LGBT Activists Spend $15 Million Reminding Voters about Biden’s Most Unpopular Agenda

If you’re one of those rare voters who just can’t get enough of LGBT extremism, you’re in luck! The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) plans to drop big bucks reminding swing-state Americans how they’ve successfully overtaken classrooms, sports, business, entertainment, and politics with radical gender ideology under Joe Biden. Of course, most people would say they don’t need the recap. As far as they’re concerned, the last three years of the Biden administration have been one long ad for the LGBT movement.

According to HRC, the $15 million campaign will focus primarily on six battleground states they believe could “make or break Biden’s reelection bid”: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Organization President Kelley Robinson told NBC, “This group of voters, when you break them down by state, can actually make the difference. … This is a powerful constituency, a powerful community. It’s our job to make sure that they have the tools that they need to show out to the polls. So we’re going to be knocking on doors, making phone calls, engaging every member that we’ve got to make sure that our people turn out.”

And while no constituency should be happier with Biden — after all, he did more to advance radical transgenderism than every president combined — the LGBT population’s outsized influence in the White House doesn’t exactly translate to election politics. Even this 7.6% of the country (a generous estimate, many believe) isn’t exactly thrilled with Biden, despite his unpopular decision to declare war on every social, scientific, and biological norm.

Despite the White House’s incessant pandering, his most overrepresented base (apart from illegal immigrants, who, at least for now, can’t technically vote) doesn’t necessarily believe that Biden’s overt LGBT gestures are enough. “Like much of the country, LGBTQ+ Americans aren’t particularly enamored with the president,” ABC News warns. “Though they’re more likely to approve of the job Biden is doing than Americans overall, the president’s approval rating was still flat with this group: An equal share (47 percent) said they approved of the job Biden was doing as said they disapproved.”

That’s bad news for an administration that’s put all of its eggs in the transgender basket. Interestingly, “a plurality (30 percent) of LGBTQ+ Americans identified their political leanings as “moderate centrist/independent” in March polling. “When asked to place themselves on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being the most liberal and 10 being the most conservative, the average response was 3.9. Similarly, a plurality said that they’d like politicians to be a 5 on that scale. And when asked what they thought was the most pressing issue in America today, the top response, with 24 percent, was ‘jobs and the economy.’”

For three years, Biden has been willing to hemorrhage moderate and Independent voters with outrageous gender ideology that erases girls’ sports, parental rights, privacy, and children’s health and safety in the hopes that his far-Left base will ride in and rescue him. That seems less and less likely, especially now, in a volatile political environment where his unpopularity is spilling over into the Democrats’ anti-Semitic protestors.

And while HRC estimates that there are 75 million “equality voters” who base their vote on LGBT rights, no one is quite sure how that’s possible. The topic didn’t even make Gallup’s 14 top voter concerns for 2024. In fact, “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights” weren’t even listed in March’s poll, which is a twist from previous election years when it perennially ranked dead last. Maybe Gallup didn’t want to expose what a political loser the issue is — or maybe there wasn’t enough concern for it to even register. Either way, it’s a revealing shift.

At the end of the day, experts say, HRC may not only be losing millions but also making things worse for Joe Biden. “This will not have the effect they think it will,” Family Research Council’s Meg Kilgannon told The Washington Stand. In fact, she said, “I hope groups like the Human Rights Campaign complain very loudly about how oppressed they are while the Biden administration does their bidding to force men into women’s sports, secretly transition kids at school behind parents’ backs, mandate pronoun usage, and pay for mutilating and sterilizing surgeries in the military and on children. That’s not going to go over well with the average voter,” she warns, “and may further alienate independent and minority voters.”

Saturating swing states with an LGBT message most voters have already rejected — and the affected 7% don’t seem to prioritize — isn’t going to help Biden’s chances. What it will do is remind the fence-sitters where the president has spent the majority of his time — and it isn’t on lowering inflation, prices, and crime; it isn’t on protecting us from China and Iran or even stopping the stampede across the border. No, his perverse fixation on LGBT extremism and punishing its critics exceeds anything this country has ever seen.

“This moment feels so important, not just for this election,” the HRC president said, “but really for what it means for the future of our community. We are seeing an incredible backlash in states across the country to the progress that we’ve made … that’s led by an opposition that doesn’t want us to have the rights we have today.” Robinson is right to worry that the pendulum is swinging away from her agenda, but it’s really no surprise considering the nightmare parents are finding themselves in at work, their children’s school, even their daughters’ swim meets.

As FRC Action Director Matt Carpenter told TWS, “The Biden-Harris administration has prioritized left-wing sexual and gender ideology over basically everything else. Everything from foreign policy to public schools and national defense must include some LGBT-oriented policy in this administration. They even rebranded Resurrection Sunday as ‘Transgender Visibility Day.’”

After having this agenda rubbed in their faces for the last three years, Carpenter believes “parents are waking up to the reality that this ideology, promoted by the Biden-Harris administration and HRC, is being used as a wedge between them and their children. I think young people are waking up to the insanity of gender ideology, in sports and medicine specifically. And I think Americans are tired of everything needing to be rebranded along LGBT-lines, as we’ve seen recently with even woke corporations de-prioritizing LGBT-themes in their advertising and products.”

If HRC thinks they can win people over, good luck, Carpenter says. “They have their work cut out for them.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.


Germany Joins Nations Skeptical of Gender Transition Procedures for Minors as Evidence of Harms Mounts

SCOTUS Rejects Parents’ Petition against ‘Secret Gender Transitions’ in Schools

Growing Number of States Require Age Verification for Online Porn Access

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Biden to Black Graduates: ‘America Hates You’

Straight up racism. And projection.

Morehouse produces some of America’s greatest minds.

MLK. Fulbright, Rhodes, and Marshall scholars.

Yet Biden is so racist he sees all Black Americans as the same. And on their day of celebration, Biden lectures and lies to them how their country hates them.

Biden is a pathetic, pandering lowlife. (Mike David on X)

Biden to Morehouse Graduates: America Hates You

As his black support erodes, he plays up racial resentments to the class of 2024.

The polls say President Biden has lost support among black Americans, and the White House appears to have settled on a strategy to win them back: spread more racial division. That’s the main message from the President’s dishonorable commencement address Sunday at storied Morehouse College in Atlanta.

By: Wall Street Journal, May 21, 2024:

Mr. Biden naturally offered the 2024 graduates a list of what he sees as his accomplishments for black Americans. He indulged in his familiar gilded personal history as a civil-rights crusader. He gave the impression that the Delaware Democratic Party was a racist operation until Sen. Joe Biden came along. At least that’s the somewhat forgivable politics of self-aggrandizement.

Less forgivable was the President’s attempt to stir resentment among the graduates on what should be a day to appreciate what they accomplished and to inspire hope for the future. Here’s what Mr. Biden said instead:

“You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and there was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if democracy you hear about actually works for you.

“What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street?

“What is democracy if a trail of broken promises still leave black—black communities behind?

