why we’re scaling up this massive program and filing all this litigation because we’re actively trying to fix it up,” an RNC official told the Daily Caller. “We understand that there are still issues, especially in swing states with key stuff we need to fix. That’s why this exists.”

Continue reading,



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Poll after Poll Shows Biden Losing to Trump

As November draws steadily closer, yet another poll is showing support for former president Donald Trump surging ahead of support for incumbent Joe Biden. According to a HarrisX poll conducted in the days following Biden’s State of the Union address, Trump is leading Biden by five percentage points (46% to 41%), with 13% of voters undecided.

When undecided voters were asked which way they lean, Trump leads Biden 52% to 48%. When Independent and third-party candidates are added to the mix, Trump still maintains his lead (41%), while Biden trails behind at 35%, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at 12%, and other candidates at 1% each, with 10% of voters undecided. When undecided voters were asked which way they lean in an expanded field, Trump still takes first place with 44%. Significantly, Trump leads among Independent voters in every scenario.

The HarrisX survey also revealed that nearly 60% of voters polled disapprove of Biden’s job performance as president, including nearly a quarter (22%) of Democrats. Nearly 60% of voters (including over a quarter of Democrats) said that Biden’s State of the Union speech served to “divide” the country and more than half (57%) of voters said the speech “raised questions or concerns” about the president’s age, including almost 40% of Democrats. A marginally smaller percentage said the speech raised questions or concerns about Biden’s fitness for office. A strong majority (61%) of voters polled also said that Biden did an “inadequate job addressing immigration during the State of the Union address…”

This follows a Rasmussen Reports survey finding that 61% of voters (79% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats, and 61% of Independent voters) believe immigration will be “very important” in November’s election. Despite all of the attention Democrats are dedicating to it, only 42% of voters (28% of Republicans, 66% of Democrats, and 32% of Independents) said that abortion will be a “very important” issue in November.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll also found that voters weren’t impressed with Biden’s State of the Union address. According to that survey, Biden’s job approval was at 40% before his speech last week but dropped to 39% after the speech.

A slew of other polls have shown Trump leading Biden in the wake of the incumbent Democrat’s State of the Union address. A recent USA Today/Suffolk University survey found that 49% of voters approve of the job Trump did as president, while only 41% approve of Biden’s job performance. Another Rasmussen Reports survey also showed Trump is not only leading Biden (49% to 41%) but other Democrats teased as potential Biden replacements: Trump leads former First Lady Michelle Obama 50% to 43% and current California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) by a whopping 51% to 34%. Once again, Trump leads among Independent voters in a matchup against all three Democrats, leading Biden by 12 points (45% to 33%) in that demographic.

Pointing to polling data, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that Biden has “a devastating mountain” to climb in facing off against Trump in November. Gingrich explained that the president “has a problem with everybody because they go to the grocery store, they go to the gas station. Biden-ism isn’t working.” He continued, “Biden has got a huge problem when speeches don’t change and advertising doesn’t change, because people go to the store, and they say, ‘In my own life, I know what he’s doing to me, right?’” The former speaker added, “And if you’ll notice, people consistently now say that they were better off personally, better off under Trump than they are under Biden.”

For months, Biden has been floundering in nearly every major poll. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released last month reported Biden’s approval rating at 45%, with nearly half (48%) of voters saying he’s become worse as a leader. Like many current surveys, that one found that over half of voters approved of Trump’s presidential job performance and showed the former president leading the current president ahead of the November election.

Voters have been particularly disappointed with Biden’s management of illegal immigration, inflation, the economy, rising crime rates, and other issues. A Monmouth University poll (also released last month) found that 84% of voters consider illegal immigration a serious issue, including 61% who consider it “very serious.” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, identified illegal immigration as “Biden’s weakest policy area, including among his fellow Democrats.”


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.