“What is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot?

“And most of all, what does it mean, as we’ve heard before, to be a black man who loves his country even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure?”

Thanks for the uplift, Mr. President. Since Mr. Biden is asking questions, is this what he wants these young graduates to believe about their country—that American democracy is defined by its racial animosity, as if they still live in the Jim Crow South?

As others have noted, imagine working hard for four years to graduate and on a day of celebration for you and your families the President of the United States sends you off with a message that your countrymen who are white want you to fail. Is this what President Biden thinks of America?

Continue reading.



EVIL: Biden Regime Offers ‘Condolences’ for Mass-Murdering Butcher of Iran Who Routinely Chanted ‘Death to America’ and Slaughtered Thousands of His Own People

Another Life Almost Destroyed by the Left: Not a Bug, But a Feature

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Unhinged Trump Judge Attacks Defense Witness: “GET OUT OF THE COURTROOM, NOW!”

This is madness. The Democrats are destroying this country.

The Only Discernible Crime In Trump Trial Is Michael Cohen Admitting To Stealing $30,000

‘Are You Staring Me Down?’: Judge and Prosecution in Trump Trial Bicker With a Surprise Defense Witness Who Calls Michael Cohen ‘a Liar’

NY Sun. May 21, 2024;

A dramatic scene erupted at President Trump’s hush-money trial on Monday afternoon when the presiding judge asked the reporters to clear the courtroom so he could reprimand Mr. Trump’s witness, the veteran attorney Robert Costello.

“Are you staring me down?” the New York Supreme Court justice, Juan Merchan, asked Mr. Costello, his voice shaking with rage. “Clear the courtroom, right now. Clear the courtroom!”

Close to sixty reporters took their belongings and rushed out into the hallway. …. (more)



Disbarred Lawyer and Infamous Liar Michael Cohen Confesses to Stealing $30,000 From Trump Organization During Cross Examination

D.C. RNC On Lockdown After Vials Of Blood Sent To Building

RELATED VIDEO: Breaking video from New York Courthouse

POST ON X: “GET OUT OF THE COURTROOM, NOW!” Lunatic Judge Merchan just had a meltdown over Bob Costello’s testimony that dismantled the case against Rightful President Trump.

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Amal Alamuddin Clooney: ‘I’m Behind ICC Arrest Warrants’ for Netanyahu

Everyone knows, even if they do not want to admit it, that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is known throughout the world for taking more care to avoid civilian casualties than any other military in the history of warfare.

Mrs. Clooney would be better off pursuing Mahmoud Abbas and the leaders of Fatah for crimes against humanity who have boasted they took part in the October 7th. massacre and who, like Yahya Sinwar, have vowed to carry out similar attacks again and again until Israel is annihilated.

That over 70% of Arab Palestinians in Gaza and in Judea & Samaria have declared their support for this historically obscene massacre is lost on Mrs. Clooney.

Her Druze father must have told her Sunni Muslim mother that the Druze community was constantly persecuted by the Sunni Ottoman Empire including forced conversion to Islam. This should have given Mrs. Clooney some pause.

Not much has changed since then so one has to ask why Mrs. Clooney, a British barrister mind you, would attempt to claim the moral high ground by approving a charge of war crimes by the International Criminal Court against Benjamin Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli cabinet without a morsel of evidence. Of course, for some people being associated with any organization that has “international” in its title is just too tempting to resist.

Perhaps Mrs. Cloney has been infected with the same Obama-fawning virus as her husband, a viral strain that promotes racial division, anti-Americanism and Jew-hatred whenever the opportunity arises cloaking it in the most ingratiating aspects of so-called social justice that appeals to every graduate of Twitter University.

Mrs. Clooney is an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School of Law. This explains a lot including why she has been silent about the junior jihadi Hamas supporters and the Islamic Nazis there who boldly tell us they wish to unleash an intifada across America.

If any of these enemies of civilization end up facing charges of sedition or crimes against humanity, we know we can depend on Mrs. Clooney to gallop forth from her gated community to their defense firmly mounted on her high horse, an animal she and her self-satisfied husband always keep closely tethered.

Biden and fellow Jew hater Barack Obama will appear at a fundraiser in Los Angeles that includes Amal Alamuddin Clooney.

George Clooney’s wife: ‘I’m behind ICC warrants’

By: World Israel News, May 21, 2024

Amal Clooney says she and colleagues found that Netanyahu may be guilty of “crimes against humanity,” including murder and starvation.

Amal Clooney, the wife of Hollywood A-Lister George Clooney, took credit for the impending International Criminal Court (ICC) warrants targeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and several Hamas leaders.

Clooney, who was a human rights attorney before marrying the movie star, posted on the Clooney Foundation for Justice website that the ICC had approached her, along with several other prominent lawyers, to serve on an advisory panel regarding filing charges against the Israeli government and Hamas terrorists.

Along with her colleagues, “we unanimously conclude that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity including starvation as a method of warfare, murder, persecution and extermination,” she wrote.

Notably, Clooney did not provide any evidence for that claim, nor did she elaborate upon her reasoning for that conclusion.

“I support the historic step that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has taken to bring justice to victims of atrocities in Israel and Palestine,” Clooney added, equating the October 7th terror onslaught with civilian casualties in the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas.

She also announced that the panel of legal experts had “determined that the Court has jurisdiction over crimes committed in Palestine,” despite the fact that Israel is not party to the court.

The ICC’s non-jurisdiction over Israel has been confirmed by the U.S., which also is not a member of the ICC.

Clooney, née Alamuddin, was born in Beirut, Lebanon to a Druze father and Sunni Muslim mother.

Her family immigrated to the UK when she was two years old, and she was raised and educated in London.

Read more.



Karim Khan’s Judicial Pogrom

US and Israel Condemn ICC For Requesting Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu, Gallant

Amal Alamuddin Clooney, wife of Biden booster George Clooney, had key role in ICC call for arrest of Israeli leaders

EVIL: Biden Regime Offers ‘Condolences’ for Mass-Murdering Butcher of Iran Who Routinely Chanted ‘Death to America’ and Slaughtered Thousands of His Own People

UNDERCOVER FOOTAGE: Biden National Security Council Advisor. We Can’t Go Against Israel until Reelection

Being a Jew at Harvard

Terror State Qatar Presents Gift To UN’s International Court Of Justice (ICJ) For Sharia Indictment

Another Life Almost Destroyed by the Left: Not a Bug, But a Feature

Israeli Artists Denied US Visas Due to Song Lyrics Condemning Hamas Leaders and Supporters

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Growing up Christian in an Islamic State, and the Rationale Behind the Pro-Life Movement [Videos]

Watching a talk given by Campaign Life’s astonishingly good speaker to Action for Canada, Ruth Robert in Ottawa May 17th, there was a couple of surprises.

You can read the content break down here at RAIR

Firstly, it is that she is such a profoundly reasonable and knowledgeable person on the subject of abortion. Although deeply religious, her approach to the issue shows wisdom beyond her years. Or at least beyond what her years appear to be.

The second surprise was that she grew up Christian in an Islamic State governed by Sharia law, and she built some of that experience into her talk on the issue of abortion in Canada. She was so knowledgeable, we just had to ask a couple of questions about it, one in the Q&A of her presentation, which we present here also as a separate video, and an interview with her about that aspect of her life.

Whatever your views on abortion, and they are likely as varied as the readership itself, this is a worthwhile presentation on the issue. And as a person living in a Western land under invasion by Islamic migration, her warning to you needs to be remembered and spread.

First, the whole presentation. As usual, for those interested in the best viewing experience, please click the little gear that appears after you click the play button, and select the highest quality.

Ruth Robert talk to Action4Canada May17 2024

Below is the question during the Q&A on her statements on living in an Islamic State as a non-Muslim

Ruth Robert answers question about Islamic culture today from RAIR

And lastly, a separate interview on the topic after her presentation:

Ruth Robert on Islam and Canada

Ruth was one of the speakers at the press conference on the March for Life by Campaign Life Coalition in early May. And yes, it was raining a lot at the presser.

Ruth Robert Atlantic coordinator March for Life presser #3

Here are a couple of the videos from the march itself:

A few scenes from the actual gathering on the hill before the march through downtown by several thousand people. Possibly as many as eight or nine thousand.

I should say that overall the counter-demo was well behaved and very small. Maybe 100 people and mostly polite, at least by demonstration standards and some of the signage was clever and worthy of consideration. This is often not the case. ANTIFA sometimes shows up to counter these demonstrations and seeks attention by projecting critical theory attacks and tantrum like behaviour as much as possible. These people were probably too busy demanding the extermination of Israel to come to this event this year. So the counter-demo people who did show by and large were actually relatively decent. One woman decided to go topless for some reason, and a very tall person had silver face-paint and a fantasy costume of some kind, but the rest were OK. Personally I didn’t see a lot of insults or invective directed at the marchers. NDP Leader Jagmeet Sing was standing with them but at the back and it was hard to get video of him.

Scenes from the pro-and anti-abortion March for Life Ottawa May 9 2024

The march itself was amazing to watch as it always is. A large group of people indeed although over represented by Catholics and Catholic organizations, including a kind Catholic version of the Boy Scouts. A timely group now that the Boy Scouts themselves are anything but. Never having been to a meeting all we can know is they changed their name to avoid the word “Boy” and it would be an easy bet to make that they teach about ‘toxic masculinity.”

FULL March for Life video from May 9th 2024 Ottawa

For those who were there, they will know that the general atmosphere of the March for Life is unlike any of the Soros funded or anti-West critical theory attacks on our civilization we have gotten used to in the past decade. These are, agree with them or not, kind, loving people who want the best for all people. Their intentions are clear. And they do have a point.

RELATED VIDEO: Ruth Robert and others also spoke in front of the Committee on Law Amendments on Friday, March 6th, 2020.

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For Hamas Supporters in Munich This May, It’s Springtime For Hitler, and Germany

Munich, where Hitler staged his attempted Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923, was his favorite city, filled early on with Nazi true believers. He would have been pleased to see the 4,000 antisemites out in force in mid-May, marching along, baying their hate in front of the city’s main synagogue, scaring the Jews worshipping inside on Shabbat. They called for the destruction of the one, very small, Jewish state and of all of its Jewish inhabitants. If you’re a Nazi, what’s not to like? More on this horrifying spectacle can be found here: “Mass antisemitic rally in front of Munich synagogue calls for Israel’s eradication,” by Benjamin Weinthali24 News, May 19, 2024:

Nearly 4,000 anti-Israel protestors turned up on Saturday in front of the main Munich synagogue demanding the obliteration of the Jewish state, according to German media reports.

A mix of German Muslim, leftist and mainstream Germans appeared at the mass rally, according to the online German news organization NIUS.

So it has come to this: “Mainstream Germans” now unembarrassedly call for the obliteration of the Jewish state. These “mainstream Germans” have convinced themselves that they no longer need feel any guilt about the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, now that they can concentrate on the Holocaust being perpetrated, so they allow themselves to believe, by the Jews of Israel on their innocent Palestinian victims in Gaza. It’s preposterous, and sickening.

Signs were on display declaring “Israel has no respect for [sic] Holocaust.”

One eyewitness told NIUS that “The noise could be heard in the prayer room” in the synagogue. NUIS wrote that according to one eyewitness, “The demonstration was perceived by the Jewish community as threatening.” The eyewitness added, “What the city of Munich has achieved by approving this demonstration is to terrify the Jewish population.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told i24NEWS, “it is beyond an outrage that the local government allowed a pro-Hamas mob to march outside Munich synagogue, especially on the holy day of Shabbat. 4,000 antisemites given government sanction to curse Israel with tropes in front of a Jewish House of prayer! SWC urges State and Federal authorities to protect the Jewish community from antisemites and government officials who approved this attack.”

The Süddeutsche Zeitung paper reported one speaker at the anti-Israel protest rejected Israel’s existence, saying, “we do not recognize the right to exist if it means displacement and oppression. We only recognize the rights of the oppressed.” Israel was termed a “terrorist state” and a “Zionist regime” at the rally.

This was not a rally about a change in Israel’s boundaries, or about what a “two-state solution” should look like.It was a call for the obliteration of the Jewish state, which according to the protesters had no moral right to exist on land the Jews “had stolen from the Palestinians.” As for the Israeli Jews, the implication was that they would all have to be expelled, or killed.

NIUS reported one of the organizers from Palestine Speaks group equated Zionism with racism. “Together against Israeli fascism,” was charged at the event and reportedly a number of participants brought large keys with them, which is recognized as a symbol for the demand of the return of Palestinians to Israeli territory….

These keys are symbolic, meant to signify the properties left behind by Arabs who in 1948-1949 fled the state of Israel. They represent, too, the “right of return” of more than five million Palestinians who are demanding to be allowed back into the area where Israel now stands, thereby overwhelming the Jewish population.

Gerald Hetzel, a 27-year-old law student from Passau in Bavaria, set up a screen across from the tent encampment to show footage of Hamas’ brutality and murder spree on October 7.He told the Bild paper that “I think the camp is massively intimidating and stressful for Jewish students.” He added “It helps the most to show what happened. In the camp there is never any talk about the fact that more than 130 Israeli hostages are still being held in the Gaza Strip.”

Hetzel also oversees the German-Israel Friendship Society (DIG) in Passau. While Hetzel and DIG-Passau engage in energetic opposition to mushrooming hatred of the Jewish state in southern Germany, observers of pro-Israel activity in German say the DIG-Stuttgart in the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg refuses to call on the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, to delete information on funding Hamas via the Palestine Committee Stuttgart on the city’s website….

The mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, continues to show information on the city’s website that lists ways to fund Hamas.