Kamala Harris Calls Pro-Life Laws ‘Immoral’ on 1st VP Visit to Abortion Facility

More than 420 Chemical Abortions Carried Out on 3 California College Campuses in 6 Months


Trump’s RNC Takeover Is The GOP No More

Biden Turned His Back on God, Then THIS Happened!

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Judge Says Fani Willis Must Ditch Nathan Wade Or Step Aside From Trump Case

A judge declined Friday to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the case against former President Donald Trump.

Judge Scott McAfee found that the defendants had “failed to meet their burden of proving that the District Attorney acquired an actual conflict of interest in this case through her personal relationship and recurring travels with her lead prosecutor.” However, he said that the record “highlights a significant appearance of impropriety that infects the current structure of the prosecution team,” stating that Nathan Wade must either withdraw or Willis and her whole office can choose to step aside to solve the problem.

McAfee wrote that disqualifying Willis was not necessary “when a less drastic and sufficiently remedial option is available.”

“The Court therefore concludes that the prosecution of this case cannot proceed until the State selects one of two options,” he wrote. “The District Attorney may choose to step aside, along with the whole of her office, and refer the prosecution to the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council for reassignment. See O.C.G.A. § 15-18-5. Alternatively, SADA Wade can withdraw, allowing the District Attorney, the Defendants, and the public to move forward without his presence or remuneration distracting from and potentially compromising the merits of this case.”

Trump co-defendant Michael Roman alleged in a Jan. 8 motion that Willis financially benefited from awarding her romantic partner Nathan Wade a lucrative contract to work as special prosecutor on the case when he took her on vacations using money earned from his position.

Willis and Wade both denied the relationship began before he was hired, though a long-time friend of Willis, Robin Yeartie, testified that it began in 2019. They claimed the expenses were split roughly equally, with Willis paying him back in cash.

McAfee wrote that an “odor of mendacity remains” about the testimony of Willis and Wade.

“The Court is not under an obligation to ferret out every instance of potential dishonesty from each witness or defendant ever presented in open court,” he wrote. “Yet reasonable questions about whether the District Attorney and her hand-selected lead SADA testified untruthfully about the timing of their relationship further underpin the finding of an appearance of impropriety and the need to make proportional efforts to cure it.”

Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead defense counsel, said in a statement that they will “use all legal options available as we continue to fight to end this case, which should never have been brought in the first place.”

“While respecting the Court’s decision, we believe that the Court did not afford appropriate significance to the prosecutorial misconduct of Willis and Wade, including the financial benefits, testifying untruthfully about when their personal relationship began, as well as Willis’ extrajudicial MLK ‘church speech,’ where she played the race card and falsely accused the defendants and their counsel of racism,” Sadow said.

McAfee’s ruling addressed other grounds defendants used to call for disqualification, including Willis’ failure to disclose gifts from Wade on her financial disclosures and a church speech she gave in January blaming the allegations on race.

He called the speech “legally improper,” noting that this kind of public comment “creates dangerous waters for the District Attorney to wade further into.”

“The time may well have arrived for an order preventing the State from mentioning the case in any public forum to prevent prejudicial pretrial publicity, but that is not the motion presently before the Court,” he wrote.

As for witnesses, McAfee found Yeartie’s testimony raised doubts about the testimony of Willis and Wade but “lacked context and detail.” He found that he could not “place any stock in the testimony of Terrance Bradley,” Wade’s former law partner.

Texts revealed Bradley, who said on the witness stand that he “could not recall” details about their relationship, shared many details with defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant, even suggesting witnesses she could subpoena to confirm them.

“His inconsistencies, demeanor, and generally non-responsive answers left far too brittle a foundation upon which to build any conclusions,” McAfee wrote.

McAfee issued a ruling Wednesday dismissing six of the counts in the indictment that did not offer defendants “enough information to prepare their defenses intelligently.”





Defense Attorney Describes Efforts To ‘Intimidate’ Key Witness After She Filed Motion To Disqualify Fani Willis

Fani Willis Failed To Disclose Airline Ticket Paid For By Alleged Lover, Docs Show


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