Israeli lawyers told i24 that Nopper can delete all postings of NGOs, including Palestine Committee Stuttgart, on the city website to ensure that the city does not enable Palestine Committee Stuttgart to finance the terrorist entities, Hamas and Samidoun [the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network]. Nopper has refused to scrub the city’s website of NGOs, a move which would make Hamas and Samidoun terror financing much more difficult.

While the neighboring state of North-Rhine-Westphalia has not hesitated to ban the pro-Hamas group Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, in Baden-Würtemburg it is a different story. There the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, has refused to remove from the city’s website the list of NGOs that enable Hamas and Samidoun terror financing. He has refused to give an explanation for his failure to act. There needs to be pressure put on him to resign. Perhaps the Alternative für Deutschland anti-Muslim immigrant party, which is strong in Bavaria, will help remove Nopper from office.

Meanwhile, in Munich, 4,000 Muslims, leftists, and “mainstream Germans” have had a high old time trying to terrify Jews inside the city’s main synagogue. In front of the synagogue, they screamed “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which means, if rightly understood, that the Jewish state must be obliterated, and a 23rd Arab state be created in its stead. The Jewish inhabitants would, of course, have to be expelled or killed. Another slogan of the rioters was “No To Genocide,” which refers, of course, to the non-existent “genocide” supposedly carried out by the IDF on the people of Gaza. Never mind the 15 million text messages, the 16 million robocalls, the 100,000 telephone calls, and the 9 million leaflets that the IDF has sent or made or dropped in order to warn civilians in Gaza away from areas, and buildings, about to be targeted. Never mind the eight field hospitals that Israel has set up in Gaza to treat Gazan civilians. Never mind the civilian-to-combatant ratio of nearly 1:1 in Gaza, a figure that, according to Professor John Spencer of West Point, is lower than that of “any army in the history of warfare.” It’s all a Zionist trick to make us think well of the apartheid colonial-settler genocidal state of Israel. We’re not fooled.



Pope Francis: U.S. Should Have Open Borders Because Irish are Drunks and Italians are Mobsters

France: Muslims plot coordinated jihad massacres in different places across the country

In France, Muslim Tries to Burn Down Synagogue, is Shot Dead

YAF Announces Legal Action Against UCLA for First Amendment Violations in Canceling Robert Spencer Event

Hamas-linked CAIR organizes support for anti-Israel cafe in Philadelphia

Biden Sends Condolences to Murderer of Americans

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FLORIDA: Amendment 4 Video Message from Bishop Barbarito and FCCB Resources

Thank you to Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach, for recording this powerful video regarding Vote No on 4,

Please share this video through your parish communication resources. The Diocese of Palm Beach will also be sharing this video through its communication channels and on its Vote No on 4 website landing page.

In addition, attached is a Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops document that explains Amendment 4 and identifies why Floridians should vote No. This document can also be found on the FCCB Amendment 4 webpage under Parish Resources. The document was carefully crafted to utilize best messaging that tracks with FVAE/VoteNoOn4Florida. So that we are all putting forward a consistent message, we urge you to stick with the language of this document and the bishops’ statement in your communications on Amendment 4. The explainer doc has been sent for Spanish translation and, when received, will also be posted to the FCCB website.

Also, added late last week, you will find on the FCCB’s Amendment 4 webpage, bulletin graphics of the Amendment 4 prayer card that can be used with or in place of the actual printed cards.

Additional items are also on the assembly line and will be posted to the FCCB’s page when complete, including:

  • A Question and Answer document
  • Social Media graphics
  • Bulletin Announcements
  • Homily Helps
  • Video for parish use

Let us continue to pray to defeat Florida’s abortion amendment: Ever-living God, you give life and desire a future for all your children. Take hold of our nation, state, and community and awaken in every heart awe for the gift of life. Send your Spirit to strengthen us with wisdom and fortitude as we defend mothers and children in Florida from laws that disregard their health and safety. Mary and Joseph trusted in you and welcomed Jesus into our broken world. God Almighty, we ask their intercession to protect the preborn and their mothers, and to guide all parents in raising their children. May they help us build a civilization of love by upholding the sacredness of life and accompanying pregnant women in need. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen. Our Lady, Mother of the Family, pray for us! St. Joseph, protector of the unborn, pray for us!



Jennifer Trefelner, APR, CPRC
Director of Communications and Development
Diocese of Palm Beach

PODCAST: Iran’s Attack on Israel and the Failures of Bidenomics



Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Maginnis is a graduate from the U.S. Military Academy. He was an Airborne-Ranger infantry officer who served in four infantry
divisions on three continents. As an internationally known security and foreign affairs expert, Colonel Maginnis has decades of media experience as a columnist, a Fox News
military analyst, and as an on-air commentator for multiple radio programs and networks. Colonel Maginnis is the author of nearly a thousand articles and nine published books,
the latest book is “Divided We Stand: The Globalist Scheme for One-World Government“. Lt. Colonel Maginnis will discuss what’s going on with Iran and its attack on Israel with more than 300 missiles and drones.


Akash Chougule is Vice President of Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Prior to working for AFP, Akash was a policy staffer on the House Education and Labor Committee. He’s also
been Director of Policy at AFP. Akash received his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College, and his Master’s from George Washington University. Akash will discuss the significance of tax day and how our tax policy and spending policy impacts the economy and the economic opportunity available to the average American. Akash will also discuss how Biden has almost doubled corporate welfare and is fueling inflation with runaway government deficit spending — 1 Trillion dollars being added o the national debt every 100 days. The bottom line is that Bidenomics is not working.

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RELATED VIDEO: Geert Wilders on Israel. A new speech in the Dutch Legislature in defence of Israel

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Today’s Surging Anti-Semitism—A Perverse Inversion of Victim & Victimizer

World opinion must be made to understand that the plight of Gazans today is the result, not the reason, for the smoldering Judeophobic hate on their part.

The surge in antisemitism across the US and elsewhere has once again thrown into sharp relief the appalling pervasiveness and perverseness of loathing to which the Jewish people are subject.

It has exposed how shallow it lies, bubbling just below the surface, dormant but not dead, ready to erupt on the flimsiest pretext, even in allegedly the most liberal, cultured, and erudite societies.

“Geographically challenged louts”

Although, since WWII, the naked expression of hatred for Jews as individuals or a religion has been muted—even frowned on, in many parts of the world, it appears that much of this restraint has been released—perversely just after the Jews have been submitted to a brutal genocidal assault within the Jewish state itself. After all, by any rationale standard of decency, the horrific atrocities should have unleashed a massive wave of, if not of international sympathy for the Jews and the Jewish state—then at least of severe and unreserved condemnation of their vile adversaries. Indeed, every assault on an Israeli civilian, every murder, massacre, mutilation, every projectile fired indiscriminately at every non-military target—whether farm, village school, or kibbutz kindergarten —every one of these was an indisputable war-crime.

Yet, stunningly, just the opposite occurred.

Across campuses of prestigious universities, leafy boulevards, and central town squares, we witnessed the groundswell of vicious and visceral vitriol, directed not only against the Jewish state’s righteous retaliation to the tsunami of barbaric war crimes; but against Jews, as Jews, guilty not of any action but merely by association

However, instead of being excoriated for their subhuman savagery, the Gazans were lauded and lionized as bold fighters for freedom, with “geographically challenged” louts chanting “from the river to the sea”—a euphemistic slogan for the destruction of the Jewish state –without them having the slightest idea which river and/or which sea are involved.

Perverse inversion of victim/victimizer

Arguably, some of the most egregious manifestations of this perverse inversion of victim and victimizer have been promulgated by several Armenian sources. Indeed, an analysis  (August 2023) by The Institution For The Study Of  Global Antisemitism And Policy (ISGAP), entitled Antisemitic and Anti-Israeli Narratives in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora, warns that  in significant circles of Armenian society—under the influence of “antisemitic cliques…[a] popular construct has become the uncritical assimilation of the Arab-Islamic narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict” According to ISGAP, this … leads [them]  to deny Israel’s right to exist and, accordingly, the right of Jews to their national self-determination –which falls under the internationally recognized definition of antisemitism”

The ISGAP analysis cautions that “in recent months, the Armenian segment of the Internet (including the Russian and English language segments) has been [inundated] with expressions of unconditional solidarity with Palestinians on the 75th anniversary of the Nakba (“the catastrophe of the Palestinian people”, which, according to this narrative, is the creation of the State of Israel). It cites the Policy Director of the Washington-based Armenian National Committee of America as insinuating that the creation of Israel is “a crime that never ended”.

Misplaced pique

Allegedly, Armenian rancor against Israel is due to the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan in its successful wars (2020, 2023) in Nagorno-Karabagh, which resulted in the Armenian enclave being overrun and absorbed into Azerbaijan. However, the real purpose of Israel’s supply of weapons to Baku was not conflict in Nagorno-Karabagh, which has no strategic significance for it. Rather it was to strengthen its strategic cooperation with a moderate pro-Israel Azerbaijan against its extreme anti-Israel Iran, an existential peril for the Jewish state. Significantly, polls by Pew and the ADL show that distinct antisemitic sentiments prevailed well before these military conflicts, now blamed for their manifestation,

Likewise, the Armenian inference, that the situation in Gaza and in Nagorno-Karabakh were in any way similar, is utterly baseless. After all, it should be recalled that since 1993—and particularly 2005–Israel tried repeatedly—albeit ill-advisedly—to extricate itself from Gaza, being thwarted only by unremitting aggression from Gazan terror groups, which made Israeli military action imperative. Indeed, the plight of the Gazans today is manifestly the result, not the reason of the smoldering Judeophobic hate on their part.

Incandescent incoherent vitriol

Recently, echoes reminiscent of the irrational Jew-hatred that has reduced Gaza to rubble, were spluttered (for want of a better word) by Vladimir Poghosyan former advisor to Armenia’s Armed Forces and purportedly an expert on his country’s national security in Armenia. Virtually apoplectic, he ranted: “I will scream to the whole world, about the just killing of Jews…You jackals must be exterminated completely…I never recognized the Holocaust …Jews are a destructive people, who have no right to be on this earth…”

Soaring off into a hate-filled tirade, he charged: “…you suckers have not left your mark in any country in the world, never. You have always been situational temporary workers killing different people.“—somehow unmindful of the fact that Jews (0.2% of the world’s population) comprise over 22% of all Nobel prize laureates–

While it is true that Poghosyan no longer holds any official position, his toxic diatribe is still worthy of mention because of his past standing. Indeed, the editor of the Jerusalem Post, himself on the very day it was made public.

Bearing the blame

Since the dissolution of the USSR Armenia, as a small landlocked country, subject to myriad constraints and pressures from larger and stronger neighbors, has found itself between a rock and a hard place. That truth, however, cannot obscure the fact that it has brought considerable animosity on itself by making some grossly injudicious choices and rash decisions of its own for which it alone must bear the blame,

©2024. Dr. Martin Sherman. All rights reserved.

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Federal Judge Blocks Biden ATF Rule Expanding Gun Background Checks

A federal judge temporarily blocked the Biden administration from fully enforcing a gun background check rule Sunday night.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the rule covering background checks for firearms purchases April 10, claiming it was based on bipartisan legislation passed in the wake of a deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. United States District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk of the Northern District of Texas issued a temporary restraining order blocking the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) from enforcing the rule against the state of Texas and certain gun organizations until June 2.

The rule would dramatically expand the definition of when someone is “engaged in business” as a gun dealer subject to background check regulations, thereby expanding the number of people who must run background checks on firearms sales.

“President Biden and his anti-gun administration have aggressively pursued an agenda meant to harass, intimidate, and criminalize gun owners and dealers at every turn,” Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt said. “This ruling is a compelling rebuke of their tyrannical and unconstitutional actions that purposely misinterpreted federal law to ensure their preferred policy outcome.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other Republican state attorneys general sued to block the rule May 1.

“I am relieved that we were able to secure a restraining order that will prevent this illegal rule from taking effect,” Paxton said in a press release. “The Biden Administration cannot unilaterally overturn Americans’ constitutional rights and nullify the Second Amendment.”

The Biden administration has pushed multiple regulations of firearms since the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act passed in June 2022 following the shooting at Ross Elementary School in Uvalde.

The states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming joined the suit, according to a May 1 release by Republican Attorney General Austin Knudsen of Montana.

“The NRA applauds Judge Kacsmaryk’s order and congratulates Attorney General Paxton on his win in this important case,” NRA-ILA Executive Director Randy Kozuch told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “As Judge Kacsmaryk notes in his order, ATF’s ‘engaged in the business’ rule far exceeds the agency’s authority and targets gun owners engaged in lawful firearm transfers. The rule is just one more example of how the lawless Biden Administration is willing to put its hatred of law-abiding American gun owners over the rule of law.”

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the DCNF.




RELATED ARTICLE: Republican AGs File Suit Against Biden’s ATF Over Background Check Rule

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FBI Warns About Foreign Adversaries’ Use of AI to Interfere in U.S. Elections

Islamist Extremism

Trevor Bickford, 20, on his way to his sentencing hearing – via NBC New York screenshot

Times Square Machete Attacker Sentenced to 27 Years

  • Trevor Bickford, 20, of Wells, Maine, was sentenced for traveling to the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration in 2022 and using a machete-style knife to attack three NYPD officers in the name of radical Islamic jihad.
  • Bickford consumed materials espousing radical Islamic ideology and devoted himself to violent Islamic extremism and pursuit of jihad.
  • Bickford was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison. Read More

Drivers Attempt to Breach Quantico Marine Corps Base

  • Two men attempted to breach the main gate at Quantico Marine Corps Base, claiming to be contractors but lacking proper credentials.
  • Multiple sources report one of the individuals inside the truck was a Jordanian foreign national who recently crossed the southern border into the U.S., and the other occupant is on the U.S. terrorist watch list. Read More

Militant-Right & Militant-Left Extremism

 Graffiti painted on a map next to a pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of Washington in Seattle, May 12, 2024 – Jason Redmond / AFP via Getty Images

Antifa Members Assault Journalist

  • Journalist Johnathan Choe was attacked by alleged Antifa members at the University of Washington.
  • Choe claimed he recognized some of his attackers from the Black Lives Matter riots four years ago. Read More

Pro-Palestinian Antifa Group Sets Fire to Portland Police Vehicles

  • An Antifa anarchist movement-associated anti-Israel militant group claimed responsibility for the arson of 15 Portland Police Bureau training vehicles.
  • A group calling itself Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade issued a statement on the Antifa-affiliated Rose City Counter-Info blog, in which it called for an escalation in violence on behalf of Palestinians. Read More

Hate Crime

NYPD Assistant Chief James McCarthy is assisted after being affected by a chemical irritant as police arrest pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocking traffic on the Manhattan Bridge a National Day of Action protest on May 11, 2024 – Alex Kent/Getty Images

New York Synagogues Receive Bomb Threats

  • At least four synagogues and a museum in both Manhattan and Brooklyn received bomb threats, but none were deemed credible by the New York Police Department.
  • All incidents continue to be investigated by NYPD. Read More

Illinois Man Charged With Hate Crime After Shooting Neighbor

  • John Shadbar, 70, of Lockport Township, is facing nine felony charges, including attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery, felony possession of a firearm, and a hate crime after he allegedly shot his neighbor.
  • The victim’s family said that they have been subject to harassment and racial slurs from Shadbar since around the time they moved to the area 10 years ago. Read More

New York Man Charged With Hate Crime

  • Zachary Hoffman Kowatch, 22, of Arkville, N.Y., is accused of trying to hit two people with his vehicle, including a teen, while yelling antisemitic comments.
  • Hoffman Kowatch is charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree, a felony, endangering the welfare of a child, and aggravated unlicensed operation, both misdemeanors. Read More

  School Threats

Police investigating Fowler (Calif.) High School after shooting call – via ABC 30 Action News screenshot

Teen Arrested Over Swatting Call 

  • A 17-year-old has been arrested for allegedly making a swatting call about an active shooter at Fowler High School in Fowler, Calif.
  • The suspect was arrested on two felony charges and is currently in a juvenile detention facility. Read More

Florida Student Arrested for Bomb Threat

  • A 15-year-old Ridge Community High School student In Haines City, Fla., was arrested for sending a bomb threat to the school.
  • The student responsible for this false report and additional crimes was located and interviewed, and he subsequently confessed to sending the threat.
  • He was arrested and faces four felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. Read More

Texas Teen Charged for Bomb Threat

  • A 13-year-old has been charged after reportedly making a bomb threat at Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas.
  • The teen admitted to police that he had made the call and was taken into custody. He was subsequently charged with making a false alarm and tampering with evidence. Read More

Long Island Teen Arrested Over Threat

  • A 13-year-old East Northport, N.Y., student was arrested for allegedly making threats of mass harm to several students at the East Northport Middle School in New York.
  • The teen was arrested and taken to Suffolk Police’s Second Precinct before she was released to her parents. Read More

Hostile Foreign Influence Operations

Trump supporters gather for a weekend rally on the Jersey Shore beachfront on May 11, 2024, in Wildwood, N.J. – Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

FBI Warns About Foreign Adversaries’ Use of AI to Interfere in US Elections

  • The FBI is alerting that foreign adversaries might use AI to interfere in U.S. elections, specifically through creating deepfakes and robocalls.
  • Examples include manipulated audio in Slovakia’s elections and deceptive robocalls in the U.S., posing significant challenges to election security.
  • The FBI is closely monitoring activities from countries like Russia, Iran, and China, each with different tactics and motives for influencing U.S. political outcomes. Read More

Research and Trends in Extremism

Pro-Palestinian students continue protesting at the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” at Columbia University – Fatih Aktas/Anadolu via Getty Images

New Lawsuit Against Students for Justice in Palestine

  • A major U.S. law firm has filed a lawsuit against National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) and its parent organization for allegedly supporting Hamas.
  • The lawsuit accuses NSJP of acting as propagandists for Hamas, spreading its agenda and recruiting supporters under the guise of political advocacy.
  • The legal action seeks damages for alleged activities that aid and abet Hamas’s terrorist operations, as highlighted during recent campus protests. Read More

CCP Influence on Campus

  • A new report from the Network Contagion Research Institute analyzes the activities of the Shut It Down for Palestine (SID4P) movement.
  • The report details the movement’s links to entities associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that fund anti-establishment media and activist groups, highlighting concerns about potential destabilization of U.S. societal and political structures.
  • The report also discusses the regulatory loopholes that allow significant financial flows to these groups, which actively fuel social unrest. Read More

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Biden ‘Doesn’t Care about Israel. He Doesn’t Care about Peace. All He Cares about Is Staying in Power’

The war against Hamas has had plenty of plot twists, but the last 48 hours have thrown an already chaotic international scene into even more uncertainty. Not only did Israel’s perpetual tormenter, President Ebrahim Raisi, die in an unexpected helicopter crash, but members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) are trying to arrest both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Gazan leaders for “war crimes.”

The death of Raisi, who was aptly nicknamed the “Butcher of Tehran,” comes just weeks after Iran launched its first open attack on the Jewish state. After firing 300 drone, ballistic, and cruise missiles toward the Israelis (99% of which were intercepted by a team of allies and the Iron Dome), Raisi claimed, “Iran’s armed forces taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy.” He warned of a “heavier and regrettable response” if Israel retaliated.

Without him at the helm, most experts don’t expect much change in the regime’s posturing — toward the Jewish state or the U.S. “I do not expect any sort of disruption in that field to the extent that it has to do with Iran’s actual support for Hamas and its positioning on the ground,” researcher Hamidreza Azizi told Newsweek. If anything, the Revolutionary Guard’s role could “potentially intensify,” Mideast Gulf Editor Nader Itayim explained on CNBC.

While European leaders expressed condolences, the first Army Green Beret in Congress had quite a different take. “Good riddance,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) posted. “Raisi was a murderous human rights abuser before and during his Presidency. But look for the Iranian regime to blame Israel and the U.S. for an assassination as another excuse to support terrorism.”

“It wasn’t us,” an anonymous Israeli official insisted to Reuters. “The message Israel is sending to the countries of the world is that Tel Aviv has nothing to do with the incident,” another said on his country’s Channel 13.

Meanwhile, the ICC is intent on charging Netanyahu with other crimes he hasn’t committed, including “intentionally causing death, starvation, great suffering, and serious injury to body or health of the civilian population,” prosecutor Karim Khan said Monday in his formal request for warrants. ““Israel, like all States, has a right to take action to defend its population. That right, however, does not absolve Israel or any State of its obligation to comply with international humanitarian law.” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and leaders of Hamas’s terrorist organization were also named.

Furious, War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz replied that “the State of Israel is waging one of the just wars fought in modern history following a reprehensible massacre perpetrated by terrorist Hamas on the 7th of October.” He went on, “While Israel fights with one of the strictest moral codes in history, while complying with international law and boasting a robust independent judiciary — drawing parallels between the leaders of a democratic country determined to defend itself from despicable terror to leaders of a bloodthirsty terror organization is a deep distortion of justice and blatant moral bankruptcy.”

Here in the U.S., outraged Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) cautioned the ICC from going forward with the threat. “I will feverishly work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle in both chambers to levy damning sanctions against the ICC” if they proceed, the South Carolinian warned.

“Most importantly, I want the world to know that I, along with my Republican and Democrat colleagues, and members of the Administration engaged the ICC on this issue weeks ago. We were told there would be discussions with Israel before any actions were taken. We stressed that the principle of ‘complementarity’ should be applied in this case. Complementarity requires the ICC to let the nation in question’s legal system move first before any action is taken by the Court.”

Graham said he was told that the investigation “would take months and not weeks, and that there would be meaningful consultation with the State of Israel. Instead of the ICC following through with scheduled consultations with Israel, they announced the warrants. I feel that I was lied to and that my colleagues were lied to. Prosecutor Khan is drunk with self-importance and has done a lot of damage to the peace process and to the ability to find a way forward. Lying prosecutors never bring about just outcomes.”

In the meantime, Hill conservatives and some Democrats are desperately working to get Israel the weapons they need — no thanks to Joe Biden. House leaders still can’t believe that the White House refuses to send munitions to the Jewish state and late last week, they passed the Israel Security Assistance Support Act to force the president’s hand.

“It’s disgraceful and it’s unlawful” to withhold that help from our allies, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) told guest host and former Congressman Jody Hice on Friday’s “Washington Watch.” “But here’s the situation,” he wanted people to know. “The president [is] reading his opinion polls and his radical left base that’s on these college campuses. … [T]hese aren’t your mom and dad’s Democrats. These are far-left anarchists and a very small minority. The president is so far down in the polls, they’re afraid they won’t even be able to bring those people to the table. So this is his [attempt to placate that anti-Semitic base].”

At the end of the day, Burchett pointed out, “He doesn’t care about Israel. He doesn’t care about peace. All he cares about is staying in power and keeping this group of anarchists that are running our country in the White House.” The idea that Congress has to pass a law “to make sure he follows a law that we already passed” is “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen,” he shook his head.

It’s “shameful,” Hice agreed. And the most absurd part of it all is that the administration is using these weapons as leverage to get Netanyahu to do what they want. “The Biden administration somehow is taking it upon themselves to micromanage a foreign war that’s being conducted by one of our allies.” Frankly, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) quipped, “If Biden had not been so obsessed with restricting Israel to appease his pro-Hamas base, the war likely would have been over by now.”

At the very least, Hice said, passing the bill to send arms to Israel at least shows the American people where the two parties stand. “We don’t support anarchists,” Burchett insisted, “we don’t support terrorists. Yet the Democrat[ic] Party apparently does.” So, if we want to fix this mess, the Tennessean argued, “the American people need to get to the polls. [In 2020,] 20 million so-called evangelical Christians decided to stay home. And that’s [one reason] we’ve got this disaster in the White House.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.


Bibi’s Plan for a Post-War Gaza

Biden ends the US-Israel alliance at a fortuitous moment

Pro-Hamas Campus Protests Spill into Summer, Arrests Pass 3,000

U.S. Churches Stand with Israel: ‘If Ever There Was a Time to Pray, It Is Now’

POST ON X: You have to see it to believe it: today, the UN lowered its flag in honor of Iran’s mass-murdering President and Foreign Minister. Unbelievable! 

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Americans’ Inflation Worries Deepen as Biden Claims Economic Victory

With the November presidential election 24 weeks away, an index measuring consumer sentiment on the economy dropped to a six-month low after its largest decline since 2021. The plummeting confidence comes as President Joe Biden recently shrugged off the concerns while falsely claiming for the second time in less than a week that inflation was at 9% when he took office.

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that the index of consumer sentiment, which measures the economic perceptions of Americans, dropped sharply amid nagging inflation and rising gas prices. In April, inflation remained well above the Federal Reserve’s target of 2%, hitting 3.4%. While the number is well below the high of 9.1% that was reached in June of 2022, inflation has remained above 3% every month since last summer.

Economic concerns have consistently ranked as the top issue for American voters ever since ever since 2021, when inflation began rising steadily due to a massive uptick in government spending enacted by the Biden administration. A Gallup survey released at the end of March revealed that inflation was the top most worrisome issue for Americans, followed closely by immigration.

The price of consumer goods also continues to rise. Last week, the latest Consumer Price Index summary was released, revealing that the price of all goods rose 0.3% in April, having risen 3.4% over the last 12 months. Overall energy prices rose 2.6% in the last 12 months, while food prices saw an increase of 2.2% in the last year.

Meanwhile, gas prices have also remained consistently high. With a current average price of $3.61 per gallon, gas has shot up 50 cents since the start of the year. Under the Biden administration, the average price of gas has fluctuated wildly, reaching a peak of over $5 a gallon at the start of 2022. The current average price per gallon remains over 60 cents higher than it was when President Donald Trump left office in January 2021.

Popular companies such as McDonald’s, Home Depot, Under Armour, and Starbucks have recently reported underwhelming earnings due to increasingly modest consumer spending with few signs that the economic outlook will improve any time soon. In addition, Walmart, Target, and discount grocer Aldi have recently begun slashing prices of goods in hopes of attracting more business.

“We continue to feel the impact of a more cautious consumer,” said Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan last month. “Many customers are being more exacting about where and how they choose to spend their money, particularly with stimulus savings mostly spent.”

Notably, some Biden administration officials are beginning to acknowledge the financial struggles and low consumer confidence of ordinary Americans after the president appeared to dismiss them earlier this month, claiming that “[w]e’ve already turned [the economy] around.”

“Families are still struggling with prices that are too high,” admitted Jared Bernstein, chair of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers. “We’ve made a lot of progress in the right direction, and we are going to keep fighting to lower costs for families and make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share.”

A spokeswoman for the Trump campaign remarked that the 45th president would “uplift all Americans” by reducing taxes and increasing wages. “The American people cannot afford four more years of Bidenomics.”

In comments to The Washington Stand, Oliver McPherson-Smith, director of the Center for Energy & Environment at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), contended that consumers have little reason to be confident in America’s economic outlook under Biden.

“It’s no surprise that consumers across the country are feeling pessimistic about the economy,” he observed. “Bidenomics means overregulation and prolific spending — both of which drive up consumer prices. Under Bidenomics, household energy costs are on average 22% higher than under President Trump’s America First policies. Gas prices are up on average 39.7%.”

McPherson-Smith continued, “The May measurement of the University of Michigan’s index of consumer sentiment is a searing indictment of the Biden administration’s economic mismanagement. Even during the uncertainty of the early pandemic months, at no point during the Trump administration were American consumers this pessimistic about the economy.”

Michael Faulkender, Chief Economist at AFPI, further expanded on the repercussions that rising inflation has incurred on American pocketbooks.

“The Bidens will keep blaming everyone but themselves for the inflation devastating Americans’ budgets,” he told TWS. “As published recently in Bloomberg, if one looks at inflation-adjusted disposable income — how far paychecks go in purchasing power terms — it rose 12% under Trump and is at 3% under Biden. Once you incorporate the effect of interest rate increases on anyone borrowing money to buy a car, home, or place a purchase on their credit card, Americans are worse off. Those effects are even greater for the most vulnerable in our society.”

“No amount of deflection, demagoguery, or gaslighting will alter the economic harm the American people have suffered under the far-left policies of the Biden administration,” Faulkender concluded.


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


Like Fast Food? Here’s Price Increases from End of 2019 to Now for McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A

Take A Look At Bidenomics, In One Chart

BEHRENS: It’s Time For Inflation Reduction Act Supporters To Pay A High Price Too

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NATO Has Become the Military Wing of a Globalist Power Structure

NATO promotes the self-destruction of all nations and a depopulated world.

One of NATO’s primary missions is to spread instability throughout the world, using the military-industrial complex to bully and intimidate countries non-compliant with a militant anti-family anti-God agenda flowing out of Western capitals and promoted by Western media.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg asserted on Friday the alliance’s commitment to defending the rights of LGBTQ individuals, aligning with numerous Western officials, institutions, and organizations in commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.

Author Jose Nino summed it up nicely in a piece for Big League Politics:

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is committed to spreading degenerate values abroad.  With Russia seemingly making major gains against NATO-backed Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine, NATO leaders have been engaging in bizarre virtue signaling to divert attention away from the abject failure of this proxy war against Russia.

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 24, 2022, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has been particularly vocal about NATO’s values and why it’s an institution that has to be trusted despite its long track record of causing instability abroad — from Serbia all the way to Libya.”

On Friday, May 17, Stoltenberg, reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to LGBTQ+ values by arrogantly proclaiming in a post to X the current Western value system and what it is based upon:

Nino reminds us of why NATO was founded in the first place, in the wake of World War II in 1949. It was to counter the Soviet Union’s influence on the European continent.

“However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has worked to remake the world in America’s increasingly dysfunctional image. Its interventions in the Balkans all the way to Libya have brought nothing but harm and instability.”

NATO is no longer seen by most nations of the world as a defensive alliance.

NATO launched offensive wars against Yugoslavia in 1999 and Libya in 2011, as well as its protracted occupation of Afghanistan, leaving the country no freer and no better off in 2021 than when it was invaded 20 years prior, but rather much more dangerous with billions of U.S. and Western military weapons in the hands of the Taliban terrorists.

But even more destructive is the fact that NATO teams up with an army of neo-Marxist and Cultural Marxist nonprofits to promote values antithetical to those found in the Bible, including gay “marriage,” abortion on demand up to birth, and children being able to choose their own gender, along with the whole idea of gender as a social construct meant to “oppress” the sexual deviants and mentally confused. Why do they promote ideas so destructive of society? Because they know no nation can survive for long without moral restraints and some sort of devotion to a higher authority above that of carnal man.

Nino adds:

“In effect, any country that gets in bed with NATO catches the STD of multiculturalism, sexual degeneracy, and societal decay. More importantly, NATO is an entangling military alliance with a crusading ideology that is a threat to world peace.“

No nation can survive without strong men. Transgendered females (biological men who pretend to be women) running around in skirts do not tend to make good military officers, but that’s exactly the type of behavior that is now being promoted and encouraged by the military forces of the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada and Israel. This group of nations will all suffer catastrophic defeats at the hands of Russia and China if they continue with their plans to poke the bear and create a World War III scenario while at the same time indulging the lowest form of human behavior.

At the heart of this Western globalist agenda lies a demonic attempt to depopulate the world in accordance with the principles laid out in the Georgia Guidestones and other globalist screeds. Because everyone knows that gay marriages don’t produce children. Emasculated, mutilated and transgendered young people don’t reproduce, either.

Any nation that is truly free and independent should immediately exit this military alliance and even non-members should totally free themselves from NATO’s Luciferian psychological clutches. Because NATO’s psychopathic leaders base their speech and their actions on moral alchemy, warmongering and a Satanic lust for power over the free minds of people everywhere.

©2024. Leo Hohmann. All rights reserved.

CALIFORNIA: A Biden Illegal Alien Raped Children and Women in Locked ‘Rape Dungeon on Wheels’

His white Ford Transit van — described as a “rape dungeon on wheels” — had no windows and was “disgustingly outfitted for a*pe,” said police sources.

This is a “r*pe dungeon on wheels” that belonged to an illegal. They found children’s toys inside with condoms and ropes. This monster who’s in our country illegally would lock women in here and r*pe them. Absolutely horrifying.

‘Rape dungeon’ allegedly run by illegal immigrant in Calif.

An illegal immigrant who allegedly used a “rape dungeon on wheels” to attack his victims was arrested on Monday by California police officials.

press release by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office explained that 40-year-old Eduardo Sarabia was arrested on May 13 and charged with “one count of forcible rape and one count of forcible oral copulation.” Fox 11 reported that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly caught the illegal immigrant in the act of sexually assaulting a victim.

Fox 11 first reported the accusations against Sarabia after an anonymous source shared that a woman had escaped from the “rape dungeon on wheels” in the San Gabriel Mountains. The source claimed that the illegal immigrant picked up his victims at the El Monte train station.

“As District Attorney, it is my solemn duty to pursue justice for victims of violent crimes, especially those involving sexual assault,” District Attorney Gascón said in Thursday’s press release. “The horrific and violent sexual assault that these two survivors endured by the alleged suspect is deeply troubling and incomprehensible. Our thoughts are with the victims during this tremendously difficult time.”

According to the press release, Sarabia is currently being held in custody without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on June 27. If Sarabia is convicted, he could face up to a life sentence in prison.

Detailing the charges against Sarabia, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office noted, “On May 12, Sarabia allegedly drove a female victim to a secluded area in the Angeles National Forest where he raped her. On May 13, Sarabia allegedly drove a second female to the same location where he sexually assaulted her.”

Fox 11 reported that investigators described Sarabia as a transient and illegal immigrant from Mexico. The outlet reported sources indicated that Sarabia used a 2015 Ford Transit van with no windows in the back as a “rape dungeon on wheels” to attack his victims and that the vehicle was “disgustingly outfitted for rape.”

In a Wednesday Facebook post, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, “Based on the nature of the allegations, detectives believe there may be additional unidentified victims. Detectives are seeking the public’s help in identifying any such victims.”

Pictures shared Friday on social media show Sarabia alongside the alleged “rape dungeon on wheels.”



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